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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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but thirty six as we go one through whedon's we'll start to see that heat picking up but it's all about the meanwhile across southern africa one of two showers into the eastern type a little more cloud into the western cape we have got showers into mozambique and a long ways continue but in. canada a country of promise an opportunity for my grim work but with little protection from the state authorities many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and are saddled with having debts tested and also know a lot to come to canada here seven lot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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tonight i'm here to tell you one thing. iran. israel's prime minister says he has secret files which prove iran covertly pursued nuclear weapons. down in jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up a court in australia told us one of the facts comes most senior officials to stand trial on sex abuse charges. a decisive day in armenia the parliament so expected to approve the opposition leader as the new prime minister. and one of taiwan's last remaining allies cuts diplomatic ties to extend its relations with china. a propaganda show and
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a pack of lies that's the reaction from iran to allegations by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu regarding its nuclear program at a press conference in tel aviv netanyahu despite what he called conclusive proof that iran has weapons program one suggested u.s. officials say they believe israeli accusations meanwhile the e.u. and germany say then investigate the claims but to call him as more from washington . it was an inauspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse. but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. proudly displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own
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visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear deal is based on lies it's based on iranian lies and the rain in deception one hundred thousand files right here prove that their logs at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by
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cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. well the white house has made a small but very significant correction of its response to israel's latest allegations against iran a written statement from the white house press secretary initially said the information released by israel shows iran has a robust plan to stine nuclear weapons program shortly after it was modified to say iran had such a program well the white house is calling it a clerical error well jonathan crystal is a fellow at the world policy institute he says netanyahu is presentation doesn't prove anything. netanyahu has not shown any evidence that iran has violated its agreement or anything that you know comes after july two thousand and fifteen at
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all so i'm a little bit confused as to what the whole performance was about beyond really just trying to confuse president trump and provide ammunition for him to be able to withdraw from the deal on may twelfth we're talking about technology that is decades old it's really the ability to do it and to actually have the centrifuges to. enrich the uranium to actually carry out the process that's the actual very hard part and so you know even iran retaining what it seems like they have retained i don't think really gives them it's sort of to be expected and it doesn't really mean there's any sort of secret program if you think about it logically right iran has no particular reason to violate the deal you know when they were developing their nuclear weapons in the two thousand went on for a long time but if you look at the two thousand and one two three four five years you had over one hundred thousand u.s.
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troops on one side you had over one hundred thousand u.s. troops on the other side and you had a country the united states that had invaded one of its neighbors for no one of iran's neighbors for no particular reason the invasion of iraq and so they had a serious concern about what could protect them from the u.s. now i'm not a fan of iran getting nuclear weapons i hope that they never do. but that sort of change there's no reason why now when the u.s. is sort of war weary when our presence on their borders is minimal why they would break this deal. it makes no sense it's the second day of the palestine national council's first official meeting in twenty two years the rare assemblies discussing critical issues although several key functions have decided not to attend top of the list is whether or not to suspend the palestinians recognition of israel force it recounts day one for us from ramallah. more than six hundred surviving members
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of the palestine liberation organizations main representative body arrived for its first full meeting in twenty two years and attempt to revitalize an aging organization according to some to democratise it with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas hand-picking new members how democratic could it really be it's a step in the direction of again demise in the vitalizing our institutions i think we should strengthen the p.l.o. not weaken it i believe we should take this is but then. there's that but then the . challenges we're facing including the so-called. this opening session was dominated by the palestinian president's freewheeling near two hour speech heavy on history light on policy the emphasis was on the vital importance of the pianos role in the face of israeli aggression and in advance of the publication of donald trump's peace plan. and if this council is harmed then the palestinian dream me seriously harmed therefore we were very determined to create the session we were
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hoping that everybody who wanted the future of palestine and the palestinian people we wished them to be here but they don't fortunately prefer to be abroad but this meeting is as much about process as policy putting the right people in place transferring powers from this national council to a smaller body more closely aligned with us than porton thing is that a delegation for city from the national council to center cause it. so if anything happens to a woman if he wants to quit if something happens there is this central council who can actually act as the of the law and can elect and you'll put one challenge to such legitimacy the continued split with hamas in gaza in the midst of the bloody protests the recent weeks. recommended children be kept away from the gaza border and israeli sniper fire near the
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beginning of mahmoud abbas a speech was a declaration that there could be no palestinian state without gaza being part of it but efforts to reconcile his fatah faction with hamas which controls gaza have folded so badly that to call them efforts really does stretch a point at this stage and there is no hamas representation here at this meeting from gaza hamas as leader delivered a preemptive denunciation of the p. and c. meeting. led me to be shocked when i'm in a mass confirms that any council that doesn't carry the unification idea of the palestinian ranks is a council that never expresses the whole of the palestinians it is a council hits the unity of our people and it's the organization and its legitimacy as representation over all palestinians. the real work of this meeting begins now as man one of us tries to solidify his power and ensure continued backing for his policies are a force that al-jazeera ramallah. the armenian politicians due to vote for
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a new prime minister opposition leader nicole became the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering as the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a long time leader. stick a robin foster walker joins us live now from the armenian capital yerevan robin so i suppose the big question are the republicans largely to back question young for prime minister. sharon nobody at this stage i think is willing to say with certainty that that is what they are going to do it's it's really very exciting times here i mean it's on the square there's a great deal of expectation. that they're ready to celebrate this moment because in a couple of hours that photo is expected to go ahead and he's gathering inside the parliament and they will be an extraordinary session will they will be talking about how and whether to nominate the prime minister but the republicans understood
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last night to have had their own emergency meeting at this according to the opposition leader himself nicko passion yan who was up at three am. telling the opposition telling all his supporters that possibly the republicans were actually going to try and block his domination all failed to turn up today. but remember that will he needs really from namely six seats in order to have the majority of parliament say he's just six republicans. to switch saw it's a nice back piece people's candidate as he's become known. and you know this really will be an extraordinary change for the for i mean it's this isn't just about getting a new prime minister this is about the first steps towards. i knew him for a media politics. i love him so when i was pushing me and said to the people want
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to they expect. when i saw him last night on the square he told everyone to come here today i don't leaven a clock and celebrate this new tool and. again when he was speaking last night he insisted that everybody came in as large numbers as possible because this is what he depends on. the will of the people and it's clear over the last few weeks how he does have absolutely the majority of armenians backing him for this position so he's he's told them to get ready to celebrate but he even if he gets the nomination of prime minister he's going to have a lot more to do before he spelled it revolution as he calls it. is complete the next steps will be to reform the electoral. codes or at least make changes
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that will enable parliamentary elections to be held extrude republic metry elections to go ahead that would do away with some of the things that have balanced have led them have made them. unlucky in accounts a bit lacking in transparency and made them party weighted towards the ruling republican party so he's got to change make electoral reforms ahead of a vote that would give him a fighting chance but you know people i've been speaking to is saying that even if that doesn't happen there's been some change in the armenian mentality amongst the people they have realized that together if they come out as a if down onto the streets they have learned that they can exercise their will and they can make independent choices and decisions about who they want to be the next leader of the our media and republic so really today is going to be a crucial vote and a very critical day for all media people and all media politics and it still everything to play for at this state. i had to run for
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a walk and they had no median topical robin thank you. now don't trump has decided to delay the new steel and aluminum tariffs on canada the e.u. and mexico until june he's also reportedly reached an agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil it's obvious that south korea would also be exempted but she have a chance she has more from washington. the discussions with the europeans in particular have been described as fraught europe holding firm that they will not impose voluntary quotas on their steel and aluminum exports to the united states as the white house is requiring and in fact the e.u. saying that they will impose tariffs on u.s. goods like bourbon and jeans and holly davidson motorcycles if the u.s. does go ahead with tariffs on their goods wilbur ross the commerce secretary was pushing for some sort of delay he's convinced donald trump as for the other countries we knew actually about the u.s. and canada that was announced over the weekend the negotiations there lumped in
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with the negotiations over the north american free trade agreement lots of positive noises but some sort of agreements maybe maybe in the works from mid may and then the three other countries that were mentioned in this proclamation were argentina australia and brazil they are out of the danger of tyrus as long as the agreement that's going to that has been put into into play in principle is followed through within the next thirty days south korea already had agreed to putting a quarter on its steel and aluminum exports so they are also no longer in danger of tariffs. and you alliance between china and the dominican republic has outraged taiwan taipei says it's deeply upset by the relationship between both countries the dominican republic had been one of the strongest diplomatic allies with taiwan edge and brown has more from beijing. well the dummy can republic may be a small country but its decision to sever ties with taipei and recognize beijing still amounts nevertheless to a major diplomatic loss for taiwan it's just ten months since another small country
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panama also sever ties with taipei just nineteen countries now have diplomatic relations with taiwan and it seems that china's strategy is simply wants to isolate taiwan as much as possible and also to exclude it to prevent its participation in a number of international organizations well in the past taipei has accused beijing of playing a diplomatic money game and says it's a game it's no longer prepared to pay now beijing of course regards taiwan as part of its territory and is deeply suspicious and occasionally very antagonistic towards taiwan's independence leaning president zine in when and they have warned in the past that if any time when he's leader were to declare independence than china would seize back the island republic by force. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back more on the international crackdown of a modern day slavery. and why pigeon racing is the next big thing in sri lanka
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or not stay with us. how we got more very warm weather it's eastern process of europe over the next couple of glossy clear skies of that fabulous weather just nice to see a little fund ahead some live the show is starting to push their way and still looking are all around settled over towards the a west now the temperatures swensen says to looking pretty well nice a monday as highs thirty celsius in warsaw all those that hate compare that to six decrease in london real cold wet and windy day this one will improve for six one three cheese day thirteen celsius not great has to be said but that is an improvement thirteen therefore paris sixteen zero and also former trade central areas that's more so twenty five degrees so the heat just a biting
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a little bit but staying well up into the twenty's there for book arrest and down towards the southeast and cold at a similar conditions continuing here we will see some very wet weather coming into that western side of the med as we go on through the next twenty four to forty eight hours and that will easiest way for the east was already just makes way for the next weather system bringing more rain into the u.k. the west of france and also into western span and portugal now that wet weather will lap on to the coastal shores of algeria it really gets going as we go into the middle part of the week really wet and windy weather coming in from china sea abul safer algeria's at fifteen degrees. three big stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration with different angles from different perspectives. the more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i only got. the
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misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here this hour iran has accused binyamin netanyahu of a propaganda shot off the israeli prime minister revealed documents he said proved the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement was based on lies that were presented were he said was an archive of stolen iranian nuclear plans eleven days before donald trump must decide whether or not to stick with the deal. parliament's expected to vote
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for a new prime minister opposition leader nicole became the sole candidate for the post office deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering is a live shot in the capital and it's the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a longtime leader. now eight asylum seekers in the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. the last american migrants a bit have been celebrating the news as they wait their turn to enter the united states it took them a month to travel from jurists el salvador guatemala they were first denied entry as the u.s. president called him a threat to american six. well in a there's a to a u.s. border patrol station in california u.s. vice president mike pence stressed administration's commitment to border security. and the hundred fifty men women and many small children that are being processed at our border not far from here will be completely reviewed by our customs officials
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under our asylum laws and that will take place that's why we we've got to build a wall not just for the physical barrier that it prevents but also because of a wall sends a very clear message that we're a nation with borders and we intend to uphold those borders and defend those borders matter apollo reports the mexican city of tijuana. it's been two days of confusion and exotic for a group of over one hundred fifty central american migrants who were denied entry into the u.s. inspection facility at the u.s. border crossing here in c. one a mexican officials had asked many of these individuals to leave yesterday after they were denied entry but a group of fifty stayed overnight braving the cold braving the elements saying that they will do anything to to have that opportunity to plead their asylum cases to u.s. border officials you can see that there is quite a few children behind me today happened to be children's day in mexico so we saw plenty of activists and charity volunteers handing out clothes handing out blankets
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and toys as a distraction from the confusion a distraction from the stress for many of these kids we have to remember that these folks have been traveling for a month now across mexico many of them most of them from central america countries like honduras el salvador and guatemala where they're fleeing violence related to gangs violence related to organized crime because so many of these folks have been actually traveling for longer than a month what many of these folks are telling us is that regardless of the rain you can see the tarps being set up behind me sort of preempting the rain showers that are expected later this evening they say that regardless of the weather regardless of how long it takes to be out here they're committed to having their opportunity to plead their cases to to authorities on the other side of the border we're also hearing overwhelmingly from individual saying that they don't want to do anything illegal they want to use the existing asylum laws in the united states to go about this the legal way which of course they do have the right to do so under international law. now one of the catholic church's top officials will face sexual
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abuse charges in an australian court cardinal george pell served as a priest in victoria during the one nine hundred seventy s. rising to become archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's accused of several acts of sexual misconduct during those years but pelle is now australia's most senior catholic cleric and serves in a row must vatican treasury he's pleaded not guilty under thomas has more from outside the court in melbourne. the magistrate ran through the various accusations against called know how he made it very clear the her job was not to decide whether the jury should convict on any of them but whether it could convict the credibility of a witness so poor as to completely collapse in front of a jury and if not accusation should go to trial was it physically possible for what was being alleged to have occurred again if that relatively low ball was poss then again the accusation should go through to a jury trial india and she decided that about half of the allegations against
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called should go to a jury trial on wednesday called new pal will face a criminal court's the directions hearing to find out more details about when and where his trial will take place in the meantime he's been allowed out on bail but he is not allowed to leave australia this will have big implications for the catholic church wants to help with the most senior catholic at the vatican managing all its finances this is an incredible fall from grace from him although it is yet to be determined whether he's guilty and he says he is not of any of the accusations that will now go to trial. the u.s. defense secretary has downplayed the plan to pull american troops out of syria james martin says the u.s. will not withdraw before a peace deal is reached he says the u.s. led coalition which is on the verge of a victory against i still doesn't want to abandon syria at this point last week president trump said he wants to must draw american troops in syria relatively soon
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. staying in syria the government is struck an evacuation deal with some rebels in southern damascus that comes after it launched an offensive to recapture the territory from eisel two weeks ago say no to reports from the lebanese capital beirut. another evacuation deal another surrender fighters belonging to him. an armed group formerly known as al nusra front are leaving their enclave in southern damascus they were faced little choice they were under siege and under fire their families are accompanying them to the opposition controlled northwestern province of idlib. is powerful but the armed group had to make concessions such as agreeing to release dozens of prisoners and allowing thousands of syrians from the besieged loyalist towns of poor and can freyja to leave to government controlled territory pro-government forces have long wanted to fully evacuate the predominantly shiite towns because that would deny the rebels the ability to
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pressure damascus by threatening to target them it's another win for the syrian government and its allies it's a force agreement of its kind in recent weeks rebels have already surrendered eastern hutto which was their main stronghold close to the capital and the pocket of territory in the column one region northeast of damascus and then a few days rebel factions linked to the free syrian army are expected to hand over the districts. in southern to mask this in order to stave off a military operation. that will leave a few districts in southern damascus still outside government control. is in control of that pocket of territory it's almost been two weeks since government forces and their allies launched an all out assault to recapture the area i saw the fighters have been putting up fierce resistance. pro-government forces have made some gains but the battle is not easy their heavy weapons are ineffective in built up areas the government however is pushing ahead with its military solution to the
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war focusing on recapturing all the remaining areas besieged by bashar al assad's forces. the northern countryside of homs province is among them the biggest town in the opposition controlled area. rustan's has been coming under heavy fire the region is strategically important for the government it's close to the main road connecting the government controlled cities of homs and hama rebel factions have been offered in fact if they refused reconciliation so far they haven't given in that may change if the military pressure continues with their beirut. three hundred fifty victims a modern day slavery have been rescued in a major interpol operation in central and latin america as well as the caribbean twenty two people have been arrested in thirteen countries in a raid that took thirty months to prepare the victims including children were sexually exploited and forced into labor without pain. zimbabwe has become the
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second african country to legalize cannabis cultivation under certain circumstances people going to ply for a five year license to grow transport and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use license fees are said to range from five to twenty thousand dollars until now zimbabweans faced up to twelve years in prison if caught growing or using cannabis in the philippines capital manila thousands of union workers of march labor day with protests they're angry about president of regurgitated his failure to on one of his main campaign pledges union groups are expected to target to sign an executive to create head of labor day to strengthen the employment rights a temporary workers. similar protests have been taking place in indonesia as capital jakarta people gathered outside the presidential palace calling for an increase to the minimum wage and better working conditions. i journalist has been released from prison after serving seven years for allegedly insulting the king.
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walked free after his sentence was cut by the supreme court a magazine editor was jailed in twenty eleven for publishing articles calling for changes to the law which protect the monarchy. pigeon racing has become popular in the tropical island of sri lanka many locals say they think it's a great weight of wind and feel at one with nature and it smith breeders of their birds as they took to the skies in first ever pigeon race. reaches for his favorite book that irene won the first of a pigeon race here earlier this month and this one. a hindu priest would like more pigeons but says his wife has drawn the line at the hundred or so he has in his yard. i have hundred this bridge and from the time it was twenty one days old i feed and look after it so it identifies recognizes us we spent a lot of time with the birds even when it's flying in the sky we can recognize which is our this is. it takes a couple of months to train
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a homing pigeon used for thousands of years to carry messages gracing the third became a sporting belgium in the nineteenth century now the sri lankans of picked it up and for the same reasons people the world over take up hobbies have a lot of space in my life so i have sleepless nights and all the games a lot of places in my life so good some sports believe i. thought i had to miss a start but where are these regions. with wings stamps just in case a bird doesn't make it home they're ready to fly. on this training run the pigeons should make it so that coops within a couple of minutes before my champion harini has made it back after hour later she limps home with a nasty couch it seems this champion pigeon survived a fight with a hungry falcon the vet stitches are up
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a rini will fly again bernard smith al-jazeera jaffna. a tough a quick check of the top stories here now is iran is accusing israel's prime minister of a propaganda show by revealing documents he said proving twenty fifteen nuclear deal was based on lies eleven days before donald trump must decide whether or not to stick with the deal binyamin netanyahu should reporters what he said was an archive of stolen iranian nuclear plans. iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program one hundred thousand secret files prove that they lied second even after the deal iran continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons nor for future use why would a terrorist regime hide. and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear files if not to use the middle later date well the white house has made
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a small but very significant correction to its response to israel's latest allegations against iran a written statement from the white house press secretary initially said the information released by israel shows iran has a robust plan to stine nuclear weapons program but shortly after it was modified to say iran had such a program the white house is calling it a clerical error. the armenian parliament's expected to vote for a new prime minister shortly opposition leader nicole passion became the sole candidate for the post stopped on deadline passed on monday without other candidates registering. as the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a longtime leader. ousted. an australian court has ruled that one of the catholic church's top officials will face charges relating to multiple accusations of sexual abuse cardinal george pell who denies the allegations served as a priest in victoria joined the one nine hundred seventy s. rising to become archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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. eight asylum seekers from the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. american migrants celebrated the news as they wait their turn to enter into the united states it took them a month to travel from honduras el salvador and guatemala. well those are the headlines the news continues here on after inside story. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. ratcheting up the rhetoric against iran the newly appointed us extra.


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