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tv   The Vanishing Vaquita  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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on borders a political solution is the only way to advance long term stability in yemen and then the suffering and i know we agree on that. agreed to fully support the new u.n. new u.n. on boys efforts to advance a political settlement that ends the civil war and enduring solution to this conflict and the dire humanitarian situation that has followed from it a longstanding political and security vacuum created by the conflict as well as to terror humanitarian conditions have also been exploited in yemen by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and by isis when these groups are given safe haven in the u.s. homeland is at risk president trips first trip to saudi arabia was historic and i reminded the king how much president trump appreciated that trip while he was here he attended the opening of the global center for combating extremist ideology i asked minister to bear for an update on the work of
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the center it represents a clear declaration that muslim majority countries must take the lead in comparing terrorism and radicalization around the world america is prepared to stand with saudi arabia in pursuit of the share interest and security but as president trump has said and said at the riyadh summit as well that the nations of the middle east cannot wait for american power to crush terrorism for them muslim nations must be willing to take on that burden if we're going to conquer extremism and defeat the forces of terrorism together i know that saudi arabia will be at the front of it we all must honestly confront the crisis of islamist extremism and the islamist terror groups it inspires and this does indeed mean standing together against the murder of innocent muslims the oppression of women the persecution of jews and the slaughter of christians saudi arabia's vision for twenty thirty and the reform agenda of the crown prince are inspiring initiatives. they promote tolerance
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respect in economic development and they empower women we strongly support this important work and the leadership of the crown prince has shown to advance our shared economic interests i also stress to the foreign minister the gulf unity is necessary we need to achieve it i enjoyed a great deal spending time with the king today it is been a pleasure to be back in saudi arabia among so many of my good friends i thank you for receiving me for my hospitality i know that i will travel here frequently and i look forward to walking you in washington d.c. as well. thank you thank you for your graciousness thank you very much and not to the end and i never had to tell you because his excellency was made for his trip. weekly thank you very much for being with us.
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all right well all right well if you've just been if you're just joining us an engineer you've just been listening to u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o there in a joint news conference with the saudi foreign minister added to bear on his the beginning of his middle east tour he talked about a number of issues there that the two countries are share common ground on a lot of talk about the need to confront iran and deal with the ongoing conflicts in syria and yemen. is here with me to talk more about this he's reported extensively throughout the region joins me on set now so a number of things there we can get into let's talk first of all about. did the common ground they found on iran and the need to to to confront iran and he was giving further clues as well about the u.s. intentions on on that deal it comes up for renewal in may twelfth and all the signs
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are that president trump is going to withdraw from the party we've seen some common ground here between the saudis and the cities of america the nuclear deal both my computer and idealism using strong words against the iranian government saying the deal basically is we need to see a more aggressive measures like inspections and sanctions used against the iranian government we know that trump has been threatening to pull out from the deal but however it remains to be seen whether all the international community is on board the germans or the french for example made it quite clear that iran is complying with the deal and therefore it's the best thing that could happen otherwise it's just going to throw the whole area into disarray and further and certainly my company you are one of us today when the whole thing is wired for the first time they solve all eight ballistic missiles into the kingdom and. we've heard pompey
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you mention the fact that the iranians are using proxies in the region to destabilize saudi arabia for example to the with his bow of other same time he insisted on a political way out of a crisis. and this in a way or another is trying to tell the saudis that there needs to be a political solution the intern in the national community is concerned about the civilian casualties massive destruction in the country and no way out from this whole crisis yeah it's it's a conflict that's that's gone on for three years now and there's can increasing concern in washington about. the optics of that and the fact that the u.s. is is has been providing weapons to saudi arabia on and human rights activists have been lobbying against those weapons being to livers exaggerate b.s. not only by the americans but by the french and by also the united kingdom and the general sentiment is that there needs to be an aggressive push by the united
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nations to try to bring all the feuding parties to negotiate a political settlement because ultimately the issue is basically between feuding passions in yemen but the saudis understanding that coalition has been of the view that they won't stop the military intervention until the who sees me to let a list of. of conditions like pulling out from sun are handing over their weapons and also reinstating president obama so handy as yemen's legitimate president that rhetoric if you look at the last forty eight hours of the back of the killing of the political at the top political leader of the healthy movement we're seeing more escalation more rockets being fired into saudi arabia more as it's targeting top officials this could be an indication that in the coming weeks we might likely see more tension and more destruction in yemen this is something which is a real concern for the international committee this explains why by. your today
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also was insistent on the need to find a political way to the crisis in the moment and that u.s. secretary of state also mentioned towards the end there the need for gulf unity now he didn't mention qatar by name. but there is an understanding there that did this . this is this is. a dispute that needs to end from the u.s. perspective briefly and i think i think one of the reasons why we didn't see questions. after the press conference is the the don't want this in particular to be bridged to give more time for all the parties to negotiate how to how to solve it the americans are definitely of the view that this should come to an end anytime soon particularly i mean if you look at the last visit by the emir of qatar to united states of america the his meeting with general trump we've seen many statements coming from different leaders in the us is america from the pentagon and from the white house saying basically ever needs to be and and they were basically
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talking about g.c.c. unity unity means in diplomatic terms the end to the blockade will the saudis. take into consideration of this it remains to be seen when you look at the social media the statements coming from different parts of the of the of the gulf region there is absolutely no indication that we might see a way out of this particular crisis in the reason why you say that because the the assumption is that might pompei was closer to donald trump than his predecessor rex tillerson was and we know rex tillerson was was working quite hard to to to to find an end to this and he was more sympathetic to qatar side but the saudis were happy to ignore him because they knew that trump didn't feel the same way everyone knew that tell us it did have that must live in the white house might bump you as a different case this is someone who is very close to the president from think if he pushes for an immediate end to the blockade that could lead to
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a breakthrough in the coming months now a breakthrough would need concessions from all the parties what we see for the time being is mounting tension mounting rhetoric we've seen some statements by the saudi officials over the last few days by. look at the social media look at the platforms coming from saudi arabia also just there is no indication whatsoever that we might see any immediate and to the g.c.c. crisis all right will be very interesting to see what does come out of this over the next few days for the moment hashim heard about a thanks very much. now among my pompei as visit to saudi arabia comes as iran backed rebels in yemen fired a new round of missiles into the kingdom as we were just hearing this follows a saudi led coalition air strike that killed two rebel leaders in yemen's capital and a high ranking rebel commander was killed in a strike last week thousands gathered in sana'a to honor him victoria gave the
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ripples. he supposes descend on the center of santa protesting against the death of the most senior official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three year war salah the mad died in an airstrike on the coastal hay day to provence last week. you'll get revenge for the death of the president of the republic. and i have message for the saudi aggressors you bring invaders here from all over the world we will kill them and we will burn them to move you the leaders and dozens of fighters were killed in another saudi led coalition air strike on saturday saudi state television says the strike targeted a high level meeting at the these interior ministry in santa after three years of fighting and no end to the war in sight analysts say the saudi led coalition is trying something new the saudis are stepping up their game. targeting higher higher level officials and the hope is as well are also are there also to stepping up
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their game firing more and more ballistic missiles into saudi territory i think the message is clear that they still believe both parties still believe that they're the only solution is a military solution but it's a risky strategy the fighters say their mood determined than ever to continue their fight for control of yemen. this protest was made for our president. and we tell him that we will keep going on your path and we will not drift away his death strengthened us and provided us with resistance god willing we will not drift away. it's a conflict that's already killed thousands of people and caused what the united nations says is the world's was to monetary crisis now there are signs of an escalation from both sides saudi arabia says it intercepted for the missiles fired from yemen targeting the city of g.'s and victoria gate and b.
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al jazeera. russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of trying to divide syria into parts made the comment in moscow while meeting is turkish and iranian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the meeting prepares the groundwork for the ninth round of a start of talks to be held next month the three countries believe it's the only way of ending the violence in the seven years syrian war. while we are building options the peace some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive if it's not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria iran's foreign minister condemned the use of chemical weapons in syria and expressed support for international inspections beat up on e bay no doubt we hope that an impartial international investigation on site will be carried out as soon as possible and will bear fruit and we hope the overall trajectory of the global community to adhere to the chemical weapons probation
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convention will act in the same vein a palestinian refugees in syria are facing financial uncertainty after a u.s. decision to cut funding to a un agency that was helping them the un has launched an emergency appeal to cover the shortfall and it's warning it won't be able to provide cash assistance for much longer then or harder reports from beirut. humanish heidi was born a refugee thirty years later she became a refugee again a palestinian from syria to lebanon with her family to escape the war in neighboring syria it's been hard she needs a kidney operation her sons need medical care as well but the little money she earns as a cleaner is used for food and rent jumana receives cash assistance from the united nations relief and works agency but the organization is warning that it is running out of money and. i am sick but i have to work. on the
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streets and people's homes my husband finds occasional jobs under what gives us around two hundred forty dollars a month but it can't pay the four thousand five hundred dollars i. can only give me one thousand five hundred dollars their arrival of more than thirty thousand palestinians from syria in recent years has added strain to the un agency it already provides services like health care education to almost two hundred thousand palestinians living here the u.s. decision to cut back funding has made the agency's financial situation worse it's appealing for more money to be able to continue helping refugees in syria and those in neighboring countries. there are almost half a million palestinians in syria at least one hundred twenty thousand of the population have since fled to jordan lebanon turkey europe and elsewhere nearly sixty percent have been internally displaced by the war. before the war seven percent of palestinians were dependent on. access to
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government services. and. five percent of those still living in syria are entirely dependent on the services it provides. he had a good life back home now he is among those the u.n. calls the extreme. the cash assistance he receives has been halved. used to give us four hundred dollars a month the case organization situation has worsened i. think about it. there's many things we can buy for our children and. they're not just deprived his eldest son. is forced to work he earns seven dollars a day. without additional funds it will stop the cash assistance to refugees this will only put more pressure on who at such a young age is the breadwinner of the family. the
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second year in a row u.s. president. in washington he chose instead to attend a campaign rally in the state of michigan. in the two thousand and sixteen election . you may have heard i was invited to another event tonight the white house correspondents dinner it was but i'd much rather be in washington michigan that are watching. president donald trump do cheers from supporters at this michigan rally as he took swipes at everyone from the press two former u.s. presidents flew to michigan snow big hundreds of journalists and celebrities who turned out for the annual white house correspondents' dinner in washington last year he was the first president in nearly four decades to boycott the gala where
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comedians and correspondents traded barbs with the commander in chief as the press gathered for dinner and jokes about the president jamming the only person that still watches who wants to be a millionaire and things me. although i'm not sure you'd get very far and you get to like the third question and be like i have to phone the fox and friends. trump stood before an audience of roughly ten thousand toting the success of his get tough approach with north korea interrupted by chance of nobel nobel from the audience think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks are going to be a very important meeting the nuclearization of the korean peninsula you work you would be trumps nearly ninety minute speech was a chance for him to connect with his base mostly white middle class voters who continue to support his policies but it was also
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a missed opportunity to connect with the press and possibly show a sense of humor china doesn't ideas guy he's got loads of ideas you gotta love him for that he wants to give teachers dances and i support that because then they can sell them for things they need like supply. thank you. right. the president did send a surrogate his press secretary sarah huckabee sanders stood in for trump and for her she said it was an opportunity to interact with the press in our less contentious setting diane estabrook al-jazeera washington british supermarket chains as there and sainsbury's are finalizing a thirteen billion dollar merger the deal would bring together a nearly three thousand stores across the u.k. and that represents almost a third of the grocery market share putting pressure on market leader tesco both brands are expected to be retained under the merger any deal though would be
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subject to regulate tree approval. of pope francis has offered his condolences to the grieving parents of a british toddler who's died after a divisive legal battle the alfie evans case sparked a media of medical ethics a debate that resonated far beyond the u.k. and a hoax that explains why my gladiator has laid down his sheryl's and gained his wings at two thirty am our free evans father took to social media to announce his twenty three month old son has lost his battle and passed away on saturday morning the parents added they were heartbroken and thanked all their followers for support. the toddler had spent the last eighteen months of his life in intensive care being treated for a rare to generative brain disorder doctors overseen his care argued further treatment for the terminally ill child was futile prolonging his discomfort and
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that he should be able to die peacefully. under british law courts can intervene when parents and doctors disagree over the treatment of the child. the head of the catholic church got past the involved and met with alfie's parents kate and tom and appealed for their wishes to be followed in. italy even granted alfre citizenship so he could be moved to vatican hospital to keep him alive on a ventilator if british courts allowed him but a judge ruled in the local doctor's favor to end his suffering a move condemned by officials in the largely catholic poland who criticized the health service in the united kingdom the paper is one of the first to respond following the announcement of his death and he posted his sympathy on twitter he went on to preach for sound ethics and science potentially alluding to the evans's case in course to want this to inform them entirely in this situation it is fundamental that we improve our awareness of the ethical responsibility in respect
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of the human kind and the environment in which we live while the church applauds every effort in research and application directed to the care of our suffering brothers and sisters she is also mindful of the basic principle that not everything technically possible or doable is thereby ethically acceptable this is not the first time the pope has gotten involved in a case pitting parents against the british state last year the british high court ruled a tummy ill baby charlie god's life support be switched off mourners gathered to pay their respect to our evans short life but his death has reignited an international debate over who should decide for end of life care for sick children . al-jazeera. china has unveiled the world's biggest movie studio studio which it's hoped will rival hollywood the eight billion dollar complex in screwed fin park and covers an area equivalent to more than two hundred. football pitches excuse me the owners
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deleon want to group are aiming to host at least five all of the projects in the first year of full operation if the sun is the executive director of film festival she says the main aim of the complex is to boost china's domestic market. as a filmmaker myself worked in both the u.k. and china i see wonder what they are doing it's like to show they have these solves this potential and then bishes to flex it it. still must stick filmmaking as well as international side so it will really boost the chinese to industry and also turn. very lovely and. this city. hall for the international film make to me in chinese film market is huge it's lots of potential lots of opportunities so to be honest
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i do feel very positive about that and those so the policy is the ferns censorship is different however for the new talents it's a completely new wall so you feel that energy is you know so the new generation of filmmakers from china they've been studying in different places in in the world in western countries so i think in their generation i mean even younger than me it's a time for dog to try to marry the western and eastern culture in the filmmaking argentina's annual buenos aires a book fair has opened on a political note organizers say there's been a drop in book sales as inflation hits people's budgets traceable has more on what they're doing to keep people reading. i. do want to say his book fair began with
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a protest against the government of president. students protested against education reform and the president of the book foundation used his initial remarks to draw attention to a drop in book sales in the country. we are demanding a decrease in taxes that takes our competitiveness in the region we are sorry to say that the government is not buying the books it usually does imports of increased exports remain the same they want to cite his book fair he's one of the most important in the spanish speaking world the place where authors and publishers reach out to the public. says he tries to be here every year but a version of one of it is important to be here and gain new clients are challenges to edit new titles to get people interested it is a sacrifice because it's not cheap but worth it because we make connections with people from all around the world the theory lasts for about three weeks and authors from all over the world are expected to show up among them two nobel prize winners
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about a million people are expected to visit this book fair this year but argentina's economy continues to struggle with time for nation among other problems and that's why the organizers i giving all sorts of incentives so that people continue to buy books there are events for children as well so san antonio says she comes with her family every year the if. this is the most important event of the year for us we come during the week because it think it is cheaper and we wait for the third to buy the school books because we get much better prices here a major cultural event that organizers hope won't be tarnished by the political differences that exist in argentina i will i just want to cite us and that's it for me has i'm sick of elizabeth poor army takes over now with the news out.
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going green bacteria in a tree and. escaping from. the burning. in the front. two experiments. and. how council of climate change the science of capturing. i'm the guy in the back. i might just have to contend. with just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to. around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned. politicians have promised that they won't allow
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a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail. and for your. art.
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maybe on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans of the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may on al-jazeera.

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