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there are seven million lights in this world. each one is still. one of the. piano that the monster. it is. with. with the human being. on top disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self-worth to let in and the way i don't feel like system my own country the country i dreamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things al-jazeera world here's the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality passport to freedom on al-jazeera. this
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is zero. one of them jim mcdonald this is the news hour live from coming up sixty three people are dead and more than one hundred are injured after a bomb attack some voting centers in afghanistan. and the opposition leader arrests in armenia as the new prime minister walks out of a t.v. discussion and projects demands that he quits. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran. the french president calls on president trying to stick with the iran nuclear deal. on the glucose relations between north korea and the u.s. an exclusive report on how much is known by the people of killing. and
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in sport elliott chug a wins the london marathon for the third time the kenyan running great finishes ninety seconds outside the world record as britain's most fire of planes. afghanistan has suffered its most serious attack yet on preparations for parliamentary and district elections shed jailed for up to where fifty seven people were killed in kabul when a suicide bomber blew himself up the entrance to a voter registration center there and north of the city in baghlan province an explosive place near another voting center killed six people from the same family bringing the total number of deaths on sunday to sixty three on friday gunmen hit a voter registration center in bad kids for the nz killing a police officer a day earlier armed men killed two peace officers in jalalabad cities they guarded a voter registration center and on tuesday attackers kidnapped three employees into
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policeman voting center in cork province where on the whole include ports on the latest a tux. police say a suicide bomb addition a should explosives at the doorway of a voter registration seemed in kabul where afghans received identification cards for elections and not toba longer use them when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in whist in kabul when many of the minority shia has a community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration seen tis they opened just last week part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen
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million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner admits turnout so far is already love a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration st is this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk made in holland zero of delicious hood has more now from kabul. now the toll could rise because there are a number of people who are critically wounded number of women and children were among these casualties there were couple of other attacks in the past week on these waters just ration centers throughout afghanistan you have heard attacks in northern afghanistan in western afghanistan. also the election commission.
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members are concerned about the turnout in october the election they were expecting more people to come and turnout for the water registration they're not satisfied with the numbers that they're receiving the concern is the security of the afghan government is. telling the afghans that they will be able to secure these polling stations and they have promised to secure these polling station now we spoke to one official in southern afghanistan in helmand province where he says just just in helmand province five of the districts are not. going to witness any elections because the taliban have full control of those districts. well joining me via skype from washington d.c. is java document he's a nonresident fellow with the atlantic council's south asia center at jabot a very warm welcome to the program so we know that isis have claimed responsibility
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at all what does this tell us about their current presence in the region. thanks joy i'm the. isis has mosque almost all of its territory here over the past year and most of the group's top leadership in its rank and file have been taken it's degraded from some three thousand fighters a year or so ago. six hundred to seven hundred fighters up so whatever is left of the group at the moment it's not on the run but yes indeed it still poses that important threat i think on the part of the afghan government yet time today it was once and for an intelligence failure that's unfortunately becoming all too familiar now but fundamentally there are at least two things. clear. with the first is that their participation of. the afghan people are elections and democratic processes warring groups like islamic state in the taleban and their
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patron motion because these elections for the alienate the insurgency from the accounts of the grassroots level and there are also a lot of them a little bit of an agenda mysie that they want to claim to have among the afghan people and this is because there are the realities of a new afghanistan one completely opposite and contrary to the ideas and perverse regime of isis the taliban in afghanistan and the mobs a crime essentially is to control them through intimidation and subjugation and fear the second is that so damn it i just wanted to ask if it if the taliban were to agree to negotiate at some point and how then does peace move forward if you have attacks like this from the islamic state. sure and one one one quick sort of out of the blossom is that the taliban are attempting access attempt to distort if we can. she will admit tensions because of the many recent attacks that are
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happening in areas that where a majority of the afghan minority groups and so and we're likely going to see more and more of those coming back to bear the question of peace first is that the afghan government has made clear that there are negotiating with groups like islamic state of on their own to go shooting with a gun on the town a bunch of but the afghan government's already extended an olive branch to taliban by outlining a more peace proposal in kabul on february twentieth i believe which the president not going to present them to enter peace talks without preconditions now the taliban have not yet responded to that for them but i must say that the taliban are unlikely to ever be in a stronger position than there are right now to negotiate who's not whether or not they will embrace it remains to scenes but the challenge is that the taliban is no longer unified and they're more centers of power within it and now the question is if the taliban are interested in serious about engaging in touch ups they should
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come forward and openly say so which is probably going to kill it but they want to pin saddam and in a point of peace envoy and i couldn't gauge and talks with all sites including afghans. the bigger issue right now is that the taliban doesn't seem to have such a leader who can bring the entire movement around a single deal just like their voices in the west that believe in military solution to the afghan conflict there are also people and voices within the taliban that believe the notice you showed and that's their sudden western doing but for now the ball ends isn't it thomas or to have a plant at joining me there on skype to have a thank you. kissin armenia have detained the opposition politician nicole pasha and to his colleagues have been leading anti-government protests was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful need to get the newly appointed prime minister serge son gets in and he's demanding the lead to step down accusing him of
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a power grab well former military officer who backs moscow so i guess ian was elected president in two thousand and eight and served two five year terms under his watch the constitution was changed in twenty fifteen shifting most state powers to the prime minister making the presidency a largely ceremonial post on tuesday parliament approved as prime minister on the new parliamentary system report and say this effectively makes him a media's leader for life robin for a say walker has more now from the capital yet of on. by arresting opposition leaders police appear to be trying to neutralize dissent but instead and the government protests have grown in size here rallying outside the police station and their violent opposition leader because i said yeah but it will devise is it going to be held i question the prime minister said.
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earlier on sunday that televised meeting lasted just two minutes your years on those functions and a faction that got seven or eight percent of the parliamentary vote has no right to speak on behalf of the people. if you do not accept the legitimate requirements of the state then goodbye. the main opposition dymo and is the prime minister's resignation cues him of a power grab. shortly after those talks police moved in and seized the called passion and. said she ruled armenia as president for ten years and said he didn't want to be prime minister but last week parliament appointed him to the more powerful position and now he's in no mood to compromise while he is adamant he won't quit his new role as prime minister is to start to see hands legacy as president poses challenges i mean he has struggled economically for
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twenty years this financially dependent on russia unemployment stands at twenty percent with a third of the population living below the poverty line. industries are in the hands of the oligarch business elite including the prime minister and the media as borders with azerbaijan and turkey remain closed the thousands of protesters who gathered here at republic square little will. have to return in the border they will continue the act of civil disobedience protests around the capital this movement is far from finished reading first it will come out zero. well joining us now on skype from the capital caravan richard get a goal sand founder of the armenian based think tank of regional studies sent us our very warm welcome to the program is this the classic power grab that the protesters seem to feel that it is the short answer is clearly yes
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in many ways after a decade it in power that this isn't by the former president to simply continue he was prime minister has triggered it on press at the dented responds in many ways unexpectedly the government actually really thought that it would be a much smoother grip did transition in transformation to a parliamentary system what was totally unexpected it was the severity and in many ways the outrage in terms of an arrogance of power that many ordinary armenians see as simply a tipping point of richard how much of a threat it is passing on his current day in custody. well what's interesting is in many ways the movement the protest and demonstration ins are much larger and deeper than any one man as a figurehead leader is important as an opposition member of parliament but his
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arrest this morning has only galvanized and mobilized even greater numbers of people so in many ways his removal represents a miscalculation by the government especially given the fact that he along with two other members of parliament were arrested without having their immunity lift did this also raises legal complications and for the governor more open for what we see is where we're quickly approaching the precipice in terms of how this plays out the removal of pasha is perhaps most risky because he was the one ad but caving not violence and with the removal of a professional political and mature leader ship the risk now is a much more emotional and perhaps even defensively the violent reaction by the ordinary protesters that said get out go san and it's you knowing me from the get
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of i'm richard thank you you thank. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour as looters ransacked nicaraguan shops the country's president says he will reverse controversial social security reforms which speired days of protests. syrian rebels finally arrived in northern ireland course part of a government if the accusation deal. and support this year's finalists are decided in the f.a. cup joe will be here with all of those details. france's president has urged donald trump to stand by the iran nuclear deal on a visit to the u.s. a man well mccall said abandoning that agreement could lead to a north korean style standoff here as president has threatened to walk away from the twenty fifteen agreement ahead of talks with other western leaders. what do you have a better option i don't see it what is a what if scenario or your plan b.
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i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve the framework because it's better than the sort of north korean type of situation so i'm not satisfied with the situation was iran i want to fight against belize to me fine i want to contain their influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now as a just a purely as long as you have not a bitter regime for nuclear and let's complete it with benefit me fine and original containment. fisher has more from washington d.c. . well donald trump and president mccrone do have a special kind of chemistry he gets on better with him than perhaps any other european leader but that me not be enough to stop america walking away from the iran deal donald trump has been against the deal for a very long time those critics will say it's reflexive because it's iran and also
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that he's never actually read the iran deal but he opposed it when he was candidate trump a soon as he walked into the white house he said that he would like to see it scrapped he has renewed it as he has to do under american law but the last time he did that he said he wasn't going to do another time and he put pressure on his european allies to come up with some sort of solution that would address his main concerns which are iran's ballistic missile testing and also its growing influence in the middle east but they're really and have not been just clearing the field to let others talk they have been giving interviews to american t.v. as well in the last few hours that the iranian foreign minister appeared on one of the main t.v. networks and he made the point that america has got an obligation to follow through on this deal that others have signed it and if they break the deal then they would consider the deal absolutely broke it and he suggested that if that was the case then iran could could renew its nuclear program at
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a much faster pace than we've seen in the past we have. put a number of options for ourselves and those options are ready including options that would involve. resuming at a much greater speed. nuclear activities. and those are all. envisaged within the deal and those options are ready to be implemented and we would make the necessary decision. when we see fit you have to remember that donald trump also has john bolton has his new security advisor someone who suggested there should be regime change in iran and also he would like to see mike pompey are confirmed as his new u.s. secretary of state has come the cia director who spoke about quite forcibly on the iran deal in the past but it won't just be negative voices that donald trump will
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be hearing in the coming days until america the german chancellor will also be in tone and undoubtedly she'll be saying to donald trump that this is a deal that the u.s. should not be walking away from it was president is withdrawing proposed reforms to social security to quell violent protests that have erupted since wednesday the protests escalated to looting in the country's capital earlier with a twenty people have been killed in clashes between demonstrators and police including a journalist who was filming a facebook live stream the time let's go to john holmes joins me now from mexico city hi there john so we've got a client time now from the president. you know it's exactly that and it came as quite a surprise because yesterday president take it came out for the first time since the start of these protests and struck more of a belligerent tone saying that the protest has been infiltrated by criminals and saying that the government had to do what it could to try and quell this so today
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it's a much more tone which is much more willing to dialogue with these protests you wonder if there might be an aspect of that he's coming under international pressure just now from the u.s. state department also from the european union at the u.n. over his government's handling of the police's handling of these protests and of course the fact that it doesn't show any sign of stopping these protests and now not just in the capital my work but in several different cities in the country. and john these protests they are just about this time i. know you're exactly right it's not just about social security although that may be how it started off it started off actually when the government decided that among other things it would have to take five percent of people's pensions away from them and put it towards other things like medical expenses and that was what got people riled but since it's begun it's really exposed the underlying political tensions in
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nicaragua this is a country in which many people think the president or take has been undermining democratic institutions to try and hang on to power and also turning it into a little bit of a family business his vice president for example is his wife or a saudi and what do you owe those tensions continue in the country and of course it's a protests have begun we're talking about as you said approximately twenty people dead according to human rights organizations in the country so that's just left movings one of the dead is a journalist who was filming on facebook life of what was happening in part of the country when he was shot dead last night so now there's a sense. besh we read what's going on the boil and some looting there's questions about who exactly is doing that why the police haven't cracked down on those looters when they did crackdown so hard of protesters who might be behind that there's a lot of questions a lot of tension in a very polarized country here so it remains to be seen with the president will take
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a surprise announcement is enough to begin dialogue and to calm the situation down to home in there live with the latest from a school city john thank you the bodies of eleven refugees and migrants have been recovered by libyan coast guards off the coast of the western city of sobre more than eighty others survived they were attempting to make the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean to libya well libya to italy rather now libya is the most common departure point for migrants and refugees trying to reach europe by sea more than six hundred silos and cross the central mediterranean to italy in the past four years many of them from libya syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of damascus with artillery and aerial bombardment to force out i'm still the fighters have said they'll leave the enclave in the capital side but are yet to surrender to pro-government forces the area is the last still under rebel control in the syrian capital and includes the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp that
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further north in syria rebel fighters from the district of column on have arrived in northern aleppo a spot of one of those evacuation deals to go shaded by regime ally russia and have the faces belong to the armed group josh l. islam bar or course. it's been a long journey pulled the syrians level flight is that families were forced from their homes in east germany. and sent on buses to lord in syria. the rebels had no choice they were taught to surrender or face seeds and bombardment. color moon in mountainous area near the capital damascus was once a rebel stronghold but government troops have recently managed to recapture most of the area following a military offensive. we have lost the war will remain strong we will return to our homes we have been oppressed for fifty years when we rose
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against the government we did it in a peaceful way what we wanted was political reforms. we agreed to the evacuation deal to protect civilians so we headed over control of our town to the government in exchange rebel fighters were forced to leave behind their heavy weapons armored vehicles and tanks. it's seven years since the syrian opposition was gaining territory and advancing to worse the capital. now the syrian army backed by a russia is on the offensive. tat tree under rebel control is shrinking and government troops have the upper hand thousands of fighters from islam survive and . and what evacuated along with their families to the north. jessel islam was one of the most armed groups in syria it was tasked with securing the capital
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for the opposition defeat president bashar assad and his forces. donald trump says the north korean crisis is far from resolved he striking a cautious no day after welcoming a pledge by pyongyang to end nuclear and missile tests the leaders of north korea and south korea due to meet on friday at historic talks between kim jong il and trump could happen by jhon a diplomatic editor james bass was given rare access to the capital pyongyang where a half assed north koreans what they think. this is one way north koreans relax at the weekend. the last few days have been a diplomatic roller coaster because people enjoy the fun fair in pyongyang they're unaware of much of what's happened ordinary people have not been told the cia
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director came his secretly that their leader is negotiating with the u.s. all that he's planning a face to face meeting with the country's sworn enemy donald trump so when you ask people here about trump they tell you what they've been told repeatedly in the past by the state controlled media room so my mum grew every korean gets furious when we hear what trump says he threatens to annihilate the entire korean nation is even a human he is a wolf. down by the river they were playing volleyball. oh. my. this is where i met a young medical student. i don't have them in a. five year old american people but the american government i hate america imperial. imperial i don't like why. all the korean people. at the prison. no date venue has yet
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been set for the meeting between supreme leader kim jong un and president trump one report says the u.s. leader would like to meet him alone with only interpreters diplomats here have told me that would give kim who knows the nuclear issue intimately a big advantage kim jong un is half the age of donald trump but he's already run this country for more than six years and while the trumpet administration's policy on north korea has evolved during more the one year in office the north korean leader has built on the nuclear strategy he inherited from his father and for his grandfather james by al-jazeera young yes. korean airlines chairman chill young hole has apologized for the behavior of his daughter and announced that they've left their positions at the company for missing a vice presidential he and men is still under police investigation for allegedly
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throwing water at someone in a business meeting earlier this month older sister heather was jailed for doing a plane to return to new york's j.f.k. or air force in twenty fourth save the she was served macadamia nuts in a bag not all its first class. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour aka stands ashton community rally in lahore against what they're calling decades of oppression. efforts to revive the u.k.'s forgotten transport network and make it more environmentally friendly. in the sport world number one rafale no doubt extends his record breaking run at the monte carlo six. hello the real warmth the wave what that moves towards northern europe has been
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brushed slowly out of the way it's still going to what is a warm day for the marathon as you know in london but the change in wind direction and the increasing number of clouds and thunderstorms has changed things such that monday will see in the sixty's in london and that's a cold front not saying that it's want to cross through switzerland middle of germany and up through western poland will bring rain possibly thunderstorms ahead of it we should note most likely western side of austria there are masses still nice and warm and there's a funky it's moving in things do work quite nicely behind it but it's we're down to teens now out of the middle twenty's march is a good recovery in france and look at the weather in spain and portugal given that the weather of the last four days has been more like early winter in the algarve and particularly in madeira it's an improvement now some idiot and the deer of course is just off the coast of africa as the canary house and they're going to get a northerly gale in the next couple of days which to venture i think will be noticed on the show was of morocco itself robots for cross the tuesday to me is
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seventeen degrees not as windy but is going to be cloudy and probably wet much better for the east today we're up to thirty degrees again. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to staggering results even in prison with him yes this will rescind that they was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al jazeera and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war . my mind at the top stories here and i'll just say it sixty three people have died and more than one hundred have been injured in bomb attacks on voter registration said to us in afghanistan. he said our media had to tame the leaders of protests against the former president today axes orchestrating a power grab. france's president manuel mccool has urged his u.s.
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counterpart donald trump to stand by the iran nuclear deal he says abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korean style standoff. palestinian protesters in gaza have been shot by israeli soldiers have suffered what doctors without borders calls devastating injuries of unusual severity of these thirty nine palestinians of people killed and hundreds wounded for weeks to protest against israel's blockade the medical charity says it's treated more patients this month than in the whole of twenty fourteen when israel launched its last or in gaza from there burn a smith reports do this after injury therefore become going to reveal several scheme that he called a total of four you may run out of luck last week he says he's been a regular protester at the border fence between gaza and israel before an israeli sniper shot him after injury the fetus six hours of got injured it can be the
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seat of the limb but an excellent result after six hours on the occasion it's very hard for you. to save his like within that short time eighteen year old attala needed specialist treatment in the occupied west bank israel said no because he'd been protesting. in a neighboring ward use of all crowns a nineteen year old freelance photographer waited two weeks for permission to leave for surgery only an order from israel supremes court open the gates from gaza the health ministry says there have been seventeen amputations so far and most of those could have been avoided if the victims have been allowed to travel to the occupied west bank but only three patients have been allowed to leave gaza. for all of them including use of it was too late to avoid amputation now in ramallah use of other wounded leg will likely be saved for you to be done. i was wearing
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a bulletproof vest with a press logo i was seven hundred fifty meters from the events taking pictures as i headed away i got shot i tried to stand using the tripod then another bullet hit me doctors in the occupied west bank say they've been shocked by the severity of the gunshot wounds. or nor it seems this not busy liberally shot to paralyze most of the injuries or under the knees difficult to reconnect destroyed nerves. when we go back to seattle after his amputation he seems perhaps surprisingly phased when my wounds heal i will go back to the border and pick up from where i ended up if he does he knows the risks israel says anyone closer than three hundred metres to the fence is a security threat and risks being shot burnet smith al jazeera gaza thousands of people from pakistan's posthuman community have been rallying in the whole war it's about injustice for what they see is decades of oppression protests began and
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said the area after the police killing off for most of the aspiring model the officers said had ties to the taliban an investigation find no evidence to back up that claim but the group says thousands of passion of disappeared over the years have been the target of unjustified killings. well the pashtoon are pakistan's second biggest ethnic group making up fifteen percent of the population of two hundred and seven million the majority live in the federally administered tribal areas of the f a t eighty of the border with afghanistan they say they've been the targets of military operations internal displacement ethnic stereotyping and forced disappearances the mobilization of pakistan's pashtun protection movement has been led by a young social media savvy pashtuns the leader of the movement months or preston is just twenty six welcome all hide it was at that rally in lahore. thousands of papers from bulger songs federally administered tribal area along where their
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supporters from human rights organizations women's action board on my hat to support the protests judge this isn't just basically if you want to write the extended to every pot every citizen in this country there are areas that have been on the also needed to control actually since the seventy's directly controlled but they have been in the police file into an interstate violence this movement is an antiwar movement has risen against the injustices against a trust which is measured out to older people to the push. and pull stunts in the so-called war against terror as you can see carrying two flags. up. the black of course as the protests know these people are demanding a judicial commission for probe the extrajudicial killing of drivers in this video
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got out of here as red arrows are demanding unfair about thousands of their people who have been arrested there one guy hanging over all one was a senior police officer for the extra judicial killings in the city of karachi and they also say that they warned all day because they did their constitutional rights the people educated. large number and the provincial capital one job which is also the country's most ballboy province our ever jeopardize that the government in islamabad as an organizing their concerns over the equator and go to . the projects is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. very good broader broader debate over iraq. egypt has extended the detention of al
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jazeera journalist mark with his same by another forty five days the egyptian national was arrested whilst on holiday in twenty sixteen he spent nearly five hundred days in jail and has yet to be chaunged hussein's accused of broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos on his ear was strongly denies the allegation and calls on egypt to unconditionally release word i was six actually twenty five years since in a tourist racist murder in the united kingdom which revealed some uncomfortable truths about london's police stephen lawrence an eighteen year old black man was stabbed to death in an unprovoked assault by five white youths only two were convicted and many years later a public inquiry condemned london's peace force as institutionally racist and he would takes a look at whether anything has changed. stephen lawrence was murdered because he was black stabbed by a group of white thugs in an unprovoked racist attack injustice watershed.
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are all used to describe the lawrence case stephen spada told me that he had everything going for him steve was a. book on people and he was hopeful you know would have everybody. vote for somebody to actually kill. such a person to what reason to kill somebody. stevens' murder changed britain's legal and policing landscape for epa the failure to bring his killers to justice was a state of the country's legal system for years within days of stephen's murder the police were given the names of the five suspects but they failed to act and the subsequent botched investigation led the police to be accused of institutional racism that was the judgment of an inquiry ordered by the government top to
12:40 am
stephen's death where the five suspects appeared there was chaos the report found that stevens' race had affected the way the case was handled. it made seventy recommendations saying police attitudes towards racism had to improve and that the brace relations act needed to be strengthened to put it to discrimination it also ordered targets for the recruitment retention a promotion of black and asian officers the most damning part of the report though was the claim that the police were institutionally racist i think it was fat back then and i think it's fair in the here and now because one of the things that people will look. on is has week quest has policing moved on and even though there has been some progress it's been slow. the metropolitan police says it is not the organization it was at the time of stephen lawrence his killing
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it would take nearly nineteen years for toobin to be found guilty of stevens' murder these people killers. destroyed their lives stephen lawrence would be forty three level lawrence says he'd be given his son's killers but the justice will not be done until all those involved in his son's murder are behind bars ever he would al-jazeera in london united kingdom has thousands of kilometers of inland waterways navigable reverse and canards built to move goods around in the one nine hundred century and for many years they've been neglected but as roads get busier businesses and environmental groups are looking for new ways to revive a forgotten transport network he's barco reports from london. life on britain's waterways moves at an unhurried pace. rose parness
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pilots pleasure boats and reaches canal in london these ones to get to go back waters of attracting new life. before i worked on the waterways i was close to leaving london i think there's something about the community around the water there's something about water in itself that's quite call me to think that you can do down here this is a small section of a three thousand kilometer network of canals and navigable rivers of the u.k. many can also built in the early nineteenth century joining britain's industrial revolution to move heavy goods such as ion and coal today only five percent are used to transport goods most a simply about. food british roads becoming increasingly congested for environmental groups are encouraging more companies to move from wheels to water today there are more boats on the waterways than there were at the height of the industrial revolution but they tend to be used for leisure purposes for living and
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for holidays the canals have become a focus for revival whether used to be kind of a national disgrace they now the focus for some of the some of the kind of biggest urban regeneration projects across the country. shipping emits less carbon than other forms of transport according to government findings the most damaging way of hauling congo is by road for air quality and costly to maintain. so why don't more companies use in the waterways water transport is slow only eight kilometers an hour in a city canals. where there's an attractive economy of scale the fast growing ports like this of london's river thames are exploiting. the rivers being deep into allow massive tankers closer to the capital. britain's waterways were once the arteries of the industrial revolution were the u.k. now poised to exit the new they could play another vital role in bringing the world's goods to the u.k.
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and the u.k.'s goods to the rest of the world. during the building of london's olympic park two million tons of building material arrived at construction sites by water helping to deliver one of the greenest games in history several british supermarkets are now also conducting shipping trials on the country's waterways many of these industrial relics could soon play a role in steering the economy of the future leave the al-jazeera london controversial french immigration laws passed its first legislative hurdle in the national assembly two hundred twenty eight politicians voted for the bill which would impose tough new conditions on asylum request more let's go over to david chaiten parricide a davidson can you give us more details then on this. this is a very important piece of legislation for president emanuel mccraw it essentially is toughening up the whole procedures on asylum seeking now you might wonder why man
12:45 am
who displays such liberal values is bringing through a piece of legislation which most people have been calling repressive essentially inside his own party that's what they say but there were one hundred thousand asylum seekers in france last year which is a record for france and indeed a record within the european union and so it's very keen to bring in some legislation which to combat criticism from the right wing and that's what he's most aware of so what is essentially means is that the whole process is supposed to be speeded up he wants to cut out and isolate the economic migrants but also at the same stage he's a he's increasing the amount of detention that the him of the immigrants in the sun seekers can be held in and also cutting down very much the time they can have to appeal and that's why it's caused such disruption within his own party and now the
12:46 am
right wing marine the pan on the on the extreme right wing and the left wing. have both been criticizing it saying it is a liberal piece of legislation but i know michael as made it quite clear he wants to try and help those who really need asylum to escape the wars and the terror and the suffering in their own countries and try and cut down and expel the economic migrants. there joining me live from paris david thank you. still to come on the al-jazeera news our next level honey making we meet the chicago beekeeper producing a where you'd at least expect it. i didn't feel you need to be. too is she slotted for my funeral wasn't think rejoices on eulogy is the arsenal manager speaks for the first sign is announcing his resignation details coming up with joel later in sports.
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me are fluent in world news. the way any and president has criticised the actions of the country's morality police after a video showing officers using excessive force public wage female officers approached the woman reports of the kiss her headscarf as want to know slave situation sin escalated and resulted in the young woman tackle to the ground it's unfair is a spot of iran's dress code women are required to cover their hair completely and to wear loose clothing. president rouhani also spoke about the role of social media
12:49 am
and the control of a sci fi's all you my jaws the space a good means of mating virtue in preventing valise some say did not accept that she made the information virtue and that we should do it by going on the streets and grabbing people's commas grabbing people's collars to promote virtue will not work you cannot do bobby in aggressive nurses and zimbabwe have called off their strike and more time to work on monday the union representing them said the strike had become politicized and it hopes the narcisse return will reopen. sunday is well doris day an annual worldwide event that aims to highlight and support the need for environmental protection in chicago the beekeeping community has taken to operating on top of the city's skyscrapers while we meet bill whitney who tells us why he's caring for bees in the hearts of the windy city i'm bill whitney i'm a beekeeper i take care of honey bees i'm skyscrapers in chicago the community in
12:50 am
chicago the beekeeping you know it's the mall and so there are a handful of us that everyone seems to know about and i'm one of them we're talking about tall buildings here and illinois has got that flat syndrome were flat and so we think honeybees well they got to go out and play but if you go into the western states like california and you just hike in yosemite mountains you go down in the valleys there's honeybees down there you go all the way that the top equivalent to a fifty story building and there's honey bees up there and they're traveling up and down that mountain as the flowers are marching up and down the mountain in this case we've got a green roof. and honey bees are very opportunistic if there is a blossom and there's nectar to be gotten it's going to that blossom the honey that the bees produce here in the city on top of these buildings is identical to the honey that is produced out in the suburbs twenty thirty miles away you can have
12:51 am
garbage everywhere you can have cans of pop everywhere and even these aren't going to go anywhere near them they don't care about they don't want they're going to go directly to the flowers and only visit flowers we have a spring we have a midsummer we have a fall honey and they're distinctive they taste different just been given that way because of the vegetation. well let's get all the day's sports news that out here is to. julie thank you elliot kept your gay has won the london marathon for a third time it was the tenth of victory from eleven races for the kenyan running great and as home or oppose the event saw a couple of upsets as well. officially the warmest london marathon on bread court and with the temperature hovering around twenty three degrees queen elizabeth don't proceedings for some forty thousand runners marathon great and i have to chug
12:52 am
a was favored for the men's race and the kenyans didn't disappoint at one stage he was on course for a new world record but slowed in the final stages to vanish in a time of two hours four minutes and seventeen seconds inside the day for me to london and two in waterloo one of them it doesn't seem time it's a combination of two fitness i left my mother for a laugh ronnie fanning is like. most are always competing in his first race since quitting track running to focus on marathons the thirty five year old last time after an early mix up at a drink station but he still finished third in a british record time ethiopia's surekha tatted toller was a surprise second you know last two months has been hard work just being sleep chain of us was the opportunity of your so to come away with all the personal births and come with burden to boot so many guys in the field you know we had one of the best schools in america open longer bearable we haven't heard today or made
12:53 am
it look easy but was incredibly lucky. felt the impact of the haze in the women's race defending champion america tiny was the favorite but the kenyan was overtaken by compatriot vivian cherry art who won a first london title a year after making her marathon debut at the age of thirty three. the day was special and i tried to come up solely based good bye then. and that week there was harm success in the men's wheelchair race with david we exclaiming victory for an eighth the cation while there was a breakthrough win for madison de rozan rio in the women's race the twenty four year old australian upsetting for time champion tatiana mcfadden for her first ever medal in london uli's home an al-jazeera. chelsea will meet manchester united in the final of this year's f.a. cup antonia conti's side beat southampton two no in this semi final at wembley
12:54 am
eleven years your elvira marotta with the score is it followed manchester united states two one victory over tottenham on saturday they'll battle for the trophy on may the nineteenth it will pit marine year against his former team chelsea and their current manager contact. for we are talking about a two to two manager we just don't care that you're talking about about a two two winners and when the your mind your heart of. your blood. there they will do we know. for sure for sure. we want to tell you want to try to or to win the straw. arsenal secured an impressive four one win over west ham in the english premier league it was their first much since manager also venner announced he'll leave at the end of the season after twenty two years in charge he says he's been touched by
12:55 am
the things that have been said about him in recent days i had the feeling a little bit. to assist life at my funeral. because. people speak about you or you were you know so it was it would be. interesting on veteran so i don't need to die any more you know what happened. manchester city celebrated for their home fans of the first time since being crowned premier league champions they thrashed swanzy five no but then their supporters invaded the pitch to celebrate a flare was also set off it could result in the f.a. charging them for failing to control their fans but city's manager isn't going to criticise his team's fans for getting so excited to let bullies in the motional game. i understand you have to be careful. when they feel a shared. so it's better to stay but i'm not
12:56 am
going to tell them don't do that if they like to be you know close with the team they show how happy they are rafael nadal has been crowned the monte carlo masters champion for a record extending eleventh time the spaniard made like work of his japanese opponent kay misha corey on the final on sunday six three six two was the school to win season dalkeith his well number one ranking ahead of forge ahead thank you so special for me to have a stuffy with me again. feeling about not getting to the scribe especially coming back from injuries you know undiscussed on the clay court season again this way so especially coming. usa will defend their fed cup title against the czech republic after booking their place in the final is the annual global team competition in women's tennis sloane stephens gave the americans a two one lead over france in their semi final on sunday and madison keys the only
12:57 am
comment here to send them through to the decider the tight finishing up to be to day. is the sixth time in eight years that the czech republic have made it to the final of these children but the dominant performers bits of are over germany's angela herber can find their way. the san antonio spurs have routed a clean sweep of their n.b.a. playoff series with the golden state warriors the warriors who were the defending champions well beaten one hundred three to ninety in game four earlier the milwaukee bucks beat the boston celtics one hundred four to one hundred and two to tie their best of seven series at two two now the rain emotions g.p. world champion has won his first race of the season in texas mark started fourth on the grid after being penalized for blocking maverick piniella is in qualifying but this funny a put in a solid performance on his honda to finish ahead of an yellows at the grand prix of the americas is marcus's sixth straight victory in austin.
12:58 am
aka athens have been crowned champions of greek football for the first time in twenty four years it's been a disrupted season in greece the super league was suspended in march after team president invaded the pitch with a gun but a full house of sixty thousand supporters were on hand and then pick stadium on sunday to watch a k. the never diac course to know the result and sure they would take the crown and end seven years of domination by olympiacos. all right that is all sport for now but julie in london so thank you so much well you can find out much more about the stories we're following on our website head to w w w dot al-jazeera dot com that's it from me from the seas out the back into the set with much more up by.
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the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the
1:00 am
police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my son it looking away lived only years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cauldron of the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. and. in a two part series war and tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two. at this time on al-jazeera.


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