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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to the forest so it would just be odd when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine.
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the french president heads to washington hoping to save the iran nuclear deal. hello i'm adrian for again this is our zero live from joe also coming up. on the. bombings the voter registration centers killed sixty three people in afghanistan. just days ahead of the koreas summit the south stops its propaganda broadcasts across the border. and we meet the chicago beekeeper producing honey where perhaps you'd least expect it. france's president tissue to arrive in the u.s.
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on monday for talks with president donald trump with the fate of the iran nuclear deal front and center. says that abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korea style standoff the u.s. president says threatened to walk away from the twenty fifteen deal he could do that as soon as next month but he has to recertify it for the u.s. congress what do you have at the bigger option i don't seat. what is the what if scenario or your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve this framework because it's better than a sort of north korean type of situation seven i'm not satisfied with the situation with iran i want to fight against the listing. i want to contain their influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now. as long as you have
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not a bit of option for nuclear and let's complete it with ballastic myside and original containment. visits from white house correspondent kimberly hell could. no european leader enjoys a better bond with u.s. president donald trump than french president emmanuelle. mccraw has carefully cultured their relationship inviting trump to paris for bastille day celebrations playing to transend well known admiration for the military the result troubles consulted with mack on the telephone with an any other world leader that cross says he even managed to convince trump to prolong u.s. involvement in syria. president trump was saying the united states of america had a duty to disengage from syria i assure you we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long term the white house denies it shifted it syria position iterating trump hopes to soon withdraw u.s.
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forces. arrives in washington on monday for a three day visit which includes tribes first state dinner as president. his influence over the u.s. president will be tested on issues ranging from syria to the future of the iran nuclear deal with iran maintains it's in compliance with the twenty fifteen agreement which the u.s. signed with iran and european allies favors keeping the deal as does german chancellor angela merkel who also visits the white house this week the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into but troubles vowed to withdraw by mid may unless european allies fix certain aspects of the agreement including improving inspections of iran's nuclear programs so far that hasn't happened trump's recent appointment of john bolton to national security advisor and his nomination of mike pompei out to be secretary of
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state both of whom have criticized the agreement have caused even more concern about the deal's future in less. then a month donald trump must decide whether to allow iran sanctions to be put back in place effectively killing the deal that makes the influence of emanuel macro and angle of merkel pivotal in ensuring whether or not the iran agreement remains intact kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house in nicaragua president study will take it has withdrawn the proposed pension reforms that spot to wave of violent protests that killed twenty six people dozens of shops in the capital but while the looted the protest centered the fifth day police have been criticized for the heavy handed response to demonstrations including the use of live ammunition a journalist is among those killed in clashes angled ahana was shot dead while reporting live on facebook one of his colleagues blames
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a government sniper. i was it was john holdren is monitoring developments from mexico city. it was a surprise announcement president daniel ortega coming out to say that he was canceling changes to the social security system in nicaragua and the payments that people and companies would have to make into that system it comes after five days of protest which have spread not just to the capital but some of the cities now why did president take a make that announcement well he's come under pressure not just from the united states and the european union but also from the u.n. and the pope they've all expressed concern about events in the country there's been concern also within the country about the heavy handed tactics that people have said the police have used against the protesters there have been multiple deaths including police officers and there are also been many injuries now the question
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will be if president take his climb down is going to be enough to stop the protests they've become about more than just the issue of the social security. but about the legitimacy of the president himself n.g.o.s and analysts have been saying for quite some time that the president's been seeking to undermine democratic institutions to hold on for the power not just for himself but also for his family is voice president is also his wife and this student led movement they're really driving this that's been going out into the streets have been calling into question this government president otay go along with the sort of carrot that he offered in terms of the social security payment also offered a sort of stick saying that if the protests do continue that the police and the authorities will be acting within the law he said to stop these protests he said such things happening in our country this can't carry on the ruling party
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candidates has won paraguayans presidential election mario abdul but he says from the colorado party took more than forty six percent of the vote but the result was closer than expected with his main rival winning close to forty three percent but he says his pledge to support the pro-business policies of outgoing president but are still caught is. in afghanistan bombers have attacked voter registration centers killing sixty three people and injuring more than one hundred others a number of sentence have been targeted since they opened last week ahead of parliamentary and district elections later this year in the latest attacks fifty seven people were killed in kabul when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of the center there and north of the city in baghlan province an explosive place near another voting center killed six people from the same family on friday government here's a voter registration center in baghdad's province killing a police officer
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a day earlier man killed two police officers in jalalabad city as they guarded a voter registration center out on tuesday attackers kidnapped three employees and two police. from a voting center a goal province scotty lopez ha diane reports on the latest attacks. police say a suicide bomber set off explosives at the doorway of a border registration center in kabul for afghans receive identification cards for the elections in october and i'm going to use them when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in an area of western kabul where many of the minority shia has zahra community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration centers a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe and afghan forces would be there to maintain security at a voter registration sites there's
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a consistent push into making sure that people are unable to use them. if they attempt to register. they'll be attacked on the but i think the issue all democratic process is compounded you know. i mean competency of the afghan government itself being able to protect the the voter registration. the voting centers opened just last week it's part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan the registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner at mit's turnout so far is already low this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk. this with
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a young al-jazeera. south korea says that it stopped propaganda broadcasts across its border with the north out of this week's international into korean summit i'm sorry it's in an effort to reduce tension on the peninsula and create a peaceful atmosphere for the talks kathy novak reports for more than two years south korea has used loudspeakers at the border to play messages about democracy news and even k. pop music into north korea the propaganda campaign has angered the government of kim jong un which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access north korean soldiers have even shot at the speakers in the past south korea has used them on and off after south korean soldiers were injured in a landmine incident at the border in twenty fifteen and again in twenty sixteen after north korea's fourth nuclear test well now in the latest sign of easing tensions south korea says it will stop broadcasting propaganda into north korea
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ahead of the historic summit between president mungy and kim jong un on friday south korea welcomed news over the weekend that north korea would stop its nuclear and missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site south korea hopes that the meeting on friday will lay the groundwork for a summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un well after initially welcoming north korea's announcement donald trump now has tweeted a more cautious message saying we are a long way from a conclusion on north korea maybe things will work out and maybe they won't only time will tell what diplomatic it is a james bays has been given rare access to the capital pyongyang he asked north koreans their opinion of donald trump. this is one way north koreans relax at the weekend. and the last few days have been a diplomatic roller coaster but as people enjoy the fun fair in pyongyang they're
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unaware of much of what's happened ordinary people have not been told the cia director came his secretly that their leader is negotiating with the us all that he's planning a face to face meeting with the country's sworn enemy donald trump so when you ask people here about trump they tell you what they've been told repeatedly in the past by the state controlled media from the mine mandrel every korean gets furious when we hear what trump says he threatens to annihilate the entire korean nation is even a human he is a wolf. down by the river they were playing volleyball. my . this is where i met a young medical student. i don't have a. five year old american people but the american government i hate america imperial. imperially i don't like why.
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all the korean people hate the prison drawl. no date or venue has yet been set for the meeting between supreme leader kim jong un and president trump one report says the u.s. leader would like to meet him alone with only interpreters diplomats here of told me that would give kim who knows the nuclear issue intimately a big advantage kim jong un is hard ph of donald trump but he's already run this country for more than six years and while the trumpet administration's policy on north korea has evolved during more than one year in office the north korean leader has built on the nuclear strategy inherited from his father and previous grandpa james by al-jazeera pyongyang. a bus crash in north korea supporters have killed dozens of chinese tourists in the country's north why
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hey province chinese state television is english channel tweeted that a tour bus had driven off a bridge killing more than thirty people that tweet that was later deleted china's foreign ministry says that diplomats are travelling to the crash site. we're going to weather of. the murder of muslim clerics raises the specter of new rivalries in yemen is deepening civil war. and how donald trump's pick for secretary of state could be rejected by the u.s. senate. hello the rains gathering again in iraq all this cloud came in from the eastern mediterranean which is banked up against the iranian mountains of various factors means that i think the sequel over a phony of the sky here it will cross the border tail off during in kuwait leave
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baghdad dry this of course is a full cause for monday twenty degrees here it's already five anyway further west twenty two in beirut the breeze much lighter remarked fine rain reach up to azerbaijan certainly is going through the southern caspian and towards the northeast and it'll be hanging around for about twenty four hours and then disappearing fading away or rejuvenating itself or recently like afghanistan or turkmenistan leaving to run the sunshine now the winds were a big thing and to the south on the day also been interesting breeze across the arabian peninsula but it's weaker than it was the meeting of the winds roughly speaking of bahrain or qatar could produce significant cloud in the sky and dust in the air but i think probably not significant well watch thirty three degrees is the forecast time for the tuesday thirty eight in mecca possible shower on the west side is saturday and sunday daddy yemen is in the forecast whereas in southern africa that's your lucky to get some rain in the western cape it is of course now
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a dry picture. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera. in the lead up to the historic twenty eight feet the real summit al-jazeera looks of life in the north. join me james brace for a series of special reports from north korea. here on al-jazeera.
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the top stories this hour on al-jazeera france's president tomorrow mccaughan has urged the u.s. to stand by the iran nuclear deal president donald trump is threaten to walk away from the agreements mcconnell arrives in washington on monday. nicaragua's president has withdrawn proposed pension reforms that sparked a wave of violent protests dozens of shops in the capital managua were looted in a fifth day of demonstrations and at least sixty three people have been killed in bombing attacks of voter registration centers in afghanistan several centers have been targeted since they opened last week ahead of upcoming elections. syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of the capital damascus to force out i still faces they've agreed to leave the southern wrong place but are yet to surrender the area they occupy which includes the palestinian refugee camp is one of the last near the capital that
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hasn't forward to prove government forces. an airstrike by saudi led forces has hit a wedding party in yemen killing seven people it happened in the western province of hijrah more than a dozen others were injured who the rebels say that another attack earlier in the day killed six people. at least twenty five muslim clerics have been murdered in southern yemen in the past two years most of those killed said to be supporters of the exiled president of drawbar once or hardy and his allies points to a growing rivalry between the us backed armed groups and hardy's forces in the south as many on the hog reports. cleric ahmed documents death provoked an outpouring of grief in the southern city of aden he's one of at least twenty five clerics preaches and religious scholars killed in the south of yemen in just over two years most of them in just the last six months. what
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is the crime what is the peckish and we call on all of those who have a conscience to do something no one has claimed responsibility for the killings twelve political parties have said they believe the killers targeted clerics who supported yemen's excelled president of the job to months or hardy and many reportedly had links to the islam party the yemeni branch of the muslim brotherhood and had these leading ally in the south i think it's obvious. that the religious belief and quite possibly because many of them to the party it's not clear shoes doing the talking to although there are a widely held beliefs on the ground. by the u.a.e. act. the killings focus attention on a new layer of complexity developing in yemen civil war the her things control this area in the north including the capital sana and are supported by iran they are
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fighting forces loyal to exiled president hadi whose power base is here in the self and includes aden al-qaeda controls these areas and black three years ago the saudi led coalition stepped in to back hetty's force. says a coalition that includes the united arab emirates from that time the u.a.e. has concentrated on growing its influence in the south and large part by funding and training to yemeni groups each with different agendas and which appears to be a holds for the saudi led coalition one of them is the shabani elite forces there a mix of hardline groups census ation ists who want the south to break away from the rest of yemen completely something saudi arabia is opposed to another is the security belt forces in aden they've been openly fighting had these forces the very
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group the saudi led coalition stepped in to support the forces don't necessarily want the same thing and it's quite possible that the governments of u.a.e. and saudi. likely different outcomes in yemen so the level below containing iranian influence the killings have prompted dozens of religious leaders to abandon their mosques and seek refuge elsewhere. it's the latest twist in the three year long civil war which has killed thousands and three thousand femen for millions of yemenis. al-jazeera. police are now media have to taint an opposition politician and two of his colleagues who've been leading antigovernment protests tickle me and was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful meeting with the newly appointed prime minister sergei saugus yeah he's calling for the leader to step down accusing him of a power grab robin for us to walk or has more for me out of a. boy
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a resting opposition leaders police appear to be trying to mutual eyes dissent but instead the government protests a growth in size here rallied outside the police station there about opposition leader because i said yeah the organizers are going to be held i passion the prime minister said. earlier on sunday that televised meeting lasted just two minutes. you use or lose function and a faction that got seven or eight percent of the parliamentary vote has no right to speak on behalf of the people. if you do not accept the legitimate requirements of the state then good bye. the main opposition tomorrow and that was the prime minister's resignation cues him of a power grab. shortly after those talks police moved in and sometimes
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called the shura. and said she ruled our media as president for ten years and said he didn't want to be prime minister but last week parliament appointed him to the more powerful position and now he's in no mood to compromise. well he is adamant he won't quit his new role as prime minister is to study legacy as president poses challenges the media has struggled economically for twenty years this why does he dependent on russia unemployment stands at twenty percent with a third of the population living below the poverty line industries are in the hands of the only got business elite including the prime minister and the media's borders with as a by jordan turkey remain closed the thousands of protesters who gathered here republic square a little earlier had to return in the border they will continue this of civil disobedience protests around the capital this is far from finished
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robin first you walk out here. in the u.s. state of tennessee police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed four people at a restaurant police say that four other people were injured when the suspects travis ryan king opened fire on sunday in nashville ranking was arrested last year for being in a restricted area near the white house his gun permits have been revoked by the f.b.i. a witness to the shooting described the scene. i pulled up they were pretty busy so i didn't go right inside i waited in my car and my cook buddy he was outside having a cigarette break and he waved at me and i got out of my car to go inside and as soon as i got out this guy in a pickup truck pulled up get out of his vehicle and were nothing but a jacket and shot some guy right at the door and then he shot my buddy who was trying to run down the sidewalk and then i'd drop to the ground around my car and
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then i could see from underneath my car he shot through the windows of the restaurant and then he went inside and started shooting. so at the time that he was either reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened is when i have ran through the door i hit him with the swivel door and then the get the gun was kind of jammed up and it was pushed down so we were scuffling and. i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and they're not grab it from me and i threw it over the countertop . cia director mike palm pale faces a crucial vote on monday to become the next u.s. secretary of state more than half of the senate foreign relations committee is refusing to support president donald trump's pick for the job now from alan fischer . my computer face protesters at his confirmation hearing in front of the senate foreign relations committee we was trying to sell himself as america's next top
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diplomat centers and confirmed i would know senators are suggesting you may not be right for the job come cia director easily won the nomination for that role but secretary of state is a bigger job with a broader responsibility a lot of democrats who are seeking to find common ground we're trying to figure out some ways they could demonstrate some bipartisanship and i think that reservoir of potential goodwill that trump had in january twenty seventeen with senate democrats has dissipated significantly since then a former kansas congressman a former u.s. army officer some senators have been unsettled by pompey was past positions you pose as the iran nuclear deal has criticized gay marriage and his claim that muslims are a threat to america he's seen as a hawk someone who promotes and aggressive foreign policy there's no one as you just heard what i described there is no one but someone who served in uniform who understands the value of this form of terror and tragedy that is war like someone
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who served in uniform it's the last resort must always be so god bless you all your bumpy always pick for the job of secretary of state after rex tillerson was unceremoniously sacked by tweet in march from people recently made news by holding secret talks with north korean leader kim jong paving the way for a summit in the coming weeks president donald trump is urging a yes on his pick i think michael. you know one of the really serious. republican senator rand paul has already said he will oppose the nomination and democrats don't think you'll do enough to stand up to present the. we didn't hear any evidence at the hearing for director pay out that he was willing to do that fire so no committee vote or it's crucial for donald trump it would be really bad for donald trump with a republican senate failed to achieve confirmation of his chosen secretary of state donald trump thinks that might pompeo will be a better fit for the job as his top diplomat someone he knows someone he believes
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he can trust thinks like the president and will echo his view on important issues on the global stage senators on the foreign relations committee have to decide if that's something they want i want fish or al-jazeera washington sunday was or still is depending upon way of watching us today an annual event that encourages millions of people to find ways to protect the environment in chicago being keep their bit to ensure the planet's most important polonaises don't die out and speak bill whitney he tells us why he's drawing honey bees to the top of skyscrapers. i'm bill whitney i'm a beekeeper i take care of honey bees and skyscrapers in chicago the community in chicago the beekeeping you know it's the mall and so there are a handful of us that everyone seems to them know about and i'm one of those we're
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talking about tall buildings here in illinois is that that flat syndrome go down in the valleys there's honeybees down there you go all we did a top equivalent to a fifty story building and there's honey bees up there and they're traveling up and down that mountain as the flowers are marching up and down the mountain in this case we've got a green roof. and honey bees are very opportunistic if there is a blossom and there's nectar to be gotten it's going to that blossom the honey that the bees produce here in the city on top of these buildings is identical to the honey that is produced out in the suburbs twenty thirty miles away and you can have garbage everywhere you can have cans of pop everywhere and even these aren't going to go anywhere near them they don't care about they don't want they're going to go directly to the flowers and only visit flowers we have a spring we have a midsummer we have a fall money and their distinctive they taste different this thing given that way
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because of the vegetation. it's good to have you with us adrian for the good here in doha the top stories this hour in syria france's president of money has urged the u.s. to stand by the iran nuclear deal president donald trump is threatening to walk away from the agreement but not quite says abandoning it could lead to a north korea style standoff. what do you have a bit there option i don't seat what is a one hundred. all your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why. i just want to see a nuclear let's preserve the framework because it's better than a sort of north korean type of situation. was president study will take has withdrawn prepare proposed pension reforms that sparked a wave of violent protests dozens of shops in the capital managua looted at
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a fifth day of demonstrations preliminary results and paraguayans presidential election put the ruling colorado party candidates mario abdul but he says in the lead with forty eight percent has made rival a front leg gray has forty two percent vote. at least sixty three people have been killed in bombing attacks and voter registration centers in afghanistan several centers have been targeted since they opened last week ahead of upcoming elections . south korea says that it stopped propaganda broadcasts across its border with the north ahead of this week's korean summit it's an effort to reduce tension on the peninsula and create a peaceful atmosphere for the talks a bus crash in north korea has killed dozens of chinese tourists in the country's north on a province china's state television english channel has tweeted that the tour bus had driven off a bridge killing more than thirty people but don't let that tweet was later the leases police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed four people in the u.s.
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state of tennessee police say the travis ryan king opened fire at a nashville restaurant on sunday ranking was arrested last year for being in a restricted area near the white house has gun ownership privileges been revoked by the f.b.i. those are the headlines these continues on al-jazeera after one on one east next. do. you measure intelligence agencies. to do things in secret or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance did.


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