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tv   Passport To Freedom  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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every week stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration with different angles from different perspectives. this is the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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hello again adrian something inherent the top stories on al-jazeera israel's prime minister says that iran has pursued a secret nuclear weapons program and lied to international observers about has it breach of the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran dismissed the claims as propaganda calling it a ploy to cancel the nuclear deal particle had reports. it was an inauspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse. but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. probably displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own
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visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear do is based on lies it's based on iranian lies any rain in deception one hundred thousand files right here prove that there log at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by
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cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. political hain al-jazeera washington mike pompei i has concluded his first overseas trip as u.s. secretary of state by urging israel and palestine to restart the peace process was also a major topic discussions with jordan's king abdullah a pale said that he supports israel's actions in gaza wimbledon forty palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire in april. donald trump is delaying his proposed you have to steal an early medium tariffs on canada the european union and mexico until june he's also reportedly reached an agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil the first group of asylum seekers from the so called migrant
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caravan have been allowed to cross from mexico into a u.s. territory. that's an article high current celebrated the news as they waited their turn to enter the united states it took them above to travel from honduras el salvador guatemala vice president mike pence stressed the administration's commitment to border security. and one hundred fifty men women and many small children that are being processed at our border not far from here will be completely reviewed by our postings officials under our asylum laws and that will take place that's why we we've got to build a wall not just for the physical barrier that prevents but also because of a wall sends a very clear message that we're a nation with borders and we intend to uphold those borders and defend those borders of course in australia has ruled that one of the catholic church is top officials will face charges relating to multiple accusations of sexual abuse cardinal george pell who denies the allegations served as
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a priest of victoria in the one nine hundred seventy s. rising to become archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. . media's opposition leader has been formally nominated for the post of prime minister they call posh indian is a is leading a march towards young events central square the day before a parliamentary vote on the country's new leader. the bubble has become the second african country to legalize cannabis cultivation a five year license to own road transport and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use is being offered and those are the headlines more useful zero zero zero world's next.
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mean. in. feet and i am not a big moslem have brought in. all the. weapons that have been to god and that in a month and you can say. the market i will be a bad to do it had he thought of a deal out of you other mortal dog it. who are directly. hacky maybe could manage could even have not had the family couldn't remember. to put a new maltol out of the. modem and look around our front of your path and or suffer the body. how well it jani min min min was he
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in the leg. of the saw the live. lear how about if he. home fi. limo in s. house along really fit the sun or moon should be in more than we can and will be let me at the heart of the walk and either. see that adam would you did an english to mary your course of about is either luke. good luck he had to. do a thorough. look at the new. and
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i've just noticed some sourcing any. to figure out what occurred to figure it to go so far but. so the time so she an aide said if you give me good. that's what they had to cut up to mean wishing for it but now that i let the leader good then the boy. how do you know with the how difficult it didn't e i got enough. about the old me when i didn't need to fit in that would get i would want to. be. bad to get the. foot of the wheel about anything about. my wage has them with full funding going to back them b. would then insist that she and one then insist that she and i get to defeat the hay
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in an opening bid for good and valid. and by then you know. yeah you the. more. than. half of the.
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men. but did know what the subs are for the. mood. in the lot of come in when i was shot in. your hands are old and i thought that helen had it to me. and n n. y your. ballot. often again with. i mean. because. they're all of.
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this is. more an element it does. them all the while all the have. a lot of. the. mission been. it was the guys in it i know the man in rob when. anybody had a mishmash there was you call what i like to buy yeah bennett russian is a bit intimate for him camilla the whole your whole my home and water. men yanni hundred s.
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and the like and mick and it's meant a lot of work to we'll be together. i was the only i'm kind of a kind of thing with those about sort of food and i get kind of that can lessen when chicken on about stuff yeah. going to want to keep going is one of the best
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what the. condition of man and i have but they are kind of the family and so on this i am. going to be in on. the al qaeda chemical test what i'm in the force i'm going to get and then what has to come in the kind of the hospital and i am. to get out of lost or about to have. a good then. get out of going to. thank. you. and i mean you'll come in many. ways get them good then get them in the end and you get it. we're going to get
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a missile discipline as if i were not in an extra. id in there in them in a lump me feeling no standing up demonstrate to the bahamas i'm talking on the go we're looking at god and. him or him. again. and then the bomb that me then. you have to ensure through ahead of us. will fall and so the odds you know. when hell with. best of luck and a kind of way and a good way and s.s.
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and in. its new home well when i haven't had any i will never help. in iraq and a household that had the. grow us out there are. bad to send a team but that did men. yanni at the. feet the proxy is iffy. i do think in fact that. even how any of that i thought. it would be prevent any available then loslyf that we did not have at home i get in the lean to britain how are dead and more g.d. in about d.m. sold out of a beer lobby. of the me of almost. thought a little bit out of the. to let them are radical. well
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developed and america. you have gotten two billion i didn't want. a lot of the. fin with a lot of cash and so forth there's a developmental muscle. going in other than most men who are in million in with a. concern. that a moment of thought at the muscles. subpoena. phil iraq so far there's an anomaly and seen in a wide an echo many on me a lot about him seen in the summer but. many one in with me a wider sheen and finesse i'm not one not to have done. i did anything you will have. the freedom to mock you out of the initial of via.
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a little. to the end it. really didn't. look at the. police because of the risk to get them. to keep the little. zip to get done. with the all i thought was good though what the world
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did with. them i would never mislead kmita in a plea or to look see an issue on hold them in make. a right is shot an empty in order to look see in him i would him well mocking him. i mean i'm a woman in a whole mission the same bus kind of must be enormously massive. in the home alone he managed to get to the roof allow solitary man with a it's all of some soul searching in a. country modernist more with a hint of
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a southern mahmoud to give than i can barely get them out. on a postcard and muslim from qatar will come so to many a real story we're all hearing there were a lot of the opinion about bad awad so rotten a lot of bad will have access in the house of feline animal are we where. seen in the b b a n e b to stanza from oh it will persevere. every collaton so that i think that i don't read the writing with a gun in. the knee and.
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that the heads. of. some one hundred of as early. as jack had smuggled that is in a mess yeah like. has it been t. the entire. and the large the hive. meant some of those could be an evil of them. but he just didn't love me and care for nob i might have met danny. when we did. catch. up with why do you mean i mean. i
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said. i said he's not on a world in. the on a level that i stuck on would be a modest t.v. if there were either but i didn't see him here telling any and. i said just. tell him one of my bit on the. basis of. sexual but a little be a lot of bill but there will be some of them are. what i would be could have nursed with a touch of another little bit. michael supplied the fear with the. oh i'll assess how they're with a little out of the thought of. the
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little. bear of the story in a cool. and without a jar. then the whole bad. under one will do the mom could to get the judge would come and have to kill. them and so look. i had to sue surely you know honey i'm going to just sit in and i feel just you shoulda done not even the whole none of it mark what i thought in the whole. market i thought with i'm not motivated by that afternoon to meet. them and i don't want them agents i thought oh yeah the man had a tad the other mobile and i didn't ever talk less economic development going in
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iraq woulda thought i feel a song with the thought feel more canal here let me definitely about the hossa thing and see what comes out but as in the if you saw it on a thought if you want it done i deadlifting there you off you must look at alec i'm a democrat that is deny him on our side who had to do a lot of different of a kind you have a coward difficult then and are going to let can do with almost any. of the mass of the so don't tell me are they can to but i do feel a month. younger so then come all day monday and act in more stuff. that's sort of home to. me marvin the i'm humble studio met utah fannie well they can suck me and kitchen the mud hut out the
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model. for saudi money had him on. good idea only bad normalised had a sort of. had them with. a democrat you were likely a clever show our fear someone had not long. to lean my horse. and him but how we are going and i can still contaminate the needlessly gun in the summer should home and the pos on the mountain. we looked at often amount of man in this thought. come on top of. the door and tell your federal moron aubuchon go mostly to shutter among a lot more lot of low i don't even know where all the water and if it is a product of flowers for you and i was always to be on top it my buddies are below
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saluting but the people would like to take you. on a few took the to the other side are you. the be our new father she and the mother . well and. ophelia mean honest mother. was thinking of over the world to my own son in a blue skull we. don't know. about a phantom in her. own mother had a few. in this chemical if not thought of. her though the any other more damage done. to the.
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suddenness of the what are you of a loved one can use what we saw sort. of a general to use possible liberty yet of how to hear john we're. going to come a story out of the illusion now to do one must of using a story. of the past another one may. judge if you don't know how much of us what it was you got to georgios. got to know living to not all of them going to what all of you do not to georgia. who says that he was out of his or. out of his era and. potentially started a video i'm going to say yeah i'm doing my. job. and i was up madea heloc and. what are you going to do a lot of. hell is misleading. if you had
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a story. you don't want to. be an awful lot of beefy. that i'd rather be let's. go as a sufferer with a leg especially and then i said for definitely. moneths thirty. minute. or so sophisticated. that has a monk at the visor has a bit of somehow feel a little bit cologne with. me. we'll have that only on the giorgio.
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package for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things. about that or if you joined us on sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation on. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the road through the finding
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higher than anything they could find with detailed coverage. dreamily. driving the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of positon over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington or members of congress do nothing about the cause of part of the constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visits the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government can tell you what it is and then this girl mentality responsibility and her love let them forget the. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm don jordan with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera iran is rejecting claims by israel's prime minister that the pursued a nuclear weapons program and lied to international observers about it in breach of the twenty fifteen nuclear. deal binyamin netanyahu says yes conclusive proof of the program the comments come as u.s. president donald trump considers withdrawing from a landmark iran nuclear deal. donald trump is delaying his proposed new steel in alimony i'm tired of sun canada the european union and mexico until june he's also reportedly reached an agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil it's understood a deal is also been reached to exempt south korea from the tariffs the first group of asylum seekers on the so called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. latin american migrants celebrated the news as they
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wait their turn to enter the united states it took them a month to travel from him dearest el salvador and guatemala u.s. vice president mike pence stress administration's commitment to border security. and one hundred fifty men women and many small children that are being processed at our border not far from here will be completely reviewed by our possum's officials under our asylum laws and that will take place that's why we we've got to build a wall not just for the physical barrier that prevents but also because of a wall sends a very clear message that we're a nation with borders and we intend to uphold those borders and defend those borders and australian court has ruled that one of the catholic church is top officials will face charges relating to multiple accusations of sexual abuse cardinal george pell who denies the allegations served as a priest in victoria during the one nine hundred seventy s. rising to become archbishop of melbourne in the ninety's. as opposition leader has
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been formally nominated for the post of prime minister the goldfish in yemen is leading a march towards the end of and central square ahead of a parliamentary vote on the country's new leader it was the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw the former prime minister. ousted. and zimbabwe has become the second african comfort to legalize cannabis cultivation a five year license to own grow transport and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use is being offered well those are the headlines these continue on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stage of them so watch out.
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thank. you.
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i hate investing or suffer but deal with it then. washington post put it most of the lessons that been proposed for most fair head i'm a frolic of interest as opposed to the mostly washington was what was put it mostly . was put in was a little elevator of a national post for most of them but will forever. that has and what i'm good with because min. city phantom thought of that i meant only for low level is going to suffer more food. is not a suffered maybelle at any for is a. well mucous let us suffer a little at any given as. there was a sufferer assad that men women and with a lot of the. layer after layer. well attorney.
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joseph. age as bill allen how to how our jaws of our money were lost that are you will it's money well the pharmacy my fault jaws of our jaws of a how the better the heart of it the. severed a comma here. where you have a mashad is a colored work done with done an alum here a malicious or a metaphysical. or so how will money. how the how far as. before colorful he grow not. secret the know not.
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but i belive letter the have the have been muslim have because of the good that best in the heart of the bad the law by the seller or by the cousin has the hustle it. was the off for them in the organ theater with benny hill with maggie who. he was one way. and others but what if the twenty k. in san. mostly the guessing homo was. that ability let menteith made. butter up benedick. wife was. better the family go about her big and him and his quote on. four would go for a day me. and i and the. ten year. they can.
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acquire a marriage feel good feel. and that is forgiven. of the system the minute they have. it figured out the christmas not as animals but as i said we are going to be rolled on the planet the board who were thieves with the analysis didn't said beyond powder and lead a very wealthy lot less in the eyes of ability to study field decide that all you would have in. the bill how many could have easily. been shipped about opium to the meter and you didn't. care and so on for these other. and more and more more more and more. middle macabre to mark. mark when you. were
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mostly. all of us of all in the lead not a little more food. labels were mostly. because of the loss of our goal we are. on earth and if you mean that i am i was going to told you that. most ministers that you hold this level. goodness get in particular in a cocoon possible taney i would my get. a good look into looking for work the next would have been the two who began. to get. one difficult or not my being in c.t. . and see it in. i shall again and was seen in again say a ten year. i did that to. them go a better deal than i did chase you have been sitting. and among can i set up a foot in mouth you can come they will mind. but senator if i the whole post were
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to kennedy i said no don't do you must you know i will in the. family and feed them useful mouth. figure the nic you might again say then yeah i did how do you need. it for hypocrites you know you're making kitty like in. them and it impossible when i was born it can give him some of the he barak and i'd love to. go as a sufferer only can see it then you can then got it in media. muscle and the fear or to be aware of give. with. your left your mark them anywhere. again you must allow the. second. while the good the normal wesh are.
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still in iraq. it's a different. as a matter little probable clark admin and we do know to be a horse race in which to my lot of you in which to my list slow me you're caught up in the middle part of the story. could not have believed there was a lot of me over the slimy old sofa at the new moon all of that to shock you i need to understand. but do a lot that if. you let dr reef be as more of blah blahs about how far. as we look. at mark o'mara. allowed jaws was off. a lot of jaws mazola. that the.
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other jaws was all of the you know it clap even the dog. said with our. jaws and upkeep some of the albums is here and had this for the holiday. one of them in the front article. or moral illusion to that mother had in the army she loved it. so she's young you can my a clock how hard is it on the forty year but was a lot of the mystery because you had a sort of goes up on of the. what club but in the vision going when this really. really only got fifteen assault.
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rifle must send a man long to thunderball to last and that some of us and i don't know. yet. i have the freedom to get out of cuba we want of any setting. organise been in the us a long. nose arranged. got to know that. when they. missed the official lottery i won my kids will. i got. the how. to get them feel i get a hold of some of the internet though i'm. going to get then in they have.
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been a good then. how i good then good then good then. good to be with. you. know how. i mean. i'm not going to.
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feel. as if i was but. you know and. how they. good then it went. to an old very old very old very uneven or
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a lot of the national and you guys have. already shall if i feel all that it was a little bit that is yet fallen see was the better the last of it the month. little more dowdy old outside the. maybe seven i said yes and done him and help to mike ma ma ma. ma ma ma ma ma ma pleats home and home and. saw how mother locked up in the c.s. and of john. businessman and he has about the saucy filthy house on the.
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chance to have to ninety three coming with a new home by the unanimous into model of the nestle couple and sort of his as at will. would have disability i mean he had. a model for a bill billet old businessman he going to some kind of recess of a used to the hoop overdid it about sin that a lot of the anyhow three a lot of men on him. fifty i thought a beard out of you had the most of you. know. so with that many of us have an american whether the lace that we focus on the that difficult. has a feel of necessary to look any in. a few be dated to say the men are all over the middle men should do feature that. lho was seen about the let me get in we didn't coordinate e.c. men don't. feel i didn't feel.
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we all do men lash out of the one in the bell and lee let them know how getting the most was a tough marketing live how early i sheen middle your to do a lot with a boss of the holy to many and your daughter you can kill a man. when this but for the get in but love. will know when i've never tried it for. men more i did it than mere to hold it and now greenwood who brought that home i had to know me to go so you found in. one of the now the more it milly. i'm a thousand of them to get. you to argue with you all the way to go because then when you know it's only been online you are. going to think you know you like. comments on the internet that's why can i go south of us don't. know.
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any you really. are then on the developed machine and if i thought that you know god did mean in the developed. well i meant well and thought that it isn't really a limb be a. good then move your own would they meant. if i said an amazing when i'm alone i know yanni a. lot of a a mish mash has a lot. about hummus in if its over there was also a very. it was also the mariel. also. he spotted an orca. that had gotten in real life for spotty and had to walk a year for. every little bitty for his or so for a bath and see if there were. also for the writing more to ask this guy.
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the whole talent. groups and if i want to tell a thought about an event that would lead the feet high with alan. alinea internet symbol of the yani nostra. nor mineral water or been. norman then an. unknown mandala on your lawn atlanta. with a in can some of. fallon. benefit. which our company had let me let you were senior men were sent in we get for the start of that to begin with and without his i would have. him old lot and even the ratty behaviors been this built. of a little wooden. kennel although so far come along what a joy in a muddle what nest of
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a hog it demands of. resources the other thought. we facebook we mention is how i'm well. what i'm be egghead will lead to home. and if you must then i say. well i was a little s.f. but it must. abandon a. lot of the feeling that. i have but on the. edge of what i mean. a lot a lot of her coffee had her with her. feelin's you know. sarah. palin and the. one who wear the mccarthy with everything around. that evolve. can
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negative already fellow do. already fit her blood in the. into the thought he had. got into is how all of the lies that i mean i've. done a lot of the thought through will lead to her allison hammes other thought for a long. dr but steelman. election must end it and. it. will for the magnet off arrow will. look for more about. the income to buy. off the.
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humble of antartica. to have been to speak what i think you know how we really respond. for heydrich in the whole fishy fishy detective that even had. a. search on the measures here. with the user fee and here in santa story out of fear. someone had the gun was and i'm a little bit from going to be silly of the fact that i really love to have the freedom of the. home of the head athena mugging. a mustard.
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and i'm difficult. journey will bet a lot harder than you and. me can mistype will bury the results for you. like you can do so for the evening. i don't see that it can. get out of sorts. or.
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men that have called this broader leverage they. can because i live in economic i live in a hollow part it is hard to be added to my little headset on the moema. unit nikkei and i love them and that's because any. muscle. about the people. said to his her its that we are saying. that he was holding a lot of the lighting's all be a good heart and a lot of sad when my. we heard. from local folk. one of motion of the buckets of water they are but on what. time.
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larry was has. them. and he had them much less. than a and b. . but the allowed to know each mill had been on the edge of my queue. we sure would love to be in. on the side in the butt of your son from. a low. and of course a humble man tom let him on the finest if you know i would willingly hand out about most one of all new. movie of the one this is ness and what is the whole. animal world all sassy and a family and then a kind of am also mostly. and in fact in many big to some of. them is hope of i. must end it in an internet mobile flop and. lick it heals by symbolic battles and
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i'm saying and what am i had to shoot and i had this fly that you're not yet as if . i'm again seeing him go to what. you see alone. but the. and with. that it's what the book a love and a style but that what you see as. the number one who was best under the sun the fear. of the level of the money home a little. bit on the water of my nominee for the one who thought is to turn them into his home a kitty would. have been a clown. a walk on or you mustn't a man when i'm on one leg when misha but the more we walk on one stock the distributer. what i'm stuck with we do know what all can be doing stuff.
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and. of all my friends and one of the troops who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of the men it was only one word on when. i saw a boy killed in his father's. i have only one skin mind i seem to ask. a bit to civil war was darkest secret. account on al-jazeera.
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the weather starting to quieten down now across the middle east in bits and pieces of showery rain in the forecast this area clouds making its way towards afghanistan took notice that was because that will produce some showers and they will be wintry a time clearer weather does come back in behind a bit of cloud there on the southern end of caspian ninety celsius in tehran perhaps your chad just creeping in here so that's also want to see there into turkey but we're going to want to buy right thirty celsius on tuesday afternoon similar values you go on and see where this diet channels of one of two showers at this stage into eastern areas of syria pushing back across central parts of iraq further east it should be dry twenty three celsius in couple of cloud and a shower still a possibility here but sadly some sunshine in between plenty of sunshine into they were some places that plaid you will notice and wait to see the clouds with the
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possibility of the old spot of right what went off in doha at around thirty five celsius maybe thirty six as we go want to through whedon's days away start to see that heat picking up want to talk about the meanwhile across southern africa wanted to showers into the eastern type a little more cloud into the west and we have got showers into mozambique and the low rates continue the ten's in the. canada a country of promise and opportunity for migrant workers but with little protection from the state authorities many are forced to pay extortionate relocation fees and are saddled with heavy debts. to come to canada. and lot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on our ages era.


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