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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and we're spending tremendous amounts of money for decades on policing the world and that shouldn't be our priority we want to police ourselves and we want to rebuild our country and the president understands that they've come a long way they're doing a great job we're contributing to that but they have done a great what we do want to do though is open nigeria and other countries up to trade because we have spent over the last decade a number that so large you would leave believe it and i think we'll be treated in a reciprocal fashion now as of today so i think that's going to happen and i have great respect for the president ok how about jordan fabian was doing jordan the hill thank you thank you thank you thank you mr president i want to ask you about iran the air israeli prime minister just gave a speech very critical of their nuclear program i want to ask if you're have made
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of your mind to pull out of that deal and if you do pull out of that deal do you think you worry that sends the wrong message to north korea as you seek to enter nuclear talks with kim jong un no i think it sends the right message you know in seven years that deal will have expired and iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons that's not acceptable seventy years is tomorrow that's not acceptable so no if anything it's proven right what israel has done today with the deuce conference and prime minister netanyahu just gave a very i don't know of everybody seen it but i just got to see a little bit of it and that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening. they're not sitting back idly setting off missiles which they say if a television purposes i don't think so so we'll see what happens i am not telling you what i'm doing but a lot of people think they know and order before the twelfth will make a decision that doesn't mean we won't negotiate
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a real agreement you know this is an agreement that was approved by too many people and it's a horrible agreement for the united states including the fact mr president that we gave iran one hundred fifty billion dollars and one point eight billion in cash nigeria would like some of that one point eight billion in cash and one hundred fifty billion dollars you know we got we got nothing we got nothing so that doesn't mean i wouldn't go she had a new agreement we'll see what happens but i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right and present president bihari and i want to ask you you're the first leader from sub-saharan africa to visit president trump here at the white house did you address his reported comments from earlier this year when you were part of the use of older language to describe african nations well. i'm very careful with.
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the prius is as in myself. you knew the validity or will. that i think you should give the prison rules or not so the best thing for me is to keep quiet. we didn't discuss it and you do have some countries that are in very bad shape and very tough places to live in but we didn't discuss it because the president knows me and he knows where i'm coming from and i appreciate that we did not discuss it mr president you can ask a question. that the leaders already knows. thank you mr president my name is juliana and mr president trump i like to know nigerians in their need of the two connell craft. and the problem back home will
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you be kind enough to release at least the fourteen to twenty two enabled country tackle the situation in the country and how soon will you be visiting one thousand well i would like to visit nigeria i'd like very much to visit nigeria it's a sin amazing country and in certain ways i hear from the standpoint of the beauty of a country there's no country more beautiful so i would like to and the first part of your question i couldn't hear what you were saying go ahead. helicopters all we love helicopters he likes them more than i do he likes buying helicopters but he is and they're buying a lot of helicopters helicopters want to know how soon very serious them to go on this very sad we're getting it approved part of the problem was that you were not allowed to buy helicopters in our country and now you are i work that out so that now you can buy the helicopters that you want they weren't allowed to buy the
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helicopters in our country for various reasons which frankly were not good reasons but now they get them and they get them very quickly and they are the best helicopters anywhere in the world we make the best military equipment in the world and our friends can now buy that equipment mr president thank you very much. if you have a question for the president. president from. the president from thank you the fight against terror corruption is one of the major achievements that united and government has presented to the world and their records show united states of america is one of the make your destination countries of illicit fund and ourselves from nigeria to what extent did you do is cause the need to repatriate use one's back to nature or to fund critical infrastructure to call down funding for terrorism and also to reduce or elect immigration from nature reality a country yes we have actually discussed all of those topics at length over the
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last period of time and it terms of corruption nigeria has a reputation as you understand very well for very massive corruption i also know that the president has been able to cut that down very substantially we talked about it he is working on it and they have made a lot of progress and i think they will continue to make a lot of progress we have a lot of people in this country and frankly the country itself that invests in nigeria so cutting down on that corruption element and a corrupt element is very important to us and the president will be able to do that as the president has them. to president opal hurry the united states import of it from nature or possibly going down he disclosed the need for to us to increase import of quote and from nature no.
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notice to work to do with little or for us. we have a good market for our crude oil and so on but the. progress made very nice is into canola is hilarious today is said to live for i tell you for. your economy i hope they can elicit was allow them to use our crew for equality for her to a chemical to be laid to and these are the doing the good to proceed thank you and i think maybe more than anything else what we discussed today was our agricultural products going into nigeria which nigeria wants but we have certain barriers that don't allow that to happen so for the good of our farmers u.s. farmers and for the good of nigeria and all of africa it's very important that we are able to sell our great agricultural products products into nigeria and that will happen and we're going to be working on that right away thank you all very
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much thank you everybody thank you. you have been listening to president. giving a joint press conference at the white house rose garden and taking questions from reporters. we now have correspondents monitoring this visit to the white house both . outside of the white house and. first we're going to go to alan fischer gave his reaction alan i thought one of the most interesting things to come out of this that president trump are saying the hundred billion dollars of aid is no longer. a gift really now america wants something back and not something back used to take down the trade barriers. exactly this is been a theme that donald trump has revisited on many occasions with many world leaders he sees trade is a way of building the u.s. economy he thinks that there are too many barriers too many obstacles put in place
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for the united states to do business elsewhere and he says that we're going to see a change starting from today though we know that trade was discussed but i don't think any deals were actually done or signed while they were in the oval office and the meeting between the delegations afterwards so perhaps that's donald trump being a trifle over op to mystic but certainly we nor that there has been military sales to nigeria he sees this as an area for expansion he thinks that africa being the second most populous continent is somewhere where the united states can build is also concerned to the growing influence of china across africa and he would like to see as he said during the news conference he would like to see the united states become the preferred partner not just for nigeria but for many other countries across the continent when it comes to doing trade deals and he thinks the opportunities are definitely there for american companies to exploit for want of a better word and corruption was mentioned as well we talk about trade going
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backwards and forwards bed one of the reports is making clear that some of the destinations for illicit funds coming out of nigeria go to the u.s. and there was discussion between the leaders about corruption and how to try and stop it is this something that you've heard that the white house is committed to. well it's certainly something that they were aware of committed to obviously if someone brought evidence to them and said look we believe this money is being funneled through the united states then the treasury department working with the justice department might well do something about it but i think they're talking more in the round about the issue with corruption accountability particularly in nigeria and other places we've all seen the e-mail scams that everyone gets we're talking on a much bigger scale here and so i think nigeria is looking for u.s. help and the u.s. would like to help nigeria as donald trump said if you remove corruption from
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places like nigeria where it's known to exist that it makes it much more level playing field for american companies to get involved they don't have to be looking at bribes they don't have to be looking at actual payments they can simply do business one to one with a nigerian partner and so i think donald trump being the businessman here is will certainly look at that as an option for the future and certainly something that he would perhaps direct the treasury department to look at in more detail thank you alan fischer no sign of the white house so we've just had that press conference and across in nigeria's capital we have general and standing by jamal i'm guessing some of what was said in that press conference will be music to the ears of not nigerians but maybe not this particular point about how this hundred billion dollars worth of aid now comes with a very specific caviar and that caviar is to take down the trade barriers when she would think would work in america's favor rather than one theory is.
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well yes definitely because even if it was not really publicly on the agenda as you know recently the u.s. government has released a report on nigeria human rights report in nigeria detailing the atrocities committed by boko haram but also the tailing the human rights violations committed by the nigerian government and that this by the efforts of the bulgarian government for example to clean up impunity is still on all levels of government in nigeria here it also mentioned corruption basically and i think this is something that comes as no surprise even if it's something that has been highlighted basically by the government they're doing everything they can to try to be sickly improve. the state of doing business in nigeria as you know one of the top three priorities of the president is number one to fight corruption to improve the economy and the
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thickly and the presence of the boko haram group and that would lessen the you're not a through there's not much that seems to be in terms of prospect that he will be able to at least solve one of these problems for those who are critical of his government the see this trip in nigeria as the projection to basically a part of this plan to run for reelection a projection that he is fit to run for office through specially the light of over the last few months where his health basically has been in question so this is cementing basically his role as president reaffirming that he is still ready and basically a preparation for the upcoming elections in two thousand and nineteen presidents were also about the president trying to produce quite close language when it comes to describing african nations on and did a risk to nigerians as living in huts there interesting response the nigerian president being very castle and saying he didn't know the validity of those comments but almost all and adding more oil into the water saying we did
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discuss it they do have some places in very bad shape so listen really helping i'm guessing that's not going to go down well in the continent's. well yes because a lot of people here were critical of the government to basically publicly asked the president to at least me basically the u.s. president accountable for his statements and that there has been also opinions that since he's the first sub-saharan african leader to meet with us jump us the president on the truck he's not only representing the jury a but all other african nations here and so they're sort of hoping basically that there will be a clarification at least coming from president will hardly a request for clarification but i guess coming into this discussion like i said this is already been at the back where there are pertinent issues they wanted to focus on the economy the arms deal and of course the upcoming even cooperation in
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light of the threats of boko haram in the country's two so i guess this is what the c.s. priority. it's a mile and they're going speaking to some of the interim. now to afghanistan where dozens of people have been killed in a series of attacks by eisel and the taliban it was also the deadliest day for the media since the fall of the taliban at least twenty five people were killed in a double suicide bombing in kabul claimed by i.c.l. nine journalists who rushed to the scene were among those killed by the second blast and as our cameraman was among the forty five injured b.b.c. afghan service reports that shell was killed in a separate incidents in the eastern province of cost and a taliban suicide car bomb apparently targeting a nato convoy in kandahar filled eleven civilians including children from a nearby religious school jennifer glass reports from kabul on the almost zero zero
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zero the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters but the explosion killed civilians and policeman in the street every day added the well for policemen from district nine who were at the front line but were among those martyrs and three policemen who wanted it as well as emergency workers rushed to the scene to aid the wounded. afghan cameramen reporters and photographers who come to cover the news became part of the story when a second suicide bomber disguised as a journalist who himself among such attacks could create existential threats against press freedom and freedom of expression in afghanistan which is considered one of the biggest achievements of the country in the past seventeen years afghanistan has got the most vibrant media in the region this is supposed to be
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a secure part of kabul home to not only intelligence headquarters but nato the u.s. embassy and various aid organizations in the capital these days nothing feels safe . another arsal bombing last week killed at least sixty people and injured one hundred ten afghans lined up to register to vote were the target not only in kabul but elsewhere too in kandahar in southern afghanistan a suicide car bomb attack on a nato convoy killed at least eleven civilians including children several nato soldiers and afghan policeman were injured the afghan president has described these attacks as war crimes terrorist acts in conflict with islamic values and human rights many afghans blame the government for not doing enough to prevent them jennifer glass al jazeera kabul or one of those journalists killed in kabul was a.f.p. his chief photographer in afghanistan. he had rushed to the scene of the first blast to cover the story the french news agency has shared a selection of his best work where i was a father of five and wrote in twenty sixteen about his family had been scared to
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leave the house he said he had never felt life felt so few prospects and cold at a time of anxiety the media watchdog reporters without borders is calling on the un to create a special envoy for protecting journalists ahead of the organization says lawless ways of the country are becoming black holes in terms of news coverage. the level of threat is always extremely high in afghanistan with journalists being attacked by the islamic state group and the taliban in many of the countries provinces but there has not been an attack as serious as since the beginning of the war in two thousand and one well i'm joined now in the studio by hamid hacky me who's a research associate at chatham house and also previously worked as an international advisor and the afghan ministry of foreign affairs in kabul thanks for coming in on this dreadful day in afghanistan and the explosion in kabul the two blasts has been claimed by i so isis chorus on this they're called there is
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this do you think fairly soon this is the way that they're now behaving in their campaigns i think they've given up trying to sort of create its caliphate so the easton in the moment valley and now is target saying in the areas for me as an analyst i think is very worrying to see that the counterinsurgency the broadly the counter and such will insurgency operations by the internationals on the afghan government happens in rural areas and the response to that by the militants happen in urban centers for obvious reasons or burn centers in afghanistan especially a place like kabul is very crowded it's one of the most heavily urbanized but irregularly urbanized spaces. in the region i think is pretty sad without focusing too much on the tactics of you know the iso taliban distinction i think for me this shows the worrying trend that we would unfortunately witness more and more of these attacks as the afghan government to struggling on various fronts to
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fight the militants also the fact that this is a war between a military that's organized and insurgents who are not organized at the end of the day the insurgents main goal is to terrorize and to create a sense of lack of morale among people and that's already kicking in i've spoken to people today in kabul and the morale is pretty dim unfortunately we have to remember that there are a lot and a lot of people killed civilians but they remain nameless but a lot of these journalists have names their stories that struck a chord with people and that's what's happened today. we then can move to kandahar where the taliban know it's the attacks that they've said recently that trying very hard not to kill civilians but we had eleven killed down in kandahar including children again and that's going to work against the taliban they think they sort of recognize that they they thinking doing this keep killing civilians it's not going to work in their favor with the wider population i think it's the same argument and
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you can tell a fish not to swim towards a border the same thing with weapons you know when you blow things up when there's violence a bomb or a bullet does not recognize was a civilian who isn't unfortunately all sides are. pushing up the level of levels of elegant violence against each other including the taliban i think we will see more and more civilian casualties unfortunately as the international troops in particular have put themselves behind the lines of frontline battles and they're pretty much secluded in their bases so as much as the taliban try whoever is trying to do country is taliban operations the civilian will bear the brunt because they're on the front line and i think in afghanistan one of the tragedies of the last sixteen or eighteen whatever number of years is that more and more people who are ruling the country they have become secluded from the wider society behind walls behind fortresses and the civilians are the ones who would be suffering i've
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been told time and time again that the isis k.-a coming across the border from pakistan and if it wasn't for pakistan they wouldn't be allowed in as a lot of pressure put on pakistan earlier this year including from the u.s. to try and tie it to tighten those borders up getting the fact that we are still seeing these kind of attacks means that it's not happening i think the i still phenomenon of honest honest it has to be distinguished from the one in middle east is certainly a franchise that's modeled around the one in middle east but it's a combination of people who are disgruntled with the taliban movement who were more extreme. elements they've gone over to the isis cross on in afghanistan but also the local level when you speak to people in areas who are affected by this they say that they see particularly the push those from the tribal areas of pakistan who are pakistanis the former taliban or pakistani taliban who are now part of the ice so what we need to do much better job of understanding who is funding these groups how
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they're getting all this bullets and money and what they're paying and how they're doing that all of the money thank you very much for talking to us on the phone to say or how many hakimi from chatham. israel's prime minister says iran has pursued a secret nuclear weapons program an alliance to international observers about it's in breach of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal many men as a new who gave an audio visual display claiming to have conclusive proof of the program from documents obtained from tech crunch he says he's shared the intelligence with the u.s. president donald trump and he's considering whether to withdraw the u.s. from the land deal and so iran agree not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the lifting of sanctions iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program one hundred thousand secret files prove that they lied second even after the deal iran continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons
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nor for future use why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear farls if not to use them at a later date thirty iran lied again in two thousand and fifteen when it didn't come clean to the. as required by the nuclear deal and finally the iran do the nuclear issue is based on large it's based on iranian law as any rain in deception. well let's bring in our senior political analyst know in our hair into the studio and we had an awful lot of talk last a lot of files shown an awful lot of charts and blueprints and everything else did we get the smoking gun shows there is an iranian nuclear program playing right now no i mean it's a i didn't see any evidence that he was talking about anything from two thousand
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and fifteen on words he was talking about a mindset in iran that tends to lie about this nuclear program. of course of asked my twitter my twitter followers you know how would they categorize israel accusing iran of lying about nuclear weapons some suggest a dislike mcdonald accusing a kentucky fried chicken of selling fast food you know basically israel is the last country in the middle east in the world to accuse iran of lying about its nuclear weapons since israel has been lying about its own nuclear weapons since sixty years sixty years of lies so for the israeli prime minister to accuse iran it's a bit of a problem but anyway this all say nothing presentation by night and you know does bring nothing new to the table in the sense we knew that iran was on to something certainly the obama administration was suspicious and
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that's why everyone insisted they have to sign a nuclear deal by which there will be a much tougher inspections and why by which iran will not be able to develop nuclear weapons in the future certainly not in the next many decades so if we add all of this out looking at the wider picture what does it. and i think a picture look i'm so i'm i'm actually awarded a more aid for the region or more for the people of the region true we've been in a mess now for a number of years through we've had a number of civil wars but the way the ducks are lining up now with trump pushing people into some kind of an axes a new axis of good versus evil so you're a b a israel and the united states against iran and its allies of the stomach fundamentalists and so on so forth will be pushing the region to the brink of war in fact. prime minister netanyahu the way he stuck those in the home of his screen
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it's like him and president drawn and the saudi crown prince stuttering in front of the brink of war because the escalation in syria the bombardment of syria the bombardment of the allegedly iranian positions in syria the retaliation possibly by hezbollah or by the iranian themselves israel threatening that they will retaliate to any iranian retaliation against israel the threat of walking out from the nuclear deal so death threats against iran secretary of state pompei are saying iran is the worst ever country in the world the sponsor of terror the sponsor of violence in the region not only iran but actually iran that shouldn't answer for many of its sins but the skid leashing towards more tensions and towards more war in the region. borders them wearing times on the show i thank you very much for
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your thoughts on this today. the palestinian national council is officially meeting for the first time in twenty two years in the west bank city of ramallah the powerful but rare assembly will discuss several critical issues top of the list is whether or not to suspend the recognition of israel the meeting in a shuttle to last three days a palestinian national council services a parliament representing palestinians palestinians in the occupied territory and the dance for its meeting since one thousand nine hundred sixty four but last held a full session in one thousand nine hundred six it's has around six hundred ninety members including representatives of various factions independents military personnel and other associations and many of them are boycotting the convention including hamas which governs gaza the popular front for the liberation of palestine and islamic jihad. you know. if this council is harmed them the palestinian dream me seriously harmed therefore we were very
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determined to create the session we were hoping that everybody who wanted the future of palestine and the palestinian people we wish them to be here but unfortunately prefer to be abroad herefore said joins me now live from my mother and we just heard some of what mahmoud abbas was saying in his speech then ari what more did he have to say. well you have the introduction section of his speech is a pretty long one we're expecting a long speech in total but a lot of it was about the value of the importance of the p.l.o. and that is very much i think a theme of this there hasn't been one for twenty two years he wants to really try and revive the five this this major body of the palestine liberation organization many of its sitting members have died in the intervening years it's already an elderly largely body he also wants to repopulate the executive committee the eight hundred strong executive committee with some of his own hand-picked allies and all
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of this at a time when the palestinian cause is really up against a very right wing israeli government closely aligned to the donald trump white house the white house which is just declared the end of last year jerusalem the capital of israel resulting in the palestinians deciding to reject any u.s. brokering in the peace process going forward so a lot of people are seeing this as a way of really sort of collating power even further around mahmoud abbas to give him something of a free hand and as well as giving some of the powers that this big body of more than seven hundred people some of the powers that it has to a much smaller body the central council of one hundred thirty or so again allowing him a freer hand to act and adapt potentially to what might come in the coming weeks and months as you say how a an elderly and we're looking at pictures of the president that
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three years old should they be looking for new blood now should they be looking for his successor. well it's a question that's been circling around for many years and it is one that mahmoud abbas and self has studiously tried to avoid in that time if you talk to analysts here they say that he isn't really looking to plan in any great detail exactly who will take over for him in the event of his demise but there is obviously an effort to try and systematize the whole situation the palestinian legislative council the the proper body the proper parliamentary body that the p.a. . has an end and should have the elections of course haven't happened in more than a decade that is essentially defunct they want something functioning and somehow democratized even though this this process isn't really democratic it's all in order to be a viable body to go forward after so much power has been centered on mahmoud abbas
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for so long so rather than annoying to anyone we're not expecting that in this week but we may see some kind of system put in place to take the palestinian leadership forward over the next few years many things happening for say the line for us in ramallah. still to come on this news hour as russians protest against the blocking of the messaging telegram iran announces similar. camptown to central american spent a month traveling to the u.s. only to be turned away. again proves his status and one of basketball's plates. is a reminder now the top story. i saw says it carried out a double attack in the afghan capital kabul that killed at least twenty four with
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people nine of them journalists as a taliban suicide bombing in kandahar killed eleven civilians including children u.s. president says he wants to take down trade barriers and boost business with nigeria as american concerns grow over china's influence in africa spoke at the white house holding talks with the nigerian president and israel's prime minister. a ton of documents show iran has been secretly continuing its nuclear weapons program and the netanyahu alleges iran aligned to signing the twenty fifteen deal with western powers which lifted sanctions in exchange for limits on nuclear activities. syria's military has launched a heavy bombardment of the rebel held town of rust on their homes meanwhile the government is saying new aggression from its and this without specifying who office military bases came under attack at least eight people were killed in the overnight
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strikes in hama province. and iranian state media deny any of its own minute you basis people were hit despite reports they were among the targets well mamoun when a wall is a retired jordanian air force general he says it's likely that israel carried out the strikes. i think it's very well it's keeping the balance between striking and carry him being limited strike like this at the same time promoting gets the terence but that means that he would like to expand the scale of war anymore so that we keep this limited because people if you of the opinion influence. besides. which the militia or bases in syria and iraq you mentioned deal
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has been reached between the syrian government and the group of rebels in southern damascus pro-government forces have surrounded a rebel and i still controlled neighborhoods after nearly two weeks and ground offensive the jail includes the evacuation of the yellow palestinian refugee camp. indian government forces have fired that process in kashmir killing a young man and wounding at least fourteen others the protesters had been trying to help the rebels who were trapped off the government soldiers cordoned off seven drug gang village the rebels actually change fire with troops for several hours two were killed in fighting the top commander of kashmir's largest armed group and then a geisha from the un security council is in myanmar to investigate the range of crisis and fifteen delegates met with defacto leader and signed sea change in the capital before traveling to iraq and state some seven hundred thousand muslims have been forced to flee from their often military operation was launched last august
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see cheney has faced intense criticism for her failure to speak up from the right and condemn the army the u.n. is putting pressure on me to allow refugees to return safely. as a manager. of the good delegation came yesterday they have seen our sorrows we want less aport so that we can get justice for the crimes committed by the burmese military if we get back our property and our land then we will go there we want justice otherwise we will not go back. i missed international says the u.s. authorities must allow people in a migrant caravan that traveled from central america to the u.s. border to apply for asylum some of the hundreds of people can tend to run on the mexican side of the border having their asylum requests can say that's what u.s. officials say they cannot and the man well is into and joins me now and what sort of numbers decided to stay overnight after they were denied and.
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we heard from activists today that some fifty individuals were allowed to pass by mexican officials another thirty were asked to come back those that remained have still not been processed by border officials but there's still another one hundred fifty people that are out here roughly half of them are children that stayed here overnight braving the elements and even though mexican immigration officers did come outside and asked these people to leave last night most of them refused to leave again half of these people that are out here are children it started raining in the earlier hours today which is why you see a lot of these tarps that are set up behind me to sort of keep the weather at bay and today actually happens to be a children's day in mexico so we are seeing a lot of activists coming in to provide bringing food bringing blankets bringing some clothes for these kids but what they really need is medical attention we're walking around it's been a cold couple of days here and you want to so we're seeing
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a lot of kids coughing really looking like they need some sort of medical attention but the overwhelming sense that we get from people here is is confusion people don't know if today is going to be the day that they're going to be allowed to turn themselves into border authorities as they were they thought was going to be the case about twenty hours ago and conditions i presume says that left. if that isn't the case and they. want to these people plan to do it in the longer term. well we have to keep in mind that these are people that have been traveling for a month now and most of these individuals are from honduras from guatemala and solve a lot and so in many of their cases they've been traveling for well over a month now what many of them have told me is that at this point they are willing to stay here for as long as it takes they've been traveling for this long what's another couple of days but but really most of them are saying that they are willing to stay here as long as they as long as it takes to get their opportunity to plead
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their asylum cases to immigration officials on the other side again they're letting a few diddled let a few people through but there are cases have yet to be processed by immigration authorities what they're telling us is that they're not illegal migrants that they want to pursue a legal route they want to use the existing asylum laws in the united states to be able to plead their cases to u.s. authorities which they do have the right to do so thank you. on the mexican side of the. from. the u.s. side of the border we're hearing from president and the white house just about an hour ago really with the toughest tough message about these people trying to get since the united states and there are some being can say that i believe but what is the situation with you all that some being processed or is it just a hand saying i'm not coming in. well we've been told by u.s.
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officials that the. border facility here at san isidro is still full it's beyond capacity they are not yet able to process any more asylum seekers that is what they said yesterday afternoon and that's what they're saying today. with the people who are advocating for immigrants rights are skeptical of that and an organization that's been advocating for this particular group of people from central america called in front arrows has issued a statement saying that to say that they cannot process one hundred fifty families that are seeking asylum from violence over a span of three days is not only despicable they say but it demonstrates the continued politicization of immigration law of immigrant lives so we have definitely two very strongly opposed points of view no it is true that there
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is capacity here for about three hundred people who to be. kept in beds overnight it's also true that a prior to the arrival of this group of by groups the u.s. justice department and department of homeland security said that they were going to increase the number of workers and judges and administrators here in order to deal with the influx so there is some sort of disconnect between those statements and what is actually happening now as far as what the president said i'm unfortunately so i didn't hear it myself but i would state that under u.s. and international law u.s. border and customs authorities are required to take claims of asylum seriously when a person comes to the border. and says i request asylum i am fearful of returning
9:42 pm
back to my country of origin for a variety of reasons including persecution based on political beliefs on religion on the group in society and others then under the law they are the authorities are required to begin a process of bringing those people into the united states and beginning to adjudicate where those claims are true or not usually they're kept in detention until the claims can be adjudicated and it's a very long and complex process if you look at the flow chart for this process it's goes through dozens of steps so it is not possible for the president to simply say no we're not going to take any more refugees in unless he doesn't want to follow the law so good to tell. on the mexican border. to strongly down else has filed a defamation lawsuit against the u.s.
9:43 pm
president. filed a lawsuit over a tweet trump posted on the eighteenth of april and she says attacked the truthfulness attorney to include a sketch of a man that the act threatened in twenty eleven to rates as a non existent man a total can jump playing the fake news for fools. iran's did history has banned the popular messaging app telegram to protect national security the news came a some ten thousand people took to the streets in moscow earlier to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in russia there's arches that began blocking telegram this month over its refusal to hand over coups to its data encryption joho whipple's. in moscow they demanded the government unblocked the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages
9:44 pm
sent on telegrams private. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's protesting about their freedom within russia and it's the beginning it's a way to start. censorship to examine the symbol for a i think it is the core solo for every new internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans but opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration i'm sure you could you know i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which telegram has fallen foul of the oil storage fees on monday iran's judiciary
9:45 pm
sidelined the reformist government by announcing a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter that you might have here in the united kingdom so it's. iranians often times so it's very important and if you look back to previous elections you can kind of correlate victories of those that war in the most seats in parliament or your own heinie victory kind of see how they were using social media especially very well it ramps and all of that was supporting so telegram be seen as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the apps found russian entrepreneur pavel bure of is fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban
9:46 pm
al-jazeera. arminius opposition leader is the only candidate for the post of interim prime minister after a deadline passed with no other candidates registering earlier in the call passion you know the march towards central square and day ahead of a parliamentary vote on the country's new leader is the culmination of two weeks of protests that so former prime minister says i guess young student. says he's the only man who can read a meaning of corruption and poverty and conduct a free and fair elections. but as prime minister is trying to put a lid on a scandal over the government's treatment of long settled black britain this the windrush generation after the resignation of her home secretary amber rod quits after telling parliament there were no targets for deporting illegal immigrants since being revealed targets do exist out of trees a maze policy to create
9:47 pm
a hostile environment around immigration charlie charlie angela reports. good morning but it's time that you resign the windrush scandal put immense pressure on the rudd and she liked have survived the change that was from the state questioned on the government's policy of removing illegal migrants from britain and targets through these rules one with a set. we don't have targets for them but that deportation targets and her department knew of them they affected the so-called wind rushed families who settled legally in post-war britain but whose right to remain was questioned families from commonwealth countries now caught up in the government's hostile immigration policy. replacing rod subject javid an experience minister he becomes britain's first muslim home secretary son of pakistani migrants his reaction to windrush was personal i am honored to have been our study this morning to become the home secretary i want to start by making
9:48 pm
a play. a pledge to those from the wind rush generation who have been in this country for decades and yet have struggled to navigate through the immigration system. this never should have been the case and i would do whatever it takes to put it right like amber rudd sajid javid supported the remain campaign in the brics it referendum and that would have been a major factor in his appointment as to resolve a needs to maintain that delicate balance between leavers and remain is in her cabinet going forward on a school visit the prime minister denied that the rudd resigned with a harsh immigration policies that she herself helped to force and she defended the deportation policy when i was home secretary yes the word targets in the terms of removing people from the from the country who are here illegally this is important i think if you look members of the public they want to ensure that we are dealing
9:49 pm
with people who are here illegally to reason may is brushing aside called for her resignation as many and now calling for a reset of the immigration policy. will be a busy week for britain's new home secretary charlie and to al-jazeera london. and the u.k. is upper house voted to give parliament the right to veto any withdrawal dale the british government strikes with the european union the government had previously agreed to a parliamentary vote on the withdrawal deal but insisted that the rejection would mean the u.k. leaving the e.u. without an agreement the amendments approved by the house of lords would give parliament the right to force the government to the negotiating table the amendment will now be considered by the house of commons. the chief bracks it negotiates a has called for an agreement on the irish border ahead of a summit in june michel barnier is visiting the border between northern ireland
9:50 pm
which is front of the u.k. on the republic of ireland is his third visit to ireland since negotiations over the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. began and repeated warnings that person leaving the single markets and customs. union could result in a hard border into northern ireland's main unionist party has accused bania of being aggressive. the leader of italy's. five star movement has called for early elections as attempts to form a government flounder luigi de mayo said centrist parties were refusing to negotiate with the movement which emerged as the single biggest party after an election in march pills to the league party to back his call right wing coalition led by the lead to the most since the election. zimbabwe has become the second african country to legalize can the best cultivation under certain circumstances the government says individuals and businesses can apply for five year licenses to
9:51 pm
grow possess transports and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use local reports say license fees range from family photos and dollars to twenty thousand for the change people found to be using or growing cannabis faced up to twelve years in prison as some kind of base production in september. so i had. the big wave surfer was in school.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
now. thank you very much sue a day off to being crowned league champions barcelona have taken to the streets to celebrate with their fans thousands turned out in barcelona for the team's victory parade sunday's a four two win and for table lock arena secured basser the twenty fifth a spanish league title it was a double celebration as they also won the coppers all right earlier in the season. roma trade struggled to keep up with botha in spanish competitions this season but half done better than their rivals in europe and remain on track to win a third consecutive champions league crown they take a two one lead over by in munich into the second leg of their semi final in madrid on tuesday and if they go on to win the tournament again raul defended your ramos believes that would be as good as an achievement as bosses domestic double. who was
9:54 pm
i to the lead barcelona had a brilliant year two titles isn't easy winning the cup with all day and only used to date but winning the champions league is maybe even better if we can win the champions league it could be a great season for both of us when cops is shown by a ref to a player it's rarely a joking matter but an official in the dutch league had to set up here peer to trip over of a test on him player but the player story is slightly differently and tried to but the referee for diving luckily the cheeky move didn't get him punished for real. football fans will often go to great lengths to support their teams travelling long distances buying expensive tickets but we think we found one of the most dedicated fans ever. the turkish football fan of second to clubs in his list for was banned from the stadium
9:55 pm
for twelve months but he wasn't prepared to watch his team on t.v. live instead he rented a crane and led his fellow fans in the chance unfortunately he was later brought down by police and didn't get to see the end of his team's five no victory. a massive hole for le bron james has helped the cleveland cavaliers avoid an early exit from the n.b.a. playoffs the cubs were taking on the indiana pacers in a decisive in game seven on sunday a defeat would seal or brown a miss out on the second round of the playoffs for the first time in his career and despite battling leg cramps the thirty three year old stepped out when it mattered most scoring forty five points as the cavs prevailed one hundred five two hundred one the toronto raptors are their next opponents is what to put into words but you know that's why he's the best player on the planet. he put us on his back and you know just going to basketball facilitate and. just being aggressive. he started to
9:56 pm
go like this it could just be you know it is just human nature and the other side of my brain was like. go make some noise go. destroy you for you know you never made plays you know you're the leader. fun days of the game saw another big hole this time from james harden the used american star forty one points as his team crushed the utah jazz in game one of their western conference semifinal series on monday the boston celtics start their second round against the philadelphia seventy six years throughout the second round of ice hockey stanley cup playoffs as well in the washington capitals leveled their best of seven series with the pittsburgh penguins at one one alex ovechkin scored in the second minute of the game for the capitals and they built on that for a four one victory three is on tuesday in pittsburgh. it was
9:57 pm
a tight game two between the nashville predators and winnipeg jets these teams were locked up for four after three periods and it took a double overtime to separate them kevin fiala with the winning golf and nashville as they tie the best of seven series one one. the new york yankees are on an amazing run in major league baseball they won that ninth consecutive game on sunday c.c.'s the buffy a strike out for while a two run homer from gary sanchez helped the yankees to a two one victory over the los angeles angels who were missing with the injured to hire tony. a brazilian soccer fan has been officially recognized as the new world record holder for the biggest wave ever written frederico kasha was confirmed as setting a new mark at the big wave awards from sunday he said this wave last november off the portuguese coast that measured up twenty four point three meters beating the
9:58 pm
previous best by just sixty one centimeters now to put that into context that's just over eight stories tall another award given out on sunday was the biggest wind power of the year it happened on the same day at the same event. cotton got the dubious honor as he disappeared into the surf in spectacular style. as well as for fanaa more later. painful thank you sounds you know you can find out much more on our website plenty of news video and content just click on al-jazeera to call it from a suit and the market will be with you in the moment with much of the day's news thanks so much.
9:59 pm
unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether on line or rendered things humans on earth as i was living don't doubt about that or if you join us on the sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat base is a dialogue about some of this except if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the call over all conversation. this is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in cape town children sometimes
10:00 pm
a court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking past to try to take them to gang violence i lost my. daughter years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards there's a. very big stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we. are still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or in the misinformation from the journalism be issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.


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