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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and monday put it well on i g.'s the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr evil like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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the french president pushes back on donald trump's america first agenda at a speech to the u.s. congress. hello i'm adrian franken this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i supporters of our media as opposition step up the pressure to install their leader as prime minister. police in california make a major break in a serial killer case that dates back forty years and we're inside north korea looking at the country's military capability ahead of friday's historic summit with the south. the french president has used his speech to a joint session of congress to urge the u.s.
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to reject nationalism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal that money will not crawl received a three minute standing ovation as he arrived in the chamber his speech was critical of the u.s. president's agenda despite the two sharing warm relations during the course state visit. let me say we have two possible ways had we can choose. isolation isn't withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if to our fears but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the freeze of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us saving the iran nuclear deal has been high on the agenda for macross us with it but in the past few hours the french leader said that he is
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not confident the truck will stay in the pact alan fischer reports from washington . the fact that the two men have this personal chemistry there's no doubt about that everyone can see it but emmanuel mccall took his speech to congress to highlight the policy differences between the two men now we know about the iran nuclear deal that has been clear something that's been talked about but there were other key moments in the speech not least when he was talking about international trade no manual mccraw said the town of swore not a good idea it didn't see that implicitly but essentially he said look we made the rules for the world trade organization that's what we should use to get over any trade disputes he also talked to about america abandoning its position in the world as a global leader with the idea of isolationism or america first he said there are other countries and at that point he was clearly referring to china and russia who have
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the ambition and are ready to step in to that rule he also had a rebuke there's no other word for it for donald trump and some of the rhetoric he uses saying that does nothing to construct anything positive what it does do is make people feel scared and there's a negative tone to it all it's interesting to note that when there were loads of applause they came mainly from democrats in congress and one of the biggest cheers was when emanuel mccrum said that he would like to see the united states return at some point to the part of climate accord which of course donald trump has called america out of the donald trump said before the speech he tweeted out that he was going to be watching it on television we don't know if he did the white house hasn't confirmed that but we certainly know in the following hours there's been absolutely no reaction from donald trump. protesters have been back on the streets
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of armenia's capital after the acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protest leader nickel and says that he is ready to lead until new elections are held his movement forced former leader surge. to resign on monday forget of and robin for us to walk or reports. they brought the capital to a standstill. because. it was a carnival atmosphere. for others it was an inconvenience the police have ceased to intervene instead they have retreated to protect government buildings said such is yesterday's news now his republican party still in charge is the next target of the protest movement. the young smell revolution. wasn't just isn't one child he got a. young man to be the prime minister acting prime minister cut in kind of
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pity and cancel talks with the opposition shechem for wednesday said he was ready for elections but not on the street he was voted it's immediately each game i don't know of any country where the people's candidate is elected in that way that's why we have elections there are some in the citizenry who are disappointed how are we to measure their desires to have going to the desires of others in the citizenry who want a different candidate nicole consolation and nicole taking actually the part from mr it's not clear who else is willing to stand in the way of opposition leader nicole passion. parties in parliament sided with his movements on wednesday and the international community is taking him seriously too we caught up with him fresh from talks at the russian embassy republican party has lost his power and the. republican party should recognized victory of the people and without any
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condition as far as he is concerned and as far as this crowd is concerned it is on the threshold of becoming this country's new leader and i shrink a new democratic era to the republic of armenia was. i don't yet want the corridors of power but he has proven he can mobilize our media in time they will wear his powers on the street from here on republic square probably for steelworker al-jazeera there are police in california say they've cracked a decades old murder case they've arrested a former policeman that they believe is the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's from los angeles rob reynolds reports. forty two years after he began a rampage of murder rape and fear authorities in california say a man alleged to be the golden state killer is behind bars in
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a perfectly executed arrest by detectives arrested james joseph d'angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights dns low was taken into custody at his suburban home near sacramento during part of the period when the crimes occurred he was a sacramento area policeman well very possibly he was committing the crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer the golden state killer also known as the east area rapist allegedly murdered at least twelve people sexually assaulted forty five and broke into more than one hundred and twenty homes across california in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's detectives collected massive amounts of physical evidence and tips but were on able to crack the case until recent advances in d.n.a. technology we all knew as part of this team that we were looking. for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there d.n.a.
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collected from the crime scenes provided the crucial break we started some surveillance we were able to get some discarded d.n.a. and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man authorities say d'angelo was previously not under suspicion the golden state killer crept into victims' homes at night while they slept he often targeted couples he would tie up the husbands and then sexually assault their wives he then bludgeoned some of his victims to death his youngest rape victim was thirteen years old we will do everything that we can to bring justice to the victims that suffered a month speakable harm from the horrific crimes crimes that may now be solved by decades of relentless investigation and detectives who never gave up rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. south korea has released more details of its meeting on
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friday with the north president j.n. will greet north korea's kim jong un at the border as he steps across the military demarcation line king will be accompanied by his sister during the talks the two leaders are expected to announce a joint agreement after the meeting the first in more than a decade the north koreans have been celebrating military foundation day which commemorates the army's creation in one hundred thirty two while the focus has been on the country's nuclear ambitions little attention has so far been paid to the military's huge arsenal of conventional weapons our diplomatic editor james base reports from pyongyang. they are everywhere but you're not allowed to film them we only got these pictures when we first arrived in pyongyang before it was explained politely but very firmly that taking pictures of military and security personnel was forbidden. the north korean military is believed to have over
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a million soldiers this city was badly destroyed during the korean war most of the buildings were built in the decades immediately after the conflict the military history of this now isolated nation is revealed as you travel around the capital city. this monument marks the defeat of the japanese who occupied korea until the end of world war two a few years later the korean war which had a devastating human cost on both sides this is a country that was forged in war and is still even now on a war footing. yet. younger koreans at this school of thought the history of the korean war war images are displayed in the corridors. older koreans meanwhile need no remind us the hunan during those americans is just hearing about them makes my heart tremble my father was killed by the americans
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when i was twelve so whenever i hear about those americans i get overcome with hatred it makes my heart tremble suma law forthcoming talks will center on north korea's nuclear program but the country has a substantial conventional arsenal to the principal target of their artillery guns the south korean capital seoul earlier there in the other half of this divided land i spoke to a lawmaker a military expert who told me the world should not only focus on the nuclear threats. well you know the biological weapons are honestly more fearsome the nuclear weapons from our perspective the destructiveness of a one ton nuclear warhead can be achieved with only four kilograms of anthrax in terms of casualties in seoul it is estimated that north korea has stockpiled over five thousand tons of chemical weapons song all military first is a longstanding north korean strategy in recent years the leader kim jong un has
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added another trying to cautious and partial opening up of the economy now for the first time on friday he'll be adding in high level diplomacy james pays out his era pyongyang. will get a weather update next then when examined by the braggs it could put britain's fishing industry on ice. and let there be darkness astronomy six plain why they're having a hard time reaching for the stars. how i once again way they still have some rather sad was making the way across the middle east and that will be the case over the next couple of days a fair amount of cloud showing up on the satellite picture iran seeing some of that cloudy weather grassi making its way through a swiss will see
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a little more cloud also drifting in behind if the truth benign just around the sinai we could see a little bit of class some rain still a possibility here larry of low pressure circulating away with more of a cost in beirut twenty two celsius on thursday afternoon picking up a little as we go on into friday. rising temperatures will see some of the largest i was coming through those. poles in the process and that cloud and rain i said it does become a little more expansive so much the weather coming up towards baghdad a good part of iraq seeing some heavy downpours with the possibility of flooding fair amount of that cloud just spilling over into that western side of iran there will be some cloud around maybe the odd shower to across the reagan peninsula even here in qatar we might see the on thursday a few spots right a possibility the wet weather suspect down toward the southern end of the red sea rather gulf of aden western parts of yemen could still see some sharp showers some shops i was hoping some useful rain also making its way towards cape town over the next day or two top temperature here around seventeen degrees.
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a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey tells the story of a decline of dentist. and. the kind of result three at this time i'll just.
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get the top stories here on al-jazeera the french president has used his speech to a joint session of congress to urge the u.s. to reject nationalism and preserve the iran nuclear deal but in the past few hours emanuel mccall has said that he's not confident the president will trump will stay in the pact. protesters are back on the streets of armenia's capital up to the acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protest leader. says that he's ready to lead until new elections. a police in california charge to form a police but they suspect of being the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist a murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james to angelo was held up to d.n.a. from his home matched crime scene evidence. thousands of people in yemen have protested to condemn a saudi led airstrikes that killed a senior who team leader last week salah al sama had been head of the who he had
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been astray since its twenty sixteen rebels say that he was killed with six companions the conflict has killed more than ten thousand people in the past three years and caused what the united nations says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis the main opposition party in the democratic republic of congo has held its first public rally in two years thousands of people gathered in kinshasa to hear the opposition leader felix shisha katy it comes just months ahead of a key presidential election there is under simmons reports. in the capital of such a large volatile country and political rallies like this one are a rarity firstly because there are opposition supporters here and also more importantly there's no sign of violence. this man felix shay security the newly appointed leader of the u. d.p.s. the union for democracy and social progress wants to take the presidency from engines of kabila and for those wanting to know why the security forces want
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breaking this gathering up he dismissed rumors of a trade off deal with kabila in which he would become prime minister and completely would remain in power. don't let yourself be distracted leave them to their own distractions we must prepare and you must prepare yourselves to get me to win this election. he came to relaunch the struggle for change in this country there must be an election and we must respect the rules of the game. the support looks strong but in the democratic republic of congo there's a divided opposition she's a kennedy is one of two figures vying to topple woman a half decades of rule by kabila whose policy appears to be divide and keep on ruling his refusal to stand down at the end of his latest term led to protests that were crushed with violence in kinshasa dozens of people were killed. the catholic
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church brokered a deal kabila could stay on for one more year and organize elections due in december then stand down but this is a place where certainty of progress can be hard to find government and opposition accuse each other of supporting militias in gauged in violence and the displacement of nearly one and a half million people in castle in the east kam the seventeen thousand polling stations needed for this election see a free and fair ballots there are a serious doubts and an increasing distrust of kabila he's been attending a summit of the southern africa development community in angola it's called for all parties to create the right environment for peaceful and credible elections andrew simmons al-jazeera. a national strike in south africa has disrupted public transport and forced businesses to close thousands of people marched on wednesday
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to demand a higher minimum wage and better rights for workers the federation of trade unions wants the government to address high rates of unemployment and poverty. there's anger in greece of a war cuts to pensions planned for next year latest figures show the majority of pensioners live around four hundred twelve dollars a month and that's the lowest rate since the two thousand and eight financial crisis john reports from athens. after a lifetime of building electric transformers and school studies managed to buy a house he borrowed against his monthly pension of twenty seven hundred dollars but after all standards he policies cut his pension repeatedly he and his wife were left subsisting on twenty five dollars a day off in a globe be that is the theft to work your entire life and sacrifice part of your salary for health and social security and when you claim your pension the state comes and says no you won't get it i'll take that the state is capitalist its main concern is to save the banks who saudi's is still luckier than most more than half
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of these pensioners a living on fifteen dollars a day and things are about to become much worse they're out here protesting because next year the government is going to cut pensions by another eighteen percent the government was forced into this by the international monetary fund which wants to ensure that greece produces a surplus of three not presented you with which truly is very low but the latest figures last year produced a surplus of zero percent of g.d.p. which suggests that the government's initial assessment may have been correct but these measures were unnecessary there is a sweetener the government convinced its creditors to allow it to spend more on tax cuts and social spending especially for families with small children if the economy does better than expected that spending could now come into play but many pensioners. have lost any faith in social justice under the seeds of policy government young lady unemployment is such that how the best minds kids we spend
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millions to raise and educate have gone abroad our government isn't left wing it's liberal prime minister suppressed represents big business and he's passed measures that socialist and conservatives couldn't pensions are key to the economy many extended families are surviving partly thanks to them so it comes as little surprise that even though they are so low there are still two hundred twenty thousand people on the pensions waiting list that just isn't enough money to start paying them jumps at all plus al-jazeera athens all migrants from central america are arriving at the us mexico border many of them plan to seek asylum even though the u.s. president has vowed not to let them in their relying on help from volunteers to plan their next move as manuel at apollo reports from mexico. after an arduous journey across mexico and more asylum seekers from central america have arrived in p one. at a migrant children only a short distance from the border mexican volunteers are providing new arrivals with
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food and humanitarian aid but many say the supplies are lacking. at the moment we are asking the city of tijuana and christian churches for a future we need this more than anything it's for the children. while assistance from the mexican government is limited the city of the one has stepped in to provide a few basic services. can finance here now this is a question of international law where the city supports migrants with health care shelter and other basic services such as blankets or diapers for children. you know . for many the stop is only temporary immigration attorneys are helping prepare those with a better chance of qualifying for asylum mostly single mothers and their children nobody is you know told what to do it's more about giving people all the information possible so they can make the best possible the decision for them so. and their families local activists have set up shelters for migrants this one has already run out of space for new arrivals many will wait in these tents until what
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they hope will be the start of another journey on the other side of the u.s. border an example of. the one of. the white house says the ruling against the trumpet ministrations decision to end the dhaka program is wrong the plan shields thousands of young immigrants not as dreamers for deportation and gives them work punnets the judge ruled that terminating the program was based on virtually unexplained grounds the government has ninety days to make its case for ending the program. dr program violates federal law president obama went around congress and created the illegal doc doc a program we believe the judge's ruling is extraordinarily broad and wrong on the law what's worse is that it creates an incentive for more illegal immigrant youth to come here and causes them to expect similar judicial policies be applied to them this ruling is good news for smuggling organizations and criminal networks and horrible news for our national security it's time for congress to do what the president has called on them to do and offer to be part of it actually fix this
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problem britain's parliament is set to debate remaining inside the a use customs union to leaving the european union prime minister to resign may wants the u.k. to quit the tariff free zone but many politicians believe that that would be an economic disaster and that's got the fishing industry in scotland particularly worried as laurence leamer reports. if there's anything liable to annoy the supporters of brics states it's europeans taking fish from british waters but on the east coast of scotland there's another side to the story the sale thought at seven o'clock. you know it's may day five hours ago this warehouse was stacked with fish by now it's being prepared for market across the u.k. and abroad more than a hundred. and it needs to go fast to fetch a decent price. could leave the market here about eleven o'clock process and out that evening and catch ferry in the morning or go through the tunnel whatever. any
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delay at all to this volume. means an expanse or a lower price for the process which in these times is critical for. many fisherman support breck's it in the interests of protecting their waters and stops but just as many in the fishing industry want open borders with europe can they have both protecting the rights of british fishermen has become a toe technic issue for many leading breakfast as they say the u.k. must leave the european free trade area but staying in the european free trade area is crucial for those parts of the fishing industry which need to move their stock quickly to some of the best restaurants in places like france and spain and that's a big problem cullen's thing which is a local delicacy but not if you live in the post for a week. to make a point about what happens to fish if it gets stuck in a truck for too long the local m.p. here sent the government minister in charge of bricks it's
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a traditional fish pie in the post government ministers who support breck's it he says don't understand their own constituency. i believe they're simply choosing to look at the divisions in the tory party they're making the decisions based on politics not economics not the interests of the people in these islands it's time they looked at the harsh realities of where they got the story. of course it isn't the only fish anything perishable or goods reliant on a fast turnaround could be affected disastrously if british trucks are forced to queue for days before entering the continent they were in continue discussions with u.k. government and scottish government i think the concern is we've had real clarity as to what you can government don't want which is the customs union but real uncertainty still as to what the future does hold. in peterhead they're expanding the ports because they believe their markets will grow. supporters of the sure continental europe will fall for a deal on taxes and tariffs because they love to eat british fish the livelihoods
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of people here may depend on this assumption florence li al-jazeera east and scotland. light pollution is threatening to undermine our ability to search for life on other planets it's even happening in chilis africa but that one of the darkest places on earth to see and hear about reports now from the part of our observateur northern chile. at sunset the views from the european southern observatory located in chile's at the camera desert are breathtaking but it's a night when the deep darkness and unique atmosphere conditions of the at the camera turned these guys into heaven for astronomers. but at the pattern al observatory scientists probe the universe with giant telescopes but at twenty six hundred meters above sea level and one hundred fifty kilometers from the city of until five asked that these starlet skies are being threatened by light pollution we are in very isolated place in chile but we can see still how close from
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the cities from the mines so it's it's very very disturbing to see all of these lights. from space you can see just how contaminated by light our planet is becoming making it more difficult to see the stars. although chile's government has introduced standards to significantly reduce street lighting in cities near observatories cheap lights are increasingly illuminating homes store signs and billboards especially in the cities of last sit in a and. but the impact is well known image report so it's no longer a threat it's a reality. it's happening at a time when astronomers like the number seven men believe they've never been closer to making the discovery of all time the great thought venture of humanity right now is happening here which is we're looking for life in the universe. and that is
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happening right now hearing the outcome of this. and for that darkness is crucial this is sort of structure may look familiar it was used as the location for the lair of the forces of evil in the james bond film quantum solace but in fact the reason why it is practically underground is to keep the lights from leaking out at night from this pattern as residents of some one hundred and fifty astronomers and technicians news in chile will house seventy percent of global astronomical infrastructure in less than five years along with the world's largest telescope but astronomers are sending out an s.o.s. warning that if mankind continues to over illuminated the skies we will lose the time long ability to gaze and be guided by the stars you see in human out to see that several chilly.
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it's good to have you with us adrian for good here in doha but the headlines and i was there a the french president is urging the u.s. to reject nationalism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal that many will not call gave a speech to a joint session of congress but in the past few hours he said that he is not confident that president donald trump will stay in the pact let me say we have two possible wave had we can choose either lation isn't withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if you all fears but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of our citizens. we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new
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risks right in front of us protesters are back on the streets of armenia's capital after the acting prime minister cancelled crisis talks with the opposition protest leader nicole passion ian says that he's ready to lead until new elections are held his movement forced the former leader. to resign on monday police in california have charged a former policeman they suspect is the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james to angelo was held after d.n.a. from his home matched crime scene evidence south korea has given more details of its meeting on friday with the north president j.n. will greet kim jong un at the border as he steps across the military demarcation line kim will be accompanied by his sister during talks in panmunjom the two leaders are expected to announce a joint agreement after the meeting the first in more than
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a decade and ashwell strike in south africa has disrupted public transport and forced businesses to close thousands marched on wednesday to demand a higher minimum wage and better rights for workers trade unions want the government to address high rates of unemployment and poverty and thousands of people in yemen have protested to condemn a saudi led air strike that killed a senior who think leader last week salah armored some of them story has been that head of the who theater ministration since twenty fifteen the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness next. he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one that lets down the power had peaceful transition because official term expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid and crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and next governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera.


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