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rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life from start and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya i was the top of the class and the like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. al jazeera where ever you were. once pristine indonesia's chittering river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply a global fashion chain when you see examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera.
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i. am. waiting for a change thousands are outside armenia's parliament ahead of a vote to elect a new leader. alone welcome on piece of you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up britain calls the iran nuclear deal vitally important despite accusations from the israeli prime minister the tehran is violating the a court. a court in australia orders one of the vatican's most senior officials to stand trial on sex abuse charges. and we're hours away from the first champions league final list as real madrid mean by munich on the second leg of the semifinals .
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our top story to the armenian capital here around thousands of people have gathered outside the parliament there which is set to vote for its new prime minister the opposition leader nicole paasschen yun has led weeks of protests that forced longtime leaders to resign after a round of questions pasha can either be voted in or the parliament can call a snap election robin for a city walker has the latest now from the out out of. nicol passion yan has been speaking inside the parliament their m.p. said that there's enough of them to votes that would make his nomination go forward to prime minister provides that he can get enough votes a majority and he needs at least six republicans they are the governing party to come on inside and support him he has the rest of the political factions in parliament the question now is whether the republicans are willing to do what the
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country demands of them we have seen tens of thousands of people again back on the streets in the city center of yet if more than i've seen all week but huge numbers today and they expect an outcome and they are ready to celebrate because they anticipate that nicole passion yan will be this country's next prime minister and if that happens he will form a transitional government and he will hope to be able to make changes to the electoral system that would allow for a free and fair elections you know i mean it's something this country has not enjoyed of late and that would give his platform an opportunity to lead this country because at the moment the will of the people seems to be overwhelmingly in support of change here they've had enough of the former leadership of said sudsy and he resigned last week and then they decided this movement that that wasn't enough they wanted the republican party gone they did not want said she's candidate
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the acting prime minister to take over so this vote is going forward and now the question is whether the republican party or members of it are willing to make that step because if they don't there's going to be an awful lot of very disappointed very angry people on the streets of the capital that will be a chance for another vote next week but at the moment all eyes and all expectation is on a revote results today that would take armenia forward to a new government. and a new future iran's describing israel's prime minister as an infamous lawyer after he made new allegations about a secret nuclear weapons program benjamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was proof that the iranians had lied before signing the nuclear agreement three years ago the u.s. president's tour to decide on whether or not to withdraw from the deal for him says that deal is vitally important under simmons has the story. israel's prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu may have unveiled secret files and computer disks describing them as conclusive proof that iran's nuclear program did exist this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse he may have shown a building in iran where he says israeli intelligence agencies had found the evidence but in vienna a former director of analysis for the international atomic energy agency isn't impressed speech is the dates are all missing everything he presented it appears to be related to developing nuclear weapons or longer growers where there is nothing he presented to the war weapons program are there is news but netanyahu says the iranian program didn't end in two thousand and three it continued in secret the iran deal the nuclear issue is based on logs it's based on the randian lies any reunion deception one
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hundred thousand files right here. prove their log at the white house donald trump like what he saw and heard i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right iran's foreign minister dismissed the allegations saying in this tweet breaking the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the u.n. general assembly you can only fool some of the people so many times whatever the words action could come soon trump will announce his decision on the iran deal by the twelfth of this month in a statement the i.a.e.a. refers to a twenty fifteen report that found some activities two years earlier relevant to the development of a nuclear device but nothing after two thousand and nine britain and france have said the development from israel does not change their view in support of the deal
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and other signatories remain steadfastly against the way the u.s. appears to be leaning and drew simmons al-jazeera and fishes following the reaction in washington joining us live here on out is allen how does this shift the optics of what we think donald trump may or may not do he's just about to decide whether to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. well there's a lot of people who believe that benjamin netanyahu when he made his presentation he was talking to an audience of one which was the u.s. president the fact that he started and conducted most of that briefing in english he said he shared the information with the americans all of that was geared to put pressure on donald trump to essentially deliver a political victory for both president trump and also for benjamin netanyahu we've heard from the u.s. secretary of state the new u.s. secretary of state who is in jerusalem just a few days ago he said that the state department is poring over all the documents they are translating them and at an early stage they believe that those documents are true and therefore the iran deal is based on
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a lie but there's nothing new in that might pompeo when he was a congressman and when he was director of the cia even during his confirmation hearing to become the next secretary of state suggested that the iran deal was a bad deal and had to be renegotiated that donald trump being donald trump is trying to build up the suspense he said that people in washington think they know how he's going to make a decision come the twelfth of may whether to fix or next as they're seeing in the u.s. media but he says he hasn't quite made that final decision yet but he said it will be made sometime before or on may the twelfth but if you look at everything he's said over the last two years since he was candidate trances became president trump he is very keen in either renegotiating the deal which some of the european allies and others are trying to do around the edges particularly when it comes to ballistic missile testing or completely walk away from the deal and in the last couple of weeks just in the last week in fact we've had president mccourt of france
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and angela merkel in washington talking to donald trump saying please don't walk away from this deal there is no plan b. but in the last hour the i.a.e.a. alan saying there's no credible information that iran has nuclear missiles or nuclear weapons after two thousand and nine is that getting any traction with the trumpet ministration. well certainly there are those across washington including those who helped negotiate the deal even some republicans who are seeing that they watch what benjamin netanyahu had to say obviously read the agreement and they say there is absolutely nothing new in this which builds them up to the idea that this was done for an audience of one to push the the u.s. president in the direction of mixing the deal but it doesn't really matter donald trump will listen to the voices that he's listened to in the past rex tillerson who was his u.s. secretary of state said that iran was in compliance with the deal little tom didn't like that so fired him on twitter you got my palm piro who is the deal skeptic on
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board this is u.s. secretary of state he's got a new national security advisor john bolton who is very much against the iran nuclear deal as well he's spoken to benjamin netanyahu in the last forty eight hours he also speaks regularly to the saudis who are very much against the deal too so i don't think it's going to change the calculus very much the those who say there is nothing new in this don't trump will go ahead with the decision that he thinks will be best politically for him and the fact that he's made promises about this all the way through the election campaign and he's very keen on being the anti barack obama and doing a lot of barack obama's legacy would suggest that at the moment even though he says he isn't making a decision everything is pointing to the fact that come with the twelfth he's not going to renew the deal we still may be surprised that certainly with all the indications are pointing allan thank you the dominican republic has breaking ties to taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china the caribbean country is the latest to abandon taiwan leaving it was just nineteen diplomatic allies worldwide
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china split from the island after the civil war in one nine hundred forty nine while taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state has never formally declared independence. from beijing. well the domini can republic may be a small country but its decision to sever ties with taipei and recognize beijing still amounts nevertheless to a major diplomatic loss for taiwan it's just ten months since another small country panama also sever ties with taipei just nineteen countries now have diplomatic relations with taiwan and it seems that china's strategy is simply wants to isolate taiwan as much as possible and also to exclude it to prevent its participation in a number of international organizations well in the past taipei has accused beijing of playing a diplomatic money game and says it's a game it's no longer prepared to pay now beijing of course regards taiwan as part
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of its territory and is deeply suspicious and occasionally very antagonistic towards taiwan's independence leaning president zine when and they have warned in the past that if any time when he's leader were to declare independence then china would seize back the island republic by force still ahead here on al-jazeera. a scramble to at least one person after one person is dead after a massive fire cause of the building to collapse resilin the rescue workers try to find survivors. and we'll tell you why pigeon racing is the next big thing in sri lanka. hello there we've got lots of wet weather across parts of china at the moment if we look at the charts over the next few days we can see plenty of rain over chengdu
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and then all the way towards the east might see your shower there for us in shanghai as well there's also showers pushing for the south as well so forest over the northern parts of vietnam is also looking pretty wet the whole system gradually sinks its way south as we head through the day on the say so again vietnam on up towards young province we're likely to see a few outbreaks of rain to the north of that though it is looking a bit dry a say for shanghai will get to around twenty six degrees and this should be bright weather around as well meanwhile if we head across towards india and bangladesh we can see these huge showers that we've had with us they've given us a lot of heavy downpours on a lot of thunder and lightning as well they're fairly typical for the time of year so do expect a fair few more of those as we head through the next couple of days they gradually drift their way eastwards expect those then on wednesday and on thursday as well meanwhile elsewhere fine and dry but incredibly hot now not poor has already touched forty five degrees and i think will be hovering around that over the next few days in the far north where there's more in the way of cloud and that could
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give us a few showers that's also affecting us in the far northern parts of afghanistan and into pakistan as well. unpack it for us what were you hearing what their on line horrendous things you misunderstood. about that or if you join us on the sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chip steet this is a dialogue. about some of this excess if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the conversation the amount is iraq.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top story so far today iran's describing israel's prime minister as an infamous liar he made a new allegations about a secret nuclear weapons program benjamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was proof that the iranians lied before signing the nuclear agreement three years ago britain says the deal is vitally important to the dominican republic has announced it's breaking ties to taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china after panama last year it is the latest country to cut ties to taiwan leaving the island with just nineteen diplomatic allies worldwide. sense of people around me in support of the opposition leader. as the armenian parliament and ministers in there are due to vote on his bid to become prime minister became the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday without other candidates stepping forward to register
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it is the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw a long time leader. being ousted robin for a city walker joins us live from outside the armenian parliament in the capital robin was the atmosphere. yeah there like today. i can feel the tension and the expectation i mean you know it's difficult not to because this place is full of people this is the largest turn outs of farming in so i have seen. all the capital and speak up at square one we've been here certainly for more than a week and they are all willing and wanting the employees inside that part of the building to vote in favor of nicole question. but having said that i've also been listening to the m p's inside the parliament the
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republican m.p.'s in particular because not just the faction that is the governing faction the ruling party that has ruled on media for twenty years and i think they say it's that they need to somehow hold on because they are concerned for their own political survival and for that reason the noises let's say coming out of the parliament the speeches the grandstanding from those m.p.'s those republican evie's and speed all about. grilling they call passion and who is the people's candidate as he's widely known questioning his candidacy his competence whether he's the right person for the country and what i come away with is the impression that there is a huge still gap between what the republicans are saying and thinking i want the people on the street want so they have the power in the parliament to elect nicole
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passion and bring about a momentous change for armenia but the real political power now lies on the streets outside here in the capital on republic square and it's worrying to. think about what might be the outcome if it doesn't go the public's way. there are still making isms through which there could be another vote this time next week. difficult to see how things could change but they could but certainly i think if the call question here is not the circuit chosen prime minister candidate is not selected deceivingly there will be a lot of very angry very on the happy people very frustrated with this hollywood's but it has been an extraordinary few weeks peter and so you know i think there is still an opportunity. of course if he is elected prime minister at the same time we're going to see extraordinary scenes in the capital because we've seen
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celebrations already today but i think the crowd here are just going to go absolutely wild we're just waiting and seeing no holding out that vote is going to happen very shortly robin thanks very much. and other problems being sounded about the war in afghanistan along with warnings of more attacks to come the u.s. military watchdog says the government's continuing to lose ground to taliban fighters as well as to eisele in the past nine days alone dozens of afghans have been killed in kabul jennifer glass now from the capital. special prayers for the dead this morning continues for the twenty five people killed in monday's twin bombing i saw a tacklers this is a scene being repeated in mosques all across the afghan capital on a hillside on the outskirts of the city sean mariah is being laid to rest one of nine journalists deliberately targeted in the attack the mullah leading the burial prayers says bloodshed is everywhere in afghanistan every day young people are being killed and afghans are tired of the ongoing conflict in all ten journalists
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were blown up on monday another was killed in eastern afghanistan it was the highest number of killings in a single day for the afghan media in an already dangerous environment media outlets were attacked that the the building's journalists have been attacked and now a group of media people in green zone off call the city what will kill this means that security situation is getting worse and you know is in a in a in a position that if it goes like this no one knows what would be happening. on the un says civilian deaths and injuries from suicide bombings and other attacks have doubled so far in the first quarter of this year. many afghans blame the government for failing to protect them. as you are committed to protect our countrymen it's all top priority as you know attacks like these take place in developed countries in the west and in countries which do not face all kinds of security problems one
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of the challenges that we all have is how to prevent sophisticated attacks rather the latest report from the u.s. special inspector general has more bad news the american military watchdog says the afghan government controls fifty six percent of districts the rest are controlled or contested by opposition groups taleban eisel and other anti-government fighters control twelve percent of the thirty five million population the resilient eisel and resurgent taliban on their spring offensive are facing thirty six thousand fewer afghan security forces this year no reasons been given for the significant fall that recruitment and retention of troops have been a problem for years afghanistan's human rights commission says more than nine thousand civilians have been killed or wounded this past year up some marks the commission's expecting a higher number of casualties this year along with a rise in the number of attacks jennifer glass how dizzy are. told from says he
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likes the idea of meeting the north korean leader at the place of last week's historic summit with south korea in the latest reconciliation with south korea has now begun dismantling huge loudspeakers that used to blair and north korea broadcast across the border you know that now from seoul. during times of heightened tensions here on the korean peninsula north and south korea have used the loudspeakers to broadcast propaganda messages across the border south korea's messages have included news weather and k. pop music it often provoked an angry response from north korea which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access but relations between the two countries have been improving south korean k. pop artists were even welcome to pyongyang recently for a performance and the leader kim jong un was in the audience and as part of the declaration signed between him and south korean president on friday the two koreas agreed the propaganda campaigns would stop south korea begin dismantling its
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speakers on choose day in the north reportedly did the same and after that historic summit between the two koreas there's now the possibility that a meeting between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un could take place at the same border village the date and location have not been confirmed yet but donald trump says he likes the idea of having the meeting at the demilitarized zone because he says if things work out there's a great celebration to be had on the site a roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse thirty years ago cardinal george pell pleaded not guilty off to dozens of witnesses gave evidence at a month long committal hearing the former archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. rose to become vatican treasurer and an aide to pope francis is at the talks. cardinal pell arrived at a melbourne court hoping this would be his final appearance. when george pell was until recently the catholic church's treasurer arguably the third most
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important person of the vatican inside here a magistrate told him he will face a criminal trial accused of historic sexual offenses police formed a barrier to help clear his path out a large crowd of media and people who say they were abused by priests in the catholic church was writing. the magistrates had barely finished asking rather know hell. before he answered very loudly very not guilty they were only words during the hearing these things granted bail but he's not allowed to leave australia a legal suppression order bans the reporting yet of exactly what will stand trial for it also prevents the reporting of how many accusations have now been dismissed and what they were as a priest in the state of victoria and later archbishop of melbourne and sydney cardinal pell became australia's most senior conflict during his committal hearing
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a magistrate tested the credibility of pelts accusers and the strength of his defense she said her job was to decide whether a jury could convict not whether it would she only dismissed charges where established facts made the accusations impossible or where an accuser's credibility was so poor their attitude to giving evidence so cavalier that a jury couldn't possibly trust what they said on that basis the magistrate decided there was sufficient evidence for about half the charges she examined to go to trial victims of sexual abuse by other people in the catholic church say they are delighted to die surely does restore your faith in the system you could say that the judge. went through very very far only the other crimes against the cardinal spoke about the climates and arm. on wednesday called another court that will be a fast hearing to determine where and when no longer just whether and stand trial
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under thomas' al-jazeera melon massive fire in brazil has caused the collapse of a big tower block killing at least one person as feared other victims may be trapped under the rubble police forces and. rescue workers are continuing their search. really quickly was just trying to grab some things in to get out and the next door neighbor's building collapse really quickly as al jazeera producer in brazil. fire brigade person confirmed at least one dead and. more. around eight moves into the future we can vary the federal police unit but hated for many years and occupied by. a local papers have managed to be used some of the people. and they don't everything happens really during the night ok on your body and the
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church was partially destroyed. in the philippines capital manila thousands of union workers have mock labor day with protests there angry over the president's failure to one of his main campaign promises union groups expected to take to psion executive to create a head of labor day to strengthen the rights of temporary workers. real madrid her struggle to keep up with barcelona in the spanish league this season but they've done better than their rivals in europe and remain on track to win an unprecedented third consecutive champions league crime they go into tuesday second leg of their semifinal with a two one lead over by in munich the rail manager is an idiot remains cautious about his opponents were killed by a nonstop buying are not going to be worried they'll come to play a great game by in munich are a great club a great team and we are aware of that that's why we need to be ready like we've never been before and to play a great game if we do play
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a great game we can achieve great things i don't have a doubt that byron will get here confident to make it great will buy in would become the first team in champions league history to overturn a two one first leg deficit away from home if they can be trailed the german champions have lost their past six games against the spanish side five time winners buy in last won the competition back in twenty thirteen under the current coach you're paying us. in china will have to be able to manage our timing really really well that's the art of football of great players of great teams and hopefully we will achieve what we need to do. pigeon racing as a sport really is become popular in the tropical island country of sri lanka many locals say they think it's a great way to unwind and they feel at one with nature bernard smith met some breeders and their birds as they took to the skies in jaffna as first ever pitch in race favor. now the shot a man reaches for his favorite book that irene won the first of
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a pigeon race here earlier this month and this one. a hindu priest would like more pigeons but says his wife has drawn the line at the hundred or so he has in his yard already. i have hand read this bridge and from the time it was twenty one days old i feed and look after it so it identifies recognizes us we spend a lot of time with the birds even when it's flying in the sky we can recognize which is our list. it takes a couple of months to train a homing pigeon used for thousands of years to carry messages gracing the birds only became a sporting belgium in the nineteenth century now the sri lankans of picked it up and for the same reasons people world over take up hobbies i have a lot of this in my life so i have sleepless nights and all the games the lot of places in my life so good some sports believe i. thought i had to miss
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a start but where are these regions with wings stamps just in case a bird doesn't make it home they're ready to fly. on this training run the pigeons should make it to their coops within a couple of minutes before my champion harini has made it back after an hour later she limps home with a nasty gallop it seems this champion pigeon survived a fight with a hungry falcon the vet stitches are up a rini will fly again bernard smith al-jazeera jaffna scientists are cracked another genome which they say would help grow more colorful and frequent roses this is especially significant because it means bigger and better and utterly unique new strains of the rose the project based at the university of analyze the biochemistry of the flowers to figure out which genes are responsible for the color and the smell. more news on the website al jazeera dot com including the top story
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on iran the n.s.a. has quotes belongings aimed at influencing trump al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the headlines in the armenian capital the other than the thousands of people have gathered outside the parliament which is set to vote on a new prime minister. on the opposition leader nicole passion is or is the sole candidate for the job after a deadline passed on monday with no other candidate entering the fray i was going to. armenia should eradicate the thirty percent poverty that is the most shameful thing and there should be no poverty in armenia but that should be cheap not through charity but through putting people's best abilities to use i want to underscore that this movement is about the victory of the citizen our primary mission is to organize free and fair elections in armenia the absence of which
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since the one nine hundred ninety s. is at the base of the situation we're in now iran's describing israel's prime minister as an infamous liar after making ul occasions about a secret nuclear weapons program benjamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was proof that the iranians had lied before signing the nuclear agreement three years ago britain says the deal is quote vitally important the dominican republic has announced its breaking ties to taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china after panama last year it is the latest country to cut ties with taiwan leaving the island with just nineteen diplomatic allies worldwide. the tower block has collapsed after catching fire in brazil killing at least one person the twenty floor former police headquarters in sao paolo had been abandoned and occupied by squatters emergency crews are searching the rubble for several missing pieces. a roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse decades ago
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he's george pell cardinal george pell he has pleaded not guilty after dozens of witnesses gave evidence at a month long committal hearing. in the philippines capital manila thousands of union workers have marked labor day with protests there angry over the president roderigo to his failure to honor one of his main campaign promises union groups expected to take to sign an executive decree had to labor day to strengthen the rights of temporary workers those are your headlines the news continues after the stream i will see you same time tomorrow. thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.


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