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choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera i really still liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth as it always does with this job. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to starring results you've been in prison for fifteen years recently but that was the teaching empowerment. part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.
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our pays off in armenia protests to celebrate in the capital after the prime minister and i'm since his resignation. of them gentlemen donald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen parasitize the senses twenty years in jail over a place shoot tacked. well stocked shelves despite hefty sanctions we are taken to a shopping center in north korea where there are no apparent shortages. and papa new guinea is disappearing forest why the business of logging is booming despite a court ruling that says it's illegal.
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a very warm welcome to the program good to have your company if i was in of armenians a celebrating the west think nation of prime minister service so i guess c.m. in the last few hours. he's stepping down well that follows eleven days of anti government protests valving hundreds of thousands of people his resignation came shortly after pictures of ours showing soldiers joining the protest is in the capitol hill surrogacy and had been accused of a power grab who was appointed prime minister earlier this month soon after finishing two five year terms as president but we've seen over the past few days plenty of people out in the streets in their tens of thousands and yesterday the military joining them the whole idea was to get the prime minister who'd seen that transfer of executive powers from the presidency which used to be more of
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a ceremonial position and their message was clear that they wanted him we hope to speak to our correspondent boban for the walker some point later. the only surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attacks al abdul salam has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for his role in a gunfight which led to his arrest in brussels verdict came down in his absence which was not a surprise to many natasha butler has more from the belgian capital. sulla up to slums loyalism of brussels called for the verdict but not his client of dislodgement his co-defendants sophia and iare had chosen not to attend the judge sentenced both men to twenty years in prison for attempted murder during a shootout with police in the belgian capital two years ago the judge said there was a common will from both the defendants to belong to a terrorist group that they joined the aim of this group was to terrorize the
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population the only surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attacks had been on the run for four months when belgian police raided a house in brussels and were fired on by gunman four police officers were wounded. a skate a few days later was arrested in the city soon after attackers targeted brussels airport and metro. up disarms lawyer says he may appeal listen to nz. i am not convinced of anything in this verdict but i will analyze it with my client this is a bird ticked i respect that but in my view there are things to say and we need to see. wishes to appeal and if he does we will see what we will do. that up to slam decided not to attend the verdict surprised few people here he was present on your first day of his trial in february calling the process a fast and refusing to answer questions that's not
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a surprise for us. from the first day we understood that don't want to participate still in mind we want to kill the still in this mind understand that from the first . and render stand that it will never try to collaborate and to explain what he did abt islam will have learnt of the verdict in france where he is in prison he is waiting for the trial into the paris attacks that is expected next year any future sentence will be added to this one what is unclear is whether up to slum will now break his silence and cooperate with french investigators natascha butler al-jazeera brussels belgium. more than thirty people have been killed in an airstrike that hit a wedding party in yemen. the attack by saudi led forces happened in the western province of hug or than a dozen all those were also injured which the rebels say another attacker there on
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sunday killed six people. ten people have been hospitalized and more than one hundred detained on the greek island of les pauls after clashes between locals a migrants rioting separated the two sides late on sunday local said bins on fire during protests against the two hundred asylum seekers camped out on the island's main square as boss was a gateway for more than one million refugees passing into europe during the twenty fifteen migrants crisis there are about ten thousand migrants still on the island the foreign ministers of russia and china say they'll block any attempt by the united states to sabotage the iran nuclear deal so will jump has until may twelfth to decide whether to keep the ten to fifteen agreement to iran and six world powers the us president has often called or has often called the deal which lift sanctions on iran in exchange for limiting its nuclear program one of the worst ever in u.s. history the united nations is also urging him to stick to that agreement. the
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secretary general remains convinced that the joint comprehensive plan of action continues to be the best way to ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program and to realize the promised economic benefits for the iranian people we hope that all of its participants remain fully commit church to its implementation and long term preserve ration. france is another signatory to the deal and president manuel mccall is on his way to the united states for a three day a facial visit by karl has already said he'll use the trip to try to change jobs mind well she had her times he joins us from the white house so high there she had so can he change trump's mind it's interesting my concern is given several interviews to the u.s. media where he suggests that some just his relationship with donald trump that if anyone can it is micro who can change donald trump's mind on this not that we've
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seen any evidence so far that my columns combination of charm and flattery but hard nosed political rhetoric can actually change donald trump we do often hear the trump bases policy pronouncements more on personal relationships rather them and the briefings he gets from his national security staff there has been a lot of chatter international chatter head of this visit by mark you heard from the u.n. just a moment ago the iranian foreign minister is in the u.s. he tweeted this today there is no plan b. on nuclear deal with powers it's either all or nothing we also had a job and minister of being quoted as saying the situation would quite significantly deteriorate if u.s. pulls out of iran nuclear deal interfax the russian news agency said micron how to phone call if i do have putin recently where they both agreed that the deal must be continued a lot of expectation being created not least by macro him and his folks at the palace in the run up to all of this but now we'll see whether he really is the trump whisperer she have a sense of
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a life in the white house she had thank you. well let's return now to talk top story those phone sex and i mean the on the resignation of the prime minister at the center right our correspondent open for the walk ahead in the capital gang of on. the up with speed here on the squaring up to do you make sure i'm surrounded by value. that the audience you want to. see old video really how they feel excluded. from the hospital that. resulted in the capitulation of a couple good really mates like this actually yes it is really media for the past ten years and no young audience i told can look forward to a different all media at least we don't know yet how it's going to tell but today at least it's maybe not so much about it like we're looking for just about celebrating what they have achieved or not what they're doing here now on the square i can hear the popping of champagne both to. the crowd like the steak and
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it's it's an extraordinary experience to be here tonight because this is really a very very historic first for this tiny focus the country that has been really struggling with its economy which how did you want without a fight john are going to the going to care about religion and it's really been in the doldrums for many many years because people here felt that they couldn't really . change the development of. the elections that we can see you know media have. previously been considered. to be a. i actually back in two thousand and eight when president then started to any degree then came to power there were demonstrations that resulted in ten people being killed on the streets or with very violence and so that. the democrats of movement i think of a movement which quelled this now is the culmination of if you will take years
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we've had to drink protests in the past but not. like this just unfolding about the beings it's really extraordinary with with the president said the president appreciate. the value you follow if you take that history we killed on the street people children we school parents young and old coming out the show really i mean it was actually united in one thing the changes the buck majority of people that need to see and that's what the president said the. prime minister said that the consent role and that is what you conceded in the statement that he made in which he said because question the opposition leader of the press yesterday was right and he got it wrong he said they were actions on the table but he wasn't prepared to go down that route to deal with the talking about using bullets like we've seen back in two thousand and eight again this time he was prepared to do that so he has taken a noble step and. now we're at
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a real spiritual approach for the country. face of malaysia has really sketches as to the suspects in the targeted killing of a palestinian academic by the al botched repeatedly shot on saturday found they say by israeli mossad intelligence agents israel denies killing the hamas member florence the reports from all of them for. two murder suspects wanted in connection with the killing a foggy al bunch these men are thought to have fired at least fourteen shots at the palestinian lecture at the university of kuala lumpur on saturday they fled on a motorbike. mission to really the sketch shows to light skinned suspects who are european or middle eastern with beards to look quite long at both men are about one hundred ninety cents reaches with steady build. and. police haven't been able to identify the men and have alerted airport and border guards. his brother arrived on
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sunday to accompany the body back to gaza where his family want him to be buried almost certainly. the local n.g.o.s have been supporting us throughout this ordeal we thank them for that we also hope that the malaysian authorities will announce the result of this investigation so we know who did this. was a member of hamas which describes him as a scientist who had made important contributions the group which controls gaza and his family accuse mossad of being behind the killing the israeli intelligence agency denies any link israel's defense minister has said the palestinian was no saint who was working to improve the accuracy of rockets fired from gaza at a door liberman has also suggested could have been targeted because of an internal palestinian dispute this is not the first time mossad has been accused of killing hamas members abroad palestinian drone expert muhammad al-zawahiri was shot into
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his year two years ago and in two thousand and ten hamas commander mahmoud was killed in a hotel in dubai florence louis al-jazeera. you're watching live from london still ahead on the program a u. turn by the nicaraguan president over controversial pension reforms but is it enough for protesters and a crucial vote for president chavez pick for the next secretary of state said mrs decide if he is the right person for the child. how i would get some pretty wet weather into western parts of china at my long line of cloud and rain stretching all the way down into the north of vietnam for the race it's generally fine and dry twenty seven celsius there in hong kong that
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normally breeze just picking temperatures back to around fifteen degrees there in shanghai with a fair amount of cloud around it will brighten up as we go into wednesday so to see the temperatures lifting to around twenty one degrees further west it does stay rather wet the rain becoming a little more p.t. in the process but we could see wanted to show sliding down towards heimat and on into vietnam still seeing plenty of showers making their way across southern parts of india into sri lanka a little bit of cloud still in place just around the eastern side of in the us was a possibility of one of two showers just sliding in here but for the most part the story is about the pre monsoon hate one pool forty one celsius choose the name similar values as we go on into wednesday a little bit about whether they're into the fall of india into carola maybe also into sri lanka and a little bit of wet weather in the forecast across the arabian peninsula over the next day you see some clouds there just to the north of us here in concert joins up with some western weather that we do have a little further south i look at more widespread awareness day with
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a chance of rain for many. on counting the cost of a trade war a real war and rising debt find out why the i.m.f. and the world bank a warning of risks to the global economy what saudi arabia is the ideal world price and the castro you envision cuba but an economic blockade remains counting the cost on a. moment
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of our top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of armenians are celebrating the resignation of prime minister. he's stepping down following more than a week of anti-government protests. a court in brussels was sentenced to twenty fifteen paris attack suspects. to twenty years in prison for his role in a gunfight which led to his arrest. more than thirty people have been killed in yemen after a year strike hits a wedding party in the western province. and we just heard that one of the top political leader of the yemen has been killed in a society led airstrikes. has headed the administration in some months since the rebels took over that city in twenty fifteen is considered to be an effective second in command of the rebel group. says korea says it stopped propaganda broadcasts
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across its border with the north ahead of this week's inter korean summit so says it wants to create a peaceful atmosphere before the talks between the koreas which of the first in a decade kathy novak has the details there from seoul for more than two years south korea has used loudspeakers at the border to play messages about democracy news and even k. pop music into north korea the propaganda campaign has angered the government of kim jong un which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access north korean soldiers have even shot at the speakers in the past south korea has used them on and off after south korean soldiers were injured in the landmine incident at the border in twenty fifteen and again in twenty sixteen after north korea's fourth nuclear test well now in the latest sign of easing tensions south korea says it will stop broadcasting propaganda into north korea ahead of the historic summit between president mungy and kim jong un on friday south korea
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welcomed news over the weekend that north korea would stop its nuclear and missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site south korea hopes that the meeting on friday will lay the groundwork for a summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un well after initially welcoming north korea's announcement donald trump now has tweeted a more cautious message saying we are a long way from a conclusion on north korea maybe things will work out and maybe they won't only time will tell just days before that summit is juices start order truce village of panmunjom we've been looking we've been taking a look what life is like inside north korea al-jazeera has been given rare access to the capital our diplomatic efforts to james face takes a first hand look at whether a raft of international sanctions have had any impact at all. north korea has been targeted with tougher and tougher sanctions by the u.s.
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and the international community of a what persuaded the country's leadership to pursue a diplomatic course and what effect a they having on ordinary people in this isolated country. we've been taken to a department store in the center of pyongyang despite the international sanctions the shelves here are full. we managed to visit a number of shops in the city center were upmarket places catering to the elite we found no shortages and luxury items like chocolates and bottles of alcohol that were clearly smuggled in in defiance of the sanctions the official line is that foreign imports have been replaced by increase domestic production. do you believe i don't know why others around us are starving us dear reporter when we return please tell them we are indomitable no matter what thank sions are upon us. the only medical facility we were taken to was
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a gleaming new hospital most of the equipment here was imported clearly a problem in the future when spare parts become needed we were shown the eyeglasses which is subsidized for north korean citizens q what is the main yes what's the name of the north korean brown. yellow yet not yet not ok but a recent un report says the humanitarian situation particularly in rural areas outside the capital is poor before traveling to north korea i spoke to the un's top humanitarian official in new york. there's a nutrition problem lots of malnourished children especially there are too many women having a really hard time too often dying in childbirth it's the u.n. security council that voted in the international sanctions and the netherlands is the council member that administers them. in all resolutions there's
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a view very clear passage where it says. these sanctions are not meant to have adverse negative effects on the people of the period. that's the official line privately even western diplomats will tell you there's a stigma to donate in humanitarian aid to north korea for example an important program by the n.-g. o. the global fund to fight malaria and tuberculosis was caught earlier this year sanctions are having an effect in north korea but perhaps not the one the international community wants it james pays zero pyongyang. the u.s. is shutting down some of its operations at its embassy in nicaragua as violence continues in the capital managua on sunday president daniel ortega scrapped a planned overhaul of the welfare system is one days of deadly protests you know rights groups say twenty six people have been killed so far in my comics things. on the fifth day of anti-government protest residents are trying to stop from being
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looted. we're defending this supermarket and these stores because we're not going to allow looting or vandalism. was police are being criticized for what demonstrators say is the heavy handed response including gunfire a t.v. journalist is among the dead. hello go home and was shot while reporting live on facebook one of his colleagues blames a government sniper so far the police haven't commented on the desk but some expect more unrest despite the president's announcement about the we are protecting our hundred everything that has cost us so much that we have gotten i don't want anyone to target us we're ready for anything protesters were infuriated when the government approved the social security changes last wednesday to try and stop the widening deficit the united nations human rights office criticize the government for not allowing free assembly of protesters president daniel ortega said on sunday
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he would withdraw the proposed reforms but that hasn't been enough to call the ngo . groups and our representatives and delegates will be ready to go to the table for talks and make sure the first thing they approach is pensions. protesters still have other grievances including what they say is ortega's influence over the national assembly the law in the constitution such as eliminating presidential term limits imran khan is there. another two palestinians have died from wounds by israeli fire during protests at the gaza border these thirty five palestinians have now been killed in the four weeks of demonstrations against the israeli israeli and most of those have been killed have been shot by israeli snipers palestinians are calling for the united nations to investigate the killings but israeli forces say they only open far in self-defense. donald trump's pick for secretary of state will face the senate foreign relations committee in the next cia director mike compare
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could become the first nominee for the position to win the panel support more than half of the senators refused to back him and as alan fischer reports many have questions about his health than just. oh my computer with these protesters at his confirmation hearing in front of the senate foreign relations committee we was trying to sell himself as america's next top diplomat centers on confirmed i would know senators are suggesting he may not be right for the job cia director easily won the nomination for that role but secretary of state is a bigger job with a broader responsibility a lot of democrats who are seeking to find common ground with trump try to figure out some ways they could demonstrate some bipartisanship and i think that reservoir of potential goodwill that trump had won in january twenty seventeen with senate democrats has dissipated significantly since then a former kansas congressman a former u.s. army officer some senators have been unsettled by pompey was past positions you
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pose as the iran nuclear deal has criticized gay marriage and his claim that muslims are a threat to america he's seen as a hawk someone who promotes and the gress of foreign policy that there's no one as you just heard what i described there is no one but someone who serve in uniform who understands the value of this policy and the terror and tragedy that is war like someone who served in uniform it's the last resort must always be so god bless you all compare was picked for the job of secretary of state after rex tillerson was unceremoniously sacked by tweet in march from people recently made news by holding secret talks with north korean leader kim jong un giving the way for a summit in the coming weeks president donald trump is urging a yes on his pick i think my call they are going you know one of the really scary. republican senator rand paul has already said you look close the nomination and democrats do think you'll do enough to stand up to the president we didn't hear any evidence at that hearing for director pompei of that he was willing to do that fire
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so no committee vote or is crucial for donors trump it would be really bad for donald trump with a republican senate failed to achieve confirmation of his chosen secretary of state donald trump thinks that might pompeo will be a better fit for the job as his top diplomat someone he knows someone he believes he can trust thinks like the president and will echo his view on important issues on the global stage they senators on the foreign relations committee have to decide if that's something they want i want fish or al-jazeera washington. environmentalist and politicians are joining forces to try and save fragile rain forests in the asia pacific region and summits on the way in indonesia to build on the commitments made at the paris climate agreement on the agenda is the rapid rate of deforestation in papua new guinea when looking continues at a rapid pace as andrew thomas reports from the village of tallia.
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this machine should not be operating these logs should still be standing as trees most of this land should still be forest in twenty sixteen papua new guinea's supreme court ruled that the special agricultural business lease or a.b.l. which allowed logging in this part of the east sipek region was invalid and illegal logging did stop for a few months but it's restarted since the same is true across the country. according to some there isn't the political will to enforce logging bans after s.a.b. elsewhere made illegal new types of licenses were issued for the same areas instead in rural areas many say logging companies have more sway than the government does over police and officials and basically paralyze the public service system so that those public service systems so a very rather than the interest of the nation or its people people here in a remote part of east new breton island say representatives of logging companies
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trick to them into signing away their rights to log their land giving very little in return even for there was no proper clearance for the local communities at all people weren't aware of what was going to happen to the forests and the land local say deforestation has taken away a source of food and traditional medicine they say that the local weather has changed and that the locals leave a barren often burned landscape in their wake the logging doesn't just change the way this landscape looks it completely changes the way it feels as well it's cool in their hearts out here just two years ago this entire area was covered with virgin rainforest. now we're at the more marks the dividing line between that forests and the devastation all around of broader consequences what the rapid deforestation means for southeast asia as a whole is the on and off part where this is third largest forest broker on the
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planet and to see nature regulate off the climate in this or specific but it's where we would live so with the loss of forest we have launched a negative impact on the climate the malaysian company operating here. accuses the tractor's of trying to stifle p. and g.'s economic growth it says here in east new britain it funds infrastructure upgrades and provide significant support for education services and health logging companies in papua new guinea are certainly a powerful economic force all right also our own shopping centers hotels and businesses in i.t. and media when al-jazeera first ran reports on p. and g.'s logging industry in january the country's main national newspaper ran an article accusing us of being biased and politically motivated the article did not mention the newspaper it appeared in is also by all rights under thomas al-jazeera tali a popular new guinea. a
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critic of our top stories here on al-jazeera surrogate sergey sam the newly appointed prime minister of army has resigned after days of mass anti-government protests people poured onto the streets of the capital here a van to celebrate and said on his website that he is stepping down to maintain civic case they've been arming as president for a decade until last month when his term expired critics say his appointment to prime minister was an attempt to thwart falls and stay in power. we're open for se walker is in the capital here about. their birth. and will go through in the capitulation of the of the government really led by thirty seconds the under the rule. for the past three years the little guy in the army i don't know if you're looking or through a different harley or at least your outlook turned out to greatly.
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reduce the rate that they have achieved or not exactly what they're doing merely. one of the top political leaders of the who is in yemen has been killed in a society led airstrike salah al summit has headed the who see administration in summer since the rebels took over the city in twenty fifteen meanwhile more than thirty other people have been killed in the other side the lead strike on a wedding party in the western province of hunch or many of us were also injured the un has criticized the saudi led air campaign for killing large numbers of civilians. but only surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attacks has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for his role in a gunfight which led to his arrest in brussels sala salaam was convicted of attempted murder for firing on belgian faeces they tried to detain him three officers were wounded verdict came down in his absence of those salaam has refused
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to cooperate with the court since the first day of his trial. foreign ministers of russia and china say they'll block any attempts by the united states to sabotage the iran nuclear deal donald trump has until may the twelfth to decide whether to keep the twenty fifteen agreement between iran and six world powers u.s. president has often called the deal one of the worst ever in u.s. history those are your top stories counting the cost is up next we'll see in just under half an hour's time but by.


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