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celsius in chicago police here it is looking a lousy dry lousy dry two across a good part of the caribbean the usual speckling of showers they've been lingering around the grates around to lee's recently still some heavy showers there into northern parts of cuba extending over towards the yucatan peninsula the reason away from jamaica we will see some wet weather there into his back as we go through saturday. the weather is sponsored by qatar and he's. disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self worth and the work i don't feel like system my own country the country creamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things al-jazeera world views the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality pos board to freedom on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. well i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i hope that here a new history is written with regards to peaceful prosperity kim jong un becomes the first ever or korean leader to cross the border for a historic summit with south korea's president moon j.n. . demonstrations in armenia as the opposition keeps up its push for power with more talks planned for friday. russia bring syrians including children to the hague to back its denial of a chemical weapons attack in duma. will cost the. three words for you guilty guilty. a u.s.
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court convicted entertainer bill cosby on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home. a new history begins now those are the words of chemistry after he became the first north korean leader to step foot in the south since the end of the korean war. ken was created by south korean president moon jan as he crossed the demarcation line dividing the two countries who also briefly stepped into the north side of the border and then walked to the venue where they're holding the first face to face meeting between leaders of the two koreas and more than a decade the white house has issued a statement saying it hopes the talks will help bring peace to the korean peninsula the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues including pyongyang's a nuclear program it's hoped friday's meeting also pave the way towards cannes meeting with u.s. president donald trump set for in late may or june in space joins us live from this
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historic meeting is happening right now james as you and i are speaking some bold optimistic words from both leaders to kick it all off as well tell us more what they said yes remember these are two countries that the technically still at war and yet a real atmosphere of peace is being created with the historic handshake the first time a north korean leader has come across to south korea they are now negotiating around the table around a round table that's been put in the so-called peace house this is the difficult parts but even ahead all those difficult negotiations optimism from both sides. the extent to which anybody should be an equal. it took eleven years for us to be here and this is star at the moment i wonder why it was so hard to be here today in this historic meeting there is high expectations on us should things not go if people expected i worry it will disappoint everyone but i have high hopes for the
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meeting i would like to go and resolve and not make a waste of the past eleven years today in this meeting i hope there is a new history written with regards to peaceful prosperity and i will approach this with a feeling of a brand new stuff i'd like to discuss all issues standing on asli and crudely i would like to take this opportunity to say that i hope to have a very good conversation with president noon today honestly crudely and with intent and i promise this to the president and to all the journalists who are present as well. when i'm on the congress. it's as if the weather is congratulating us today spring has really come on not just the korean peninsula but the whole world is focusing on us today the people of the north and south and people living overseas there is a big weight on our shoulders when the supreme leader across the demarcation line on this historic moment there is a mensa expectation almost all over the world and i hope this discussion is
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productive let's approach this discussion boldly and wishing for peace and i like to give something very big to the people looking at us we have all day to talk and let's do so and make up for the ten years that we have that policy. so very optimistic words coming from both leaders very positive images coming out of this summit very carefully choreographed the north and had people over here as well to watch the rehearsals to watch the camera angles deliberately i think trying to change the mood but there will be some very difficult discussions between these two men principally about their nuclear program north korea as long. said its nuclear program is what allows it to survive as an independent country and the south koreans obviously key allies of the u.s. who say that north korea needs to give up all of its nuclear weapons these pictures though we're seeing so different from the events of last year particularly last
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summer extremely tense probably the most tense of have been for many years on the korean peninsula what was it that turned it round was it those biting international sanctions or was it as many diplomats have told me the intervention of a new u.s. president president donald trump and his bellicose language towards the north koreans i've been speaking to diplomats and officials at the u.n. in new york in european capitals and on the korean peninsula this is a report i fall from pyongyang. when you walk around pyongyang everywhere you seem to go you hear military music blaring from shops and loudspeakers last summer the drums of war were beating particularly heavily it was arguably the tensest time on the korean peninsula in decades and september north korean foreign minister real young ho headed from his ministry here to new york to give his speech at the annual meeting of world leaders at the u.n. ahead of him in the speaking order the new president of the us the united states
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has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. al-jazeera has learnt that hours after that speech foreign minister re sought a brief meeting with the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists at the end of the meeting the north korean invited a senior united nations official to pyongyang a trip the un had been trying to arrange for over a year at the beginning of december jeffrey feltman then the un's head of political affairs made a visit to pyongyang in meetings with north korean officials feltman suggested that kim jong on use his new year's speech to strike a more conciliatory tone he suggested too that the winter olympics which are about
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to be staged in south korea would be a useful occasion to improve relations it's not clear whether the north koreans listened to his advice but they did the things he suggested the leader's sister kim yo chung's visit to the olympics change the atmosphere between the north and south starting a diplomatic dialogue there was another important back channel to sweden's foreign minister margot will strum authorized expanded conversations with the north koreans at one point had been planned for foreign minister rio ho to meet the then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in stockholm that plan changed when president trump surprised his own officials saying he wanted a face to face meeting with kim jong un and then secret dispatched his cia director mike pompei otoh pyongyang to begin the negotiations. all the officials i spoke to said that they thought the north koreans had begun to work out exactly how the international community worked and had calibrated the actions of the u.n.
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security council whatever they did a missile launch or a nuclear test they knew they were going to get sanctions but they knew how to deal with that the new piece of the picture was the arrival of donald trump and his bellicose language particularly that speech at the u.n. general assembly well how the events that we've seen today here on the korean peninsula going to play out across the region we're joined now by beijing correspondent adrian brown who's covered north korea for very many years adrian please your assessment on what has happened here today and also how china is likely to react. well james this event is being shown live here on state television that's significant because of course the media here in china is controlled by the government so this underscores i guess just how important this event is to china's leaders but i would say overall the response so far from chinese officials has been one of caution because as you would do to
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earlier china is not used to being on the sidelines of major summits happening right on its doorstep it has welcomed the prospect of denuclearization it is welcome the prospect of a peace treaty but the question is this what sort of treaty would china at the end of the day except and you know will a peace treaty necessarily lead to unification and if there was unification and you know we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves at the moment then wouldn't a new sort of unified korea be more friendly or less friendly to china these are the issues that chinese leaders have really been fixating on now china of course really feels that ultimately it will have to be involved in any peace talks because china of course was a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty three armistice and therefore its signature would be needed required once the peace treaty was signed and you know just a few weeks ago kim jong un was summoned or invited to beijing by president xi and
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i think president xi wanted to demonstrate two things one the china wanted to be central in any peace process and two in the kim she relationship kim is very much the junior partner analysts i've spoken to here in china suggest that actually some officials are actually concerned that perhaps potentially you know north korea could sort of slowly leave china's orbit and sort of strike out on its own and what chinese officials worry about is not so much this summit that's happening today because after all the leaders of north and south korea have met before what it worries about i think is more the meeting with kim jong un is due to happen with president trump is kim jong un shrewd enough to perhaps strike a deal with the americans or perhaps the chinese don't like and how would the chinese you know react to that. all right adrian brown live for us in beijing adrian thank you. let's take
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a look at the modern history of the korean peninsula so it was divided into north and south at the end of world war two after the defeat of occupying power japan the former u.s.s.r. controlled the north the us controlled the south and one nine hundred fifty the north invaded the south starting a three year war that ended with a cease fire but no formal resolution meaning technically the countries are still at war the following decade saw the north become increasingly isolated from the rest of the world a drop in food production imports led to a famine in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed hundreds of thousands of people despite peace initiatives in the two thousand. with its plans for militarization antagonized its neighbor in the south by staging its first nuclear test in two thousand and six escalating tensions led to the shutdown of the case song industrial park a joint enterprise between the north and south in two thousand and sixteen and this inner korean summit is only the third of its kind in history the first was held in
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two thousand during the so-called sunshine era another followed seven years later kathy novak looks back at those events and what might be different this time around . he was the architect of the so-called sunshine policy the koreas had been technically at war for fifty years but in two thousand little south korean president kim dae junge backed by the clinton administration in washington was promoting in gage meant warmly welcomed into enemy territory by then leader kim jong il kim jong il had been north korean leader for six years and was fresh from his first overseas visit to china with pyongyang on the world stage fascinated citizens across the border watched events unfold on television. the europeans keep saying that i live like a recluse thanks to president kim's visit i'm liberated from reclusion. this three day display of friendship culminated in an agreement and one of the south korean president a nobel peace prize among the promises reunions for families separated by the
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korean war and a joint business park at kaesong just north of the border. but global politics weren't on their side. in two thousand the u.s. had a change in administration from clinton to bush and the hard line policy became prominent the results of the two thousand summit weren't sustained. long young was unification minister under the next south korean president roh moo hyun who continued his predecessor's sunshine policy in two thousand and five chung delivered an invitation to kim jong il for another summit and two years later president roh stepped over the border with then chief of staff the current president and watching on. your team and this line is the wall that has been dividing our people for the last half century this will demolish the four be the wall and heal our people's suffering. it was two years after north korea pledged at the six party talks to give up its nuclear program in exchange for economic aid to
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monroe signed another peace declaration agreeing to implement that six party deal but it was never enforced. on october fourth two thousand and seven there was a great agreement after the south korean presidential election two months later that green agreement went straight to the garbage north korea conducted nuclear and missile tests conservative south korean president shifted to a tougher policy and relations deteriorated now liberal president moon j.n. is reprising language from two thousand and seven about ending the armistice and building permanent peace what may be a key difference this time is like u.s. president donald trump moon has only been in office for a year and has more time to implement any agreement and for the first time a u.s. north korea meeting is expected to follow the intercom rian summit kathy novak al jazeera seoul. joining us from seoul is coral fried office a fellow at the chicago council on global affairs and a scholar at the korea foundation mansfield's foundation thank you so much for
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joining us again so. kim jong un has already said at the start of the summit and i want to get this right he says that he doesn't want a repeat of the past where we were unable to fulfill our agreements what would you like to see happen to make sure that these talks actually progress somewhere and there is some sort of accountability for whatever agreements are reached one thing for that to happen what we're going to have to see is north korea take accountability for its own actions you know we've gone through this in the past and and essentially north korea has walked away from any number of agreements that are already on the books so if we're going to go out and look for a new kind of agreement if they're going to have to form something with that's going to be phased you know this is something that the north through is going to have to take seriously but in the end there's very little i think that south korea or the united states can do to try to force them into this if the only way that
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that's going to happen is to change north korea's strategy as it is i see this more as a tactic on the part of north korea they think that there is an advantage to be played and i think it's very unlikely that the end of the of the end of the day that they're going to give up their nuclear weapons the question becomes then is the united states willing to accept less than denuclearization in the terms four for perhaps something that that is a little bit less but stabilizes the region so what as of now china has pretty much been on the sidelines leading up to this historic moment today. going forward should china have more of a role can they have more of a role what would that be. we're trying is a signatory to the armistice that ended the korean war but right now they are being sidelined and quite frankly i don't think north korea the united states or south korea really want them involved the role that they have played in the past of course they have played host to the six party talks and there's
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a real question about what china's intentions are here do they really want to see a peaceful peace break out on the korean peninsula do they want to see better relations the role for them i think is up for the up to them to choose right now whether they want to be someone who's going to have to interrupt the process and perhaps slow it down or if they're going to try to push it forward my instinct is that this is something that they would like to see play out over a longer time because they want to be prepared and be sure that their interests are going to be represented if this happens quickly if that's going to put them on the defensive and certainly in a position where they are going to be not the loser but they're not going to gain as much as they would hope i'm going to follow up on something you said just a moment ago that perhaps that denuclearization may be a bridge too far for north korea perhaps or other things that could happen that could stabilize the peninsula things like what. so one of the things i think we have seen a real missed opportunity here is that there's been absolutely no discussion of the
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conventional weapons that line the d.m.z. if north korea is going to be serious about going for peace some kind of peace arrangement this is going to have to be part of the discussion eventually they have artillery pieces they have rocket batteries all along there that can reach seoul and other parts of korea and this offers a good opportunity to show that korea north korea serious to start rolling in those areas back i think personally that would be a good first step it doesn't look like it's on the agenda this time around so will we'll have to wait for that to be added the other part they're going to have to do and i think the u.s. is going to look for this very carefully is actually declare their nuclear sites we know where some of them are young be on in particular and once they do that then the united states will be able to match that list with the list that the united states believes it has and then see what we're actually discussing when the negotiations come around. we have really appreciate your analysis there in the morning to this stork event thank you very much. plenty more ahead in the news hour
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including more controversy from members of the u.s. president on a promise administration or today and israel and palestinians trade harsh words at the u.n. despite calls for calm. and support the rule change that could result in people athletes with high testosterone levels having to race against a ban. the white house has released photos of the new u.s. secretary of state meeting the north korean leader by pompei o travel to pyongyang earlier this month when he was a cia director to lay the groundwork for a meeting between kim jong il and u.s. president donald trump on peo is now on his way to a nato meeting in brussels before visiting the middle east the u.s. senate confirmed him as the top u.s. diplomat by fifty seven votes to forty two and s. to broadcast more from washington d.c. . my pompei zero president trumps former director of the central intelligence
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agency became the seventieth secretary of state on thursday pompei a was confirmed by the senate about midday on thursday and just a few hours after that the white house released a photograph of pompei zero meeting with the north korean president kim jong un in early april of the president had deployed pompei o two north korea to lay the groundwork for a summit between the two leaders president trump and kim jong un in may and while there unexpectedly pompei zero met for about an hour with the north korean president my pump a zero is hitting the ground running in his new role as the secretary of state just hours after his confirmation he boarded a plane and headed to brussels for a summit over the weekend with the with the nato and after that he will be boarding a plane again and heading off to israel jordan and saudi arabia to meet with
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leaders from those nations as well germany has long long merkel will visit the white house on friday and is expected to urge donald trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal but the trip could be overshadowed by fresh controversy in the trump administration such as the white house doctors alleged drunk driving and lavish spending by his environmental protection agency administrator kimberly hackett reports. he was the u.s. president's doctor and trump liked him so much he wanted ronnie jackson to take a cabinet position as secretary of veterans affairs but after mounting allegations that he drank on the job and handed out opioids like candy jackson withdrew his nomination on thursday well greeting schoolchildren in the white house rose garden trump defended jackson he's a great man and god are going to be very very rarely he gets treated really unfairly it's the latest in a series of appointments and nominations that has opponents questioning the
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president's judgment the real blame here falls on the administration for once again being sloppy and careless in the vetting process on thursday those accusations continued against another member of trump's inner circle the environmental protection agency administrators scott pruitt's been accused of lavish spending on travel and security as well as giving raises to friends your actions or embarrassment to president trump and if i were the president i wouldn't want your help i just get rid of you and in another distraction trumps personal lawyer michael cohen refused to answer questions in a court case related to an affair the president allegedly had with a porn star cohen's decision has led to questions about whether he's covering up something on behalf of trump trump is going to join us live in an angry tirade on a morning show on thursday trump defended his decisions but he also fueled another controversy the russia investigation led by special counsel robert mueller he was
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asked if he'll speak to investigators looking into whether his twenty sixteen campaign colluded with moscow i've taken a position and i don't have to take this position and maybe i'll change that i will not be involved with the justice department all of this surrounds the president as important decisions need to be made on north korea and. iran and also hangs over a very important meeting on friday with german chancellor angela merkel kimberley help at al-jazeera at the white house u.s. senate committee has approved a bipartisan bill to protect special counsel robert muller from being fired by donald trump the president has repeatedly attacked miller's investigation into alleged russian meddling and the two thousand and sixteen election but the bill is highly unlikely to be passed into law senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he won't allow a vote on it and put almost certainly refuse to sign it into law armenia's
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parliament is expected to hold an extraordinary session in the coming days to vote for a new prime minister the country was plunged into a political crisis this week after a former prime minister stepped down following major anti-government protests parliament says it will be held next tuesday to elect a new leader robin forrester walker reports. and his moves with a driven aims the republican party's grip. on five out of the best they believe it and. even the head of the church have profited at the expense of. students were to knock out the policies control of the education system. start students who become members of the republican party receive privileges benefits the student fees all knowing that your work trips to those locations are in turn ships so there is discrimination between an ordinary citizen and republican
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. students who didn't agree to your position be frustrated by the prospects of graduation under the public policy rule. said the media's population has emigrates into over the past decade many of them to russia where remittances they send home are an economic lifeline. russia may help decide the outcome of the current political struggle in the media i mean his closest ally provides a security guarantee against hostile labor's turkey and as a price russian foreign minister sergey lavrov met his armenian counterpart in moscow on the state for their part opposition leaders also help talks with russian officials this week crucial to the success of this movement is the opinion of since kremlin publicly it is recognised that this political crisis is an internal affair
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and not some perceived western backed color revolution there are two reasons for russia being a troll one is that they realize their meaning need security alliance with russia and there's a consensus in their meaning that whatever happens and you or me i'm going will have to work with russia and the second reason is that russia learned lessons from ukraine they learned that supporting an unpopular ruler is not going to help but. i mean is ruling elite has both a hostile public and an old ally that seems to be keeping out of the way first you walk out to syria. a vigil has been held in nicaragua's capital for protesters who have died of anti-government demonstrations the end human rights office some of them may have been unlawfully killed by security forces rights groups say at least thirty seven people died violence began last week when president daniel ortega floated a plan to overhaul pensions and the welfare system. so i had on al jazeera
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a millions of people on low incomes in the u.s. are about to be hit by the trump administration and more than forty british companies including major supermarkets pledged cuts to plastic used by twenty twenty five. and sport find out who's got the formula one world title title leader in his sights. from cool brisk knows in few weeks. to the one trying to use of southeast asia. we've got more pleasant spring sunshine into eastern parts of china western areas on the other hand we'll see some more clouds and rain in that range just making its way down across northern parts of vietnam into a good part of india china will see some wet weather there into what cambodia easing all the way over towards me and model to bad into the philippines the five celsius in manila it's been
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a bit hot and sticky here recently all of the site over the next few days user showers continue across malaysia a little convergence lot around the malaysia peninsula some very heavy showers pushing right up into thailand you can see how the winds are coming in from an easterly direction mixing up with these winds coming in from the west direction so the cloud is forced to rise towering thunderstorms brewing up if they should ease off a little as we go on into saturday but it does stay on settle across a good possible thailand will see those showers sliding out into the adamancy showers to into west franka once again southern areas of india still images housings and while the lobby downpours as is the case to into bangladesh for much of south asia really is about to hit forty one celsius in new delhi forty three in that poem is staying very much on the hot side as we go on through the next few days some relief from the heat the south with more clout here. there with sponsored by qatar airways.
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just. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas left hard to still had blocked the roads you see finding higher than anything else they could find with details covering. this extremely. street. from around the world this museum aims to be a repository of our region's history and its projected war that has divided tribes here for generations.
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the top stories. become the first north korean leader to step foot on the southern side of the border since the end of the korean war the meeting between cam and south korean president. is under way as kim says he's ready for honest talks with the moon and that they must not repeat mistakes of the past the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues including pyongyang's nuclear program the white house says it hopes the talks will help bring peace to the korean peninsula. thousands of anti-government protesters are again demonstrating in armenia parliament is called an extraordinary session next week to vote on a new prime minister former leader search for q.c. and step down following days of protests. thousands of palestinians have attended the funeral of an engineer shot in malaysia last week. was laid to rest shortly
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after his body was returned to gaza through the egyptian border stephanie decorous more from. the large crowd who are not a are in general yet to pay their respects to buddy. box the body you. inside the most in the belief you were there is out of my mind the political leader oh my god you believe it's almost two weeks ago now in the malaysian capital m. from a room full by to the known gunmen on a motorcycle the body of fatima. is now leaving. the coffin being escorted by the time and you know police the there's a large crowd here. the fact that there was now be taken to the cemetery just about everything will be very hard it's taken a while to get the body of the offer crossing. which is the job by egypt of the
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couple of hours ago the let you listen to. the the people here in the masses from the leadership of hamas is that they are little it's really accountable and one of the senior leaders that is well below them is israel of course denies any and was and the killing of the saudi but certainly the feeling here is one of the only thousands of people have now made their way to the cemetery where the body has been laid to rest you can hear gunfire and salutes to fight back who's now come back home he was born in jabalya and he's now been buried here. the end special coordinator for the middle east peace process has called for a deescalation in the region and its briefing to the security council nicholai lot of knopf urge all parties to step back from the brink there was wide ranging
5:34 am
criticism of israel's actions against demonstrators in gaza but also a spirited defense from the israeli ambassador and as u.s. ally mike hanna reports on the united nations and an investigation the security council chamber was packed as always in these quarterly briefings a number of observers ranging from the e.u. to the vatican taking part and looming over proceedings the ever escalating crisis in gaza where the death toll continues to rise among those demonstrating on the border with israel israel must calibrate its use of force and minimize the use of life by lethal force should be used only as a last resort a mass in the leaders of the demonstrations must keep protesters away from the gaza fence and prevent all violent actions and probations the israeli ambassador maintained israel was exercising its right of self-defense even have an obligation to protect our citizens and we will do so well minimizing civilian casualties to
5:35 am
the other thyroid. the fact is that despite these impossible conditions the vast majority of those killed were confirmed members of the original the new vision no acknowledgement of that among the dead are number of children an explanation of this left to israel's prime defend in the council the us as always leaping to the defense of its close ally the ambassador claiming that how much should bear the responsibility for the children killed or injured anyone who truly cares about children and gaza should insist that hamas immediately stop using children as cannon fodder in its conflict with israel the palestinian representative was adamant that the demonstrations are legitimate protest against continued israeli occupation and see why is the occupying power source or prized that the people
5:36 am
would rise up to demand their dignity and freedom why is it so outraged that people would use all possible peaceful means to bring an end to its persecution at the end of the meeting it appeared the words of the special coordinator at the beginning all but forgotten his plea that everyone in the middle east needs to step back from the brink and heard or ignored. my can a united nations friend role has taken place for a palestinian journalist who was shot by israeli forces while covering protests at the gaza border twenty four. who say died on wednesday from injuries he sustained during demonstrations two weeks ago in a wearing a protective vest marked press at the protest saying was the second journalist to be killed by israeli gunfire in a month. russia has taken a number of syrians including children to the headquarters of the chemical weapons
5:37 am
watchdog to support its denial of an attack in the city and too much the witnesses were presented to the o.p.c. at the hague to recount what they saw on april seventh russia says the syrians statements prove the chemical attack was staged allegations the u.s. and its allies strongly deny it another level so. we were in the basement we heard cries in the street that we should go to the hospice so we got scared we went to the hospital through the tunnel i started pouring water on me at the hospital i don't know why after that they took me to a different place well to me they've distributed fake footage by the fake humanitarians called the white helmets we've seen it all we saw the a boran scenes of choking children choking victims of poisoning right after the seventh of april the grand propaganda machine of the western trio came into action the u.k. the u.s. and france to undergo has more from the hague. well the only evidence that we've
5:38 am
managed to see here in the press conference is really videos and effects witness statements that they say were present at the hospital when the alleged attack took place but what was quite striking is that the video and picture evidence that they presented was accompanied by their own take on it which was talking about evidence for example how it couldn't have been real picos the damage didn't fit the . the attack had been described and there was a lot of condemnation of the of the white helmets condemning them as an act as a terrorist group supported by the u.s. and the u.k. without any other evidence backing that up as well but what was quite striking about the statements that were provided by the seventeen syrians that were brought including that of a young boy son was that the rule quite short there were very similar in terms of
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what they were saying a lot of the people that were presented there were working out the hospital and it seemed to follow like a very similar situation that all of a sudden there were a lot of people who were being brought in from the shelter a bar of and then a lot of people who had been doused in water but that there was no evidence of any chemical attack but yet there was no scientific evidence to back that up it is only their word that we have to go on with that more than seventy countries have committed to measures to fight the funding of terrorism at a conference in paris a french president memo marked on closed the meeting with the plea for countries to work together to fight a common enemy david schaper reports from paris. president emanuel macron singled out al qaeda and i saw the so-called islamic state as the main enemies that have to be confronted delivering the final address of the conference on the financing of terror he called for a new chapter to be opened a new methods used to neutralize them. or want to thank you all for your commitment
5:40 am
by coming here particularly the middle east and all those who accept our different points of view and who accept to commit to this new method it's necessary it's a first we must maintain it we must implement it and we must make it last it's been estimated the so-called islamic state made one billion dollars a year when they controlled the oil fields in iraq and syria no one knows where those funds have gone. but what is known is that the cost of mounting a terrorist attack has been dropping dramatically like the attack in the square a lorry was a weapon that was used to kill more than eighty people piracies public prosecutor from estimated the attack in the french capital an event that twenty fifteen which killed one hundred thirty people cost around one hundred twenty thousand dollars some experts are now warning that the fight against the financing of terror groups has proved largely ineffective they can easily transfer money without using the
5:41 am
international banking system which proved too easy to trace i am hoping that as a result of this conference there will now be a more nuanced approach to terrorist financing and we are moving away from the model that was developed in response to nine eleven but that might not be as effective when we're talking about new actors president macross said that terrorists must be fought wherever they are found but some of the measures are hurting charities trying to bring aid to civilians in conflict. as one relief worker put it it's now easier to send a weapons to syria than medical equipment or school supplies david chase to al jazeera paris the remains of more than two hundred people killed during the one thousand nine hundred four one genocide had been discovered in a village close to the capital the bones are among four mass graves buried nearly twenty meters below ground and the outskirts golly there are some reports as many
5:42 am
as two thousand people are buried there more than eight hundred thousand people were killed in the violence between two ethnic groups at least twelve children have been killed in northern india when a train hit their school van the driver of the van was also killed that happened at a railway crossing in the town to shut our other children to enter iran their way to school. died in flash floods in southern israel during a hiking trip to the south of the dead sea they were from a pretty military academy they were swept away by sudden heavy rains with seven others left in critical condition oteri helicopters and security forces earlier declared the teenagers missing as they searched the riverbed and the remotely get. actor bill cosby has been found guilty on all counts in a sexual assault rape trial a jury convicted the eighteen year old comedienne of drugging and sexually
5:43 am
assaulting a female friend at his home in two thousand and four john hunter and has more. america's dad is now a convicted sex offender we are so happy that finally we can say. women are believed and not only on hash tag me too but in a court of law where they were under oath where they testified truthfully where they were attacked where they were smeared where they were denigrated. bill cosby. three words for you guilty guilty a get out that. the jury found bill cosby guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea konstantinov his home fourteen years ago we are very disappointed by the verdict we don't they mr cross was guilty of anything and the fight is about over ending a late life spiral for a barrier busting icon of american entertainment now silent for.
5:44 am
the jury was apparently moved by testimony from five of caused more than fifty other accusers and i feel hot i like to get. the feel like i'm dreaming i feel like i. i feel like my faith in humanity is restored he is now the highest profile member of a rogues gallery of famous american men brought down by a chorus of accusers including producer harvey weinstein actor kevin spacey and news presenter matt lauer cosby fell from the last east of heights he was a track star at temple university one of the first black t.v. stars bill cosby here in vail of bankable spokesman. the many voices of a tremble. in cartoon highlighting african-american kids little cause a groundbreaking black comedian who inspired those who follow us to build the show
5:45 am
. thank you for that kind of show and on the show that bore his name his fatherly advice and squeaky clean image earned him the title america's dad cosby now faces up to ten years for each of the three convictions leading the eighty year old to face nearly certain death in prison the following icon left with a show of defiance one last performance in your career that shattered the illusions of one suit during fans john hendren al-jazeera thousands of people have been protesting across spain after a court cleared five men of raping a woman at the pamplona ball running past ball demonstrators shouted shame and i believe you sister outside the justice ministry in the trid the men who were in a whatsapp group called the wolf pack were convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse and given nine year sentences a record of the attack on their phones and laughed about it afterwards a member of the japanese boy band tokyo has apologized for making indecent advances
5:46 am
to an under-age girl in february of this share. his forty six at mit kissing a teenage girl after inviting her to his house he was formally charged but the case was dropped after the girl and her mother accepted the apology as japan's highest profile case of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry about two million people in the us who are on low incomes and receiving housing assistance are now expected to pay a lot more for their homes out of the top ministrations plan some of the poorest families may end up paying three times as much in rent christian salumi has more. nationwide some four million families rely on some form of federal assistance to pay for a place to live here in new york where there is a shortage of affordable housing tenants like samantha thompson are outraged by a proposal that could triple what many page month we're all going to continue to fight to keep lots of cities because without them we will have
5:47 am
a place to look at this a sphere with the costs of going to give everybody a break that's ben carson she's talking about the u.s. secretary of housing and urban development better known as hud he made the proposal not long after being taken to task by congress for ordering a thirty one thousand dollars dining set for his office he says the changes will simplify rent calculations and help control costs by raising the family monthly rent contribution from thirty percent of income to thirty five percent of income before tax the cap for the poorest families would rise from fifty dollars a month to about one hundred fifty three times higher according to hud that will affect around seven hundred twelve thousand households the changes will impact tenants not only in public housing complexes like this one but also those who receive subsidies for privately owned apartments the trumpet ministration says their goal is to give people an incentive to get higher paying jobs but housing
5:48 am
advocates say it's the higher paying jobs that are lacking not the incentive to work. our public housing residents here in new york city the majority of households have a working member this is not the problem the problem is with work come or static wages and that's why low income families can continue to afford to keep up with private rental housing and the proposal comes after the president signed a tax cut bill that mainly benefits corporations in the very wealthy he says this will help workers by growing the economy but critics like city council member richie torres see it differently saving the administration's policies represent an assault on the social safety and the president seems intent on redistributing wealth from those in greatest need to those who have the greatest privilege unless congress will have to approve the plan however and tenants as well as local
5:49 am
officials are vowing to take the fight to their representatives to stop it kristen salumi al jazeera new york i court in peru has released former president ion to whom allah and his wife from prison they were jailed last year as prosecutors investigated whether they took bribes from the brazilian upbuilding farm and there has been formally charged court ruled that their arrest and imprisonment didn't comply with the two process laws but in forty companies in the united kingdom a pledge to get rid of unnecessary plastic packaging in a bid to tackle pollution the business which include major british supermarkets have signed up to eliminate single use plastics by two thousand and twenty five they say that all packaging should be reusable and recyclable the voluntary plan comes as u.k. politicians consider changing the way supermarkets pay for collecting and recycling plastic waste her landlord reports. we're outside tesco is one of forty two british companies and supermarkets that have signed up to the u.k.
5:50 am
plastics voluntarily they are agreeing to buy twenty twenty five that plastic bags that food packaging like this covering but none as will be fully reusable recyclable and possible that these companies account for eighty percent of the plastic packaging use in u.k. supermarkets so the impact could be in moments the prime minister to use in maine has promised to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by twenty forty two as part of a national action the government is ambitious and it should be because the threat to the environment is so severe that this is a global problem and it needs a global response when you consider that the amount of plastic we produce each year is equivalent to the entire weight of humanity its public concern about plastic waste that is driving the agenda it's being called the blue planet effect of the television series by so david asmer which is expose the impact of plastic on our seas and wildlife and the critics say that this new tax is just bought and treat as
5:51 am
a new way of forcing at the public is limited to change already seeing people replacing our plastic shopping bags for usable clothes farms and taking their daily coffee in a reusable expecting retailers to commit to trains to. ok it is time for your sport now they're sauna thank you very much atletico madrid scored what could be a crucial away goal in the first leg of their europa league semifinal with arsenal the game in london finished one zero icicle how to play and their code diego simeone sent top just ten minutes into the game arsenal took the lead in the second haul for through alexander. but entendres mun scored a late equaliser for the spanish team the return leg is in madrid next week. have taken control of the other semifinal they beat rb is salzburg to nail in france. it's united's manager says players will be listened to before they proceed with
5:52 am
their controversial to me a ma on the second tier english team are due to play two games in a country that's been accused of human rights abuses against its right into minority we have to go in and do our job so if there are concerns they have to be legitimate concerns and then there has to be things put in place to get those concerns and not be a princess so that it won't be down to me saying no you know go and just listen it's a legitimate. maybe concerned about and then. the ninety's or the clerics has announced a new rules that could mean that women would naturally hardest levels having to compete against men the decision is likely to have an impact on south africa's elim pick and while tapping custis a mania to many i was subjected to agenda tests by world clerics in two thousand
5:53 am
and nine and was banned from competing for almost a year on that these rules it's likely she will have to take medication to lower her class a strong level or change events this is in comes into effect on them but the first . well the i w a f a says the ruling a will ensure fair competition and is the result of two years of scientific research it on the applies to running events between four hundred metres and the fifteen hundred metres so in your competes in the eight hundred and fifteen hundred a fact that athletes who want to participate must take a medication forty six months they'll turn to include running longer distance events or against men well caster semenya has officially responded to the rule changes a but she did tweet this message i'm ninety seven percent sure you don't like me but i'm one hundred percent sure i don't care. earlier i spoke to sports writer mike robot a man who's covered the last seven summer olympics he says the media has already
5:54 am
hinted that she may switch to running longer distances. well when she she ran in the gold coast recently she was. winner as expected in the eight she also won the fifty other major. she said afterwards that she talked about going on longer runs and how she could see in so moving feeding into longer running were to risk a little bit of a hint of where i want to start maybe because the obvious option that she has if she is unable she can either take the medication which will be prescribed for athletes with higher levels levels of fun or. not. i think have the choice to take up medication or if the prefer not to. not internationally or they can join the ranks very say or of course she could move the
5:55 am
only. events that up the score against what should be done so she'd look to the five thousand to ten thousand. she'd be taking medication may vary but she's still a very far to say that she couldn't have some of the successes of a long distances off how does into the last eight at the barcelona open the world number one it would be to gamble garcia lopez and straight sets it's been almost a year since the bell has even dropped a set on clay he won thirty ninth and forty five consecutive sets and this latest one. the bron james and the cleveland cavaliers are just one win away from advancing to the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs the team scored forty five points in game five against the indiana pacers in the bronx a frequent that had the bus that technically banditry ninety eight hundred ninety five. as
5:56 am
a kid you always had those like those three two one moments you know when you're. being able to have one of those moments and also to kind of feel like shit like i was a kid all over again just. you know playing basketball. and. you know makeshift hoops and you know my socks as a basketball and you know making a big noise you know. that's what it felt like but both on their car those says it's still too early and the season to know if his team can compete with her are you must see this for the world title for the drivers are now in azerbaijan the head of the fourth go employee of the year ricardo won the last race in time know a temper said this about him vettel ferarri finishing down an aids i'm not thinking about the chairmanship in that sense obviously i want to think about being there. but yeah it's naturally because we won the runs like all can you fight for the
5:57 am
chairmanship now but it's still early but i think we proved if we're there we can do a lot with it the boston bruins have eliminated the toronto maple leafs from the n.h.l. playoffs the bruins claims game seven of their first run series in boston it's called four goals in a row to beat the leaves seven four and close the series for three. lesser as well for me we'll have more later on. and that's all for me richelle carey for the news hour peter dobby standing by i'll be here in a moment with more of the day's news first though it's a pretty historic moment so let's take you back to the summit a look at some of the pictures from this meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and thanks for your time today.
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oh oh. let's. move. on. to. the to.
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travel often. by trying to use local forests the broad level. books of only. like. the. valleys and scotland's the live earth venture. the scope of. this faraway places close if they're going to get these cats how it weighs. major on al jazeera. marking world press freedom day al jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power asked the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is
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finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we ask of the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their family. as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future caught on. fault lines explores the all too real effects of trumps immigration policies. between war and the ban on.


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