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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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everything to do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured in the political this month. and it's not just i phones that my phones i mean those smart phones are these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe let's start in something that was her act i would rather take the risks of democracy than the risks of the dictatorship of digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm still robert this is the al-jazeera news our line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes america's new secretary of state by home starts his middle east tall with a round nuclear deal high on the agenda. also a so-called a million man march in yemen following in saudi led and strike that killed two rebel leaders. and a roast without a host u.s. president donald trump abandons the white house correspondents' dinner for a second here. and the world's biggest movie studio is unveiled could this be china's answer to hollywood.
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welcome to the news our newly appointed u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or has arrived in saudi arabia as part of a three day trip to the region now he's held talks with the saudi foreign minister . before having dinner with the crown prince mohammed bin salon they're expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal following doldrums threats to pull the united states out of the agreement next month. was sworn in on thursday after his predecessor rex tillerson left office last month kristen salumi has more from washington d.c. . the state department says a strong u.s. saudi partnership is crucial to peace and prosperity in the middle east so perhaps not surprising that mike pompei a would make a visit to saudi arabia part of his first official trip as secretary of state he also has the fast approaching deadline of may twelfth when president trump must
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decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions on iran a move that many feel will be the end of the iran nuclear deal mike pump aoe is much closer to president trump on this issue than his predecessor rex tillerson was tillerson was sympathetic to the european point of view which is the deal should be strengthened and not abandoned he lost his job essentially over that mike pompei a will also no doubt be talking about the situation in syria during this visit president trump has called on gulf countries to do more to stabilize the situation there in terms of troops and funding from saudi arabia pompei zero heads to israel and then to jordan well joining me from washington d.c. is raymond time and he's the founder of iran the policy committee publishing good to have you with us live on i. don't see a time when we want to come like pompei with chief rex tillerson couldn't.
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first of all. tell us and didn't have the confidence of the president might pump ale does secondly mike pump a zero is a tough negotiator and he's he's what you would call be the bad cop in a good cop bad cop type scenario where the good cop as jim mattis the secretary defense the bad cop is the secretary of state mike you pale and what they will do is to put together a combination of what i would call coercive diplomacy what is course of diplomacy it is diplomacy that's been reinforced by the credible threat of force in the last couple of weeks when we've seen. be questioned by a senate committee members during his confirmation hearing and then a meeting in brussels there seems to be perhaps a change in tone or attitude certainly when it comes to the issue of the iran
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nuclear deal how do you see his position right now is east has he still got that hardline attitude that the president wants him to have all is he is a. subtle in the way that he wants this agreement to work in america's two americas advantage. president trump eventually will. move toward a globalist position what is that a globalist position is one where allies count much more than your campaign promises who did he have come to washington mccraw on he had merkel and he would have to be some may but to use them a is not in shape to travel anywhere including europe probably so i think that the global institutions will set in in addition i have had the opportunity to brief mike pompeo on the nuclear deal he knows it by heart he doesn't want to kill it he
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wants to fix it he might pump a zero wants to utilize the threat of force in order to the thought of not force but withdrawing from the deal as a way of. moving forward on the renegotiation of the deal just a renegotiation is actually what we're heading towards of the dot is the actual a halt the trumpet ministration to actually bring iran back to the table again to amend the deal cannot happen well iran says no there's no way it will negotiate when i was a diplomat in vienna and stockholm madrid i had the opportunity to learn something about a proposal counter-proposal proposal counter-proposal each side then comes up with less than one it and all of a sudden you have a deal but that deal won't last very long so just like the nuclear court of july august twenty fifth thing is not going to stand something we do something will
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replace it. in other pressing issue certainly affecting the gulf nations is the g.c.c. crisis nearly a year on we've seen both the crown prince of saudi arabia and the emir of qatar make recent visits to washington d.c. mike pompei oh now in the gulf this issue is still at the heart of the trumpet ministration and the president wants it sorted yes you have this competition among the gulf some people call them and the saudi led coalition is has its hands full as you well know in yemen with this this million man march that you mentioned in your setup piece so my view is that my current peo utilize the fact that the iranian regime is teetering on the brink of economic collapse the iran protest will resume the national council of resistance of ron who
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will be one of the leading figures in trying to unseat the regime from within so to run is not in such a good shape in order to thwart any kind of renegotiation of the iran nuclear accord. that for the moment we will leave it there my time to thank so much for joining us from washington d.c. thank you now my pump is this it to saudi arabia comes as the iranian back to the rebels in yemen fired a new round of missiles into the kingdom a saudi led coalition air strike killed two rebel leaders in gammon's capital last week a high ranking rebel commander was killed in a strike now thousands gathered in sanaa to all him victoria gate and the reports. he supposes descend on the center of sana'a there protesting against the death of the most senior official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three
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year war. the mad died in an airstrike on the coastal highway data province last week. maurya you will get revenge for the death of the president of the republic. and i have message for the saudi aggressors you bring invaders here from all over the world we will kill them and we will burn them to move you the leaders and dozens of fighters were killed in another saudi led coalition air strike on saturday saudi state television says the strike targeted a high level meeting at the these interior ministry in santa after three years of fighting and no end to the war in sight analysts say the saudi led coalition is trying something new the saudis are stepping up their game. targeting higher higher level officials and the hope is as well are also are there also to stepping up their game firing more and more ballistic missiles into saudi territory i think the message is clear that they still believe both parties still believe that they're the only solution is a military solution but it's
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a risky strategy the fighters say their mood determined than ever to continue their fight for control of yemen. this protest was made for president saleh osama and we tell him that we will keep going on your path and we will not drift away his death strengthened us and provided us with resistance god willing we will not drift away. it's a conflict that's already killed thousands of people and caused what the united nations says is the world's one humanitarian crisis now there are signs of an escalation from both sides saudi arabia says it intercepted for the missiles fired from yemen targeting the city of g.'s than victoria gate and be al jazeera. saudi arabia says and did four hundred sea missiles fired from yemen targeting the southern coastal city of design on rebels say they fired a total of eight ballistic rockets aimed at economic assets. rebel
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fighters in northern mali have killed at least forty people belonging to the ethnic twa community the attack took place in the. region on the border with tunisia where the regional government says al qaeda linked gunman down to mostly young men in the remote desert villages of a waka and the random will county on friday and saturday mali has been struggling with lawlessness in the north since two rival armed groups the rebels and the al-qaeda linked fighters sought take control there six years ago tarik rebels declared independence in april twenty twelve just a month after president amadou toumani toure they was pushed out in the two now but three months later they lost ground to. a group with things to al-qaeda it impose sharia law and publicly destroyed many muslim shrine it's the twenty thirteenth
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front stepped in helping malayan forces take back the region and two years later mali's government and torah gravels agreed to a peace deal not despite a large french military and un peacekeeping presence france's eyes still in the greatest harbor of the i.s.t.'s has been using northern mali as a haven. kuwaiti joins us now live from washington d.c. it's good to have you with season executive director of the african immigrant caucus we the area has several g. hardass groups operating would we know which ones are actually responsible for this attack. that is hard to say as you mentioned the governor who sort of. broke the news things that it is m.s.a. which sounds like a group play you cite illegals to ice so i says you know the caliphate
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that has been pretty much wiped out from the middle east have spilled over into afghanistan and into nearby regions including on the in the they're tearing in all the mali is that as it is this are days that is very hard to control and cause being terrorised they pick their targets the heat and they run so we will have to watch but so by sounds like it's a group dieties related to eisele ok why target the twa that when it's time the site is very much against government forces. i think that it's a great question. is will same that you know that to our eggs have hired. conflicts and disagreements with whichever government has really embalm uncle ever seems independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty because there are says separate need groups have always argued that they want to separate they want
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their own country and that is very hard for them ali is to accept and reality for all of africa too i said because it is based on walther and ethnicity and there are only five percent of the mali in population and they will be landlocked and so they have always argued it did for this as you mentioned a few years back the assigned the most recent. peace deal with the government was so p. as to be holding why will the terrorists target them it will seem that. they are trying to get to arias to once again pick up pick up the gun and do stuff belies the government of mali i think may be the reason why they are trying to target. and get them fighting again and that's of course
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is why the e.u. and france are very concerned because they've been active in supporting the local authorities in the actions of jihadi groups in this i have and how do you expect them to react to this current development. i think they will be very concerned you know and this fits in with these tragedy of the africa you know and they read you know a group of them form something called this held by five countries basically. how they're in their territory that is mauritania. new year and chad they are formed to join the army and they are getting support from the europeans led by friends because they made the argument that in terrorism blows in that europe is not see so i expect europeans to take notice of this and consult closely with us i help you five to see how best to
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target this new group but there are so many other terrorist groups in the area where we should see what does happen certainly in the coming weeks for the moment to need a coup it's a thanks so much for joining us from washington d.c. said thank you my pleasure. u.s. president told trump avoided attending the annual white house correspondents' dinner for the second year running instead he's attending a campaign rally in michigan last year trump became the first president in thirty six years to skip the event the college scholarship fund raiser celebrates the relationship between the media and the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is taking trump's place can expect a light grilling from the comedian and host michel will. and i still broke his following events for some washington d.c. i mean the correspondents' dinner without the chief guest present for the second time it's sort of sense what is interesting message from the president out to the
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press. absolutely i mean i think the message is loud and clear this is a president who doesn't trust the press he said just a few months ago that the press was an enemy of the american people and doesn't really see the very crucial role that the press plays in the american society and in this democracy but i think the other message that it sends is that this is a president who doesn't have a sense of humor past presidents who have all of come from president reagan on through president bush and obama have used this is an opportunity to poke fun at the media and also to poke fun at themselves and it's an opportunity for them to kind of humanize themselves so for president trump this really is a missed opportunity from a p.r. perspective and of course you know we talk about sarah could be sound as being that perhaps to take the grilling on behalf of the president we're also seeing images of the former press secretary. rice being at the event i mean. who the
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comedians will actually take it. well the elephant in the room is the elephant who's not in the room and there you have that is president trump even though he's not there you can bet that he is going to be the target of many jokes tonight keling and conway is there rance priebus who is the president trump's former chief of staff is there as well so even though the president isn't going to be there you can bet that they'll be joking about him in his absence welcome back to where we hear more of what did it for the moment thanks so much. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news coming into united behind the protest leader the ruling party says it will not put forward a candidate for prime minister. and how this year's one designer is books turn political find out what's driving readers to protest. and in sports a flat battery needs to may have been the latest formulae place.
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russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of trying to divide syria into parts sergey lavrov made the comments in moscow while meeting his turkish and arabian counterparts to discuss the war in syria now the meeting prepares the groundwork for the ninth round of the standard talks to be held next month the three countries believe it's the only way to end the violence in the seven syrian war. while we have building options to pay some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria iran's foreign minister condemned the use of chemical weapons in syria and expressed support for international inspections beat up on
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e bay normally that we hope that an impartial international investigation on flight will be carried out as soon as possible and will bear fruit and we hope the overall trajectory of the global community to adhere to the chemical weapons probation convention will act in the same vein. chalons has more from moscow. this meeting was a way for russia turkey and iran co-sponsors of the standard talks to set the scene for the next round of those negotiations which are in a couple of week's time a the fourteenth and fifteenth the three countries here although they have been pushing these negotiations into their ninth round now. do have disagreements they have disagreements over the future of president bashar al assad's turkey has always thought that he shouldn't be part of syria's future and turkey also disagrees with russia on iran over the recent u.s. u.k. and french airstrikes which were response to what those three countries said was
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a chemical weapons attack in duma now turkey supports that view and thinks that the russian perspective that this has set back the political process in syria is not necessarily true. but the turks do have a criticisms of the united states saying that they should give up their ongoing support for the kurds when we do get to the next round of a start of talks in a couple weeks we're likely to see. a similar situation to previous times which is that the opposition are reluctant to come now the route the opposition has always felt the. talks were essentially a sideshow a distraction from what should be taking place which is the resumption of negotiations in geneva the official u.n. sponsored talks and the opposition has long felt that water started as essentially
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doing is just hollowing out geneva stripping it of all the main political platforms the political points and essentially giving cover for russia and the syrian government forces on the ground to continue pushing home their military advantage. well the talks come as least eighteen people have reportedly been killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours. the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus from arsal fighters activists believe half of the refugee camp in the area has been destroyed in a week of violence the u.n. says three and a half thousand people have fled the camp. palestinian refugees in syria already facing financial uncertainty following a u.s. decision to cut funding to a un agency assigned to help them the u.n. has always on emergency appeal to cover the shortfall it's warning it will be able
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to provide cash assistance for much longer to reports from neighboring beirut. humanish how do you was born a refugee thirty years later she became a refugee again a palestinian from syria into lebanon with her family to escape the war in neighboring syria it's been hard she needs a kidney operation her sons need medical care as well but the little money she earns as a cleaner is used for food and rent as a matter receives cash assistance from the united nations relief and works agency under wa but the organization is warning that it is running out of money and the money about. i am sick but i have to work and i clean garbage on the streets and people's homes my husband finds occasional jobs under what gives us around two hundred forty dollars a month but it can't pay the four thousand five hundred dollars i need for my kidney operation under what can only give me one thousand five hundred dollars.
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their arrival of more than thirty thousand palestinians from syria. has added strain to the u.n. agency it already provides services like health care education to almost two hundred thousand palestinians living here the u.s. decision to cut back funding has made the agency's financial situation worse it's appealing for more money to be able to continue helping refugees in syria and those in neighboring countries. there are almost half a million palestinians in syria at least one hundred twenty thousand of the population have since fled to jordan lebanon turkey europe and elsewhere nearly sixty percent have been internally displaced by the war before the war seven percent of palestinians were dependent on assistance they were able to work and had access to government services unlike their brother and. owner was ninety five percent of those still living in syria are entirely dependent on the services it provides. he had
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a good life back home now he is among those the u.n. calls the extreme. the cash assistance he receives has been halved. or well used to give us. the case organization situation has worsened. think about it. is many things children and. they're not just deprived his eldest son fourteen year old is forced to work he earns seven dollars a day warning that without additional funds it will stop the cash assistance to refugees this will only put more pressure on who at such a young age is the breadwinner of the family. now hundreds of palestinians attended the burial of a fifteen year old boy killed by israeli forces along the gaza israel border the palestinian health ministry says he died of a gunshot to the hand three others in three others were killed during protests on
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friday about nine hundred people were injured in the clashes putting pressure on doctors and other medical staff nearly forty people have been killed since demonstrations began late last month demanding a right to return for refugees and descendants to what is now israeli territory. a spokesman for media's ruling party announced that they will not nominate a candidate for prime minister he says it's an effort to avoid stoking more tension in the region the opposition movement which has attracted tens of thousands of armenians on to the streets and for the resignation of the long term president and prime minister sharon shall guess the end is demanding the election of the call up robert forrest jaywalker reports on a day of political drama from the northern city of violence all. this convoy has all the euphoria of a victory parade one that stretches for kilometers. while the
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capital takes some rest the opposition movement is travelling to the regions to show the republican party that the whole country is now behind one bad week. on tuesday there will be a crucial vote in parliament to decide on a new prime minister and the crowds know who they want for the job because. it. began this movement with a two week walk across all media in april the cold medians to join him and reject the country's unpopular leader said. the former journalist but. critic and served jail time for his activism. but while his faction is only a minority and pollard's the simple message has attracted thousands frustrated by
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the political elite and spotted by his revolutionary line which. i have no power only people who have fallen. to the protests in recent. days on is somehow different you could feel the excitement i can see the ads you see placed the house the expectations on the face you know these people you want the best things are people who know mance i don't know he's here we just didn't want to give each other he gives the power to us to the people not just the one person or two people but to everyone that's why we love him so so it is changing all this and i mean dignitary only. heard the news and. saw the car update system it's changing. this was the moment mr. announce to the crowds that the republican party would launch be fielding
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a candidate and choose state i would now how it does seem to be with the people of i'll be robin first you will come out zero balance and. well still ahead here on the news our choice back is back why the former president ben ali has returned to the country risking arrest. plus how technology is making such a big getting an even more massive experience. install bottom dollar proves once again why he's known as the king of late details from fox and later opened with. how we got some quasi weather coming into the u.s. over the next couple of days it seems really lively weather up into the
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northeastern cone of this weather system now in the process of pulling out so the way still some place and places of cloud and right around it has to be said for the next day or so far north of new england it's a mine for example has a little bit of wet weather his chance of some snow just around the canadian border just for ottawa but you can see for the most part it doesn't get too bad fifteen celsius in the same little bit some places a cloud into the into the plain side which was the pacific northwest western parts of canada some rain some snow away by the rockies for good measure you go on into monday that snow if anything does become a little more expansive say the the u.s. rockies will see some of that wintry mix but is going to be the central parts of canada will we see more of the white stuff out over towards new england say for the southeast general dry but some of the heavy downpours a possibility across the northern plains just moving through the prairie's that is say some. downpours recently across cuba season very heavy rain to panama in
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between that's too bad a lot of try and find weather might catch into jamaica maybe also into his back on the hour but it doesn't last he find it right for good part the lesser antilles. in the u.s. civil war brought slavery to an end or did it there's a strong possibility that the very crude that you are using could have been brought to your table by image slaves is your job right here in the land of the free housing the foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by unscrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves part of slavery a twenty first century evil on al-jazeera. i sometimes feel that when i'm really looking into the hearts and the souls of those directly involved in events taking place we've been going to telling all sides of the story from the political elite
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to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation pass i can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. welcome back you're watching all to zero zero robbery by the top news stories usually appointed u.s. secretary of state by pompei or is in saudi arabia as part of a three day visit to the middle east these people did talks with the saudi foreign minister. between prince muhammad on the iran nuclear deal is expected to
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top the agenda. in the been the a barge of the couple so god has been held to a high ranking rebel leader killed in the strong by the sound of a coalition last week the funeral comes hours after saudi arabia says it's killed two rebel leaders in the. story. at least forty ethnic toerags have been killed in two separate attacks in mali's northern minako region officials believe the violence is intended to stoke the ongoing conflict between the torah and the salami herders or staying on the african continent malawi's former president joyce banda has returned to the country after four years despite facing the threat of arrest over allegations of corruption she was met by hundreds of supporters when her flight from johannesburg landed at lime tree and flooded the lobby in twenty fourteen after losing power over the scandal known as cash gate when tens of millions of dollars were stolen from the state she thanked those who turned out to
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greet are. totally surprised that did me no good to end up and i'm sure it grateful that you came. and it's vines is head of the africa program at the chatham house think tank in london he told us he thinks it's primarily personal reasons as broadband back to malawi. she's homesick she wanted to go back to malawi she wants to go back to her house up. and so it's for years and she thought this is time to return i think she's also had a conversation with the current president the first summer to reka to try and ensure that she had a soft landing in terms of her return and she is a malawian patchett that is the country that she she she loves and was brought up then i don't think she particularly enjoyed doing that but the talk circuit and staying at research institutes universities and think tanks over the last four years in the united states her husband's also been pretty ill so another incentive
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for her to come home let's head to south asia now with thousands of people are fleeing renewed fighting between me and miles army and rebel fighters in the northern catchin state the u.n. says more than ten thousand people have been forced from their homes since the start of. four thousand of flood in the past three weeks alone with others are trapped in conflict areas military is said to be pounding rebel positions with air and artillery strikes the kitchen are a christian minority group in me a moment of so great autonomy and control in the predominantly buddhist nation since the one nine hundred sixty s. and the united nations security council delegations arrived in bangladesh to visit re-injure refugee camps where the team will then travel to me and miles rakhine state where around seven hundred thousand fled a military crackdown last year troll stratford reports from the top along refugee camp ahead of the visit. was pulled just five year old
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daughter to this field clinic in the coupon the refugee camp in bangladesh. space is swollen and she's in pain. have lived in the camp for a year and a half since fleeing violence by the myanmar military against the reinjure in rakhine state. since august last year around seven hundred thousand ricky just fled the latest myanmar military crackdown the un human rights chief calls it a textbook ethnic cleansing. the military surrounded our house and started shooting from all sides we were terrified so we ran for our lives my daughter was shot but we had to keep running and leave her behind because the shooting was so heavy. the u.n. and aid agencies say around a billion dollars is needed for the hinge a living in what is becoming the largest refugee camp in the world i.o.m. alone is already treating eighty fazing people
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a month you know they say they are only going to increase as once in approaches we have to have preventive medicine we have to deal with the very real dangers of water borne disease and funding has to be in place now to help protect people otherwise we will see you know protection of preventable loss of life and that's a very frightening prospect the mainly muslim or hindu or had their citizenship taken away by what was then the permeates government thirty five years ago rights groups say the rangers have suffered decades of violence and persecution they say the myanmar military and mainly buddhist more killed thousands of men women and children committed gang rape and destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months. the myanmar government denies the claim it says it was responding to what it calls terrorist attacks by refuge or rebel group. the u.n. security council delegation is due to visit the refugee camps in bangladesh before
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heading to me i am off for what is expected to be a tightly controlled two day trip. the inability of the united nations security council to take strong action against myanmar is largely because of china's veto power china has big business interests inside myanmar and especially in rakhine state myanmar so far has banned any independent investigation into alleged atrocities and it seems highly unlikely that this visit by a united nations security council delegation here will lead directly to me being called to account but pressure is growing on me m.r. the u.s. state department is leading an investigation into claims of extrajudicial killings rape and arson by the myanmar military a repatriation plan by bangladesh and b.m.r. allowing refugees to voluntarily return has so far failed to get off the ground. says he will never return to me and moralists the government guarantees his family
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citizenship security and the same rights as other citizens of the country he and his family from child stratford al-jazeera could to prolong refugee camp on their well let's head over to asia pacific now where koreans watching friday's historic meeting between kim jong il on the moon jay and so vastly different coverage depending on which side of the border they were on while many south koreans had free access to the leaders' summit in the north the message was tightly controlled james bays reports now from seoul across south korea people watching the historic summit closely somewhat overwhelmed by the images the first time they'd seen a north korean leader step foot in that country. the declaration that was signed was a declaration of intent nothing is actually changed yet but it could mean a very different political future for the next generation of koreans while south
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korea had wall to wall coverage of the events in north korea on state controlled media a more edited version was presented people here of not yet been told of the possibility of the next meeting being between their leader and president trump experts say one of the people closest to kim is likely to be involved in changing the official narrative well for north korea the all of the media are controlled by the propaganda and education department which kim your junk consignments younger sister who we saw you know company him he also came here to the olympic games she works in that department which indicates a very very high priority for the north korean regime joining the summit president moon j in an supreme leader kim jong un met alone face to face for over thirty minutes trump is also said to favor a meeting one on one with no eggs
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a former senior official who worked on north korea both at the white house and later at the u.n. has this advice for the u.s. president stablish in a good personal relationship that would then lay the groundwork for real detailed talks among experts i think is the best way to go and this could be a very highly successful meeting if done the right way. after the very high profile summit the next stage of the diplomatic process will take place well away from the spotlight the lines of communication between pyongyang seoul and washington will remain open as they discuss the substance and venue of a possible trump kim summit james bays al-jazeera seoul will stay in the region leaders of the association of southeast asian nations have welcomed the historic into korean summit as a positive step towards peace and stability in the region the l.c.n. blog calls to work more closely with china and india in order to counter the
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pressure of protectionism france three reports in singapore. trade and security top the agenda when heads of state from the ten countries met on friday and saturday in his opening address singapore prime minister lee hsien loong warned that the spat between china and the us could affect the blow the political mood in many countries has shifted against retreat and in particular the recent trip tensions between the united states and china are one of the concerns i see in countries which have to react to these major external trends u.s. president donald trump has threatened to impose tariffs on chinese imports with china promising retaliation if he does. for many awesome countries the u.s. and china are the two biggest trading partners on the issue of security members
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discussed the threat of violent extremism and cyber attacks the ten countries are also negotiating an extradition treaty as well as a code of conduct with china to ease tensions in the disputed south china sea but there is an area where member states have been criticized for not doing enough human rights activists have said the bloc fails to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms. the bloc largely stood by in silence when cambodia shouted its independent media organizations and dissolved the main opposition party there was very little censure philippines so-called war on drugs in which thousands have died in extrajudicial killings and their ongoing crisis in myanmar fighting has intensified in kitchin state in the north displacing thousands in rakhine state seven hundred thousand revenge have fled across the border into bangladesh since august to escape persecution by the military asa needs to pressure myanmar to
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be accountable for what's happened and to investigate or allow investigators like us human rights watch and others to go into these areas ascertain exactly who was responsible for the atrocities committed against the rohingya and then hold them accountable again we're seeing nothing from us but for a group that prefers to keep a policy of noninterference in the member states domestic affairs that might be a tall order florence larry al jazeera singapore joy has unveiled the world's biggest movie studio which is being touted as the country's rival to hollywood the owners darley and wonder group i mean to host at least five hollywood projects in the first year of full operation it's complex will turn it all the city of qingdao to a global film production. she is a film director and executive director of filming festival or she says it'll be
2:45 am
a major boost of china's domestic and international film or humans as a filmmaker myself worked in both the u.k. and china i see wonder what they are doing it's like to show they had resolved this potential and then bishes to fluster it it. the mystic filmmaking as well as international side so there will really produced the chinese film industry and also turn qingdao the very lovely and. this city i still hope for the international film make to me in chinese film market is huge it's a lot of potential lots of opportunities so to be honest i do feel very positive about that and also the policy is the ferns censorship is different
2:46 am
however for the new talents is a completely new war would so feel the energy. and also the new generation of filmmakers from china they've been studying in different places in in the world in western countries so i think in their generation i mean even younger than me it's a time for dom to try to marry western and eastern culture in the filmmaking. well the days of going to the movies and watching only flat screen all quickly being replaced by what's being called a massive film experience says his own show the tribe make a film festival new york gabriel is on to win to have a look. at. taking virtual reality a step further this is the trifecta cinema three sixty eight twenty seat virtual reality theater. all the film start at a designated time just like
2:47 am
a regular movie but that is where the similarities to a regular theater going experience in the films are viewed in three hundred sixty degrees of. sam's. in the woods what is seen and heard is all through a headset with noise canceling earphones what makes a spiritual reality so much different is we're all in the same room here together all watching the same films through these goggles and we just swivel in our chair and see us three hundred and six a film festival has curated it as a stand alone experience so cool what that what the storytellers are doing to really use this tool of three sixty it's traditionally a live action although there's a lot of great animation in three sixty as well i think the people that say that it's a gimmick they think of it that it's going to be three d. or something like that it is not it's own media so i think once you have an opportunity to experience it and experience the best of it then you understand that
2:48 am
this is a new tool and a new grammar that's being developed for entertainment it's all part of trade because of virtual arcade it's second year it's where people can experience what's called immersive storytelling through virtual and augmented reality. they're twenty six interactive exhibits of rooms scale virtual reality filmmaking. everything was trying to evolve to me in the hands of the medium is changing right everybody is watching t.v. not just movies or using virtual reality all this stuff is happening and if you're a festival that showcasing the nature of an earth form you want to be on the cutting edge increasingly to film viewing experience being reflected all around us three hundred sixty degrees gabriels on don't you york. staying in the americas all gentleness on the old one is always books has cooked all full of political loads organizers say there's been a drop in book sells due to the struggling economy and heinz lation. what they're
2:49 am
doing to keep people reading. they want to cite his book fair began with a protest against the government of president. students protested against education reform and the president of the book foundation used his initial remarks to draw attention to a drop in book sales in the country. we are demanding a decrease in taxes that takes our competitiveness in the region we are sorry to say that the government is not buying the books it usually does imports of increase in exports remain the same they want to cite his book fair as one of the most important in the spanish speaking world the place where authors and publishers reach out to the public. says he tries to be here every year. it is important to be here and gain new clients are challenges to edit new titles to get people interested it is
2:50 am
a sacrifice because it's not cheap but worth it because we make connections with people from all around the world the theory lasts for about three weeks and authors from all over the world are expected to show up among them two nobel prize winners about a million people are expected to visit this book fair this year but argentina's economy continues to struggle with time for nation among other problems. that's why the organizers are giving all sorts of incentives so that people continue to buy books there are events for children as well so san antonio says she comes with her family every year. this is the most important event of the year for us we come during the week because it think it is cheaper and we wait for the fed to buy the school books because we get much better prices here a major cultural event that organizers hope won't be tarnished by the political differences that exist in argentina i will when
2:51 am
a. well still ahead is there a good sport with tatyana find out how this newly signed either help player has made history. as it approaches its first year how has the gulf crisis affected the states of the gulf cooperation council are there any indications of resolution. what is the nature of the new regional and international alliances amid the raging conflict in the middle east. will increasing social unrest lead to a new revolutionary wave in the arab world. has the countdown for the end of the palestinian cause started what is the likelihood of success of that which is known as the deal of the century. what role has the media played in the region's issues. the twelve al-jazeera forum the gulf the arabs and the world amid current
2:52 am
developments doha april twenty eighth and twenty nine two thousand and eighteen. i don't. think. it's time to spotlight his tatyana thank you very much we start with tennis and roughen adele has shown why he's often referred to as the king of clay the wild number one winning his four hundredth clay court career match on fact today sweeping aside belgium stop it to reach the past alone i open finals six four six
2:53 am
two laugh was the score he is now just one win away from an eleventh title of this tournament and the spaniard has also extended his winning streak on his favorite surface to forty four consecutive sets thank you very much you have a happy to have been a great have to know and i played i think my best match in the tournament so far no doubt. yeah it was a great first said in my opinion on both of us with very high level on and then in the second of course that people had a tough tough week like all that much as i said he said and after the three zero probably here the fellow that modified it now but then so i very happy the way that i played. hell face greek teen sensation stephanus it's a pass in the final of the nineteen year old shocked to feed a bloke at a new boost in straight sets in the other semifinal for six sunday's decider will be his maiden a.t.p. final run the first creek fire to reach a total final since nine hundred seventy three. they brought in by the first greeks
2:54 am
to be in the final minutes b. then this is with a question i'm very proud that they broke for myself and also i believe i make bread my country as well so. it's a huge one it's a big achievement for me american cocoa vanda ways through to her first ever clay court final she got part caroline gossipy affronts with a straight sets victory and got an easy win six four six to show me fifth seed catalina pliska in sunday's final. shocking griffin has become the first one handed player to be drafted by an n.f.l. team the twenty two year old linebacker how does a left tandem feed hated you to a congenital best effect on he was just four years old and now he's been selected by the seattle seahawks in the fifth round of the draft he joins his twin brother who was signed by the team as a quarterback last year. chelsea have kept the champions league hopes alive after
2:55 am
a one no when over a swan the theft of fabric outscoring the lone goal in just the fourth minute this is fiftieth premier league goal the winner is the gap with tottenham to just two points but spurs have a game in hand while swung the a now just one point clear of the bottom three with no wins and fix games. for. good when. we go t. he points for us. is very important if we want to to keep the op and i to take place in champions league. i think it was once we. played. a good game space in the second out of for the try to shoot us. liverpool were held to a goal the store against stoke mohammad's the lock could have broken the league goal scoring record in the fifth minute but chipped wide sunny ngs then out
2:56 am
a goal disallowed for offside just before half time the reds had a late penalty shout turns down. default it all had been in the box in the six books. and. yes probably and at the end we didn't score so that's not the best day of my life but i had for stay so. let's take it like this that's recovered and good to rule sebastian vettel have claimed pole position for the third time in a row ahead of the other by john grand prix but i was very nearly a huge kill ition in the opening session when toronto driver pia ghastly had to swerve to avoid hitting his teammate brendan hartley who had a puncture to me reichen and looks set to join vettel on the front row until his casket is and he'll now start sick on the tight street circuit where accidents are common in the thirty's pairing of lewis hamilton involved three fatah who would
2:57 am
start second and third no anything can happen. sebastian did a good job there were quickest all weekend there was he got a phenomenal car this year and that really happy with the job the team did to get us from where we were yesterday to what we are today and that's we did also a great job so when we're in the mix this is the best direct to ever take i think so doesn't mean it's impossible but we're going to get it on the trying to sebastian how to drive us have struggled to keep the cars on the right image heavy fog on the third day of rally argentina the stony an odd time out who won five of the day's seven stages he takes a comfortable forty second lead into sunday's final three. there's been plenty of drama in the latest formula a race in paris nico prost was hit shortly after the start of the right under a lot or a missed out want to podium position after he was hit when he ran out of energy in his battery on the final lap john aragon extended his championship lead with his
2:58 am
third away in the city. the jag years have beaten a new zealand tame in super rugby for the first. i'm fins joining the competition two years ago the out in time team adapted better to the driving rain in oakland running in three tries to beat the blues twenty to thirty the historic win lifts the jack us to second in the south african conference while the blues remain lost in the new zealand conference with seven losses from nine games and as old as both are now mourning. and that city is on the back with more news on the other side of the break so i'll see you safe.
2:59 am
conservation ease helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest
3:00 am
evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species citizens unable to vote on represented in washington for members of congress do nothing about because like part of the constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government or do we get there you know if it isn't then the government has a responsibility everybody does let them forget that. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.


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