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because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the old to legal effects of trumps immigration policies. between war and the ban on adjusting.
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high security ahead of the first summit in more than a decade that will see north and south korean leaders meeting face to face. peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word. the french president tells us lawmakers to reject nationalism and isolationism key policies of his host donald trump. the police in california make a major breakthrough in a serial killer case that dates back forty years. also this technology makes more jobs obsolete so we look at how children in hong kong learning to adapt to the future.
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security is being tightened at the border between north korea and south korea a day before leaders from those two nations hold their first direct talks in more than a decade helicopters and police dogs are being used to secure the area where the north korean leader kim jong il and south korea's president will sit down at the border truce village of panmunjom a big range of issues are expected to be discussed including pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. koreans from both sides of the border telling al-jazeera what they expect from the summit. my wish for the summit is that our people can travel back and forth and live together. he completed nuclear weapons and his missiles can reach qualm what's left as a leader he must inspire loyalty in twenty three million people with a given loyalty no because they are on the verge of starvation following the
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sanctions. knows this so he came to the table with denuclearization card. for more than two years the relations had to be unfrozen and we couldn't access the care song in the complex but finally on the twenty seventh the summit is scheduled that would mean that after the summit the issue will be discussed and the complex will be the top priority i am full of such anticipation. well al jazeera has been granted rare access to north korea people there have been celebrating military foundation day which commemorates the founding of the korean people's revolutionary army in one nine hundred thirty two i mean growing concerns of a pyongyang's nuclear capability as little attention is paid to the country's substantial conventional asked it is mandatory for men to serve between three to five years in the army and there is selective conscription for women diplomatic editor james bays reports now from pyongyang. they are everywhere but you're not
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allowed to film them we only got these pictures when we first arrived in pyongyang before it was explained politely but very firmly that taking pictures of military and security personnel was forbidden. the north korean military is believed to have over a million soldiers this city was badly destroyed during the korean war most of the buildings were built in the decades immediately after the conflict the military history of this now isolated nation is revealed as you travel around the capital city. this monument marks the defeat of the japanese who occupied korea until the end of world war two a few years later the korean war which had a devastating human cost on both sides this is a country that was forged in war and is still even now on a war footing. yet younger koreans at this school of
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thought the history of the korean war war images are displayed in the corridors. older koreans meanwhile need no reminders the hunan during those americans is just hearing about them makes my heart tremble my father was killed by the americans when i was twelve so whenever i hear about those americans i get overcome with hatred it makes my heart tremble sumo forthcoming talks will center on north korea's nuclear program but the country has a substantial conventional arsenal to the principal target of their artillery guns the south korean capital seoul earlier there in the other half of this divided land i spoke to a lawmaker a military expert who told me the world should not only focus on the nuclear threats. the biological weapons are on asli more fearsome the nuclear weapons from our perspective the destructiveness of a one ton nuclear warhead can be achieved with only four kilograms of anthrax in
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terms of casualties in seoul it is estimated that north korea has stockpiled over five thousand tons of chemical weapons song all military first is a longstanding north korean strategy in recent years the leader kim jong un has added another track a cautious and partial opening up of the economy now for the first time on friday he'll be adding in high level diplomacy james bays out zira pyongyang. and diplomatic it is it james bays joins us live now from across the border in juice so james a long journey from north to south longer than most folks might think it should be has it gone. yes i've come out of north korea and to do that a few days ago i was in they did militarized zone the d.m.z. on the north korean side together on the south korean side you have to go all the way back to pyongyang you then have to fly to beijing and then from beijing to
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seoul and then from seoul by road to come here it's going to be a much easier journey of course for the north korean leader in a matter of hours an hour because unlike normal civilians he is going to cross a historic crossing because we've never seen a north korean leader since the korean war coming to south korea he's going to cross across the demarcation line it's not an international border because although the conflict of the korean war ended in one nine hundred fifty three there was just an armistice truce signed it's still an active front line that is going to be crossing and that's one of the things they hope to discuss apart to a peace treaty and what are the key points of the choreography that we should be aware of james in the run up to ensuring these discussions particularly if we view it through the prism of donald trump and what the trumpet ministration will bring to this debate in a matter of days and weeks. i think the trumpet ministration in washington
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will be looking that there is no hiccups in this that it runs extremely smoothly and that i think will then give them the confidence to go ahead with this other even more important summit which they're saying in washington is still likely to take place in a matter of weeks in may or possibly early june and there will be a declaration we believe at the end of the events that take place here on friday we think it will refer in some way to denuclearization it will refer in some way to a peace treaty the desire for a peace treaty to end the korean war officially those are the things to watch here the events very important events stay will. start at midnight thirty g.m.t. at the very start of friday in europe which is nine thirty local time and that is the moment where we will see supreme leader kim crossing across the border you'll see it live on al-jazeera so james we know what washington wants to see going on
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there in south korea we know what the south koreans want to take away or we guess we know what they want to take away from this what is the north korean leadership want to take back to pyongyang from these conversations. i don't know what they're hoping to get from this immediate summit but what of course they're hoping to get longterm is relief from the international sanctions that has been a factor in their decision making but most diplomats i've spoken to and i've been speaking to diplomats here to diplomats in pyongyang to diplomats back in the u.n. and western capitals believe that sanctions perhaps is not the main reason that forced the north koreans to diplomacy into these high level summits it actually and i've had conversations with a number of officials diplomats about this from a number of different countries was the comments from donald trump that he made at the u.n. general assembly the north koreans most diplomats will tell you had basically got
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the hang of how the international community was playing this they got the hang of the sanctions they knew that if they did a nuclear test that the more sanctions they knew that they get condemned by the u.n. security council if they launched their missiles they calibrated it all but what they hadn't bargained on was president trump and particularly his comments at the u.n. general assembly and that most diplomats and observers believe is the thing that force the north koreans to think about coming to the table and in the run up to their sort of front page headline ng picture midnight thirty g.m.t. is there still where you are a slight sense of surprise because this is been such an abrasive relationship such a dangerous relationship for so long and then all of a sudden we were talking about the winter olympics and then all of a sudden they said we will talk about talks and now the summit is happening in the next few hours. yes and what is interesting is when you look at other high profile international negotiations the way diplomacy
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normally works it's not like this normally you have patient quark diplomacy in the go see a sion for a very long time and the summit comes at the end you have a process and then you have the summit while this is happening the other way around this intro korean summit first and then if it goes well this important meeting between the north koreans and the u.s. at presidential level it doesn't normally happen like this it is very unusual and that means of course it's very high stakes if the meeting here on friday goes badly then trump's meeting probably won't happen if trump's meeting goes badly then the only other option of course to this sort of diplomacy is to return to the military track james we'll talk to you later i'm sure but in the meantime thank you very much. the french president has used his speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal that later emmanuel macron did say he is not confident that donald trump will
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stay within the iran nuclear deal and she has proposed a new agreement should be negotiated with tehran but expands on the existing deal and as a white house correspondent kimberly harkat. the president of the freds republic before a joint session of the u.s. congress french president emanuel argued the united states should remain part of the iran nuclear agreement it is true to see that this agreement. may know the address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having some seen substantial and more substantial than said. a day earlier in meetings that the white house might cross suggested the current deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief should be the cornerstone of a new supplemental agreement oh it would address trump's concerns beyond twenty twenty five including limiting iran's influence in the middle east and halting
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ballistic missile testing we can change and we can be flexible you know in life you have to be flexible so despite criticizing the existing iran agreement repeatedly for years trump is now signaling he's open to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the deal but only if his criticisms are addressed with the deadline for donald trump to make his decision just weeks away european leaders are conducting a high level lobbying effort on friday german chancellor angela merkel will be the next to visit the white house she'll work to persuade try to remain in the two thousand and fifteen iran deal but iran says a u.s. withdrawal will kill it tehran has threatened to respond by pulling out of another agreement the nuclear nonproliferation agreement on weapons. and wednesday iran's president question trumps ability to even comprehend the terms of any agreement
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shlomo car shifted back to the hot seat you don't have any background in politics you don't have any background in law you don't have any background on international treaties or going to tradesmen a merchant someone who builds towers for a living make judgments about international affairs and well he's currently signaling he's open to the u.s. for maining in the deal negotiated with iran and five other world powers given his impulsive nature there's still time for trump to change his mind and follow through with threats to leave the iran deal kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house police say they've cracked a decades old murder case in the u.s. state of california they've arrested a former policeman they believe is the golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's from los angeles he is rob reynolds. forty two years after he began a rampage of murder rape and fear authorities in california say
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a man alleged to be the golden state killer is behind bars in a perfectly executed arrest by detectives arrested james joseph d'angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights dns low was taken into custody at his suburban home near sacramento during part of the period when the crimes occurred he was a sacramento area policeman well very possibly he was committing the crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer the golden state killer also known as the east area rapist allegedly murdered at least twelve people sexually assaulted forty five and broke into more than one hundred and twenty homes across california in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's detectives collected massive amounts of physical evidence and tips but were on able to crack the case until recent advances in d.n.a. technology we all knew as part of this team that we were looking. for a needle in
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a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there d.n.a. collected from the crime scenes provided the crucial break we started some surveillance we were able to get some discarded d.n.a. and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man authorities say d'angelo was previously not under suspicion the golden state killer crept into victims' homes at night while they slept he often targeted couples he would tie up the husbands and then sexually assault their wives he then bludgeoned some of his victims to death his youngest rape victim was thirteen years old we will do everything that we can to bring justice to the victims that suffered a month speakable harm from the. horrific crimes crimes that may now be solved by
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decades of relentless investigation and detectives who never gave up rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles still to come here on al-jazeera al-jazeera gaining exclusive access to a prison where the afghan government holds eisel fighters. also ahead picking up the pieces six months to somalia's deadliest attack we look at a busy market is back in business when we come back. how to spring has been across much shelf europe cola fresher weather making its way in from the atlantic a little less speckling of shock clouds there across the northwest across the british isles some west of weather coming in across the baltic states through scandinavia some rather wet weather too into that western side of the mediterranean we have got this area of cooler air coming through there behind our cold front
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winds coming in from a northwesterly direction or as a showery direction that's going to the cases because one through thursday a similar day the way to stay in fact fourteen or fifteen south is for london and paris where the system does make its way further southward so just easing down across southern germany into the alps into austria still a fair bit of cloud across that western side of the mediterranean for the race we have got temperatures about fifteen or sixteen celsius there for over a mosque over the next couple of days but some places the cloud rising live the status any possibility the skies do open up as we go on into friday more the west sunshine but dahlan cloudy and cold for london at eleven degrees celsius off to a frosty still not wet weather we do have across the western side of the mediterranean will bring some heavy downpours once again into northern areas of iraq or more so into algeria it will clear through nicely for friday.
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welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha peter davi in the chair today these are your headlines security being tightened at the
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border that separates the two koreas a day before leaders from the two sides hold their first summit in more than a decade the north korean leader kim jong un the south korean president will sit down at the board of truce village of panmunjom. the french president as he used a speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism isolationism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal but just hours later president macross said he's not confident donald trump will stay within the pack. police in the u.s. state of california have charged a former policeman they suspect of being the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer from the seventy's and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james to angela was held after d.n.a. from his home match crime scene evidence. now an israeli court has sentenced a border police officer to nine months in prison for killing a palestinian teenager in twenty fourteen and i deem no water was shot dead during
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protests marking the anniversary of the neck but when palestinians were expelled from their homeland kerry forces now reports from the occupied west bank. four years ago nadeem the wara took part in these protests in the occupied west bank town of between us he was one of the group of young men and teenagers throwing stones towards israeli security forces israel says they were instructed to use rubber coated bullets but when the seventeen year old was shot he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead later and all. taapsee on his examined body would show he'd been shot through the chest with a regular bullet medical volunteer mohammed saleen was there that day he arrived in time to see a second teenage boy shot through the chest right next to him throw a stone and he was like walking back so his face was sort of this their accent and when he reached almost here he was shot in the back and then he turned around and fall he gave her stayed to the victim muhammad but he too died no
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proceedings were brought in the case of one would i would die here but the killing of nadine the warrant was different at one stage israeli border police officer who pulled the trigger was indicted for manslaughter. ben derry was initially accused of deliberately placing live rounds in the magazine of his assault rifle which should have been firing only rubber coated i mean in a plea deal that accusation was dropped and he was convicted instead of negligence his sentence nine months in prison now dims father has fought a long legal battle on behalf of his son from the moment he says he found alive bullet in the backpack nineteen was wearing when he died and a kid in nor i have proven that israel has no justice or fairness when it comes to palestinians i prove this with evidence because the cares of the d.m. is one of the strongest piercers in the israeli palestinian conflict by evidence of proven today most intentionally killed palestinian activists say a double standard is at play highlighted by the case of i had to mimi the palestinian teenager convicted of assault and incitement to slapping an israeli
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soldier her sentence eight months i had a child who slapped the soldier and received almost the same sentence as the soldier who put an end to the life of testing and charged so you can compare the standards there's a justice system is following the israeli police have declined to comment on ben dairies sentencing the judgment criticized him for aiming at the upper body of someone who presented no immediate threat to having a live round in his magazine but it found no intention on his part to load that bullet or fire it at nineteen nora perry force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. palestinian journalist hussein will be laid to rest in gaza on wednesday he died from injuries he sustained while covering the protest of gaza's border with israel two weeks ago i would have seen was shot when israeli forces used live fire against unarmed palestinians at least thirty six palestinians have been killed in
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the past month at the border. the u.s. says it stands behind the afghan people after the taliban announced the beginning of its annual spring offensive meanwhile al jazeera has been given exclusive access to a prison where i saw fights as detained by the afghan government are being held hundreds of them traveled to afghanistan over the past two years as the group lost territory in syria and in iraq barbara has the story these men have been recently detained there some of up to four thousand fighters thought to be waging a war against the afghan government mr of them foreigners. they asked me to join a training center nanga har that's where i met people from pakistan iran a spec a stand and balochistan there were four brigades in the center this man says he was tricked into joining the armed group you know i was in russia then i traveled to iran and then to afghanistan when i arrived i realized that being called my goal
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was to study sharia law since i saw entered afghanistan two years ago it's been behind a number of attacks. on december claimed responsibility for an attack on a shia cultural center that killed forty one people in kabul. a month later i saw fighters stormed the offices of save the children in anger ha province capital jalalabad two people were killed. when a suicide bomber blew himself up close to kabul university killing twenty nine people and injuring dozens more in march. this road leads to niagara harbor where the fiercest battles between eisel fighters and government soldiers have taken place the u.s. government dropped the so-called mother of all bombs in the province last year in an effort to annihilate the group. a year on fear of the passion tribes who live here adjoining i so they remain war weary after decades caught up in the taliban's
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rebellion barbara and go out to syria at least three thousand civilians have either been killed or injured by improvised explosive devices or i.e.d. use in somalia in the last three years twenty seventeen was by far the deadliest largely due to a massive bomb in mogadishu in october that killed more than five hundred people six months later things are slowly returning to normal at the busy markets that destroyed his one hundred zero. already shoes kilometer five junction is one big construction site the huge craters left by the massive truck bomb last october has been felt on the road paved again such is the resilience of the people of somalia. the middle east will wising that a construction of his family's hotel that was completely destroyed put to death at the no hour we have no option but to rebuild not doing so would mean we have surrendered and given up in life. the truck bomb exploded at the busy market during
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rush hour it was powerful enough to damage buildings hundreds of letters an explosion killed more than five hundred people and injured hundreds from the wost single attack a somali history was blamed on al shabaab fighters who are waging war for years. there's an awful lot of normality here on the staff are still very much the consequences yet to be fully honest six months on dozens of the missing and for their relatives they're still not. sure of the law here ali has just returned from turkey where he was taken for specialized treatment for bodyguards he was selling cigarettes and candy on the roadside when the bomb went off his wife and two of his children died rather larry. i am not fully recovered as you can see but i'm through is to come back to work my children need to eat and then they have a psychological effect on long suffering citizens who've never seen anything like
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the kind of you know many say they're more scared since then venturing out only wanted some really less general haig has will smith i will never forget what happened here it's gives me every day every time i see traffic congestion in usa i light from the past same in and choose to walk away. once normal africa and beyond as a tranquil under literally prosperous city successive waves of violence in the past three decades however it's. they reduced mark to remove additional to rubble the capital's been rebuilt destroyed again and again risen from the ashes. out cycle continues from mohammed and all jazeera politicians so modern. technology is taking over more and more of the work force the world economic forum says automation will replace one fifth of all jobs within twenty years however in hong kong children they're learning how to work with robots is difficult. enough like why are these
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children are preparing for what's being called the fourth industrial revolution they're learning how to embrace a future red van strobe arctics an artificial intelligence or ai will be part of everyday life i did the chair and then my sister did the computer. plugged into the other robot system to make it work it may look like fun and games but under the guidance of professionals and experts in engineering and technology in this robotics class the learning how to make machines think for themselves. this experimental learning lab was conceived by the tech entrepreneur and c.e.o. of outlays a company specializing in digital media games apps and innovation all the stuff at present already a machine can do much better and with there's no way that you can compete with that what we really need to prepare the next generation is for skills and that a machine cannot do that well that's how we because that's how we stay relevant in
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competitive in the future but right now schools don't do that the world economic forum reports a fifth of the global workforce may lose their jobs to automation in the next two decades the hong kong government recognizes the city needs to keep up with the developments in technology this year the government is investing around six and a half billion dollars and finds an innovation both of those funds will be going to research and development industries and science and tech parks like this one many people. want to know why that push for innovation isn't extending into the classrooms so we the generation that will be most affected by changes in technology my understanding of the groups that i'm leading now on to the auspices of the chief executive tinkering with the curriculum they're looking at how chinese history might be in that into the curriculum they're looking at to have patriotic education might be have been a part of this but for now it's up to private initiatives to help children keep up with the changes in technology. and the world said to me.
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can you. tell me. if she had your advice in the competition. but that's won't be the case for the majority of hong kong's children experts say unless they're radical changes in the formal schooling system the next generation is likely to lose in the competition against machines the bigger pollin are jazeera hong kong. he did over here in doha recapping our top stories for you security is being tightened at the border the separates the two koreas a day before leaders from the two sides hold their first summit in more than a decade the north korean leader kim jong un the south korean president one g. in will sit down at the border truce village of panmunjom diplomatic editor james bays is in part jew in south korea close to the border with the north. when you
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look at other high profile international negotiations the way diplomacy normally works it's not like this normally you have a patient quark diplomacy in the go see a show and for a very long time on the summit comes at the end you have a process and then you have the summit while this is happening the other way around this intro korean summit first and then if it goes well this important meeting between the north koreans and the u.s. at presidential level it doesn't normally happen like this it is very unusual and that means of course it's very high stakes. the french president says he's not confident donald trump will keep the u.s. in the iran nuclear deal emanuel comments after giving a speech to a joint session of congress in it the u.s. to reject nationalism and preserve the pact to curb iran's nuclear program in return for sanctions relief. police in california have charged a former police officer they suspect of being the so-called golden state killer
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a serial rapist and murderer in the seventy's and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james to angela was held after d.n.a. from his home crime scene evidence. the palestinian journalist. will be laid to rest in gaza on wednesday he died from injuries he sustained while covering the protests at the gaza border with israel two weeks ago hussein was shot when israeli forces used live fire against unarmed palestinians those are your headlines up next inside story i will see you very soon. story it's generated thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why are. we listening post on al-jazeera. scrambled to. the.


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