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around the world people in power asked the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating both the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera the big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's power with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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waiting to change thousands are outside armenia's parliament ahead of a vote to elect a new leader we'll have a live update. hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up with momentum building the d.m.z. between north and south korea may be the most likely venue for the meeting between donald trump and kim jong il. a court in australia orders one of the vatican's most senior officials to stand trial on sex abuse charges. and a rose by any other name scientist in france cracked one of horticulturist most complex genomes that means bigger better and smell the flowers.
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we begin with some breaking news out of brazil of these one person has been killed after a building in sao paolo caught fire and collapsed twenty four former police and going to abandon and occupied by forces when the search is underway to find several missing people we'll keep you posted as we get details but let's cross now to al-jazeera has resumed producer piero needs he joins us live on the phone from rio what more do we know about this building this collapse then. the pictures to market the twenty six story building blocks. in downtown from all of these forty minutes after the beginning of the fire brigade person confirmed at least one dead and. one victims. discontinuities king according to social workers around eight people had moved into the building we can vary this was a bedroom police unit a k.
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to. an occupied by. a local papers have managed to be used some of the people. fired and the endlessly happened is really really doing tonight what will nearby and the church was partially destroyed was also ever created according to the officers but there is little risk of say the area is you isolated and around one hundred sixty rescue workers are in the region ok r.f.l.p. area in rio de janeiro thank you very much indeed for the update. now with our media and capital yerevan thousands of people have gathered outside parliament which will soon vote to elect a new prime minister. the. opposition leader nicole is the sole candidate for the post after the deadline passed on monday with no other candidate entering the fray the vote follows two weeks of protests that forced a longtime leader. to resign but the senior has been facing questions about his
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vision of armenia's future i've gotten past medion through croom i mean you should eradicate the thirty percent poverty that is the most shameful thing and there should be no poverty in armenia but that should be cheap not through charity but through putting people's best abilities to use i want to underscore that this movement is about the victory of the citizen our primary mission is to organize free and fair elections in armenia the absence of which since the one nine hundred ninety s. is at the base of the situation we're in now now the u.s. president says he likes the idea of meeting the north korean leader at the place of last week's historic summit with south korea in the latest reconciliation move south korea has begun dismantling huge loudspeakers that used to blare and north broadcasts on the border you know that is insult. during times of heightened tensions here on the korean peninsula north and south korea have used the loudspeakers to broadcast propaganda messages across the border south korea's messages have included news weather and k.
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pop music it often provoked an angry response from north korea which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access but relations between the two countries have been improving south korean k. pop artists were even welcome to pyongyang recently for a performance and the leader kim jong un was in the audience and as part of the declaration signed between him and south korean president lee j n on friday the two koreas agreed the propaganda campaigns would stop south korea begin dismantling its speakers on choose day in the north reportedly did the same and after that historic summit between the two koreas there's now the possibility that a meeting between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un could take place at the same border village the date and location have not been confirmed yet but donald trump says he likes the idea of having the meeting at the demilitarized zone because he says if things work out there's a great celebration to be had on the site a propaganda show when
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a pack of lawyers that was the reaction from iran john occasions by israel's prime minister about iranian nuclear weapons binyamin netanyahu showed reporters in tel aviv what he called conclusive proof the terror on how to one point a weapons program where u.s. diplomats say they believe netanyahu and germany are investigating the israeli accusations particle again as more from washington d.c. . it wasn't you know suspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse. but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. proudly displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own
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visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear do is based on lies it's based on iranian lies any rain in the separation one hundred thousand files right here prove that there log at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by
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cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. pedicle hain al-jazeera washington herefore sets in a western islam with israeli reaction. well the domestic israeli reviews are in for what was very much an internationally focused televised performance by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu last night very positive reviews of the how of all this the fact that the entire intelligence services were able to get all of this information out of iran a half ton of documents benjamin netanyahu said more than one hundred thousand files one hundred ninety three c.d.'s worth of information about iran's former nuclear program but it is that word former that is at issue for many of the commentators in the israeli media the haaretz newspaper terms it perhaps in the
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most catchy way saying that this was a photograph taken several years ago of a smoking gun rather than a smoking gun itself the times of israel says that this was a stunning operation which overshadows the actual intelligence which was stolen that's because benjamin netanyahu himself admitted in his televised broadcast that this was a program which was paused in two thousand and three he says though the key thing is that iran has continually lied about it even during the signing of the j c p o a the iran nuclear deal in twenty fifteen and that negates the deal others though saying that that's precisely the reason for the deal the e.u. says that there was always the assumption that iran hadn't been forthcoming about the nuclear program and that's why the j c p o a was framed in the way it was the haaretz newspaper is also quoting from james mattis the u.s. defense secretary making a similar point that several weeks ago the language in the j.c.
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suggested that iran was assumed to be lying all along so the question is who does this influence presumably not those who are against pulling out of a j c p o a does it give donald trump that extra impetus before may the twelfth the deadline for him to make a decision. well robert kelly is a former director of analysis with. the u.n. agency investigating iran's nuclear activities he says there's no smoking gun information obtained by israel netanyahu speech is the dates are all missing everything he presented it appears to be related to developing nuclear weapons was longer growing as well no there's nothing that he presented about the former weapons program that was news i think what you have to see is a lot of countries have a lot of secrets they like to keep him holding some of these feet to the farm and saying you know everything you did last fifty years is not going to happen we're looking to the future i think it there are cases been made very well now that the j c p a where you need to stand because the jury c.p.o.
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is the thing it's keeping the information that netanyahu presented yesterday from actualized there's not going to be a nuclear weapons program there's a j.c.b. away so trump would be a fool to walk away from this war. break out as a rout when we come back afghanistan is mourning for dozens of victims of monday's attack us. internet freedom tens of thousands of people take to the streets and most of them on that status. hello there we're seeing quite a bit of cloud and rain over the northern parts of asia at the moment we can see one system that's moving away from japan but the next systems gathering itself together making its way of the eastern parts of china and we'll see more cloud work its way across the korean peninsula as well that's gradually working its way eastwards then so it's with us on wednesday shop showers across this whole region
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including across a few shoe where i think we'll see some of the heaviest of the downpours that system will still be intensifying as it works its way eastwards might even give us a little bit of snow along its northern edge for the south of course far too warm for it here but still wet and windy tokyo twenty seven degrees so mild despite that wet windy weather towards the west a lot quieter weather wise here twenty seven degrees will be our maximum temperature there in beijing of a further towards the south and here's where all the showers originating over parts of china but this system is gradually sinking its way southward so it's stretching from the northern parts of it now all the way up towards the dirge young province to the north of that city looking a bit drier force in shanghai temperatures around twenty six degrees i mean for the towards the south plenty of showers here most of them working their way towards the west towards us in vietnam we could see the or shower around the coast.
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he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to. finland was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary. speaks to the met osama bin ladin he never showed hostility towards me as the west i knew bin ladin on all jersey. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour please one person has been killed
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off a building in south dakota fire and collapse the abandoned twenty floors form a police headquarters was occupied by squatters the search is underway to find several missing people. and i mean u.s. capital yerevan thousands of gathered outside parliament which will soon vote to elect a new prime minister opposition leader nicol passion of the soul candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday was no other candidate entering but. on iran's accusing israel's prime minister of a propaganda show by revealing documents he said proved the twenty fifty nuclear deal was based on lies eleven days before donald trump decides on continuing the deal or not binyamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was an archive of stolen nuclear lab. for more on what about top stories that vote in armenia to elect a new leader robin foster walka as the latest from the armenian capital america. has been speaking inside the parliament there m.p.'s if there is enough of them to votes that would make his nomination go forward to prime minister. vytas that he
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can get enough votes a majority and he needs at least six republicans they are the governing party to come on inside and support him he has the rest of the political factions in parliament the question now is whether the republicans are willing to do what the country demands of them we have seen tens of thousands of people again back on the streets in the city center of yet if more than i've seen all week but huge numbers today and they expect an outcome and they are grady to celebrate because they anticipate that nicole tyson yann will be this country's next prime minister and if that happens he will form a transitional government and he will hope to be able to make changes to the electoral system that would allow for a free and fair elections in armenia something this country has not enjoyed of late and that would give his platform an opportunity to lead this country because at the
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moment the will of the people seems to be overwhelmingly in support of change here they've had enough of the former leadership of said sudsy and he resigned last week and then they decided this movement that that wasn't enough they wanted the republican party gone they did not want said she's candidate the acting prime minister to take over so this vote is going forward and now the question is whether the republican party or members of it are willing to make that step because if they don't there's going to be an awful lot of very disappointed very angry people on the streets of the capital there will be a chance for another vote next week but at the moment all eyes and all expectation is on a revote results today that would take our media forward to a new government and a new future not roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse decades ago cardinal george pell pleaded not guilty to dozens of witnesses
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gave evidence in a months long committal hearing the former archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. rose to become vatican treasurer and aide to pope francis thomas reports. cardinal pell arrived at a melbourne course hoping this would be his final appearance. it would be george pell was until recently the catholic church's treasurer arguably the third most important person of the vatican inside here a magistrate told him he will face a criminal trial accused of historic sexual offenses police formed a barrier to help clear his path out a large crowd of media and people who say they were abused by priests in the catholic church was writing. the magistrates had barely finished. before he answered very very not guilty they were only words during
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the hearing they think granted bail but he's not allowed to leave australia a legal suppression order bans the reporting yet of exactly what will stand trial for it also prevents the reporting of how many accusations have now been dismissed and what they were as a priest in the state of victoria and later archbishop of melbourne and sydney cardinal pell became australia's most senior catholic during his committal hearing a magistrate tested the credibility of pelts accusers and the strength of his defense she said her job was to decide whether a jury could convict not whether it would she only dismissed charges where established facts made the accusations impossible or where an accuser's credibility was so poor their attitude to giving evidence so cavalier that a jury couldn't possibly trust what they said on that basis the magistrate decided there was sufficient evidence for about the charges she examined to go to trial victims of sexual abuse by other people in the catholic church say they are
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delighted to die surely does restore your faith in the system you could say that the judge. went through very very far away the crimes against the cardinal spoke about the climate's. yes it's. a very historical absolutely historic on wednesday cardinal pell the place another court that will be a first hearing to determine where and when no longer just whether he'll stand trial after thomas al-jazeera meldon well kathy kettleman is the president of the blue not foundation which helps adult survivors of child abuse she joins us via skype from sydney and how significant is this case regarding cardinal pell i mean he's australia's most seen a catholic and is close to the pope this must be very embarrassing for the vatican look i think it is very significant and won't show is that no one is above the law obviously everyone. is is due to.
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the low shows that everyone can be potentially able to go out and the vatican has been criticized for not pursuing cases of sexual abuse by priests much more aggressively i mean will this case add renewed impetus to the vatican piece simming priests who have abused look you would you would hope so in this country in australia we've had a five year old commission and that there were two one thousand mainstream institutions in which children and sexually so this is not just a problem of the catholic church although a large percentage of those. needs in the mission were from the catholic church and we know that you know certainly the church has been very reluctant. clergy and lay people who are alleged to be users to account and hopefully we will see this unchanged from the secrecy see this sort of thing that we've seen. and many of the
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abuse allegations in this case go back decades so how does your organization help adult survivors of child abuse. look it really can be very very difficult for people to come forward and speak about you know the core of their trauma what happened to them years ago and people take on a very often to take on a very inappropriate cents a share and so frayed and feel very guilty and we've had a system and a society in which to blame victims and we've seen that very much in past generations it's very very hard for people to so the rule commissions change that in australia we've seen lots of survivors come forward been heard by people in a position of authority been believed and been validated and that's very very important and we need to see the blame where it belongs with the traders kathy you talk about the rule commission but what about the broader issue of child sex abuse in australia what more needs to be done to tackle the issue particularly in the
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church look i mean this is a massive issue you know that. you know obviously it could significantly in the church but it's much more common in the family as well and of course in this very broad based social practice so you know within the church certainly we see need to see a much more open transparent system where there's zero tolerance to a child being at risk of power well being how. well need to see child safe practices we need to see mentoring reporting we need to you know. that. no one is complicit in covering up these are crimes against children and we know that children and never to. use that because kathy castleman thanks for talking to al-jazeera thank you know people in afghanistan are remembering those who died on monday in a twin bombing in kabul i source says it carried out the attack jennifer glass has more. the morning continues here in afghanistan there will be prayers in mosques
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across the city for those twenty five people who died in twin eisel bombings on monday morning that injured of that also injured more than forty nine people this is the second i saw a bombing here in kabul in just over a week last sunday an attack on a voter registration center killed almost sixty people and wounded more than one hundred and ten and the attacks continue in eastern afghanistan or early tuesday morning a bombing targeting a provincial council member killed his bodyguard injured several other people and the fighting continues in eastern afghanistan as the bombings were happening here in kabul afghan security forces and want to american were killed in fighting in eastern afghanistan that is the ice will stronghold and there was a car bomb on monday in the south which is the taliban stronghold the taliban announcing the start of their spring offensive just a few days ago the fighting continues throughout afghanistan the afghan people
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wondering how this could all happen monday's bombing killed nine journalists the worst day for the media in afghanistan since two thousand and one and journalists and others are asking what can be done to keep this from happening what more can be done in terms of security to the battle very fierce for afghan security forces and for the government another battle for the trust and the and the security of his own people the u.s. president donald trump has decided to delay new steel and aluminum tires on canada the european union and mexico until june is also reported to reach an agreement in principle with argentina australia brazil it's understood south korea will also be exempted. from washington. the discussions with the europeans in particular have been described as for europe holding firm that they will not impose voluntary
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quotas on their steel and aluminum exports to the united states as the white house is requiring and in fact the e.u. saying that they will impose tariffs on u.s. goods like bub and jeans and holly davidson motorcycles if the u.s. does go ahead with tariffs on their goods wilbur ross the commerce secretary was pushing for some sort of delay he's convinced donald trump as for the other countries we knew actually about the u.s. and canada that was announced over the weekend the negotiations there lumped in with the negotiations over the north american free trade agreement lots of positive noises but some sort of agreements maybe maybe in the works from mid may and then the three other countries that were mentioned in this proclamation argentina australia and brazil they are out of the danger of tyrus as long as the agreement that's going to that has been put into into play in principle is followed through within the next thirty days south korea already had agreed to putting a quarter on its steel and aluminum exports so they are also no longer in danger of
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tariffs. the adult film actor stormy daniels has filed a defamation lawsuit against the us president daniels is suing donald trump for trying to tarnish our reputation in a tweet that included a sketch of a man daniel says threatened her in two thousand and eleven daniel says she and the president had an affair started in two thousand and six trump strongly denies the allegations. some ten thousand people took to the streets in moscow on monday to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom forages this month began blocking the messaging app telegram of its refusal to hand of the keys to its data encryption gena whole reports. in moscow they demanded the government unblocked the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages sent on telegrams private. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is
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a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's right to step up our to freedom within russia and it's beginning it's a way to start. to examine this even though a i think it is because some of their. internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration i'm sure you could you know i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which telegram has fallen foul of the earth or a tease on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram
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had been used to organ. eyes antigovernment protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter about you might have here in the united kingdom so it's the two platforms combined for iranians often times so it's very important and if you look back to previous elections you can kind of correlate the victories of those that why in the most part of them and or their own heinie victory kind of see how they were so yes especially very eloquent and all that was supporting so telegram be seen as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the apps found a russian entrepreneur pavel bure of his fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban jonah how al-jazeera zimbabwe has become the second african country to legalize cannabis cultivation
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under certain circumstances people can apply for a five year license to own and grow transport and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use license fees are said to range from five to twenty thousand dollars until now isn't bobbins face up to twelve years in prison if caught growing or using cannabis in the philippines capital manila thousands of union workers have marched labor day with protests there are angry of the president rodriguez of the tatars failure to on one of his main campaign pledges union groups are expected to target to sign an executive degree ahead of labor day to strengthen the employment rights of temporary workers. and similar protests have been taking place in the nation's capital jakarta people gathered outside the presidential palace calling for an increase to the minimum wage and better working conditions. now scientists have cracked another genome which would help grow more colorful and fragrant roses this is especially significant because it means bigger and better and utterly
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unique new strains of the rose for the project based at the university of new york i'm lies the chemistry of the flowers to figure out which genes are responsible for the color and the scent of muhammad ben damania senior author of the study explains how the new genome will make a difference. this work actually involved and your national consortium and you got information about the content and now we have a year on genes that are in one of the sounds as you know actually the role sent these companies got hundreds of monkeys but also on color and on the flower development and initiation it during roasting discussion and in breeding processes when we select form and forced mrs victories for example for flowers that last longer these flowers lost their ability to be scented and this we couldn't and the steward actually before having information of the genome we couldn't understand it now we have. putative explanation why actually remember select for longer flower
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lush. life really sound. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least one person has been killed after a building in sao paolo caught fire and collapsed the abandoned twenty floor former police headquarters was occupied by squatters the search is underway to find several missing people. produce roughly appear only as the details. fire brigade person confirmed at least one dead and that they would hurt them or get them to let the fire be some fifty around eighty people have moved into the beauty we can vary the walk the federal police unit but hated some years ago and occupied by walkers a local papers have managed great abused some of the broken aged quietly and the
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old and really happy to really be during the night who clearly are by and the church was partially destroyed but also ever created. and the armenian capital yerevan thousands of people have gathered outside parliament which is set to vote on a new prime minister. and the. opposition leader as the sole candidate for the job offer deadline passed on monday with no with a candidate entering the fray. i was going to. armenia should eradicate the thirty percent poverty that is the most shameful thing and there should be no poverty in armenia but that should be chief not through charity but through putting people's best abilities to use i want to underscore that this movement is about the victory of the citizen our primary mission is to organize free and fair elections in armenia the absence of which since the one nine hundred ninety s. is at the base of the situation we're in now iran's accusing israel's prime minister of
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a propaganda show by revealing documents he said prove the twenty fifty nuclear agreement was based on lies eleven days before donald trump decides on continuing the deal or not been netanyahu showed reporters what he said was stolen nuclear plans. a roman catholic caught in the stand trial in australia for sexual abuse decades ago cardinal george pell pleaded not guilty of dozens of witnesses evidence that a month long committed. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story of those who watched.


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