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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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i had dry temperatures getting up to thirty four degrees celsius but you find it far too across much of southern africa or over the next to die also. in cape town in the sunshine with a few showers further north. almost
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i hope that here there is new history rich garth's to peaceful prosperity. high hopes and optimism as the leaders of north and south korea sit down to his story told. amongst all the pomp and ceremony as a permanent peace deal within reach between these two countries who are still technically at war. hello bob woodward is there live from doha i'm asking dennis also coming up. political rivals are set to hold talks on india's future after nearly two weeks of anti-government demonstrations. will cause be. three words for you guilty guilty a get out the. downfall of the man known as america's diet a u.s. court finds t.v.
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star bill cosby guilty of sexually assaulting a woman as his. new history begins now those are the words of kim jong un the after he became the first north korean leaders to set foot in the south since the end of the korean war kim was greeted by the south korean president mean jay in as he crossed the demarcation line dividing the two countries moon also briefly stepped into the north side of the border then walked to the venue where they are holding the first face to face meeting between leaders of the two koreas in more than a decade of diplomatic editor james space has been monitoring the latest from paul . on the south side of the. technically they are still at war but this was carefully choreographed to create
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a new atmosphere of peace north korean leader kim jong un entered from the north side of the demarcation line the south korean president loon jay in the seat at the concrete block that marks the start of his country's territory. a historic handshake. and then something in all the years since the korean war the kims father and grandfather never did a north korean leader crossing into south korea. it was followed by a reciprocal gesture moon jay in very briefly crossing the line into the north. both leaders seemed relaxed and was smiling but of course they hope this summit is only the start of a process and that's likely to be complicated and will involve difficult negotiations. among the most men on the dame's this meeting i hope that there is
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new history written with regards to p. for prosperity and i will approach this with the feeling of a brand new start i'd like to discuss standing honestly and frankly i would like to take this opportunity to say that i hope to have a very good conversation the president today honest frank and we intend. to come on . when the supreme leader across the demarcation line on this historic moment there is a mensa expectation almost all over the world and i hope this discussion is productive let's approach this discussion boldly in wishing for peace and i like to give something very big to the people looking at us we have all day to talk and let's do so and make up for the ten years that we have left the past. all right go live now to james james bays our diplomatic editor and james the two men seem to have got the atmospherics right so far. yes but they've
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got to try and get the substance of this sorted out as well certainly the atmosphere the tone is so different those pictures of smiling faces those pictures of a historic handshake but is it more than a photo opportunity there is supposed to be a joint declaration now for some time now after one hundred minutes of talking with the two man man we're told by the south korean presidential spokesman they were frank and sincere talks in which they talked about denuclearization and the establishment of a permanent peace on the korean peninsula after those hundred minutes the two leaders of their separate ways kim is back just on the north side of the demarcation line with his people and the south koreans are on their side of the line i don't think we're told they were having lunch with their own teams and a bit of a rest think that necessarily means even though they're separate that they're not
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talking by phone trying to hammer out a joint declaration which we are told if they sign that we expect them both to sign it in public and speak to us in public and that is supposed to take place we're told before a banquet which is taking place here at the end of proceedings that bank frank quit jewett to take place in just over two hours time so if we get a declaration and things that slip we may well get that declaration martín in the next couple of hours and i think people watching very closely including in the u.s. yes they'll be heartened by the body language by the very positive images but i think washington particularly will want to see something concrete that shows that came is really prepared to talk about everything including his nuclear program all right james thank you for that game and diplomatic editor there monitoring everything with regard to that. star excited thinking place in the d.m.z.
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. well not everyone's happy that these talks are taking place anti north korea protests have been taking place close to the south korean city of power where you've just seen james and that's very very close to where the meeting the summit itself is happening the conservative demonstrators want president moon to cancel the summit. the peace between murdering. is a disguised peace which means i will hand over south korea to murder of kim jong un's north korea and set up a federal system under the korean unification flag which means reunification under communism. but on the other hand there are those who support the summit a large crowd watch this historic meeting unfold on a large television screen they say they have to see improved relations between the north and the south koreans whose lives have been particularly affected by the ups and downs in relations between pyongyang and seoul have been speaking to their. if
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by one in a million chance north korea announces did nuclearization to the world truly gives up the nukes that it's very good however i don't think they would they have been threatening us with nukes and said they are willing to have a nuclear war with the us. they wouldn't give a new north korea thinks that we counted that coaching will be converted to that a free and democratic nations people will be hard to control they will lose their standing in the international stage i don't think they will give up the nukes. ideally hope that we can close the widening gap and relax the built up tension through the expansion of the into korean economic cooperation for example the case on industrial complex amount. which could once again become the stage for peaceful coexistence and cooperation i believe that's what our nations will bring. so what's a view of all of this from beijing china correspondent adrian brown has more. well
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pictures of this historic event are being shown live on state television here in china that's a measure of the importance the chinese leaders placed on this event of course china is about the only ally that north korea has there's is a relationship forged in blood between one hundred thirty and one hundred fifty thousand chinese troops died fighting on the north korean side in the civil war china though is taking a cautious approach it finds itself in an odd position on the sidelines of a major event happening right on its doorstep now officially china has said that it welcomes the prospect of a korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons it welcomes the prospect of a peace treaty but where it's less hesitant is the prospect of a unified korea and china worries that a unified korea might perhaps be less friendly to china and perhaps some u.s. troops might remain on the soil of a unified korea where the white house released
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a statement following the meeting it says we're hopeful that talks will achieve progress towards a future of peace and prosperity for the entire korean peninsula the united states looks forward to continuing robust discussions in preparation for the planned meeting between president donald trump and kim jong un in the coming weeks and the white house has released some photographs of the new u.s. secretary of state when he met the north korean leader might prompt pompei or travel to pyongyang earlier this month as the cia director to lay the groundwork for a meeting between kim jong un and president trump mr pompei is now on his way to a nato meeting in brussels before going on to the middle east the u.s. senate confirmed him as the top u.s. diplomat by a narrow majority of fifty seven to forty two. well the summit is a political and diplomatic milestone for the korean leaders kim jong un became
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north korea's ruler in twenty eleven after his father kim jong il died details about the thirty four year old's youth are limited but is said to have started in switzerland although that's not been confirmed under his leadership north korea has carried out for nuclear tests and fired sixty one ballistic missiles which led to more international sanctions south korea's president was elected in two of the seventeen after the impeachment of parkin hey the sixty five year old is a human rights lawyer he was born on a small island off south korea's south coast to refugees who fled the north during the korean war compared with his predecessors he takes a more moderate approach he's campaigned to engage with its neighbor and denuclearize the korean peninsula. all right so we can speak now to say kook who is the publisher of the political magazine korea exposé and he's joining us from seoul thanks for talking to us. expectations are quite high aren't they kim
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jong un saying a new history new history begins now is that how you see it. well certainly there's reason to be very optimistic about today and i'm not the only one to say it's. because disappointing when the live broadcast of the summit was being shown in city hall plaza here in downtown seoul were many citizens were gathered around clipping at the scene and expressing hope that this will really lead to a genuine peace on the korean peninsula which after all has been in this state of instability for the some last seventeen years i think there are signs between leaders will strike some important phrases in the joint statement that is to be released later today they were probably talk about denuclearization they will of course mention the possibility of establishing permanent peace here and also they
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would talk about improving better ties and in a way these are all things the koreans did not expect last year when tensions were running so high so expectations certainly are high and reasonably small and earlier we showed pictures of those who are opposed to this summit taking place so it's not universally welcomed in south korea is it i'm just wondering how much of a political mandate does president have to push forward with this process with the north. it's absolutely true because as you were showing earlier they are korean conservatives are very much opposed to what is happening in fact the leader of the opposition liberty korea party has been quoted quite recently by japanese media as saying that this is a very dangerous development and the government may be selling out the country to communist do not have the best intentions toward the southern half of the peninsula but if you were to look at the numbers the president is enjoying very high approval ratings in the high sixty's some time going over the seventy's and there's clear
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a sign that regardless of what happens and regardless of how many koreans feel about north korea they would prefer there to be some kind of stability over the kind of tension and threats of war running high last year so this is something that many people i can say are welcoming. thank you very much indeed for joining joining us. thank you very much indeed. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including my donald trump's plan to know when eight the white house physicians to the cabinet full of. all the forty british companies including major.
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hello we are still hanging on to some pretty warm weather into the bowl these ing over towards the black sea east and record breaking heat for the likes of croatia for example but much cooler air spilling in across western parts of europe over the next few days little bit of cloud there that will bring some rather heavy rain in across england wells is ten celsius in london not that of they were raving about the twenty seven that we saw here further south when they were that twenty seven twenty four there for madrid for the time being central as well is where the heat is twenty nine cells is there for rome twenty five in bucharest want to live the showers with those high temperatures smile the wet weather to into ukraine we will see that clearing away twenty degrees there in kiev as we go on and sas day fourteen in moscow with some bits and pieces of cloud of rain a little warmer less cold so we say in the london twelve cells it is spring after all eighteen imagery to the temperatures to fall away here and there just some right just flooding in across the bay of biscay not too much rain to speak of now
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on places across northern parts of africa i would for a little bit of cloud there into northern areas it's nice little bit of what weather easing away from here twenty three celsius in cheetahs had some lively showers over towards the sinai peninsula recently but it's hot in cairo at thirty one degrees. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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and so to our top stories here. and permanent peace these are the leaders of north and south korea are discussing the summit that's taking place in the demilitarized zone. made history by becoming the first north korean leader to set foot in the south since the end of the korean war but their pain and hundred north korea protests close to where the summit is taking place near. the conservative demonstrators want president to cancel the summit completely. at the historic summit has been welcomed in washington the white house releasing a statement expressing hopes the summit will achieve peace and prosperity for
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koreans and china for its part has said it would welcome the prospect of a nuclear free korean peninsula. brought to armenia now where the acting prime minister has rejected the opposition leaders proposal for talks on friday ahead of of those in parliament on choose a choose a new prime minister now this follows days of turmoil which all the sudden resignation of the prime minister. after a major anti-government protests robin for reports from the capital yerevan. he's been a drip of the republican party's grip. by a lot of. it. even the head of the church of. students to block out the party's control of the education system.
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students who become members of the republican party receive privileges. the student visa. trips to those locations. turn ships so there is discrimination between an ordinary citizen and republican. laughed at but i think. i students have the integrity to your position we've been frustrated by the prospects of graduation under the public party rule officially ten percent of our population has emigrated over the past decade many of them to russia where remittances they send home are an economic lifeline russia may help decide the outcome of the current political struggle in armenia i mean his closest ally provides a security guarantee against hostile labour's turkey and as if i just russian foreign minister sergey lavrov met his armenian counterpart in moscow on the state for their part opposition leaders also help talks with russian officials this week
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crucial to the success of this movement is the opinion of that amir putin's kremlin publicly it is recognised that this political crisis is an internal armenian affair and not some perceived western backed color revolution there are two reasons for russia being a troll one is that they realize there meaning need security alliance with russia and there's a consensus in their meaning that whatever happens in your me i'm going will have to work with russia and the second reason is that russia learned lessons from ukraine they learned that supporting an unpopular ruler is not going to help but. i mean is ruling elite has both a hostile public and old ally that seems to be keeping out of the way of adversity walker al-jazeera. seventeen countries including britain the u.s. and france have accused russia of a crude propaganda exercise after it brought a group of syrians to europe to support its denial of
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a chemical attack having happened in duma russia presented more than a dozen people including children at the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog to recount what they saw it says their statements prove that the april seventh incident was staged a joint statement by the seventeen countries said there was indisputable evidence a chemical attack did take place in another level. we were in the basement we heard cries in the street that we should go to the hospice so we got scared we went to the hospital through the tunnel i started pouring water on me at the hospital i don't know why after that they took me to a different place. they've distributed fake footage sent out by the fake humanitarians called the white helmets we've seen it all we saw the a boran scenes of choking children choking victims of poisoning right after the seventh of april the grand propaganda machine of the western trio came to action u.k. the u.s.
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and france. up to sixty percent of syria's largest palestinian refugee camp has reportedly been destroyed just over a week into the government campaign to retake the area from eisel that follows another twenty four hours of government air raids and shelling of yarmouk in southern damascus many of its one hundred sixty thousand residents have fled the fighting activists say damage to the camp has exceeded all expectations an estimated twelve hundred five does remain in yarmouk and the surrounding neighborhoods. that the actor and t.v. star bill cosby has been found guilty on all counts in his sexual assault retrial a jury in the u.s. state of pennsylvania convicted the eighty year old comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting a female friend at his home in two thousand and four john hendren reports. america's dad is now a convicted sex offender we are so happy that finally we can say.
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women are believed and not only on hash tag me too but in a court of law where they were under oath where they testified truthfully where they were attacked where they were smeared where they were denigrated. bill cosby. three words for you guilty guilty they get. a jury found bill cosby guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea konstantinov his home fourteen years ago we are very disappointed by the verdict we don't they mr cross was guilty of anything and apply it is not over ending a late life spiral for a barrier busting icon of american entertainment now silent for a bit because. the jury was apparently moved by testimony from five of caused more than fifty other accusers and i feel i like
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a good. deal like i'm dreaming i feel like i. i feel like i'm in humanity is restored he is now the highest profile member of a rogues gallery of famous american men brought down by a chorus of accusers including producer harvey weinstein actor kevin spacey and news presenter matt lauer cosby fell from the last of heights he was a track star at temple university one of the first black t.v. stars bill cosby here in vail of bankable spokesman he's. the many voices of a trailblazing cartoon highlighting african-american kids little a groundbreaking black comedian who inspired those who follow us to cause we show. you that show and on the the show. bore his name his fatherly advice and squeaky clean image earned him the title america's dad now faces up to ten years for each
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of the three convictions leaving the eighty year old to face nearly certain death in prison the fallen icon left with a show of defiance one last performance in a career that shattered the illusions of once adoring fans john hendren al-jazeera . now nigeria senate has summoned president mohamed to bihari to testify about his government's response to recent communal killings on tuesday at least eighteen people died in violence between muslim cattle herders and christian farmers in benue a state the government has been criticised for failing to maintain security. a senior member of gaza's ruling hamas group who was killed in malays here last week has been buried in his hometown palestinian engineer for the album which was shot dead by two assailants in kuala lumpur almost a week ago israel has denied involvement seventy deca i was at the funeral and jabalya. a large crowd who turned out here in general you know to pay their
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respects to the id. box the body you. inside that mosque in the belief you were there is out of my mind you know you the political leader. that you barely over the weekend when the malaysian capital didn't come aboard by two under you gunmen on a motorcycle the body of that. is now leaving the. coffin being escorted by the time and you know police the. crowd. be taken to the cemetery every day. it's taken a while to get the body of the offer crossing. which is the job by egypt only a couple of hours ago the news it was in the the people
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here in the masses of the leadership of hamas is that they are really countable and one of the senior leaders that israel. is israel of course denies any involvement in the killing of the saudis but certainly the feeling here is one of the thousands of people have now made their way to the cemetery where the bodies have been laid to rest you can hear gunfire salutes to fight back she is now come back home he was born in jabalya and he's now been buried here. the nineteen ages of died in flash floods in southern israel during a hiking trip to the dead sea they were among a group of twenty five trackers from a pre military academy more than a dozen who went missing were later found after a big rescue operation the water surges in the negev desert followed two days of
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unusually heavy rainfall. right today you can see kim jong un returning to the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone between the two koreas of course as you can see he's got a fairly fit security detail they've got to keep up with that car over a certain distance haven't they and they're due to resume this summit is due to resume in a few minutes from now the two leaders separated after their morning session they went back to their respective sides of the demilitarized zone. into the north and president move to the south they had lunch and now as i say they are revealing business and we first order of business we understand to be the unveiling of a tree a tree for peace and prosperity watching all of this with us is our diplomatic editor james bays and as everything with this entire summit the
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symbolism is high isn't there in this tree is is also redolent with all sorts of good portends for the future. absolutely symbolism is the key here is you see the two leaders making their way to the tree which is premier replied it's a tree from nineteen fifty three that's when the korean war the conflict stopped but it didn't come to an end with a peace treaty just with a truce or armistice you can see the south korean president showing his north korean counterpart virtually that has already been planted what you're going going to see is there are two spades there. they going to take some earth from two sacred mountains one in north korea one is mount pick due in north korea and also from mt hala which is on j h u island in south korea and they're going to put that soil around the tree and then they're going to poor each of the water on it and again
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the water is going to come from the two sides from the river in south korea here and from the river in north korea very symbolic showing a new future for this divided land it's worth telling you there is perhaps another important thing to mention which is symbolic with regarding trees and that martina take you back to one thousand nine hundred seventy six and one of the most serious incidents that ever happened in the d.m.z. concerned a tree the u.s. didn't like a tree a poplar tree in this case it was in the line of fire line of sight and two u.s. soldiers led a group to cut down the tree the north koreans came along and said well kim il sung the founder of north korea part of that tree you can't cut it down the north koreans did not like that at all and they set about attacking the two americans and actually killed them with their axes that led to almost war during the time of
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gerald ford who was the u.s. president he sent a show of force and they did finally cut down the tree and here's the amazing part of that story back nine hundred seventy six u.s. soldiers were involved in the end of it in the end cutting down the tree so were some south korean conscripts and one of them you can see right there in your pictures in it was one of those south koreans on that moment of real tension here and now a moment of real optimism indeed and as we follow the progress of this summit minute minute by minute and and that's certainly how the south koreans are following it isn't it james because they've got they're being treated to live extensive coverage of their everything that goes on during the day but what about those in the north how is this being presented to the people of north korea. well north korean state television isn't even on air for much of the day it doesn't come up up until the afternoon it went on air about an hour ago i was watching it
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here something i'm allowed to do as a journalist but normal south koreans can't that's not allowed under law to watch north korean state t.v. bulletins they came up with a very brief mention from a news reader that this historic meeting was taking place saying too that they were doing everything and their leader was doing everything to try and defuse tensions on the korean peninsula so far they've shown no pictures though of this historic meeting would expect and then perhaps in about an hour and a half when north korean t.v. does one of its main news bulletins but i'm sure they're not going to report some of the comments that we've heard from kim for example he told his south korean counterpart that he'd like him to come to north korea but he might be a bit embarrassed by the road and rail systems in the north he said road travel was inconvenient that's something they don't normally admit in north korea they normally say everything they have there is superior to anywhere else in the world
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and you would just say yourself james it recently in your experience around the bumpy roads. yeah i made the same journey that kim made by road today and we'll make again at the end of this meeting we're going now to a second stage of the summit meeting around the table in the peace house and this i think is where they're going to try and iron out the final declaration this summit has been a success in terms of the pictures the images and the body language the symbolism that so important that you're seeing here with this tree but of course others particularly those in washington d.c. want to see that there is real progress and a real willingness from the north korean side to engage on all issues and of course the most important one for the u.s. if they're going to go ahead with a meeting between kim and president trump is a north korean willingness to give up their nuclear weapons.


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