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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to this has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. conservation ease helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species.
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this is al jazeera. and i am sits hansen this is the news hour from london coming up. we will meet people who serve the rescuers and the rest is the region a strong warning from donald trump's new secretary of state cakes off his trip to israel north korea reportedly pledges to dismantle its nuclear testing sites as soon as next month on the central american migrants preparing to attempt that controversial crossing of the border into the u.s. . i'm tatiana sanchez in doha with the day's sport including a formula one player with hamilton went in azerbaijan. but it's the bad day for red
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bull and bought a. new secretary of state has issued a strong warning to iran on his first two stops of his middle east in saudi arabia and israel like pump a zero accused iran of disable amazing the entire region. comes as president trump and just closer to deciding whether or not he'll pull out of the u.s. tail on the iran nuclear deal or a fourth from western. in the middle east might pompeo double down on the theme that has dominated his first international trip as secretary of state iran's threat to the region and the world and the solidifying u.s. threat to pull out of the iran nuclear deal iran destabilize this entire region that supports proxy militias and terrorist groups that arms it is an
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arms dealer to the who the rebels. and iran conducts cyber hacking campaigns that supports the murderous assad regime as well compares arrival in riyadh followed a barrows of eight ballistic missiles fired into saudi territory by hooty fighters in yemen the u.s. and saudi arabia say such missiles come from iran or combine that ticket and we also think that iran should be dealt with by imposing further sanctions for its violations of international laws relating to ballistic missiles. iranian missiles are a chief concern of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu his focus on the risk of their being fired from iranian bases in syria and by hezbollah from lebanon with his talk of a u.s. pullout from the iran deal and new sanctions against tehran pompei as language was almost interchangeable with netanyahu we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east the remains of people thought that iran's aggression would
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be moderated as a result of signing the do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to gobble up one country after the other both men welcome the u.s. embassy move from tel aviv to jerusalem for the fourteenth of may the day the israeli state was declared seventy years ago on maintain that final boundaries within jerusalem were up for negotiation that the us was committed to a lasting peace between israel and the palestinians there was no mention though of the recent demonstrations along the gaza border fence where israeli snipers shot unarmed protesters killing dozens and injuring hundreds my pompei was a different proposition from his predecessor rex tillerson who spent most of his tenure as secretary of state in a state of at best semi detachment from the white house on peo is seen as very close to president trouble in particular on the issue of iran and so that gives his words extra weight even perhaps especially when they mirror one of two listens frequent messages that saudi arabia's blockade on qatar should and they also stress
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to the foreign minister that go for unity is necessary we need to achieve it a report in the new york times said the message away from the cameras was more direct enough is enough stop the blockade by the time pompei a moved on to jordan his chief aim seemed established laying the groundwork for tougher action against iran clear two of the obstacles the e.u. russia and china have all warned against scrapping the nuclear deal the decision will be donald trump's the deadline may the twelfth are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. christensen we joins me now live from washington so kristen really netanyahu and pump am singing from the same hymn sheet on the wrong what's been the reaction in washington to this trip. well sir the trump administration is really speaking with one voice on this issue we heard from national security adviser john bolton doing interviews on sunday that the president is not decided on whether or not to stick with the iran nuclear deal repeating the
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same points we heard from mike pompei oh the deal needs to be fixed it's flawed otherwise the united states will withdraw bolton did hold out some hope though that the president is still considering changes that could be made in the suggestions that were made by president mccrone of france he suggested that the deal rather than being scrapped should be amended and he offered up a plan for pillars to do that and we've heard certainly mike pompei o and john bolton talking about the same elements that necron was talking about not only strengthening the nuclear component of the deal but reigning in iran's ballistic missile program and also. its support for armed groups like hezbollah and so on but you know you have john bolton and mike pompei o together stressing that no decision has been made yet with this deadline fast approaching they're also the fact that my pompei i was standing next to. binge minute yahoo to make this announcement the fact that he visited israel and saudi arabia on his first official
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trip as secretary of state shows where his thinking is of course he did consult with europeans on this trip as well but when he spoke with the prime minister the prime minister stress the fact that the united states and israel are closer than ever israel being one of the biggest critics of the iran deal no bigger critic than netanyahu and that the relationship between the u.s. and israel has never been stronger it tells you where they're coming from in these negotiations of course this is the first search for the secretary of state so how do you think might compare is going to differ from his free to say listen. well my pump aoe got this job in part because he's a hard liner on iran remember rex tillerson essentially lost the job over that issue the president expressed his dissatisfaction with how tillerson was handling the negotiations tillerson certainly not
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a strong proponent of the nuclear deal but had taken a more european viewpoint after consulting with allies that the deal should be amended and not scrapped completely the fear being that it would actually push iran to move and accelerate its nuclear program rather than strengthen the international community's hand in dealing with iran. again you know sorry i lost my train of thought there so so this tells you that the. tells you where he's coming from and how he got the job and certainly that was an issue for him getting the job so big difference there and again we saw it with the close relationship between the prime minister of israel and pompei when they spoke absolutely kristen stewart thank you for that update from washington d.c. now north korea is reportedly set to dismantle its nuclear testing scientist soon as next month south korea's government says the pledge was made during q.
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meeting with move in on friday it sponsored a series of gestures from pyongyang a pound to the aimed at calming tensions on the peninsula cafe know about reports from so. the world saw the smiles and handshakes on friday now the south korean president's office is revealing more of what was said behind closed doors at the historic summit south korea says kim jong un promised to close the pool in getting a nuclear test center next month and invited american and south korean experts and journalists to inspect it days before the summit north korea announced it would shut down the site of all six nuclear bomb tests kim referred to speculation that test explosions had so badly damaged the site it couldn't have been used again anyway q joining shit on chairman kim said when they come they will see that we have to figure tunnels than the current test facilities and they are in good condition this. the willingness to allow visitors to the test center appears to be
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another concession before the planned summit with donald trump and the north koreans by this is the necessity. for any kind of negotiations because if they don't see that the want every inch or two nuclear weapons nobody is going to talk to them moon phoned the u.s. president to brief him on the into korean talks the declaration signed their included a broad reference to denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula trump and moon agreed that more specific measures on getting rid of nuclear weapons should be discussed at the u.s. president's meeting with kim kim jong un is also reported to have said even though the united states is inherently hostile towards north korea once they talk with us they will get to know that i am not the kind of person to launch nuclear weapons towards the south or target the united states across the pacific south korea says kim intends to eliminate another sign of division by changing pyongyang's time zone
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by half an hour to realign with the south north korea said it's clocks back three years ago saying then that japanese imperialists had imposed tokyo time when korea was an occupied colony moon also briefed japan's prime minister and told shinzo obey that he had conveyed japan's willingness for talks with north korea a willingness kim jong un said was mutual kathy novak al jazeera sold hundreds of migrants from central america have reached the mexican border with the united states spent a month on the road and are hoping to cross into the u.s. and seek asylum but activists have warned they may not be welcomed by u.s. authorises the border. well in a moment we'll speak to rob reynolds in san ysidro in the u.s. but first a man who was in the mexican border city of tijuana we're seeing pictures of people climbing onto the fences on the border man well is there
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a sense some may indeed trying to sneak across and and indeed how many do you think might try the legal route. it's a bit of a festive scene here at friendship park right on the border as you mentioned in a lot of these folks that were demonstrating here today some did get a chance to climb up on top of the border wall but we didn't see anybody trying to jump over illegally or that sort of thing there is quite a bit of protection on the other side lots of law enforcement as well as other activists and immigration advocates that are supporting these groups saying that immigrants are welcome in the united states on the other side so it may not be as chaotic is as some of those pictures may suggest it's more of a festive scene that we saw take place here anywhere between two hundred and three hundred individuals again those members of that migrant group that have come up from central america most of these individuals that we've seen are from honduras others from bottom all in all salvador these are individuals that are fleeing persecution. whether it be because of gang violence or extortion related to
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organized crime people that are fleeing that persecution because of their sexual orientation others that are fleeing domestic abuse and and extreme extremely high levels of poverty there's a lot of single mothers that we've seen out here today with their children these are some of the. more the heart wrenching faces that you see among the crowd because you know that these people are tired they've been traveling for over a month at this point leaving their homes in central america making that long trek from southern mexico all the way to and we know about least two hundred individuals that immigration activists have singled out have have said that these are the ones that have a better chance of qualifying for political asylum in the united states and these are the ones that are going to be turning themselves into border authorities sometime later this afternoon but at the moment what we've seen is more of a festive scene people waving at activists waving at their counterparts on the other side of the border some immigrant some migrants and their families waving at
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at friends and families that they know on the other side of the border and when it comes to perception this isn't the sort of thing again where it's over. hundreds of individuals that are going to be storming the u.s. border and and crossing over illegally a majority of these individuals do plan to turn themselves in and follow that legal route to request political asylum in the united states. on the human side of this story well let's cross to rob reynolds who is on the other side and they sound border crossing just south of san diego to get the authority side i s'posed rob was the reception going to be to some of those who are coming and trying to get into america legally. well you know so we're not very far at all from where manwell was reporting just seconds ago but this is the main port of entry between the united states at the city of san diego were in san isidro
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which is just south of that major city and t. want to if you look behind me you can see the the hills of here want to that's mexico back there and this is where those migrants who believe they have a decent chance of obtaining asylum in the united states are going to be processed so they will come here they will not try to climb any fences or sneaking in the in any surreptitious way but they will present themselves to u.s. border officials and request asylum now decide the laws are both national and international in the international laws to which the united states and here's date back to the second world war two when a time when many countries including the united states refused to add allow a refugees jewish refugees from nazi germany to come to the united states for
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refuge. by contrast many latin american countries did allow jews from germany and europe to come but in that background the rules were set that if a person was at a risk of being discriminated against or persecuted for their religious beliefs for there and national origin belonging to a particular ethnic group or for their political beliefs those were grounds for allowing people to come in and become refugees and be safe and get asylum. but the problem now for these folks from honduras from el salvador and other central american countries is they don't fall into those categories they are at risk they're a terrible risk as emanuel was telling us. from all this violence but that violence is being perpetrated by gains by non-state actors as the term goes so they're not being persecuted necessarily by their own governments except in perhaps a few cases from honduras so that makes it more problematic for them to get that
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coveted status here in any event they will be processed they will probably be incarcerated put in detention we talked to a woman yesterday who was incarcerated for nine months has a nephew who's been in behind bars for more than a year it's a it's a process it takes a long time and during this whole process the would be refugees the people requesting asylum here in the united states are not necessarily provided with the legal representation or lawyers so that's an important note so it will take some time before we know whether the several hundred people that that money well as with now are actually going to be able to live safely in the united states and for many of them unfortunately the alternative is very dire if they were to be sent back to honduras to bill salvador to places where violence is is
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absolutely horrific the outcome could be death. thanks very much for reporting to us on the pl what. as much more to come on the al-jazeera news hour. with the. tiles of extreme brutality where hanjour refugees tell a u.n. security council team how they fled a violent crackdown in myanmar. u.k.'s decision to leave the rekindling hopes for scottish independence and in sports the king of play rough and a doll claims his eleventh barcelona and kentucky. now mother who is former president joyce banda says she's not afraid of being arrested after returning to the country and despite facing allegations of
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corruption she was met by hundreds of supporters when she touched down on saturday and then four years of self-imposed exile on the left malawi in twenty fourteen after losing power and with the scandal known as cash gate when tens of millions of dollars were stolen from the state of banda was malawi's first female president on the second woman to lead an african country the so-called cash case scandal in twenty thirteen so thirty million dollars stolen from state coffers in the space of just six months the scandal hurt malawi's international reputation foreign donors pulled one hundred fifty million dollars in aid from the country iris still an active arrest warrant for bond a fight about reportedly that her to postpone a plan to return to malawi last year we can speak now to joyce on the herself who joins us via skype from demasi in the southern malawi thank you very much indeed for coming on to. the first question i think many people are asking is why did you
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leave malawi. and i know that i will listen what you do about it you will operate but you're not for me or all. or all i leave america to malawi is during the day. i met at a summit organized by president obama and i will ensure that you in some sport i decided you already neil. young i just want mark tomorrow when he said that myself and then you decided well and that you knew you were in general assembly september twenty fourth to our side given i was a speed got there and it was one i was in do you think that meant no one's going to one thing how. they've gone. you don't.
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want that a lot of running and saw each other what there was no you life were very good similar but you need just some or a. little some scent there's the look meryl force one last time here safety only i don't think many former former live sorry to interrupt but many family just doing their absolutely right an intense take positions but really they don't leave when they're still really wanted by the place to at least clear up pack is ations against what it was not meant marlon must think of the place and there was an arrest warrant out for you not that you said that is one of the row that is where you are all the boys are you by the time i left keeping or. even in the bed but you were ordered to court as you know supports and that was being trial had not been a feast if you chant and you boast but then what it's reported was at least on
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that your dog went to forty. the police still say they have questions for you but they are still saying now their arrest warrant for you is still active so it would make more sense would it not to clear your name by talking to them and explaining your answers to their questions yes but i am who i am i'm not a warm now that you are less news he should be on there wanting on the first of larry went. last year when i was coming home i poured myself but i was warmed malawi and that some day but i was worried that it was. all sent out saying that you were going to have a what are we up until now i've never seen war on. that resolution maybe my name will be on the red list but didn't are all one tomorrow as i'm talking to you i had was a good four or on be not given to love and one of you know me you will but i think
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that my long island really just said to me that you would rather invest i don't know until now but you know or you board i'm not college to cut so i don't know what about what i don't know what it will never speak you know more about the formulation it was at my management from the forty's but they're unsure of the you will tell them of this young man didn't you do you should be investigated on issues and there's one of them are those. who you know has announced that my ma'am. so if the police all still saying they have questions for you they're still saying that at the moment that there is still an active arrest where they are you happy to go in and talk to them and the question probably. no i'm the one who waited to be approached there's more and i was going to work there and i must be because if i want to know anything about what i will but it's this dead
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demented that was used by the police he's not there weren't he didn't mean to say it is a place i'm going but the press you they don't say that. they have what a wonderful i have never deceive you that what others may really hasn't been already and it's you or they weren't this is nine months later i have never seen or what and i'm not i'm sure i'm a long as are mountains but i am not for me. to get. if you close the door don't force. keratin and they don't. you that my name's not that he's not wanted to do question get i'm the one that he did the investigation i am the one that is honest to the people that we're caught stealing the money and i ask you not i mean if there is one dissenting opinion and what is everyone i'm going to. convey that to the telling of millions from the
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government coffers how do you feel that is was that i did and get disappointed when you can now hear me now i want your consent and i'm find out how much more than that amount you're mentioning sporting that is that i want to hear it using a stunning american or an already does find this install not to game or live it well but who are on there but you know i you call that are you accusing the current administration of stating from from the country. no i am saying that's not why not me what you are leaving for me their home alone let me assume what did they want what are known and my looking starting i do not give them do not there's not a mother know what you people are going to buy that you run a government or one that i'm proud to lead you on that has not released want to leave us no i did not use one habits are right that one does you know how can you
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put at will you want this is from not only issue but you need first deal you want that amount was not that's not a mule twenty fifteen but at least under thirteen there it must build up under the bank that its funding the rest of it well nancy and that one is what could use our peple and minds so are you saying that the place where you knowing these allegations of corruption i just don't have enough evidence well but you everyone's not impressed well i don't want to sound you want to be sensitive but you just tried you could bad enough but was not right not going to split up will become a repeat we asked you why you put up force what the board without him being disconnected or said how we are they exist just problem it's a puzzler that must needs well or get through and through it was the resources that are being slaughtered and you are all ordinary people that suffer and so you return
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now oh you're now going to go back into politics do you have another presidential run and you. you know i don't i don't i get that let you know what other people things happen in my life i don't know about the way i mean but if i were the decision for anybody to be it but they are all people who i don't want to or based on i'm going to be part of the site where he's going to be that much better i am not going to start dancing on a one for me the thoughts that are but rather not do that and i am not going to do i mean he's not doing this is out of line for mitchell or me to present that get i know i was president and i'm probably not majeed lives and i am the first president to not want to read the not to forge what i'm floating through and be through and people went to jail i wanted don't let other beat your time in my around where people were arrested because that's even when i was started getting reported it was
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either meant i already am president in two hundred twelve so what happened before and that's not my point is made but by and that is what i would rather i does not do this to get up to about just a little thing that is that's the only way when your ex forms look to you when you fight the people of when you do you best to get played in that people let us keep all of the people whose documents. all governmental teaches us to believe that we're going to strike this place i don't let you or matt here just. because some underwear but at some point it was and we're not being fair to all knotted up and i don't ordinary africans i what i want to ask you about you were met at the airport by hundreds of supporters what if there was another of a groundswell of people saying we want you to stand would you then be persuaded. no i don't know i haven't met but. what i did was to discuss with my from and i
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need to do such in my blood and i needed to know why did this one but now i'm going . to bleed out and you gotta be back on the end of there and it wasn't her once very good to talk to thanks very much for coming on al jazeera former president george spender thank you and you are watching al-jazeera still ahead corruption the economy and the fight against boko haram as nigeria's president prepares for talks with donald trump we'll look at what's on the agenda. tens of thousands of nicaraguans demand justice for protesters who were killed in a government crackdown on the closing in on the twenty fifth spanish title we'll tell you what barcelona needs to do to be crowned champions that's coming up in sports.
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how we have still got a little scattering of showers across northern parts of the middle east a fair amount of cloud into iraq into iran bright skies if you towards the eastern side of the mediterranean sea temperatures in beirut fairbairn quite nicely twenty seven celsius want to show is there one to turkey no the policy of syria coming down into iraq and on into iran afghanistan general temperatures at around twenty nine degrees to one in two where choose that falls back a little twenty five celsius a basin pieces of right just heading over towards the high ground. with a child's of showers choose the afternoon but it does look like the dry across iraq as is the case over towards the med we have a little more cloud having said that one or two shall still in place there for turkey a little bit of wet weather in place across southern parts of the arabian peninsula but that aside it should be dry warm and sunny temperatures starting to knowledge up a little more clout into saudi arabia on shoes day so was a child of a sport or two of right there in doha states fall into i love the sunshine
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temperatures at around thirty five degrees plenty of sunshine to across southern africa that a bit of cloud just rolling across the southern cape you know it is but i think it will stay dry so wet weather for the eastern cape. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china talk to on a just zero. zero
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. where ever you are. welcome back remind all the top stories sarah knowledge is there a secretary of state mike compares says the u.s. is deeply concerned by what he calls iranian aggression in the middle east has met
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israeli prime minister netanyahu off the area holding talks with the saudi king in riyadh the north korean leader has promised to dismantle his country's nuclear testing sites as soon as next month in junger and says he'll invite international observers to witness the shutdown. and hundreds of migrants from central america have reached the mexican border with the united states they spent a month on the road on a hoping to cross into the u.s. and seek asylum. opposition activists in armenia are holding more rallies ahead of a vote in parliament on tuesday to choose a new prime minister. demanding that protest leader nicole fashion yet be chosen to leave the country the previous prime minister's search for gas in resigned a week ago after demonstrations against him in taking on the job after spending a decade as president the us backed syrian democratic forces say they've stopped the syrian army from taking several villages along the border with iraq the
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statement was made just hours after the syrian army said it had retaken the villages meanwhile the government says it's made a deal with opposition forces to evacuate areas around southern damascus the syrian government launched an offensive in the area last week to push eisel and passions in pakistan's swat valley are continuing to demonstrate against what they're calling decades of oppression by security forces demanding the military remove landmines on checkpoints and have called for the return of many who have disappeared and inspirations began in february after the police killing of an aspiring model a u.n. security council delegation has met hundreds of revenge refugees who fled a military crackdown in myanmar the group has been assessing the situation across the border in bangladesh where some seven hundred thousand are living in makeshift camps shall stratford reports from cox is bizarre. this is how the british
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ambassador to the united nations was greeted a refugee camp close to the bangladesh we have. the twenty four member u.n. security council delegation led by britain peru and kuwait came to assess the situation on the ground for more than a million refugees living here seven hundred thousand of whom flipped the crackdown by the myanmar military which began in august they had stories like these. i was raped they killed my husband they burnt my two year old son i saw five men rape a twelve year old girl and then kill her we want justice from you thousands of refugees lined the roads as the delegation of vehicles passed many held signs demanding justice and help. in the coupon refugee camp the delegates were split into groups to listen to more stories from victims of violence one man told them the myanmar government would never tell them the truth do your investigations from your own
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countries he said britain's u.n. ambassador said it was vital the international community act with one voice we need to go back and evaluate what we've seen on this trip and see if we can come together to build on the unified feeling that the security council had back in november when it called on the government of myanmar to do certain things to protect their way and allow them to get back in conditions of safety so i think that's the immediate short term priority myanmar has banned any independent investigation into what the u.n. says is ethnic cleansing of the ranger. doesn't recognize them as an ethnic group he calls them. what was then the burmese government stripped ranger of their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two last november the security council passed the resolution demanding beyond muffled to military action against the written job but the potential veto power of myanmar allies china and russia has stalled anything stronger than that i should use conference china's representative
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stated his country's position. is to seize majlis to cease fire so he's to try to find a solution to something. that's really just close to policies when a journalist asked the u.n. delegates which of them used the word ranger china's representative appeared not to understand but didn't raise his hand later he told me china respects walk richenda call themselves united nations security council delegation came here to assess the magnitude of this crisis and what they've seen today and some of the stories that they've heard of no doubt giving them a fair indication of just how terrible the situation is here. it's fair to say they will probably hear a very different story in me and from the government there and that means translating their findings into concrete unified political action at the security
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council could remain a challenge for some time yet charles stratford al-jazeera part of the refugee camp on the dish. jarius present her with me donald trump in washington on monday to discuss economic and military to the talks take place at a time when china is strengthening its ties with africa while the us is increasingly looking inwards at me to address reports my bitch or what the talks might achieve. in the. party came into office promising to defeat boko haram but with just over a year left through the end of his first term the armed group still poses a significant threat to the attacks in the northeast continue while he hopes to use his visit to washington to acquire military hardware to fight. in the heart of the nigerian president will be his three pronged i gained to secure
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nigeria to revive the economy and to fight corruption in whatever we are america can collaborate with nigeria in this three program again and the president will be talking with the american president. the nigerian president is under pressure to tackle the rising violence in the country from boko haram attacks in the northeast to communal fighting in central parts of nigeria is expecting a delivery of fighter jets in arms from the united states but they're not expected for another two years a long wait for a government just product we need to war against iran. with a beautician coming from the white house some believe the meeting could focus more on what the americans want the west actually looking for important countries like nigeria for. political interest so invited the nigerian
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president is important to see how nigeria can be off that can be part of the american and the west and in the west and your political interest for now there appears to be little american appetite for nigeria's hydrocarbons after the discovery of huge results of shale oil in the united states the nigerian president will want to see the return of monies and as it's stolen by politicians and government officials and stashed in the united states some of that has been tried down during the obama administration but two years later report treating the assets is yet to begin. it's not clear if the visit will quick and process so money to save the trumpet ministration could also use the visit to father america's economic interests in africa at a time the continent is looking to china for loans and economic aid with stringent conditions others say nigeria's general elections next year will almost certainly be discussed by brewery was a candidate and president trump. al-jazeera. well
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for more on this we're joined by like a nigerian public affairs analyst that's famous for coming in to al-jazeera it's been a very busy week for president chen with various guests and really he should be throwing out the red carpet for what he's africa's most populous country what kind of reception just think the president's going to get i think my german america is had longstanding relations going back to one nine hundred sixty s. with the far below and the j.f.k. and the history in terms of economics in terms of domestic relations in terms of the posher between countries has been historically very strong this trip of the monuments is one thing for nigeria bihari and the signification of relations between wonder in america. it would be fair i think to ask president jiang for an apology and when he first arrived on the presidential scene he didn't she sort of suggest that nigerians were living in makeshift hearts and forgive the world word
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but he did call these countries shithole country is dealing with nigeria is that the tenor there think of the conversations you think the president will be looking at him to just sort of make make sort of some sort of gesture or in the end does nigeria need america more than the other way i think we've all become fully aware of donald trump and have erratic and somewhat strange comments and. from a personal standpoint it is a big issue because it is faltering it is rude and africans on the whole should be wowed by it but for me area of diplomacy i doubt or like the president will bring it up in private he should because to build a friendship with your friends therefore he should let them know that comments like that are negative toward forth during the relations with after countries nigeria does rely on the u.s. for security assistance and dealing with her arm at the moment has to be probably something that will be high up on the agenda do you think that will be the i think the security aspect is something that has been building for three between america
9:43 pm
and mind your for the past three or four years that the fight against boko haram has been won not one yet but america has been increasing their systems in drone surveillance in the military hardware just recently six hundred million dollars worth of american military hardware is building. and aside from from the security side of things what about the economics kinds of things and is there any kind of assistance again developing the economy within nigeria that the states can help with i'm a jury in this visit i've been made aware that meeting for the scheduled with the head of boeing to possibly find a deal for a line national carrier g.e. already have. but few billion dollars worth of investment in my journey of economic partnership and build on that is a card nor after of the visit in which many capital industries will be present and will try to form a bond to see how america can invest in my jury and help the country who are very
9:44 pm
interesting to see what sort of business it is. i thank you very much for joining me and of thousands of nicaraguans have joined a protest organized by the catholic church against the government of president daniel ortega they're demanding a peaceful and nationwide debate on social security reforms at least forty three people died in a recent crackdown on protesters they were angry about plans to cut state pensions which has since been abandoned a commission has been announced to investigate the violence now as divisions overexcite between the scottish and british governments deepen how hopes of scottish independence are being weekend old and the latest cross border around london is insisting on taking back powers from the european union but many scots say scotland's future belongs to its own government lawrence lee reports from aberdeen. is known as the granite city it's a tough place
9:45 pm
a bit intimidating looking. don't like being told what to think. the ports attracts workers from all over the world for oil and renewables and the north sea fishing industry it's an important place for both scotland and the u.k. and so the opinions of these people matter identity politics which seems to shape so much nowadays is very pronounced in aberdeen the people have voted by some distance to remain british in the scottish independence referendum but then in the brics it vote they said they would rather be europeans than simply british citizens and now it appears they can't both in this confusion it was crawfish national party thinks it may have another opportunity christian is a french national who married a scot and who now works in local politics with a party that wants independence from the u.k. if that sounds confusing then his explanation is that he identifies as being a european and so he believes do an increasing number of scots living here as an
9:46 pm
amazing discussion the discussion of identities i'm scottish i'm proud to be scottish i don't need to have a better word of french of course i'm french you can be bored for you can be british you can be european yeah i'm a citizen of the world i've got a message but it isn't me but it is such a thing then citizen of the world and i am one of them the latest polling suggests that forty eight percent of scots want independence from the u.k. and fifty two percent don't and when you look at voting intentions for an independent scotland it's clear that the young by a wide margin want scottish independence while older people are against it it's the identical demographic splits to the brics it votes the young identifies european the old see themselves as british the polls show that the younger people particularly are very disillusioned with the way that westminster is operated and keen to show that they are as european as anybody else in the last independence referendum four years ago the yes campaign lost by two hundred thousand votes but
9:47 pm
that was before breakfast. if the scottish independence movement wants another vote a chance to change the minds of people in aberdeen it will surely waits until it knows the time is right and if brett's it fails scotland while the generations change they may still get that child's barnsley al-jazeera in aberdeen. still ahead on this new attempts to save one of the world's natural wonders the australian government four hundred million dollars for the great barrier reef and sports on the early content a full catch of the same. thanks for. having me and lied in this. each one they still are. the ones to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably.
9:48 pm
it is. with the human children thing. and monday pointed well on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
9:49 pm
now the australian government has announced a new cash injection to help save the great barrier reef it's placed almost four hundred million dollars in funding to restore water quality and protect coral flying that change has caused water temperatures to rise which is killing coral on the world's largest rethink toria gates and reports. it's one of the seven wonders of the natural world the australian government wants to ensure its around for future generations to enjoy we recognise that the reef faces a number of challenges we've had significant bleaching events in twenty sixteen and in twenty seven to increase as we race around the world in the great barrier reef is no different to with nature's researches say a third of the reef was cooked to death as water temperatures rose one degree above average in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen due to
9:50 pm
a combination of climate change and they'll need no weather cycle co reaves a home to around twenty five percent of ocean life but coral bleaching has destroyed nurseries for many kinds of young fish meaning only the toughest species have survived the bulk of the money will go towards improving water quality but not everyone has welcomed the announcement. the problem with these things as i said with the ruth package is it makes people think something is really being done and it's amazing that the packages always come forward just a few months before the world heritage committee is ganymede again yet asked to say whether we should be put on the endangered list the australian government hopes its conservation work will inspire other countries to follow it fully and we are spearheading a group among some of the countries many of them manage significant coral reefs in
9:51 pm
the caribbean in the pacific in the indian ocean and they look to astrologers provide the technical expertise to scientific research and the best practice management of coral reefs but conservation groups say the government is ignoring the biggest threat to the reef climate change they want if emissions continue as they are the great barrier reef won't survive victoria gate and be al-jazeera now as a tatyana for all sports thanks so much to we start with formula one where my fate is driver lewis hamilton won the azerbaijan grand prix on sunday to take over the championship lead from ferrari sebastian vettel but an incident packed a race that was a disastrous day in baku for red bull and basin has more. lewis hamilton has struggled to match the pace of sebastian vettel so far this season and it looked like he would be second best again as the ferrari driver led from pole him back but
9:52 pm
this would turn out to be anything but an ordinary race the circuit proving to type to some in the early stages the battle for top dog at red bull has been building between max for stop and daniel ricardo and that came to a head on the track. cart a running into the back of his teammate and red bull leading back with no points to share. that saw the safety car come out with just a few laps remaining with the savings about three leading the way from vettel but the german drive the last places to hamilton and team mate kimi raikkonen on the restart and just as both us looked to be cruising to the win a puncture ended his race handing victory to a subdued hamilton with reichen in taking second and said you pres putting force india on the podium for the first time since twenty sixteen really quite an emotional race to be honest about three did such an exceptional job today and
9:53 pm
really deserve to have the win. sebastian did a great job i think was really really fortunate say circles are a bit odd to be up here but i've got to take it i mean i didn't give up i kept pushing but definitely a very untidy race for me hamilton's unlikely when sees him move four points ahead of vettel in the driver's standings f one now returns to europe for the spanish graeme three in two weeks' time telling gleason is there. tennis now and the king of play otherwise known as rough and adele has won a record eleventh boss alone open title the spaniard beating a nineteen year old up and coming greeks tossed off an assist the past a six two six one when fidel and in his fifty fifth career title on clay in seventy seven overall that has now won nineteen successive much as in forty six consecutive says on his favorite surface. yesterday and today was my as much as they had before the big daddy of course against very difficult about it like i see by that he has
9:54 pm
an amazing view that i big brother was i was a great fight on the very heart of. a lemon tiger here means a lot for me now so does the guy the whole way race a part of the crowd just can't say thank you very much everybody meanwhile on the women's tour form a wild number one catalina pisk of a one hundred fast tournament of twenty eighteen inch that got the check defeated american band away seven six six four have taken titles a day on play. boss alone a kid can choose the spanish football league title in the next couple of hours they've just kicked off against apple t.v. in the league with an eight point lead i've athletically madrid in the table they just need a draw to be crowned the champions in the english premier league awesome venga last trip to manchester united as often a manager ended in defeat paul pogba opened the scoring for the hosts before henrik terry and equalized early in the second tof but united got the winning goal in injury time through laney for a two one win. just to city's filthy e.p.l.
9:55 pm
title weeks ago but now they're one goal short of the premier league record having picked for pos west ham on sunday city have scored one hundred two goals this season the current mark to beat is one hundred three and always you have to play for something you know once we won the premier league you know the target you know the numbers the way we played always remained but the numbers are there and always the numbers are going to achieve one to break. but. you know the bees so do have to play good to break the records are going to break and that's why . it's good to see something to fight to fight each other and to achieve something . the playoff picture is becoming clearer in the n.b.a. there's just one spot remaining in the second round after boston celtics back to their progression they beat the milwaukee bucks one hundred twelve to ninety six in
9:56 pm
a decisive game seven of their series the bugs haven't won a playoff game series since two thousand and one and twenty six points a piece from al horford and terry very share ensured that drought would continue the celtics are one of the league's youngest teams with an average age of twenty four and a half they face the philadelphia seventy six ers next. the golden state warriors opened the second round of the playoffs with a one hundred twenty three to one hundred one victory over the new orleans pelicans bad is despite the absence of staff cari who intends to return from a knee injury for game two later lebron james of cleveland cavaliers face a decisive game seven against the indiana pacers and the houston rockets begin a best of seven series with the utah jazz the boston bruins have made a flying start to the second round of ice hockey stanley cup playoffs they thrashed the tampa bay lightning in the opening game of their eastern conference semifinal for trees bergeron and rick nash each scored twice in
9:57 pm
a six two victory going to have the best of seven series will be played on monday. elsewhere the san jose sharks beat the vegas golden knights after two periods of overtime to level their series at one one two games coming up later the pittsburgh penguins can take it to no lead with a win over the washington capitals asking the winnipeg jets who face the nashville predators. baseball fans were denied a much anticipated showdown between japanese stars must the herald to nocca high otani a tony was missing from the los angeles angels lineup against the new york yankees because of a minor uncool sprain pitcher to nocca took the opportunity to steal the limelight he struck out nine batters across six strong innings to young eleven to one winners in this game they won eight consecutive games out screwing their opponents by sixty two runs to seventeen in the time.
9:58 pm
meanwhile a catch of the year nominee from the atlanta braves game with the philadelphia phillies. should. it be to go back to a good thing she said. thanks to the phillies outfielder dougal harrar with this remarkable effort to prevent a hieron philadelphia needed more of our the braves were full one winners in this case. and that is all the sport for now one hundred back to see in london. it's not you know about is it from a certain sum for this news hour but merriam laws will be with you in a moment with much more of the day's news thanks for watching.
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he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one who had to pull that stunt of power at peaceful transition when because official term expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid or crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera conservation is helping kick his stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves or are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the
10:00 pm
latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. he was the world's most wanted man and last moving ahead with him was often met. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew bin laden on all does either.


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