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everything do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured and it was cool. and it's not just i phones that are lost by things i mean most smartphones are these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that. did something that was. i would rather take the risks of democracy than the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.
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let the streets it's there is no planet be a manual not from takes a mcdonald's chance of gender urging us politicians jacked nationalism and i salacious and unite. alike and i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. oh. opposition protesters back on the streets in armenia after the government is accused of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power by the trade round between china and the u.s. threatens to stall general motors most profitable markets amarin chile's atacama desert west stargazers are worried about the lights there's just too much of it.
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french president to ban you on the house urged the u.s. to avoid nationalism and think gauge with the world in a speech to american politicians he received a three minute standing ovation as he arrived to address a joint meeting of congress and despite his apparent love in with donald trump over the last two days took a him at the u.s. president's agenda in his speech is sounding huge as a rebuke of trump he said the chief countries share a very special relationship but he raised their differences on the environment and warned us against shutting out the world. let me say we have two possible ways head we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if to all feels but closing the door to the word will not stop
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the of olution of the word. it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us one of the main issues discussed by macro and trump has been the iran nuclear deal the french president's has tried to encourage his u.s. counterpart not to throw out the agreement and improve on it as a white house correspondent kimberly halkett reports the president of the french republic. before a joint session of the u.s. congress french president emmanuel macross argued the united states should remain part of the iran nuclear agreement it is true to see that this agreement. may know to address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we
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should not abandon its without having some seen substantial and more substantial than said. a day earlier in meetings at the white house across suggested the current deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief should be the cornerstone of a new supplemental agreement. it would address trumps concerns beyond twenty twenty five including limiting iran's influence in the middle east and halting ballistic missile testing we can change and we can be flexible you know in life you have to be flexible so despite criticizing the existing iran agreement repeatedly for years trump is now signaling he's open to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the deal but only if his criticisms are addressed with the deadline for donald trump to make his decision just weeks away european leaders are conducting a high level lobbying effort on friday german chancellor angela merkel will be the
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next to visit the white house she'll work to persuade try to remain in the two thousand and fifteen iran deal but iran says a u.s. withdrawal will kill it tehran has threatened to respond by pulling out of another agreement the nuclear nonproliferation agreement on weapons on wednesday iran's president question trumps ability to even comprehend the terms of any agreement show more car ship hot seat you don't have any background in politics you don't have any background in law you don't have any background on international treaties or going to tradesmen a merchant someone who builds towers for a living make judgments about international affairs and well he's currently signaling he's open to the u.s. for maining in the deal negotiated with iran and five other world powers given his impulsive nature there's still time for trump to change his mind and follow through
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with threats to leave the iran deal kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house. processed us have been back on the streets of the armenian capital after the country's acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protests that nicole passion he and his movement forced a former president says to resign on monday as he started into new elections from yerevan rahman forest jaywalker reports. they brought the capital to a standstill in. the so called little atmosphere. for others it was lead to believe it's the police have ceased to intervene instead they have retreated to protect government buildings said such is yesterday's news
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though his republican party still in charge is the next target of the protest movement. at the young school revolution. we want justice and we want. to be the prime minister acting prime minister caught in kind of pity and cancel talks with the opposition shechem for wednesday said he was ready for elections but not on the street he's voting it's immediately each day i don't know of any country where the people's candidate is elected in that way that's why we have elections there are some in the citizenry who are disappointed how are we to measure their desires to have. going to the desires of others and the citizenry who want a different candidate nicole consolation and nicole taking actually that apart from mr it's not clear who else is willing to stand in the way of opposition leader nicole passion. parties in parliament sided with his movements on wednesday and the
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international community is taking him seriously too we caught up with him fresh from talks at the russian embassy republican party has lost his power and the. republican party a short recognized victory of the people and without any condition as far as he is concerned and as far as this crowd is concerned because it is on the threshold of becoming this country's new leader and i shrink in a new democratic era the republic of armenia was was was made of wood the corridors of power but he has proven he could mobilize our millions in tahrir there where his power is on the street here on republic square probably for a steelworker al-jazeera arabic. and he's right a quarter sentenced to soldier to nine months in prison for the twenty fourteen killing of a palestinian teenager now dana wire out west shot during
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a lull in protests marking the day israel came into existence in the one nine hundred forty eight harry forsett reports from the occupied west bank four years ago in a dream of the war or took part in these protests in the occupied west bank town of be too near it was one of the group of young men and teenagers throwing stones towards israeli security forces israel says they were instructed to use rubber coated bullets but when the seventeen year old was shot he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead later an autopsy on his examined body would show he'd been shot through the chest with a regular bullet medical volunteer mohammed salim was there that day he arrived in time to see a second teenage boy shot through the chest right next to him through a sauna and he was like walking so his face was toward the third and when he reached almost here he was shot in the back and then he turned around and fought he
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gave first aid to the victim muhammad but he too died no proceedings were brought in the case of one would i would die here but the killing of nadeem was different at one stage the israeli border police officer who pulled the trigger was indicted for manslaughter. ben derry was initially accused of deliberately placing live rounds in the magazine of his assault rifle which should have been firing only rubber coated i mean in a plea deal that accusation was dropped and he was convicted instead of negligence his sentence mine months in prison now deems father has fought a long legal battle on behalf of his son from the moment he says he found alive bullet in the backpack nineteen was wearing when he died and a kid in nor i have proven that israel has no justice or fairness when it comes to palestinians i proved this with evidence because the case of an idiom is one of the strongest characters in the israeli palestinian conflict. proven today mustn't actually killed palestinian activists say a double standard is at play highlighted by the case of i had to mimi the
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palestinian teenager convicted of assault and incitement to slapping an israeli soldier her sentence eight months i mean is a child to slap the soldier and received almost the same sentence the soldier who put an end to the life of testing and charged so you can compare the standards there's a justice system is following the israeli police have declined to comment on ben derry sentencing for judgment criticized him for aiming at the upper body of someone who presented no immediate threat to having a live round in his magazine but it found no intention on his part to load that bullet or fire it at nineteen nora perry force at al-jazeera the new york ipad west bank and the palestinian journalists were wounded while covering the protests at gaza's border with israel has done late of his injuries. saying was injured in demonstrations thirteen days ago when israeli forces used fire against unarmed
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palestinians as death rings the number of palestinians killed in the past month and the border to at least thirty six. international donors have pledged to four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria well short of the un target this year that's all to the u.s. fell to submit a pledge saying it's reviewing the support it provides the country meanwhile the e.u. says russia iran and turkey are causing an escalation of violence in syria instead of helping to reduce it speaking of the international fund raising conference in brussels e.u. foreign policy chief federica muller eenie said the countries have a special responsibility to establish a ceasefire. nigeria's president has vowed to hunt down gunman who opened fire at a catholic church killing at least nineteen people the early morning attack happened in a remote village in benue state on tuesday the attackers also burned down fifty
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houses since twenty thirty in the region has seen violent clashes between for lonny handsome and well mostly muslim and pharmacists who are predominantly christian one jerry is information minister says the root of the issue is a clash over resources between the two groups the governmental swung into action on the deployed board the military and the police and resent times. that have been prosecuted in addition the government will believe that the long term solution is for the has meant to adopt ranch in on also for the farmers also to go to. a more modern techniques and before high yields since the land and resources would lead. so to come an indian guru with millions of followers he sends us to life in jail for right. i mean look at the link between monday's ban attack in toronto and an online subculture that advocates hatred towards women.
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how the weather is lousy set fabric cross australia at the moment a lot of or some psalms are for the most part little bit of cloud into the southeastern corner wanted to show i was a possibility rather more clout into west must write it w. i will see that apache running once again as we go on through the next day or two is fine untried winds coming in from the north east the direction that the path temperature is at around twenty three degrees celsius and with high pressure across the bite it should be largely settled as we go through the next couple of days and adelaide twenty twenty one degrees. for melbourne spotting blue sunshine pretty much all the way fun is right see for sydney i suspect the show is not too far away maybe just pushing up towards the gold coast as we go through friday twenty seven
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celsius embrace been it will be dry and fine for the most part here try and find two for the most part across new zealand but then with the clouds are starting to push its way through the tasman that will introduce dollar conditions in south out of this to go through thursday thursday the best day of the two we are going to see that rain setting in so you go on into friday eventually pushing up towards north island oakland at around nineteen degrees some very wet weather recently into japan and places say things are churning up nicely over the next couple of days. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the old to legal
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effects of trump's immigration policies. between war and the ban on adjusting it up. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera french president emanuel has as the u.s. to avoid nationalism and work with fronts to tackle global challenges thousands of people are being are protesting again in armenia the opposition need to recuse the government everything is ing to negotiate a transfer of power. and an israeli soldier has been sentenced to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager in twenty fourteen. twenty an hour where
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a self-styled religious leader with millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison for rape as sam was convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl and one of his spiritual retreats in twenty thirteen paul ciancia reports. known for his extravagant and sometimes different costumes also on bapu or bapuji us he's known as disciples around the world and in hundreds of hindu religious retreats known as a shrimp. whose such as a saddam say they meet people spiritual needs but some are accused of exploiting their followers for money property and sex by offering them a one stop shop for everything you have being you have you have spiritual whole family problem this man has all the. security has been tightened across the northern state of roger stone that's after court convicted for the rape of
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a sixteen year old girl and sentenced him to life in prison. the allegations made against completely false and there is no truth in it is not alone he has millions of followers who support him and will continue to do so us arm supporters say the group practices black magic and can instantly transfer. form fortune's but the guru has also been linked to the mutilation of four young boys in an alleged sacrifice ritual. many in india have called for tough legal action against him and other self professed god men we demand his ashram his religious center be seized by the government he should be put behind bars and all his property throughout india no matter what it is should be seized a son ahmed is forty six year old son not only on are also accused of other crimes including the rape of two sisters over a period of ten years in the city of swat police said saddam's son admitted the sex
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assaults and fathering a child with one of his victims but nearly all witnesses in the rape case changed their mind about testifying fearing expulsion from the community at least two witnesses were shot and killed that case is continuing these kind of. dying have a lot of political patronage. various political party didn't in india who vote doing election they become all powerful and. they are above the law prosecutors are fighting back by using laws passed for the protection of children against sex offenders to stop religious leaders from breaking the law paul chowder john al jazeera danish inventor painter madsen has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering a swedish journalist on his submarine came val's remains were found at sea after
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she interviewed mattson on his homemade missile and so the message to cutting up the phone day says she died accidentally while i'm bored. canadian police say most of the victims of the toronto van attack on monday were women raising questions over the motive of the suspect shortly before plowing his vehicle into them the twenty five year old history of ricin a post on his facebook page it read the in selma valley and was already begun we will overthrow all the chants and stay since and they went on to refer to a previous attack by self described in cell elliot rodger so what is and then so well short for involuntary celibates and online subculture comprised of mainly men who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women who they say rejects their rights to sex and sells describe men who are successful with women as chance while women who reject ansel's are discard just spaces of the most extreme ansel's
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advocate right and other forms of violence against women so comments have been documented on the popular site read it and sells and sometimes talk of a beach uprising a movement led by males like them to overthrow what they say is oppressive feminism in society well is an author and professor from concordia university in montreal she says it's not the first time in saddle ideologist may have inspired violence against women. there are men who seem to feel that they're not attractive that they don't have economic status so i'd imagine that they come from you know a wide range of backgrounds across society but i suppose when it becomes dangerous or friend we start to see these violent repercussions often those things are links to and mental health to childhood trauma so i suppose some some people are more susceptible to the rhetoric than others and the tone of the spaces and angela nagel
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talks about this really productively in her book kelong or me the tone of the spaces is this kind of like jokey for the logos is it ironic or is it not kind of tone you're not supposed to be able to tell whether they're joking or not and the nagle argues very convincingly in her book you know it's not apparent that the posters themselves know whether they're they're joking or not and and so you have people there who are just in it for the laugh they're making like quite a disgusting jokes and then you have people who are taking it seriously. thank you k.'s bret's debates as a new face on thursday with a vote on board doesn't customs many m.p.'s say even if the u.k. leaves see you it must stay in the customs union if not be an economic disaster which is a concern for the scottish fishing industry. it is anything liable to annoy the supporters of brics it's it's europeans taking fish from british tourists on the
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east coast of scotland and other saudi to the story to say also after seven o'clock . or. five hours ago this warehouse was stacked with fish by now it's being prepared for market across the u.k. in the brought more than a half to europe that needs to go fast to fetch a decent price leave the market here about eleven o'clock process and evening and catch fire in the morning or go through the tunnel whatever. any delay at all to this volume. means an expanse or a lower price for the process which in these times is critical for. many fisherman support breck's it in the interests of protecting their waters and stops but just as many in the fishing industry want open borders with europe can they have both protecting the rights of british fishermen has become eight so technical issue for many leading breakfast as they say the u.k.
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must leave the european free trade area but staying in the european free trade area is crucial for those parts of the fishing industry which need to move their stock quickly to some of the best restaurants in places like france and spain and that's a big problem. which is a local delicacy but not if you live in the post for a week. to make a point about what happens to fish if it gets stuck in a truck for too long and the local m.p. here sent the government minister in charge of bricks it's a traditional fish pie in the post government ministers who support. city says don't understand their own constituency or i believe they're simply choosing to look at the divisions in the tory party they're making the decisions based on politics gnostic economics not the interests of the people in these islands it's time they looked at the office realities of where they got the story. of course it isn't the only fish anything perishable goods reliance on
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a fast turnaround could be affected disastrously if british trucks of falls to queue for days before entering the continent they were in continue discussions with u.k. government and scottish government i think the concern is we've had real clarity as to what you can government don't want which is the customs union but realize certainly still as to what the future does hold. in peterhead they're expanding the ports because they believe their markets will grow. supporters of directed ashore continental europe will fall for a deal on taxes and tariffs because they love to eat british fish and livelihoods of people here may depend on this assumption forestry al-jazeera east and scotland . that's growing tension between china and the u.s. on trade and they strain relations are being felt at the world's biggest annual cash show in beijing u.s. auto manufacturers are concerned it couldn't pay that access to the world's largest car market reports. amid the specter of
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a trade war u.s. auto executives are holding their breath in china but they're not holding back on their brands this is a market where their companies have to maintain a high profile general motors now sells more cars in china than at home almost four million last year. it's an important market for ford as well their presence illustrated of the deep economic connections between china and the united states but unless beijing and washington can settle their trade differences these cars could eventually cost twenty five percent more we always advocate anywhere around the world the benefits of free trade we feel very welcome in china here is a business we have great chinese partners in spite of strains in the china u.s. trade relationship president xi jinping has been holding out an olive branch he says that four years from now restrictions that have been preventing us car
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manufacturers from fully owning local companies will come to an end. a promise to end those restrictions could go some way to heading off a trade war china is so important to foreign car manufacturers that some now choose this market to launch new models. china has the highest concentration of car ownership in the world more than twenty four million vehicles were sold last year and a growing number of the cars now clogging china's roads are electric powered. their popularity is partly down to generous subsidies available to both buyers and manufacturers. the government sees electric cars as both a way to clean up smog choked cities and to become a market leader in green technology trying knowledge a highway provider even when the western countries invented the traditional car that's why the chinese government want to encourage development obvious all
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electric cars to overtake the west. and the government has another ambitious goals for electric cars to account for a third of all chinese car sales within seven years adrian brown al jazeera beijing . light pollution is threatening to undermine our ability to search for life on other planets is even happening in chile as atacama desert one of the darkest areas on earth you see anyone reports. at sunset the views from the european southern observatory located in chile's at the camera desert are breathtaking but it's at night when the deep darkness and unique atmosphere of conditions of the at the camera turned these skies into heaven for astronomers. but at the pattern al observatory scientists probe the universe with giant telescopes but at twenty six hundred meters above sea level and one hundred fifty kilometers from the city of uncle for gas that these starlets guys are being threatened by light pollution we
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are in very isolated place in chile but we can see still hollows from the cities from the mines so it's it's very it's very disturbing to see all of this light. from space you can see just how contaminated by light our planet is becoming making it more difficult to see the stars. although chile's government has introduced standards to significantly reduce street lighting in cities near observatories cheap lights are increasingly illuminating homes store signs and billboards. especially in the cities of last it in a and cookie. but the impact is great news well no measurable little so it's no longer a threat it's a reality. the most of it's happening at a time when astronomers like the number selman believe they've never been closer to making the discovery of all time the greatest adventure of humanity right now is
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happening here which is that we're looking for life in the universe. and that is happening right now here in become a birth. and for that darkness is crucial this is sort of structure may look familiar it was used as the location for the lair of the forces of evil in the james bond film quantum solace but in fact the reason why it is practically underground is to keep it light from leaking out at night from this pattern as residents of some one hundred and fifty astronomers and technicians. noise in chile will house seventy percent of global astronomical infrastructure in less than five years along with the world's largest telescope but astronomers are sending out an s.o.s. warning that if mankind continues to over illuminated the skies we will lose the time long ability to gaze and be guided by the stars you see in human out to see
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that several bad enough to. scare you the top stories now when al-jazeera french president emanuel has urged the u.s. to avoid nationalism and work with france to tackle global challenges moscow made the common sense an address to the u.s. congress he also warned washington against shutting out the world saying it needs to lead the way towards strong multilateralism. let me say we have two possible wave had we can choose. isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if to all fields but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of our
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citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us protests are continuing in our manias capital as the political crisis unfolds thousands of people took to the streets for the opposition leader accuse the government refusing to negotiate to transfer power there were celebrations to after the acting prime minister announced new elections. an israeli soldier has been sentenced to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager in twenty fourteen nineteen no one was shot during a lull in protests marking the day israel came into existence nigeria's president has vowed to hunt down gunmen who opened fire on the catholic church killing at least nineteen people it's happened in a remote village in new states as self-styled religious leader in india with
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millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison for rape as sarin bath who was convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl one of his spiritual retreat in twenty thirteen danish inventor peter manson has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering an dismembering a swedish journalist on his submarine came vols remains were found at sea after she interviewed manson on the vessel. those are the headlines stay with the al-jazeera phone lines is coming up next. in the lead up to their historic twenty eight team careers summit. al-jazeera looks at life in the know will. join me james brace for a series of special reports from north korea. here on al-jazeera. you're listening.


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