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tv   King Hussein Of Jordan On A Knife Edge  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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for you. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey and tells the story of what the client of the dentist. and. the caliph of this old three at this time on of just. getting to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like a lot of people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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hello i'm dennis indo harley's of the top stories here at algiers there have been at least two deadly attacks targeting voter registration centers in afghanistan and he said the one people are dead after a suicide bombing in the capital kabul and in the northern province at least six people were killed in another bomb maybe a honda has more. police say a suicide bomb addition aged explosives at the doorway of a voter registration seemed in kabul where afghans received identification cards for elections and not told them longer use them when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in whist in kabul when many of the minority shia has a community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration seemed is they opened just last week part
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of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner admits turnout so far is already love a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration seem to is this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk median home and zero. rebel fighters from the district of color moon near syria's capital of arrived in northern the letter following one of the evacuation deals negotiated by
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the regime ally russia many of the fighters belong to the armed group jaish al islam about half of the population of caliban is internally displaced and have been under government siege for years international inspectors in syria have collected samples from the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the town of doomer two weeks ago it follows a week of delays that france blames on syria's ally russia a funeral has been held for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the gaza border thirty nine people have been killed in the last four weeks of protests the e.u. has called on israel to refrain from using excessive force against unowned protesters hamas is valuing revenge for the killing of one of its members in malaysia police in kuala lumpur say palestinian engineer fadi al boche was shot ten times his family has blamed the israeli security service for his murder israel's defense minister says the engineer was no saint and was working to improve the
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accuracy of rockets fired from gaza. we tried to deter these incidents but sadly it still happens we will try our best to solve these high profile cases that should not have happened i give my surance is that safety and security despite these incidents will be ensured especially around the kuala lumpur area the victim was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel from the hospital started this morning. several key armenian opposition figures have been arrested by police after leading nine consecutive days of mass protests against the new prime minister among those was the opposition leader nicole. who has since been charged with committing what the attorney general calls socially dangerous acts earlier televised souls who trained him and the new prime minister said the saga seann broke down after less than two minutes the opposition accuses argosy end of a power grab and
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a calling on him to resign in pakistan the past two community in lahore of march to demand an end to decades of oppression protests began in february when the police killing of an aspiring model went viral online and he says he had ties to the taliban but investigation showed there was no evidence president trump has accused former f.b.i. director james comey of leaking classified information in his memoir. out today there is the latest headlines now it's time to zero out.
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similarly loud and off the out of the. open up a little. the voice of his fame been along taking the oath as the third king of the hashemite kingdom of jordan on the second of main one nine hundred fifty three aged just seventeen. his first decade was marked by a series of crises that threaten the jordanian monarchy both at home and abroad. as relationship with israel gradually became his most serious concern and he was
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increasingly convinced of the need to come face to face with a neighboring jewish state. in the early one nine hundred sixty s. he entered into direct talks with israelis crossing what was considered a red line in the arab world at the time. the relationship between hossain and israel was an ambiguous one. an iraqi born british israeli historian avi shlaim met testing in one nine hundred ninety six and has since written about the king's relationship with israel. shlaim is emeritus professor of international relations at oxford university and says that hossain had over forty secret meetings with israeli officials over a thirty year periods these ultimately led to the israel jordan treaty of peace in one nine hundred ninety four. during his career
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king who thirteen refused. to answer any questions about the room oath or rounding his meetings with the israelis he would change the subject and he was very very secretive about these. meetings. the secret talks are said to have begun in london on the twenty fourth of september nineteenth sixty three. israel was represented by yaakov hertzog a dublin born israeli who fought in the one nine hundred forty eight war and served as a diplomat in the us and canada. the meeting was a general one at which a number of issues were discussed including security and the future of the arab israeli conflict. the scene is reported to have
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insisted on israel's commitments not to attack jordan including the west bank. the part of palestine that had been under georgia in administration since the first arab israeli war in one nine hundred fourteen. and it was an unusual thing for an r. appealing to do and i'd always assumed the that the initiative initiative came from the israeli side but the king himself told me that it was he who took the initiative to contact the israelis and i supreme why did you do that and his answer went roughly as follows. the jews were in. we didn't form that here history had placed them in me. in unless we found. a peaceful way alt
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there will be more war more conflict more violence more blood chip a lot of mud and be day to read until quinn said that took him aside i'm an asylum or all a philistine on which our doom whenever i'm in has a me your high well i'm not going to market for the edges in milan what. it's like in one of what i've been was. even a dish i could get one of them had our suburban hockey quickly alerted that i bought it government in march i could get or don't manage it and i would have hit him up cut the fact i'm a well i'm slightly well mannered assess any edition on a b m can i mean to condemn the slightly. but hossain had in track and with new move among the palestinians on the first of january one thousand and sixty five. the palestinian
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liberation movement led by yasser arafat's announced the start of what it's called the armed resistance this movement and its leader would loom large in first things world for the rest of his career. but and its military wing a loss of meaning the storm had been active in jordan and used palestinian refugee camps as the basis for attacks inside israel. and was against these attacks. after each palestinian raid the israelis retaliated as they did in november of one nine hundred sixty six when they launched a major assault on the village of us the more south of hebron in the west bank. this was in response to the killing of three israelis with a land mine. it was a major air and artillery attack and dozens of soldiers and civilians were killed.
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and was shocked and consider that an israeli act of war rather than a retaliatory raid. cheated by the israelis with whom he continued to hold secret talks. he felt they'd failed to honor their commitment to respect the security of jordan especially as he'd worked hard to prevent palestinian operations across his own borders. he interpreted it as a sign that israel no longer recognized him as the ruler of jordan. protest swept across the country and the gap widen between hussein's government and the palestinians living in jordan felt her stained had failed to protect them. the palestine liberation movement seized the opportunity to launch a strongly worded attack on the king and demanded arab intervention in jordan to
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protect the palestinians. don't let me go ledges that me yeah well that is a scary yes but as a devout and a philistine i want out of the way it fair oh well let me. well have on another level be assured that adore the study i was slightly we haven't put the lot of that but what i've got into such a shocking one of them. i don't use the obama. the due date for the full or she would if i needed to slide out of a fifty but i couldn't while that was not here and there are home missy i started when. i met yet if you know you would be welcome to know. as a buddy as bubble is that i think you are but i don't the one who saw it in the lab
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. and no not to be out. by i mean one nine hundred sixty seven tension was building across the whole region especially between egypt and israel events seem to be leading inevitably towards an arab israeli war and king hussein was especially aware of the imminent danger in an unexpected move he went to egypt. on the thirtieth of may nine hundred sixty seven he threw his own plane to cairo with the aim of reconciling himself with egyptian president gamal abdel nasser. the two signed a mutual defense agreement not unlike the one nasser had put in place with syria. the treaty was quite one sided in nasr so favor and the jordanian armed forces were
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put under a united arab command represented in jordan by an egyptian general abdel monem riyadh. the treaty also permitted egyptian syrian iraqi and saudi arabian forces to enter jordan. doing the deal with nasser exposed conclude stained to severe criticism among his own supporters. and old it could be booed him a good look at good. luck and. element a good. run of the world that concept difficulties will. let the us. solve it. but all of us who are up the pool don't see bill for where the
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shura. so the. war broke out on monday the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. an israeli air strike destroyed the egyptian air force on the ground. has seen received messages from the israelis pressuring him not to get involved but he ignored them. eat eat. eat eat eat the jordanian army opened its front and attacked israel. the israeli response was strong and quick they overran the west bank and on the seventh of june captured the old city of east jerusalem. saying met his army commander and gave him two choices.
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one try and stop the war through diplomatic channels or to withdraw to the east bank of the river jordan to avoid the jordanian army being completely destroyed its . sane sense an urgent message to president. saying the situation was rapidly deteriorating with heavy human and military losses he said they were losing a tank every ten minutes. i'm describing the situation to you he said to share together the greatest responsibility i've ever had to face. nasir is reply arrived too late but it said that he understood what the stain was going through. he said that history would remember his courage and the sacrifice of the jordanian people but that there was no option other than to evacuate the west bank immediately. don't feel
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all that. and i would. not be beholden. and dropped. from by that i will. and no. because that. by the end of the third day the seventh of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the west bank and east jerusalem had been taken by the israeli army it was as if an earthquake had hit jordan everything was thrown into confusion. a sane had paid an extremely high price he'd lost a significant part of his army all of his air force and a slice of his territory. the country on the two banks of the jordan he didn't
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heritage from his grandfather had gone but the deepest pain was the israeli occupation of the holy city of jerusalem. yeah. well you mother. you know before. but by the way most of the commanders and i love them as a humble jackal. mr reality as. well all of them here. to be for god not the fellow to be or. the other nobody has it and the bible has to be. the stick it in can. be had it that if. they are above. them and they
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have had a shock. can can you stick it in the. other not the what to talk of and how to put the heart of just what the full of. them forget it and know. that as i left to do it. this. mechanics one came in. made whole by the by that had a by the has a little more money in limits ticket alone no more the have kettler moved around the work of for the year will be for the up. a bit of. a let me look at them a new order or lock themselves holes this would be a tough call is. it as clearly what i'm at it with. us a little short of that. in the week of the one nine hundred sixty seven
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defeat palestinian resistance intensified to try and regain lost pride. yasser arafat's became chairman of the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. and entity which united all of resistance the. just instructions. his scenes relationship with arafat's was difficult and the two mistrusted one another. the jordanian regime was unhappy with the presence and activities of palestinian resistance groups in jordan. the palestinian raids inside israel reached a peak in one nine hundred sixty eight. the israelis responded by deploying army units towards jordan. on the twenty first of march nineteenth sixty eight there were violent clashes
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between the israelis and palestinian resistance groups in elko dharma in the jordan valley but the jordanian artillery forced israelis back. it's become known as the battle of. meaning dignity. more and more volunteers began joining the palestinian resistance causing the jordanian government greater concern. the regime struggle to deal with a three day year in the resistance. the tension reached crisis point in one nine hundred seventy as the clashes escalated the scene felt the palestinians were becoming a state within a state. let me open arkanoid.
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the other two powerful stimulant the corner there will. be a lot of my panel tonight fear of the word fear hate meyer to that. you can add to argy. like that of. your new like you'll be. born. as zen and. near luxury in a full swing in the war with daily hanukkah you. will bore my kind of. a fee in that will. the palestinians accused king hussein of fighting them and conspiring to stop their action against israel. on the sixth of september
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nine hundred seventy a left wing faction within the p.l.o. the people's front for the liberation of palestine hijacked three western civil aircraft and forced them to land at an abandoned airport in jordan. they demanded the release of palestinian prisoners from western jails. then they evacuated the hostages and blew up the planes. questions were asked internationally about concrete things ability to continue to rule. his end seen near. let me up with. my own can i knew some. of the new vomit they were how to get the color falls and you. can.
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do nor. do i feel like at the hall of fools they knew. a little bit. like a lot on the orgone if you might i look the. other jew nor the who was. the team who feel. it done at. home and. as a virtual full sliney of war but them to the whole issue and actually. hossain had to act and on the fifteenth of september one thousand nine hundred seventy he announced he was forming a military government to combat the palestinian militants.
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two days later violence broke out between the jordanian army and the palestinian fighters it lasted ten days and a man became a battleground. many civilians died in what became known as black september. then syrian army units moved towards the north of jordan to come to the aid of the palestinians but they were stopped by the jordanian army. as sane was accused of enlisting is really help to oppose the syrians. so the syrians intervene in support of the the p.l.o. to overthrow the monarchy. and the israelis.
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intervened on the side of the king by mobilizing their arm on the border with syria. and also by having the air force in the air they didn't bomb the three. but they were there in a very threatening way and they sent a clear message that they are going to intervene if the syrians pacy through. egypt's president called for an emergency arab summit in cairo to find a solution to the crisis. saying came under intense pressure and found himself forced to agree to an immediate cease fire with arafat's. but the agreement also called for all palestinian militants to leave jordanian cities and would ultimately lead to the expulsion of the p.l.o.
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from jordan. the latest news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with details coverage the syrian civil war no that said to its teeth but what is no different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old believe a good player could end up trading cricket and maybe one day play for the national team. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace
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america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a. discover a wealth of the world when in programming from around the globe challenge your perception that i was here and sounded so far fetched that i thought there was eyes but lo and behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism better life than reality. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm outing dennis in day her and these are the top stories here it out is there are two movies or registration centers in afghanistan have been bombed at least forty eight people were killed in a suicide attack in kabul another one hundred were injured and in badland province in the north at least six people died in a bombing attack in zero five senses of thing hits in the past week in the run up to elections in october. rebel fighters from the district of color muna syria's capital of arrived in northern aleppo following one of the evacuation deals again c.a.z. by the regime ally russia many of the pfizer's belong to the armed group jaish al islam about half of the population of kalam is internally displaced and have been under government siege for years the funerals been held for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the girl's
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a border thirty nine people have been killed in the last four weeks of protests the e.u. has called on israel to refrain from using excessive force against unarmed protesters . how massive value in revenge for the killing of one of its members in malaysia police in kuala lumpur say palestinian engineer for the al but was shot four times his family blames the israeli security service mossad israel's defense minister says the engineer was no saint and was working to improve the accuracy of rockets fired from gaza. we tried to deter these incidents but sadly it still happens we will try our best to solve these high profile cases that should not have happened here i give my surance is that safety and security despite these incidents will be ensured especially around the kuala lumpur area the victim was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel from a hospital start of this morning several key armenian opposition figures have been
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arrested by police after leading nine consecutive days of mass protest against the prime minister among those opposition leader nicola passion young who since been charged with committing what the attorney general calls socially dangerous acts earlier televised talks between him and prime minister says broke down after less than two minutes the opposition accuses argosy end of a power grab and a calling on him to resign right let's go back now to al-jazeera. in september one thousand nine hundred seventy there were ten days of conflict in amman between king christine's army and the p.l.o. a clash known as block september. the trouble had been building for
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years and triggered an emergency arab summit in cairo at which egyptian president hosting and yasser arafat to end the fighting. but it would be nonsense last acts. a few hours after the end of the summit on the twenty eighth of september nineteenth seventy. the nonsense diets. he was succeeded by and what is the doubts and the new president wanted to make his mark on the international stage to try to restore lost arab pride's following the disaster of the one nine hundred sixty seven war. said that worked closely with hafez assad of syria to plan a two pronged attack on israel to recapture their occupied territories. the egyptian sinai peninsula and the syrian golan heights.
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the war started on two fronts on the sixth of october nineteenth seventy three. the other have. only. what i have on the. for the. once it is.
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action. just. as it is and less is but same found a solution to the pressure he was facing from his military he would not open a third front against israel in the west bank but he did send his armored troops to the goal to help maintain the deteriorating situation on the syrian front the israelis had stopped the syrian attack and counterattack towards damascus. but the arrival of both jordanian and iraqi troops stopped the israeli advance and brought stability back to the syrian front. after the war a year later in one nine hundred seventy four the p.l.o. managed to get a resolution passed at the arab summit and making it the sole legitimate
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representative of the palestinian people. saying could see the writing on the wall and had little turn it's have to comply. with. a lot of. the shabby you on. and not. well. on up and. do you. why do. men. being king for over two decades despite his loss of face and influence in the arab world a sane did manage to hang on to power. but he lived on
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a constant knife edge as he maintains his close relationship with the west his secret talks with israel and ties with the arab rightwing monarchies. this all made him vulnerable to criticism and in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven the washington post's bob woodward wrote an article saying his relationship with the cia was so close that he received regular payments from the agency. to give help to king hussein nineteen fifties because he was facing many plots and intrigues within the army and he didn't have any intelligence so they helped him to set up an intelligence and then the cia money was seen by king hussein as just another form of american. assistance
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but it was different because the economic and military aid went to the government the cia money went to king hussein personally i. would argue that whatever else he did he created modern jordan. during his forty six year reign his country's urban infrastructure was built including universities and hospitals. his personal life was colorful and he married four times. in one nine hundred fifty five he married his cousin princess di now i did have needs and the mother of his first child. then he married a british woman and twenty gardner who became princes. she had four children
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including prince abdullah the present king of jordan. after their. thorson one nine hundred seventy two he married to the dean to con whose father was palestinian to whom he was very close but who died in a pink crash in one nine hundred seventy seven. his last wife was the american lisa khaled b. who became queen would. go . in the early one nine hundred eighty s. tension between jordan and the p.l.o. flared up again after the organization was expelled from beirut in one nine hundred eighty two.
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ata fads and the scene tried several times to make peace but their agreements crumbled on each occasion. norlin i know i meet them a. min more. then see if c.s.e. . maltby that the mood of vomiting at that. it is the. i've. done or know little girl you met him in the. mind. ilk examined one must be yet done. what the baton. was expecting its condition for the good of that and. i don't know why but it seems that this spite of all our efforts to cordell and.
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insisting to make disturbances which will effect in day two or directly. in the scene or to the rules of the game changed for hussein when the first palestinian intifada broke out in one nine hundred eighty seven at a summit in algeria arabs called on him to give up the west bank which is grandfather the law had declared parts of jordan in one nine hundred fifty a year later has seen announced his decision to break completely with the west bank opening the way for the idea of a palestinian state or self rule. when i damaged. or not it got blown out in germany are you. minutely at the head of the bill phillips the near. you impugn the new drama the fact
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that little pony as you well it is by you know brain. i knew i'd be worried you better when i find a man who are more clued in. the world as you walk. well of you. that you're often with a burden to come up will be stuck clearly at a shot so you know what i need an equally mina shot and was. that an order in the order do an awful scene ye fullest and he. fell asleep in. and what i need. a list. letty too much selection and what danielle jab you when we're not at all leah which were also you when you had the last year off. at the what.
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they mean while the n.y.s.e. had a lot. of you by them and the whole war. with the last stroke. to miss the west bank crisis was over and new much bigger international conflict broke out the first gulf war. on the second of august one thousand nine hundred iraqi forces invaded kuwait. things relationship with iraqi president saddam hussein was so close he was the only major figure to call himself a personal friend of saddam. in the first quarter so here we saw. in august. sent the just say in. congress only on the side of medics and i might guess
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it. was a quit forger. they have the amount of what i've been nor millet for have all of their milk us in and yet the and the of the written on the hope that it and what it was and. why then many new york. king christine was accused of knowing in advance of the iraqi attack as he'd been on a visit to baghdad a few days before but he denied it. was seen wanted an arab solution to the crisis so he went to baghdad and urged the dam to withdraw but some time refused. to look after you hadn't seen him nor been either and nor. a little
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out of the. normal weather or. them usually. their ticket for home lemon sub. well i'm in general out of it so. at the. what was sort of i doubt you'll can and me yet nor. would you rather and your way our way or why you have your but. it could do one was a do one out of your out of us and sort of the well must of granite was started as you done i doubt. it will to see if it be they got that it doesn't in the us and also the sea but is how well fell in with. but that was what about the a.b.'s had liquid so there was a lot of body. but the body and out severely and of that can no.
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longer be a hundred out of let us hope one of them had. when i look at it in law with other killer. unless i want to see in them. and look at it in all who are not a little bit of a company and you're not cut out it's like it isn't that we could do it over a little bit about why i'm to bomb a girl i am magic about what that we don't know jack and at we again we don't need a rock you might go back i mean until you see that arky you haven't seen. it will be my id the w.b. in iraq now got a lot. of us look at what they shouted to me while by our rocket i want to do something if you can what i mean i want. iraq's intransigent position
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led to the international escalation of the crisis and the entry of the united states and its allies into a full scale war. saddam was forced to withdraw from kuwait but the us accused king christine of betraying his allies by standing by iraq. so he ended the war both exhausted and politically isolated. what. one had to say and so it was as you will shift. a little of the. ladder me. i mean. muslim it would be. you'd. hear. in one nine hundred ninety three yasser arafat signed
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a peace agreement with israel the oslo accords this was a complete shock to hossain and he was furious. this is really palestinian talks were brokered by norwegian diplomats in deep sea christi. saying expected i thought at least to have consulted him but he didn't. before with. i don't know of the. mind of that. if the for the love that for the state any of our mobile shotton might want to do so that really what. we're doing and the. for the stinney of the minority. is the man. for us then you know what it would do
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for us in the future and you will a man who do it. for the. rules. but before long can christine accepted even hailed the oslo accords he liked the fact that had a fact had held peace talks with the israelis. to some extent it made his job easier because he'd been talking to the israelis for two decades. the accords had been signed by israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin sane was friendly with them. seen and saw an opportunity to negotiate a deal with him. on the nineteenth of may one thousand nine hundred ninety four the two met at a thane's london home a sane asked rabin if he was prepared to talk and durbin's reply was positive.
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a minute husseini securely terms of being to stuff my little shalom vote on the very i'm not such a little goblin or abba miller who said shoot tough be met her machine who is listening very see hope byname my you talk to folk to be at the i'll call divine creature than cold. called the vultures are coakley is super loose telephone mark simone most seem shocked shocked dime money emblem on with the blame who's. now upon as a symbol namely you not in the mcclellan emad burnat. a saint quickly concluded a peace treaty with israel he saw it as the climax of the talks he'd initiated three decades earlier in secrecy. on the
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twenty sixth of october one thousand nine hundred four the why didn't i don't but treaty was signed between jordan and israel. this is a place. with dignity. this is peace with commitment. this is all a gift from god people. and the generations to come thank you. but less than a year after the signing of the peace agreement disaster struck for hossain. you'd sacra bin was assassinated. benjamin netanyahu took over and this jeopardized much of the work done by hussein and rabin. the two mistrusted one another creating
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a series of crises which threaten the peace process. in september one nine hundred ninety seven the israeli intelligence agency mossad tried to poison khaled mashal the head of the political bureau of hamas a palestinian resistance movement. the assassination attempt occurred in the jordanian capital amman where michele was based. has seen demanded israel supply the antidote to save my life in exchange for the release of the two mossad agents responsible in custody in jordan. is that. why would a dilemma. innit
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. so things dealing with the massage crisis restored his reputation it put him center stage again and helped to regain his status as a major political figure in the region with weights and authority. but just as his star was in death and in the cancer that had first affected him in one nine hundred ninety two when he lost a kidney returned. at the end of one nine hundred ninety eight it was announced that he'd been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer at the mayo clinic in minnesota his thoughts inevitably turned to succession. since one nine hundred sixty five the crown prince had been
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his younger brother prince haven't been to law. on the nineteenth of january one thousand nine hundred nine percent are rived back in a man piloting his own private jets. in the coming days the king decided to replace his brother has been and he issued a royal decree appointing prince abdullah his eldest son as crown prince. on the twenty fifth of january one thousand nine hundred nine prince abdullah attended the royal court to be installed in his new role by the king and prince hassan as a mark of solidarity. king
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christine went to the u.s. for a bone marrow transplant and then returned to a hospital in america. where . so. and. when on sunday the seventh of february one thousand nine hundred ninety nine king hussein died at age sixty four. his public funeral was attended by an extraordinary array of politicians and world leaders rightwing palestinian resistance figures were meters away from the israeli prime minister a testament to the way for a sane had navigated his way through the most complex and dangerous regional problems. opinion will always be divided about contrasting
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but his dynasty has survived while other regimes in the region have crumbled. and many of the problems he faced on such a knife edge throughout his forty six year reign have long outlived the hushing white king. disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self-worth colliton and it worked i don't feel like system my own country the country dreamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things in al-jazeera world here's the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality passport to freedom on al-jazeera. by
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the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across the americas this time for south america we've got this and well the front which is giving cloudy conditions across parts of argentina and that's going to be hanging around see head through into monday so when is aries just twenty three is a high chance of few showers it should be dry in santiago in chile rio should generally be ok but then those who work away further along the northeastern coast of brazil for the north towards ghana french guiana suriname and venezuela there are seen some pretty heavy showers here also some heavy showers across into
3:59 pm
colombia and ecuador let's head up into the caribbean region now here we've got a frontal system just working its way across the bahamas so cloudy skies here at times the threat of showers and day for the other islands that could be some showers from time to time but still a fair amount of sunshine we've got a scattering of showers from panama and costa rica but otherwise much of central america is looking dry and fine that continues to head through into monday with that much mexico looking sunny with highs of twenty five in mexico city up into north america we have this area of low pressure developing across the south giving heavy rain across texas through louisiana arkansas mississippi that will head towards the carolinas ahead through into monday but still dry further north in new york city. the weather sponsored by cats are at base. three big stories generate thousands of headlines copper each with different angles from different perspectives. this is the only evidence that russia was responsible
4:00 pm
for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and josie a tells the story of a client of dentist. and. the count of episode three at this time on a.


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