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with the smell of these. birds or the bad the up the bad ones. so it's much worse than the garbage because all of the smell is coming from the dead bodies so that's it. you. know where you. are you. know how. i mean it was difficult not to say that whether someone is going or someone is very rich but there's meddling in nature and i think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. inject a story in fly out.
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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the winds of change thousands of armenians gathered outside the parliament ahead of a vote to elect the new prime minister. tonight i'm here to tell you one thing. iran large. israel's prime minister says he has secret files which prove iran covertly pursued nuclear weapons. at least one person is dead after a massive fire causes a building to collapse in brazil now rescue workers are scrambling to find survivors. and i'm fond of commerce and we'll have all of the day's sporting. the
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boston celtics beat philadelphia in the n.b.a. playoff series opener and a decade long title in. a propaganda show a pack of lies that was the reaction from iran to allegations from the israeli prime minister about the iranian nuclear weapons benjamin netanyahu showed reporters in tel aviv what he called conclusive proof that tehran had at one point a weapons program u.s. diplomats say they believe netanyahu and the e.u. and germany are investigating those israeli accusations patty cohen with more now from washington. it was an inauspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin
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netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. proudly displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear issue is based on lies it's based on iranian lies any rain in the separation one hundred thousand files right here. at their log at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth
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the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. well the white house says a clerical error forced it to correct its response to netanyahu is allegations in a written statement its press secretary initially mentioned that the israeli information shows iran has a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program shortly after that the sentence was modified to say iran had such a program alan fisher has been following the reaction in washington alan how
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closely are they watching this where you are. well obviously they're very interested might compere the new u.s. secretary of state who was in jerusalem just a few days ago says that the state department is going through all the documents that the israelis have provided and the initial analysis suggests that these documents are true. says it proves that iran built their nuclear program on the deal on lies and therefore there should be a reconsideration of it by the international community that's important because my pump here was brought in as a new voice for donald trump particularly as rex tillerson also suggested that when he was u.s. secretary of state that iran was very much in compliance with the iran nuclear deal and therefore the u.s. should stay inside it james mattis who is the defense secretary has also queried what the plan b. would be and said at the moment if the walk away from the deal then that makes iran
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getting nuclear weapons even more likely and so the whole decision is left with donald trump as you heard from article here and he's still got a decision to make that decision is being framed by the u.s. media as fix or next and he's building up the suspense in the way that donald trump loves to do by seeing people in washington think they know what he's going to do but he hasn't made that final decision but everything he's said over the last two years would suggest that donald trump is very keen that the united states walk away from the iran nuclear deal and is the trump white house content for iran to walk away because that's what iran is on record as saying they've said look if donald trump walks away we walk away and analysts are all saying the same thing look at least now. is within the the diplomatic circle of a conversation a place it wasn't say fifteen years ago. well you have to remember that just in the last week in washington we've seen president emanuel mccraw from france and
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chancellor angela merkel from germany come to washington and mccraw support to a joint session of congress and there he said with iran's nuclear deal there is no plan b. and he donald trump quite forcibly to stay within the deal and angle americal repeated that as well you know donald trump will listen to all these voices but he's also listening to benjamin netanyahu is listening to the saudis and it's interesting that many people are framing benjamin netanyahu presentation on monday as very much for an audience of one this was in sawley donald trump the sea because look he came out he spoke mainly in english it was all about a presentation with slides making it easy for donald trump to understand this was all about putting pressure on the u.s. president to live to deliver to benjamin netanyahu a big political win and there's another thing that drives donald trump through all of this is that he likes to be the anti barack obama he sees barack obama he sees
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the iran nuclear deal is a big diplomatic win for him and he would like to unpick that to see that he has been right all along as he did in the rose garden of the white house on monday alan thank you very much in the armenian capital here of an thousands of people have gathered outside the parliament which is set to vote for its new prime minister the opposition leader nicole partially on has led weeks of protests that forced the longtime leader. to resign after a round of questions pressure can either be voted in or the parliament can call for snap elections. let's talk to our correspondent robin for us to walk or joining us live from outside the parliament building there in europe and robin they've been at it for a long time what are they talking about. yeah he's been facing a grilling from the m.p.'s in particular or rather i should say exclusively
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a grilling from those m.p.'s the blockheads up until now is very reluctant it seems to want to vote in support of him as pm and that is the governing republican party and they've been wanting to it seems slow down the process as well lots of speeches are going on at the moment lots of great weeks all the while people on the square around us just patiently waiting with the excitement is palpable whether they be listening on their radios or watching on their phones or on the big screen which you could probably see behind me they call passion the end is really hard to tough questioning from the republicans about how he would lead this country in the event of a military crisis for example as many of us may know the new go to karabakh conflict is still ongoing it's it's a disputed territory that the army i mean its whole bit as if by job books back and they say richie be able as a military can to lead the country and to make tough decisions in the event of
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another conflict and they also say to things like you know what about your movement isn't it supported by foreigners as it beats about site includes all the while question here and it's been quite clear and calm and collected in his responses and he maintains that this is very much an armenian grassroots movement that's something certainly the russians as well have been saying and other diplomatic. heads have also been following the events here so right now we've gone to this vote coming up the big question is whether the republican gov. party that has become such a market is hard given support of the opposition movement and why they have drawn so beautiful out onto the streets the question is whether they are going to argue knowledge the tide has turned against them that power for them now resides legally in the parliament but on the street politically the movement the momentum belongs
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to the opposition and if they say no we're not going to support mikko president again yes there are the avenues they could be another vote next week. and there would be a veggie snap elections but the opposition movement wants control of the government now to enable a free and fair elections which they don't believe the governing party can deliver on and so we could see a whole political abbess over the next few weeks and a lot of disappointment a lot of the idea from an opposition that has been remarkably elected and well organized these well up until now sort of awful lot resting on the outcome of that vote that is due to take place shortly so he's got to get six republicans saying yes we will back him but might lose because of not because of him per se but because of something that circassian did before him everyone said look he aligned the republican party with the oligarchs and the country is not a wealthy country it needs that money it needs those wealthy businessmen to stay
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there and start putting money back into the economy. where you know those are the guards are a very wealthy. elite suddenly they are very unpopular are the ones that are associated with the regime. but they're not necessarily with regards to a stable or media as the opposition is saying what the opposition wants it is to start a clean slate let's say and encourage all those on medians who left the country the brain drain it's been happening here to come back and in fact i can see them. it's coming back with us for these movements encouraged by the winds of change and also we have the diaspora of the armenian communities approved perhaps three times as many cuts as many as five million armenians overseas he said buddy here currently we're spending money here on important projects that in some ways making up for the
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mismanagement. and the lost opportunities of twenty years worth of discovery parties i think the people down in that part about those republican m.p.c. not going to make a decision they say that their decision decision will be unanimous there may still be some who would be because we saw it didn't succeed susan said but they are fighting for their political survival either they believe that it's time for a change to allow this new jersey police unit to see young people who want to change so badly that they want to let that happen or they choose to to take it over because they fear that they will lose everything if they if they give up to these are the challenges that nicole passion has faced and will continue to face even if he does get elected to certain people here as to whether he's ready and waiting to celebrate robin will come back just in as there are any developments but in the meantime thanks very much. another alarms been sounded about the war in afghanistan
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along with warnings of more attacks to come the u.s. military watchdog says the government's continuing to lose ground to taliban fighters as well as to isis and the past nine days alone dozens of afghans have been killed in kabul jennifer glass has more now from the capital. special prayers for the dead this morning continues for the twenty five people killed in monday's twin bombing i saw a tacklers this is a scene being repeated in mosques all across the afghan capital on a hillside on the outskirts of the city sean mariah is being laid to rest one of nine journalists deliberately targeted in the attack the leading the burial prayers says bloodshed is everywhere in afghanistan every day young people are being killed and afghans are tired of the ongoing conflict in all ten journalists were blown up on monday another was killed in eastern afghanistan it was the highest number of killings in a single day for the afghan media in an already dangerous environment media outlets
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were attacked that the buildings journalists have been attacked and now a group of media people in green zone off call the city what will kill this means that security situation is getting worse and huge is in a in a in a position that if it goes like this no one knows what will be happening. on the un says civilian deaths and injuries from suicide bombings and other attacks have doubled so far in the first quarter of this year. many afghans blame the government for failing to protect them. as you are committed to protect our countrymen it's all top priority as you know attacks like these take place in developed countries in the west and in countries with do not face all kinds of security problems one of the challenges that we all have is how to prevent sophisticated attacks that although the latest report from the u.s. special inspector general has more bad news the american military watchdog says the
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afghan government controls fifty six percent of districts the rest are controlled or contested by opposition groups taleban eisel and other anti-government fighters control twelve percent of the thirty five million population the resilient eisel and resurgent taliban on their spring offensive are facing thirty six thousand fewer afghan security forces this year no reasons been given for the significant fall but recruitment and retention of troops have been a problem for years afghanistan's human rights commission says more than nine thousand civilians have been killed or wounded this past year up some marks the commission's expecting a higher number of casualties this year along with a rise in the number of attacks jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. plenty more ahead here on the news hour including fair trade at the last minute the u.s. puts off imposing widespread trade tariffs. all eyes on the catholic church as one of its top officials faces sex offense charges. and the first champions the
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finalist will you know later on tuesday will have all the build up coming up in the sports israel the great meet by munich. a roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse thirty years ago cardinal george pell pleaded guilty after a dozen not guilty after dozens of witnesses gave evidence at a month long committal hearing the former archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. rose to become the vatican treasurer and aide to pope francis is under thomas. cardinal pell arrived at a melbourne court hoping this would be his final appearance. it would be george pell was until recently the catholic church's treasurer arguably the third most important person of the vatican inside here a magistrate told him he will face a criminal trial accused of historic sexual offenses police formed
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a barrier to help clear his path out a large crowd of media and people who say they were abused by priests in the catholic church was writing. the magistrates had barely finished. before he answered very very not guilty they were only words during the hearing he's been granted bail but he's not allowed to leave australia a legal suppression order bans the reporting yet of exactly what will stand trial for it also prevents the reporting of how many accusations have now been dismissed and what they were as a priest in the state of victoria and later archbishop of melbourne and sydney cardinal pell became australia's most senior flick during his committal hearing a magistrate tested the credibility of pelts accusers and the strength of his defense she said her job was to decide whether a jury could convict not whether it would she only dismissed charges where
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established facts made the accusations impossible or where an accuser's credibility was so poor their attitude to giving evidence so cavalier that a jury couldn't possibly trust what they said on that basis the magistrate decided there was sufficient evidence for about the charges she examined to go to trial victims of sexual abuse by other people in the catholic church say they are delighted to die surely does restore your faith in the system you could say that the judge. went through very very far away the crimes against the cardinal spoke about climates and arm. yes it's. a very historical absolutely historic on wednesday cardinal pell place another court that will be a first hearing to determine where and when no longer just whether he'll stand trial under thomas al-jazeera meldon it's all from giving the e.u. canada and mexico a thirty day reprieve on paying your tariffs on steel and other minium exports the
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u.s. presidents also reported to have reached agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil and south korea might also be exempt despite fears of a trade war the us terrorists were due to be implemented on the first of may germany is among countries hoping for a compromise the will is the only interim government has acknowledged the decision of the us president i am firmly convinced that in interest of jobs in germany in europe and in the us we need long term provisions then that raising tariffs is the wrong way we need fewer not more duties in the global trade we need open multilateral and fair world trade. the dominican republic is breaking ties with taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china the caribbean country is the latest to abandon taiwan leaving it with just nineteen diplomatic allies worldwide china split with the island after the civil war in one nine hundred forty nine while taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state it's never formally declared independence from beijing. well
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the dummy can republic may be a small country but its decision to sever ties with taipei and recognize beijing still amounts nevertheless to a major diplomatic loss for taiwan it's just ten months since another small country panama also sever ties with taipei just nineteen countries now have diplomatic relations with taiwan and it seems that china's strategy is simply wants to isolate taiwan as much as possible and also to exclude it to prevent its participation in a number of international organizations well in the past taipei has accused beijing of playing a diplomatic money game and says it's a game it's no longer prepared to pay now beijing of course regards taiwan as part of its territory and is deeply suspicious and occasionally very antagonistic towards taiwan's independence leaning president zaya in when and they have warned
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in the past that if any time unease leader were to declare independence then china would seize back the island republic by force the u.s. president says he likes the idea of meeting the north korean leader at the place of last week's historic summit with the south koreans in the latest move towards reconciliation south korea has now begun dismantling huge load speakers that used to play anti north broadcasts on the border in over reports from seoul. during times of heightened tensions here on the korean peninsula north and south korea have used the loudspeakers to broadcast propaganda messages across the border south korea's messages have included news weather and k. pop music it often provoked an angry response from north korea which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access but relations between the two countries have been improving south korean k. pop artists were even welcome to pyongyang recently for a performance and the leader kim jong un was in the audience and as part of the
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declaration signed between him and south korean president on friday the two koreas agreed the propaganda campaigns would stop south korea begin dismantling its speakers on choose day in the north reportedly did the same and after that historic summit between the two koreas there is now the possibility that a meeting between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un could take place at the same border village the date and location have not been confirmed yet but donald trump says he likes the idea of having the meeting at the demilitarized zone because he says if things work out there's a great celebration to be had on this site. join us now on skype from seoul is a great he's a junk fellow asia institute and they also world's most korea divergent. welcome to the news which venue do you think they will ultimately go for. well it's extremely difficult to say right now just a couple of days ago all the talk was about singapore lumber toward mongolia as the
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two front runners both make sense fairly neutral have good relations with everybody else in the region and could be a decent platform for ongoing talks that would have to take place after the summit but a single tweet by donald trump and then the world has to revolve around it and very quickly reports are coming out that the north koreans would also be happy to go back to punjab the site of the moon kim summit and donald trump has that in his sights now as well so i guess now that's the front runner clearly mr trump and mr kim they both like a good photo op we're looking at you're talking to us pictures of the north korean leader meeting the south korean leader across that line of demarcation because not formally a border because they're not formally at peace but the headline grabbing sequences the front pages of course for both leaders would be huge if it was there inside the
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d.m.z. yeah i think the initial sense was maybe it wasn't a grand enough venue but i think the optics of that moon came from the summit were very good and really the south koreans put on a good show and i'm sure that caught the eye of the president as well who if nothing else is very concerned about optics and how he's perceived by key stakeholders and is in his government how do you think they will try to buff up those optics between now and when the summit is show jule to take place i mean presumably we will not have anyone being called a little rocket man between now and when they actually shake hands. sure and really in the last few weeks as the south korea north korea summit began to take shape you you have noticed the rhetoric out of both chung and washington get toned down a little bit certainly trump is talking about hopes that he has or prospects for
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a breakthrough. pale in an interview just yesterday seemed to step back a little bit or at least rephrase in a more careful way things that he'd said about the regime in pyongyang at a meeting in aspen last year and so both sides recognize that they need a period of rhetorical calm before they me and you're seeing that in action now really they're talking about if if it's going to be in it could be at the end of may and so this really just two three weeks of preparation time left to go potentially do you think behind the scenes because there's always back channel communication when this kind of thing is on the horizon do you think they're actually making peace on the ng feel good about what or how pyongyang wants to be perceived clearly kim jong un wants to be perceived as look i'm part of the nuclear club too you have to treat me as an equal not just some dangerous upstart.
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yeah well i think kim acquitted himself quite well on the world stage just this week or last week rather he at times seemed a little nervous or uncomfortable is clearly outside the normal way is images controlled and presented to people and the world but it was a whole day of events and he came across as the leader of a state which indeed is and. i expect with each summit because trump is unlikely to be the last summit that kim jong un has in the coming months but talking about xi jinping going to going out. putin in our have suggested they might be ready for a meeting with kim as well and i think we're going to see this as a period of kim's emergence on the world stage whatever happens with the nuclear negotiations ok great to talk to you andrea ryan thanks very much a company here on news. and in the philippines capital manila thousands of union
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workers have marked labor day with protests they're angry over the president would refer to turkey's failure to on a one of his main campaign promises union groups expected mr tertius to sign an executive to create a head of labor day to strengthen the employment rights of temporary workers. similar process to be taking place in the uneasy in capital jakarta people gathered outside the presidential palace calling for an increase to the minimum wage and better working conditions. if you weather your stuff or we have a look at the us now we're because there's going to be a really big tornado outbreak it looks like over the next few days so here's what we're seeing at the moment then plenty of cloud in the western parts but it's certainly been a very dry and barren april so far forcing nebraska and of the farmers till this so oil then this is what happened we had a dust storm and the visibility was reduced to nearly zero in places it caused quite a few accidents there there's another problem on the cards over the next day or so
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in the form of this weather system that's marching its way eastwards because this one is likely to give us quite a significant tornado outbreak as i say so nebraska also kansas into iowa that's where there's the greatest risk during the day today and then as we head through into wednesday that will slip further southwards and this time working its way into texas and oklahoma as well and this would be the first tornado that we saw in oklahoma if indeed it does come off so it looks like we're going to have some very significant weather and most likely is around four pm afterwards that's when we are most likely to see these severe storms but not only tornadoes we could also see some large hail maybe even some flooding downpours as well so as that system then gradually works its way southwards ahead of it it's very different the winds are all feeding up from the south and dragging in some very mild air so the temperatures are rising look at new york twenty three twenty seven as we head into wednesday and then on thursday will be up at twenty nine that's eighty four quite tasty. thanks very much still to come here on the internet freedom tens of
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thousands of people took to the streets of moscow. and we'll have more on the international crisis. the tennis stars taking to the waves in portugal. until now the coverage of most of the world was covering todd's tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months out demanding an end to an education system that was introduced. to fill a void that needed to be filled. what were you hearing what. horrendous
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things you misunderstood. or if you join us on the sag a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ship steet this is a dialogue. about. perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to. join the. you're watching al-jazeera news hour live from doha let's just have a quick skim through our top stories for today thousands of people rallying in support of the opposition. as the armenian parliament ministers in the vote on his
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bid to become prime minister he became the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday with other candidates coming forward it is the culmination of two weeks of protests saw the longtime leader. being ousted. iran is accusing the israeli prime minister of a propaganda show by revealing documents he says proves the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement was based on lies who showed reporters what he said was an archive of stolen iranian nuclear plans eleven days before the us president must decide whether or not to stick with the deal or to pull out of it. a massive fire in brazil has caused the collapse of a tower block there killing at least one person it's feared other victims may be trapped under the rubble of the former police headquarters in sao paolo rescue workers are trying to put out the fire before their search for casualties can continue more than one hundred firefighters back. the players throughout the night
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two hundred people did manage to escape. it was really quick there was just time to grab some things in to get out and call on the next door neighbors the building collapsing really quickly. day two of the palestine national council's first official meeting in twenty two years this rare assembly is discussing critical issues although several key factions have decided not to attend the top of the list is whether or not to suspend the palestinians recognition of israel perry forsett recaps day one for us now from ramallah more than six hundred surviving members of the palestine liberation organizations main representative body arrived for its first full meeting in twenty two years an attempt to revitalize an aging organization according to some to democratise it to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas hand-picking new members how democratic could it really be it's a step in the direction of again the demise of the vitalizing our institutions i think we should strengthen the p.l.o.
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not weaken it i believe we should take this is but then into the interim phase that it and put them into the. challenges we're facing including the so-called. this opening session was dominated by the palestinian president's freewheeling near two hour speech heavy on history light on policy the emphasis was on the vital importance of the pianos role in the face of israeli aggression and in advance of the publication of donald trump's peace plan. and if this council is harmed then the palestinian dream me seriously harmed therefore we were very determined to create the session we were hoping that everybody who wanted the future of palestine and the palestinian people we wish them to be here but they don't fortunately prefer to be abroad. but this meeting is as much about process as policy putting the right people in place transferring powers from this national council to a smaller body more closely aligned with our boss then port and thing is that
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a delegation for city from the national council to center county so if anything happens to a woman if he wants to quit if something happens there is this central council who can actually act as the is the editor of the door and can elect and you'll put one challenge to such legitimacy the continued split with hamas in gaza in the midst of the bloody protests the recent weeks of us recommended children be kept away from the gaza border and israeli sniper fire near the beginning of mahmoud abbas the speech was a declaration that there could be no palestinian state without gaza being part of it but efforts to reconcile his fatah faction with hamas which controls gaza have folded so badly that to call them efforts really does stretch a point at this stage and there is no hamas representation here at this meeting from gaza hamas as leader delivered a preemptive denunciation of the p. and c.
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meeting led me to be shocked when i met a mass confirms that any council that doesn't carry the unification idea of a palestinian ranks is a council that never expresses the whole of the palestinians it is a council hits the unity of our people and it's the organization and its legitimacy as representation over all palestinians. the real work of this meeting begins now as man one of us tries to solidify his power and ensure continued backing for his policies are a force that al-jazeera ramallah. now restrictions on internet freedom provoked a protest by ten thousand russians the kremlin ordered the blocking of the popular messaging app called telegram after the company refused to hand over the keys to its data encryption system mr and help. in moscow they demanded the government block the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that
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keep messages sent on telegrams private. to. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's probably just about their freedom within russia and it's a beginning it's a way to start. censorship to examine the symbol why do you think it is because the want for free internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans but opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration i was sure you could you know i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in
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which telegram has fallen foul of the oil storage fees on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter that you might have here in the united kingdom so it's nice to platforms combined iranians. so it's very important and if you look back to previous elections kind of correlate the victories of those that won the most seats and harlem and or your own heinie very kind of see how they were so yes especially very well it ramps and all that was supporting so telegram you see. as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the apps found a russian entrepreneur is fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing
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proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban jonah al-jazeera. ok let's return to one of our headlining stories what's going on in the armenian capital the thousands of people arriving in support of the opposition leader nicole paasschen yon he is on the verge of becoming the next prime minister susanna petro sun is the associate director u.s.c. institute of armenian studies she joins us live now from about susanna petra sun welcome to the new is there a plan b. if the guy who wants to be prime minister doesn't get those six republican votes what happens then. up her i mean us constitution within seven days of the national assembly needs to hold another election from the prime minister and the second round of elections now then the parliament his songs and they need to be a parliamentary like sense of appointing next month. and is mr passion you know and
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he's been on his feet for a long time is he in effect saying to members of parliament look i am not the old politics of this country i can be and i am the new politics of this country. that i am what i'm sorry is he saying to them i am the future of this country i am the new politics of this country. well he's basically saying i'm not here to politics in the country i think that the people and the politics of the country i mean there's been so much distrust of my government support that gave them one hundred so you think the people have spoken the street has spoken. in the country and go forward he belongs now to the people and to the people the candidate for prime minister. or to those people those supporters around you outside the parliament what do they want him to achieve.
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well right now we're in. get advancer public square where tens of thousands have gathered to watch a live broadcast of the special session inside the national assembly where. members that guinea's are speaking there's a q. any way and they want their chanting his name to become prime minister they want you are like toral kurds and they want the parliamentary elections with hopes that will ensure free and fair elections toward degree is this being driven of course they want political social and economic reforms understood told me for interrupting you there i'm interested to know to what degree do you think this might be driven by a younger generation because there is now a younger generation who do not remember and they don't rate what the old u.s.s.r. stood for that's the history that's the past to them and they're very much looking
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forward. of course the younger generation especially the students have played a huge part in this movement organizing their own students drags their own round encouraging their peers to come out of the question and it has broad support all across the lines of pa so she'll. look at goal i mean demographic to a graphic minority makes me. want to round in this republic so there you see signs from her towns villages from i.b.m. from all parts of the country. if mr passion is just about to become prime minister does he also have to change the electoral system because that system was changed not so very long ago and critics of the republican party said look it favors the republican party because of certain aspects that were built into it and that some fair and it damages democracy. of course yes actually
4:43 pm
that's one of his first and main objectives he has said if he does become prime minute. sir today says that he will work with the majority republican party i'd change some of the sure that the likes. of the. monitoring. that i have a problem with. ok will leave you this is an impetuous sunday and yet have been great to talk to you thank you so much for joining us. the news chief breaks it a go see it was calling for a deal to preserve the so-called invisible border between northern ireland possibly u.k. and the republic of ireland michel barnier was in the irish republic on monday as laurence leamer reports he took a hard line on the issue of a so-called soft border if anyone needed proof of how the european union's chief breaks in the go is viewed in islands and the welcome from the irish prime minister
4:44 pm
said it's all done dork's technology college was occupied by the leadership of the entire political class and everyone else with an interest in making bricks it worked on and done by extension the european union i have the honor of introducing someone who has become a household name in ard mr they will say he will have no close a friend in us and he in turn promised to defend donovan's to the end. there is no i did voting record. the consequences of greg's heap should not a mess not lead to the reader. and maps or the minds dundalk itself is only a few kilometers over the border with the u.k. and virtually everyone here crosses as a matter of daily routine the man from the city's chamber of trade is raging at what he sees as the u.k.'s planned betrayal of people here by the proposal to leave
4:45 pm
the customs union with europe i have somebody that works for me that lives in monaghan tone which is thirty miles away about fifty kilometers so she crossed the border twice on the way to walk across the border twice on the way home and she said to me i don't mind being the up in the morning but i do have a worry over picking the kids up before six o'clock in the evening the hills around the border have in the past seen fighting between are republicans and the british army they were also smugglers routes for contraband the peace dividend open the border and encourage trade so what next. so we're just crossing the border from the republic of ireland into the north and therefore the u.k. more or less the only reason why you know is because the road signs change and that's true in dozens and dozens of other border crossings between the two countries and communities in all of those places are desperately worried that the u.k.'s lack of clarity about what bricks it really means will end up with physical
4:46 pm
roadblocks all over the border. mr bunny then went to newry the british city just over the border in the north where he offered his support to people who fear exactly the same things as the people he'd met in dundalk but the business community in northern ireland wants to remain in the customs union the customs union also wants to retain access to the single market so if those are to your comes from the end of this process just for northern ireland it's a very positive thing that would make northern ireland one of the most attractive investment cations in the world but there is one party here which doesn't like mr barnier sticking his nose into northern ireland at all and it props up the british government keeping stories amaze conservatives in power he is here to represent the views of the european union twenty seven so he's not an honest broker he's here to represent their views and the u.k. government will represent the views for the people of northern ireland given that the british government is in disarray anyway in splitting the hoff overspread
4:47 pm
strategy it isn't difficult for mr bowen to look like he knows what he's doing he and his supporters must hope they can use this tour and the u.k.'s weakness to press home there was on stage gloriously al-jazeera on the island hugh cable. ok still to come here on the news hour tracking the genome scientists have found a way to grow more colorful more frequent rosita's will tell you how or. why pigeon racing is the next big thing in sri lanka. and in the sports news it's party time as they celebrate winning the spanish league title.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
the manger an army is launching a new offensive against boko haram the military operation is around the lake chad area home to fighters linked to ice or more than two and a half million people have been displaced by years of fighting between government forces and the groups bombing and kidnapping campaign against western influence. three hundred fifty victims of modern day slavery have been rescued and i mean interpol operation in central and latin america as well as the caribbean twenty two people have been arrested in thirteen countries in a raid that took thirty months to prepare the victims including children who are sexually exploited and forced to work without pay. zimbabwe has become the second african country to legalize cannabis cultivation under certain circumstances people can apply for a five year license to own grow transport and sell the drug for medicinal and scientific use license fees are said to range from five to twenty thousand dollars
4:50 pm
until now zimbabweans faced up to twelve years in prison a court growing or using cannabis. scientists have cracked another genome this time saying they may have found a way to grow more colorful and frequent roses this is especially significant because it means bigger and better and utterly unique new strains of the rose is also important because roses are the product of cross pollination and that makes the rose genome highly complex the project based at the university of leone in france analyzed the biochemistry of the flowers to figure out which genes are responsible for the color and the scent they've developed a blueprint for a new version of the rose which should also have longer lasting blooms mohammed than the money is the senior author of the study this work actually involved and your national consortium and you got information about the gene content and now we have our year on june stuff and one of the sounds as you know actually roasts and
4:51 pm
he's gone was the countess of monkeys but also on color and on the flower development and initiation of your interest rosen discussion and in britain process is one respect for metaphors this is his victories for example for flowers that last longer these flowers lost their ability to be scented and this we couldn't and the steward actually before having information of the genome we couldn't understand it now we have. to be explanation why actually remember select for longer flower lush. life really sound. so thank you very much peter style of football real madrid may have struggled to keep up with barcelona in the spanish league this season but they have done better than their rivals in europe and remain on track to win an unprecedented third consecutive champions league crown they go in to choose a second leg of the semi final of the two one the the over by munich managers and
4:52 pm
it is a dan is still cautious his opponents. by not going to be worried they'll come to play a great game by munich are a great club a great team and we are aware of that that's why we need to be ready like we've never been before and to play a great game if we do play a great game we can achieve great things i don't have a doubt that by and we'll get here confident to make it great. you know who would become the first team in the champions league history to overturn a two one first leg deficit away from home if they can beat the burnable but the german champions have lost their past six games against the spanish side last time when a spy in last won the competition back in two thousand and three on the current coach but in the case. he. will have to be able to manage our timing really really well that's the art of football of great players of great teams and hopefully we
4:53 pm
will achieve what we need to do. now it's party time for barcelona or the newly crowned league champions have taken to the streets to celebrate their double with their fans after clinching the premier division title and he called the del rey last weekend while thousands turned out in the castle and city for the team's victory parade sunday's four two when i deportivo la calderon yes secured the twenty fifth spanish league title on the spirit also served as a farewell for matilda and yes the head of his departure for the chinese super league. looking over all of us. i have no words to misuse the god of football and everything we have ever had in barcelona it can't be expressed so it's something immense fifty years will go by and there may not be another one like him i don't think there ever will be so quick on ben first got a case in a minute we were very happy because they deserved it they played very well this season and we were wishing for them to win it's a shame we missed the champions league title but it's ok because they are
4:54 pm
a great team. the football world cup has arrived in host nation russia forty four days before the tournament kicks off the trophy has already travelled to fifty other countries across six continents part of a global tool for fans it will now go to nine russian cities before the opening game on june fourteenth where the hosts will meet saudi arabia in moscow. after a run of bad results tottenham have boosted their chances of the top of four finish in the english premier league which would mean they call it five for next season's the champions league goals from daly alley and harry kane and them to know when over what for to at wembley on monday spurs now need five more points from their last three games to book their champions league spot. and to the n.b.a. playoffs where the boston celtics have taken the early advantage in the eastern conference semifinal with a crushing win over the philadelphia seventy six is
4:55 pm
a game one on home court in a match so a trio of their play is light up the school board sell malik has. boston are starting to look like a team ready to end a ten year wait for championship standing in their way of the in-form philadelphia seventy six of spearheaded by joel embiid. but the celtics made short work of them in the opening game of the eastern conference semifinals i was al horford getting twenty six points he was one of three place to get more than twenty for boston. terry rosier more than adequately filling in for the. big. three were. seven three nine and finished the game with a team high twenty nine point three zero i was jason tatum was the third big score a bagging twenty eight. throughout they were out of sight by the end of the penultimate chord to twelve ahead. that lead to even bigger in the fourth boston
4:56 pm
closing out the game one seventeen two one zero one zero has been a dream come true and you know i want to keep i want to keep. he. just livin in a moment and i coach a number trying to get to high number trying to get too low. you know. the celtics so expect a tougher time in game two with philadelphia not losing consecutive games since february so. and this used to winning there was on the tennis court then on a surfboard ahead of the open in portugal top ranked portuguese player. temporarily a hang up tennis rackets to try out as the sport of surfing. that's it for me peter thanks very much pigeon racing sri lanka smith has the story. now the shot a man reaches for his favorite irene one of the first of
4:57 pm
a pigeon race here earlier this month and this one. a hindu priest would like more pigeons but says his wife has drawn the line at the hundred or so he has in his yard already. i have hundred this bridge and from the time it was twenty one days old i feed and look after it so it identifies recognizes us we spent a lot of time with the birds even when it's flying in the sky we can recognize which is our this is. it takes a couple of months to train a homing pigeon used for thousands of years to carry messages gracing the birds only became a sporting belgium in the nineteenth century now the sri lankans of picked it up and for the same reasons people the world over take up hobbies i have a lot of space in my life so i have sleepless nights and all the games the lot of places in my life so good some sports believe i. thought i had to miss a star both of these regions. with wing stamps just in case
4:58 pm
a bird doesn't make it home they're ready to fly. on this training run the pigeons should make it to their coops within a couple of minutes before my champion harini has made it back after an hour later she limps home with a nasty gal and it seems this champion pigeon survived a fight with a hungry falcon the vet stitches are up a rini will fly again bernard smith al-jazeera jaffna well they're still talking inside the parliament and yet a look at the very latest out of the armenian capital when we come back with thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news i will see you in about three minutes. the sky should be no borders up here we only horizons. as an
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airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates
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