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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. al-jazeera selects palestinians. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future what on call. phone lines explores the old to legal effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the ban on a dozen. french
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president heads to washington hoping to save the iran nuclear deal. i am sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after days of violent protests nicaragua's president says he'll drop controversial plans to reform the country's pension system. by the obama bombings of voter registration centers kill sixty three people in afghanistan. and we meet the chicago beekeeper producing honey where you'd least expect it. of france's president arrives in the u.s.
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for talks with president donald trump with the fate of the iran nuclear deal front and center emanuel macross says abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korea style standoff the us president has threatened to walk away from the two thousand and fifteen deal he could do that as soon as next month when he has to recertify it for the u.s. congress what do you have a better option i don't see it. what is the what if scenario or your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve this framework because it's better than a sort of north korean type of situation seven i'm not satisfied with the situation with iran i want to fight against the listing. i want to contain their influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now as a g.c. purely as long as you have not
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a bit of option for nuclear and let's complete it with ballastic myside and original containment alan fisher has more on this now from washington. well donald trump and president mccrone do have a special kind of chemistry he gets on better with him than perhaps any other european leader but that me not be enough to stop america walking away from the iran deal donald trump has been against the deal for a very long time those critics will say it's reflexive because it's iran and also that he's never actually read the iran deal but he opposed it when he was candidate trump a soon as he walked into the white house he said that he would like to see it scrapped he has renewed it as he has to do under american law but the last time he did that he said he wasn't going to do another time and he put pressure on his european allies to come up with some sort of solution that would address his main concerns which are iran's ballistic missile testing and also its growing influence in the middle east but they're really and have not been just clearing the field to let
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others talk they have been giving interviews to american t.v. as well in the last few hours the iranian foreign minister appeared on one of the main t.v. networks and he made the point that america has got an obligation to follow through on this deal that others have signed it and if they break the deal then they would consider the deal absolutely broke it and he suggested that if that was the case then iran could could renew its nuclear program at a much faster pace than we've seen in the past we have put a number of options for ourselves and those options are ready including options that would involve. resuming at a much greater speed our nuclear activities. and those are all. envisage within the dea and those options ready to be implemented and we would make the necessary decision. when we see fit. you
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have to remember that donald trump also has john bolton has his new security adviser someone who suggested should be regime change in iran and also he would like to see mike pompey are confirmed as his new u.s. secretary of state his current cia director who spoke in a quite forcibly on the iran deal in the past but it won't just be negative voices that donald trump will be hearing in the coming days until america the german chancellor will also be in tone and on don't italy she'll be saying to donald trump that this is a deal that the u.s. should not be walking away from was saying that was savvy and that was the spokesperson for iran during a nuclear negotiations with the international community from two thousand and three to two thousand and five he spoke about the importance of a manual micron's approach towards trump. see i believe president macron has not. yet to write
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a lesson from the nuclear the nuclear crisis between iran and the west iran and the war continued for twelve years when they decided specifically president obama decided to engage constructively me to have peaceful negotiation to have mutual respect then they could settle one of them the most important and critical issues between iran and the west practically after lucian one hundred seventy nine now president maccaroni saying we should keep the deal and we will be fighting iran in the region the lesson from disappearing. there is if you were in gauge constructively with iran you would be able also to help to resolve the regional crisis would cooperate for peaceful management of the regional crisis but if you are going to fight with iran in the region in detention the
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animosity between on and the west would increase and the finitely sooner or related we will witness the death of nuclear lives in nicaragua president daniel ortega says he will withdraw the proposed pension reforms that sparked a wave of protests that killed twenty six people dozens of shops in the capital managua were looted as the protest enter their fifth day police have been criticized for their heavy handed response including the use of live ammunition a journalist is among those killed in the clashes are held to hold i was shot there while reporting live on facebook one of his colleagues blames a government sniper john homan has more from mexico city. it's a climbdown it's difficult to call it anything different from that but also what's important and interesting isn't just what he said but who was around him when he said it yesterday president came out to give quite an uncompromising speech and he
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was flanked by his police chief and also by military personnel this time around he came out a couple of hours ago and he was flanked instead by business leaders and that may be a sign not just of the softening of approach but that the president and his government need to find some allies in this the business community which is powerful in the could argue where he's usually been on the same page as him but there's been a bit of a rupture since yesterday in which they began to side with the protesters and saying that they wouldn't dialogue with the government until they stopped the heavy handed tactics so this might be an attempt to get them back on side yet to see if it will succeed the government's also been under pressure from the international community the state the public from the u.s. came out and criticized their tactics today the pope's also expressed concern the european union and the u.n. also so president the president or take a nice to find some allies in this. a preliminary results in paraguay's presidential election put the ruling party's candidates ahead with the votes still
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being counted mario abdo beneath tales from the colorado party is currently ahead with forty eight percent his main rival refrain allegedly has forty two percent of the vote been eater's has pledged to support the pro-business policies of outgoing president or last year carter's. in afghanistan bombers have attacked voter registration centers killing sixty three people and injuring more than one hundred others a number of centers have been targeted since they opened last week ahead of parliamentary and district elections later this year in the latest attacks fifty seven people were killed in car who want to suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of a center there and north of the city in baghlan province an explosive place near another voting center killed six people from the same family on friday gunmen had a voter registration center in back of this province killing a police officer a day earlier armed men killed two police officers in jalalabad city as they
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guarded a voter registration center and on tuesday attackers kidnapped three employees and two policemen from a voting center in whole province capture lopez ha diane reports on the latest attacks. police say a suicide bomber set off explosives at the doorway of a border registration center in kabul for afghans receive identification cards for the elections in october i don't use them when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in an area of western kabul where many of the minority shia has zahra community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration centers a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe and afghan forces would be there to maintain security at a voter registration sites there's a consistent push into making sure that people. if they attempt
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to register. there will be attacks on the but i think the issue all democratic process. you know. i mean competency of the afghan government itself being able to protect the the voter registration. the voting centers opened just last week it's part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan the registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner at mit's turnout so far is already low this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk katia llopis with a yawn al-jazeera. aid workers in gaza say palestinian protesters shot by israeli
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soldiers have suffered devastating injuries at least thirty nine have been killed and hundreds wounded in four weeks of protest against israel's blockade doctors without borders says it's treated more patients this month than all of twenty fourteen when israel launched its last war in gaza bernard smith reports do this after injury therefore become young innes irreversibly scheme that he called a tal afar you may run out of luck last week he says he's been a regular protester at the border fence between gaza and israel before an israeli sniper shot him after injury at the feet six hours after injury can be the scene of the limb an excellent result after six hours on the occasion is very high it is for us. to save his leg within that short time eighteen year old
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attala needed specialist treatment in the occupied west bank israel said no because he'd been protesting in a neighboring ward use of all crowns a nineteen year old freelance photographer waited two weeks for permission to leave for surgery only an order from israel supremes court open the gates from gaza the health ministry says there have been seventeen amputation so far and most of those could have been avoided if the victims have been allowed to travel to the occupied west bank but only three patients have been allowed to leave gaza. for all of them including used to feel it was too late to avoid amputation now in ramallah use of other wounded leg will likely be saved. i was wearing a bulletproof vest with a press logo i was seven hundred fifty meters from the fence taking pictures as i headed away i got shot i tried to stand using the tripod and then another bullet hit me doctors in the occupied west bank say they've been shocked by the severity
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of the gunshot wounds. or nor it seems the snipers deliberately shot to paralyze most of the injuries or under the knees wrist difficult to reconnect destroyed nerves. when we go back to seattle after his amputation he seems perhaps surprisingly on phased when my wounds heal i will go back to the border because from where i ended if he does he knows the risks israel says anyone closer than three hundred meters to the fence is a security threat and risks being shot burnet smith al jazeera gaza time for a quick break now but when we come back on al-jazeera political tensions in armenia as the opposition accuses the new prime minister of a power grab. and the u.s. and north korean leader is preparing for an historic summit the most north koreans know nothing about it.
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from flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello the chinese spring rains are on the move again i think we'll see the concentration in the shanghai end of the yangtze valley on monday and for the size to be honest and heading down towards the southwest corner which is where the concentration is more like to be on choose day and this northern section swung to the west toward sichuan whether winds meet so significant rain for a few there will be flooding from this of course and briefly it might rain overnight in hong kong were down to twenty seven come tuesday probably less humid as well and the showers are start to form again over into china and thailand possibly vietnam and laos you can see a massive cloud to the south hit this all in the case is getting a little bit wetter that interesting line a developing rain that still goes through sulawesi southern borneo and towards
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southern somalia shouldn't be that wet it's time the year but that's certainly where the forecast is and we've seen showers to boot in that same area but they're showing themselves more readily now at least in vietnam and laos which is where we should be far fewer in india of course the story here is the pre monsoon he's apart from occasional showers in the northeast by coalition the south it is watch the temperatures there of the order of forty degrees for the most part above that in central india and getting higher in new delhi. the weather sponsored by cattle race. for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of the same old joined at the soon to be.
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at this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching al-jazeera the mind of our top stories france's president emanuel mccraw has urged the u.s. to stand by iran nuclear deal president donald trump has threatened to walk away from the agreement but not cross says abandoning it could lead to a north korea staff standoff. nicaragua's president daniel ortega says he'll withdraw or proposed pension reforms that sparked a wave of violent protests killing twenty six people dozens of shops in the capital and i've worked with looted fifth day of demonstrations. at least sixty three
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people have been killed in bombing attacks of voter registration centers in afghanistan several been targeted since they opened last week for upcoming elections. u.s. president trump is striking a cautious note a day after welcoming a pledge by north korea to end nuclear and missile tests the leaders of north and south korea meet on friday and historic talks between kim jong un and trouble could happen by june our diplomatic editor james blaze got rare access to the capital pyongyang to find out whether trump is on their minds at all. i think. this is one way north koreans relax at the weekend. and the last few days have been a diplomatic rollercoaster because people enjoy the fun fair in pyongyang they're unaware of much of what's happened ordinary people have not been told the cia
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director came his secretly that their leader is negotiating with the us all that he's planning a face to face meeting with the country's sworn enemy donald trump so when you ask people here about trump they tell you what they've been told repeatedly in the past by the state controlled media from the mine mandrel every korean gets furious when we hear what trump says he threatens her dilate the entire korean nation is even a human he is a wolf down by the river they were playing volleyball. by . this is where i met a young medical student. i don't have them in a. five year old american people but the american government i hate america imperial. imperial i don't like why. all the korean people. at the prison craw. no date or venue has yet
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been set for the meeting between supreme leader kim jong un and president trump one report says the u.s. leader would like to meet him alone with only interpreters diplomats here of told me that would give kim who knows the nuclear issue intimately a big advantage kim jong un is half the age of donald trump but he's already run this country for more than six years and while the trumpet administration's policy on north korea has evolved during more than one year in office the north korean leader has built on the nuclear strategy he inherited from his father and of its grandfather james fallows al-jazeera young yet. a syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of the capital damascus to force out i saw fighters they've agreed to leave the area and still haven't surrendered the area they occupy which includes
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the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp is one of the last near the capital that hasn't fallen to pro-government forces fighters from one of the districts back in government control of arrived in aleppo in northern syria the rebels from column on left under one of several evacuation deals brokered by syria's ally russia many of them belong to the armed slam as someone who reports. it's been a long journey for the syrians rebel fighters and their families were forced from their homes in is them. and sent on buses to northern syria. the rebels had no choice they were taught to surrender or face seeds and bombardment. color mood in mountainous area near the capital damascus was once a rebel stronghold but government troops have recently managed to recapture most of the area following a military offensive. we have lost the war will remain strong we
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will return to our homes we have been oppressed for fifty years when we rose against the government we did it in a peaceful way what we wanted was political reforms. we agreed to the evacuation deal to protect civilians so we headed over control of our town to the government in exchange rebel fighters were forced to leave behind their heavy weapons armored vehicles and tanks. is seven years since the syrian opposition was gaining territory and advancing to worse the capital. now the syrian army backed by a russia is on the offensive. tat tree under rebel control is shrinking and government troops have the upper hand if you weeks earlier the army recaptured the rebels last stronghold on the outskirts of damascus thousands of fighters from
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a shell islam survived and. and were evacuated along with their families to the north. was one of the most organized armed groups in syria it was tasked with securing the capital for the opposition to defeat president bashar assad and his forces. now police in armenia have detained an opposition politician and two of his colleagues who've been leading anti-government protests nichol passion yan was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful meeting with the newly appointed prime minister sergey sardis un he's calling for the leader to step down accusing him of a power grab of an foresty a walker has more from yet over. by arresting opposition leaders police appear to be trying to neutralize dissent
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but instead the government protests have grown in size here rallying outside the police station where about opposition leader because i said yeah the organizers are going to be held i passion the prime minister said. earlier on sunday that televised meeting lasted just two minutes for years on those from washington and a faction that got seven or eight percent of the parliamentary vote has no right to speak on behalf of the people. if you do not accept the legitimate requirements of the state then good bye. the main opposition tomorrow and that was the prime minister's resignation cues here of a power grab. shortly after those talks please we did and soused called the shura. that said she ruled armenia as president for ten years and said he didn't want to be prime minister but last week parliament
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appointed him to the more powerful position and they're all he's in no mood to compromise. well he is adamant he won't quit his new role as prime minister is to study cnn's legacy as president poses challenges the media has struggled economically for twenty years this for those really dependent on russia unemployment stands at twenty percent with a third of the population living below the poverty line industries are in the hands of the oligarch business elite including the prime minister and the media's borders with azerbaijan and turkey remain closed the thousands of protesters who gathered here republic square little world earlier have to return in the morning they will continue their acts of civil disobedience protests around the capital this movement is far from finished reading for steelworker al-jazeera the arab world.
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are more than two hundred fifty refugees and migrants have been rescued in two operations off the coast of libya eleven bodies were also recovered by the libyan coast guard near the city of sub rotter more than eighty of those rescued were plucked from the water after their boat overturned they were trying to make the dangerous mediterranean crossing to italy a controversial french immigration law has passed its first hurdle in the national assembly nearly two thirds of politicians voted for the bill which would impose tough new conditions on asylum requests they may change to has more from paris. this was a vital piece of legislation for president to man your macro but it's taken a very long time a marathon in the national assembly it's taken them all week to vote on this and some nine hundred ninety nine amendments were added to this bill but it did pass comfortably but it also created divisions within manual macro's own party there was
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one m.p. who defected from the party there were several abstentions now many people within the liberal party the center party that michael formed i've called it a repressive piece of legislation but michael has been very clear about why it's being pushed through because in twenty seventeen france had one hundred thousand asylum seekers and that's a record for france and also record within the european union for that year so he wanted to try and separate out the economic migrants as he's called them and those who are genuinely seeking asylum trying to escape warfare or persecution in the own countries now what he's done is extend the amount of time the asylum seekers can spend in detention and also shorten the amount of time that they can launch their appeal now that is one of the most draconian measures we've seen and the party
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presence parties say that essentially they're trying to undermine the national front position on that where immigration has been such a a vote winner for the nationalists on the extreme right so he's determined to separate out these two things to make sure the france still is a liberal country which accepts genuine asylum seekers but also rejects those who are just economic migrants now it'll take a long time yet for the legislation to actually be enacted it has to go to the senate and then has to come back to the national assembly there might even be more . amendments so we won't see this on the statute books and until at least may or june but nevertheless when you're not wrong be very pleased that at last this legislation has passed its first hurdle of the national assembly and ideas president mohamud to harvey is facing a backlash on social media after he appeared to question the work ethic of young
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people in his country and many are angry after he told a commonwealth gathering in london that young nigerians feel intitled to do nothing because they live in an oil rich nation and some accuse him of calling young people lazy forty percent of the workforce are unemployed or underemployed. a sunday is world earth day an annual event that encourages millions of people to find better ways to protect the environment in chicago beekeepers are doing their bit to ensure the planet's most important pollinators don't die out we meet bill whitney who tells us why he's drawing honey bee used to the top of skyscrapers. i'm bill whitney i'm a beekeeper i take care of honey bees on skyscrapers in chicago the community in chicago the beekeeping news mall and so there are a handful of us that everyone seems to know about and i'm one of those we're talking about tall buildings here in illinois that their flats and room were flat
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and so we think that honeybees well they've got to go out and play but if you go into the western states like california and you just hike in yosemite mountains you go down in the valleys there's honeybees down there you go all the way that the top equivalent to a fifty story building and there's honey bees up there and they're traveling up and down that mountain as the flowers are marching up and down the mountain in this case we've got a green roof top and honey bees are very opportunistic if there is a blossom and there's nectar to be gotten it's going to that blossom the honey that the bees produce here in the city on top of these buildings is identical to the honey that is produced out in the suburbs twenty thirty miles away you can have garbage everywhere you can have cans of pop everywhere honey bees are going to go anywhere near them they don't care about they don't want they're going to go directly to the flowers and only visit flowers we have a spring we have
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a midsummer we have a fall honey and they're distinctive they taste differently distinctive in that way because of the vegetation. this is al jazeera these are the top stories france's president emanuel macross urged the u.s. to stand by the iran nuclear deal president donald trump has threatened to walk away from the agreement but not cross says abandoning it could lead to a north korea style standoff. what do you have as a bit there option i don't seat. what is a what if scenario or your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve this framework because it's better than a sort of north korean type of situation nicaragua's president daniel ortega says
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he'll withdraw or proposed legislation reforms that sparked a wave of violent protests dozens of shops in the capital nagware were looted in a fifth day of demonstrations. preliminary results empowered wise presidential election put the ruling colorado party candidate mario are dropping meters in the lead with forty eight percent his main rival if frayne a leg or a has forty two percent of the world and it has pledged to support the pro-business policies of outgoing president last year carter's. at least sixty three people have been killed in bombing attacks of voter registration centers in afghanistan several offices have been targeted since they opened last week before upcoming elections. syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of the capital damascus to foretell force out i saw fighters they've agreed to leave the southern enclave but are yet to surrender the area they occupy which includes the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp is one of the last near the
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capital that hasn't fallen to pro-government forces in the u.s. state of tennessee police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed four people at a restaurant police say four others were injured when the suspect travis ranking opened fire sunday in nashville reichen was arrested last year for being in a restricted area near the white house his gun ownership privileges were revoked by the f.b.i. and police say rankings guns were taken away at that time but his father returned the weapons to his son those are the headlines inside story is next.
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pakistan's fashions a rise up thousands them in straight against what they say.


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