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to happen without intervention. i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try to change the sheets take a crisis that's in the mash and see plan. extinction tagg know. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers.
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this is al jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the syrian army says several of its military bases in hama aleppo of come under rocket attack also middle east allies take the measure of america's new secretary of state. and demonized by the president but still seeking sanctuary a caravan of refugees reaches the us mexico border. with the day's sport pass alone or have one. fans hit the streets to celebrate i have bats and plenty more coming up.
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welcome to the news hour syrian state television says that rockets have struck several military bases in hama and the aleppo countryside the army is calling it a new aggression by its enemies state media had earlier reported of successive blasts heard in the west and hama province iranian forces are stationed in the area . man is that. it's one of the strongest attacks on the military civilians in aleppo described hearing a huge explosion and their description is in line with what the state is saying the first of the airstrikes killed eight people at military posts in the aleppo countryside but we haven't heard a full tally of deaths from the military yet it is clear the explosions were massive and the equipment used was sophisticated it is only like the strikes carried out by the western trio which had minimal damage what is clear is that the
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syrian military is still being targeted and this was a big hit after the u.s. led airstrikes one hundred tabla is a syria expert at the washington institute for near east policy he says israeli attacks targeting iranian bases in syria have continued for some time now. it seems as if it's israeli strike yet to be confirmed but the targets in the recent history of israel bombing inside of syria would suggest that that's who's responsible these are bases mixed bases for iran and regime forces inside of syria iranian forces are spread out throughout the country they are the mean backers of bashar al assad on the ground and israel has launched a campaign to target those assets as they spread throughout the country these bombings and rocket attacks on the what have you been going on for several months
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and i think they're going to continue with the iran in its proxies was against israel its allies in what way may be seen. well earlier syrian state media also reported a deal between the syrian government and opposition fighters under the proposed deal rebels will evacuate the camp areas south of the capital damascus the syrian government had launched an offensive in the area last week to push ice allowed nine hundred civilians have been killed and a large part of the camp hours in palestinian refugees in the area has been destroyed in the violence. the footage has a merge showing the moment their strike hit a funeral of a key who feel needed in yemen. large crowds gathered in the as thirteen square in the capital sanaa for the burial of some odd and some of those killed in air strikes carried out by the saudi coalition last week the fighters have fired multiple ballistic missiles towards
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a city of just ran in response. donald trump's new secretary of state issued a strong warning to iran during his middle east tour mike pompei you criticized teheran's saying it's destabilizing the whole region composed trip includes visits to saudi arabia and israel comes as trump edges closer to a decision on whether to pull out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal or a force that has more from west jerusalem in the middle east my company would double down on the theme that has dominated his first international trip as secretary of state iran's threat to the region and the world and the solidifying u.s. threat to pull out of the iran nuclear deal iran destabilize the region it supports proxy militias and terrorist groups. it is an arms dealer to the rebels. and iran conducts cyber hacking campaign. supports the murderous assad regime as well compares arrival in riyadh followed
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a barrage of eight ballistic missiles fired into saudi territory by hooty fighters in yemen the u.s. and saudi arabia say such missiles come from iran or combine that ticket and we also think that iran should be dealt with by imposing further sanctions further violations of international laws relating to ballistic missiles. iranian missiles are a chief concern of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu his focus on the risk of their being fired from iranian bases in syria and by hezbollah from lebanon with his talk of a u.s. pullout from the iran deal and new sanctions against tehran pompei as language was almost interchangeable with netanyahu we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east the remains of people thought that iran's aggression would be moderated as a result of signing the do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to gobble up one country after the other both men welcome the u.s.
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embassy move from tel aviv to jerusalem for the fourteenth of may the day the israeli state was declared seventy years ago maintained that final boundaries within jerusalem were up for negotiation that the u.s. was committed to a lasting peace between israel and the palestinians there was no mention though of the recent demonstrations along the gaza border fence where israeli snipers have shot unarmed protesters killing dozens and injuring hundreds might pompei was a different proposition from his predecessor rex tillerson who spent most of his tenure as secretary of state in a state of at best semi detachment from the white house is seen as very close to president trub in particular on the issue of iran and so that gives his words extra weight even perhaps especially when they mirror one of two listens frequent messages that saudi arabia's blockade on qatar should and they also stress to the foreign minister the gulf unity is necessary we need to achieve a report in the new york times said the message away from the cameras was more direct enough is enough stop the blockade by the time pump am moved on to jordan
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his chief aim seemed established laying the groundwork for tougher action against iran clear two of the obstacles the e.u. russia and china have all warned against scrapping the nuclear deal the decision will be donald trump's the deadline may the twelfth are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. well joel rubin is the president of the washington strategy group and a former deputy assistant secretary of state joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us on al-jazeera mr rubin in terms of the mike. sort of impression on the arab world with his first visit into the region how would you assess it in comparison to rex tillerson well certainly might bomb piro is speaking for the president in it's clear that he has the president's confidence and that's something that rex tillerson never really achieved and it undermined rex thorsten's ability to conduct assertive diplomacy when the secretary of state is
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not seen in sync with the president he plays that we can't but pompei i did deliver some very strong messages related to iran related to the gulf related to the palestinians that are distinct from tillerson and take some adjustment for the region to deal with this direct pace there's no longer a separation with the president and the secretary of state that they can count on perhaps to try to measure differences in negotiate right now it's a very clear message of course the iran nuclear deal is top of the agenda and yet when pompei was being confirmed in those senate hearings his tone was rather stark and strong about scrapping the deal and being on the same page as the president when he went to brussels only last week for the nato meeting it was a softer language. is this in contrast or in conflict with the president as you say you think they're on the same page. i do think they're on the same page and it is
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striking that after the visit last week of president mccrone from france to washington where he made an impassioned argument publicly and privately to keep the iran deal it is striking that secretary pompei o would so publicly say that essentially the united states is going to get out of the deal it's clear that that's his message it is it is distinct from what we've heard in recent days from pump in europe but i think that the administration really does feel right now that's the hand they want to play there is certainly one train of thought that both tell us that and pump are on the same page on and that is the guarded woods to the saudis about the gulf crisis and trying to sort it out now how do you read that with reports in the american press that it's been a much more direct telling off of the arabia to end this blockade now of cattle.
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yes well well. visit to with president that really was a successful visit for the concert ariz where president trump was very clear in stating that he supported and to the blockade and pompei all got his marching orders and so going to the gulf being direct being clear after that meeting it's no longer possible for the saudis in this instance to believe that they can work with and work with trump and potentially have a difference between the two they really are getting the same message and that's very important for the pomes the to have a secretary of state give the same message that said it's a tough message and it's not it's not certain that this is going to really create the kind of end game that we want from the u.s. perspective just delivering a tough message to say stop a blockade that's not enough there's going to be need to be more work done and just
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asking for it. we'll just see what doesn't certainly in the coming days of the moment joel rubin back in washington d.c. thanks for your time. thank you and now they've been on the road for nearly a month the so-called migrant caravan has arrived at the mexican u.s. border hundreds of people from honduras guatemala and el salvador say they're fleeing persecution and have one aim to cross over to safety onto u.s. soil while u.s. president donald trump has called the caravan a threat to america some are fully supportive rob reynolds has the latest from san ysidro border crossing just south of san diego. even as the group of people traveling from central america the border here at san ysidro california to request asylum in the united states the border protection agency announced that it had already reached its capacity and wouldn't be able to process any more applications
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for at least the rest of the day now this means that those asylum seekers a may have to wait a day or even more as the bureaucratic process works its way forward but the u.s. is obligated to at least consider the claims of the people who have come up in central america seeking asylum doesn't mean that they will have to accept them it doesn't mean that the asylum seekers will get residence in the united states but they will at least get some sort of an administrative hearing unfortunately for those people who have come up from central america seeking refuge in the united states about three quarters of all the requests for asylum from central americans to come into the united states are denied. well we crossed the border two months whose house more force from the mexican city of tijuana. was supposed to be the end of a long journey for members of
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a migrant group finally arriving at the us mexico border crossing here in t one a however u.s. customs and border protection announced that they would not be allowing individuals that lacked the proper legal documentation to cross into the united states now the spirits were higher earlier today members of this migrant group are celebrating at the u.s. border wall what they thought would be the end of their time here in mexico again these are individuals that are mostly from central america countries like honduras el salvador guatemala countries that having a high level of violence individuals members of this migrant group are fleeing the violence associated with street gangs others are fleeing domestic abuse others are fleeing high levels of poverty and these are folks that have been traveling for a very long time over a month now and it seems as though many will have to wait a little longer before they are able to turn themselves into u.s. border authorities there is a political analyst who says while immigration remains a big issue for many americans republicans fear trumps hard line policies that
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turning off many undecided voters. of course there are some criminals and people into the united states illegally are by definition committing a crime but these people who are on the border now they are seeking asylum in the united states they are going for a regular process to get into the united states legally they may eventually try to get it illegally but trump's base his core supporters are people who think that they were a threat they're criminal threat they're a terrorist but they threaten to undermine the foundations of the united states they just don't want them here and to them this is a real threat of criminal activity on the border even though those even though there's not much evidence that even illegal immigrants commit a disproportionate number of crimes because they get deported and it's makes it very difficult and risky for them to commit a crime the british home secretary has resigned amid a scandal over people in title to remain in the united kingdom being threatened
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with deportation and the rot came under pressure to step down after it was revealed hundreds of people had been denied their rights to pensions benefits and health care most of caribbean origin the so-called windrush generation settled in the u.k. between one nine hundred forty eight and nine hundred seventy one they were given the right to stay in the country but many never obtained passports. malawi's former president joyce banda has returned home after four years in self-imposed exile she left malawi after failing to win reelection in twenty fourteen and in the midst of the country's biggest corruption scandal as maria hold reports bunder says she's not afraid of being arrested as she's done nothing wrong . jubilant crowd and preparing to welcome home the woman many call the mother and dad who were younger who are being asked i'm as happy as a woman who just delivered a baby because we missed our mother this bundle under is back and is as free as any
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citizen of malawi. many supporters had feared malawi's former president might never return for years after leaving malawi under aggression cloud joyce banda is back on home soil my daughter surprised but you know if you teamed up and i'm sure it will that you came bundle was malawi's first female president and the second woman to lead an effort in country but that league a-c. is being overshadowed by the biggest financial scandal in malawi's history widely known as cash gate it came to light during her time in power politicians civil servants and business people all stand accused of pilfering tens of millions of dollars of government money through companies that didn't take to provide services more than thirty million was taken and just six months foreign donors pulled a hundred fifty million dollars in aid devastating for a country reliant on made around forty percent of its budget it also hit bundles
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really action bid she lost the vote in two thousand and fourteen and left malawi accused of abuse of office and money laundering the warrant for her wrist is still active speaking to al jazeera bunder said she has no reason to be afraid if she has done nothing wrong. you know what did it was all meant. i will not be imprisoned in twenty two out so what the before and the my. p.t. i'm a thirty could took over as president come into power with a vow to clean up the system and get be a don't is back but on friday thousands of malawians much to protest at alleged corruption and poor governance during the thirty kids four years in office. bundeswehr to encamp his malawi prepares for elections next year local media reporting a possible deal between the thirty k. and panda the bandit would not be drawn on his plans for now she says she simply
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wants to see family and friends after four years away media on one hand which is here well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including more rallies in armenia a day before a vote in parliament for a new prime minister also we report from scotland where calls for independence are gaining new followers after the ukase breck's it decision and lewis hamilton wins the formula one grand prix in azerbaijan but things don't quite get planned for red bull that's all had in sport. china has confirmed sending its top diplomat to north korea this week shortly after u.s. secretary of state like pompei o says he thinks there is a real opportunity for denuclearization of the peninsula but he says feel young must first take irreversible steps to end its nuclear program but this comes as
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north korea pleasure to dismantle its nuclear testing site next month kathy novak reports from seoul. the world saw the smiles and handshakes on friday now the south korean president's office is revealing more of what was said behind closed doors at the historic summit south korea says kim jong un promised to close the ponder the new. clear test center next month and invited american and south korean experts and journalists to inspect it days before the summit north korea announced it would shut down the site of all six nuclear bomb tests kim referred to speculation that test explosions had so badly damaged the site it couldn't have been used again anyway. shit on chairman kim said when they come they will see that we have to figure tunnels than the current test facilities and they are in good condition this. the willingness to allow visitors to the test center appears to be another concession before the planned summit with donald trump and the north
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koreans by this is necessity but a condition for any kind of negotiations because if they don't see that the want every inch. of weapons nobody is going to talk to them moon phoned the u.s. president to brief him on the into korean talks the declaration signed there included a broad reference to denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula trump and moon agreed that more specific measures on getting rid of nuclear weapons should be discussed at the u.s. president's meeting with kim kim jong un is also reported to have said even though the united states is inherently hostile towards north korea once they talk with us they will get to know that i am not the kind of person to launch nuclear weapons towards the south or target the united states across the pacific south korea says kim intends to eliminate another sign of division by changing pyongyang's time zone by half an hour to realign with the south north korea said it's clocks back three
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years ago saying then that japanese imperialists had imposed tokyo time when korea was an occupied colony moon also briefed japan's prime minister and told shinzo abyei that he had conveyed japan's willingness for talks with north korea a willingness kim jong un said was mutual kathy novak al-jazeera sort. of mocks patrick is the director of the known for variation program of the international institute for strategic studies he says it's unrealistic to expect north korea to hand over its nuclear weapons without any substantive concessions from. i do share secretary of state pompei view that there is a real opportunity here i think the new leader relatively new leader of north korea has presented the u.s. administration with a possibility to move toward peace i don't think that north korea is going to give up its nuclear weapons as quickly as the administration is suggesting but there is
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a real possibility here i think there can be a deal that lays out a goal and then sets forward a process to try to get there north korea's not going to give up its weapons before it gets something concrete you know especially if they see the united states. walking away from the iran nuclear deal north korea is not going to enter into another nuclear deal without getting something concrete in return and the divergence on the sequencing north korea wants benefits up front united states wants benefits up front and they'll have to work out some deal maybe sequencing. simultaneous changes the opposition activists in all media holding more rallies ahead of a vote in parliament will choose day to choose a new prime minister demanding that protests lead to the call of the shia and be chosen to lead the country the previous prime minister. resigned
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a week ago to demonstrations against him he'd taken the job us to spend a decade as president robin forestry walk will flow media second biggest city committee. some of us will remember the events in one nine hundred eighty eight that happened in armenia a terrible quake which raised much of the city i am now khumri and which left a great many people homeless thirty years on many of them are still living without adequate accommodation and that is just one example of why so many people in our media are frustrated and angry with the government that is being in charge here for twenty years the republican party whose prime minister the opposition movement successfully ousted at the beginning of this week back on monday and all of a sudden we are now seeing the possibility of a mute leader emerging in armenia who is not from the republican party but who has
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led this opposition movement. and he has been talking about dealing with the corruption and his message has been very simple and has appealed to so many armenians and this is why tens of thousands of them have been on the streets with today's developments just galvanizing them further that the republican party is no is going to field a prime ministerial candidate when parliament is going to vote on tuesday is expected to select a new prime minister that means that the people's candidate nicole passion and looks set to be the next prime minister of armenia and this is really an extraordinary turnout for this opposition movement and that's why we have again seen many people coming back out onto the streets if you are advance and show their support for him to maintain their momentum until that crucial vote on tuesday tens of thousands of people have vosh some of the spanish that have complained in
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protest against the acquittal of five men on charges of gang rape i. guess the first consecutive day. people have demonstrated against the ruling which ordered the men to be jailed for nine years on unless the federally of sexual abuse where the men are accused of raping a teenage girl at the sun for the mean bone running festival in twenty sixteen alleged to have recorded the attack and then laughed about it afterwards on whatsapp group. all staying in europe as divisions over break sit between the scottish and british governments deepen hopes of scottish independence are being rekindled in the latest cross border around london is insisting on taking back powers from the european union but many scots say scotland's future belongs in the hands of its own regional government lawrence lee reports now from aberdeen. aberdeen's known as the granite city it's a tough place a bit intimidating looking at the unions don't like being told what i think. the
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ports attracts workers from all over the world for oil and renewables and the north sea fishing industry it's an important place for both scotland and the u.k. and so the opinions of these people matter identity politics which seems to shape so much nowadays is very pronounced in aberdeen the people have voted by some distance to remain british in the scottish independence referendum but then in the brics it vote they said they would rather be europeans than simply british citizens and now it appears they can't have both in this confusion it was crawfish national party thinks it may have another opportunity christian is a french national who married a scot and who now works in local politics with a party that wants independence from the u.k. if that sounds confusing then his explanation is that the identifies as being a european and so he believes do an increasing number of scots living here as an amazing discussion the discussion of identities i'm scottish i'm proud to be
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scottish i don't need to have a better word to use you with french of course i'm french you can be bold for you can be british you can be european yeah i'm a citizen of the world i got a message but it isn't me but it is such a thing then citizen of the world and i am one of them the latest polling suggests that forty eight percent of scots want independence from the u.k. and fifty two percent don't and when you look at voting intentions for an independent scotland it's clear that the young by a wide margin want scottish independence while older people are against it it's the identical demographic splits to the brics it votes the young identifies european the old see themselves as british the polls show that the younger people particularly are very disillusioned with the way that westminster is operated and keen to show that they are as european as anybody else in the last independence referendum four years ago the yes campaign lost by two hundred thousand votes but
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that was before breakfast. if the scottish independence movement wants another vote a chance to change the minds of people in aberdeen it will surely wait until it knows the time is right and if brett's it fail scotland while the generations change they may still get their chance barnsley al-jazeera in aberdeen well still ahead here on al-jazeera a sea of blue and white in the nicaraguan capital the memory of more than forty protesters killed in anti-government demonstrations plus. i'm wayne hay in southwestern cambodia where we'll tell you why farmers here aren't concerned about the falling price of paper. also rathole that of rain continues on clay in barcelona those details ahead in sports so do stay with us here on al-jazeera. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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ally was getting humid and once again as you might expect throughout china we're starting in the south of building one to share as of england or unanimous north was anywhere east of sichuan across to shanghai it's going to be in the low thirty's humid with the potential for big rain showers to hong kong joins in it first it should be a dry shocking day by the time you get to choose day this is going to go on for months now of course there are two areas of pretty big sharry development further south and southern philippines just catching born so there was this one area and the other one in the gulf of thailand both of them have been growing in producing some big showers in thailand in particular and they'll carry on doing that during monday these if anything is fading away so far from one to two dotted around in borneo that's not a big problem but if you combine caucus or to be west it's going to get wetter the same is true i think through me a man increasingly down that it is awards and singapore should be doing at this
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time of year it's just nice to see this following the pattern and we've seen some more very big shells once again in northeast injury in bangladesh they're all my way out it's the right season for them the deadly shows they might even reach cox's bizarre when there was a repeat four foot section on monday. the weather sponsored by cattle and always. australia's multibillion dollar international student of history is booming but it has a dark side one of many used examines widespread revelations of sexual assault on foreign universities to. zero. zero. where every. she let out seven billion lights in this. each one they still.
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want to be seen. to be. that demonstrably. it is time to be. with the human children thing. on. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news our arms a whole rob a reminder of our top stories syrian state television says rockets have struck several military bases in hama and the aleppo countryside the army is calling it a new aggression by its enemies doll trounce new secretary of state has issued
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a strong warning to iran during his middle east tall like. ron is destabilizing the whole region. stripping three visits to saudi arabia and israel and comes as trump edges closer to a decision on whether to pull out of the twenty fifty. iran nuclear deal. and the so-called migrant caravan from honduras guatemala and el salvador has arrived at the u.s. mexican border after a month on the road nearly two hundred migrants say they'll apply for asylum in america president donald trump once called the caravan a threat to the u.s. . authorities have released a magazine editor who in twenty thirty was sentenced to eleven years in prison for insulting the king so many are broke a second some soap had used his magazine to campaign for the law to be changed he refused to plead guilty or seek of oil pardon critics say the prohibition on
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insulting the king is used to stifle political dissent was more this let's join scott hyde correspondent in bangkok i mean or what was the case against him scott i mean why was he convicted. so what he was convicted of less majesté and the rules of defaming laws defaming the royal family here in thailand are some of the strictest in the world and what he was convicted of is you know as you said he ran in a magazine and there was an article that was published on this magazine's website and that there are some comments on one of the articles that the government here the legal system here deemed as defaming the royal family they charged him with not taking those down so that's why he was originally sentenced it was eleven years in total ten years for defaming the monarchy one year for defaming a senior official within the military that was reduced about eighteen months ago to
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a collective seven years so we were expecting him to be released today monday morning we would have been in touch with his daughter straight away through she is also an activist but they didn't really know what time he's going to be released today but he was released very early pre-dawn hours about five am local time here in bangkok and he came out and greeted a few dozen followers supporters but yeah i know what the main charge was last night just a and as you mentioned so he did not see a royal pardon he did not seek an appeal he said that you know as you said he's champ championing restrictions a lot changes on these restrictions i should say so that's why he went through and serve seven years in the house of these sort of defamation cases against the law and he viewed in sort of the wider public of civil society why is some you know skate such a focus for those who oppose the little. well he championed he really focused his career and his life on getting these laws changed so that's why he is such
5:36 am
a prominent figure and as it's known here in thailand it's one one two cases of one one two that the leagues of legal classification for allows majesté cases so there's such a focus on that and also as you've mentioned so here they are focused on so prominently now because it's viewed as that's what the government run by the military now uses against its political dissidents against its critics and those cases are becoming more frequent you know he has been somewhat was in jail you know during this last two so he was fighting this because even before the coup four years ago there have been more cases of one one two here in thailand these dissidents political dissidents of critics of the government put in jail under these this last month to stay rules and laws so that is why there's such a focus on human rights groups have said that you know these laws need to be changed and they're used as a political tool of the government so that's why there's such a focus and obviously today him being released and he said you know literally steps out of the prison that he's called home for the last seven years he's going to
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continue with this cause and also he's going to join the cause pro-democracy cause here in thailand as it moves forward and as we're trying to see whether they're actually going to be elected after this to those four years ago so helplessly what happens at me with him and his career in the coming days and weeks of the moment scott thank you. the u.n. security council delegation listen to how doing stories on sunday from hundreds of the hindu refugees who fled the military crackdown in me and while the meetings took place across the border in bangladesh where some seven hundred thousand remaining are living in makeshift camps charles stratford reports now from cults is bizarre. this is how the british ambassador to the united nations was greeted a refugee camp close to the bangladesh me on the border. the twenty four member u.n. security council delegation led by britain peru and kuwait came to assess the situation on the ground for more than a million refugees living here seven hundred thousand of whom flipped the crackdown
5:38 am
by the myanmar military which began in august they had stories like these. i was raped they killed my husband they burnt my two year old son i saw five men rape a twelve year old girl and then kill her we want justice from. thousands of refugees lined the roads as the delegation of vehicles passed many held signs demanding justice and help. in the cucolo refugee camp the delegates were split into groups to listen to more stories from victims of violence one man told them the myanmar government would never tell them the truth do your investigations from your own countries he said britain's u.n. ambassador said it was vital the international community act with one voice we need to go back and evaluate what we've seen on this trip and see if we can come together to build on the unified feeling that the security council had back in a band when it called on the government of myanmar to do certain things to protect
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their way and allow them to go back in conditions of safety so i think that's the immediate short term priority myanmar has banned any independent investigation into what the u.n. says is ethnic cleansing of the ranger. doesn't recognize them as an ethnic group he calls them bengali what was then the burmese government stripped ranger of their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two last november the security council passed the resolution demanding myanmar hold to military action against the rangers but the potential for veto power of myanmar allies china and russia has stalled anything stronger than that at a news conference china's representative stated his country's position. is to seize majlis to cease fire so he's to try to find a solution to something. at least just present the root causes when a journalist asked the u.n.
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delegates which of them used the word ranger china's representative appeared not to understand but didn't raise his hand later he told me china respects what richenda call themselves united nations security council delegation came here to assess the magnitude of this crisis and what they've seen today and some of the stories that they've heard of no doubt giving them a fair indication of just how terrible the situation is here. it's fair to say they will probably hear a very different story in riyadh from the government there and that means translating their findings into concrete unified political action at the security council could remain a challenge for some time yet stratford al-jazeera problem the refugee camp on the dish. and a further sixteen refugees will be transferred from cannes in the route to the u.s. and resettlement deal between the u.s. and australia the group includes afghans pakistanis and they'll be really settled
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in chicago las vegas texas and arizona the u.s. has agreed to take in more than twelve hundred fiji's from australia's overseas prison camps in the rue and papua new guinea's mannus island so far they've allowed only two hundred forty people refugee advocacy groups say the deal is a failure. well the pashtun community in pakistan's swat valley continue to demonstrate against what they're calling decades of oppression by security forces the protests began in february after police killed an aspiring model over alleged ties to the taliban though no evidence was ever found soon say thousands have been unjustifiably killed over the years all they just simply disappeared binge of its reports. at the bush believes are demanding rights enshrined in pakistan's constitution following rallies in the shower in lahore protesters gathered in swat when a military operation against the pakistani taliban was carried out
5:42 am
a few years ago the protest movement began in february against the extrajudicial killing of a bush two man in karachi now it's been transformed into a wider call for rights by the bush two and a half is movement or p t m it wants missing people to be found and landmines removed the b.t.o. is also demanding the truth and reconciliation commission for what it says are crimes carried out by the military during the so-called war on terror to pakistan is up to passions have made sacrifices for the country so we urge the military and state institutions to stop the harassment and force disappearances the missing if innocent should be released those guilty must be produced before the courts thousands of families are worried about their loved ones to. the traditional gender that's a gathering of politicians and elders has been formed to discuss the demands a military commander agreed last week that some push to prevent is a legitimate and the behavior of some check for security personnel is harsh but the p.t.s. angered commanders by insisting the armed forces must be held to account and that
5:43 am
it. would be absolutely it's always in uniform because they want to sell to people like this and do more extrajudicial killings are those stably seron writ not the writ of the constitution. the counter rally was held on saturday to show support for the military the speaker's question why the bush girls were protesting when the pete. p.m.'s demands are being addressed the accused to push the movement of being a dual of afghan nationalists and forces against the pakistani state what. i say to those conspiring against pakistan your aims will never come true faith is in this land and you will never let him succeed local media is criticized for not giving coverage to push the protests median it was denied they have been instructed to ignore them for years pakistan's military and politicians have been accused of ignoring the people of the federally administered tribal areas places which the government administers but doesn't govern as the rest of pakistan. does their.
5:44 am
files and have taken part in the protests demanding justice for the killing of antigovernment protesters at least forty three people died during demonstrations against the government's proposed social security reforms. as will. the center of the capital managua turned into a sea of blue and white as thousands of demonstrators were calling for an end to the rest. it began on april eighteenth when president daniel ortega announced an overhaul to the welfare system that would have seen taxpayers paying higher contributions in exchange for lower benefits he's since backed down on the proposal but it didn't stop the catholic church from organizing this second demonstration if . it did where really got oh well this is the moment when the people have to take control no one owns nicaragua it is up to the nicaraguan people to decide their story and their future. this is a march for peace and justice peace only comes from god or the person as
5:45 am
a here to protest against his criminal government murderers who cruelly killed people all of us standing here say enough is enough. these are the largest street protests in nicaragua since the end of the civil war in one nine hundred ninety and have been the most violent during our take as rule at least. forty three people have died in demonstrations and confrontations with police the u.n. accuses the government of using excessive force as well as trying to shut down t.v. stations purporting the unrest or take a has agreed to hold talks there no date has been sat it's not clear who will be involved or if there will be conditions attached the catholic church has agreed to mediate ortega is the last of the latin american revolutionary still in office despite facing the biggest direct challenge to his rule he's given no indication that the step down or bring forward elections due in twenty twenty one captain stansell al jazeera the israeli army says its soldiers of shot to palestinians
5:46 am
trying to damage the sirens on the israel gaza border is the latest violence along the border of the enclave in a separate incident two palestinians were killed after crossing the perimeter fence in the southern gaza strip throwing ideas that israeli forces more than forty palestinians have been killed in border protests that started in the month ago. philippine president figured it out he has permanently banned filipino workers from traveling to kuwait to work a temporary ban was imposed in february after a series of allegations of abuse and even killings of filipino workers in the gulf nation it's estimated about two hundred sixty thousand filipinos still live in kuwait it's the latest move in a diplomatic row between the two countries with each recalling their ambassadors last week. and the price of pepper around the world has plummeted and it's forecast to stay low because of an over supply from vietnam and india but one
5:47 am
remote region south of combo here seems to be immune from the slump the people there claim to produce the most expensive paper in the world when he reports now from come part. there is no machinery in sight to pick this precious commodity harvesting kempe paper is labor intensive growers say hand picking is necessary to achieve the highest quality possible behind the leg and that means that a bomb maker bought we don't use fertilizers or chemicals and the weather here makes the pepper delicious and spicy it's different from other areas in cambodia in the other countries. the paper from this region has become sort after around the world two years ago it was given protected geographical indication status by the european union it's a standard used to identify products that have a link to a specific country or region like scotch whiskey or palm a ham products from here are exported mainly to the united states europe and japan
5:48 am
which is in contrast to paper from other parts of cambodia the cambodian paper industry is growing quickly but outside this region it has a problem it's competing with and to a large extent relying on its neighbor vietnam which is the largest producer of pepper in the world because of a lack of infrastructure and investment most cambodian paper is sent across the border through middlemen for processing cutting into farmers slim profits the cambodian government is promising to invest more in facilities and marketing as an example it's looking to the success of campout which has benefited from foreign investment and is largely self-sufficient when it comes to processing it's also been immune from the price slump caused by oversupply that seen the price of black paper fall by around sixty percent to below three dollars a kilogram camp or prices have remained stable as high as twenty eight dollars a kilo still last year the regional so produced more than it could sell the industry leaders say don not concerned about low prices spreading to their products
5:49 am
prices not so we've all been through to the point that the methods but i think you can get a price for a. current level. because. you . can only dream about. power. with.
5:50 am
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welcome back it's time for sports on his tatyana thank you so much boss alone have killed the spanish league title with a record four games to lay no messy hot trick evolved as side to a four to victory at deportivo on sunday giving them an unassailable lead over a second place at less accommodate in the standings these were the things as boss alona fans celebrated the team's twenty fifth the league a title is the second piece of the web author have won this thing off to also but in the cup it's all right title. ok joining me now and then haywood spanish football writer for gold telecom thanks for joining me ben how impressive have been to when the season wasn't
5:52 am
a very very impressive this season it's you know not just the season seven titles now out of the last ten and this is and you know you dress a little bit differently in terms of style in the summer last name was gender world record transparency persons are manage the list of going to take a man as coach change things around sports store thoughts to tighten things up it's perhaps not the. you know the beautiful dancer that we've seen in recent seasons but very very effective bosses are not expensive lou they've been very very strong and leaner mysie you know all of the same president tonight but impressive throughout the whole season as a gold store owner was there as a creator does that make up for them being knocked out of the champions league. well i think it does you know a lot of fans were very disappointed by that you know are in nature that last of this they had a former lead from the first leg to lose three no away in rome very very disappointing but you know it was a gram of good going for
5:53 am
a third time did he win in a row but that shouldn't take any of the shine of focus there richard you know levi is still you know maybe the best indication of the whole quality over a long season and you know boston are thirty four games as you mentioned and being staged no team has ever won the league you know unbeaten at the end of the season so if they can achieve that let's remember there's a classic go ahead next weekend against real madrid and it really will be an impressive achievement the champions league shouldn't detract not really much. in the english premier league often bangas the last trip to manchester united before stepping down as off no manager and in an agonizing two one defeat paul pogba gave the hosts an early lead but henry picked tyrion equalize for arsenal just after the break and looked to be heading for a draw until model on fellaini thought the winner in injury time it means then decide to win this in their last eleven games old trafford a big three points for united though the now five care of their place livable in
5:54 am
the table with a game in hand will be the first time in five years if we finish second. but ok progress ok progress at many levels but not enough. to be first instead of second and not enough to win the champions in instead of the republic but enough to finish second to be stable to to win some trophies to reach some finals but who needs we need more. manchester city sealed the e.p.l. title weeks ago but now they're one goal short of the premier league record having pets for past west ham on sunday city have scored one hundred two goals this season the current mark to beat is one hundred three and always just to play for something
5:55 am
you know once we won the premier league you know the target you know the numbers the way we played always remained but the numbers are there and always the numbers we're going to achieve one will be break. but they will you know will not be easy so they will have to play good to break the records are going to break and that's why. it's it's good to you know to to see something to fight to to to fight each other and to achieve something the sadie's driver lewis hamilton won the formula one azerbaijan grand prix on sunday to take the to take over the championship lead from ferrari's sebastian vettel but in an incident packed race it was a disastrous day and backing for red bull heading grayson. lewis hamilton has struggled to match the pace of sebastian vettel so far this season and it looked like he would be second best again as the ferrari driver led from pole him back but this would turn out to be anything but an ordinary race the circuit proving to type
5:56 am
to some in the early stages the battle for top dog at red bull has been building between max for stop and daniel ricardo and that came to a head on the track. running into the back of his teammates and red leading back with no points to share that saw the safety car come out with just a few laps remaining with the savings about three leading the way from vettel but the german drive the last places to hamilton and teammate kenny reichen on the restart and just as bought us looked to be cruising to the win a puncture ended his race. handing victory to a subdued hamilton with reichen and taking second and said you prez putting post india on the podium for the first time since twenty sixteen really quite an emotional race to be on a suit about three did such an exceptional job today and really deserved to have the win. sebastian did
5:57 am
a great job i think was really really fortunate say so it feels a bit odd to be up here but i got to take it i mean i didn't give up i kept pushing but definitely a very untidy race for me both hamilton's unlikely when sees him move four points ahead of vettel in the drive the standings f one now returns to europe for the spanish graeme three in two weeks' time pulling gleason out is there. tennis now in the king of clay otherwise known as rafa nadal has won a record eleventh title at the boss alone open the spaniard beating greek tait i just stefano said the past six to six one in fundies final isn't a doll's fifty fifth career title long play and a seventy seven five year old the thirty one year old has now won nineteen successive matches and forty six consecutive said one has a vista this. yesterday and today was my best i just ave happy for the big daddy of course against very difficult about it like like i say about that he has an amazing
5:58 am
feeling that i think by the was i was a great fight a lot very happy. eleven times but here means a lot for me now so yes i judge the whole way grace a part of the crowd just as i thank you very much everybody. meanwhile on the women's tour form a well number one catalina pliska about one half assed tone a man of twenty eighteen on the train stepped off the czech defeated american robin of the sixteen under way seven six six four five because title to date on the surface and along with the ten trophy of her career the wildmen the six also won a shiny new marta. and that is all the sport for now. well peter will be here with another full in a few moments but for me on the new team thanks very much for your time and your complete.
5:59 am
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