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tv   The Babushkas of Chernobyl  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. every dude is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured i did it it was cool this month. and it's not just i phones that's all the things i mean most small things of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe let's start in something that was for a week that i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of the dictatorship digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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and i'm daryn jordan in doha the program out of the top stories here al-jazeera security is being tightened at the border between north and south korea a day before their leaders hold their first direct talks and more than a decade helicopters and police dogs are being used to secure the area where north korean leader kim jong un and south korea's president moon j.n. will sit down at the board of truce village of. a wide range of issues are expected to be discussed including nuclear weapons program diplomatic editor james bays reports from pyongyang was led to this historic meeting. when you walk around pyongyang everywhere you seem to go you hear military music blaring from shops and loud speakers last summer the drums of war were beating particularly heavily it was arguably the tensest time on the korean peninsula in decades and september north korean foreign minister real young ho headed from his ministry here to new york to
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give his speech at the annual meeting of world leaders at the u.n. ahead of him in the speaking order the new president of the us the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. al-jazeera has learnt that hours after that speech foreign minister re sought a brief meeting with the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists at the end of the meeting the north korean invited a senior united nations official to pyongyang a trip the un had been trying to arrange for over a year at the beginning of december jeffrey feltman then the un's head of political affairs made a visit to pyongyang in meetings with north korean officials feltman suggested that kim jong un use his new year's speech to strike
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a more conciliatory tone he suggested too that the winter olympics which are about to be staged in south korea would be a useful occasion to improve relations it's not clear whether the north koreans listened to his advice but they did the things he suggested the leader's sister kim yo chung's visit to the olympics change the atmosphere between the north and south starting a diplomatic dialogue there was another important back channel to sweden's foreign minister margot will strum authorized expanded conversations with the north koreans at one point had been planned for foreign minister to meet the then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in stockholm that plan changed when president trump surprised his own officials saying he wanted a face to face meeting with kim jong un and then secret dispatched his cia director mike pompei o. to pyongyang to begin the negotiations i've been speaking to diplomats at the u.n. in new york and here on the korean peninsula strategic discussions here in north
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korea are made at the highest level and done in secret but everyone i've spoken to believes that the bellicose speech by donald trump at the u.n. general assembly was what kickstarted the current diplomatic efforts james al-jazeera pyongyang. armenia's polman will hold a special session on tuesday to debate and possibly elect a new prime minister the move follows protest in the capital yerevan the opposition wants its leader nicole to shimmy on to become the head of a new government the french president has used his speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism isolationism and preserve their own nuclear deal but just hours later the money on mike ross said he's not confident president trump will stay in the agreement. the palestinian journalist ahmed abu hussein will be laid to rest in gaza he died on wednesday from injuries sustained while covering the protests at gaza's border with israel two weeks ago
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out of hussein was shocked when israeli forces using live fire against unarmed palestinians. it's day one of philippine president of regurgitated order to close a popular holiday destination for six months he says tourists of. into a cesspool the beach of tracks about two million tourists a year with a billion dollars in revenue. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness the bush because of chernobyl that's a water bottle. and
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version. zouma rishon year so will the out. of the movement or pick it out and there are some will hopefully hardly worth it does it. put some of the machinery hoping that the bullets in the liver are we have definite or for you who should we be you here are. very near the border with and the you are full and move on when we try. to. knock us around her all the rest so we hear it. have some theory work are very rare that some will continue.
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we should all be free of the media but don't be brief it's not over yet we're going to be if you don't come here for the way through europe you don't think that if you've already paid for the from a company for me but then the people who make me. walk
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british rock of all my problems are sagging in the years right if i get to say last night hit. by sheila in the. bottom of a privilege we are never good enough we are never given book are we play does your idea actually. one of my other lives here yet we're not like the one ya question might be do actually think yeah yeah yeah yeah sure i'm opponents a number of men you read me you lot are still young. though right there provide me. with the resource must be as raced in the west coast mastery of my history.
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i'm sure some are somewhere as far as for the muslim yes criminals however taught me how present some us aggression we are so we will not have much of the law ripping you are getting very civil rights just the word just wasn't sure sawalha chasse march. when she knew who is little that of what allah not scorable motion not scoring pretty schoolgirl a rule. to prove our assume you mean look up in the sudan meet you all.
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muslim or not they would remember that the law be like a party or something like a draw him see if he feels. his remote school with yours if it isn't of them come up share crunch shit and show mr churchill their book for the service she did three a she read it what they are sure she is a good debate. rare is this sure is going on all the services can already come with the poor pitiful me or saw little. news as well over the usual every day you go marching. to mitchell on the telly said here as in over the one year.
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you can use the brilliantly you miami americans because human beings. should go because gorillas such as cost. of soap was a postal order she loved her would lose them. and he says my religion is money and i. think it would ruin you keep this mosque the sun. i. know i was above. that but.
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that isn't if any of us feel good and it's just the way we've been getting to for special you know our. my fever eden doesn't that i can you force was not as it was . a comfort zone used as was recently was anybody younger than i but the moon said i'm not as they believe it's a little bit of body there's no little no good then why don't you know the front of underage you know the real me out. of the simple not out of the was in your morality the. couple of the rebels who are there are other although abides is the other so what you said lord if not this was not among the willing to shut up answer what was it what it is yet another thought that could be held in them up a bit at the front of the book. it was a loner. but you don't know much of the don't yet know who them are or something geographical. that would begin to come the moisture that the moving on was
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the casualties now of the cab. i don't. know. it's going to. be super but. you know you have. to the global the. global. fund these people have a good deal to rekindle the often results of who felt here that's not our only thank you but. i would thank you for the good thank you thank you. thank you for i love what the scope
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of the next three years of drought which add up to dilute our choice. agenda by it is your idea. of the include him leave the watch come and there we are. told has seen the. girl. boy kiri or thirty heidi i am not the. guy in the name of the well because you fear me price yearly and did the pope have done how was he. one of the never period that can yet when it is not you who is not your one minute i'm pretty sure that you were in the pub or are these you know speech salish you even if you're in play you are below. thirty for them to get that their mom but they did it with roy.
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this is perfect weather to be here because it's all it's after the rain the ground is more yes and it's humid so everything is staying in place the worst kind of weather would be hot windy dry weather because then the the wind picks up the radiation goes around. that's why the radiation maps keep changing because the radiation doesn't stay in one place if moves around. oh my gosh. that's a rowan. i haven't been here for probably seven years so it'll be interesting to see what's changed.
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who i mean then are you up lucy liu medicine was to give you the moves like yeah. this is the budget. when the you. know you know when to walk or parking over to her which a woman citizen. what does a car you know of the. party that. it will put you as a lad so i think you google with. his little mosque. to sort all this equipped this is you know once again it would be good to grab a part of the obs regular yes he would say everything. was.
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well there are still live in the room. people who are here a little yearbook. it is there are one of. the years that i've. read as the eyes of is not a year machine. bombs going to feel i'm. going to travel. through these like when it was sort of the only battle through i bother to link it to science or budget who could lose it in their book. october to some sabbat trying to buy the cash for. our yesterdays amish pressurize actually has a slow or whom. you couldn't resist them critically that's. sort
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of removes the brazilian volunteer has had some health problems she was at the reactor site the night of the disaster that means that she got some pretty serious radiation doses so she had hansen had her thyroid removed three years after the accident funny moments in the ms lewis is a must see. that all of you have out there are you know all in you are so for him you are. so much to talk. to be yours you come when we need a single hole you each if you were here when you see only you like i said when you . are so who are such come i think oh yes it was about it was about here whether they go crashing at a live shot there anything they want to know about the anomalous truxton there has been national want to say that we are three x. over a is what. a mushroom isn't just a mushroom it's
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a huge huge organism and the layers in which it is absorbing nutrients are the most radioactive layers of the soil if you're eating mushrooms you might be absorbing radiation actually from a great distance so this maybe clean this area here maybe clean but these mushrooms might be dirty and the only way of knowing is taking them to a lab burning them and testing if they're even a local food they are absorbing radiation cesium which accumulates in muscle and strong team which accumulates in bone this forest it looks like a storybook to me but there's a deeper story. is going to lot of that keep you. up on the high. who.
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were quoted a little really weren't that it was just. a bit of movie if you know are they how do you hear the thank you me would pull one of the poor how do you. you were the ones that it was out of my view. of that would not go out of course he would. have to put by me if you could do would be. there if you had gathered at the last hole of the world our view of. a world war. i don't have a. all of it in the will of this thank you.
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but i give you all of the way you. made on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al-jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power asked the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we ask of the seabed of the territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now that el jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera
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disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self worth living and the work i don't feel like system my own country the country i'd dreamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things al-jazeera world here's the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality passport to freedom on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera.
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hello i'm daryn jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera security is being tightened at the border that separates the two koreas a day before leaders from both sides hold their first summit in more than a decade north korea's kim jong il and south korean president moon jane will sit down at the border troops village apartment john armenia's parliament will hold a special session on tuesday to debate on possibly elect a new prime minister the move follows protests in the company erivan the opposition wants its leader nicole passion to become the head of a new government run for us to walk out as more from the air of. good to get on the streets again i must protest. protestors says supporters. of every walk of life gathering in different parts of the city and connecting and then forming you know again once again
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a substantial crowd that they will have been voiced by this means that things are taking. things are happening quickly let's put it that way and i. mean it's going to be elected next week well the exact going to be hard to imagine that everybody has one that it. was illegal bunch of. the french president has used his speech to the u.s. congress to urge washington to reject nationalism isolationism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal just hours later manual mike ross said he's not confident president trump will stay in the agreement. palestinian journalist ahmed abu hussein will be laid to rest in gaza he died on wednesday from injuries sustained while covering the protests that gaza's border with israel two weeks ago hussein was shocked when israeli forces use live fire against unarmed palestinians. it's day one of the philippine president of radio detectors ordered to close a popular holiday destination for six months he says tourists of town bought
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a car into a cesspool the beach attracts about two million tourists a year with a billion dollars in revenue. jurors in the sexual assault retrial of us not to bill cosby have finished their first deliberation with out of it prosecutors accuse cosby of sexually abusing a former basketball player at his mansion in two thousand and four his lawyers say she fabricated the case to get money from their clients. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness that a bush because of chernobyl spetum time so much but.
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i want you want to. believe that this is not the debian. seem to think. that what this was the was his isp or both of. them simpson was still in the summer so it does what it can soon as it was. shot video yes we are going to. use it all right near. the. end of the hell a book about her. that he said he would vote for the rest of your. life you would.
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pay for she. and her. father's influence. and or younger. loop hole leads me from live to believe that i would very cleverly have this incident a few people in the middle east injured he had his. you know it was limited to getting the most successful at it that sort of yet this
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is the best. for. the bloke in the money and. you're going to be. right. when you come down with the bullets have somewhat flooded. with the good good good good good. for morale it. sucks in living it with you know the president is. a good joke. but it goes from there but. if you. really did i'm proud.
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of the resumption of the years it is not magic it. never does be bumpus be the muted not the only dealing with it the myth of the poor start that there's no there's more if you trust mr zimmer you with your present item the chances of you the orange or the get with the young was as a as a yes resolutely boo boo with the summer you know me well yeah yeah if you're so good some super the story. it's. the little it's just. it was to cry. and whine yeah common law for the kid.
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they stay at the. this was over you like you live with all of this was written to have a. brew for you hollis where you. didn't . just you know i'm losing you again could be could give him a little. so for. the. last of the. illusion. very true who. who need large to live large to live large in.
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the. money. but he did just book. a good just. a. really.
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good. and a. ed middle a. life of. mathematics. you know in the for the thing. that isn't in my family at that that will create a little weird i hear a report heard around me. they may belong here. that someone right in that where is privately being me that badly brought the what you call the talk art movie gun movie gun perry as a lonely car it dear through her obama necessary it clear for her by you we hear
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him we hear him popular on the court above one has been our head our all say our poor new get in my ear let's go here and get me a little of what the miniature never actually heard or show how little i mean mostly how long the. who never learn does leave readily. but never will hold the cool apart some way now and i travelers. the real reason unless they blow white my knife like hell is not they will care i you want but your logging little not serious time they give you to polly. to the last to polly to the in not a here is where i leave that he who what with go if there is
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a whore poet here for him enough for the cell the internet if in ash you are not children thank you put it go lootable go in a week or poorly young it that female or a tough. young who. really care one way or who you never show never show carefully but actually. their bodies read their add up additionally lived till it was dark but then to kill. the more you know. if. you believe it. is. just not your day is just trying to make whatever you thought was true for hundreds
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of years i don't know why you have to listen if. you have enough of those is going to. relieve pressure of the things you have. to. get. in some other things like. that. but i feel you are doing doubt that was directed. last act i want it means that you have a date which every day results will look we. will go rewarding work with me that maybe i need to try to. correct me if they go well you have a couple of hours. the college or to one of us are working again but you're going to be preparing for to have. a year when you might be but there may be
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a market for the moscow publisher told. them there was one when you're going to like they would like that it had a lot of words you have to go perry a question would be gone and i. never i. couldn't really order to rehearse this afternoon usually have accessibility years ago millions. were to appear i hope that we would always want the regular quarter the one goal. earth. so proud really. but to take you more hear our own mary hear it take you on the really really are poorly for not be at the bottom well there's a reason there are this. yeah brothers they were the go well you know matthew minima of the make you. know. i don't have them up at the back like you said when bush failed to give you. a very guild does that ethical.
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you dream him up when really. i mean you are there live to have your say you. know if. i'm. very much like to work if i have a development of my meager little boy you would do if you didn't have a. robe
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or a knock on who's been through. so my school it was. to measure it if you do contributed to the would do. would tumble over thirty lluvia i would. and you couldn't you could talk to you could you just leave the movement on the brain people with any free will at the post for you graham of most of the
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post the news none you use is in a bubble scuse of was with you and use of you list would be cheaper so we know i pick you lose my videos but the most of it does this book really would hugh at the even use the more you put when you submitted see him around them you still resent. you couldn't even use them on the piece of shit you. so lisa i'm sorry it's you sure they're measuring. this one libyan cities. they really are dying off. younger animals and we're including humans among animals are far more susceptible to the effects of radiation the reason why their semi officially allowed the bush was to live here was because they figure that old age
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will kill them before any kind of radiation those. wild boars like can pop out anywhere. so the people who came back some possible to tease out what's radiation was drinking what smoking so far the only cancer that has been absolutely definitely connected to trouble is thyroid cancer that said the upper estimates are that tens of thousands light have died of radiation induced cancers all of the medical studies are flawed and flawed in such a way that. partisans on both sides of the nuclear debate can argue that the studies prove their point and that's one of the big problems you don't come here for clear answers.
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the problem source was the company will change we're going to publish a movie is made to design us is that it's more of a good news that was born of the binnacle or to the do to the boardroom was good move of course a position cam will pay for a photo of the interviewer with any form or action. or even a. blue bottle. wasn't thinking. while the food of the full moon. or his republican recall he should have seen the prescriptive was printed in the novel sheets of mozart for them to be useful. bottles of word. for the free world aren't there what are you going to have are going to. would have.
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been. written on was first used as the room in the bottle but if you for me was what he knew and. on the chin in the limo there's. just no question just the thought of look. at the news not to score and so on the fact that you know personally that as much as the percentage it's going to get fucked up you need. to be going in the conduct thing to those that believe the course this is the end of
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a news. lead me was about if you can do that in the predawn there is only thing is when you were the ridiculous stylists and we saw the girl sitting with a stick and you could think we were new on blue news or. do. you know that that's. what is there i think you would use local media for the course of. so long masha will. soon bomb a bomb why did you do know he must reject the limited always on you know what you the lost me story as it was she lashed out on the. russian not quite hotel you
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wrote will kill you unless you march that will of obama should know. what. you just watch it. is what you who you are or what you put all words you use something or bill you don't actually use we actually want to know your steroid use room in the civilian world with real whatever you put a flow. to fill them up at about the pleasantries make him what if he has enough. or yes you struck with jewish. if not i want to hear how it was even a. morning
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now because there will. be.
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was. close to those with all the world is all the way. but the emphasis on the overcoat. iou bush good. was a. bit of a suit. there was a. moment. to. the beat at. the end it got him he made you watch
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a lot you. got that one for ya but your i don't mean the meaning of much it would have loved me if you know what. i thought yes i do know about that you are many sons and i'm no use to us but monastic during. that period there in that frankly i am i doubt. anyone love me a bit about it when you do a good god. on the. right you're not allowed to get god by going. well. for the love of the lord. the way i mean really. never again and then you're.
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going to cost of it. and he. will.
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go. there your courtship will show. you what is. either. with us and you have everybody everybody. canada a country of promise an opportunity for my graham wakas but with little protection from the state authorities many are forced to pay extortionate relocation face and a saddled with heavy debts tefl and also not allowed to to come. canada seven thousand and lot of money in and one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. from a clear blue sky of a doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. hello there might still be some more thunderstorms or at least significant showers in northern argentina and suddenly you're a guy there's been a massive cloud recently coming dion from the equator to hit most of northern chile now it looks like it'll fade away won't bring much rain and then from thursday almost we've got south of santiago the rain potential and that's true i think from argentina as well when he says could well be in that rain band but also that it's
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a fairly dry picture need to go to the north of the constant as you might expect to find significant rain really as colombia through panama and costa rica that's where the cloud is showing itself decent chairs have suggested they form in cuba and back towards yucatan that six seven disturbance note frontal system that might produce yet more showers which sort of center on mexico's of guatemala mexico could see some significant share as well in excess of i think cuba less so jamaica in for a couple of big downpours thunderstorms seeing quite likely as the united states will hear the season appears to accept it is change that we have seen a lot of snow recently nor particularly low temperatures or three areas of cloud this one spinning through simply rain that's got the potential for some colder weather but not significantly so would of course it's this east coast where it's nice and warm that but sometimes quite wet. the weather sponsored by qatar airways . the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is
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always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. bureaus running six continents across the. al-jazeera is corresponding living bringing the stories that tell you of this. but it is one of the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees syrian food in world news.


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