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and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the old two wheel effects of trump's immigration policies. between war and the ban on adjusting it or . else it's the opportunity to understand the very different way where there. is little. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the all too we'll effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the ban on a dozen. or
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only freezes and weakens us. the french president tells us lawmakers to reject nationalism and urges them not to retreat from wall affairs. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. opposition protesters back on the streets in armenia after the government is accused of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power. a sea of red in south africa as union stage mass rallies over proposed minimum wage of just a dollar sixty an hour. and a danish inventor gets a life sentence for murdering a swedish journalist on board his homemade submarine.
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french president emanuel micron has urged us to move away from nationalism in a speech to the u.s. congress he also called on his ally to work with france to face global challenges micron received a three minute standing ovation as he entered the house of representatives says the two countries share a very special relationship he also warned the u.s. against shutting out the world saying it needs to leave the way towards strong multilateralism. let me say we have two possible ways ahead we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remitted to all fields but closing the door to the word will not stop
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the of volition of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of all citizens. we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us. dan estabrook is following everything for us from washington and so diane the present very keen to portray himself as america's man in europe he is keen to show that he can influence president trunk in certain ways how strong are his powers of persuasion likely to be though when it comes to the iran nuclear deal. or one of the things that you pointed out was the long relationship that he talked about that the u.s. house with france painted it as sort of a familial relationship but he says in all families there are disagreements and one of those disagreements happens to be over iran and the iran nuclear deal and he
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pointed out why it is so very important for the u.s. to stay in that deal even though president trump says he may scrap it. we signed it boasts the united states and france that is wind we can see we should get rid of its exams it is true to see that this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having some seeing substantial and more substantial instead. that's my belief. and the argument for taking the multilateral approach it extended from political affairs also to issues around the global economy and trade. absolutely was very pointed about some of those issues on trade he he warned about
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the dangers of tariffs at the moment the european union is exempt from tariffs on steel amental lumina but those tariffs could that exemption i should say and next week so he warned that tariffs could lead to what he called a commercial war it could lead to the erosion of wages around the world and the erosion of the middle class and then he went on to also talk about the environment and he warned about the u.s. continuing to support all the industries that contribute to go global warming and he said he hoped at some point that the u.s. would come back to their parents accord. from washington dion estabrook thank you. well ahead of micron's speech iranian president hassan rouhani question the legitimacy of demands for a new nuclear deal and he personally criticize u.s. president donald trump his plans to pull out of the existing agreement. me game it
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or dog he says these deal is a very bad deal well if it's a very bad deal then why did you sign it he says this is a very dangerous deal if that's the case then did your predecessors not understanding a thing you don't have any background in politics you don't have it any background in law you don't have any background in international treaties how can a tradesman a merchant a building constructor a tower constructor make judgments about international affairs. protests are continuing in armenia's capital as the political crisis unfolds thousands of people have been back out on the streets answering a call from the opposition leader who accuses the government of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power l.-a celebrations to walk to the acting prime minister announce fresh elections to break in fast but critics say they don't trust the current
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government to see the electoral process demonstrations began almost two weeks ago and the political reforms which the opposition soars a power grab for a steer walk is any arab on. the people back on the streets in that tens of thousands why people are back on the streets in that tens of thousands why because those talks that would change to go ahead with the current suits between the acting prime minister and the opposition the acting prime minister who is part of the republican party that was said so i can see its party still officially holds the reins of power it is still the largest party in parliament and a political force to be reckoned with and they were not willing to relinquish power before elections were going to go ahead they said they were willing to have elections but the opposition movement says under those terms no because we don't trust you to be able to oversee
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a free. transparent electoral process and that is why they have called for their supporters to come out and make their voices heard bring the city to a standstill and that is exactly what they have gotten done again today with the police that were to be seen near those acts of civil disobedience instead they surrounded the government buildings in the in the city center not far from where i'm standing now later. the leader of the movement the opposition movement will be speaking to all his supporters to all of these people back on the public square in the center of the city. i mean his opposition bloc says it will nominate protest leader nickel passion yan to be the country's next prime minister robin spoke to him earlier. i think that situation is that the republican party has lost his power and. republican party should recognize the victory of the people and without any condition there is no any job political
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contest or text in our process it is that it is pure fully absolutely armenian process and i think it is it is the only process with the last we did with dean in time of the armenian vengeance that it is only movement that isn't connected to or even in the prayers or even the in the media isn't connected with any foreign forces speech is pure armenian it is poor. armenian process in this process express the billing go armenian people large scale strikes have been held in says he's across south africa federation of trade unions are staging a shutdown to protest against changes and wage demanding action to end what union
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calls a crisis of unemployed and polity and inequality has more from john is back. now than the guy that in march the incident that was singing songs and chanting the was. plenty there is so much they are from the struggle against apartheid are so i think afraid of the one that will free the who episode the death of their eggs the office the crimea that is like of the woman from article three death and there are other taking the position that includes that demand that made. the hard bit of waves ever checked think the post minimum wage the rest of the three hundred dollars a month the other videos of a god. but gritty people here say. the. fail to represent. the to indian ourselves
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style religious leader who has millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison for rape us around was convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl at one of his spiritual retreats in two thousand and thirteen indian security forces were put on high alert in the northern state of righteous don and then fears of a backlash from support says paul cheddar jan reports. known for its extravagant and sometimes different costumes also known bapu or bapuji us he's known has disciples around the world and in hundreds of hindu religious retreats known as a shrimps. whose such as a psalm say they meet people spiritual needs but some are accused of exploiting their followers for money property and sex by offering them a one stop shop for everything you have been you have you have spiritual family problem this man has all the answers security has been tightened across the
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northern state of raja ston that's after court convicted for the rape of a sixteen year old girl and sentenced him to life in prison. the allegations made against bapuji are completely false and there is no truth in it is not alone he has millions of followers who support him and will continue to do so us arm supporters say the guru practices black magic and can instantly transform fortunes but the guru has also been linked to the mutilation of four young boys in an alleged sacrifice ritual. many in india have called for tough legal action against him and other self professed god men we demand his ashram his religious center be seized by the government he should be put to. bars and all his property throughout india no matter what it is should be seized a son ahmed's forty six year old son nahyan are also accused of other crimes including the rape of two sisters over a period of ten years in the city of swat police said saddam's son admitted the sex
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assaults and fathering a child with one of his victims but nearly all witnesses in the rape case changed their mind about testifying fearing expulsion from the community at least two witnesses were shot and killed that case is continuing these kind of. dying have a lot of political ads. various political party to in india who. are doing election time who have become all powerful and. they are above the law prosecutors are fighting back by using laws passed for the protection of children against sex offenders to stop religious leaders from breaking the law paul cho dirge on al-jazeera they vented peace and madsen has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering a swedish journalist on his submarine camels remains were found at sea off the ship
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into the mats and on his homemade vessel monson admitted to cutting up her body but says she died accidentally of carbon monoxide poisoning or prosecutors say will died either by strangulation or having her throat cut. animal products he brought various items down to the submarine objects with which kim fall was to be tied up tortured and killed be subjected to sexual abuse dismembered and then thrown overboard from this submarine and what the court has also emphasized apart from that it was a planned brutal and cynical murder is that we talk about a woman who is working as a journalist and is completely innocent in all this so loud for you on the program and israeli court sentenced as a soldier to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager in two thousand and fourteen. and why the trade route between china and the u.s. threatens to stall general motors most profitable market.
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hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia that weather system across eastern areas is clearing away but we have got this area of cloud giving some showers across parts of the kuwait through into iran and iraq we've also got a little circulation further towards the west affecting the eastern side of the mediterranean so beirut and in lebanon across parts of syria will see the risk of showers jordan to seen some shower activity and indeed moving through friday you see quite a circulation developing here and some heavy showers returning towards parts of iraq so down across the arabian peninsula there's a bit more cloud around at the moment most likely to persist through thursday i think for most part should stay dry in the shower activity confined to northern parts of saudi arabia was ahead on through into start the weekend it should settle
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down sunshine return across the plain shit but not as hot as ours being just thirty three degrees in doha and a mere thirty five over in mecca so how do you across then into southern portions of africa the weather here is all looking fine for the most part sunshine all away . but we have got a frontal system which is just pushing into ward parts of south africa you may see some rain developing for kate ten later on she come further north across parts of botswana through into may be a weather's looking fine highs of twenty seven in winter.
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welcome back a quick update of the top stories this hour the french president emmanuel macron as the united states to move away from nationalism and work with france to tackle global challenges on made the plea in an address to the u.s. congress thousands of people have been back out protesting it all media answering a call from the opposition leader. who accuses the government of refusing to negotiate the transfer of power. and large scale strikes have been held across south africa federation of trade unions are staging
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a shutdown in protest of changes to the minimum wage. at least nineteen people have been killed off the gunman opened fire at a catholic church in nigeria the early morning attack happened in a remote village in benue state on cheese day seventeen wash up as in two priests were killed the attackers also burned down fifty houses since two thousand and thirteen the region has seen violent clashes between felony herdsman who are mostly muslims and farmers who are predominantly christians there is my address has more on this now from abuja. gunmen invaded the village of them after dawn and started attacking tombs and places of worship in the catholic church in the area they killed at least one thousand people including two priests the nigerian president ordered the immediate arrest of those who perpetrated the attack locals say the act was carried out by fall and he had two men who've been in
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conflict with farmers in that part of central nigeria but there is no claim of responsibility they've been sitting tight attacks between the farmers and cattle reraise in central nigeria over the last decade or so so far this year dozens have been killed in that region the nigerian president described the attack as barbaric as vile and promised to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice the police was unable to bring the situation under control after the police chief was ordered to relocate to been arrested to bring to an end this crisis the nigerian army was deployed in large numbers and is conducting exercises aimed at calming frayed nerves and also dealing with those carrying out those attacks it has made several arrest however the attack still continue and israeli court has sentenced a soldier to nine months in prison for the two thousand and fourteen killing of a palestinian teenager adding the wire was shot during a lull in protests marking the day israel came into existence in one thousand nine
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hundred eighty eight a soldier was offered a plea bargain and as a result he under the admitted to negligence he says he didn't know his magazine contained live rounds and so she was only firing rubber coated steel bullets high fossett has more from ramallah. and dinora was involved in protests on the fifteenth of may two thousand and fourteen to mark the creation of the state of israel the sixty sixth anniversary of that date the day the palestinians refer to as nakba the catastrophe he was pictured shit throwing at least one stone towards israeli security forces but it was minutes after he was shown throwing a stone but he was then captured on c.c.t.v. footage collapsing and being taken away to hospital he his body was later exuma and it was shown that he'd been shot through the chest with a live bullet now the israeli border secure border police forces who were on duty that day had been ordered to use tear gas and rubber bullets but not live
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ammunition the soldier accused of killing him ben derry was initially charged with manslaughter and deliberately replacing a rubber coated steel bullet with a live round in his assault rifle that was later downgraded that charge to negligent homicide with which he was convicted in a plea deal and he's now been sentenced to nine months in prison no an audience father has told us that he is deeply unhappy with that sentence he says the family will continue in its actions to try and show the true colors of the israeli security forces and indeed appeal this sentence and there's also been reaction from the committee member of the p.l.o. had an usher always been talking about double standards when the palestinian teenager had to me accused of other convicted of slapping an israeli soldier was sentenced to eight months and this police officer border police officer convicted of killing a palestinian he's been sentenced to nine months. about
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a simian journalist wounded while covering the protests at gaza's border with israel has died of his injuries. to his saying was injured in demonstrations thirteen days ago when israeli forces used live fire against unarmed palestinians is death brings the number of palestinians killed in the past month at the border to at least thirty six. now hundreds of people are rallying in lynn after calls from jewish leaders for residents to wear a kippa it comes one week after an anti semitic attack in the city where two men wearing the caps were harassed and assaulted domenic cain has more from belin. the point to make here is many hundreds of people perhaps a thousand people have come here to the center of put in this evening as a show of solidarity with those people you mentioned those two people who were subjected to anti semitic abuse in the fence lower back area of the city last week why were they subjected to that abuse because they were wearing the keeper as you say and so many many people this evening have come here to wear
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a heap of themselves to show their defiance against those who espouse anti semitic causes the point also to make is this is just one demonstration among several taking place across germany there are demonstrations in africa in frankfurt and in parts where people as i say are wearing the jersey cover the keeper to as i say show their defiance against those who aspire to the anti-semitic cause the point also to make here is that there is a sense of concern i spoke to the a spokesperson for the jewish community here in berlin on last week and he said that if it is possible for people simply going about their normal business wearing their skull cap in berlin to be attacked in an area of good intense low about a very affluent area then where is safe certainly that was what he said to me last week the point to make though as i say is there is this sense of defiance against the evils of anti-semitism this desire to show their solidarity certainly that something we can see here in berlin and indeed across the other cities in germany i mentioned those other three where everybody has come out wearing skullcaps showing
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their support for their calls and trying to show the evils of anti-semitism for what they believe they are. pensioners have been protesting against proposed cuts to their pensions next chair majority of queen and she has already live on an average monthly income of just four hundred twelve dollars this is the lowest average rate since the two thousand and eight financial crisis johnson reports from athens. after a lifetime of building electric transformers school studies managed to buy a house he borrowed against his monthly pension of twenty seven hundred dollars but after all standards he policies cut his pension repeatedly he and his wife were left subsisting on twenty five dollars a day off in a glow be that is the theft to work your entire life and sacrifice part of your salary for health and social security and when you claim your pension the state comes and says no you won't get it i'll take that the state is capitalist its main
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concern is to save the banks who saudi's is still luckier than most more than half of these pensioners a living on fifteen dollars a day and things are about to become much worse they're out here protesting because next year the government is going to cut pensions by another eighteen percent the government was forced into this by the international monetary fund which wants to ensure that greece produces a surplus of three and a half percent of g.d.p. with which to carry learned but the latest figures last year produced a surplus of zero percent of g.d.p. which suggests that the government initial assessment may have been correct but these measures were unnecessary there is a sweetener the government convinced its creditors to allow it to spend more on tax cuts and social spending especially for families with small children if the economy does better than expected that spending could now come into play but many pensioners have lost any faith in social justice under the seat is a party government ya need your unemployment is such that our best minds kids we
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spent millions to raise and educate have gone abroad our government isn't left wing it's liberal prime minister sipress represents big business and he's passed measures that socialist and conservatives couldn't pensions are key to the economy many extended families are surviving partly thanks to them so it comes as little surprise that even though they are so low there are still two hundred twenty thousand people on the pensions waiting list that just isn't enough money to start paying them jumps at all plus al-jazeera athens. president on all trumps administration has started its defense before the supreme court in his legally contentious travel ban on immigrants from several muslim majority countries the first ninety day ban was introduced in january two thousand and seventeen targeting travelers from iraq syria iran libya somalia sudan and yemen causing chaos the airports said it was necessary for national security but courts in several states including hawaii ruled that a ban violated the constitution's prohibit on religious discrimination the band
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since been amended to remove iraq in sudan and to also include two known muslim states north korea and venezuela but opponents say the aim is unchanged she had pretends he has more from washington the government has two main arguments one this isn't the same travel ban as numbers one and two this particular version is based on an interagency global review process by neutral bureaucrats who decided these countries own the trouble on not cooperating with the u.s. they can get off the trouble like china did if they start cooperating it can't be a muslim bad because so few muslim majority countries are on the list they also say trumps comments are irrelevant this is all been produced by neutral bureaucrats the opponents say wait a second there's already a war on the books by congress they looked at this problem of non-cooperating countries and decided there should not be a blanket but there should be individual vetting and they've had this problem since
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the servant union they've never needed a blanket ban so the president comes to be just wipe out congress is deliberations and the law that they passed which specifically says no one could be discriminated against in the in trying to get an entry to the us based on their place of residence and they also argue that any reasonable person looking at the process which is led to this probably would have to conclude given doldrum statements that he wants about muslims and those around them the functionaries the cabinet and those bureaucrats are just trying desperately to get him one. there is growing tension between china and the united states on trade in the strained relations of being felt in the world's biggest annual cost show in beijing where the exhibitors include major u.s. auto manufacturers they're concerned the tensions could impede their access to what is now the world's largest comet china correspondent adrian brown reports from beijing. amid the specter of a trade war us auto executives are holding their breath in china but they're not
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holding back on their brands this is a market where their companies have to maintain a high profile. general motors now sells more cars in china than at home almost four million last year. it's an important market for ford as well their presence illustrated of the deep economic connections between china and the united states but unless beijing and washington can settle their trade differences these cars could eventually cost twenty five percent more we always advocate anywhere around the world the benefits of free trade we feel very welcome in china here is a business we have great chinese partners in spite of strains in the china u.s. trade relationship president xi jinping has been holding out an olive branch he says that for years from now restrictions that have been preventing u.s. car manufacturers from fully owning local companies will come to an end with. a
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promise to end those restrictions could go some way to heading off a trade war china's so important to foreign car manufacturers that some now choose this market to launch new models. china has the highest concentration of car ownership in the world more than twenty four million vehicles were sold last year and a growing number of the cars now clogging china's roads are electric powered. their popularity is partly down to generous subsidies available to both buyers and manufacturers the government sees electric cars as both a way to clean up smog choked cities and to become a market leader in green technology technology to how they can find out what the western countries invented in their traditional car that's why the chinese government want to encourage development obvious on electric cars to overtake the west. and the government has another ambitious goals for electric cars to
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account for a third of all chinese car sales within seventy. adrian brown al jazeera beijing. just one quickly update you on the top stories now french president emmanuel macron has urged the united states to move away from nationalism and work with france to tackle global challenges and made the comments in an address to the u.s. congress warning washington against shutting out the world saying it needs to lead the way toward strong multilateralism. let me say we have two possible ways ahead that we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remitted to all fields but closing the door to the word will not stop
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the of olution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us protests are continuing in armenia's capital as the political crisis there on folds thousands of people have been taking to the streets answering a call from the opposition leader who accuses the government of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power celebrations to after the acting prime minister announced fresh elections to break the impasse. elsewhere large scale strikes have been held in cities across south africa the federation of trade unions is staging the shutdown to protest against changes to the minimum wage it's demanding action to end what union calls a crisis of unemployment poverty and inequality. a self-styled religious leader in india with millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison for rape. who
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is convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old at one of his spiritual retreats in two thousand and thirteen indian security forces in rajastan are on high alert for fear of a backlash from his supporters. danish inventor of peta months and has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering a swedish journalist on his submarine remains were found at sea off the she interviewed matson on his homemade vessel mattson admitted to cutting up her body but said she died accidentally those are the headlines inside story is next and then i'll have the news in twenty five minutes time join me then.


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