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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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survived they were waiting for news of the men for clues only one word on when. you saw a boy killed in his father's all but. i have only once in my life see men who are scared to death a bit to civil wars darkest secret bosnia to come on al-jazeera. canada a country of promise and opportunity for migrant workers but with little protection from the state authorities many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and a saddled with heavy debts. to come to canada here and lot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera. this
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is zero. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth parata coming up in the next sixty minutes. multiple suicide attacks killed dozens of civilians in afghanistan. missiles hit syrian military bases in hama and and followed what the government says is a new act of aggression from its enemies. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o o just the palestinians to re-engage with israel as a visitor jordan on his middle east oil plus. i'm going hey in southwestern cambodia where we'll tell you why farmers here aren't concerned about the falling price of paper. i'm going to go over the day's sport as possible i know when that. twenty
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fifth the league title and fans party on the streets of the city. it's been a day of bloodshed and of god of dozens of people have been killed in a series of attacks most of them civilians in the capital kabul the case twenty five died including several journalists a suicide bomber set off explosives within minutes of each other close to intelligence headquarters i so says it carried out the attack just hours later police say a suicide bomber attacked a nato military convoy in the southern province of kandahar killing eleven children who was studying in a nearby village a school well let's get more on all of this now we're joined by correspondent jennifer glass she is live for a rise in kabul and we'll start with the double attack in the capital jennifer what more you hearing about what happened. what
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happened early this morning at the height of the rush hour the first attack the first bomb went off at about eight o'clock in the morning the attacker was driving a motorbike he was by intelligence headquarters in the shuster rock area of kabul when he detonated that bomb and about twenty minutes later a second bomber dressed as a journalist waiting for those responders to come the journalists the aide workers the health workers who come to to either report on the attack or help the injured in the dead and he set off his bomb killing nine journalists the worst day for the afghan media and dozens of others that second blast the largest blast the death toll now at least twenty five killed and more than forty injured in those two early morning blasts at the height of the afghan rush hour and really designed to create maximum casualties with that second blast targeting those who come to the scene to either report on it or help those who've been affected and close to as will be reporting jennifer the intelligence headquarters the second attack was on
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a nato convoy in the south of the country what more you hearing about that attack which has killed a number of children. that's right that attack was in southern afghanistan in kandahar we are told that it was a minivan full of explosives targeting a remaining in vehicle that was by a mosque and a religious school nato says now that eight of its soldiers were injured in that attack afghan police tell us a number of policemen at least two policemen were injured and we understand eleven children killed there it was a draw set a religious school and it comes just days after the taliban and now just the start of its spring offensive. and of course the taliban operating very heavily in kandahar and neighboring helmand province so a very very deadly day here in afghanistan with nearly three dozen people killed
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here in kabul and in the south of this follows another deadly day of god was found just last sunday where we had to see something like at least sixty people killed at different voter registration said just what is the government saying if anything jennifer about these attacks that have been carried out in areas like the first one in kabul that should be secure you know intelligence headquarters. that's right i mean the shot struck area is considered one of the safest areas in afghanistan in kabul it is not only home to the intelligence headquarters but also to the u.s. embassy to nato headquarters and a number of various aid organizations and the afghan president ashraf ghani issued a statement today calling these attacks on religious institutions on democratic institutions on every the press on journalists on freedom of expression he called them all were crimes that were not in line with islamic values or they were
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terroristic acts and you know but the afghan people are very unhappy with the government they really blame the government for not being able to do enough to protect them and the this spate of attacks the increased number of attacks here in the afghan capital i think really creates so many problems for the government and really just highlights the challenges the government faces in trying to protect the population jennifer thank you very much for that put out that's our correspondent jennifer glass joining us live from the afghan capital thank you. let's move on to other news now and missiles have hit syrian military bases and what the government is calling new aggression from its enemies at least eight people were killed in the strikes which happened late on sunday in hama province and aleppo countryside iranian state media is denying that any iranian military bases were hurt despite reports that they were among the targets or moan of the no one is a retired jordanian air force general and he's pointing the finger at israel. i
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think is very it's keeping. a balance between. being limited strikes like this at the same time promoting its terence but that means that we would like to expand the scale of war anymore so that we keep this limited because the ability of the opinion influence. and elsewhere an evacuation deal has been struck between the syrian government and some rebels in southern damascus. the palestinian refugee camp the largest of its kind in the country the pro-government forces have surrounded the camp after retaking several neighborhoods from myself and other rebel zaina ha there has this report from beirut in neighboring lebanon. another evacuation deal another
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surrender fighters belonging to. an armed group formerly known as al nusra front are leaving their enclave in southern damascus they were faced little choice they were under siege and under fire their families are accompanying them to the opposition controlled northwestern province of. leadership is powerful but the armed group had to make concessions such as agreeing to release dozens of prisoners and allowing thousands of syrians from the besieged loyalist towns of poor and to leave to government controlled territory pro-government forces have long wanted to fully evacuate the predominantly shiite towns because that would deny the rebels the ability to pressure damascus by threatening to target them it's another win for the syrian government and its allies it's the fourth agreement of its kind in recent weeks rebels have already surrendered eastern hutto which was their main stronghold close to the capital and the pocket of territory in the column one
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region northeast of damascus and then a few days rebel factions linked to the free syrian army are expected to hand over the districts. in southern damascus in order to stave off a military operation. that will leave a few districts in southern damascus still outside government control. is in control of that pie. could have territory it's almost been two weeks since government forces and their allies launched an all out assault to recapture the area fighters have been putting up fierce resistance. pro-government forces have made some gains but the battle is not easy their heavy weapons are ineffective in built up areas the government however is pushing ahead with its military solution to the war focusing on recapturing all the remaining areas besieged by bashar assad's forces. the northern countryside of homs province is among the biggest town in the opposition controlled area has been coming under heavy fire the region is
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strategically important for the government it's close to the main road connecting the government controlled cities of homs and hama rebel factions have been offered an evacuation deal if they refused reconciliation so far they haven't given that may change if the military pressure continues. the new u.s. secretary of state has urged palestinians and israelis to get back to the negotiating table after years of stalled talks. on the final leg of his three day tour since the thirtieth of march fourth palestinians have been killed by israeli protests along the border. in support of israel's actions. about activities in gaza past days and weeks we do believe the israelis have the right to defend themselves and
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their full support of the. it key to that as you know for us in georgia is that as soon as the conflict this is we believe the main cause of stability in the region and it's dissolution is the key to achieving the last is the lasting and comprehensive peace that we want the two state solution remains the only path to that peace is we believe in jordan it is the solution that would allow for the emergence over an independent sovereign palestine states with jewish settlements as its capital and the lands of june for nine hundred sixty seven there is a deadlock in peace efforts now and we know that the start of school cannot be maintained we have a difficult situation but the challenge of us all is to make sure that this difficult situation does not get worse. i mean while there are reports that saudi arabia's crown prince told jewish leaders in the west that palestinians need to accept peace proposals or quote shut up and stop complaining while israel's channel
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ten is reporting the comments were made during the hama been to new york last month around the time he visited the u.n. headquarters the report also goes on to suggest that bin salam on the palestinian issue is not a top priority for his the country but let's get more on this now we're joined by al-jazeera senior political analyst a lot of on bashar he's live for us in london it's time of the palestinians take the proposals or shut up according to m.p.'s you know for those of us who've been watching the sort of dollars between the new trump administration and netanyahu on one side and trump and the saudis on the other this doesn't actually come as any great surprise but is it telling of how the saudis really feel about the israeli palestinian conflict. well let's first assume that it's correct it has been reported by the israelis so if we're going to give the saudi leader the benefit of the doubt perhaps doubt israel's own intentions and say that
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perhaps the israelis are trying to create tensions between the saudis and the palestinians but in that case you one would expect. someone from riyadh would come up and clarified and say that you know the crown prince in fact did not make such statements i think that will go a long way in stabilizing the region stabilizing relations with the palestinians especially after the saudis hosted the arab league summit and called it out called summit if on the other hand the crown prince did say these things well that could be a number of things one he's too young and too experienced and he probably wanted to charge him and please his hosts and these are very influential hosts whether it's the meeting with the twenty seventh with jewish leaders or the meeting on the twenty eighth with jewish and christian leaders the backbone of the trump administration i think he probably wouldn't want to charm them and in that sense
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you would probably be as i said blame his inexperience and his youth if he's actually serious about this if he means it then you know it's certainly a lack of wisdom lack of knowledge a lot of ignorance certainly of history again one maybe should not blame him you know i remember when the peace process started in one thousand nine hundred fact i was there in madrid in one thousand nine hundred one i was there in washington in one thousand nine hundred thirty when all slow process was signed in washington i think mohamed been so none was five or six years old i don't think he knows much about what the policies were ready to give or compromise and how much they suffered over the last twenty five years i think it's more of it is our guns. from ignorance . and we didn't hear much from him about palestine when he met the new u.s. secretary of state mike pompei on his first trip in that role and his first visit
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once to saudi arabia and as our correspondent. told us in the meeting in pompei i was meeting in israel the word palestine was mentioned only one so it doesn't seem to be on the agenda on the strip for pompei zero zero despite everything that's happening now in fact the very simple short phrase that you cited from pump a zero in his press conference of jordan when he said israel is defending itself and you support that and just keeping at that without even explaining what the washington post reported that same day that two thousand two hundred twenty palestinians were shots. without any pretext whatsoever other than that they were demonstrating peacefully in their own territories in the gaza strip now whether they tried to hang a flag or otherwise on the things that certainly does not merit the fact that.
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dozens of them were killed and over two thousand when injured so the secular state won't even bother explaining what does he mean by israel having the right to self-defense but having said all of that what is clear is a bit is that the trump and the mystery is one hundred percent embracing the israeli rhetoric on palestine and on iran and the israeli rhetoric on palestine on iran goes as follows forget about palestine focus on iran that's exactly what the trump administration is doing forgetting about palestine focusing on iran and iran thank you very much for that as a senior political analyst joining us live from london thank you. there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including u.s. border guards turned away refugees who fled central america saying they can't process any more asylum seekers if a now. the first. steps down.
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and spoil the broth james again proves his status as one of could. have turned away hundreds of. central america who are seeking political asylum. through mexico and the. reports from the mexican border town of. they're being forced to wait to see what happens next. hundreds of central american migrants and activist gathered at the u.s. southern border they've been on the road for over a month. where. it was an emotional moment for some for others a chance to celebrate. a few even climb the border wall stopping short of crossing into the u.s. most of these people are from honduras el salvador and guatemala they were forced
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from their homes by violent street gangs extreme poverty or other forms of persecution the volunteer legal experts spent days interviewing them to determine if their cases were strong enough to qualify for political asylum the rest were to stay behind the. hundreds marched on the streets of the one to the u.s. border gate only to be told at the last minute that most would not be allowed to pass. this is the truth is we don't know anything or all adrift we can't say anything because we don't know what's going on we have to wait and see what we're told after the initial confusion only a small group was allowed the rest were fully half of them children were forced to wait. we have cooperated as much as we can they knew we were coming they know these people are waiting we know donald trump has power over customs and border protection these people deserve their day in court. in what those who are not allowed to pass gathered with their families preparing to spend the night in
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the open for many arriving at the border gate was supposed to mark the end of their time in mexico it seems they will now have to wait some more with no certainty over what comes next. they want to. now the fight against boko haram will be on the agenda when my derian president of the home of the harvey meets donald trump in washington i don't mind hearing leader is also going to track down billions of dollars of stolen oil money and interest reports from of the. navy and i don't want. to came into office promising to defeat. but with just over a year left through the end of his first term the armed groups still pose a significant threat the attacks in the northeast continue while he hopes to use his visit to washington to acquire military hardware to fight. in the heart of the nigerian president. three pronged and to secure
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nigeria to revive the economy and to fight corruption in whatever we have america. would make you know this three pro game the president will be talking with the american president on. the nigerian president is under pressure to tackle the rising violence in the country from boko haram attacks in the northeast to communal fighting in central parts of nigeria is expecting a delivery of fighter jets in arms from the united states but they're not expected for another two years a long wait for a government desperate to win its war against. within beautician coming from the white house some believe the meeting could focus more on what the americans want the west actually looking for important countries like nigeria for. political interest so invited the nigerian president is important to see how
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nigeria can be offered to be part of the american west and in the west and your political interest for now there appears to be little american appetite for nigeria's hydrocarbons after the discovery of huge results of shale oil in the united states the nigerian president will want to see the return of monies and as it's stolen by politicians and government officials and stashed in the united states some of that has been tried down during the obama administration but two years later report treating the assets is yet to begin. it's not clear if the visit will quickened process some analysts say the trumpet ministration could also use the visit to father america's economic interests in africa at a time the continent is looking to china for loans and economic aid with stringent conditions others say nigeria's general elections next year will almost certainly be discussed by brewery was a candidate and president trump. al-jazeera. but
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eight years chafe rex and i'm going to says the u.k. exit deal must include a clear solution to the irish border michel barnier who's visiting our land and northern ireland as well that the border issue threatens to derail breadth of negotiations when northern ireland will be the u.k.'s only land from table to e.u. after it leaves the bloc both sides so they're committed to keeping the border open but i yet to find a way to do that when lawrence lee has more from the irish city of durham dark near the border. this is all about the european union's chief negotiator demonstrating that they're in listening mode and caring mode and understanding the concerns of people either side of the irish border both here in dundalk and just fifteen minutes up the road in newry the closest town in the u.k. in northern ireland this year bonnie is meeting communities individuals people from places like the chamber of trade human rights organizations young people who say
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they are desperately worried about the potential for the united kingdom leaving the european union leaving the customs union and potentially a hard border going up with things like road blocks separating the two countries and dividing communities a mystery body a unquestionably is painting this as the organization of the european union and indeed the republic of ireland understanding what communities want listening to them saying to the united kingdom you must leave the border open you must stay in the customs union listen to the concerns of these people and portraying it as being in stark contrast with the absolute chaos frankly is of the moment inside the u.k. government which can come up with a position in the context of the resignation of the british home secretary on the rods the divisions that we know exist inside the british cabinet over brics it's this will be a chance for the chief negotiator to say to the u.k. you must change your position and tell us exactly what you want to do and really
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press home their advantage. well lawrence mention the resignation of and the as u.k. home secretary while she's been replaced by sergeant jabbered his appointment to make her the first british politician of asian descent to hold one of the country's top four government jobs jobs predecessor stepped aside after admitting she misled parliament by denying that the government had targets for deporting illegal immigrants she'd also been caught up in another scandal surrounding the government's treatment of people who moved illegally to the u.k. from the caribbean decades ago known as the wind generation a number of them were wrongly threatened with deportation and denied basic services the most urgent task i have is to help those british citizens that came from the caribbean wind rush generation and make sure that they were all treated with the decency and fairness that they deserve i think that's what people want to see and be my most urgent task charlie angelo has more from london. the prime minister has
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moved very fast she's appointed javid who was community and housing minister he now becomes the first non white home secretary that britain has ever had and that windrush scandal is very personal to him in the in the sunday telegraph newspaper here he said that as a family coming from a family of immigrants he felt it could have been his mom his dad or even himself caught up in this issue so expect him to make it an absolute priority as he takes up that post now this scandal has done disastrous things for conservatives popularity among ethnic minority groups they're going into local elections on thursday they'll need to claw back those numbers so it is a very good choice on that front the other reason he's been chosen is because he is on the remains side of the brics issue and tourism may is going to need to maintain that delicate balance in her cabinet of leaver's and remain as the rudd was also a remainder. so things are moving fast here in british politics while the home
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secretary out another one in and we are expecting to see some reform in that department it is time for the weather now here's to yet looking at south america this time where they've had some really bad storms in fact is when is ariz where we've seen some of the worst of the storms we've seen winds gusting over one hundred kilometers per hour the sport down trees including this one that's course the car but it's also brought down power lines as well and there's over one hundred fifty thousand people without power at the moment that storms also brought an awful lot of wet weather with around one hundred millimeters of rain falling and that's caused problems on the street with some flooding and it's made some of the roads almost impossible now here's the line of thunderstorms at the moment it's still very active and it's still giving us heavy downpours also some large hail and that can be damaging as well and more in the way of strong winds too that's pushing its way northward and for some of us in europe why we've now got an alert out that we could see some of those storms as well so here is where that system is the most men . and as you can see what it's also doing is giving
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a divide between the very hot said to the north of it and the far cooler air to the south now what is or is it has been incredibly warm so far this month and considering where in autumn we would expect those temperatures to be dropping at the moment but it's just stayed very hot twenty one degrees then our top temperature finally how cooler weather is with us and it'll stay a lot fresher even as we head through choose a this time the maximum eighteen but further north still very very hot particularly for this time of year still thirty five in a function thank you very much stiff now the highest authority in the palestine liberation organization is up for election for the first time in more than twenty years the palestinian national council will choose a new executive committee at its convention and ramallah it's also a platform to discuss potential successors to president mahmoud abbas the p.l.c. has about six hundred ninety members which includes representatives of various factions independence military personnel and other associations many of them though
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a boycott of the gathering including hamas the popular popular front for the liberation of palestine and islamic jihad well some analysts believe the meeting is important as it's a chance to revive the palestinian national movement stephanie decker reports from gaza. continue up this road along gaza sea front and you will reach the israeli controlled areas crossing for the vast majority of palestinians that's as far as they can go and we're told life in gaza is the worst it's ever been not only due to israel in egypt's blockade but also because of the seemingly never ending infighting between the palestinian factions or miss amman mohamad or parents to eight children and their desperate. i have three sons living at home the oldest is forty all of finished university and have no work is almost dead there is no income and so there is no demand for anything the government instead of paying salaries for people to survive have cut the salaries well because fatah and
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hamas constantly disagree last year the palestinian authority which is based in the cut the salaries of its employees here in gaza by thirty percent this month salaries have not been paid to the lack of cash stifling in already suffocating economy one of the first things you notice when you enter gaza is the division between fatah and hamas that checkpoint belongs to fatah and just a few meters down the road is another checkpoint and this one belongs to have the two groups are as divided as ever and it's having a major impact on the people here the palestinian. cause. is. unemployment. between. about a year to the jewish. on monday the palestinian national council is due to me to
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that i'm it's supposed to represent all palestinian factions and its decisions are binding but many groups such as hamas islamic jihad and the popular front for the liberation of palestine staying away more bickering among the factions. while life here is becoming progressively worse so many people we talk to say they're fed up with one of them. no no no they do nothing for us i don't care about their meeting so many meetings all with no results all they care about is their own power . even many of the children will tell you there are no opportunities here they see their parents struggle their elder siblings complete their studies but find no work they've never left gaza and yet still seem aware that something is missing stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. still ahead on the news hour a u.n. security council delegation looks. after hearing stories from refugees who fled to
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neighboring bondo their freedom for the journalists who insulted the king of thailand want to tell you why he's been released. craning his neck a badge and goes to great heights to watch his team that's coming up with cho and support. on counting the cost why iran's nuclear deal and other powerful factors are at play in a new game of oil it could mean steeper prices at the pump. and into a korean summit but what would a saw in relations mean for their economy. jim acosta on a. packet for us what were you hearing what were you seeing where there online horrendous
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things humans well just there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on this a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this successes perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots them so are making to the soup join the colobus conversation. good to have you with us on the news hour on these are all top stories i still has claimed responsibility for an attack in central kabul which is killed at least
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twenty five people including several journalists the first blast went off close to intelligence headquarters the second. to help victims. in military bases have killed at least eight people and what the government is calling new aggression by its enemies iranian state media is denying that any of its. reports that they were targeted at hama and aleppo provinces and the new u.s. secretary of state is on the final day of his diplomatic tour of the middle east. and jordan where he defended as rails right to protect itself when asked about israel's use of deadly force against palestinian protesters in gaza. china's foreign minister will travel to pyongyang to meet his north korean counterpart on wednesday it's the first such visit since two thousand and seven china correspondent adrian brown explains what could be behind the trip. it's eleven years since the chinese foreign minister last went to pyongyang and that in
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a sense highlights the strains there have been in relations between these two cold war era allies but on monday a statement on the website of china's foreign ministry confirmed that wang ye the foreign minister was also a state councilor will visit on tuesday and wednesday we don't know if he's going to be meeting the country's leader kim jong un but it's fair to assume he will be hoping for a detailed briefing on all that was said during those historic talks between the leaders of north and south korea on friday now china of course is the only ally that north korea has and it wants to ensure that it maintains influence over north korea during this flurry of diplomatic activity of course the leaders of north and south korea have committed themselves to denuclearization and to signing a peace treaty and on sunday as the momentum kept going moon's office reported that kim jong un was also proposing to shut down the country's main nuclear testing site
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and would invite journalists and foreign experts to witness the start of that process in may. a u.n. security council delegation has arrived in myanmar after visiting the henge of muslims sheltering in camps across the border and bangladesh they will meet with top me on my officials to check on preparations for the vessel g.'s repatriation earlier they had the harrowing stories of just some of the seven hundred thousand refugees were forced to flee their homes and rakhine state the un has described the military led campaign against them as ethnic cleansing while the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth as any young gone and he says those behind the crimes must be held accountable by the international community. the other thing the security council should do is to refer the situation in iraq train state to the international criminal court the crimes against humanity they were committed against injure population were clearly of the gravity and severity that
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they would warrant prosecution by the international criminal court well let's get more now on the un security council delegation that's an myanmar accost on charles traffic is joining us live from caucasus and will that delegation chiles be able to kick start the repatriation plan. it seems highly unlikely at this stage that that plan will be started in the near future but certainly that is the aim of the delegates that we spoke to certainly according to the british ambassador yesterday karen pace that was certainly very much on the agenda we know that said delegates of may say cancel. the schedules to make the commander in chief of the myanmar full season we also know that today they were scheduled to talk to the implementation pulled of the advisory committee on rakhine state now this we set up our arms on to change yourself in two thousand
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and sixteen was headed up by the former united nations secretary general kofi annan nan and it released its findings only a couple of days literally with all this crackdown started a crackdown that so that we had more government was purely an anti terrorist operation after a number of attacks on the police positions. one of the key elements of the advisory commission findings was that they should be concerted efforts to look at the citizenship floor because the range of laws they citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two it was taken away by what was then the fermi's government and this repacked relations plan if you speak to the refugees here when it was put forward by myanmar and bangladesh the refugees say they are going nowhere until they get some sort of indication until they get citizenship in a country that they say they are from there's also the issue of where they're going
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to go back to so many of hundreds of their homes were purged they don't want to go back and stay in these camps that we have a mock up of the set up and then there's a very complicated issue that the plan implementing the plan itself is a voluntary plan but the final say on who goes back is with the myanmar government so it's fair enough for the diplomats to say that there. i mean there is but at this stage it certainly seems that very long well and there's of course also the issue chiles as you've seen yourself and as the delegation would have seen when they were involved that they that cycling season is coming up very soon in the conditions in the camp and not go so is there a sense of urgency here. there's an incredible sense of urgency of monks the aid agencies the united nations if you say so i clone season is starting and then all of the cycle season we go straight into the bone saloons and it was
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a day when we were in the camps that we witnessed some pretty heavy rainfall but some incredible winds and you could see the kind of damage that were in the sometimes up to one hundred kilometers an hour during the cycle can do to these very flimsy shelters shelters many of which are located on quite steep banks banks where the vegetation has been stripped where the refugees have been using as far i would so they are very susceptible to landslides now the u.n. says that needs to as quickly as possible move around two hundred thousand people to an area of land that the bangladesh government has allocated around one hundred acres un and aid agencies are also busy training range of refugees in first response programs a lot of volunteer is being trained in that they're also being trained on how to better secure their tents there are roads being built as well out of break more substantial kind of sort of face through the refugee camp in all the that if there
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is some sort of landslide or a serious problem during the cycle then agencies have access to all areas but it's very telling that one person from the international organization for migration who's very much at the forefront of this campaign preparing these camps said what is important now is that they try and avert a potential disaster from what already is one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world chance thank you very much for that for now that's why correspondent charles stratford with the very latest from. thailand now a magazine editor and democracy activist has been released from prison after supreme court. just caught his eleven year sentence for insulting the king. to continue his calls for democracy and elections which are being delayed by the military government of the campaign it was jailed five years ago for publishing
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articles calling for changes to the law which protect the monarchy. the catholic church in nicaragua has all the last second protests mobs to demand justice after the killing of anti-government demonstrators at these forty three people dodger and days of protests against social security reforms which have since been shelved catherine stansell has more. the center of the capital managua turned into a sea of blue and white as thousands of demonstrators were calling for an end to the young rust. it began on april eighteenth when president daniel ortega announced an overhaul to the welfare system that would have seen taxpayers paying higher contributions in exchange for lower benefits he since backs down on the proposal but it didn't stop the catholic church from organizing this second demonstration if they will may go they did what really got to this is the moment when the people have to take control no one owns nicaragua it is up to the nicaraguan people to
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decide this story and their future but hey that's your boss. this is a march for peace and justice peace only comes from god all the parishioners are here to protest against his criminal government murderers who cruelly killed people all of us standing here say enough is enough. these are the largest street protests in nicaragua since the end of the civil war in one nine hundred ninety and have been the most violent during our take as rule at least forty three people have died in demonstrations and confrontations with police the u.n. accuses the government of using excessive force as well as trying to shut down t.v. stations reporting the unrest or take a has agreed to hold talks there no date has been set it's not clear who will be involved or if there will be conditions attached the catholic church has agreed to mediate or take the is the last of the latin american revolutionary still in office despite facing the biggest challenge to his rule he's given no indication that he
4:43 pm
will step down or bring. forward elections due in twenty twenty one catherine stansell al jazeera. now mass protests have been held for a third day in spain against the acquittal of five men charged with gang rape. tens of thousands of people have marched in pamplona offer the men jailed for nine years for the lesser crime of sexual abuse the guy known as the wolf pack a video of the attack during the bull running festival two years ago and then laughed about it online. and tens of thousands of people in pakistan have rallied in support of opposition leader in iran col ahead of elections in july colleen launched his campaign to become prime minister in the in the whore. the former cricket star has the pakistan headache and softball pity i party. well he's former president joyce banda says she's not afraid of being arrested after she returned home from four years of
4:44 pm
self-imposed exile police have confirmed an outstanding warrant for corruption allegations that anna holmes reports. a jubilant crowd and preparing to welcome home the woman many call a mother and dad who will yet and who are being asked i'm as happy as a woman who just delivered a baby because we missed our mother this bundle joins with one that is back and is as free as any citizen of malawi. many supporters had feared malawi's former president might never return for years after leaving malawi under aggression cloud joyce banda is back on home soil my daughter surprised but you know if you tend. to ridicule that you came bundle was malawi's first female president and the second woman to lead an effort in country but that league a-c. is being overshadowed by the biggest financial scandal in malawi's history widely
4:45 pm
known as cash gate it came to light during her time in power politicians civil servants and business people all stand accused of pilfering tens of millions of dollars of government money through companies that didn't take to provide services more than thirty million was taken and just six months foreign donors pulled a hundred fifty million dollars in aid devastating for a country reliant on made around forty percent of its budget it also hit bundles really action bid she lost the vote in two thousand and fourteen and left malawi accused of abuse of office and money laundering the warrant for her wrist is still active speaking to al jazeera bundestag she has no reason to be afraid if she's done nothing wrong. you know what did it was all meant. i already am president in two hundred twelve so what happened before and. peter method he could took over as
4:46 pm
president come into power with a vow to clean up the system and get the a donas back but on friday thousands of malawians matched in protest at alleged corruption and poor governance during the city kez four years in office the bandits return comes as malawi prepares for elections next year local media reporting a possible deal between with erica and banda but bandit would not be drawn on his plans for now she says she simply wants to see family and friends after four years away maidana hand them to syria.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
it is time for sport now his job is that thank you also i know will hold a victory parade through the streets of the city later after clinching the spanish league title hundreds of fans turned out on sunday to celebrate but also a seventh league crown in ten seasons and twenty fifth overall the victory added to the copper del rey that barcelona won last week and it means that this is bass is a domestic double in the history of the club all they needed was a point against deportivo la coruna to see them take the trophy but lion-el messi went above and beyond that he scored a hat trick to lift his team to afford to victory on sunday giving coach at less developer day the title in his first season in charge pushing them a little bit earlier i don't feel like someone who won the league i don't know if
4:49 pm
that's ever happened to any of you to be the coach of a team that won the league or of one in greece but it's the first time i've done it in this league like a friend of mine said i wish it went to my head and i was sitting here throwing up confetti but i'm pretty calm i think maybe as time goes by i will realise a little more that this doesn't happen every day well sunday's win also keeps basso unbeaten in the early and with three matches left to play if asked to continue that ron elving each another milestone spanish football writer ben haywood talked to us through boston is impressive season so far. doesn't have been very impressive this season you know not just this season seven titles now out of the last ten and this isn't you know impressive a little bit different in terms of in some of the last name than a world record transfer to paris and your man and this is a very rare day came in as coaches change things around switched over for four to tighten things up it's perhaps not the. you know the you know the beautiful buster
4:50 pm
look we've seen in recent seasons but very very effective bosses are not expensive lou they've been very very strong and lean and messy you know obviously impressive tonight but impressive throughout the whole season as a goal scorer and also as it creates a leader is still you know for me that the best indicator of. over a long season and you know boston are thirty four games as you mentioned on a big stage no team has ever won the league you know unbeaten at the end of the season so if they can achieve that let's remember there's a classic go ahead next weekend against real madrid and it really will be an impressive achievement in the english premier league also and then as last trip to manchester united before stepping down as also manager has ended in defeat as don said wealth of anger has given an unusually warm reception and a vase from former united manager alex ferguson but then paul pogba gave united an early lead the four hundred victorian equalise fossil just after the break looked
4:51 pm
to be heading for a draw until model on for laney scored the winner in injury time it means thank a side a windlass in their last eleven games at trafford. program to try to win football games and daunting for changes and so overall i'm disappointed because we lost a game and all the rest thankfully to man united because. they had a nice gesture before the game and. the first time i get a trophy before game you know so much new. and. it was very classy from them the newest team in major league soccer los angeles f.c. had a hollywood ending to their home debut the club has a diverse ownership group that includes act to will ferrell and basketball great magic johnson and the new stadium in downtown l.a. costs three hundred fifty million dollars a sellout crowd of twenty two thousand was on hand for the first game and will see
4:52 pm
mom sent them into a frenzy with a free kick in stoppage time to clinch a one to win the seattle sounders. when cards are shown by a ref to apply it's rarely a joking matter but an official in the dutch league had a sense of humor he appeared to trip over a vitesse arnhem player but the player source saw it differently and tried to book the referee for diving luckily the cheeky move didn't get him punished for real. football fans will often go to great lengths to support their teams travelling long distances buying expensive tickets but we think we found one of the most dedicated fans ever. this turkish football fan of second to club daniel spore was banned from the stadium for twelve months but he wasn't prepared to watch his team on t.v. instead he rented a crane and led his fellow fans in the chance unfortunately he was later brought
4:53 pm
down by police i didn't get to see the end of his team's five nil victory but a massive hole from le bron james has helped the cavan cavaliers avoid an early exit from the n.b.a. playoffs the cavs were taken on the indiana pacers in a decisive game seven on sunday a defeat would see le bron miss out on the second round of the playoffs for the first time in his career and despite battling leg cramps the thirty three year old stepped up when it mattered most scoring forty five points as the cavs prevailed one hundred five to one hundred one the toronto raptors are the next opponents. it's hard to put into words but you know that's why he's the best player on the planet. he put us on his back and you know just going to basketball facilitate and . just being aggressive. you start thinking like this it could just be known as human nature. the other side of my brain was like you know make someone happy
4:54 pm
notice go. destroy your form make plays you know you're a leader sometimes over games or another big hole this time from james harden the houston rockets star had forty one points as this team crushed the utah jazz in game one of their western conference semifinal series on monday the boston celtics start their second round against the philadelphia seventy six is well there at the second round of the ice hockey stanley cup playoffs as well and the washington capitals leveled their best of seven series with the pittsburgh penguins at one one alex ovechkin scored in the second minute of the game for the capitals and they built on that for a one victory. it was a tight game two between the national pride says winnipeg jets these teams were locked for four after three periods and it took double overtime to separate them kevin fiala with the winning goal for nashville as they tied their best of seven series at one one. the new york yankees are on an amazing run in major league baseball they won their ninth consecutive game on sunday c.c.c.
4:55 pm
back is struck out for all of two one homer from gary sanchez healthy young trees to a two one victory over the los angeles angels who were missing the injured show hey autonomy. a brazilian surfer has been officially recognized as the new world record holder holed up for the biggest wave ever ridden rodrigo course i was confirmed as setting a new mark at the big wave awards on sunday he surfed this wave last november off the portuguese coast in measured up at twenty four point three eight meters base in the previous best by just sixty one centimeters and to put that into a little bit of context that's just over eight stories tall. well now the award given out on sunday was the biggest why count of the it happened on the same day at the same event. andrew corson got the do you be a son as he disappeared into the surf in spectacular style all right that is all the sport for now more later liz thank you very much joe now finally there's a bulletin anyone who likes a spring cold pepper on their food is enjoying
4:56 pm
a slump and prices worldwide and prices are forecast to stay low because of oversupply from vietnam and india but there is one remote region in southern cambodia which seems to be immune from the industry's troubles when he reports from kampong where farmers say they pick the world's most expensive. there is no machinery in sight to pick this precious commodity harvesting kempon paper is labor intensive growers say hand picking is necessary to achieve the highest quality possible behind we let them out because they had a bomb maker bought we don't use fertilizers or chemicals and the weather here makes the pepper delicious and spicy it's different from other areas in cambodia in the other countries. the paper from this region has become sort after around the world two years ago it was given protected geographical indication status by the european union it's a standard used to identify products that have a link to
4:57 pm
a specific country all region like scotch whisky or palm aham products from here are exported mainly to the united states europe and japan which is in contrast to paper from other parts of cambodia the cambodian paper industry is growing quickly but outside this region it has a problem it's competing with and to a large extent relying on its neighbor vietnam which is the largest producer of pepper in the world because of a lack of infrastructure and investment most cambodian paper is sent across the border through middlemen for processing cutting into farmers slim profits the cambodian government is promising to invest more in facilities and marketing as an example it's looking to the success of campout which has benefited from foreign investment and is largely self-sufficient when it comes to processing it's also been immune from the price slump caused by oversupply that seen the price of black paper fall by around sixty percent to below three dollars a kilogram camp or prices have remained stable as high as twenty eight dollars
4:58 pm
a kilo still last year the regional so produced more than it could sell the industry leaders say don not concerned about low prices spreading to their products price is not so important through to the point that the method but i think you can get a price for a. current. both from the waist because if you finish market on the production when world you're in new york so you know. it's a niche market with a big price tag that at the moment other farmers around the world can only dream about wayne hay al-jazeera camp or to cambodia. well that's it for this news hour but i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another full. travel off to. my tranquil board tubes and purple forests may provide little.
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