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within the borders of the exclusion zone the toxic nuclear waste and touching any vegetation. grows. to finally surviving on. together and land contaminated violence past. witness. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next sixty minutes. around the world a cautious welcome for north korea's announcement it will cause nuclear and missile
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tests. dreamily. everyone is trying to. stay but take you to pyongyang with the first in a series of special reports from inside north korea. two weeks after a suspected chemical attack in the syrian city of international inspectors reach the site and take samples. and as the war of words continues between donald trump and his former f.b.i. director we ask whether they're undermining americans faith in law enforcement. a world leaders have welcomed north korea's announcement its suspending nuclear and missile testing it's also pledging to close one. it's nuclear research sites but
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pyongyang's previous record of diplomacy with the us leaves room for doubt in two thousand and seven north korea agreed to shut its main nuclear reactor in return for aid it signed a deal but missed the deadline to dismantle it in two thousand and eight it demolished a cooling tower symbol of its commitment to ending its nuclear program two months later it refused to allow international observers to look at suspected nuclear facilities the us agreed to send food aid in two thousand and twelve after north korea said it would freeze long range missile launches but that ended when they fired rockets the following year. a north korea cause its governing ideology jew che or self-reliance and the country's nuclear program is a key part of that diplomatic end to james bays was given rare access to the capital pyongyang way found out more about the self-reliance philosophy.
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welcome to pyongyang certainly the cleanest most orderly and probably the most controlled place i've ever visited. rush hour in the city yet the traffic is like the roads of quarks although all of them are a little unfair. there's no doubt this is an extremely hardworking society everyone striving for the good of the staines this is how workers were sent into. revolutionary slogans flags and drums. in this city the portraits in the statues tell the story of this isolated nation run by three men all from one family. the grandfather and the country's founder kim il sung the father kim jong il and
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the son the current leader kim jong un who told he's too modest to have mosaics made of him but he's everywhere on the state controlled media on television and in the newspapers. in the center of the city the tallest landmark the jew che tower jew check your self-reliance is the governing principle of this nation of twenty five million people are god explained it's not about self-reliance of the individual but instead that individual koreans must do all they can to make then mation self-reliant we are holding still for live. opponent if there were no lying in bed and the poet mation the deaf the main point and the nuclear weapons of hers yes we made the nuclear weapon by our own effort bearing technique. the main point of her to take. for years north koreans have been told the nuclear
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program is something that will keep their country strong and that the us is their mortal enemy both the messages that will now need modification as talks approach under some of the stiffest international sanctions ever imposed north koreans say ju che or self-reliance is the answer in the subway trains inherited from east germany a growing old handful of new carriages were produced in north korea we were told this seat was designed by kim jong un himself. it seems the leader takes direct interest in many areas of national life he made a visit to the main chute factory at the plant producing the korean national dish kimchi made of pickled vegetables we were told the air conditioning system was supervised by the supreme leader and as an old people's home we were told he was the architect of this staircase such benevolence is of course matched by total
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respect kim jong un has never granted an audience to the international media he's never given an interview i got about as close as an outsider can get to him i was attending a performance of a visiting chinese ballet company in pyongyang when supreme leader kim entered the theater the crowd clapped continuously a standing ovation with cries of her a her a it only stopped when he himself signaled with his hands james phase al-jazeera pyongyang. our president trump's efforts to reach a nuclear agreement with kim jong un come as he's he threatens to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal if he does iran's president says his country's atomic energy body is ready with what he calls unexpected expected and unexpected actions well it hasn't rouhani made the comments on state television but did not elaborate on one
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that could mean european leaders have been urging the u.s. not to abandon the twenty eight fifteen pact under the deal iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted. after several delays international inspectors have finally been given access to the scene of a suspected chemical attack in syria two weeks ago the government and its ally russia deny responsibility for the alleged attack and say there was no cover up but inspectors won't be assigning blame they'll only be trying to determine whether an attack took place lopez reports. the wait is over inspectors but the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons given access to the area of the alleged chemical attack in duma samples were collected but delayed access to the site is raising questions about the quality of the evidence and whether syria or russia cleared the scene earlier this week of former
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o.p.c. w. inspector said it's unlikely evidence would be found because of the deadly it's very easy actually to tamper with the plays and to change the facts on the ground. actually do some what we call it in the. military business as the decontamination process the visit comes a week after o.p.c. w. inspectors first arrived in syria the u.s. and france have accused russia of blocking the investigation to buy time to prepare or someone would mrs order to prepare some medical reports all these together actually can add to the facts that i think. the russians on the syrians they are planning to change the idea on the ground there more than forty people reportedly died in a suspected chemical attack on april seventh the u.s. france and the u.k. retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites russia and syria have denied
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the use of chemical weapons they also deny hindering the investigation once the samples of the suspected chemical attack are analyzed inspectors will submitted their report to the state parties to the chemical weapons convention. depending on the findings inspectors could make a second visit to duma cutty a little to suit the young al-jazeera let's bring in chemical weapons expert charles duelfer in washington he is the former u.s. chief weapons inspector in iraq thanks for being with us so what will these inspectors be looking for then and now that they've gained access to the site what evidence how will they be looking for evidence that a chemical weapons attack took place well typically what they'll do is they'll take physical samples of the of the area where the weapon was detonated know some of the agents may have decayed over time particularly if it's chlorine so that that type
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of evidence may have may have dissipated but they'll also be able to biological samples from some of the victims and take interviews from the medical people who were treating these individuals and so forth so you know this will contribute to the overall report from data that they get from both on the site and from people that have been around the site so you know they'll still be able to make a report however you know given the length of time and given the distance they've had to travel so it'll be a lot of ambiguity which will remain which i think is probably the objective of the syrian government and indeed the russians yeah let's let's expand on that a little bit i mean you seem to be suggesting there that this delay in getting access to the site which was two weeks was was a deliberate attempt to. compromise the weapons inspectors ability to to to find evidence of
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a chemical attack. well i mean you know the coalition which conducted the rip to the attack all week ago you know they made a pretty good case the french in particular laid out a lot of evidence that suggested look you know there's there's there's one group that has aircraft available that's the syrian government that the russians have controlled the air space so they know that there was only one one source from the sky that could deliver these weapons and if you look at the reports on the ground the people the there you know the symptoms and so forth it would seem pretty clear that there was a chemical agent involved and indeed there was probably a military motivation because in that area there was a lot of underground tunnels and so forth and chlorine is a is an agent which sinks it's heavier than air and it would be a very effective way of causing people to you know flee tunnels to flee on the ground areas on the other hand you know the russians will make the case that well the inspectors are you know uncertain it could be other causes for these types of
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behavior unlikely but they were able to sustain a potential alternative explanation as unlikely as it might be so even though is there room for add big unity here and well i think that's what you know for mr lavrov who is who is a master of making these type of arguments i mean he would get up on the stand in front of you for hours and tell you that it well it could just as equally be you know martians landing from a flying saucer you don't know that and you know it's the kind of logic which says you know if they offer an alternative explanation which you can't prove is wrong then that tends to you know whittle away at the more dominant or command which i think in this case is the one that has been laid out by the. french the british and the americans good to speak with you that charles dulfer in washington thanks for being with us. now the u.n. secretary general has again said there is no military solution to the syrian
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conflict tony good tears were speaking as security council ambassadors arrive for an informal meeting in sweden to try to find common ground i think we. need in syria essentially to see first to understand that there is no military solution for the solution is political we really need to find a way to elections to the violations of international law to the use of chemical weapons the sense of relief we find the way we need accountability exists we cannot go on living with impunity in relation to what it is clearly a war crime that's true there is a few years from the face of. a sudden arabian security forces say they shot down a toy drone near royal palace in the capital riyadh. the. video posted online appears to capture the sound of gunfire in the area fishel say
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man was out of town of the time of the incident an investigation is under way yemen's hooty rebels have previously tried to fly bomb carrying drones into saudi arabia. out a family of a palestinian engineer in malaysia says he's been killed by israeli intelligence agency mossad hemis has confirmed university lecturer fed the in bush was a member of the faction there's been no israeli response. to reports. this is to an identified gunman opened fire at. the thirty five year old palestinian engine e.-ring lecturer was ambushed as he was walking to was in nearby boss in the capital kuala lumpur colleagues of the university are shocked and by the killing so we don't see any thing dangerous week or so the only thing
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that we can see of is. that. the only thing that could be is because of his expertise in his field of electrical engineering a neighbor told reporters that he saw two european looking man nearby shortly before the shooting their family blame israel for the killings. the israeli mossad is to be held responsible for that because the israelis can't tolerate any well educated arab and particularly palestinian mentality israel considers any well educated distinguished arab or particularly palestinian figure as the real big threat for israel. how mass which controls gaza said albertz was a member of the palestinian group has repeatedly blamed israel's spy agency mossad for targeting its members including into his ear it is an expert in joan technology was shot in his hometown of us in december two busy and police said the
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killers of what he posed as foreign journalists hamas said he was instrumental in developing drones and was a command of its armed wing. brigades. are the e.u. is calling on israel to refrain from using lethal force against unarmed protesters four palestinians were killed by israeli gunfire on a fourth consecutive friday of demonstrations on gaza's border they include a fourteen year old boy the youngest victim of the protests which are calling for palestinian rights to return to their ancestral lands burna smith went to meet his family. that's right there are you had dreams for her some most mothers a good education marriage children but a bullet to the had from an israeli sniper means this family now has to bury
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fourteen year old mohammed are you along with those dreams. while there are no hard alice says and. i used to tell him one day are living conditions will improve political divisions will and i had been pushing him to continue his studies despite everything. mohammed was protesting near the gaza israel border fence at easter or on friday if he was throwing stones they probably weren't very big. this family video from last year shows mohammed at the zoo he slight aged just thirteen here it's hard to imagine six months later he posed a serious threat to the israeli military. death prompted an unusually strong reaction from the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai martin off said it's outrageous to shoot our children how does the killing of a child in gaza today help peace it doesn't it feels anger and breeds more killing . a former israeli military spokesman responded please go to gaza engage hamas and
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get them to stop sending people to defense stop palestinian incitement and organize riots at the border and donald trump's advisor to the middle east stepped in a full investigation by israel of mohammad are you deaf is underway as we mourn the tragic loss of a young life we must all resolve to avoid causing more suffering by responses to his death. mohammed's father says he couldn't stop his son joining the protest for palestinian rights doesn't. he was always smiling always teasing his father who was not a kid but the brave the whole neighborhood loved him never said no to anyone he just want to see our original delusion israel. was buried the day he done the youngest victim so far but the palestinian great march of return burnet smith al-jazeera gaza. plenty more ahead on the news out south africa's president appeals
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for calm off the days of violent protests in northwest province. plus how a fishing village in hong kong is leading the way for the rest of the territory in renewable energy. and boss alone are crowned kings of spain after winning their first trophy of the season joe we'll have the details later in school. so i have a first u.s. president donald trump is accusing former f.b.i. director james comey of leaking classified information in his memoirs. and his new book in which he portrays trump as quote an ego driven liar coming was fired by sean last year's the f.b.i. investigated alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. or trump treated james comey as memos are classified i did not declassify them they were along to our government therefore he broke the law
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additionally he totally made up many of the things he said i said and he is already a proven liar and leaker where all memos on clinton lynch and others heidi show castro has more from washington these memos in question were written by james komi who at the time was director of the f.b.i. and they document the private conversations between komi and president donald trump in the early days of the administration komi said he wrote all of this down because he was concerned by several of the topics that trump brought up in these meetings and in particular two requests made by the president has trump asked him to drop a federal investigation into a senior adviser and also asked komi for a pledge of loyalty given this was when home he was leading an investigation into possible russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential elections komi says he refused to offer his loyalty pledge and was soon fired by trump after his firing
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komi then shared two of these memos with a close friend who then disseminated it to a reporter called he says he did this hoping that release of this information to the public would provoke a special counsel investigation to be appointed and that is exactly what has happened with robert mueller the special counsel now looking into trump's campaign associates possible colluding with russia in the can in the elections as well as a possible obstruction of justice by the president himself a republican strategist joe watkins is a former white house aide to president h. w. bush he thinks donald trump doesn't have much to gain by discrediting the memos. this is rather unprecedented we haven't had u.s. presidents in the past attack these institutions within government so only these investigate investigative institutions have not ever been attacked by a sitting u.s.
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president so this is something new for our country at the same time i'm not sure that everybody's buying it despite the fact that there are these almost daily attacks on the integrity of the f.b.i. and others leadership on the part of just as i think americans for the most part still have a great deal of confidence in those institutions i don't think it'll change the mind of the president terms base i think president obama's base will think that it's just another attack on the president's character but for the most part i think it clearly sheds light for many americans on the what happened in certainly those early conversations in the early days of the trouble presidency which are fascinating to read and i'm sure will will selling james james komi a lot of books the american football player calling captain nick has won and miss the internationals annual ambassador of conscience of war two years ago cap an extensive kneeling joining the u.s. national anthem played before or an f l matches in response to the district portion
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at number of black people killed by police the amnesty would recognizes what it calls an inspiring contribution to helping human rights a captain it was presented with the award by amnesty international secretary-general sillies shetty he told us why cap a nick and the players who supported him deserve recognition. but that immense courage that they're shown which has been a huge inspiration to many other activists who are anti racism activists black people but not just black people but they crossed the entire spectrum of the us population but as you know anything which happened in the us also has a huge impact across the globe so many brave human rights defenders i think seek inspiration have success gained inspiration from the from the very brave decision of calling kaepernick so we're very proud and we're very happy to have given him the a master of conscience award today at least ten people have been killed in nicaragua
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in four days of protests sparked by controversial pension reforms nicholai when nicaragua's president called the demonstrators young criminals john home and has more. president will take to finally came out and address the country after full days of protest in nicaragua and what he said wasn't that conciliatory towards the protesters became outflanked not just by his cabinet but also by military and police figures which in itself tells a story of what he had to say was that the protesters might have shadowy political figures to hide them so that didn't really seem an address. attempting to reach out to the protesters to try and find some sort of dialogue and these are protests there aren't just happening in the capital minard work but also in several other cities in the country the spark that really lit them seem to have been about changes to the social security structure mechanisms in the country but also there's been tension in this country before then president will take is seen by n.g.o.s and
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also by analysts have been undermining democratic institutions in the country in the bid to hang on to power he's now in his third consecutive term he's also been accused of turning the government into a bit of a family business his wife is also the vice president of the country now what we have to see is what's going to come next are the protests going to escalate is there going to be any attempts at dialogue and some people in the crowd were asking will the army be a center on the streets to try and deal with this which would definitely represent some sort of escalation a south african president cyril ramaphosa is appealing for calm in northwest province after violent protests people are demanding the resignation of a provincial leader who's accused of corruption and delivering poor services catherine sawyer reports from mahi king. pinky being more cause baby
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is feverish she inhaled gas when police and protesters clashed but health workers in public hospitals are on strike and con to get help. to her mother's house in the city to give path because life is more difficult in the rural area where she leaves a can take measure to buy readers because. there comes the lies and those political things they pose as the things that they do not deliver you understand they do the book that there were give their houses and give people jobs when the jobs come from the government they dig people. frustrations are shared by many people in this region and that's why the two to the streets i believe they want better public services from the local government houses and shops they also want the provision leader to step down saying he's failed to do his job now also corruption allegations president serum of post says he needs time to hold
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more talks with aggrieved communities and the provision didas life is returning to normal in my hand but many shops remain closed people say they will wait for the outcome of consultations the president asked for but they also tell us that they are in place and for answers and won't wait too long. though many of the grievances are generally in the protests time violent rowdy morbus band allies buildings and looted. little just become the bridge over the traders like a clearly learn torah are devastated everything in his shop was a the stolen or banned this was his home too i don't want to know on that hopeless you can see what's happening. i don't want money to remove it just this is not easy to remove the snow it is you can't replace reason some people say politics in
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targeted revenge attacks got in the way of what was supposed to be peaceful demonstrations. and have family tallis this is the result of pent up anger catching. my kang south africa or i was still ahead on the other fight for war in the occupied territories palestinian farmers say israel is using it to force them off their land. plus do you love our airports so much you've always wanted to bring home a piece of one all in that case there's a sale you won't want to miss. and it's for tennis world number one rough a on the dolly is one win away from a record extending level to try to. it's coming up with jokes. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never
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sleeps. hello it's been raining heavily getting grey joe in fact throughout the yangtze valley now east to west you could find some decent dumbos which you might expect to sas that is largely a dry picture that's where the feed fate is coming from and that includes hong kong the thirty marks to humid the big showers we have in the southwest particularly around high now so prevalent because the rain is rather more inland now the good part of southeast asia india china at least is relatively dry i've got a few big showers in the afternoon drifting in from the south china sea towards vietnam but they're not that frequent in the wrong that many of them this mars will increase rather than freezing cloud inside away sea actually and rain and that's heading down towards sudden borneo and java and it's got to be showers through sumatra and singapore but north of that surprisingly you fertile and myanmar front to be dry the still some big showers possible and have happened recently in the northeast of india and through bangladesh is the season for them rain isn't the
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story really to be honest apart from these occasional big thunderstorms the obvious is rising heat is india and pakistan next so temperatures will slowly rise by the time we get to tuesday i think new delhi will be above forty rather hard and should be. the weather sponsored by cats are always. to one predictable deja's i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea vying for power they want to deter attack from the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy fold lines examines the potential fallout we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started if they expect to surrender fire and fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to the forest so it would just. when people need to be
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heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news analogy i've got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online. i don't again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour western powers have welcomed north korea's announcement it will suspend nuclear and missile tests u.s. president donald trump called it good news but japan was more cautious saying it
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must lead to concrete action. international inspectors in syria have collected samples from the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma two weeks ago a follows a week of delays which france is blaming on syria's ally russia. south african president cyril ramaphosa has urged people in northwest province to remain calm as he tries to end the violent protests that erupted there protestors are calling for the resignation of a provincial leader who they accuse of corruption. israel has controlled a water supplies in the occupied west bank since seizing the territory joined in one nine hundred sixty seven war palestinians have long complained about not getting their agreed share and now rights groups say israel is deliberately limiting water supplies to farmers to try to force them out chasse traffic before
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this is a date plantation on one of the around thirty illegal israeli settlements in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel seized control of all water sources in the newly occupied territories rights groups say israel uses water to control the army came in the pipes were laid from the gate all the way down there was a new line the army destroyed it we were planting watermelons half of which died under the million to ninety five or slower colts what was supposed to be a for a view into a river agreement gives israel eighty percent of the water from three aquifers in the west bank. palestinians are supposed to get the remaining twenty percent the palestinian population of the west bank has nearly doubled around three hundred.


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