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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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collaboration with different angles from different perspectives. is still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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i. mean as opposition leader called for a nationwide strike votes against him becoming the new prime minister. hello i'm daryn jordan this is live from doha also coming up oh. i do motorists over the economy violence in puerto rico a country still suffering from hurricane maria. digging for gold supposed to be lucrative but that's not the story we'll tell you why. under saddam sikhism the so-called migrant care about remain hopeful that way the u.s. border the process.
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protesters in armenia have answered the call of opposition leader nicole passion ian to cause major disruptions in the capital his supporters have gathered in yerevan his main square and i've been blocking roads including routes to the airport the passion on call for the nationwide strike after parliament rejected his bid to be prime minister he's led weeks and anti-government protests that forced the former prime minister to step down robin foster walker joins us live now from the capital you have and robin so disappointment for passion and his supporters yesterday how's the result of that vote going down. so far it seems as if the opposition supporters all those people are remaining resilient and remaining optimistic they have pledged to continue their struggle for change you know armenia in accordance with nickel question and their leaders wishes and we've been seeing again today nationwide strike particularly
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visible in the capital where the streets are closed and other transport networks have also been. suspended or. blockaded and actually i'm i'm getting introduce everyone to step and sudsy and who is a youth activist and stephan i'd like to ask you a little bit more about how old the mood is on the streets particular with regard to the students and what's going on now. i would say that we are not disappointed at all and it might seem that people should be disappointed a bit. after yesterday's event that was going on in parliament but we are not so we are still optimistic and you can see all this people coming out from their home for their workplaces and their old in the street and they are all smiling and i believe that they are even stronger right now because they are all the and i mean are all so united right now that we all feel that the poverty link below it belongs to us
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right now in this moment we are quite optimistic but what's your strategy for dealing with the republican party who still control the parliament who voted against mr passion young becoming prime minister yesterday how do you counter that what's your strategy food getting them to acknowledge that they no longer have the power here if that is the case all right we have a even of course case before day before this the prime minister so there's an accent who used to being the poverty for ten years and wanted to be even more in the pub he resigned because because of all the all of these because all the people in our republic they are all industry they are all struggling for their rights and i believe this is this is the same case so the party the republican party has a majority who has a majority in the parliament i believe that they also should come. should come with
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the people and they all have to understand that we are the people the poverty belongs to people and this is what the people want they want their opposition leader to be the prime minister and soon or late i believe that they've you understand this and they will acknowledge the fact that they have to select their opposition leader and he called me and as a prime minister are you concerned that the authorities the security operators the police are going to climb down when the straw. reich begins to slow this country's economy down and things. struggling in terms of things getting done are you concerned about how the authorities might act against the opposition now. i'm not really concerned because of all but their evolution is really very unique we have been on the streets it's already i don't know it's already maybe a few more than fifteen days but even not the single the veto was broken because we
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are some peaceful we are so united we are so optimistic there are some positives that i don't think that police has to do any action against the peaceful protests so we don't do anything bad we just claim that the poverty belongs to us and the government should act like all the people want so this is our claim and i don't i don't think i don't see anything wrong in this claim and i don't think that the police will act against the people ok step by step and i think while we were talking you might have seen in the background a group of protesters walking past and this is the way it's looking across the capital these groups of people wandering around in that way in that in that sort of informal way but at the same time seemingly coordinated. and the. very neat it's. sign of the authorities on the street and allowing this happen it
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really feels very relaxed and almost. celebrates a very everybody seems to be enjoying themselves here on the streets of yerevan. and at the same time united in their decision to continue with their push to get real change here and to give us the past in the end in office are to run forrester walker and you have a robin thank you. now at least twenty seven people have been killed in an attack on a mosque in northeastern nigeria the explosion happened during off and prayers in movie that some of the mala state many people died in a second blast while attempting to get out of the building witnesses say young men wearing a suicide vest into the mosque with worshippers to milan and dugan has more for the nigerian capital. it happened as people were preparing for their afternoon prayers according to police it was a double bombing a twin bombings committed by two suicide bombers it happened in movie
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a critical town in the northeast simply because this was an area controlled by the boko haram group in two thousand and fourteen for over a month and even if it was already liberated by the nature and army then attacks have not stopped since then in fact last year a similar attack happened in the same area where the book group also eight attacked a mosque which left at least fifty people dead another attack in another group of sibylla civilians was again perpetuated where the group left basically about twenty civilians dead now this comes at a very critical time to date the nigerian army launched its so-called intensified operation that will end the presence of the book group they said in this band within the next four months it happens also as the united states and the nigerian government in fact we knew its commitment to end depressants of the group in the north east of nigeria. iran's ambassador to morocco is being expelled and
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diplomatic ties cut because the iranians are accused of supporting the policy front the opposition groups fighting for independence from western sahara. iran and its lebanese hezbollah a training and fighters. the reason behind what we did today is related to a threat to our national security and to the safety of our citizens morocco has obtained strong indications and evidence that hezbollah in coordination with and support from the iranian embassy. has provided all kinds of support to the post to foreign military commando and to train the policy they even handed arms to the policy in september and november i have handed all this evidence today to my iranian colleague during a visit to tehran. millions of privately owned homes could be seized by the syrian government under a new property law homeowners have until the middle of next month to present their deeds of ownership or risk losing their properties well that includes the hundreds of thousands of people who've been displaced and fear returning to government
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controlled territory reports from neighboring lebanon. was forced to flee because of the war now he doesn't just exile in his own country but losing his home too. the syrian government is threatening to confiscate the homes of anyone who don't provide land ownership deeds that requires returning to government controlled territory for many that is not an option. and in. our properties and houses. hundreds of thousands if not millions of syrians have been forced from their homes many of them left after government forces recaptured opposition territory they fled because they are wanted for opposition activities they could face arrest and some fear they'll be killed others simply don't want to live under the rule of president bashar assad who they blame for the deaths of so many syrians and also i would make the property was the last card the regime is
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using its punishing the people who betrayed a lot number ten as it is known was published on the syrian state news agencies website the deadline for registration is made the tents and unclaimed land will be sold at auction the government says the law will overhaul the land registry others disagree we've already seen an example of the outskirts of the maskers and in the new development on what was. where actually what happened there is that the informal residents of these areas were forced out of their homes they were dispossessed with no compensation and the likelihood of them getting any kind of compensation is almost nonexistent so i think we will see the same scenario play out over and over again. international aid agencies say just nine percent of syrian refugees and displaced have their property title deeds with them that means millions could be stuck in camps in syria and across the region. this could put
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pressure on refugee host nations already european countries are voicing concern the german foreign ministry said the legislation could change a property ownership to the benefit of the syrian government and its supporters it also accused the government of hindering the return of a huge number of syrians. yousif ban is among them he was an opposition media activist and says returning to government controlled territory would be suicide. is dangerous because it changes that demography which the government is doing in areas under its control the law is unjust. the government says the new law is needed to begin the reconstruction of areas damaged by war opponents say it's about demographic changes and repopulating areas with the loyalists one thing is clear the government is taking advantage of its growing strength by beginning to shape syria when the war and. beirut. the highest ranking chinese official to
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visit north korea in three years as arrived in the capital china's foreign minister wang he is there for a two day visit relations have been strained over a carton chinese exports to pyongyang as part of sanctions against its nuclear program it comes as north korea's leader kim jong il works to improve ties with south korea taking part in a historic summit last week. don for a short break here not just iraq when we come back warnings that a heart breaks it could see a return to violence along the northern border more and then stay with us. hello and welcome back now across southeastern parts of asia we're seeing some pretty big showers affecting the on into borneo indonesian borneo mainly across the philippines central southern areas seeing some heavy downpours further north in luzon i think manila should be dry for much of the time. looking fine at the moment
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thirty three a high entry carter and then up through the night prince should be fine conditions largely for singapore and kuala lumpur moving northwards into the gulf of thailand we've got a few showers here's a chance of the old downpour affecting bangkok highs here about thirty four degrees ahead through friday so let's head down into a straight africa unsettled weather conditions moving across the south this frontal system we head across southeastern areas bringing some outbreaks of rain with it over the following twenty four hours displace an area of high pressure out into the tasman sea so we're looking at white and windy weather for out late thing as we head on through into friday will see a melbourne turning cooler as that system pushes on through and eventually sydney will see some showers developing states and we're looking at dry conditions for perth panoptic the warm just nineteen degrees across into new zealand weather conditions here rosalee quite a moment a fair amount of cloud spilling in across the south on in the north island largely dry and fine
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a sunny day in oakland with highs of seventeen. in the u.s. civil war brought slavery to an end or did it there is a strong possibility that this very crude. could have been brought to your table by brave individuals right here in the land of the free palestinians of foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by un scrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves cause of slavery a twenty first century evil and how does iraq. welcome
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back time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera protesters in armenia are blocking some roads in the capital that follows calls by the opposition leader passion for a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience after the ruling party blocked his bid to become prime minister. supporters to strike. two suicide bombers have killed at least twenty seven people at a mosque in northeastern nigeria one of the attackers went into the mosque along with worshippers for afternoon prayers after his explosion a second blast killed others trying to escape in moody and out of state and the group has yet claimed responsibility. on the highest ranking chinese official to visit north korea and three years has arrived in the capital china's foreign minister while he was there for a two day visit relations have been strained over a cut in chinese exports to pyongyang as part of sanctions against its nuclear program. now the international monetary fund says saudi arabia needs all prices to go up to around eighty five dollars a barrel this year in order to balance the state budget prices are now at about
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seventy four dollars a barrel the kingdom has projected a fifty two billion dollar deficit and some analysts fear the recent recovery in all prices could ease pressure on riyadh enough for the pace of economic and fiscal reforms to slow i think the fact that we are witnessing getting covered globally and in the region and the fact that oil price is going up it shouldn't at any point in time considered as a way for them to relax effort and to be complacent first president cross on his first official trip to australia not conjoin prime minister malcolm turnbull incriminating those who lost their lives in the two world wars across trip will have a strong focus on defense as he's travelling with a delegation of military and naval contractors and also discuss the iran nuclear deal trade and china's growing influence in the south pacific during a three day visit. i have to say our my job is not to speculate as well because we're pretty much of the same. first the d.c.
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it was absolutely was a very important negotiation and isn't based with the money towards the current nuclear activity of the iranian government the iranian regime and i think this important was negotiated by our countries was i mean us was involved and obviously france that's why first as we negotiated we signed it it's good to respect it and that for me the good beginning a former member of the irish republican army has told al-jazeera that he fears brags that could lead to a resumption of the armed conflict in northern ireland his comments came as the european union's brags that negotiator was visiting the city of london very bluntly reports just a pony a certainly putting the miles in he's been all over ireland and here he was to be business and it was except in the city that source so much violence he had a chance to stress the importance of bricks it's not damaging the peace we're all going to any solution we'll be able to maintain. the very first agreement
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in all directions. the city still has two names londonderry for the process and unionists a with the river dairy for catholic irish nationalists who never took down the signs of protest against what they saw as british occupation the ira force on these streets until recently it felt like a long time ago anybody under the age of thirty could have no real idea about just how bad things used to be here but clearly the fact that they built a peace bridge to join up the once divided communities tells you everything you need to know they had of course assume that the troubles were a thing of the past that they could never happen again but then again they haven't thought about bricks it's. the border with the republic of ireland is just a five minute drive out of the city and as of now you switch countries without any sign of the present when thomas was growing up the road was blocked and the british
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forces were everywhere for republicans it was a constant reminder of a divided dial and just like a hard border would be off the bricks it would reinforce those protests and on the island of us starts really what it was great for the support. the physical manifestation of it the face of the vision. face to face surviving avoid the great good friday agreement before their dinner with the british government. you know the won't respect the agreements that they make under national agreements of the me the only way to go is to get a little get away from us and the only way we can do that here is for a near. term it's friendly i'm right he drives a taxi now but he used to be an ira member and was in prison for fifteen. so do you reckon there are dissident republicans who might regards the reemergence of the whole border as an opportunity oh i think so yes you know because i think they're
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fighting to to shoot yeah yeah yeah because at the moment that i had. no i don't have any time for them to be honest. they're fine and for the hard he actually. set up where they would call operations but for certain the border they don't have to operate from the north. in the field and just fire and that's the problem and i think i don't like or keep all of it now but there will be and there will be sorely tempted to do commentators often say that bret's it could destabilize the peace agreement in ireland but don't explain how in reality it means that every single country lane on the border would be heavily policed and would cause enormous disruption to border communities which already have historical suspicion that britain is in england talk all the time about taking back control people here it would be economically and socially disastrous and it is not an exaggeration to say we could lead to violence towards the al-jazeera and
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now a large sandstorm us caught many egyptians off guard poor visibility forced many roads to close the unstable weather is expected to last until thursday a sandstorm followed a rare heavy rain in the capital last week six people have died after a sudden snowstorm left hikers stranded in the alps video released by a rescue team showed the force of the storm fourteen hikers were stuck outdoors without shelter overnight near the mount on in switzerland five italians in a bowl gandelman didn't survive. a riot police in puerto rico fought with may day of protest is speaking out against new austerity measures the caribbean islanders are struggling to rebuild their lives devastated by hurricane maria and they say people most in need of help will suffer even more because of the cuts around the home reports. that the protests started peacefully and the neander and frustration bubbled pool. thousands joined the annual may day much to add their
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voice of protest of the tough new mysterious emissions. cuts to him since hurricane recovery if it's in schools cuts that some economists warn could wretched up the poverty rate in puerto rico from an already high forty five percent to more than sixty percent i don't know why am i here because i'm a citizen of this country and i work in a field that has been contaminated and abused in this country people are literally dying. and i'm a teacher and i'm here to fight for my students and for a better future for them it's more than seven months since hurricane maria tour across the island causing more than one hundred billion dollars in damage but the island was already crippled with a date now at seventy two billion dollars and in the midst of an eleven year recession a federal control board created two years ago to try to resolve puerto rico's economic crisis approved a raft of austerity measures in late april to put a rico's governor has refused to implement them and the mayor of san juan has
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called on congress to do away with the control board completely many here are angry at the lack of real recovery since hurricane maria around thirty thousand homes and businesses remain in the dock many are still waiting for insurance payouts and services have closed for lack of funds well fortified that the authorities hold the power around here that is the business owners and the rich people and these protesters have no power they don't even have the right to protest to the children that. large numbers of puerto ricans left the country in the aftermath of the hurricane protesters say they fear tough new austerity measures will give those who remain little choice but to leave to me down the hall and i'm just syria. only a handful of people in the so-called migrant caravan have so far been allowed to apply for political asylum in the u.s. around one hundred fifteen asylum seekers have made that long journey from central america are waiting on the mexican side of the border while they wait for their
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chance to speak with u.s. officials emanuel rapido spoke with some of them at their makeshift camp in tijuana . over the last month this group of central american migrants has attracted international attention many of them fled their homes in honduras el salvador and guatemala to reach the u.s. southern border. but only a few steps away from where the so-called migrant caravan has camped outside the border crossing dozens of other migrants share similar hopes of reaching a safe place to live. in. this former taxi driver who fears revealing his identity is from the mexican state of new truck on now camping under a plastic tarp with his wife and children he says he was forced from his home after eighteen of his colleagues were killed by criminal groups over a span of two months when the. you can't work at night even more because you might get shot many people have died and their bodies cut up there have been shootings between criminals where many children lost their lives it's innocent people they
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get caught in the crossfire mexican states like beach where many of these people are from so for record rates of homicide and violent crime the stories they tell are no different from those fleeing violence in honduras el salvador or guatemala but it failed to capture the same attention or you know the international human rights observers like madeline penman say these families have a right to be heard but mexican asylum seekers and central american asylum seekers playing situations where their lives are with us we think that a few dozen families is not a threat to the united states is not a is not in any way a criminal act and it is not a crime to seek asylum in the united states especially when your life is at risk if you are. the migrant caravan has become the topic of fierce debate among american politicians and media pundits but residents of the one are accustomed to seeing a constant flow of individuals seeking asylum to the u.s. throughout the year it may range from a few dozen to several thousands at
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a time while these asylum seekers from mexico and central america continue to wait . the u.s. border for their names to be called record levels of violence in their home countries ensures that thousands more will take their place after the cameras have gone under. they want to. give us some breaking news we're getting reports of an attack in the libyan capital tripoli gunmen that attacked the headquarters of libya's high national election commission there are reports of some injuries let's get some more now from mahmoud up to wide in tripoli so what more do we know about this attack. well we're getting reports from the high national election commission that three people were killed including one women there in front of the main gate of the high national election commission say that two black people gunmen engaged with the security forces of the gate and they suggest that they were wearing suicide belts and then they managed to get
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into the building from that. explosion inside one of the buildings of the high national election commission with huge smoke getting out of the building we understand that this high national election commission is going to asian that is concerned that with with. voters for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary the parliamentary elections before the end of this year and conduct the elections was suggested by. and backed government of national. and also united nations support mission in libya so many officials organizations were getting greedy and were really encouraging conducting. elections before the end. of this year but so
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far we cannot confirm. that is behind this attack but it seems that the attackers who managed to get into the high national election ok commission as has have tried to send a message tried to say to. conducting the elections. we have to meet the thank you very much for the update an investigation in brazil has uncovered allegations of abuse of young gymnasts by a former coach challenges him as john home reports. dozens of brazilian gymnasts have accused to form a coach of the national team of sexual abuse among them the pan american games gold medalist but. that psychological pressure on a ten or eleven year old boy he sent for me and when i went to the bathroom and he told me to take a bath or relax ok i took the bath and suddenly he entered into the bathroom and
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got into the bath like if we were two children playing the accusations emerged in a global t.v. news investigation fernando they could value lopez denies them he's since been fired from his job in the sports community center or. to the point of that kind of accusation i have nothing to say they have to prove that. i know that i have my conscience clean because i never raped anybody i never molested anybody in the way it's been told it comes on the heels of another scandal for me usa team doctor larry nasser admitted that he molested some of that country's top gymnasts more than two hundred fifty women and girls say here abuse the the allegations against mr lopez and now being investigated by the south polo public prosecutor's office john homan how does it. all the news of course on our website there what is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com.
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time for a quick recap of the headlines here we're getting reports of an attack in the libyan capital tripoli a gunman that attacked the headquarters of libya's national election commission at least three people we have been killed there are reports of other injuries we'll bring you more as we get it here on out to zero. protesters in armenia are blocking some roads in the capital that follows calls by the opposition leader and the call passion you run for nationwide campaign of civil disobedience after the ruling party blocked his bid to become prime minister mori may. there's no way we can go backwards we must move forward in the armenian republic there's no power that can resist you. starting from tomorrow all over the country we declare a general strike at every company without exception. all the streets in the
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country will be blockaded along with railways the metro and the airport everything that can be will be brought. to suicide bomb attacks at a mosque in northeastern nigeria have killed at least twenty seven people. one of the attackers went into the mosque along with worshippers for afternoon prayers after the first explosion a second blast killed others trying to escape in a movie in the mammas state no group has yet claimed responsibility but. morocco has severed diplomatic ties with iran accusing terror on of supporting the opposition group the policy area front policy areas fighting for independence for western sahara most of which is under moroccan control morocco accuses iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah of supporting policy by training and arming its fighters oracle will close its embassy in tehran and will expel the iranian ambassador in robots the highest ranking chinese official to visit north korea and three years as
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arrived in the capital china's foreign minister wang knees there for a two day visit relations have been strained over a cut in chinese exports to pyongyang as part of sanctions against its nuclear program. six people have died after a sudden snowstorm left hikers stranded in the swiss alps fourteen were stuck outdoors without shelter overnight near the matter horn. five italians all girl and woman didn't survive well those were the headlines of news continues here on al-jazeera after slavery a twenty first century evil state you're also watching. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel in alameda for off five gene would mean the day to try to run ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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