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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned. politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. from prompting forests with drawn to surviving drone to the small for. a would winning environmental solutions program which. never heard of the birth of a real job but. reaching to the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest mom might involve a mental problem threatening. the new season of her throat so i'll just throw a. huge
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crowds in the yemeni capital for the who's the second in command who was killed last week now reports of more whose deaths in saudi like coalition as strikes. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up russia's foreign minister accuses the u.s. of trying to divide syria as a whole toward holds talks in moscow with his turkish and iranian counterparts. the newly appointed u.s. secretary of state. in saudi arabia for talks expected to focus on the iran nuclear deal. and how music is making these youngsters in somalia for guess about living with violence and war.
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a saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two who feel leaders and dozens of fighters in sana large crowds filled the streets of the yemeni capital on saturday to own a high ranking rebel commander. who was killed by a strike last week between a gate and the reports. he supposes descend on the center of santa there protesting against the death of the most senior official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three year war salah alsa mad died in an airstrike on the coastal hay day to provence last week there's no more that you will get revenge for the death of the president of the republic. and i have message for the saudi aggressors you bring invaders here from all over the world we will kill them and we will burn them to the leaders and dozens of fighters were killed in another saudi led coalition air strike on saturday saudi state television says the strike
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targeted a high level meeting at the head of these interior ministry insana after three years of fighting and no end to the war in sight analysts say the saudi led coalition is trying something new the saudis are stepping up their game. targeting higher higher level officials and the hope is as well are also are there also to stepping up their game firing more and more ballistic missiles into saudi territory i think the message is clear that they still believe both parties still believe that they're the only solution is a military solution but it's a risky strategy the fighters say they're more determined than ever to continue their fight for control of yemen. this protest was made for our president's summit and we tell him that we will keep going on your path and we will not drift away his death strengthened us and provided us with resistance god willing we will not drift away. it's
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a conflict that's already killed thousands of people and caused the united nations says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis now there are signs of an escalation from both sides saudi arabia says it intercepted for the missiles fired from yemen targeting the city of just an victoria gate and be al jazeera. doctors in gaza are saying they are unable to cope with the latest influx of palestinians injured during friday border protests four people were killed and about nine hundred wounded as israeli soldiers fired on crowds along the fence also israel's military struck six more mass targets in gaza on saturday stephanie decker has mall this is the first time the israeli military has responded with a military force against hamas targets and what it calls a response to the protests at the fence a statement from the army issued on friday night said that this was in response to a mass infiltration attempt at the border fence one of those strikes here in gaza
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port at two small boats overnight now what we've been seeing here is thousands of people who have lost their fear certainly this friday the most dramatic yet when you saw a surge of thousands of people heading towards that fence israeli forces opened fire but what people have been telling us is that they have lost their fear we can keep saying that but the situation here has become that desperate everyone you speak to here will tell you it is the worst that it has been since hamas took over the gaza strip there are no jobs the economy is dire people cannot afford to feed their families there's four hours of electricity a day if that medical supplies are in short supply the water is contaminated the water you see here has ruled sewage going into it the list is goes on and on i think this is why we're seeing so many people who don't care whether they're going to be facing life fire at the border fence certainly that's what we saw happen on friday. it happened all of a sudden
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a surge towards the border fence running in a different direction from where the protests have been focused all day these really soldiers had to reposition themselves the army issued a statement saying there was an attempt to infiltrate the border that they acted within the rules of engagement to throughout it. the soldiers opened fire. it went on for quite some time yet i was his race to pick up the wounded civil but the guys suddenly ran in this direction to the fence they threw stones at the soldiers then the israelis opened a heavy fire there are many injuries there really is a feeling here that people have lost their fear israel has said it will shoot the oh they get right up to the border fence that people here will tell you they have absolutely nothing left to lose earlier in the day a small victory for these young boys. israeli forces had warned the protestors over
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a speakerphone in arabic to move back from the fence. when they didn't. to deal with the tear gas homemade gas masks and now being sold it could demo on how to use them these young men part of a generation who grew up under the blockade there are no jobs no opportunities they are stuck here as we get power from a peaceful protest they get the power. from their rifles with us we have rights and we need our freedom. these three seem to discuss tactics maybe hoping for a brief moment of pride against one of the best equipped armies in the world now there was no. intent to. kill and you like to send. us for the using our different
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situation than to voice what they want is change to be given their rights and their freedom and you can see despite the dangers of getting not put to the front no one is stopping. this friday has been described by many here as the most dramatic yet because the protesters came right up to israel spends israel's intelligence agency and the army have warned the israeli government that gaza could explode if the current restrictions continue they may be right people here say they've lost their fear that life in gaza has become unbearable that they have nothing left to lose stephanie decker or jazeera east gaza. russia's foreign minister has accused the us of trying to divide syria into parts so i made the comments in moscow while meeting his turkish an iranian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the talks are being
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held out of the next round of the a stand up process aimed at ending the violence that also took aim at all the western powers. while we are building options for peace some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria roy chalons has more from moscow. this meeting was a way for russia turkey and iran co-sponsors of the standard talks to set the scene for the next round of those negotiations which are in a couple of week's time a the fourteenth and fifteenth the three countries here although they have been pushing these negotiations into their ninth rounds now. do have disagreements they have disagreements over the future of president bashar al assad's turkey has always thought that he shouldn't be part of syria's future and turkey also disagrees with russia on iran over the recent u.s. u.k.
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and french airstrikes which were a response to what those three countries said was a chemical weapons attack in duma now turkey supports though that view and thinks that the russian perspective that this has set back the political process in syria is not necessarily true but the turks do have criticisms of the united states saying that they should give up their ongoing support for the kurds when we do get to the next round of the start of talks in a couple of weeks we're likely to see. a similar situation to previous times which is that the opposition are reluctance to come now the route the opposition has always felt the. talks were essentially a sideshow a distraction from what should be taking place which is the resumption of negotiations in geneva the official u.n. sponsored talks and the opposition has long felt that water starner is essentially
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doing is just hollowing out geneva stripping it of all the main political platforms political points and essentially giving cover for russia and the syrian government forces on the ground to continue pushing home their military advantage. meanwhile in other developments at least eighteen people have reportedly been killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus including the are moot refugee camp from myself itas activists estimate that between forty to sixty percent of the campaign has been destroyed just over a week into the offensive. the newly appointed u.s.
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secretary of state might bomb bio has arrived in saudi arabia ahead of a three day trip to the region won by zero was sworn into his new post on thursday off his predecessor rex tillerson was sacked last month is due to hold talks with the saudi foreign minister there before having dinner with the crown prince mohammed bin cell none are expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal following donald trump's threats to pull the u.s. out of the accord next month kristen salumi joins us live now from washington this is first visit as secretary of state what is the saudi view of him compared to his predecessor rex tillerson. well certainly mike pompei as views on iran are more in line with president trumps president trump of course has been very disparaging of the agreement that was reached with world powers in iran to do nuclearized the country and mike palm pale when he was in congress was known as an iran hawk he's talked about wanting to roll back the deal and. take on
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the iranian administration more head on so we know that this is where he's coming from whereas rex tillerson had a more european view about the deal he was no big fan of the agreement but he was more sympathetic to europeans who were worried about blowing up the deal and the implications that would have he was looking for ways like they have been to strengthen the deal as opposed to. get the united states a pull out of it all together so we know that this may twelfth deadline is fast approaching when president trump has to decide whether or not to impose u.s. sanctions on iran and there's no doubt that this is one of the issues that tom pale will want to talk about with the saudi leadership right and how important is it then that he is meeting the saudis and the israelis on his first official trip to the region as secretary of state yeah it was announced just hours after he was
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sworn in that he would be making this trip course he did go to a nato headquarters first for a meeting there then he is to saudi arabia israel and jordan but i would say that's very much in keeping with the president trying agenda as well president trump's first trip to the region was also to saudi arabia and israel of course we know mr pompei was also been busy with north korea but that was before he was officially sworn in and so a lot of issues on the table for the u.s. administration globally right now but clearly what's happening in the middle east is a major concern. thank you very much from washington christian salumi with all the latest on that story you know is al jazeera much more still ahead for you we speak to wrangle refugees about the horrors they faced at the hands of myanmar as military. and joyce banda is back why the former president has returned to the country risking arrest.
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however let's settle across southeastern parts of china very different story further north still some very heavy rain up towards will hang up towards shanghai so you know it's twenty eight celsius twenty eight celsius there for hong kong as well the rain becoming a little more wise but as we go on through monday but for the south again hong kong dust a fine and dry scattering the showers down into india china scattering of showers to into the philippines has some rather shabby rain also affecting parts of thailand recently and that was the weather well that makes its way right across the bay of bengal southern parts of india pushing across into sri lanka seeing the showers continue not to the northeast of india up towards bangladesh again we are staying a rather disturbed here over the next couple of days so we are going to see some very heavy rains in the far north east of india temperatures still getting well
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above the forty degree mark for many little more clout there's you can see a little cooler for the south the still wanted to show was there at the capital for example and also into sri lanka what about celsius from that pool forty one celsius for new delhi across eleven potential is generally fine and dry we have got the chance of some sandstorms further north and showers to the south. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their family. as the crisis in yemen worsens some flood the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future with on call. phone lines explores the all too real effects of trumps immigration policies. between war on the bomb on a just. a
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come back with al jazeera a look at the headlines this hour the saudi coalition air strikes have reportedly killed two three field leaders in the yemeni capital sana that as thousands of people turned out for the funeral of a who seek amanda killed by a strike last week russia's foreign minister is accusing the u.s. of trying to divide up syria sergey lavrov has met his turkish and iranian counterparts in last for talks aimed at ending the seven year civil war. and the new u.s. secretary of state my pompei was in saudi arabia spaza his first overseas trip is expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal with the saudi foreign minister and the
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crown prince mohammed bin sound man. on the news ruling party has announced it will not be nominating a candidate for prime minister at soft a massive antigovernment protests in the city of canary demanding an end to what they say is the ruling elite running the country weeks of unrest has led to the resignation of serge sarkozy an as prime minister and an interim leader installed in forrester walker joins us live now from yerevan so what happens next if the ruling party saying it won't be fielding a candidate for the post. that's a good question and that's the one we've all been scratching our heads over because clearly it's not just a straight forward that means that nicole passion the passion the passion the end is going to go ahead and it's the presumptive prime minister but when he made that announcement himself passing on that statement to the republican party it made the
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crowd went absolutely wild on the square behind me because there was concern that the republican party were going to put forward that acting prime minister is candidate and. it turns out no more popular than that the former prime minister who resigns earlier this week so the crowd boid by that yes we're expecting. the parliament to have this on tuesday and when they have this vote they call passion and has holds for all his supporters and we're talking about really what's most people now to come out onto the streets yet of and even up here in violence all to come down to your man and make their will known to the members of parliament in. parliament who the majority of which are republicans so they really have a choice now they can play the legislative games or they can submit
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as he's asking them to to the will of the people and select him as as their candidate i have actually just received a message from a republican. and he who said. they let us meet the candidates and let us make a decision in other words this means that they are potentially still open to negotiation with the opposition movements. which is interesting in and of itself because they could have stayed in if they abstained that would mean that. would not be pressure. i would not be the next prime minister that be another votes and then it would go to the electorate and there would be parliamentary elections but the the movement is very clear in that it doesn't warrants a repeat of previous elections that they say have been fooled you know. the odds of being stuck to get anyone but the republican party so if they don't get it he doesn't get into office if he doesn't become prime minister it'll be very difficult
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for them to beat the the way in which the electoral system is rigged at the moment you know media and so that won't be a resolution that won't be through the crowds will not be happy with outcome eat of it it looks as if the republicans saw let's say playing for time in the meantime this gives them a few more days this reduces the tension but we are not there yet sometimes of an outcome in this political bent i just every feel something can happen that's covered there yeah but i just if i if i could ask you something that you said is there a particular loyalty to nicole passion and team sense that support for him is growing . i mean. the loyalty to mr posh and yeah that's your question to the to the to the to the to the sorry to the to the opposition leader role to the acting prime minister. in the process has been
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going on for two weeks now is it your understanding that support for passion on is growing in the country. you know i i i get it. i was skeptical when i got here last and of last week when this was all reaching. over the before the resignation of the prime minister and i wanted to understand whether. you know whether there was a section of society. that wasn't. it wasn't with this with this guy we've missed the past ten years and that the republicans had some broad support somewhere but from from everything i'm seeing. it's very difficult to escape the impression that the vast majority of armenians have got behind this protest movement having been on the road today having seen people coming out to support the
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convoys of cars going by with the armenian flags in support of the opposition and then being here on the square and seeing the look on people's faces and feeling that excitement and there are people from all different walks of life and they're the older generation they're pensioners and then they're young people too and they're educated armenians you know and people coming from back from abroad to take part in this one gets a sense that this is an immovable irresistible movement that is that is that is taking place right now and it's up to the republican party to take that on board and recognise that that is what we are seeing that is what we're being told no no sign of those protests dying down a toll thank you very much for bringing us the latest from yerevan robyn far still walking that. now corinne's watching friday's meeting between kim jong un and lungi in so vastly different coverage depending on which side of the border they were
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wrong while many south koreans had free access to the historic summit in the north a message was tightly controlled james bays reports from cell. across south korea people watching the historic summit closely some were overwhelmed by the images the first time they'd seen a north korean leader step foot in that country the declaration that was signed was a declaration of intent nothing is actually changed yet but it could mean a very different political future for the next generation of koreans. well south korea had wall to wall coverage of the events in north korea on state controlled media a more edited version was presented people here of not yet been told of the possibility of the next meeting being between their leader and president trump experts say one of the people closest to kim is likely to be involved in changing the official
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narrative. well for north korea the all of the media are controlled by the propaganda an education department which kim your junk consignments younger sister who we saw you know accompany him she also came here to the olympic games she works in that department which indicates a very very high priority for the north korean regime during the summit president in and supreme leader kim jong un met alone face to face for over thirty minutes trump is also said to favor a meeting one on one with no eggs a former senior official who worked on north korea both at the white house and later at the u.n. has this advice for the u.s. president. bush in a good personal relationship that would then lay the groundwork for real detailed talks among experts i think is the best way to go and this could be a very highly successful meeting if done the right way. after the very high profile
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summit the next stage of the diplomatic process will take place well away from the spotlight the lines of communication between pyongyang seoul and washington will remain open as they discuss the substance and venue or possible trouble him summit james bone zira soul and the army's former president choice and has returned to the country after four years abroad despite facing the threat of arrest over allegations of corruption she was met by hundreds of supporters when her flight from johannesburg landed in band and fled malawi in two thousand and fourteen after losing power amid the scandal known as cash gate when tens of millions of dollars were stolen from the state she thanked those who turned out to greet her. i'm totally surprised but you know if you teamed up and i'm sure it get to that you came. southeast asian leaders have been warned that
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a growing trade dispute between the u.s. and china is putting that economic growth at risk speaking at a regional summit singapore's prime minister to the leaders of the ten countries bloc to do more to promote free trade he also warned of the growing threat of cyber attacks we need to be resilient conventional threats and also unconventional threats such as terrorism and cyber attacks some of these issues that piece but these threats are very real. arsis continues to propagate is the geology and to form trouble in southeast asia despite having been defeated militarily in the middle east and we're also seeing more cyber attacks as we push for digitization thousands of people are fleeing renewed fighting between me and rebel fighters in the northern catchin state the u.n. says more than ten thousand people have been forced from their homes since the start of the year four thousand to whom the fled in the past three weeks alone with
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fears that others a trapped in conflict stricken areas myanmar's military is said to be pounding rebel positions with arran artillery strikes the catchin are christian minority group in myanmar and of salk greater autonomy and control in the predominantly buddhist nation since the one nine hundred sixty s. now china veil the world's biggest movie studio which is being touted as the country's rival to hollywood the owners diane wonder group are aiming to host at least five hollywood projects in the first year of full operation its c.e.o. says the complex will turn the northern city of qingdao into a global film production hob the eight billion dollars complex also includes hotels a theme park and a yacht club. young people in the somali capital mogadishu a using music as a way to gather and socialize despite opposition from religious leaders years of conflict between the government and the armed group al-shabaab of consigned a generation to a life behind closed doors but as mama to die reports from mogadishu change is in
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the air. and. it's the cutest part of the venue of a music concert in mogadishu. no one is allowed to forget there's a war. yet events like this are seen as a sign of change in a city where young people mostly confined to their homes in a state of boredom. tonight somali british singer kim is to take them to hostile us. i was expecting this and so surprised. i. was really welcomed into the church so seriously. not everyone is happy with my presence though this is the function look at issue but it's the we will see there were threats of let's talk a little bit i thought to look for a summons to the for yourself over the limit of the fifteen to look for the find
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them useful for the triple look to. the moms of the men theo forced to music and the free mixing of men and women football audio come on and she came all the way from london to spread mischief these concepts should not be allowed to happen if they continue with this we have no option but to fight them. hundreds of young men and women attended the performance despite the disapproval of conservatives be sure that the people of mogadishu have been through a lot of pain and agony we are here to give them happiness the ease of each i. the close down state of insecurity means it's most of it in my music lovers in mogadishu can feel such an impact so they make the most of it on the rail questions when they come. mohammed at all just more dishes someone. they can find more in everything we're covering right here including analysis that takes you behind the
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headlines al jazeera dot com. top stories now. saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed dozens of yemen's who's the rebels including two key commanders on saturday who the supporters gathered in the capital sanaa for the public funeral of some of the head of the supremes political council and second in command he was killed in an air raid claimed by saudi arabia and its allies last week doctors in gaza say they're unable to cope with the latest influx of palestinians injured during friday border protests four people were killed in about nine hundred wounded as israeli soldiers fired on crowds along the fence demonstrations been going on for more than a month demanding a right of return for refugees and their descendants to what is now israeli territory israel's military struck more than six amassed targets in gaza on saturday. russia's foreign minister has accused the us of trying to divide syria
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into parts sergey lavrov made the comments in moscow while meeting is turkish an iranian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the talks are being held as head of the latest round of a standard talks aimed at ending the violence lavrov also took aim at other western powers. local which is why we are building options to pay some of the of a colleague's a trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria at least eighteen people have reportedly been killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus including the are moved refugee camp for myself fighters activists on the ground estimate between forty to sixty percent of the campus been destroyed just over a week into the offensive. and the newly appointed u.s.
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secretary of state my own bio is arrived in saudi arabia ahead of a three day trip to the region. talks with the saudi foreign minister javad before having dinner with the crown prince mohammed bin sound none they are expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal following donald trump's threats to pull the u.s. out of the accord when he has to make another decision on it next month as the top stories faultlines is coming up next and then more news after that about twenty five minutes time i'll say that. every financial crisis and not.


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