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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part two on a jersey the. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington are members of congress doing nothing about cars like part of a constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government or the only thing you know what it is and then the government has a responsibility and you know nothing ever again. shelter after the storm on al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. logs the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our lives headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel's prime minister says he has evidence iran is cheating on its nuclear deal. also on the latest stop of his middle east toward the new u.s. secretary of state defends israel while visiting jordan. and the u.s. says it can't accept asylum seekers' at its border with mexico because it has no place to put the. thousands take to the streets of moscow to demand internet freedom.
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good to have you with us welcome to the news hour in a major escalation of regional tension israel's prime minister has accused rival iran secretly pursuing a nuclear weapons program which would be a breach of the landmark twenty fifteen iran nuclear agreement now at a press conference in tel aviv benyamin netanyahu displayed what he called conclusive proof the tyrol had lied to international observers and iran has rejected the accusations the country's foreign minister called them a rehash of old claims that in yahoo made the allegations less than twenty four hours after a visit by the new u.s. secretary of state like pompei o for months u.s. president told trump has threatened to pull out of the iran deal the agreement lifted many sanctions on the country in exchange for to her on agreeing to curb its nuclear program particle hain has the latest. it was an inauspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant
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a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. proudly displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear do is based on large it's based on the reunion lies in the rain in deception one hundred thousand files right here. through their logs at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today
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and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. pompei has wrapped up his first trip as secretary of state spent much of it israel and palestine to restart the peace process pompei was in amman on monday on the final leg of his three day middle east
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tour to meet has more. if you want to strip the israeli palestinian conflict didn't seem a priority in amended newly appointed u.s. secretary of state was reminded it remains the main stumbling block to was achieving regional peace the two state solution remains the only pieces we believe in jordan it is the solution that would allow for the emergence of an independent palestine state jordanian leaders are also worried about the even in the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but maintained that final boundaries with the in jerusalem are up for negotiation with respect to the two state solution the parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right resolution is we certainly open to a two two party solution that's a likely outcome we certainly believe that the israelis and palestinians need to need to have political engagement there was no combination however of the recent
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demonstrations along the gaza border fence. for testers killing dozens and injuring hundreds limited himself to saying that israel had the right to defend itself the u.s. secretary of state didn't seem to share the. conflict is the main source of instability in the middle east instead he pointed to other conflicts in the region but throughout his trip it was clear that iran and the uncertain future of the nuclear deal where the immediate priority for the u.s. administration in riyadh and tel aviv wrapped up the rhetoric on iran threats to middle east ability to the delight of his hosts iran destabilize this entire region that supports proxy militias and terrorist groups. it is an arms dealer to the. conduct cyber hacking campaigns.
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supports the murderous assad regime as well iranian missiles are also a concern of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu his focus on the risk of being fired from iranian bases in syria. from lebanon. need to now apparently couldn't be more pleased with the appointment grinning and warmly congratulating him their language at times interchangeable we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east remains people thought that you want aggression would be moderated as a result of signing to do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to gobble up one country after the other. has flown back to washington but if tough talk on iran please some their lack of significant commitment towards solving the longest running middle eastern conflict would worry others but at that hemy. don't think crystal is
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a fellow at the world policy institute joins me now live from new york good to have you with us in terms of prime minister netanyahu presentation what did you make of the overall statements he had to make amidst a timeline that would have explained perhaps when this information had been collected as such on the iranian side and when israel actually managed to get it. right well i mean he didn't really show us anything that we didn't already know we know that iran has denied repeatedly having a nuclear program well before the j c p o a and we all sort of assumed that they were lying about it if we didn't think we the international community not just the united states but if the international community didn't think iran was lying there would have been no need for a j c p a way we wouldn't have had to strike a deal so netanyahu has not shown any evidence that iran has violated its agreement
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or anything that you know comes after july two thousand and fifteen at all so i'm a little bit confused as to what the whole performance was about beyond really just trying to confuse president trump and provide ammunition for him to be able to withdraw from the deal on may twelfth well let's just assume then that the all up to date it's the most recent that iran really has even if it has signed a nation an international agreement as it has done inevitably iran is going to have an archive of its information that it's collated over the years and it is going to store it somewhere just because it's signed a nuclear deal it's not going to throw its knowledge you weigh. well you know i think that that is quite right i think that there's no reason to think that they weren't going to retain some of this information that they weren't going to retain some plans about it you know i've read the j.c.
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p.o.a.'s number of times i've written a lot about it the wording of whether that's allowed is a bit vague frankly i mean you could you could make an argument either way and i suspect it was purposely vague but you know when we talk about nuclear weapons we're talking about technology that is decades old it's really the ability to do it and to actually have the centrifuges to. enrich the uranium to actually carry out the process that's the actual very hard part and so you know even iran retaining what it seems like they have retained i don't think really gives them it's sort of to be expected and it doesn't really mean there's any sort of secret program well what we have actually seen as well is the way that some certain politicians are put on the spalls neither the u.s. defense secretary met his so even any senior israeli official can categorically confess all prove that iran is developing any form of nuclear material weapon right now and they declined to say whether iran is compliant to the nuclear deal the
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signature and the. they say that they are. yes and you know if you think about it logically right iran has no particular reason to violate the deal you know when they were developing their nuclear weapons in the two thousand went on for a long time but if you look at the two thousand and one two three four five years you had over one hundred thousand u.s. troops on one side you had over one hundred thousand u.s. troops on the other side and you had a country the united states that had invaded one of its neighbors for no one of iran's neighbors for no particular reason the invasion of iraq and so they had a serious concern about what could protect them from the u.s. now i'm not a fan of iran getting nuclear weapons i hope that they never do. but that sort of change there's no reason why now when the u.s. is sort of war weary when our presence on their borders is minimal why they would
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break this deal. it makes no sense so i'm not sure what i'm not sure what we gain if we withdraw from it other than sort of allowing iran to free hand in a way that they are fairly well restricted from now if i play sort of devil's advocate here i mean what's the sort of modus operandi of the israeli prime minister is he's saying that he won't say wrong to get rid of all it's knowledge it's disks it's folders it's all does israel actually want to get rid of those that have the knowledge in their brains i.e. take them out. well right the only thing that really makes sense to me for what netanyahu is trying to do well there is the angle of that it's really designed for trump and to give him ammunition but the other thing he is doing that yahoo is doing is showing that israeli intelligence was able to infiltrate tehran take out
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you know tens of thousands of pages of documents and we don't know we know what he showed us was in them we don't know what else was in those documents if israel now knows the names and locations of iranian nuclear scientists we don't know that that sort of thing and it's possible as well that netanyahu is sending a message to iran that israel knows far more about what they were doing or what they might be able to do in the future than anyone might realize so it could be trying to send. a bit of a scare through tehran and probably probably has done that well we'll see what transpires certainly in the coming days of the jump in crystal in new york thanks for joining us well staying on message the u.s. defense secretary has played down the idea of pulling american troops out of syria james not has said the u.s. and its allies will look to pull out before a peace agreement is reached but as they were on the verge of
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a victory against i still did not want to abandon syria at this point last week president trump said he wanted to withdraw american troops from syria relatively soon. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour a day after speaking with the hindu refugees on the border a u.n. security council delegation visits media. and a first for britain after the u.k. home secretary cambone rudd steps down. and it's party time for barcelona as they celebrate winning the spanish league title. to the americans now are hundreds of latin american migrants seeking political asylum in the u.s. still waiting at the mexican border that border guards have already turned them away following orders from president donald trump to stop the so-called migrant caravan the repeller has been speaking to families awaiting their fate at the
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mexican border town of tijuana. hundreds of central american migrants and activist gathered at the u.s. southern border they've been on the road for over a month. it was an emotional moment for some for others a chance to celebrate. a few even climb the border war stopping short of crossing into the u.s. most of these people are from honduras el salvador and guatemala they were forced from their homes by violent street gangs extreme poverty or other forms of persecution. volunteer legal experts spent days interviewing them to determine if their cases were strong enough to qualify for political asylum the rest were baes to stay behind. the hundreds marched on the streets of the one to the u.s. border gate only to be told at the last minute that most would not be allowed to pass. here is that i meant the truth is we don't know anything we're all adrift we
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can't say anything because we don't know what's going on we have to wait and see what we're told after the initial confusion only a small group was allowed to. first off we half of them children were forced to wait and. we have cooperated as much as we can they knew we were coming they know these people are waiting we know donald trump has power over customs and border protection these people deserve their day in court those who are not allowed to pass gathered with their families preparing to spend the night in the open. we have reporters covering this story from both sides of the us mexico border you just saw there in that report are we speaking to him in a moment from tijuana but first let's go to rob reynolds who's on the other side of the border in. california i mean rob what has to begin with what is the reaction to the statement of the c b p that it's full.
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well there has been some reaction coming in from the group that is a leading or helping to organize the group of migrants coming from central america group called weblo sunstone taro sor people without borders they're saying that the u.s. refusal is a farce aimed at avoiding having to deal with migrants the american civil liberties union which is a very prominent civil rights organization in the united states says u.s. and international law dictate that non-citizens presenting themselves at our borders have a right to apply for asylum and representative zoe laufer who is a leading voice in the opposition democratic party on immigration issues said people people who have a legitimate fear of persecution under u.s. law have a right to present their case that's not a violation of immigration law it's part of immigration law so this is the
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direct opposition to president trump who is saying that the group of migrants who have come up from central america are violate already intending to violate u.s. law the fact is that if a person comes to a u.s. border patrol officer and says i wish to apply for asylum i have a legitimate fear that i will be persecuted if i stay in my home country then the law both in the u.s. and internationally require that that person be given a chance to plead his his or her case of course not all came into the political sphere is actually emanating through civil society groups that are suggesting that the customs border patrol unit is lying so there really is a heated debate brewing over what really is a process of processing of one hundred fifty families. it's very symbolic so i mean this is one hundred fifty people or families as you
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say. out of thousands and thousands of people who cross the border parent thetic lee the number of people who've been crossing the u.s. border from mexico has been dropping steadily for years but leaving that aside this is really the basis of president trump's claim on the hearts and minds of his followers building the wall was the core of his run for president in two thousand and sixteen the wall although as you can see there is a wall the wall that he wants has not been built congress has not funded it congress shows really no interest in funding it so in order to continue to xor size the passions of president trump's base he is continuing to make a furor out of this so-called caravan as he calls it of latin american people portraying them as criminals drug dealers and so on and if you just watched men
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well story you can see the lot of them are actually women and kids and days only get by with you for the moment. it's manuel not because he's in it on the mexican side of the border i mean it's been a desperate journey for many hundreds as well as a hundred fifty that we're talking about people to get to the border of the u.s. i mean how they reacting to this today in the process on the way that they're actually being treated in terms of the journey and who they are as a political as political pawns behind them and while. you can imagine the disappointment as so many of them feel many of them thinking that yesterday the that was the end of their time here in mexico ready to turn themselves into border officials only to be turned away at the last minute in fact right now if you can maybe see behind me a little bit the activists that are that have been accompanying many of these migrants are giving them a sort of update there's still been a lot of confusion as to when exactly they will have that opportunity to turn themselves into border authorities to plead their cases for asylum and you might
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also know that there's little notice that there's a lot of children behind me today happens to be children's day in mexico so we saw a lot of charity workers volunteers coming in handing out food handing out blankets clothes and toys for these kids as a much needed distraction from the confusion from the stress that many of them of felt now this being the second day in a row that they are at this point camped outside of here to answer a question about the way that they're treated you might notice that there's a lot of there's a lot of tarps being set up behind me sort of preemptive to to rain that's expected to fall this afternoon we've had periods of rain already this after during the day but even with the rain what we hear overwhelmingly from individuals is that there's there's nothing that's going to deter them from staying here for as long as it takes until they have that opportunity to speak to officials on the u.s. side of the border and plead those asylum cases and also another thing that we hear
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overwhelmingly from individuals is that they don't want to do anything illegal they want to use the existing asylum laws in the united states to make their case legally as they have the right to do so under international law the only thing is there's no clear answer as to when that's going to be so it continues to be a waiting game for all of these people again over one hundred fifty individuals of course some of our international viewers may only be catching up on the story not quite sure what's going on but while the people on the border where if they come from the most sort of trauma they experience to you might say flee their home. and countries and look for sanctuary elsewhere. keep in mind so a lot of these people have been traveling for over a month now they're traveling across mexico so most of them are from central america from honduras guatemala el salvador so for for most of them they've been travel for traveling for even longer than that the stories that we hear from most of these families truly are heartbreaking they're fleeing gang violence and unsolved or they're fleeing violence from from street gangs in organized crime to
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fling extortion persecution for either because of their sexual orientation summer fling to domestic abuse or are extreme levels of poverty so the stories as you can imagine are truly are heartbreaking and just as grueling was that journey to get here many of them arriving by bus others traveling by train it's been an exhaustive trip many of them seem as though they're in high spirits they've been they've been received well by people in taiwan it's a very friendly city for migrants but they still even after they do have that opportunity to turn themselves in to border authorities which we still don't know when that's going to be it's going to continue to be a long road ahead for most of these people how these individuals perhaps voice their concerns to you manuel about a delay in the process or even being denied access how they even reached the point at the moment psychologically. i think i think most of the people that are here and especially the ones that come up to me and and and want to share their stories
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with us there at wits and i mean you can see it in there and see it in their faces that exhaustion that anxiousness they want to be able to turn themselves in they want to have that opportunity to tell their stories they want to sort of set the record straight about why they're here as well we hear rhetoric from leaders in the united states saying that these are masses of people that are going to be storming the u.s. border jumping over the fence we saw that demonstration take place yesterday where people had climbed the fence nobody jumped over again nobody here is telling us that they want to do anything. illegally people here are very much committed to to going about the legal process of requesting asylum in the united states what they want is the opportunity to do so and they haven't been given that chance yet but we'll see what happens i mean in the coming hours and days and women well thanks for joining us from tijuana steven rogers is a member of double j. trump's presidential advisory board he joins me now via skype from new york good to have you with us on the program again mr rogers and we will soon reaction to the
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c.b.p. facility basically saying that it's full is it's a legitimate response or is it one that's being created because of the aggressive statements made by the president well keep in mind that president truong is a father he has children he has great insurance so there is no way he wants to see family separated he doesn't want to hurt children men and women however there is lost in this country that have to be obeyed no one has an automatic right to come into the united states and the united states is not responsible for what's happening to these individuals they took it upon themselves to travel through mexico to the american border and now they're not going to get into the united states until that camp is available to them and keep in mind also that mexican also mexico also police some role in this they should be turning those individuals back
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or keep them in mexico so at the end of the day this is not manufactured it's absolutely true that there have been overwhelmed in that facility and hopefully it will be opened soon but isn't there a constitutional issue here where anybody arriving at the borders all of the united states must have their cases heard. yes they have to have their cases heard and they will be heard a lot of people have been coached by lawyers to say things that are not true we're talking about asylum people who have legitimate reasons to look for political asylum i'm sure there will be process and indeed what the president is concerned about our national security we have experienced in the past and i can tell you as a former member in law enforcement i've seen for myself many many bad people across that border when did we're talking about drug cartel individuals human smugglers narcotics traffickers these are the people in the to be weeded out and those but
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you'd have been ones well they'll be welcome president troll gives the impression that these one hundred fifty people a hundred fifty families are terrorists drug pushes is not sort of a bit harsh when we're looking at the pictures solve husbands and wives and small children well he never said that he never blankly said that all of these people were terrorists and drug pushers what he's saying is that we have to be absolutely sure that we know who's coming into our country like there are drug smugglers amongst them maybe are there very bad people don't want any measure looted to the note that these people are a danger to the stability of the security of the united states. those who are not legitimately. for political asylum are why would they want to come here if they're not looking for political asylum or he saying is in the interest of our national security we need to be absolutely sure who we are letting into this nation and why
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and we have that right it's our country ok mr rogers in terms of the c.b.p. agency itself and the unit that on the border between. us they have been aware of this pending arrival of over one hundred individuals are you surprised that they all bets a pad in the fact that they haven't been able to move those that are already that all need to allow these cases of those that are arriving to be now well i'm not surprised because i know the overwhelming news that they have the afghan border. don't have enough manpower the national guard is now going down there to help out and keep in mind there are no reports of anybody being roughed up or are drained from you know one of the border to the other. people that are there are there the course they want to be there the united states is not responsible for
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them being there we'll just have to wait and as long as they're patient i'm sure that the process as you say on there our constitution what worked out in terms of the political discourse that snow and seeing we're hearing democrats not criticizing not just the white house but the c.b.p. over that they situation how do you see that evolving in the next couple of days. well the democrats will can criticize anything their president trumped us but keep in mind that on the president barack obama the democrats had control of the congress they did nothing absolutely nothing to solve the immigration problem that the united states was facing so they could criticize what they want but the fact of the matter is is that president trump is trying his best to get congress to move to solve this problem and they haven't moved yet at all but we'll see what happens certainly in the in the coming days and weeks of the moment steve rogers thanks so much for joining us via skype from new york thank you play
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a pleasure. still ahead hail the i'll just have a new visit to ireland by europe's chief negotiator highlights how emotional the negotiations have become. and real madrid could book that place in the champions league final on tuesday will have all the build up to that semi final goodbye and munich in sports. is really ramping up nicely now across eastern parts of the u.s. not too bad for the west as well it has to be said well as you clear skies across that eastern half of the country still a little bit of cloud into the northeastern corner that will gradually pull out of the bay we have got some unsettled weather spinning off the rockies moving across the plains system bits and pieces of cloud and rain coming through twenty seven
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celsius there for chicago ahead of the right similar values to forty see quite a temperature contrast when you move north of the border into winnipeg say with this line of play out and there will be some lively showers on that some severe weather on that we are expecting to see some tornadoes as we go on through the next day or two that will add a little further research as you go through wednesday the rain pepping up around the midwest still got that weather weather stretching down towards texas still hot ahead of that celsius in d.c. so i really started to feel somewhat more like a summer when the wintry weather there you know is just around the southern end of the rockies there will be some snow in the forecast over the next few days meanwhile it's sunshine and showers across the caribbean still seeing a little rashness showers around the great around tennis some thunderheads there into an irregular costa rica maybe also into panama not too bad for the last around two days here slightly five hundred i.
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once pristine indonesia's river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply a global fashion chain it's one of the nice examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to my real people. in the us civil war slavery to an end. date it is a strong possibility that there's very clear that you. could have been brought to your table by enslaved individuals right here in the land of the free thousands upon what has tricked into emigrating and trapped by unscrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves part of slavery and twenty first century evil on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all because there is news our arms the whole robbed her mind of all top stories israel's prime minister says iran has secretly pursued a nuclear weapons program and lied to international observers about it in breach of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and even less and you know he says he has conclusive proof of the program iran's foreign minister rejected the accusations calling them a rehash of old claims u.s. secretary of state might pompei or urged israel and palestine to restart the peace process as he wrapped up his three day middle east tall tales of said that israel had the right to defend itself with violence at the border. with garza continues
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israeli gunfire has killed more than forty palestinians in the last month. hundreds of migrants are still waiting at the mexican border with the u.s. to find out when they can apply for asylum u.s. border officials have already turned them away saying it's going to gratian holding area has reached full capacity the earlier the us president reaffirmed his belief in a border war with mexico. a high level team from the united nations security council is in me and its latest stop on a trip to assess the range of crisis some seven hundred thousand people have fled me and state last year fearing persecution at the hands of the military that most of them are now living in camps in neighboring bangladesh from where charles stratford reports. on song suchi nobel peace prize winner and for so long the darling of much of the world for the fight for democracy in myanmar u.n.
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security council delegate silly capital naked all the reputation of the civilian leader now in tatters after her refusal to publicly at least condemn the military crackdown and the injust rights groups say the army supported by buddha small killed thousands of men women and children carried out a campaign of gang rape and destroyed hundreds of religious villages the other thing the security council should do is to refer the situation in iraq train state to the international criminal court the crimes against humanity that were committed against a population were clearly of the gravity and severity that they warrant prosecution by the international criminal court. the un has called the violence against the mainly muslim or hinge a textbook ethnic cleansing myanmar's buddhist dominated military deny that saying the army was responding to what he describes as terrorist attacks following the killing of border guards the security council delegations his talks with suchi and
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military leaders of focused on stopping the violence and eventually starting a voluntary repatriation plan proposed by bangladesh in myanmar last year the security council veto power of china and russia has meant the un has been unable to act effectively to end this crisis the ranges say they won't go back to me and mar until they have their citizenship returned it was stripped from them by what was then the government in one thousand nine hundred two u.n. and international aid agencies say it's inconceivable that the regimes you can return when their legal status in myanmar makes them so vulnerable to maul violence that you get out of. the fed me and mom because they tortured us and they killed a lot maybe if they can guarantee us citizenship freedom and a life we will go back otherwise how can we survive there for the approximately seven hundred thousand ready joe who fled myanmar since august and now live in
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what's been described as the largest refugee camp in the world the struggle to survive could become even harder. a dramatic change in the weather is putting lives at risk. as the united nations security council delegation continue their discussions with the me and ma government the situation here for hundreds of thousands of refugees living in flimsy shelters many on steep hillsides could get a lot worse in the coming weeks and months so i clone and monsoon season is starting here the u.n. and aid agencies are saying that it is vital now to act in all of the suburban a disaster happening i made what can only be described as one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world right now charles stratford al jazeera part of the refugee camp with. the british upper house has voted to give parliament the right to veto any breaks that deal to go shaded by the british government now the
2:38 am
government had previously agreed to a parliamentary vote on any agreement but insisted if the deal was rejected the united kingdom would leave the union anyway the amendment approved by the house of lords would give parliament the right to force the government back to the negotiating table back to m.p.'s in the house of commons of staying on message the e.u.'s chief negotiator is calling for a deal to preserve the so-called invisible border between northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and the republic of ireland michel barnier was in the irish republic on monday and as lawrence lee reports he took a hard line on the soft border. if anyone needed proof of how the european union's chief pricks in the go see is viewed in ireland and the welcome from the irish prime minister said it's all done dorks technology college was occupied by the leadership of the entire political class and everyone else with an interest in
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making bricks it worked on ireland and by extension the european union i have the honor of introducing someone who has become a household name in our mr bania they all said he will have no closer friend in us and he in turn promised to defend islands to the end. there is no added value to break the consequences of bricks he could not a miss not lead to the return of our border nature and maps or in mines dundalk itself is only a few kilometers over the border with the u.k. and virtually everyone here crosses as a matter of daily routine the man from the city's chamber of trade is raging at what he sees as the u.k.'s planned betrayal of people here by the proposal to leave the customs union with europe i have somebody that works for me that lives in monaghan tone which is thirty miles away about fifty kilometers so she crossed the
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border twice on the way to walk across the border twice in the way home she said to me i don't mind being left in the morning but i do have a worry over picking the kids up before six o'clock in the evening the hills around the border have in the past seen fighting between irish republicans and the british army they were also smugglers routes for contraband the peace dividend open the border and encourage trade so what next. so we're just crossing the border from the republic of ireland into the north and therefore the u.k. more or less the only reason why you know is because the road signs change color and that's true in dozens and dozens of other border crossings between the two countries and communities in all of those places are desperately worried that the u.k.'s lack of clarity about what bricks it really means will end up with physical roadblocks all over the border. mr bunny then went to new the british city just over the border in the north where he offered his support to people who fear
2:41 am
exactly the same things as the people he met in dundalk the business community in northern ireland wants to remain in the customs union the customs union also wants to retain access to the single market so if those are to your comes from the end of this process just for northern ireland it's a very positive thing that would make northern ireland one of the most attractive investment cations in the world but there is one party here which doesn't like mr barnier sticking his nose into northern ireland at all and it props up the british government keeping to reason may's conservatives in power he is here to represent the views of the european union twenty seven so he's not an honest broker he's here to represent their views and the u.k. government will represent the views for the people of northern ireland given that the british government is in disarray anyway and split in half over its bricks it strategy it isn't difficult for mr bannard to look like he knows what he's doing he and his supporters must hope they can use this straw and the u.k.'s weakness to press home their advantage gloriously al-jazeera on the island hugh cable. while
2:42 am
staying in the region britain's prime minister is coming under increasing pressure over the government's treatment of the so-called windrush generation a scandal that has already forced the resignation of a home secretary and the rudd who quit after telling parliament there were no targets for deporting the law will settle black immigrants it's since been revealed the targets were part of treason maze. policy when she was home secretary reports good morning of the time that you resigned the windrush scandal put immense pressure on the rudd and she liked have survived the change that was from the state questioned on the government's policy of removing illegal migrants from britain and targets for one with a set. we don't have targets for them but that deportation target and her department knew of them they affected the so called wind rushed families who settled legally in post-war britain but whose right to remain was questioned
2:43 am
families from commonwealth countries now caught up in the government's hostile immigration policy. replacing rod subject javid an experience minister he becomes britain's first muslim home secretary son of pakistani migrants his reaction to windrush was personal i am honored to have been asked already this morning to become the home secretary i want to start by making a play. a pledge to those from the wind rush generation who have been in this country for decades and yet have struggled to navigate through the immigration system. this never should have been the case and i would do whatever it takes to put it right like amber rudd sajid javid supported the remain campaign in the bronx at referendum and that will have been a major factor in his appointment is to reserve a needs to maintain that delicate balance between leavers and remain as it had cabinet going forward on a school visit the prime minister denies it and the rudd resigned with the harsh
2:44 am
immigration policies that she herself helped to force and she defended the deportation policy when i was home secretary yes the word targets in the terms of removing people from the from the country who are here illegally this is important i think if you look members of the public they want to ensure that we are dealing with people who are here illegally to reason may is brushing aside called for her resignation as many are now calling for a reset of the place immigration policy. will be a busy week for britain's new home secretary charlie and to al-jazeera london. but so back to the middle east where the palestine national council is holding its first official meeting in twenty two years in the west bank city of ramallah the rare assembly is spending three days discussing critical issues although several key factions have decided not to attend the top of the list is whether to suspend
2:45 am
the palestinians recognition of israel ari force a reporter from ramallah. more than six hundred surviving members of the palestine liberation organizations main representative body arrived for its first full meeting in twenty two years and attempt to revitalize an aging organization according to some to democratise it with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas hand-picking new members how democratic could it really be it's a step in the direction of again demise in the vitalizing our institutions i think we should strengthen the p.l.o. not weaken it i believe we should take this is us but then in. that event but then the. challenges we're facing including the so-called. this opening session was dominated by the palestinian president's freewheeling near two hour speech heavy on history light on policy the emphasis was on the vital importance of the piano's
2:46 am
role in the face of israeli aggression and in advance of the publication of donald trump's peace plan. if this council is harmed then the palestinian dream me seriously harmed therefore we were very determined to create the session we were hoping that everybody who wanted the future of palestine and the palestinian people we wish them to be here but then fortunately for to be abroad but this meeting is as much about process as policy putting the right people in place transferring powers from this national council to a smaller body more closely aligned with them porton thing is that a delegation for sort of the from the national council to center cause it. so if anything happens to a woman if he wants to quit if something happens and it is this central council who can actually egg as the leader of the p.l.o. or and can elect
2:47 am
a new yorkers. one challenge to such legitimacy the continued split with hamas in gaza in the midst of the bloody protests a recent weeks. recommended children be kept away from the gaza border and israeli sniper fire near the beginning of mahmoud abbas a speech was a declaration that there could be no palestinian state without gaza being part of it but efforts to reconcile his fatah faction with hamas which controls gaza have folded so badly that to call them efforts really does stretch a point at this stage and there is no hamas representation here at this meeting from gaza hamas as leader delivered a preemptive denunciation of the p. and c. meeting. mass confirms that any council that doesn't carry the unification idea of the palestinian ranks is a council that never expresses the whole of the palestinians it is a council hits the unity of our people and it's the organization and its legitimacy as representation over all palestinians. the real work of this meeting begins now
2:48 am
as man one of us tries to solidify his power and ensure continued backing for his policies kerry forsett al-jazeera ramallah well three hundred fifty victims of modern day slavery have been rescued in a major into palabra ration in the caribbean central and latin america twenty two arrests were made across thirteen countries in a crackdown that took thirty months to prepare the victims including children who were sexually exploited and forced into labor without pay some women were forced to work out of spaces no bigger than coffins. armenia's opposition leader has been formally nominated for the post of prime minister nicola bashir nears leading a march towards the out of un central square a day ahead of a parliamentary vote on the country's new leader it's the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw former prime minister. now stood for she sharon says he's the only man who could rid our mean year of corruption and poverty and
2:49 am
conduct free and fair elections. some ten thousand people took to the streets in moscow on monday to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in russia or thora jesus love began blocking popular messaging apps like telegram over its refusal to hand over keys to its data encryption in iran meanwhile the authorities have similarly just banned the output that is a communication mainstay for liberal youth and blamed by hardliners for having promoted last year's reformist election victory journal reports. in moscow they demanded the government unblocked the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages sent on telegrams private. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack
2:50 am
on free speech it's right to step forward to freedom within russia it's a beginning it's a way to. censorship to see bill paying it is because someone wants their. internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration i'm sure you could you know i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which telegram has fallen foul of the all florida keys on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram
2:51 am
had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of what. what are we might have here in the united kingdom so it's these two platforms combined. so it's very important and if you look back to previous election kind of correlate series of those that why i lament or your own heinie very kind of see how they were using social media especially when you're very. opposed to reform. protesters in russia would say the same thing. he's promised to developing.
2:52 am
2:53 am
welcome back it's his tatyana. thank you very much a day off to being crowned alida champions boss alona have taken to the streets to celebrate with their fans thousands turned out in bothell owner for the team's victory parade sunday's four two win at decorative a secured bosses twenty fifth vanish league title it was a double celebration as they also won the coffer delve earlier in the season. from
2:54 am
madrid struggled to keep up with boss or in spanish competitions this season but have done better than their rivals in europe and remain on track to win an unprecedented third consecutive champions league crown they take a two one lead over a bar in munich into the second leg of their semi final image on tuesday and if they do go on to win the tournament again raul defended his believes that would be as good as an achievement as bosses domestic double. bustling about a brilliant year two titles isn't easy winning the cup adultery and the league is great but winning the champions league is maybe even better if we can win the champions league he could be a great season to both of us by i mean it could become the first team in champions league history to overturn a two one first leg deficit away from home if they can be raw in the second leg but the german champions of last the past six games the game's real boss has called for the referee of cheese days game to be fed as his side get ready for the challenge
2:55 am
of the ban about. it can and. i expect from the referee in these kinds of matches is to be objective fair and just i'm expecting a fair form of refereeing tomorrow and i expect the players to decide the match and not the referee or system referee is missing it's in design we need to be more efficient than in the first leg in the first like real madrid had three or four goal chances and they scored twice they were very efficient you need to try and play the way we are used to because we've scored eighty eight goals on the league also in the champions league or the german cuts we've scored a lot of goals. so rarely by and going head to head in madrid on tuesday they're meeting for a record twenty sixth time in europe competition the semifinal will take place on wednesday between roma and liverpool livable leading five to one aggregate from the first leg off to a run of bad results taught them of boosted their chances of a top four finish in the e.p.l. which would mean they qualify for next phase as champions league goals from delhi early and harry came into the maternal window over what at wembley on monday may
2:56 am
say a party tino's men now need five more points from their last three games to book their champions league spot. while let's have a look at the top of the english premier league table you can see at tottenham and now five points clear of chelsea in fifth and just one point behind third place to live a poll and just say united and champions manchester city already is short of champions league football next season. when cost as shown by a ref to a player is rarely a joking matter but an official in the dutch league had a sense of humor he appeared to trip over of a test on him player but the players saw it slightly differently and tried to book the referee for diving luckily the cheeky move didn't get him punished for real. football fans will often go to great lengths to support their teams travelling at long distances buying expensive tickets but we think we found one of the most
2:57 am
dedicated fans ever. this turkish football fan of second to club done his last four was banned from the stadium for twelve months but he wasn't prepared to watch his team on t.v. oh no instead he rented a crane and led his fellow fans in the chance unfortunately for him he was later brought down by police and didn't get to see the end of his team's five nil victory . a brazilian surfer has been officially recognised as the new world record holder for the biggest wave ever ridden puerto rico car show was confirmed as setting a new mark of the big wave awards on sunday. after this wave last november off the portuguese coast it measured up twenty four point three eight metres beating the previous best by just sixty one centimeters to put that into context for you that's
2:58 am
just over eight stories tall another award given out on sunday was the biggest wipeout of the year it happened on the same day at the same event but as surfer andrew cotton got the dubious honor as he disappeared into the surf in spectacular style. finally this param or used to winning their awards on the tennis call then as head of the astral open in portugal top brown portuguese player giles salazar and british player number one call adam and temporarily hung up that tennis racket to try all spot of stuffing how to play for them. so what they do best at the tournament on tuesday. and that is all the sport for now more later but give us more news after the break so do stay with us.
2:59 am
arts. net morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this
3:00 am
camp say going to be up at the gala the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of the menfolk was only one word on when it's been months to saw a boy killed in his father's i. saw my son i have only once in my life see men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was dark secret bosnia to come on al-jazeera.


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