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evidence that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why i've got states or the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jersey. this
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is zero. zero i maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up a cautious welcome from world leaders as north korea says it will immediately suspend its nuclear and missile tests. at least one dead in madagascar off the opposition supporters clash with police of a new election rules. india's government approves the death penalty for child rapists off to widespread anger over recent attacks. he made a stand by taking any now american footballer calling cappa nick takes amnesties ambassador of conscience award. i'm joined in doha with the day's
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sports with the premier league title already gone manchester united close in on the english f.a. cup tie leading in the semifinal with just a few minutes remaining i'll have the latest coming up. bill korea's announcement that it will immediately stop all nuclear and missile tests has been welcomed by western leaders u.s. president donald trump described kim jong un's pledges very good news while european leaders say it's a good first step but some of being more cautious especially japan kathy novak reports from seoul. north korea regularly tested increasingly threatening ballistic missiles last year including weapons that could have the range to hit the united states in september it conducted its most powerful nuclear bomb test now north korea says those tests are over thirty. should cheer
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pictures we will discontinue nuclear testing an intercontinental ballistic rocket test firing from april twenty fifth. the northern new contests conduct d p r k one also be dismantled to transparently the discontinuance of the new click testing it's welcome news for the u.s. president who's planning to meet north korea's leader kim jong un within weeks donald trump tweeted north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to our summit state media says kim jong un made the announcement as he chaired a meeting of the workers' party central committee a gathering to rubberstamp the supreme leader's decisions it was at a similar meeting five years ago that kim unveiled his signature policy to prioritize the development of nuclear weapons and the economy the message from the leader now is that weapons program development is complete and the focus will shift
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to the economy currently under pressure from a u.s. led sanctions campaign. would you call kim jong un kyra five that now that the t.p.r. case position as a wallflower for politico ideological and military power has been successfully established it is the strategic line of the workers' party to concentrate all efforts of the whole party and country on the socialist economic construction kim is apparently seeking to cement his position on the world stage following his meeting in beijing last month with china's president xi jinping talks with cia director mike pompei o in pyongyang and ahead of a historic summit with south korea's president monday and on friday south korea welcomed the announcement calling north korea's decision meaningful progress for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the president's office said it will contribute to creating a positive environment for the success of the upcoming intercourse rian and u.s.
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north korea summits. china has also welcomed the announcement while japan's prime minister was more cautious person of the thought of north korea's announcement is forward motion that i'd like to welcome but what's important is that this motion leads to complete verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of north korea's nuclear and missile programs north korea's promise to stop weapons testing didn't go that far it pledged to never use nuclear weapons unless there are nuclear threats and you can hear provocations against it cathy know that al-jazeera seoul. well diplomacy between the united states and north korea has gone through cycles of hope and disappointment before with pyongyang often renee getting in two thousand and seven north korea agreed to shut its main nuclear reactor in return for aid young and signed an agreement to dismantle its nuclear weapons facilities but missed the deadline in two thousand and eight the government demolished a cooling tower a symbol of its commitment to ending its nuclear program but two months later it
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refused to allow international observers to visit suspected nuclear facilities the u.s. agreed to send food aid in two thousand and twelve after pyongyang said it would freeze the launching of long range missiles but that agreement ended when long range rockets were launched in early two thousand and thirteen so let's get more now on the view from washington with alan fischer and as we are i suppose this decision by pyongyang is a positive first step but there are no guarantees that there will be necessarily an agreement that they stick to at the end of it. you're absolutely right which is you've just listed why the united states isn't getting overly excited by this they've been in the position before where they have offered north korea talks they have offered food aid they have offered economic help the north koreans have made concessions before those talks they've even signed deals and then they have reneged so no one is getting carried away with the offer that's coming out of your own yang
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it's also interesting to note that the statement from north korea came just twenty four hours forty eight hours after donald trump when meeting with the japanese president at his florida retreat was seeing if this summit doesn't look as if it's going to produce anything i want gore and if i'm in the summer and we don't think we're going to get anything out of it and it's not going the right way then i will and donald trump's words respectfully leave the room so he was putting pressure on the north koreans before he's even started the idea of a summit and certainly we know some preparation has been made for the summer but donald trump wants to make sure that he's going to get something out of it rather than just going and then being up looking like other american leaders in the past by promising things thinking they're going to deliver and then nothing happens so alan tell us what do we know about plans being made for that meeting is there also a sense of nervousness about what might happen when and can actually in
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a room together if it comes to that. well you know there are people who are already talking about a nobel peace prize for donald trump if he manages to succeed in having the korean peninsula the new killer ice and many people think that it's because of the pressure that he is put on from almost the far stay in office and you remember goes back to the time when he started calling the north korean leader little rocket man and promising that there would be fire and fury of north korea ever attacked any u.s. territories when there was the threat towards which seems like ages ago no but probably was less than a year ago so all of these things will tend to to the idea of a summit we know that mike palm piro who is the cia director he was in pyongyang over the christian easter weekend that was laying the groundwork for the summit even though the administration continues to insist that that was an intelligence
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visit rather than a diplomacy visit that's because mike pompeo is currently nominated to be the next u.s. secretary of state but that hasn't been confirmed yet so he can't get ahead of himself so part of the groundwork has been laid the are talking about five possible venues for this somewhere in europe is one of them possibly on a u.s. warship perhaps in the area between north and south korea where the meeting between the two countries will happen very soon and also perhaps even an especially arranged location in the demilitarized zone the fact is they're not got down to the basic details of that but what donald trump wants to make sure is that when he walks so he walks so with something that gives him concrete relief after all the pressure that he has put on north korea over the last eighteen months or so thank you very much from washington alan fischer. north korea calls its governing ideology at g.
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do you check excuse me all self-reliance that's the ideology of the country's nuclear program has been a crucial part of that and diplomatic editor james bay has given rare access to capital pyongyang and has more now on this philosophy of self-reliance. the. car welcome to pyongyang certainly the cleanest most orderly and probably the most controlled place i've ever visited. rush hour in the city yet the traffic is like the roads a quiet although all of them a little comfy. no doubt this extremely hard working society everyone striving for the good of the state this is how workers are sent into. revolutionary slogans flags and drums. in this city the portraits in the statues
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tell the story of this isolated nation run by three men all from one family. the grandfather and the country's founder kim il sung the father kim jong il. and the son the current leader kim jong un who told he's too modest to have mosaics made of him but he's everywhere on the state controlled media on television and in the newspapers. in the center of the city the tallest landmark the jew che tower jew chair your self-reliance is the governing principle of this nation of twenty five million people our guide explained it's not about self-reliance of the individual but instead that individual koreans must do all they can to make then mation self-reliant we are holding the self-reliance upholding the fair for live there for lying in bed and the socialist power nation the death the main point and
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the nuclear weapons of course yes we made the nuclear weapons bear an effort there and technique is the main point of that to take. for years north koreans have been told the nuclear program is something that will keep their country strong and that the us is their mortal enemy both the messages that will now need modification as talks approach under some of the stiffest international sanctions ever imposed north koreans say jew check or self-reliance is the answer. in the subway trains inherited from east germany a growing old a handful of new carriages were produced in north korea we were told this seat was designed by kim jong un himself. it seems the leader takes a direct interest in many areas of national life he made a visit to the main shoe factory at the plant producing the korean national dish
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kimchi made of pickled vegetables we were told the air conditioning system was supervised by the supreme leader and there's an old people's home we were told he was the architect of this staircase such benevolence is of course matched by total respect kim jong un has never granted an audience to the international media he's never given an interview i got about as close as an outsider can get to him i was attending a performance of a visiting chinese ballet company in pyongyang when supreme leader kim entered the theater the crowd clapped continuously a standing ovation with cries of horror horary hooray it only stopped when he himself signaled with his hands james phase al-jazeera pyongyang president chimes efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with kim jong un comes as he threatens to pull out of the iran
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nuclear deal if he does iran's president is saying his country's atomic energy body is ready with expected and unexpected actions as an iranian made the comments on state t.v. but he didn't elaborate on what that specifically means european politicians have been urging the u.s. not to abandon the two thousand and fifteen deal in which iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted. well now inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons have collected samples from the syrian town of duma two weeks after an alleged chemical attack there inspectors who've been staying in a damascus hotel until now have been repeatedly delayed from visiting the scene where pro-government forces are accused of dropping a chlorine bomb france has accused russia of obstructing the entry more than forty people died from exposure to chemicals after the attack according to the world health organization meanwhile syrian rebels and civilians in a countryside area northeast of damascus of began to evacuate north under a deal brokered with the government state t.v.
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says over three thousand rebels will leave towns in eastern over the course of the next three days the latest in a string of evacuations around the syrian capital that have seen more than sixty thousand people displaced as the government takes control in all the developments to the south of damascus pro-government forces are pressing their offensive against i still fighters in the palestinian refugee camp the un agency responsible for palestinian refugees says it is deeply concerned about the safety of civilians there that says pictures emerged showing government planes on body in the area meanwhile the u.n. secretary general has said that there is no military solution to the conflict in syria until you get terrorists was speaking as u.n. security council ambassadors started a retreat in sweden to try to heal the divisions between them. we. need. essentially to see first minister that very little really. for the
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solution is police really need to fight to. violations of international law to the use of chemical weapons. if you will from the way we teach a conflict the six year olds. living's we think unity in relation to water to use clearly the war crime from that fifty years from the first. you with the news hour live from london much more still ahead dealing with the destruction south africa clears up after three days of looting and violence in northwest province. four former u.s. presidents among the mourners at the funeral for barbara bush wife of one president and mother to another. and in sport tennis world number one rafael nadal is a win away from a record extending eleventh title in one to carlo that's coming up the job.
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now india's government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve after widespread outrage over a number of recent attacks the order was approved by prime minister narendra modi's cabinet that requires parliamentary approval within six months to become law in the meantime suspects can be prosecuted under the order there have been widespread protests in india following a number of high profile rape cases including the killing of an eight year old girl in kashmir and another case involving a ruling party politician joining us now via skype from new delhi is care tesing she is a lawyer and women's rights activist thank you very much for speaking to us so then what is the conviction rate rate in child rape cases in. it's abysmally low or about eighteen one two percent according to official
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statistics. and so then does that mean that this death penalty is going to make much of a difference to the situation there is it going to act as any sort of detachment. i don't think so. studies have shown that bit penalty has an impact in the all experience is that it doesn't act at all don't we had against death benders a lot of the women's organizations and groups are and in any key is the two particular cases that you're talking about are sought to be her. to be covered up by this kind of. introduction of the law or the government in fact she did or did not act according to the law there was a complete breakdown in one case it was a b.g.p. emily who was responsible and instead of registering our livestream the giftie
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person the police actually picked up hawk bother and killed doom in custody in the other teasing me it was again we did the deep one she'll do it and in fact it was by john by because of her human proudly that he says what it is against them so in what these cases there was a complete breakdown of law and order it wasn't is it just because the death penalty didn't exist that there was this big down i think persons in india and peculiarly in believing in when people think that they can act with impunity that they will not get punished and therefore it is they need the certainty of punishment. rather than the severity of it that in the country i think
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that their investigation is not carried on from quickly please don't collect likely pieces of evidence in cases and then the cases that are on important so on so the serb forces which are just sponsored will fall. you should not bring up marks on o. that you've referenced said the two most recent high profile cases one of course involving the eight year old girl and the other where the accused was a member of the j.p. party even though despite what you say could this does this not at least show if anything symbolically that the government is trying to do more that they will take this more seriously and that perhaps more will now be done following on from this move to protect women and even change attitudes. i didn't because there was a grid out against the because people were absolutely horrified in
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india and elsewhere that this was happening that the government brought about this law in such a hurry the government has not been acting to not and in fact it should put its house in order and to put the criminal justice system in order so that we have. of crimes and that's to get it properly that influential people don't get all we that. bribes do not get paid to. stop investigations that evidence is collected that finally the trial is going to be on and you know we move in a high debate to output society so it's not that simple by just awarding death penalty you're not going to stop the crime you have to be really willing to also create awareness about if you're willing to take along the men then the boy is
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. along with you or to shore them. to sensitize them to remove his rights to sensitize them to the fact that this is a crime against one of the worst crimes against women and girls so thank you very much for shedding more light on it for us appreciate it care she's saying a lawyer and a women's rights activist joining us that. on now to armenia where police say they've arrested more than seventy people including two suspected of making bombs as anti-government demonstrations in the former soviet republic and a second week thousands of protesters are calling for you prime minister such as the un to step down on happy at what they see is a power grab by the former president and change the political system to give himself more power. at least one person has died in violence between security forces and protesters in madagascar the demonstrators were rallying in the capital
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antananarivo against new electoral laws which the opposition say meant to stop a candidate from running for president the city's hospital says at least sixteen more people have been injured in the violence so doing it joining us now on skype from madagascar's capital is journalist affair be en rafi rini rena thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us and i start by asking you about the situation that we've been reporting on these clashes between supporters of the opposition protesters and police is this is it karma now. yes it is. the movement is still on. because i start to stick around to shows for persones think you do need two children who died. at the hospital nearby at the front of the movement and the. i mean the
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government is currently at the pronto. mrs and have done so which is the she. and the movement spokesman say that. accepts corruption trevon government anymore and their wants to move modern to the magic chad recruit in this nation and the final objective is clear for them which is the reason. the president here is an army. when you say. from the accused that tomorrow at ten o'clock. there are good you will be held at the same place and to the right and the monday movement we'll continue even though if you show programs that it's not on until now and so the trigger or the spark for these demonstrations seems to have been the electoral or in a feeling by the opposition that it has an unfair impact on their candidate
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or their candidates in general is a you saying that it's gone well beyond that now that even if the government was to make concessions on that issue they want nothing less than the resignation of the president. from no what is public it is the resignation but in the sas it is the contestation of the electoral low which was voted. corruption within the parliamentary members from the project. so i'm i think there is still another kind of a request but they don't say however i feel they want to the reason those first and then after that we'll maybe i don't know what to be deciduous i'm after you case it works because it made it a scary story there's never been a president who resigned so you get it happened i don't know what they're going to do after if they. are or i do not.
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make a new election about a new look to rolo because director always supposed to be. but suppose it is not on a tro and tends to be fiber to the crown to political party but. i think all former presidents. are under it so in wanted to want to do for the next president. things are a bit harder for now but concern about the risk of further violence particularly in the months leading up to the election itself we have to see what happens there but thank you very much for joining us from madagascar's capital. well now to south africa where presidents are all around the post has asked residents of northwest province to stay calm as he holds more talks with communities to try to end violent protests that erupted this week the protesters are demanding the resignation of a provincial leader is accused of corruption and of delivering paulo core services
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catherine sawyer reports from my king. pinky being all cause baby is feverish she inhaled gas when police and protesters clashed but health workers in public hospitals are on strike and can't get help he went to her mother's house in the city to give birth because life is more difficult in the rural area where she leads a can take measure to buy readers because. there comes the lies and those political things they pose as the things that they do not deliver you understand they do the room get the bull the houses and give people jobs when the jobs come from the government they dig people. are frustrated and are shared by many people in this region and that's why they took to the streets and the greek they want better public services from the local government houses and shops they also want the provision needed to step down he's failed to do his job now also
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corruption allegations presidency ramos says he needs time to hold water talks with aggrieved communities and the provision that is. life is returning to normal in my hand but many shops remain closed people say they will wait for the outcome of consultations the president was asked for but they also tell us that they are impatient for answers and won't wait too long. though many of the grievances are generally in the protests turned violent rowdy morbus band allies the buildings and looted. linda just to come over traders like a clearly learn torah are devastated everything in his shop was a the stolen or banned this was his home too i don't know what i can do now on that hopeless you can see what. i don't want money to remove it this is not easy to remove that snooki is you cannot replace reason not
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to some people say politics in targeted revenge attacks got in the way of what we're supposed to be peaceful demonstrations. and have family tallis this is the result of pent up anger casting saw al-jazeera i can south africa. the funeral has taken place for former us first lady barbara bush at a private service a private service in houston texas she was remembered as a sharp tongued but caring person who was devoted to her family the current first lady maligning the trunk bracken michelle obama bill and hillary clinton were all amongst those attending barbara bush was the wife of the forty first us president and mother of the forty third she died on tuesday. or giving the eulogy former florida governor jeb bush said his mother was beautiful to the end and joked about
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a straight parenting style now to be clear her students were perfect. that's an understatement mom got a sewer difficult times with consistent take it to the bank unconditional but tough love. she called her style a benevolent dictatorship but honestly it wasn't always benevolent. and with the new sound much more still ahead a palestinian family mourns fourteen year old mohammed i.u. for youngest victim yes of israeli gunfire on the gaza border we meet the women in yemen who refuse to let a civil war stop them from learning to read and write. and will check in on the n.b.a. playoffs west several teams including the washington's ways its are fighting for survival that and more coming up with.
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how they are as the rain fades away from afghanistan it's come back from the mediterranean running through nose in egypt and through syria recently and you can see from the clouds where it's light to be focused wise is clearing up from the ceasar lead but the wind direction means it will cool down in egypt for example jerusalem down to nineteen baghdad on the opposite wind direction is up to twenty nine and the potential for the big thunderstorms exists here they tend to kick up sandstorms as well but it's largely a rainy story runs across the border into iran stretches up towards tara so what couple of days here as well i suspect and the breeze you'll notice it's noticeable and i think it will be telling for the sas for the arabian peninsula as a dry picture with picking up more dust so the picture on sunday could well be a pretty dusty world the eastern side of saudi arabia through qatar and back i
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think that dust will ease come monday the breeze eases as well tim she was up to thirty nine is a forecast and there are which beats mecca that's a pretty hot part of the world. southern africa us going by steve quiet now we have seen a few big showers recently but really we're talking about the case the ones on the coast so if you're in south africa on the whole you can just enjoy the big wide open skies. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home on a broom. in a two part scene. tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode to. face. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks.
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on the old man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to behead women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentary and snivel news and out zero i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on on and . welcome back and updating the top stories this hour north korea's decision to hold
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nuclear and missile tests has been welcomed by leaders across the world including u.s. president on interim who hailed it as good news international weapons inspectors have finally visited the syrian town of duma two weeks after an alleged chemical attack. and india's government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve after widespread outrage over a number of recent attacks that. when all the stories we're following the family of a policeman in myanmar say they've been thrown out of their home often he told a court that his superiors gave orders to entrap two journalists captain mojada nine said on friday that he was told to hand over documents to the reuters journalists they were then arrested and charged with violating the country's official secrets act now the wife of the policeman says she and her daughter have been ordered to leave that police housing journalists were reporting on a crackdown by myanmar security forces that seen some seven hundred thousand rango
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flee the country. family of a palestinian engineer who died in malaysia say he was assassinated by the israeli intelligence agency mossad palestinian media reporting that father was shot at close range by two motorcyclists as he left a mosque in. a mass has confirmed that a bash was a loyal member of its party who made important contributions to the energy field when other developments palestine's ambassador to the united nations is calling for an independent investigation into israel's use of force against protesters four palestinians were killed by israeli gunfire on a fourth successive friday of demonstrations on the border with gaza they include a fourteen year old boy who is the youngest victim of the protests which are calling for palestinian rights to return to their ancestral lands bunnet smith went to meet the relatives. that's right there are you had dreams for her some
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most mothers a good education marriage children but a bullet to the heard from an israeli sniper means this family now has to bury fourteen year old mohammed are you along with those dreams. who are there in the herbalists says the woman i used to tell him one day are living conditions will improve political divisions will and i have been pushing him to continue his studies despite everything. was protesting near the gaza israel border fence at easter or on friday if he was throwing stones they probably weren't very big. this family video from last year shows mohammed at the zoo he slight aged just thirteen here it's hard to imagine six months later he posed a serious threat to the israeli military. death prompted an unusually strong reaction from the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai martin off said it's outrageous to shoot our children how does the killing of
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a child in gaza today help peace it doesn't it feels anger and breeds more killing . a former israeli military spokesman responded please go to gaza engage hamas and get them to stop sending people to the fence stop palestinian incitement and organize riots at the border and donald trump's advisor to the middle east stopped in a full investigation by israel of mohammad are you to death is underway as we mourn the tragic loss of a young life we must all resolve to avoid causing more suffering by responses to his death. mohammed's father says he couldn't stop his son joining the protest for palestinian rights what doesn't. he was always smiling always teasing to be his father he was a naughty kid but to brave the whole neighborhood loved him never said no to anyone he just want to see our original delusion israel. was buried the day he died the youngest victim so far of the palestinian great march of return bernard smith
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al-jazeera gaza. years a civil war in yemen has left many children without access to even basic education i mean women have also never had the chance to learn to read and write but in a rural part of thais province one group of women is determined to make up for lost time as mary on one hundred ports. they make this journey most days a long winding sometimes dangerous parts this is a remote area wist of the city of. it's also one of the battlegrounds of human civil war and with these women must go to reach the only place where they can. we walk long distances past villages and valleys to get here we learn because we did not have education. but only after we didn't know any of the alphabets but francs to our teacher now we can read and write and we can also teach our children
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. for some of these women this is the first time they've put a pin to paper grandmothers mothers young women learning what most children might be taught in their food all second year of school and so hungry to learn that on this particular day more than forty women were crammed into a small building it's part of a media elka ladies' home she's the teacher and the creator of this makeshift education center as your own cost and in her own time she's taught dozens of women to read and write in math to be fair the education of women in the countryside is very low and i've made it my job to try to change that there is no support from anyone i wish that all sisters anyone who is educated might do their bit to educate women and girls in rural areas few children and rule to ease have made it to school in the last three years of human civil war. the rebels control much of the north
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including the capital some dark. their pacific gainst government forces fighting in support of exiled president admitted abu months or hardy and backed by airstrikes from a saudi led coalition of mainly arab states the power base lies in the south including the strategically important port city of aden the province of to ease with these women live lies right in the middle of the. most of the schools are closed now and we are in a remote area and there's war so it occasion is a positive thing for women and stability widespread poverty and unemployment affect all the women here elkan lady also teaches skills that have enabled students to generate their own income things like knitting and sewing for these women knowledge really is power media on one hand don't desire. the
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american football player collin kappa nick has been announced as the winner of the human rights group amnesty international's annual ambassador of conscience award two years ago camp unexcited kneeling jerry the u.s. national anthem played before all n.f.l. matches in response to the disproportionate number of black people killed by police the amnesty award recognizes in their words an inspiration contribution to helping human rights well joining us now via skype from amsterdam where that ceremony took place is amnesty international secretary-general. thanks very much for speaking to us when you tell us more about what this award means and why you've chosen to on a calling kappa nick. thank you for having me. this master of conscience award is the highest award within the amnesty international until the family so it is very carefully chosen the people look at the civil war so our past boards for
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example have been nelson mandela i we you know so we've we're very careful of who we pick and really that we picked some of the bravest and most courageous people in the world who are also iconic and have a huge following particularly amongst young people as you know the world to be is facing a lot of challenges in the human rights front and there's a lot of attack on humor defenders so when collin kaepernick decided to kneel to highlight the issue of racism and alarming number of black people being killed retort that he would be a very fitting person to get the support to really challenge the high level of the preseason and rescaling that the united states the scene. and captain a began his protest back in two thousand and sixteen didn't he how would you describe the difference or the impact he has made annie attacks against him.
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well i think you know the world is seeing the kind of attacks that call in kappa nick and his colleague eric green who's the other person also decided to kneel and protest has faced since then not a single the n.f.l. the team is ready to now sign them on so they've literally been unemployed since that time. and but more than that i mean it's like a daily struggle they're placing all kinds of negative campaigns but that's exactly why we're giving them the award it's because you know that immense garbage that they're showing which has been a huge inspiration to many other activists who are anti racism activists black people but not just black people but they cross the entire spectrum of the u.s. population but as you know anything which happens in the u.s. also has a huge impact across the globe so many breve you manage the friendless i think seek inspiration how to have success given inspiration from the from the very brave
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decision of god and kaepernick so that we're ready proud and we're very happy to have given him the best of conscience award today dean sense will a shift in the social political climate or environment particularly in the united states for those who choose to speak out. oh there's no question about it you know that as a kind of for attack against any kind of dissent any kind of freedom of expression in so many countries in the world is turkey this philippines and you're on the hungary the list goes on but the united states is also seeing a very sort of a and b. you know anti dissent any kind of for whites which is raised against the kind of fight back since keep booting against muslims against their produce all these voices have been attacked and particularly also black voices so i think that the fact that call and stood up and i think you would just think of what's happened
9:45 pm
with the kids coming out in such large numbers against the n.r.a. and against the sale of arms this could have been was unimaginable and then we've had the black players matter protest so i think you know it's hard to find a direct one to one correlation between what colin has done and the kind of mobilization it and when it's that this is created but we have no doubt that he has been a huge inspiration to young people particularly the united states what do you very much secretary general of amnesty international salil shetty thank you silat for us out in sport and meet the kenyan cyclist hoping to become the first african right it to tackle an extreme race across siberia. and homegrown patriotic action films feel a box office and in china. fast
9:46 pm
furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child just these are risking their young lives writing to women are they being exploited in the name of tradition one of one east investigates an al-jazeera. al jazeera. where every. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
9:47 pm
activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the end of an era for part of yours busiest international airport three years after it closed the contents of london's heathrow terminal one have been auctioned off bit by bit to the highest betta the foka checked in for an apple fun. we've joined the plane spotters on heathrow airport perimeter because this could potentially be a big day for aviation enthusiasts the entire contents of the historic terminal warm up for sale the pretty it's now become. you know my three thousand and forty
9:48 pm
nine seventy nine forty nine seventy nine let's roll again please the first of two options is now well on the way squarely at aviation lovers most of it's taken place here online i think retro signs think novelty fixtures and fitment just looking at these items there seems to be strangely more interesting departure signs than a rival signs read into that what you will the problem is that many of these bids the sealed meaning the buyers don't know exactly how much they're bidding against the auction house responsible for all of this says the pricing these items is way too complicated there's simply no precedent for selling things like this. following auctions will focus on bigger assets including security machines escalators baggage carousel four thousand seats of one hundred ten check in desks things that might be useful to other airports it was once the busiest terminal in europe opened by queen elizabeth the second in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and built as the home
9:49 pm
of british airways at the time planes could only carry one hundred fifty people they can now carry more than five hundred at its peak terminal one handled more than nine million passengers a year but after the refurbishment of terminal two next door it became surplus to requirements and closed its doors in two thousand and fifteen so what next for the terminal well heathrow staff remaining tight lipped is expected to be dismantled in the coming years a relic of a bygone age giving way to a new bigger and bolder era in aviation. sport now with judge marion thank you manchester united may have missed out on the english premier league title to their crossed city rivals manchester city but they'll get to play for the english f.a. cup this season that's after they sealed their place in the final with a win over tottenham spurs went ahead but united's alexis sanchez equalized before half time and a herrera grabbed the match winner in the second half to put united through to
9:50 pm
a record equalling twentieth f.a. cup final they'll play either chelsea or southampton those two sides face each other in sunday's semifinal meanwhile most equalled the record for the most goals scored in a thirty eight game english premier league season as liverpool two two with west brom salah has netted thirty one times in the league and forty one times in all competitions this campaign. a piece of silverware will be decided in spanish football shortly barcelona are facing severe in the final of the copper del rey or king's cup boss as coach of nest of oliver day also took time out to pay tribute to outgoing arsenal boss are serving blog in a holding that even his legacy is beyond down to only his players his game style and his triumphs i do not know if will be able to be unbeaten all season as he achieved with his thinking and staying for twenty two years as
9:51 pm
a club i doubt he'll do the same tennis now while no one rafael nadal has reached the final of the monte carlo masters for twelfth time the spaniard was at his clay court best as he brushed aside while number five grigor dimitrov six four six one in the last four rebel has now won thirty four straight sets on his favorite surface he'll be bidding for an eleventh monte-carlo title in sunday's final and must win to stay at number one. i think i need to play a little better tomorrow. i lost a little bit on the grass if. shots today comparing to yesterday on to before yesterday so i need to recover not for tomorrow not so i am but was and i do mean i haven't. japan's came as a korean will be in a doll's opponent in the monte carlo showpiece the former world number four recovered from a set down to be current world number four alexander's vera it's the biggest fine ownership corrie has reached since two thousand and sixteen. the
9:52 pm
semifinals of women's tennis elite team competition the fed cup got underway on saturday the united states beat bellerose to win the title last year but have their work cut out against france to make it back into the final in the best of five match series u.s. open champion sloane stephens got the united states off to a winning start as she beat poorly implemented six four. seven six. den of each then came from a set down to defeat coco banda way and level the tie at one one heading into day two. in all ten time fed cup winners the czech republic took a two love lead over germany stuttgart two time wimbledon champion patrick fit a vote got them underway with a six three six two win over germany number one to live gorgeous collina pliska followed that with a seven five six three victory against fellow former world number one and discover
9:53 pm
could put the czechs back in the final for the first time since two thousand and sixteen when she takes on goal just on sunday. the cleveland cavaliers have trouble in the n.b.a. playoffs they blew a double digit lead in game three against the indiana pacers to go down to one in their series the washington wizards kept their playoff hopes alive though john wall led the charge for washington with twenty eight points as they beat the toronto raptors in game three bradley beal added twenty eight both helping their team to a one hundred twenty two one hundred three win and they'll avoid going three nothing down in the series toronto's lead now sits at two one place the new orleans pelicans can become the first team to reach the second round when they face the portland trail blazers while friday's other game saw them a walkie bucs cut their series deficit with the boston celtics winning one hundred sixteen to ninety two a kenyan cyclist is aiming to make history later this year is the first african to
9:54 pm
compete in the translight cycle race it's an extreme nine thousand kilometer event from moscow to vladivostok he's training in the town of now rock in southwest kenya and his story is already one of achievement and survival i'm doing more and more work training for the world's toughest the most extreme bicycle race trying to get an extra. on the fossil fuel burning fossil fossil fuel qualify for the even. i'm going through a lot i can just define myself as i when it's alive. at the age of like. several days ago by and then again my dad when i was of several minds made out of that are watching the kind he drove on me and then here came me being shot there i was trying to help my dad i was shot four times the fourth time the shot me at the chest then the second time they showed me their shoulder two more bullets were lodged in my chest i'm lucky that they didn't hit my my spinal cord you know even
9:55 pm
getting to an extent of being taken to the mortuary before believing that i was dead and i ever came of that that means i'm a survivor and there was a reason is special purpose why i survived all that i have helped the less privileged because it's minus one's ability to relate to some of them how to be changed and i believe a go to bed at night having not changed the level passed on or inspired somebody positively than a voice that might be so if i don't help them even i don't inspire people then i'm nothing i can connect and be proud that i'm successful i can be successful at all. i'm putting myself through these how i want to confront myself that i'm not surviving on that we know. i'm a hero just as my dad told me when he was just about today and. believing that a my hero isn't enough i have to prove it and that's where how to abuse. what a
9:56 pm
great story well that's all for me for now back to mary i'm in london thank you the eighth annual beijing film festival as just concluded in the chinese capital a buoyant time for the domestic industry china's box office sales are for the first time to pass those of the u.s. and as adrian brown reports homegrown movies are the big attraction. the tagline is unashamedly patriotic anyone who are friends china will be killed no matter how far the target is. the film is wolf warrior to set in a fictitious african country it's about a chinese special forces veteran who single handedly rescues chinese and local citizens and. citizens held by western mercenaries. the film taps into a growing mood of national pride in today's china and features close replicas of
9:57 pm
many of the latest weapons used by the chinese military but the current wave of patriotic films is not the result of government pressure insists one film scholar. chinese mainstream films are not controlled by the garment it's achievement was not made through government policies such a huge growth of the box office and a huge market cannot simply be created through some policies of government documents. this week the stars of china's film industry are attending beijing's annual film festival which began in two thousand and eleven among the films nominated for an award is another with a strong patrick the but one which depicted gay love was dropped. films reflecting government thinking are likely to become more prolific in the years ahead that's because the body that regulates china's film and t.v. industry is being scrapped that job is now going to be done by the communist
9:58 pm
party's propaganda department a further sign of how power is being centralized under president xi jinping for jacket workers and students across the country were recently ordered to watch a stirring new documentary called amazing china it hails the country's technological advances and military modernization and echoes president cheese made in china initiative which aims to make china a leader in key technologies by twenty twenty five and the movie industry knows what role it has to play adrian brown al-jazeera beijing at it then he is out but a full lesson coming up in just a couple of minutes time i'll see you in a bed in and out is there. based
9:59 pm
only three big stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the local here this that russia was responsible for this to separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or in the misinformation from the journalism be issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centrex fair of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that it's when you peel away all of the lists of
10:00 pm
covert military in the financial dark and you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when our viewers can identify with the story. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their education has led to staggering results even in prison with him yes this will rescind that they will see the teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera. lot.


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