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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world while the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just you know. three weeks after a suspected chemical attack in the syrian city of duma international inspectors reach the site and take samples. and have them speak of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up around the
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world a cautious welcome for north korea's announcement it will pause nuclear missile tests. doubt this makes dreamily hard working society everyone striving for the good of the state and we'll take you to pyongyang with the first in a series of special reports from inside north korea. your hands on a piece of heathrow airport is the entire contents of terminal one of sold off. allow international inspectors have been given access to the site of the suspected chemical attack in syria while a war of words has been raging over what exactly happened on april seventh delayed access to the area has raised questions about the reply ability of the evidence kathy lopez hold diane reports. the wait is over inspectors but the organization
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for the prohibition of chemical weapons given access to the area of the alleged chemical attack in duma samples were collected but delayed access to the site is raising questions about the quality of the evidence and whether syria or russia cleared the scene earlier this week a former o.p.c. w inspector said it's unlikely the evidence would be found because of the delay it's very easy actually to temper with the plays and to change the facts on the ground. actually do some what we call it in the. military the. ism is the contamination process the visit comes a week after o.p.c. w. inspectors first arrived in syria the u.s. and france have accused russia of blocking the investigation to buy time to prepare or someone would mrs order to prepare some medical reports all these together
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actually can add to the facts that i think. the russians on the syrians they are planning to change the idea on the ground. more than forty people reportedly died in a suspected chemical attack on april seventh the u.s. france and the u.k. vitelli aided by bombing several syrian government sites russia and syria have denied the use of chemical weapons they also deny hindering the investigation once the samples of the suspected chemical attack are analyzed inspectors will submitted their report to the state's parties to the chemical weapons convention depending on the findings inspectors could make a second visit to duma cutty ago pursued a young al-jazeera. the u.n. secretary general has again said there is no military solution to the syrian conflict and tony a good terrorist was speaking as security council ambassadors arrive for an informal meeting in sweden to try to find common ground. i think we. need
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in syria essentially to see first when the stand that there is no military solution for the solution is political we really need to fight through elections to. violations of international law the use of chemical weapons. if we find the way we need accountability. we cannot go on living we think unity in relation to squealy a war crime that's true that is if you from the face of. a saudi arabian security forces say they shot down a toy drone near a royal palace in the capital riyadh. video posted online appears to capture the sound of gunfire in the area officials say king salmen was out of town of the time of the incident and an investigation is underway yemen's hooty rebels have previously tried to fly bomb carrying drones
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into saudi arabia. our western powers a welcome north korea's announcement it will suspend nuclear and missile tests u.s. president donald trump called a very good news while european leaders say it is a positive first step but japan says it must lead to concrete action cathy you know that reports from seoul. north korea regularly tested increasingly threatening ballistic missiles last year including weapons that could have the range to hit the united states in september it conducted its most powerful nuclear bomb test now north korea says those tests are over so it should chip we will discontinue nuclear testing an intercontinental ballistic rocket test firing from april twenty fifth. the north a nuclear test ground at the d.p. r. k. will also be dismantled to transparently the discontinuance of the new click testing it's welcome news for the u.s.
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president who's planning to meet north korea's leader kim jong un within weeks donald trump tweeted north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to our summit state media says kim jong un made the announcement as he chaired a meeting of the workers' party central committee a gathering to rubberstamp the supreme leader's decisions it was at a similar meeting five years ago that kim unveiled his signature policy. to prioritize the development of nuclear weapons and the economy the message from the leader now is that weapons program development is complete and the focus will shift to the economy currently under pressure from a u.s. led sanctions campaign would you call kim jong un care a fight that now that the t.p.r. case position as a wall of level politico ideological and military power has been successfully established it is the strategic line of the workers' party to concentrate all
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efforts of the whole party and country on the socialist economic construction kim is apparently seeking to cement his position on the world stage following his meeting in beijing last month with china's president xi jinping talks with cia director mike pompei o in pyongyang and ahead of a historic summit with south korea's president monday and on friday south korea welcomed the announcement calling north korea's decision meaningful progress for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the president's office said it will contribute to creating a positive environment for the success of the upcoming intercourse rian and u.s. north korea summits. china has also welcomed the announcement while japan's prime minister was more cautious a lot of north korea's announcement is forward motion that i'd like to welcome but what's important is that this motion leads to complete verifiable and irreversible
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dismantlement of north korea's nuclear and missile programs north korea's promise to stop weapons testing didn't go that far it cleage to never use nuclear weapons unless there are nuclear threats and you clear provocations against it kathy novak al jazeera sole. a north korea course its governing ideology jus change your self-reliance and the country's nuclear program is a key part of that our diplomatic editor james bays was given rare access to the capital pyongyang way found out more about the self-reliance philosophy. welcome to pyongyang certainly the cleanest most orderly and probably the most controlled place i've ever visited. rush hour in the city yet the traffic is like the roads of quarks although all of them are a little unfair. there's
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no doubt this is an extremely hardworking society everyone striving for the good of the staines this is how workers were sent into. revolutionary slogans flags and drums. in this city the portraits and the statues tell the story of this isolated nation run by three men all from one family the grandfather and the country's founder kim il sung the father kim jong il and the son the current leader kim jong un who told he's too modest to have mosaics made of him but he's everywhere on the state controlled media on television and in the newspapers. in the center of the city the tallest landmark the jew che tower jew chair your self-reliance is the governing principle of this nation of twenty five million people our guide explained it's not about self-reliance of the
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individual but instead that individual koreans must do all they can to make then mation self-reliant we are holding the film for live. opponent if there were no lying in bed and the poet mation the deaf the main point and the nuclear weapons of hers yes we made the nuclear weapon by our own effort bearing technique is the main point of potential. for years north koreans have been told the nuclear program is something that will keep their country strong and that the us is their mortal enemy both the messages that will now need modification as talks approach under some of the stiffest international sanctions ever imposed north koreans say jew chair or self-reliance is the answer. in the subway trains inherited from east
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germany a growing old handful of new carriages were produced in north korea we were told this seat was designed by kim jong un himself. it seems the leader takes direct interest in many areas of national life he made a visit to the main chute factory at the plant producing the korean national dish kimchi made of pickled vegetables we were told the air conditioning system was supervised by the supreme leader and as an old people's home we were told he was the architect of this staircase such benevolence is of course matched by total respect kim jong un has never granted an audience to the international media he's never given an interview i got about as close as an outsider can get to him i was attending a performance of a visiting chinese ballet company in pyongyang when supreme leader kim entered the theater the crowd clapped continuously a standing ovation with cries of horror
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a ray a ray it only stopped when he himself signaled with his hands that james frey's al-jazeera pyongyang. a president trump's efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with kim jong un come as he threatens to pull out of the iran nuclear deal if he does iran's president says his country's atomic energy body is ready with what he calls expected and unexpected actions has made the comments on state television but did not elaborate on what that could mean european leaders have been urging the u.s. not to abandon the twenty fifteen pact under the deal iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted by the family of a palestinian engineer in malaysia says he's been killed by israeli intelligence how mass has confirmed university lecturer fed which was
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a member of the faction has been no israeli response. for us. this is to an identified gunman opened fire at. the thirty five year old palestinian engineering lecturer was ambushed as he was walking to work in nearby bars in the capital kuala lumpur colleagues of the university are shocked and by the killing so we don't see any thing dangerous week or so the only thing that was the word that we could see of is. that. the only thing that could be is because of his expertise in his field of electrical engineering. a neighbor told reporters that he saw two european looking man the by shortly before the shooting they'll but's family blame israel for the killings. the israeli mossad is to be held responsible for that because the israelis can't tolerate any well educated
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arab and particularly palestinian mentality israel considers any well educated distinguished arab or particularly palestinian figure as the real big threat for israel. how mass which controls gaza said was a member of the palestinian group has repeatedly blamed israel's spy agency mossad for targeting its members including into his ear it is in experts in joan technology was shot in his hometown of us in december tunisian police said the killers of one. posed as foreign journalists hamas said he was instrumental in developing drones and was a command of its armed wing. brigades. when we come back on aljazeera south africa's president appeals for calm after days of violent protests in northwest province. india's government approves the death
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penalty for child rapists after widespread anger over recent attacks. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello it's been raining heavily getting grey joe in fact throughout the yangtze valley now east to west you could find some decent downpours which you might expect to sas that is largely a dry picture that's where the feed who is coming from and that includes hong kong the thirty marks to humid the big showers we have in the southwest particularly around high not so prevalent because the rain is rather more inland and a good part of southeast asia india china at least is relatively dry got a few big showers in the afternoon drifting into the south china sea towards vietnam but they're not that frequent in the wrong that many of them this mars will
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increase rather than freezing cloud in sort of way sea actually and rain and that's heading down towards southern borneo and java and this contribution through sumatra and singapore but most of that surprisingly the fertile in myanmar front to be dry the still some big shots possible and have happened recently in the northeast of india and through bangladesh is the season for them rain isn't the story really to be honest apart from these occasional big thunderstorms the obvious is rising heat is india and pakistan next so temperatures will slowly rise by the time we get to tuesday i think new delhi will be above forty rather hard and it should be. the weather sponsored by cattle and release. every dude is being the animal it's been weakened measure to support intelligence agencies are . to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the
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colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. leaker could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i was there a minder of our top stories international inspectors in syria have collected samples from the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma two weeks that's follows a week of delays which france is blaming on syria's ally russia. western powers of welcome north korea's announcement it will suspend nuclear missile tests u.s.
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president donald trump said it was good news that japan was more cautious saying it must lead to concrete action. family of a palestinian engineer in malaysia says he's been killed by israeli intelligence says confirmed a university lecturer fed bush was a member of the faction there's been no israeli response. south african president cyril ramaphosa is asking people in northwest province to stay calm as he holds more talks to try to end violent protests people are demanding the resignation of a provincial leader who's accused of corruption and delivering poor services care for so i reports from my. pinky being no cause baby is feverish she inhaled gas when police and protesters clashed but health workers in public hospitals are on strike and on pleasure can't get help pinkie went to her
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mother's house in the city to give path because life is more difficult in the rural area where she lives i can take my child to my readers because there are not many and. there comes the lies and those political things they pose as the things that they do not deliver you understand the book that they will get their houses and give people jobs when the jobs come from the government they dig people. oh the frustrations are shared by many people in this region and that's why they teach the streets i mean the week they want better public services from the local government houses and shops they also want the provincial leader to step down saying he's failed to do his job there also corruption allegations president serum of post says he needs time to hold more talks with aggrieved communities and the provisional leaders life is returning to normal in my hand but many shops remain
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closed people say they will wait for the outcome of consultations the president asked for but they also tell us that they are in a sense for answers and won't wait too long. though many of the grievances are generally in the protests turned violent rowdy morbus band lies to buildings and looted. little just to come over to traders like actually learn torah are devastated everything in his shop was a the stolen or band this was his home too i don't know what i can do now on that hopeless you can see what. i don't want money to remove it this thing this is not easy to remove it it's not easy you cannot replace resulting some people say politics in targeted revenge attacks but in the way of what we're supposed to be peaceful demonstrations pinky and her family tallis this is the result of pent up anger casting saw al-jazeera i can south africa
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egypt has extended the detention of al-jazeera journalists mahmud has saina by another forty five days the egyptian national was arrested while on holiday in december twenty sixth when he spent nearly five hundred days in jail and is yet to be charged as sane is accused of broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos and zero strongly denies the allegations of the international committee of the red cross says one of its workers was killed in the yemeni city of ties on saturday the i.c.r.c. said handler who died after a gunman opened fire on his car and was in charge of the organisers zation is the tension program and was on his way to visit a prison when the attack happened. a years of civil war in yemen have left many children without access to even the most basic education and many women in particular have never had the chance to learn to read and write but in
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a rural part of thais probably this one group of women is determined to make up for lost time as many are harmed reports. they make this journey most days a long winding sometimes dangerous parts this is a remote area with list of the city of tire ease it's also one of the battlegrounds of human civil war and with these women must go to reach the only place where they can loon. but. we walk long distances past villages and valleys to get here we learn because we did not have education and have a known about only didn't know any of the alphabets buffetings to our teacher and now we can read and write but we can also teach our children. for some of these women this is the first time they've put a pin way to paper grandmothers mothers young women learning what most children might be taught in their food all second year of school and so hungry to learn that
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on this particular day more than forty women were crammed into a small building it's part of a media elka ladies' home she's the teacher and the creator of this makeshift education center as your own cost and in her own time she's taught dozens of women to read and write in math to be fair the education of women in the countryside is very low and i've made it my job to try to change that there is no support from anyone i wish that all sisters anyone who is educated might do their bit to educate women and girls in rural areas few children and rule have made it to school in the last three years of human civil war. with the rebels control much of the north including the capital sunday. there present against government forces fighting in support of exiled president admitted abu months or hardy and backed by airstrikes
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from a saudi lead coalition of mainly arab states the power base lies in the south including the strategically important port city of aden the province of to ease with these women live lies right in the middle of the. most of the schools are closed now and we are in a remote area and there is war so it occasion is a positive thing for women and stability widespread poverty and unemployment affect all the women here elkan lady also teaches skills that have enabled students to generate their own income things like knitting and sewing for these women knowledge really is power media on one hand don't desire. india's government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve and follows widespread protests over a number of attacks including the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in
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kashmir prime minister narendra modi's cabinet approved the order but he needs backing from parliament within six months to become law in the meantime suspects can be prosecuted under the order police in me and mine have reportedly evicted the family of an office who says he helped entrap to reuters journalists covering the range of crisis while on and charles sawyer all are facing fourteen years in prison if found guilty of breaking a secrecy law by acquiring official documents on friday a police captain told the court hearing in their case that the papers were given to the journalist so they could be arrested the officers wife says her family has since been kicked out of police accommodation. remember a police officer called us this morning and said we have to move out of the house immediately and that's the order from superior we haven't seen my husband since he was arrested u.s. president donald trump is accusing former f.b.i.
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director james comey of leaking classified information in his memoirs come his remote in his new book in which he portrays tramp as quote an ego driven liar comey was fired by troublous years the f.b.i. investigated alleged russian meddling in the twenty eight sixteen u.s. election. at least ten people have been killed in nicaragua in four days of violent protests sparked by controversial pension reforms nicaragua's president called most of the demonstrators taking part young criminals john homan has more. president will take to finally came out and address the country after full days of protest in nicaragua and what he said wasn't that conciliatory towards the protesters became outflanked not just by his cabinet but also by military and police figures which in itself tells a story of what he had to say was that the protesters might have shadowy political
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figures the high end so that didn't really seem an address. attempting to reach out to the protesters to try and find some sort of dialogue and these are protests there aren't just happening in the capital managua but also in several other cities in the country the spark that really lit them seem to have been about changes to the social security structure mechanisms in the country but also there's been tension in this country before then president will take is seen by n.g.o.s and also by analysts have been undermining democratic institutions in the country in the bid to hang on to power he's now in his third consecutive term he's also been accused of turning the government into a bit of a family business his wife is also the vice president of the country now what we have to see is what's going to come next are the protests going to escalate is there going to be any attempts at dialogue and some people in the crowd were asking
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will the army be a center on the streets to try and deal with this which would definitely represent some sort of escalation customs officials have raided the headquarters of korean air following angle allegations of smuggling the homes of chairman cho yang ho and three of his children were also raided they were looking for evidence the family didn't pay duties on luxury goods brought into the country it is the latest in a series of scandals to hit the airline in twenty fourteen one of the cho daughters was jailed after losing her temper with a flight attendant over how her nuts was served. it's the end of an era for part of europe's busiest international airport but a welcome opportunity for aviation enthusiasts the contents of london's heathrow terminal one are being auctioned off to the highest bidders need barca has more. we've joined the plane spotters on heathrow airport perimeter because this could potentially be a big day for aviation enthusiasts the entire contents of the historic terminal
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warner up for sale the bidding is now become he sold it your way three thousand forty nine seventy nine forty nine seventy nine let's roll again please the first of two options is now well under way squarely at aviation lovers most of it taking place here online think retro signs think novelty fixtures and fitment just looking at these items there seems to be strangely more interest in departure signs than a rival signs read into that what you will the problem is that many of these bids a sealed meaning that buyers don't know exactly how much they're bidding against the auction house responsible for all of this says the pricing these items is way too complicated there's simply no precedent for selling things like this. following auctions will focus on bigger assets including security machines escalators baggage carousel four thousand seats of one hundred ten check in desks things that might be useful to other airports it was once the busiest terminal in europe opened by queen
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elizabeth the second in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and billed as the home of british airways at the time planes could only carry one hundred fifty people they can now carry more than five hundred at its peak terminal one handled more than nine million passengers a year but after the refurbishment of terminal two next door it became surplus to requirements and closed its doors in two thousand and fifteen so what next for the terminal will he focus staff remaining tight lipped is expected to be dismantled in the coming years a relic of a bygone age giving way to a new bigger and bolder era in aviation a bustling as football fans have taken to the streets celebrate winning the copa del rey trophy trial five nil against sylvia with luis suarez and messi. who was.
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it says around of all the top stories international inspectors in syria have collected samples from the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma two weeks ago follows a week of delays as a team has tried to visit the site. the u.n. secretary general antonio good tears has again said there is no military solution to the syrian conflict i think we. need in syria essential to sing first to understand that there is no military solution for the solution is political we really need to find ways to. to. violations of international law to use of chemical weapons since we can find the way we need a comfortable existence we cannot go on living with impunity in relation to water to use clearly a war crime that's true that is the spirit from the face of. saudi arabian security
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forces say they shot down a toy drone near a royal palace in the capital riyadh video posted online appears to capture the sound of gunfire in the area officials say king salmen was out of town of the time of the incident and an investigation is underway yemen's hooty rebels previously tried to fly one carrying drones into saudi arabia western powers of welcome north korea's announcement it will suspend nuclear and missile tests u.s. president donald trump said it was good news but japan was more cautious saying it must lead to concrete action president trump's efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with kim jong il comes as he threatens to pull out of the iran nuclear deal iranian president hassan rouhani says his country's atomic energy body is ready with what he calls expected and unexpected actions european leaders have been urging the u.s. not to abandon the twenty fifteen fact under the deal iran agreed to curb its
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nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted as the headlines in such stories next. a nuclear policy north korea's leader announces the suspension of all miss out tests ahead of historic talks with south korea and the u.s. what's brought about this dramatic shift and is owned serious about peace this is inside story.


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