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the most complex situation as you can imagine and have a midwife and. rewind on al-jazeera. in the us civil war slavery to an end. there is a strong possibility that the very truths that you are using could have been brought to your table by a right here in the land of the free the foreign workers tricked into immigrating and trapped by unscrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves because of slavery a twenty first century evil on al-jazeera. i mean this was different whether someone is going for someone's favorite. tree i think it's how you approach an individual and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. a story and die out.
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this is zero. shall carry this is the news hour life coming up in the next sixty minutes the french president tells us lawmakers to reject nationalism and isolationism key policies of his host on. supporters of armenia's opposition stepped up the pressure to install their leader as prime minister. a jail sentence of nine months for an israeli border policeman who shot dead a palestinian teenager four years ago. and are inside north korea looking at its military capability ahead of friday's historic summit with the south.
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well the president of france has used a speech to a joint session of congress to urge the u.s. to reject the nationalism and preserve the iran nuclear deal. to save a three minute standing ovation as he arrived in the chamber his speech was critical of the u.s. president's agenda despite the two share and warm relations on state visit let me say we have two possible ways head we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remitted to all fields but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fritters of all citizens. we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us saving the iran nuclear deal has been high on the agenda
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for more crones u.s. visit he proposed a new agreement they negotiated with iran that expands on the existing deal white house correspondent kimberly how could reports the president of the french republic . before a joint session of the u.s. congress french president emanuel argue the united states should remain part of the iran nuclear agreement it is true to see that this agreement. may know the address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having some seen substantial and more substantial than said . a day earlier in meetings that the white house might cross suggested the current deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief should be the cornerstone of a new supplemental agreement oh and it would address tribes concerns beyond twenty
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twenty five including limiting iran's influence in the middle east and halting ballistic missile testing we can change and we can be flexible you know in life you have to be flexible so despite criticizing the existing iran agreement repeatedly for years trump is now signaling he's open to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the deal but only if his criticisms are addressed with a deadline for donald trump to make his decision just weeks away european leaders are conducting a high level lobbying effort on friday german chancellor angela merkel will be the next to visit the white house she'll work to persuade try to remain in the twenty fifteen iran deal but iran says a u.s. withdrawal will kill it tehran has threatened to respond by pulling out of another agreement the nuclear nonproliferation agreement on weapons on wednesday iran's president question trunks ability to even comprehend the terms of any agreement
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show me the car ship hot seat you don't have any background in politics you don't have any background in law you don't have any background on international treaties or going to tradesmen a merchant someone who builds towers for a living make judgments about international affairs and well he's currently signaling he's open to the u.s. for maining in the deal negotiated with iran and five other world. powers given his impulsive nature there's still time for trump to change his mind and follow through with threats to leave the iran deal kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house ellen fisher joins us live now from washington d.c. alan it's known that these two men have different positions on any number of things . but this seemed to really be an attempt to point out to highlight those differences is it fair to call it a rebuke. well the two of them do have this very good personal chemistry i think
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everyone can see that and there's no don't oppose that but this speech in congress was really a manual mccraw and saying to donald trump i don't agree with you not just on a couple of things on a lot of things you'll remember that during the french presidential election campaign donald trump actually supported marine le pen who was one of my early stages opponents and this was mccall essentially saying look this is where i think we differ know the around deal we know about that kimberly explained that but there are other places too where a manual mccraw and donald trump simply don't agree one of the biggest rounds of applause came when among your mccall said he would like to see somebody at the united states getting back into the party palace climate agreement and most of that applause came from democrats and it was significant that when there was slowed applause it was mainly democrats that were doing it there are other issues too when donald trump's a top trumps of talks about isolationism and american farce this is something the
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man you're mccraw thinks is a bad idea he said america she continued to be one of the leading voices in the world he says of the door and then other countries and i think he means china and russia are ready to step into that void and he even had a rebuke is probably the right word for some of the rhetoric that donald trump uses seeing that that doesn't do anything to build solutions what it does do is create and insularity and the fear of donald trump tweeted out that he was going to want to monument cross speech on television we think he did we're not entirely sure the white house hasn't confirmed that but if he did he certainly hasn't had any reaction to what emanuel mccraw had to see ok allan thresher high for us in washington thanks allan. it has featured plenty of backslapping handshakes even kisses about how have the french people reacted to this close relationship between their president and on
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a trial about reports from paris. it was pomp and ceremony displays of affection and words like camelot the apparent friendship between the french and american presidents was on full show during emmanuel state visit to washington politically the two men have little in common but the liberal macro is determined to get on with his conservative counterparts we have to make a berth for years perfect in france opinion polls suggest donald trump is unpopular but many people support mike ross approach. what on that they are great friends doesn't matter michael is the french president and he must create strong ties with the u.s. . it's very important for france and for the u.s. and even for europe especially as trump seems to really appreciate president it's a sea chill to have good relations analysts say that macros courting of trump is seen by many french people as
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a political tactic mcroy is probably really doing this as a strategy of trying to show from that he actually does respect him and to value the transatlantic relationship because at the end of the day from the european perspective you might not like the american president but the u.s. will always remain an important partner since micros election he has no cheered his relationship with trump inviting him as france's guest of honor to last year's bastille day celebrations and talking regularly by phone michael says he was able to convince trump to keep u.s. troops in syria some people say that the macros close mr trump is a risk because the u.s. president is so unpredictable but others say the french president has much to gain he can try and influence trump on important international matters such as the iran nuclear deal and it may help france's international standing recall seems to her very. well for through diplomatic strategy which is
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true create the largest amount of flexibility for france making sure the u.s. is on micro will leave washington with few promises on a number of issues it's unclear for example whether trumbull impose u.s. trade tariffs on the e.u. or agree to an expanded iran nuclear agreement but if trump changes his mind on either issue many people in france may feel the tulip backslapping and smiles who was it. al-jazeera paris when they were ahead on the news hour including a show of unity germans rally against anti-semitism after an attack and berlin. and then didn't go through with millions of followers a sentenced to prison life and prison for rape. and sport its advantage around the track after the first leg of their champions league semifinal where i am.
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place in the u.s. state of california have charged a former police officer they suspect of being the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's he's seventy two year old joseph james t. angelo and it was the d.n.a. found at his home that matched the crime scene evidence. as in los angeles rob tell us the scale of the crimes he's accused. well these crimes rachele occurred over a period of more than ten years and they absolutely terrified communities from northern california to southern california santa barbara and other parts of this state people slept with guns by their sides people locked and barred their doors there was a sense of terror in these communities and of course there were dozens of victims
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of brutal homicides and rapes and now those victims will get apparently a measure of justice forty two years after he began a rampage of murder rape in fear authorities in california say a man alleged to be the golden state killer is behind bars. in a perfectly executed arrest by detectives arrested james joseph d'angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights dns low was taken into custody at his suburban home near sacramento during part of the period when the crimes occurred he was a sacramento area policeman well very possibly he was committing the crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer the golden state killer also known as the east area rapist allegedly murdered at least twelve people sexually assaulted forty five and broke into more than one hundred and twenty homes across california in the one nine
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hundred seventy s. and eighty's detectives collected massive amounts of physical evidence and tips but were on able to crack the case until recent advances in d.n.a. technology we all knew as part of this team that we were looking. for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there d.n.a. collected from the crime scenes provided the crucial break we started some surveillance we were able to get some discarded d.n.a. and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man authorities say d'angelo was previously not under suspicion the golden state killer crept into victims' homes at night while they slept he often targeted couples he would tie up the husbands and then sexually assault their wives he then bludgeoned some of his victims to death his youngest rape victim was thirteen years old we
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will do everything that we can to bring justice to the victims that suffered from unspeakable harm from the horrific crimes crimes that may now be solved by decades of relentless investigation and detectives who never gave up. now d'angelo is also already facing two counts of aggravated homicide california does have the death penalty so that could be an option if prosecutors choose to go in that direction and richelle i think this just proves that as far as criminals go you can run you can hide you can hide for a long time but you can't hide forever not in the era of d.n.a. forensics all right rob reynolds live for us in los angeles rob thank you protesters have been back on the streets of the armenian capital after the acting prime minister cancel crisis talks with the opposition protest leader nichol shinya
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and says he is ready to lead the country into new elections as a movement forced armenia's former later starts like his men to resign on monday and they are then robin forestay walker reports. they brought the capital to a standstill. it was a carnival atmosphere. as it was getting to be it's the police have ceased to into the instead they have retreated to protect government buildings said such yesterdays news now his republican party still in charge is the next target of the protest movement. at the young smell revolution. we want justice and we want. to be the prime minister acting prime minister caught in kind of pity and cancel talks with the opposition shut you up for wednesday said he was ready for elections but not on the street he was voted it's in the game i don't know of any country
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where the people's canada is elected in that way that's why we have elections there are some in the citizenry who are disappointed how are we to measure their desire to have the going is the desires of others and the citizenry who want a different candidate make a call conciliation and nicole taking actually the part for mr it's not clear who else is willing to stand in the way of opposition leader nicole passion. parties in parliament sided with his movements on wednesday and the international community is taking him seriously too we caught up with him fresh from talks at the russian embassy republican party has lost his power and the. republican party a shrewd recognized victory of the people and without any condition as far as he is concerned and as far as this crowd is concerned because it is on the threshold of becoming this country's new leader and i shrink
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a new democratic era to the republic of armenia this was i don't want the corridors of power but he has proven he could mobilize only deals in time that where his power is on the street and here on republic square probably for a steelworker al-jazeera arabic. and a secular court has sentenced a border police officer to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager and two thousand and fourteen and demiraj dad to an protests marking the day israel came into existence as father and human rights groups have condemned the sentence as too ling it harry fostered a force on the occupied west bank. four years ago nadine nora took part in these protests in the occupied west bank town of beit hanoun yesterday he was one of the group of young men and teenagers throwing stones towards israeli security forces israel says they were instructed to use rubber coated bullets but when the seventeen year old was shot he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was
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pronounced dead later an autopsy on his examined body would show he'd been shot through the chest with a regular bullet medical volunteer mohammad saleem was there that day he arrived in time to see a second teenage boy shot through the chest right next to him throw a stone and he was like walking back so his face was sort of this their accent and when he reached almost here he was shot in the back and then he turned around and fall he gave first aid to the victim muhammad but he too died no proceedings were brought in the case of one would i would die here but the killing of nadine was different at one stage israeli border police officer who pulled the trigger was indicted for manslaughter. ben derry was initially accused of deliberately placing live rounds in the magazine of his assault rifle which should have been firing only rubber coated i mean in a plea deal that accusation was dropped and he was convicted instead of negligence
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his sentence nine months in prison now dims father has fought a long legal battle on behalf of his son from the moment he says he found alive bullet in the backpack nineteen was wearing when he died and a kid in nor i have proven that israel has no justice or fairness when it comes to palestinians i prove this with evidence because the cares of the d.m. is one of the strongest piercers in the israeli palestinian conflict by ambulance approved in a day most intentionally killed palestinian activists say a double standard is at play highlighted by the case of i head to mimi the palestinian teenager convicted of assault and incitement after slapping an israeli soldier her sentence eight months the child slapped the soldier and received almost the same sentence. put an end to the life of testing and charged so you can compare the standards the justice system is following the israeli police have declined to comment on ben dairies sentencing the judgment
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criticized him for aiming at the upper body of someone who presented no immediate threat to having a live round in his magazine but it found no intention on his part to load that bullet or fire it at nineteen nora perry force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. international donors have raised four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria falling well short of the un's target for this year the u.s. did not submit a pledge at the fundraising conference in brussels saying it's reviewing its support for the country meanwhile the u.s. accusing russia ron and turkey of escalating the conflict the u.s. foreign policy chief fredricka maharani says the countries have a special responsibility to establish a ceasefire on that gun from the norwegian refugee council says that as syria's government takes back territory the focus needs to be on helping refugees return home this is a massive relief operation if these food water sanitation the
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education but also. the livelihoods. of production that we know need to see we need to give hope to a whole generation of syrian youth that have really seen nothing but war they need to have education vocational training and then we need to help them into livelihoods it's very dangerous to say to a whole generation of of syrians you will you will you will have no hope you will have no future of course we will always saw bitterness we need to give hope and that is what much of this money is is giving person i'm very interested in education and livelihoods creation that is also a you know a basis for one day one day bollman to return to their places of origin and jarius president has vowed to hunt down the gunman who killed at least nineteen people at a catholic church seventeen worshippers in two priests died in that attack in the
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new state fifty houses were also burnt down since two thousand and thirteen the region has seen a rise between mainly muslim herdsman and farmers who are mostly christian when he has more from a good. gunmen invaded the village of. after dawn and started attacking tombs and places of worship in the catholic church in the area they killed at least nineteen people including two priests the nigerian president ordered the immediate arrest of those who perpetrated the attack locals say the act was carried out by following the herdsman who have been in conflict with farmers in that part of central nigeria but there is no claim of responsibility they have been sitting tight attacks between the farmers and cattle reraise in central nigeria over the last decade or so so far this year dozens have been killed in that region the nigerian president described the attack as barbaric as vile and promised to
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track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice the police was unable to bring the situation under control after the police chief was ordered to relocate to been arrested to bring to an end this crisis the nigerian army was deployed in large numbers and is conducting exercises aimed at calming frayed nerves and also dealing with those carrying out those attacks it has made several arrest however the attacks still continue nigeria's information minister told al-jazeera that all of the government is taking action might not be enough to tackle the root cause of the violent. the governmental swung into action on the deployed would the military and the police and iraq in recent times i wrestle been made and i'd have been prosecuted in addition to governmental in all believe that the long term solution is have for the hess men to adopt ranch in on also what the farmers also do i don't
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know. a more modern techniques and for me for high yields since the land and resources i do indeed thousands of germans wearing jewish caps have rallied in support of the jewish community comes a week after an attack and berlin were two men wearing the caps which are. or harassed and assaulted by mccain has more. many hundreds of people have come here to the center of building to take part in this demonstration of peaceful protest as it were against the sorts of scenes that we witnessed last week when two people were attacked by a person who had seen them wearing the jewish keep the skullcap and who had screamed anti semitic abuse at them the point to make is this demonstration here is just one of several taking place in german cities in three other places there are similar sorts of demonstrations the point being made is the pride that members of the jewish community feel in their face and the fact that they want to highlight the evils of what they consider anti semitism to be there's also some other point to make the german government has been very clear that it feels that anti semitism
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must be stamped out wherever possible and certainly that's something that the chancellor angela merkel has made very plain in several speeches since the events as i referred to earlier that we witnessed the anti semitic abuse that took place in the prince lower back and area of this city berlin so just to repeat that there are many hundreds of people here this is not an isolated demonstration taking place there are those cross germany today or highlighting what these people consider to be the evils of anti-semitism the danish inventor has been jailed for life for murdering and dismembering a swedish journalist on his submarine cannonballs remains were found at sea after she interviewed peter madsen on his homemade vessel as an admitted to cutting up her body but says she died accidentally of carbon monoxide poisoning while i'm bored. animal products he brought various items down to the submarine objects with which it was to be tied up tortured and killed be subjected to sexual abuse
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dismembered and then thrown overboard from the submarine and what the court has also emphasized apart from that it was a planned bruce who and cynical murder is that we talk about a woman who is working as a journalist and is completely innocent in all this self-styled religious leader in india with millions of followers has been jailed for life for rape. who was convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl at one of his spiritual retreats and two thousand and thirteen and security forces have been put on high alert after the verdict reports . known for its extravagant and sometimes different costumes also known bapu or bapuji us he's known as disciples around the world and in hundreds of hindu religious retreats known as a shrimp. whose such as a psalm say they meet people spiritual needs but some are accused of exploiting their followers for money property and sex by offering them
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a one stop shop for everything you have being you have you have spiritual. problem this man has all the. security has been tightened across the northern state of raw just on that's after court convicted for the rape of a sixteen year old girl and sentenced him to life in prison. the allegations made against completely false and there is no truth in it is not alone he has millions of followers who support him and will continue to do so us our arm supporters say the guru practices black magic and can instantly transform fortunes but the guru has also been linked to the mutilation of four young boys in an alleged sacrifice ritual. men. we in india have called for tough legal action against him and other self professed god men we demand his ashram his religious center be
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seized by the government he should be put behind bars and all his property throughout india no matter what it is should be seized a son ahmed's forty six year old son not a on are also accused of other crimes including the rape of two sisters over a period of ten years in the city of swat police said saddam's son admitted the sex assaults and fathering a child with one of his victims but nearly all witnesses in the rape case changed their mind about testifying fearing expulsion from the community at least two witnesses were shot and killed that case is continuing these kind of. dying have a lot of political ads. various political party didn't in india who support the doing election become. above the law prosecutors are fighting back by using laws passed for the protection of children against sex offenders to stop religious leaders from breaking the law
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paul chowder john al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera by one of the world's the darkest areas for a look at what's threatening in the sky. journalists under fire a new warning on the state of press freedom around the world. and support the former tennis world number one struggling to hit the heights on his return from injury. how i was still got something of a mixed bag of weather across north america still some rather heavy rainfall some light a spell of which is where the reason the price is the pulling away from the middle of the states up into that northeastern corner becomes the next one of the area just spilling off the planes coming out of the rockies easing down towards the deep
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south and as we go on through thursday some bacon foundry showers certainly a possibility convert out the possibility of the odd tornado coming through as well but some just picking up ahead of that they say could be up to twenty celsius eighteen celsius in new york there will be some cloud right just around maine pushing up into that eastern side of kind of the thirteen celsius for auto fire dry and sunny for toronto at around thirteen degrees for the west about twenty six in seattle before patch around sixteen for friday often a lot of dry weather though the one thing that we can be policed about so we're looking at a lot of dry weather to the central pos by friday but the west the weather will make its way back to ward stacy and being over towards a bit allowed to stay in north carolina was saying some of that wet weather but further south with suspect they will stay fine and jobs and pleasant sunshine coming through the sunshine as per usual across the caribbean but we have still got some showers and a set to continue across the greater antilles for much of the week.
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disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self worth let me in and i did what i don't feel like system my own country the country creamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things to al-jazeera world here's the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality passport to freedom on al-jazeera the globe in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenge is going to be the men and women of the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story unique is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we
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ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. they're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour a french president has used his speech to a joint session of congress to urge the u.s. to reject nationalism and preserve the iran nuclear deal on criticize key policies of his host president donald trump despite the apparent warm relations between the two during his state visit to the u.s. . place in the u.s. state of california have charged a former police officer they suspect of being the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james d'angelo was held after d.n.a. for. his home matched crime scene evidence. that israeli court has sentenced a border police officer to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager in two thousand and fourteen demiraj all was shot dead during protests marking the anniversary of the creation of israel human rights groups have condemned the sentence as to clean it. south korea has unveiled the main meeting room for friday's historic and to a korean summit it will be the first direct talks between the leaders of north and south korea and more than a decade. and will discuss nuclear program and a formal end to austerities whom they will use is the house of peace on the south korean side of the truce village of job correspondents on both sides from pyongyang our diplomatic editor james bays takes a look at the military's role in north korea first though kathy novak reports from a village inside the demilitarized zone this is
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a farming village unlike any other in south korea it's inside the heavily guarded demilitarized zone that separates the two koreas north korea is just over a kilometer in that direction gooders who strayed over the border in the past were arrested by north korean guards so farmers get a military escort to their rice fields to go through. we have to report every time we enter and exit the village were farmers so we have to go out just tell our crops but so many restrictions apply to us which makes it very difficult. when the nine hundred fifty three armistice ended hostilities in the korean war the two koreas set up a village each inside the d.m.z. as a sort of model of what life is like on either side the south koreans called key jiang on the other side a propaganda village they don't believe people really live there when south korea erected one hundred meter flagpole the north put up a one hundred sixty meter flagpole villagers are close enough to hear propaganda
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broadcasts from the north but they say they haven't heard any since monday after south korea announced it would stop broadcasting its messages across the border for about two hundred residents evacuation drills and a curfew from midnight to sunrise are a way of life but in exchange because this land is under un command locals don't pay taxes to the south korean government with about seven hundred acres of farming land per family the average incomes are higher than those of other farmers and men are exempt from mandatory military service the thirty five students at the only school inside the d.m.z. get personalized attention with only about five children per teacher and us soldiers visit to teach english if you're not a direct descendant of an original resident and want to move here you have to be a woman and marry a local man men don't have that option because the south korean government doesn't want them taking unfair advantage of the military service exemption they are
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everywhere but you're not allowed to film them we only got these pictures when we first arrived in pyongyang before it was explained politely but very firmly that taking pictures of military and security personnel was forbidden. the north korean military is believed to have over a million soldiers this city was badly destroyed during the korean war most of the buildings were built in the decades immediately after the conflict the military history of this now isolated nation is revealed as you travel around the capital city. this monument marks the defeat of the japanese who the occupied korea until the end of world war two a few years later the korean war which had a devastating human cost on both sides this is a country that was forged in war and is still even now on a war footing. yet. younger koreans at this school that
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taught the history of the korean war war images are displayed in the corridors. older koreans meanwhile need no reminders. those americans are just hearing about them makes my heart tremble my father was killed by the americans when i was twelve so whenever i hear about those americans i get overcome with hatred it makes my heart tremble. forthcoming talks will center on north korea's nuclear program but the country has a substantial conventional arsenal to the principal target of their artillery guns the south korean capital seoul earlier there in the other half of this divided land i spoke to a lawmaker a military expert who told me the world should not only focus on the nuclear threats for them it's who. the biological weapons are on asli more fearsome the nuclear weapons from our perspective the destructiveness of
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a one ton nuclear warhead can be achieved with only four kilograms of anthrax in terms of casualties in seoul it is estimated that north korea has stockpiled over five thousand tons of chemical weapons on one song in all military first is a longstanding north korean strategy in recent years the leader kim jong un has added another track a cautious and partial opening up of the economy now for the first time on friday he'll be adding in high level diplomacy james bays out zira pyongyang. the supreme court's conservative judges have indicated they're likely to up hold on a travel ban and the court has been hearing arguments on the president's contentious executive order which targets travelers from predominantly muslim countries there are five conservatives on the nine member supreme court to appear unlikely to second guess the president trump says the ban is needed for national security that critics say it discriminates against religious groups and violates
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the constitution. the white house has criticized the ruling against the top administration's decision to end dhaka program saying it's wrong the plan shells thousands of young immigrants known as dreamers from deportation and gives them work permits judge john bates ruled that terminating the program was based on virtually unexplained grounds he's ordered it to be restarted. doctor program violates federal law president obama went around congress and created the illegal doc doco program we believe the judge's ruling is extraordinarily broad and wrong on the law what's worse is that it creates an incentive for more illegal immigrant youth to come here and causes them to expect similar judicial policies be applied to them this ruling is good news for smuggling organizations and criminal networks and horrible news for our national security it's time for congress to do what the president has called on them to do and offer to be part of it actually fix this problem place of kind of farms the three mexican film students who disappeared last
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month were abducted and killed their bodies for dissolved in acid by a gang who mistook them for members of a rival group their deaths have sparked protests john holeman has more from mexico city. this is one of the pockets of protests that have sprung up in mexico since authorities and now the three films students who disappeared last month were killed the state prosecutor's office lease go in southwest mexico says they believe that they were murdered by a drug going into the buildings within days so do not. this isn't the business according to the indications in interviews that is where they were known to have beaten one of the students once they were hitting him that is how he was killed and they had to execute the other two students. the wounds in mexico never really closed after forty three students were taken by police in collusion with organized crime in two thousand and fourteen the new around me was full of hundreds of
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thousands of people protesting and this is another reminder for many the authorities called a war protect the innocent stand. where indignant angry we want justice in the area where the students were taken with people disappear every day we want it to be an area of freedom and security now a new president a many political leaders a due to be elected in just over two months and they're going to have to get to grips with a murder level that's the highest in two decades and with many in a population that are both scared and indignant. place in mexico say an award winning journalist was killed last year because of his investigative stories on drug trafficking and organized crime they are valid as was shot at in may just weeks after he interviewed a leader in the senate low a cartel a suspect was arrested on monday and wanna die as one of at least a dozen journalists killed in mexico last year
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a palestinian journalist one of all covering the protests to cause as border with israel two weeks ago has died of his injuries hussein was wounded when israeli forces used live fire against an armed palestinians at least thirty six palestinians have been killed in the past month at the border. reporters without borders has released its annual review on press freedom at looked at one hundred eighty countries and found hostility towards journalists is growing worldwide syria remains the most dangerous place to report from that in the past year journalists have been killed and. india mexico brazil and slovakia north korea eritrea and turkmenistan are the worst offenders when it comes to freedom of the press as they were last year turkey has changed dramatically for a journalist since the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen it's described as the world's biggest prison for professional journalists that report comes as turkish journalist working for an opposition is paper had been convicted of helping
2:43 am
so-called terrorist organizations a quarter istanbul handed out multiple sentences to fourteen staff and a trial seen as a test case for press freedom in the country they remain free pending an appeal three others were clear kristoff the deal or is the secretary general for reporters without borders he says times have been tough for journalists. john there is our we can now with days by. the dictatorships of course the fact that some of the data really wants to explore the models by technology called evolutions it weakens journalism when john there is so for. sort of competition with fake news false information rumors propaganda it's raw. journey so we can because of economic reasons because the funding of journalism is weakened in many countries so we have to fight especially in democracies to defend the
2:44 am
democratic models and to reverse the really exists pressure on countries and governments so that the open the doors to journalism to journalists working for the warders news agency and me and maher are accused of violating state secrecy laws have appeared in court when low in charge so were arrested in december while investigating abuses and rakhine state if convicted they could face up to fourteen years in prison alison's of survivors of a massive earthquake in nepal three years ago are still living in makeshift shelters said the government has to tell its promise to has not fulfilled its promise rather to give them permanent homes to be distressed of reports. from the arab basque of fish looks like any other but all these huts have flimsy rules made of talk polish and bamboo but the magnitude seven point eight earthquake
2:45 am
shook this part of the world three years ago nine thousand people died almost four thousand of them were from district one hundred and fifty two families to shelter on this hilltop. my dog's willage is a day's walk from here so our house was swallowed by the river here it impossible to sit inside during the summer in the winter it's cold and damp and when the wind blows we are sometimes afraid that i leave my get blown away on it almost eight hundred thousand homes were damaged by the queen each family qualifies to receive three thousand dollars for rebuilding but so far only one hundred nineteen thousand families have a permanent home the rest remain in temporary shelters meyer dongs family are qualified for the grant except they have nowhere to build because experts say their villages are unsafe geologists have identified more than eighty families here who can no longer return to their villages the government has said that they are going
2:46 am
to resettle them but the process is extremely long as the decision to allocate land has to be made by the capital across the country due hundred eighty six areas are identified as high risk so for quake damage around four thousand families need permanent relocation they are frustrated with the delays and so are the government representatives about it we've been elected for just around a year and we've processed all the documents necessary for this area the problem is the country system runs a very slow. the government estimates ten billion dollars would be needed to really give the country not south of the quake donors have pledged four billion dollars for reconstruction but the government says that the money has not been handed over yet incredible baskets. i was of the pledge amount we already have agreements for two point six billion dollars we're not in a position to say that there's a budget crunch and we can't give any help we're committed to rebuilding as soon as
2:47 am
possible. but living under these sheets they just. protect them from the wind. takes a parting shot at the. story. by
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pollution is threatening to undermine our ability to search for life on other planets it's even happening and she lays out a comet desert one of the darkest areas on earth out of comets home to some of the world's most advanced telescopes but light pollution there is increased up to thirty percent compared to a decade ago cinema reports from the part all observatory in northern chile. at sunset the views from the european southern observatory located in chile's at the comma desert are breathtaking but it's a night when the deep darkness and unique atmosphere of conditions of the at the comma turned these skies into heaven for a strong numbers. but at the pattern and observatories scientists probe the universe with giant telescopes but at twenty six hundred meters above sea level and one hundred fifty kilometers from the city of until five past these starlets skies are being threatened by light pollution we are in very isolated place inside but
2:50 am
we can see these two how those from the cities from the mines so it's it's very very disturbing to see all of these lights. from space you can see just how contaminated by light our planet is becoming making it more difficult to seated by light our planet is becoming making it more difficult to see the stars. although chile's government has introduced standards to significantly reduce street lighting in cities near observatories cheap lights are increasingly illuminating. hones store signs and billboards especially in the cities of last sit in a and. but the impact is well known and measurable so it's no longer a threat it's a reality. it's happening at a time when astronomers like the number seven men believe they've never been closer to making the discovery of all time the great for adventure of humanity right now
2:51 am
is happening here which is that we are looking for life in the universe and that is happening right now here in become a bit. and for that darkness is crucial this is sort of structure may look familiar it was used as the location for the lair of the forces of evil in the james bond film quantum solace but in fact the reason why it is practically underground is to keep it light from leaking out at night from this pattern as residents of some one hundred and fifty astronomers and technicians north in chile will house seventy percent of global astronomical infrastructure in less than five years along with the world's largest telescope but astronomers are sending out an s.o.s. warning that if mankind continues to over illuminated the skies we will lose the time long ability to gaze and be guided by the stars to see a newman out to sea that several. times for sport now with.
2:52 am
thank you very much choice of the volunteers real madrid after the first leg of their champions league semifinal against by munich well winning two on in germany to stay on target for a third straight title by took the lead at the audience arena through right back just lucky me but the twelfth time champions hit back with goals from marcello and i since you christiane or nadal failed to score in the european game for the first time this season the size meet again in madrid next tuesday the pool fans have been celebrating their team's big going in the other semifinal on tuesday liverpool beat roma five two in the first leg of that tie and field mohamed salah scored that twice to take his tally for the season up to forty three the return leg is in italy next wednesday. now we have two. but again
2:53 am
a drone that's no problem we would if we should yeah there would have been broke for us to do when we win five no because it's broome would have tried everything to strike back anyway so that's not a big difference and i but i learn tonight is that we can win the second game as well even when it will be different households correspond that he waiting says liverpool have overachieved to reach this stage of the competition. well liverpool has a proud tradition in european football but at the start of the season i would really stickley not have expected reaching the semifinals of the champions league let's along winning the first leg against holland cup i'm a five so of course roma do you have a good m.r. of hypothesized like if i can do the same things in liverpool that i did to barcelona in the last round the other thing that liverpool wouldn't have been expecting is for masala to turn out to be quite as good as he is of course it was
2:54 am
a record signing of cosplay hyde's hopes that he would be a key player in their new looks a monday you can call but chilly school forty three goals and counting to a broken record after record to the one player of the year another record that he's broken i was the first african player to score ten dollars in a champions league season that sends out a warning so the other semifinalists by a munich madrid who will play that fast leg on wednesday night of course round with jade on the trophy holders of course they have christiane i'm going out on the interesting thing now is that saleh has moved into the bracket over now donna messi in terms of his performances as the to sticks can he do it for the long time coming proposal of a pole so would be the european cup or champions league trophy. well roma have issued a statement condemning the apparent behavior of a some of their fans police are investigating the assault of a liverpool supporter outside the hilda stadium but before kickoff there were clashes between supporters at minutes before the semifinal started two men from
2:55 am
roma have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder fifty three year old a song is in critical condition my fred those involved had brought shame on the club. also in those outgoing manager are some vendor has admitted the timing of his departure from the club wasn't his decision and house on friday that he would be leaving arsenal off to twenty two years in charge his team face athletic all my big on thursday in the semifinals of the or public the timing was not redeem my decision and for the rest i've spoken about already honestly i don't know what i will do read i take a rest i would continue to work. by my. side as all risk being to give my best to where i'm employed done to the last day of my contract the owner of english second tier team leeds united claims the club's this
2:56 am
fission to go on a tour of minima has been carefully considered these are due to play two games in the country that's been accused of human rights abuses against its war in general nor to the trip is being sponsored by a private man ma banker but the club deny there is a financial incentive. from the tennis wall number one novak djokovic is continuing to struggle on his return from injury he was beaten by slovak in qualifying martin santa in the second round of the barcelona open djokovic to has failed to reach the last eight in any of his five tournaments appearances since making his comeback from an elbow injury. and finding champion rafael nadal progress in straight sets he beat fellow spaniard roberto carberry and now the world number one has now won thirty eight straight sets from on his favorite play. and your report
2:57 am
into corruption in tennis says there's a tsunami of match fixing in the lower levels of the sport the independent review panel spoke to more than three thousand players around the world close to five hundred said they had first hand knowledge of match fixing the report found no evidence of top level players being involved but says lower paid players are far more vulnerable insists that for a player who already intends to look for other reasons to then bet or to inform others of his or her intentions so as to make enough money to continue playing stand a small step for a player to decide deliberately to lose or to lose just a game or a saint in order to make enough money to continue to play. and be a champion the golden state warriors have booked their place in the second round of the playoffs they sealed a four one series victory over western conference rivals the san antonio spurs he
2:58 am
really is doing it even without stop man steph curry who sidelined with unless the injury they do have kevin durant go to school twenty five points on tuesday as golden state one thousand nine hundred ninety one. japanese baseball sensation shaw hale a tiny is a once again proving his worth the l.a. angels a rookie pitch the hundred or one miles per hour of possible in the game which is a quick as the buy a starting pitcher of the season the twenty three year old helping his side to eight to seven win over the houston astros. and that's a useful for me we'll have more later on that's all for the news hour but i'll be back on the other side of the break with much more news keep it here down to zero.
2:59 am
maybe on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al-jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power the top u.s.
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general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans of the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may be on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and. brass by. the data transfer times of the fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost this time on al-jazeera.


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