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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news. coming up in the next sixty minutes high security ahead of the first summit in more than a decade that will see north and south korean leaders meet face to face. swift action in armenia parliament announces it could elect a new prime minister next week plus. but we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead the french president takes his case to the u.s. congress urging americans to stay in the iran nuclear deal. goes up on one of the most popular holiday spots in the philippines putting through. thirty six thousand
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jobs at risk. and i'm far and smile be here with all the day's sport including the bron james scores the game winning three pointer to clinch game five against the indiana pacers they now leave their playoff series three duty. we begin this news with an historic meeting that could bring peace between two nations divided by decades of war and hostility on friday the north and south korean leaders will meet for direct talks for the first time in more than a decade well security is being tightened the truce village of jam and that's where north korean leader kim jong il and south korea's president moon jane are due to discuss a wide range of issues including pyongyang's nuclear weapons program will relations between both sides have been improving little talks last month led to pyongyang announcing its suspension of nuclear and missile tests
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a year ago tension in the region was at an all time high after several missile nuclear tests inside north korea well the stakes are high and are expected to set the tone for when north korea holds separate talks with u.s. president donald trump next month or in early june when our diplomatic editor james bays joins us now live now from across the border in james so we understand they've been carrying out rehearsals for this crucial summit tell us what's been going on. yeah the final rehearsal took place in the south after noon body doubles playing the role of supreme leader kim and president moon both sides very keen but the choreography is just right because of the camera angles and the images but also because of the important question of security this is quite a remarkable event when you think what has happened on the korean peninsula in recent months the fact that tensions have been so high here last year
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particularly during the summer last year and really a remarkable turnaround of events bringing us to this first of two possible high level summits what changed what allowed room for diplomacy i've been gauging that at the u.n. in new york in european capitals and here on the korean peninsula i filed this report from the north korean capital. when you walk around pyongyang everywhere you seem to go you hear military music blaring from shops and loudspeakers last summer the drums of war beating particularly heavily it was arguably the tensest time on the korean peninsula in decades september north korean foreign minister really young ho headed from his ministry here to new york to give his speech at the annual meeting of world leaders at the u.n. ahead of him in the speaking order the new president of the us the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies
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we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. al-jazeera has learnt that hours after that speech foreign minister re sought a brief meeting with the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists at the end of the meeting the north korean invited a senior united nations official to pyongyang a trip the un had been trying to arrange for over a year at the beginning of december jeffrey feltman then the un's head of political affairs made a visit to pyongyang in meetings with north korean officials feltman suggested that kim jong un use his new year's speech to strike a more conciliatory tone he suggested too that the winter olympics which are about to be staged in south korea would be a useful occasion to improve relations it's not clear whether the north koreans
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listened to his advice but they did the things he suggested the leader's sister kim yo chung's visit to the olympics change the atmosphere between the north and south starting a diplomatic dialogue there was another important back channel to sweden's foreign minister margot will strum authorized expanded conversations with the north koreans at one point had been planned for foreign minister rio ho to meet the then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in stockholm that plan changed when president trump surprised his own officials saying he wanted a face to face meeting with kim jong un and then secret dispatched his cia director mike pompei o. to pyongyang to begin the negotiations i've been speaking to diplomats at the u.n. in new york and here on the korean peninsula strategic discussions here in north korea are made at the highest level and done in secret but everyone i've spoken to believes that the bellicose speech by donald trump at the u.n.
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general assembly was what kick started the current diplomatic efforts. and james you're back in south korea now tell us how washington will be viewing this summit now between the north and the south. they'll be viewing it very very closely to check that this goes well before they give the green light to this other summit that is planned between kim and trump they're still talking of that summit taking place in may or maybe june they haven't yet announced the venue for that summit now you heard in my report that diplomats i've spoken to and i've spoken to . a number of different countries all are praising trump's speech at the united nations very unconventional speech for getting all of this going but the same diplomats will tell you it's a very high stakes strategy what normally happens in diplomacy is you have a long process working on all the details and then you bring in the leaders at the
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very end to sign a deal they're doing this the other way around now of course if this meeting taking place on friday goes badly all the meeting with trump goes badly where do you go then of course the other track to all of this is the military track and no one particularly wants to return to that are to james base their empire james thank you . now armenia could have a new prime minister by next week it's parliament's expected to hold a special session on tuesday to debate and possibly elect a new leader this fall as protests in the capital. demonstrators have been blocking some streets the opposition wants. to become the head of a new government robin forrester walker joins us live now from the armenian capital robin so the parliament says it will elect a new prime minister by the first of may what more can you tell us. where everything seems to be. a
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part. towards. our position. they meet. the next prime minister if. he would be running a transitional. free and fair elections if he's promised to deliver something that has been. everything seems to be the right way extensive thousands of protesters once again on the streets. this opposition still. looks to be the case because. the republican party.
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said that they were ready. to seize political. opposition. robin thank you. plenty more to come on the news hour including. any delay at all to this volume. means an expand sort of a lower price for the process of al the rush to get a dish of fish could be affected by briggs it. picking up the pieces six months after one of somalia's worst attacks a busy market is back in business and in sports advantage real madrid in the champions league semifinal against by a new nick. now
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the french president has used his speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism and preserve the iran nuclear deal though later emanuel michael said he's not confident donald trump will stay in the deal mike rowe has proposed a new agreement to be negotiated with sharon but expands on the existing accord white house correspondent kimberly healthy has more. the president of the french republic. before a joint session of the u.s. congress french president emanuel argued the united states should remain part of the iran nuclear agreement it is true to see that this agreement. may know the address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having some seen substantial and more substantial than said. a day earlier in meetings that the white house might cross suggested the
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current deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief should be the cornerstone of a new supplemental agreement oh and it would address trump's concerns beyond twenty twenty five including limiting iran's influence in the middle east and halting ballistic missile testing we can change and we can be flexible you know in life you have to be flexible so despite criticizing the existing iran agreement repeatedly for years trump is now signaling he's open to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the deal but only if his criticisms are addressed with the deadline for donald trump to make his decision just weeks away european leaders are conducting a high level lobbying effort on friday german chancellor angela merkel will be the next to visit the white house she'll work to persuade try to remain in the twenty fifteen iran deal but iran says a u.s.
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withdrawal will kill it tehran has threatened to respond by pulling out of another agreement the nuclear nonproliferation agreement on weapons. i'm wednesday iran's president question trumps ability to even comprehend the terms of any agreement shlomo car shifted back to the hot seat you don't have any background in politics you don't have any background in law you don't have any background on international treaties or going to tradesmen a merchant someone who builds towers for a living make judgments about international affairs and well he's currently signaling he's open to the u.s. for maining in the deal negotiated with iran and five other world powers given his impulsive nature there's still time for trump to change his mind and follow through with threats to leave the iran deal kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house. it has featured plenty of backslapping handshakes and kisses but what are
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the french people make of his close relationship with donald trump. more on that from paris. it was pomp and ceremony and displays of affection and of the words like. the apparent friendship between the french and american presidents was on full show during emmanuel state visit to washington politically the two men have little in common but the liberal macro is determined to get on with his conservative counterparts we have to make a berth for years perfect in france opinion polls suggest donald trump is unpopular but many people support mike ross approach. whether or not they are great friends doesn't matter michael is the french president and he must create strong ties with the u.s. . it's very important for france and for the u.s. and even for europe especially as trump seems to really appreciate president it's a sea chill to have good relations analysts say that macros courting of trump is
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seen by many french people as a political tactic mcroy is probably really doing this as a strategy of trying to show from that he actually does respect him and to value the transatlantic relationship because at the end of the day from the european perspective you might not like the american president but the u.s. was always remain an important partner since micros election he has no cheered his relationship with trump inviting him as france's guest of honor to last year's bastille day celebrations and talking regularly by phone michael says he was able to convince trump to keep u.s. troops in syria some people say that the macros close mr trump is a risk because the u.s. president is so unpredictable but others say the french president has much to gain he can try and influence trump on important international matters such as the iran nuclear deal and it may help france's international standing recall seems to her
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very. well thought through diplomatic strategy which is to create the largest amount of flexibility for france by making sure that the u.s. is on side micra will leave washington with few promises on a number of issues it's unclear for example whether trumbull impose u.s. trade tariffs on the e.u. or agree to an expanded iran nuclear agreement but if trump changes his mind on either issue many people in france may feel that all the back slapping and smiles were worth it natasha butler al-jazeera paris. britain's parliament is set to debate plans to leave the use tariff free customs union after briggs it the vote is non-binding but strong opposition by politicians could increase the pressure on to resume a government it's negotiating the terms of the divorce agreement from the e.u. well a customs union means members do not impose tariffs on each other's goods there's an agreed commentary of imposed on goods coming in from non member states but it
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also limits the freedom of individual members to strike their own trade deals with countries outside the e.u. a customs union reduces checks at the border as well as economic trade barriers if the u.k. left the union delays at the border could slow down delivery of goods and these are concerns for people in the fishing industry in scotland as lawrence lee reports. if there's anything liable to annoy the supporters of bricks it's it's europeans taking fish from british waters but on the east coast of scotland there's another side to the story the sale starts at seven o'clock. it's midday five hours ago this warehouse was stacked with fish by now it's being prepared for market across the u.k. and abroad more than half will go to europe and it needs to go fast to fetch a decent price could leave the market here about eleven o'clock process and that evening and catch fire in the morning or go through the tunnel whatever. any delay
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at all to this volume. means an expanse or a lower price for the process which in these times is critical for. many fisherman support breck's it in the interests of protecting their waters and stocks but just as many in the fishing industry want open borders with europe can they have both protecting the rights of british fishermen has become a total make issue for many leading breakfasts as they say the u.k. must leave the european free trade area but staying in the european free trade area is crucial for those parts of the fishing industry which need to move their stock quickly to some of the best restaurants in places like france and spain and that's a big problem cullen's which is a local delicacy but not if you live in the post for a week. to make the points about what happens to fish if it gets stuck in a truck for too long the local m.p. here sent the government minister in charge of bricks it's
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a traditional fish pie in the post government ministers who support breck's it he says don't understand their own constituency. i believe they're simply choosing to look at the divisions in the tory party they're making the decisions based on politics not economics not the interests of the people in these islands it's time we looked at the harsh reality. as of where they've got this do. of course it isn't the only fish anything perishable or goods reliant on a fast turnaround could be affected disastrously if british trucks are forced to queue for days before entering the continent they were in continue discussions with the u.k. government and scottish government i think the concern is we've had real clarity as to what you can government don't want which is the customs union but real uncertainty still as to what the future does hold. in peterhead they're expanding the ports because they believe their markets will grow supporters of the shore continental europe will fall for a deal on taxes and tariffs because they love to eat british fish the livelihoods
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of people here may depend on this assumption. lawrence joins us live now from london lawrence downing street seem to be playing down this vote but it will put more pressure on tourism a that won't it. well yes very much so indeed there's every suggest at the moment that the government is not only trying to limit the debate that's been demanded of them as to whether the u.k. should stay in the customs union but potentially not actually have a vote today at all i think for thir that they might lose because if they did end up losing a bigger more important votes that's all to government policy it could actually collapse the governments with only three months ago before the supposed breck's it so it's very serious and clearly the moral of that story from scotland is that if if supporters of brics it want to stay in the customs union then who exactly does the government say it's supporting in terms of trying to leave little to spring for from the sense of european reform to what sections of the british economy do you
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think would benefit from the u.k. leaving the customs union so the customs union is basically about avoiding tariffs and so that's really a question about manufacturers most manufacturers won't benefit i don't think from even the customs union because their biggest market syria in the e.u. and who might benefit can you think of anybody that there are some that might not care or might benefit a bit like a very price sensitive high end cars whiskey that kind of thing where a lot of it is sold outside the european union stuff is already solid place to touch a pan in china isn't it that just carried on as it is and well if the u.k. managed to get free trade agreement with china. then it might be possible to sound more cars because there would be zero tariffs so you know there might be some small benefits but overall i think it's pretty clear that remaining in the customs union would be best for u.k. manufacturing which which sorts of industries are most worried about this would you say well the really. big worried industries are car manufacturing
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and because they rely on this just in time manufacturing where parts crisscross europe and they have to put in orders about twenty four hours in advance to some supplier in france the part comes over and then it's assembled. many and then it goes back thanking the felon so any kind of interruption in that kind of yeah and i mean. these are companies which honestly british are the companies that make cars here like this and until you go to which presumably could could go somewhere else inside the european union they wanted to get that certainly true i mean it might take a bit of time because it takes a time to dismantle the plant that you've gotten but it's certainly a possibility the next one for example which is got a car plant in spain might decide that while it's in the customs union in it's just more competitive to make cars then so is it is this ideology taking over economics you think on the part of the government i think i think it's setting the ideology in the sense of taking back control over cautious cost benefit analysis of the
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cannot mix and it's clearly. an argument for sovereignty that they're making you know that it would be ridiculous to leave the you without having control over our own trade policy but the point is that if you share trade policy with the e.u. then you might have better economic outcomes you probably will and that's the argument for remaining in and just a final point if they did so in the customs union presumably would sort out a lot of the border issue with northern ireland as well wouldn't it would certainly help our lots because the big issue is that if kids are going to come into northern ireland and then be sold to the republic then there's going to have to be border checks and if there's a customs union between the u.k. and the e.u. those particular border checks are eliminated it doesn't do everything there's still some questions about regulate barriers and so forth but it gets you a long way in the sentence do you think she might have to back down to resume a. i think i think it looks like she might well have to because we've been hearing that a lot of people even supporting ministers are saying that they would be relaxed about
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her losing these votes which suggest that we should yes that she might be willing to to to to take parliamentary parliamentary sovereignty seriously but if she did then it's suggested that a couple of very senior brits are supporting ministers including boris johnson the foreign secretary might resign and potentially there could be a leadership contest against her reason may be just a few months ago before the u.k. supposedly the european union so it is a real miss lewinsky then westminster lawrence thank you. not least three thousand civilians of either been killed or injured by improvised explosive devices in somalia in the past three years or last year was the worst by far largely because of a powerful bombing in mogadishu the killed more than five hundred people but six months later things a slowly returning to normal mom of the reports from opposition. going to shows kilometer five junction is one big construction site the huge craters left by the massive truck bomb last october has been felt on the road paved again such is the
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resilience of the people of somalia. the middle east will wising that a construction of his family's hotel that was completely destroyed put to death at the door always we have no option but to rebuild not doing so would mean we have surrendered and given up in life. the truck bomb exploded at the busy market during rush hour it was powerful enough to damage buildings hundreds of letters an explosion killed more than five hundred people and injured hundreds. who watched single attack a somali history was blamed on al shabaab fighters who have been waging war for years. there's not most romantic thing here but a scuffle still very real the consequences yet to be fully and the six months on doesn't suffer from the missing of their relatives there's still not a lot. of the law here ali has just retired from turkey where he was taken for specialized treatment for bodyguards he was selling cigarettes and candy on the
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roadside when the bomb went off his wife and two of his children died rather larry . i'm not fully recovered as you can see but i'm through is to come back to work my children need to eat and then they have a psychological effect on long suffering citizens who've never seen anything like the kind of you know many say they're more scared since then venturing out only wanted some really less general haig has will smith i will never forget what happened here it's gives me every day every time i see traffic congestion in usa i light from the past same in and choose to walk away. once normal course africa and beyond as a tranquil under literally prosperous city successive waves of violence in the past three decades huh. it to david used much of mogadishu to rubble the capital's been rebuilt destroyed again and again risen from the ashes. out cycle continues from
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now mohammed on the wall just for the dishes so money. in a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera we get exclusive access to a prison where the afghan government holds i saw fighters and it may look like child's play but these kids in hong kong are getting valuable lessons on working with robots. and in sport grandmamma's it takes a parting shot of the virus here with that story on that scale. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. oh hello hello there with a certain surprisingly nasty in the violent over last twenty four hours ago and of course when it rains in the desert we're talking about run the dead sea here southern israel on the west bank you rapidly fill what he's up to flash flooding
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people get washed away at least two people were washed away as us to this already and it hasn't yet finished the rain other fellows rain or sometimes hail so as a ping pong balls table tennis balls and of course some disruption to travel fairly obviously i'd like to say it's all of that as easy as things are short term but it's not this the circulation is huge as you can see where it wasn't rainy of course it's windy around this thing this is the view in damascus yesterday but you could get the same if you from amman in jordan and from northern saudi arabia as well so the wind is circulating around the center she's still somewhere in jordan and still wrapping shells around the back side of it or rained along the forward side of it and that's pushed as we said at the moment but i run you forward twenty four hours significant rain is science for kuwait north and saudi east and jordan it's still looking fairly well and shallow seems to still seem like to come into where the event on kosovo once again and if you watched live broadcasting yes as we
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saw in this channel from ramallah when it was her against the window probably yet more to come. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. australia's multibillion dollar international student industry is booming but it has a dark side one of many used examines widespread revelations of sexual assault on foreign university students on our desire. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe challenge your perception that i was hearing the sound and so far fetched that i thought they were guys low and behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism like this. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel in
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alameda for a five g. will mean the data transfer ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on the news our security is being tightened at the border that separates the two koreas a day before leaders from the two sides held their first summit in more than a decade north korea's kim jong il and south korean president will sit down at the board of truce village among. armenians parliament will hold a special session on tuesday to debate and possibly elect a new prime minister the move follows protest in the capital. the opposition wants
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its leader nicole passion young to become the head of a new government. and the french president has used his speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism isolationism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal but just hours later said he's not confident the president will stay in the agreement. nigeria's president has promised to hunt down the gunman who killed at least nineteen people at a catholic church seventeen worshippers in two priests died in the attack in the state fifty houses within burnt down there's been unrest in the region between mainly muslim herdsman and farmers who are mostly christian or nigeria's information minister has told al-jazeera that although the government is taking action it might not be enough to tackle the root cause of the violence. the governmental swung into action and deployed with the military and the police and in recent times been made and that they have been prosecuted in addition the
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government will believe that the long term solution is for the has meant to adopt wrenching and also for the farmers also to i don't know there are more modern techniques in family for higher yields since the land and resources i do. not jurors that these sexual assault trial of us act a bill cosby finished their first deliberation without a verdict the case went to court again after they failed to reach a decision last year prosecutors accuse cosby of sexually abusing a former basketball player at his mansion in two thousand and four his lawyers say she fabricated the case to get money from their client police say they have cracked a decades old murder case in the u.s. state of california they were arrested a former policeman they believe was a serial rapist and murderer known as the golden state killing the nineteen seventies and eighties rob reynolds has more now from los angeles. forty two years after he began a rampage of murder rape and fear authorities in california say
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a man alleged to be the golden state killer is behind bars in a perfectly executed arrest by detectives arrested james joseph d'angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights dns low was taken into custody at his suburban home near sacramento during part of the period when the crimes occurred he was a sacramento area policeman well very possibly he was committing the crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer the golden state killer also known as the east area rapist allegedly murdered at least twelve people sexually assaulted forty five and broke into more than one hundred and twenty homes across california in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's detectives collected massive amounts of physical evidence and tips but were on able to crack the case until recent advances in d.n.a. technology we all knew as part of this team that we were looking. for a needle in
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a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there d.n.a. collected from the crime scenes provided the crucial break we started some surveillance we were able to get some discarded d.n.a. and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man authorities say d'angelo was previously not under suspicion the golden state killer crept into victims' homes at night while they slept he often targeted couples he would tie up the husbands and then sexually assault their wives he then bludgeoned some of his victims to death his youngest rape victim was thirteen years old we will do everything that we can to bring justice to the victims that suffered from and speakable harm from the horrific crimes crimes that may now be solved by
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decades of relentless investigation and detectives who never gave up rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. at least thirteen children have been killed in northern india when a train hit the school then the driver of the vehicle was also killed it happened at a requesting in the town of caution ago twelve other children were injured there on their way to school. now philippine president roderigo to territory has all but a six month closure of a popular holiday destination that he says tourist turned into a cesspool barricades tokyo's waters and white sand beaches attract about two million tourists a year with a billion dollars in revenues it's now declared off limits when the government looks at sewage related problems critics say it's an overreaction affecting people who depend on the island for their jobs stephen root is a fellow in residence with the social weather stations that's an engine survey group in manila he joins us live via skype so the philippines president had condemned the island's hotels restaurants tourist business is accusing them of
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dumping sewage directly into the sea so if the island was becoming a cesspool he was right to close it was indeed well there could have is usually a gradual approach to the first place merely dismantle the ones that are very. establishment that are encroaching on the coastline and go through and take the people who are not so. and that there are many violations on the grass for quite some time and the sudden drastic cut off affects everybody whether or not they have been complying with environmental standards so what will be the impact then on jobs livelihoods businesses i mean this is one of the philippines most attractive tourist spots isn't it. it is indeed and aside from the direct effect on the people who are actually there working there the thousands of workers there there is a knock on effect to the rest of the tourism stream since about twenty percent of
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all tourists go there so thousands of jobs will be lost elsewhere in the country while there its founder there could easily be a longer term effect tour operators around the world find that the things is not a reliable place to send people and start looking elsewhere but there have been growing concerns about the environmental health of the ottoman clearly the vos numbers of tourists going that has has had a devastating impact on baraka well indeed de fact of the banner is that twenty years ago then its tourism secretary warned about contamination of the waters off the rock guy and nothing was done and so for twenty years very little has been done and it is indeed a problem but the overreaction shutting down the entire ireland to solve the problem seems to be. a sudden way out but when expected just
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a final thought from your president attacks has warned that either the tourism trade clean up the island and clean up its act or will close it down permanently so what happens after the six month shutdown well i believe they'll really be able to in six months solve the basic problem there unfortunately there will be probably longer term of a bank so i'm certain the tourism industry and brock on particular and so there needs to be something done to try to speed up that the proper steam route thanks for talking to al jazeera. thank you for having. now turkish journalists working for an opposition newspaper have been convicted of helping so-called terrorist groups a court near istanbul handed out multiple sentences to fourteen staffers in a trial seen as a test case for press freedoms in the country they remain free though pending an appeal three others were cleared the palestinian journalist ahmed abu hussein will
1:39 pm
be laid to rest in gaza he died on wednesday from injuries he sustained while covering the protests at gaza's border with israel two weeks ago abu hussein was shot when israeli forces use live fire against unarmed palestinians at least thirty six have been killed in the past month at the border. an israeli court has sentenced a border police officer to nine months in prison for killing an unarmed palestinian teenager in twenty fourteen now deemed a war a was shot dead during protests marking the anniversary of the nakba and palestinians were expelled from their homeland kerry force that reports from the occupied west bank. four years ago nadine nora took part in these protests in the occupied west bank town of between us he was one of the group of young men and teenagers throwing stones towards israeli security forces israel says they were instructed to use rubber coated bullets but when the seventeen year old was shot he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead later an autopsy
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on his examined body would show he'd been shot through the chest with a regular bullet medical volunteer mohammed saleen was there that day he arrived in time to see a second teenage boy shot through the chest right next to him throw a stone and he was like walking so his face was toward this the rickson and when he reached almost here he was shot in the back and then he turned around and fought he gave first aid to the victim muhammad but he too died no proceedings were brought in the case of one would i would die here but the killing of nadeem was different at one stage israeli border police officer who pulled the trigger was indicted for manslaughter. ben derry was initially accused of deliberately placing live rounds in the magazine of his assault rifle which should have been firing only rubber coated i mean in a plea deal that accusation was dropped and he was convicted instead of negligence his sentence nine months in prison now deems father has fought a long legal battle on behalf of his son from the moment he says he found alive
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bullet in the backpack nineteen was wearing when he died and a kid in nor i have proven that israel has no justice or fairness when it comes to palestinians i prove this with evidence because the cares of the d.m. is one of the strongest piercers in the israeli palestinian conflict by ambulance approved in a day most intentionally killed palestinian activists say a double standard is at play highlighted by the case of i had to mimi the palestinian teenager convicted of assault and incitement to slapping an israeli soldier her sentence eight months i had a child to slap the soldier and received almost the same sentence. put an end to the life of testing a child so you can compare the standards the justice system is following the israeli police have declined to comment on ben darry sentencing the judgment criticized him for aiming at the upper body of someone who presented no immediate threat to having
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a live round in his magazine but it found no intention on his part to load that bullet or fire it at nineteen nora perry force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. thousands of yemenis have protested to condemn a saudi led air strike that killed a senior who feeling the last week saw out some of that had been the political head of the who the administrator and since twenty sixteen rebels say he was killed with six companions the conflict has killed thousands of people in the past three years and cause what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis. international donors have raised four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria just half of the un's target for this year the u.s. didn't submit a pledge at the fund raising conference in brussels saying it's reviewing its support for the country meanwhile the e.u. is accusing russia iran and turkey of escalating the conflict its foreign policy chief federica marini says the countries have a special responsibility to establish a ceasefire. the u.s.
1:43 pm
says it stands behind the afghan people after the taliban announced the beginning of its annual spring offensive meanwhile al jazeera has gained exclusive access to a prison where i still fighters detained by the afghan government are being held hundreds of them of travel to afghanistan in the past two years as the armed groups lost territory in syria and iraq barbara reports. these men have been recently detained there some of up to four thousand i saw fighters thought to be waging a war against the afghan government mr of them foreigners. they asked me to join a training center nanga har that's where i met people from pakistan iran a spec a stand and balochistan there were four brigades in the center this man says he was tricked into joining the armed group you know i was in russia then i traveled to iran and then to afghanistan when i arrived i realized that being called my goal was to study sharia. since i saw entered afghanistan two years ago it's been behind
1:44 pm
a number of attacks. december claimed responsibility for an attack on a shia cultural center that killed forty one people in kabul. a month later i saw fighters stormed the offices of save the children in anger ha province capital jalalabad two people were killed. when a suicide bomber blew himself up close to kabul university killing twenty nine people and injuring dozens more in march this road leads to niagara where the fiercest battles between i saw fighters and government soldiers have taken place the us government dropped the so-called mother of all bombs in the province last year in an effort to annihilate the group. a year on fear of the past two and tribes who live here adjoining i so they remain war weary after decades caught up in the taliban's rebellion barbara and al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of people
1:45 pm
in germany are living in limbo because of a complex asylum process which some people find confusing and many are facing the possibility of deportation dominic kane has one man's story to regensburg. wednesday and they can support his market day and for who. him it's a chance to find a bargain. he's lived here since leaving iraq in twenty fifteen as tempting is the items on sale the one thing he can't buy is the right to stay in germany permanently for three years who has lobbied the government without success he told me his story. on the naacp they've given me temporary leave to remain here but with that i can't really do anything i have to stay in the refugee home i can't find work because of my status in germany firms don't want to take on someone in my situation so it's hard for me here that's despite a wealth of documents who now has which show his good level of german clean criminal
1:46 pm
record and fitness for work but in fact his case is not too unique there are more than one hundred sixty six thousand people who have been denied asylum but have temporarily allowed to remain at that number and even greater one more than three hundred fifty three thousand people who are considered to be here illegally have no right to remain and facing deportation some say the issue is not with the federal authorities but with individual german states. is that the solution is already provided for by the law parliament has developed several different variations to the law to allow people to get out of temporary status and to legalize their residency here the problem is the individual states are applying these variations in a very restrictive way. the new federal interior minister has long argued the current asylum process is unsatisfactorily and for foster deportations of those
1:47 pm
whose applications are rejected as he could in the fall is thinking this is you know you can go by the rule of thumb and that's quite logical the longer a person has been in our country the more time they've had to put down roots and speaking objects really more obstacles can occur. in that if the written of backing the hagan sprog those are obstacles clear non-news very well nonetheless he says he remains hopeful and the various feels like his own but for now at least the government does not agree dominant game al-jazeera they can spark off another short break here in al-jazeera when we come back we'll have all the sport beliefs take a tumble and pasta action from the n.h.l. playoffs coming up later in the stable. as it approaches its first year how has the gulf crisis affected the states of the
1:48 pm
gulf cooperation council are there any indications of resolution. what is the nature of the new regional and international alliances amid the raging conflict in the middle east. will increasing social unrest lead to a new revolutionary wave in the arab world. has the countdown for the end of the palestinian cause started what is the likelihood of success of that which is known as the deal of the century. what role has the media played in the region's issues. the twelve al-jazeera form the gulf the arabs and the world amid current developments doha april twenty eighth and twenty nine two thousand and eighteen.
1:49 pm
go. welcome back well technology is taking over more and more of the work force the world economic forum says automation will replace a fifth of all jobs within twenty years but in hong kong children learning how to work hand in hand with robots difficult reports the next while these children are preparing for what's being called the fourth industrial revolution they're learning how to embrace a future read fonts through bought it's an artificial intelligence or ai will be part of everyday life i did the chair and then my sister did the computer. plugged into the other robot system to make it work it may look like fun and games
1:50 pm
but under the guidance of professionals and experts in engineering and technology in this robotics class they're learning how to make machines think for themselves. this experimental learning lab was conceived by the tech entrepreneur and c.e.o. of outplays a company specializing in digital media games apps and innovation all the stuff at present already a machine can do much better and there's no way you can compete with that what we really need to prepare the next generation is for skills not a machine cannot do that well that's how we stay relevant in competitive in the future but right now schools don't do that the world economic forum reports a fifth of the global workforce may lose their jobs to automation in the next two decades the hong kong government recognizes the city needs to keep up with the developments in technology this year the government is investing around six and a half billion dollars and finds an innovation both of those funds will be going to research and development industries and science and tech parks like this one many
1:51 pm
people want to know why that push for innovation isn't extending into the classrooms to reach the generation that will be most affected. my changes in technology my understanding of the groups that i'm meeting now under the auspices of the chief executive tinkering with the curriculum they're looking at how chinese history might be in it into the curriculum they're looking at how patriotic education might be have been a part of this but for now it's up to private initiatives to help children keep up with the changes in technology make the world and the world said to me. on the. phone showing just how did your regard to the competition will be online but that's won't be the case for the majority of hong kong's children experts say a most there are radical changes in the formal schooling system the next generation
1:52 pm
is likely to lose in the competition against machines the bigger pile in aaja zero hong kong. sport has far daryn thank you so much to le bron james and the cleveland cavaliers are now just one win away from advancing to the n.b.a. second round playoffs james put in a brilliant performance once again for the cavs scoring a whopping forty four points in game five against the indiana pacers le bron sank a three pointer at the buzzer deliver the ruling to a ninety eight to ninety five victory after trailing initially the cavs now lead the first round series three games to two. as a kid you always had those like those three two one moments you know when your kid and being able to have one of those moments and also to kind of feel like you feel like i was a kid all over again just. you know playing basketball my mouse and. i would you know makeshift hoops and you know my socks as a basketball and you know making the noise you know. that's
1:53 pm
just what it felt like. drano have taken a step closer to the next round they beat the wizards by ten and leave the series three games to two over in the west oklahoma city are fighting back they've cut the jazz's advantage to just one game and top seems houston have knocked out the timberwolves to seal their spot in the next round it's a knew that minnesota was going go away we had to make sure that we did the right things in order to you know to put them away in office so we were aggressive as we you know we were active it's advantage around madrid after the first leg of their champions league semifinal against byron munich chorale winning two one in germany to stay on target for a third straight title bar and took the lead at the alley and serena threw right back josh what kemet but the twelve time champions hit back with goals from marcello and asensio cristiana and although failed to score in a european game for the first time this season the sides meet again in madrid next
1:54 pm
tuesday for the most wanted is what i think we can be happy with the result we had difficulties especially at the beginning of the match and we just had a tough time creating and imposing our game but we played a better second half and we can be happy and satisfied with what we showed or arsenal's outgoing manager arsene wenger has admitted the timing of his departure from the club wasn't his decision banger announced on friday that he would be leaving are still after twenty two years in charge his team face at leduc on which read on thursday in the semifinals of the europa league. the timing was not really my decision and for the rest i've spoken about ricky honestly i don't know what i really do i take little rest i would continue to work . but my. pride has already been to give my best to where i'm employed done to the last day of my contract. the owner of
1:55 pm
english second tier team leeds united claims the club's decision to go on a tour of myanmar has been carefully considered leeds are due to play two games in a country that's been accused of human rights abuses against its were hinge a minority the service being sponsored by a private man mar bank but the club deny there is a financial incentive leads claim that supporting local football in the country is their main focus the international effort expended aeration have introduced new rules that will affect female athletes with hyper androgynous in the move could end caster semenya is reign as the champion of middle distance running the south african olympic eight hundred meter champion who has the condition moss reduced her levels of testosterone if she wants to continue to compete internationally and events ranging from four hundred metres to one mile. have come out with the new
1:56 pm
rules saying that women like so many other who produce higher than normal levels of the hormone have an unfair advantage the new rules will come into effect on november the first. a new report into corruption in tennis says there is a tsunami of match fixing in the lower levels of the sport the end of independent review panel spoke to more than three thousand players around the world close to five hundred said they had first hand knowledge of match fixing the report found no evidence of top level players being involved but says lower paid players are far more vulnerable. for a player who already intends to use the reasons to then bet or to inform others of his or her intentions so as to make enough money to continue playing then a small step for a player to decide deliberately to lose would lose just
1:57 pm
a game or say it in order to make enough money to continue. former tennis world number one novak djokovic just continuing to struggle on his return from injury he was beaten by slovakia and put qualifier martin kills and the second round of the barcelona open djokovic has failed to reach the last eight of any of his five tournaments appearances since making his comeback from an elbow injury. just to. you know all deal with this kind of. last match is you know i'm trying to get the rhythm and i want to have more matches but you know unfortunately. that's you know when you can play always as you once as you wish defending champion rafa nadal progressed in straight sets he fellow spaniard or berto carvel as being out in the world number one has now won thirty eight straight sets on his favorite quote surface. the boston bruins
1:58 pm
have eliminated the toronto maple leafs from the playoffs the bruins clinched game seven of their first round playoff series in boston is scored four goals in a row to beat the leaves seven to four and clinch the series four games to three they'll now face tampa bay lightning in the eastern conference semifinals. and that's all your support for now i'll be back with more later but for now back to you dear farai thank you very much indeed you can find much more of course on our website all the latest the summit between north and south korea the address al-jazeera dot com that's it for me daryn jordan for the news up into dobby's up next with more of the day's news that you've done so much.
1:59 pm
michael. sam's an archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in most of the people he's showing
2:00 pm
around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture and the fact. this morning hope rests on the promise among the could soon be. it's an international team of scientists at the time and know and that are happening without intervention to give the big i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try and find the shades i think crisis that's in the national deep down. extinction techno on al-jazeera.


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