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tv   Migrant Dreams  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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around the world people in power the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results is beneath our oceans the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says that's how would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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head over and taylor nandan the top stories on our. opposition leader has suspended protests for thursday after the ruling party appeared to back down on its refusal to pick him as prime minister. opposition leader. told his supporters at a rally in the capital yerevan that the issue has practically been solved it follows reports that the government will support any candidate for the role of prime minister if they secure a third of parliamentary vote. earlier on wednesday demonstrators in the capital brought roadsters standstill and blocked buildings showing their anger after republican party members refused to elect. to the top job on tuesday and himself led tens of thousands of armenians through the city in an act of civil disobedience
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from an forest you're welcome has more from europe on the movement that may call passion and cause the national movement that we've been calling the opposition movement but which has become clear represents so many armenians wanted to send a message today with a general strike. they shut down all the streets they closed off the roads to the international airport the metro wasn't running all the cities and towns also had protests administrative buildings were surrounded ministry's was surrounded and the message that they wanted to send this movement was to the republican party the governing party that yesterday had rejected the call passion the ends kind of shift your prime minister that message appears to have gone through because the republican party had that special session and they decided that they were going to support nicole passion the end not in as many words they used
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a clever way of saying that they would by saying that they would back the candidate with thirty five votes well or more which is the requirement for somebody to be put forward as prime minister in the armenian parliament and it's nicole question you know who has those thirty five votes from the other political factor factions if not more and so the republicans have said they will not put forward a candidate and they will support the candidate and that's why tens of thousands hundreds of thousands perhaps if he is back on the streets to see me celebrating this momentous news and now the hugs resting on the republicans holding true to their word that they will see their hero the man who has led the. mikko passion and appointed as prime minister a new leader for armenia new future for the armenian people at least fourteen people have been killed when a gunman including
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a suicide bomber stormed they had quarters of libya's electoral commission in the capital tripoli and the office which was set on fire that had been registering they just ahead of elections expected before the end of the year. eisele says it was behind the attack. the basque separatist group eta has announced it's disbanded in an open letter declared all of its structures have been completely dissolved the organization violently campaigned for sixty years for an independent basque state between northern spain and southern france at or killed more than eight hundred people between one hundred sixty eight and twenty ten before declaring a ceasefire a year later. ukraine's prime minister is facing a revolt from within her own party on breaks it which could potentially bring down her government a group of around sixty you're a skeptic m.p.'s from tourism a's ruling conservative party i've spoken out against her favored plan for a customs partnership with the e.u.
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host brics it. alarming new report says air pollution is killing seven million people globally each year and is still rising the world health organization is also warning that the inequality between the world's rich and poor is widening. the new u.s. section of state says north korea must commit to dismantling its weapons program my pompei was officially sworn in a sector of state at a ceremony at the state department in washington a short time ago he says it's time to solve the problems on the korean peninsula once and for all you stay with us next up this witness more news for you after that by phone or.
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mean. look he said he going to die. needing lung lot of us now yet mostly much you think you can see. yet another one long battle about the understanding of us never mind that it but. the all. mighty dignity in admitting that i might have made he me. i mean to me. he did my neck to make me glad. or the goal
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but i thought it was a name. where bassett goes a bit. of his innocence that probably mom and dad would have the muscles. even back there i've heard about. bill i've heard. because. i was a mind that you have to. do what i think. you need. so i should not be proud of the finite violently we have. that you need to live up to you know i just and i don't blame here.
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there were inconsistencies five hundred dollars to tom green in the shop and thirty three stand approximately of their payment of their gross penny not now their gross is kathleen currie inskeep not by two people and their pain than the loans of a turk nobody can be turning up how many am i ready to go in terms of is this
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there already a series s. that they need to know that they're not in this it jobs fewer be stopping and fired so that is an example if you don't pay any get fired of course the same we lose a job and we still have is going back home in pain and mohegan there's a reason to do salary first of all meet with mike fleeman housing because your control of the housing or not is how intervening on who you talk to you how long you've been out. i want you hand and i have to reserve you on the phone texting and there and they said we're there texting you know we do something wrong we ask a question and a supervisor castle is in. so he's going to here's his eyes and ears of the organizers of the home so many houses really are not under surveillance and they don't feel coerced or doesn't show up on thursday asking for money.
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and once they were out here. they are paying back the restyle rate they're paying back and yes. i mean it's a. revenue. management. but it isn't it on the base and that was. the money. well the man disinhibition the one you know the yankees and. yandle.
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in my young i mean. these some of the people who. had what i thought were other the four latin by him that. know not to wear. my blood when. i. know my. name oh my mom i'm going to. this and to make a grain. no wonder they knew what i was up with and i am becoming one of them.
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was all. this animal on land back and i don't want it anything and i. made it on the front then. yeah. we.
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are of the migrant workers and the temporary farm workers being treated now over the years we've. talked about various kinds of abuses migrant workers and dined in farms in fields they've been abused in homes and employers homes and in restaurants etc tell me a bit about the the numbers of workers that you have documented many workers do you . get another document we have. with migrant workers. situation and no action what bleiberg these scams menorah for a long time is worth at least getting out is there anything more that can be done to sort of educate people in their home countries that when they come here they're not in this awful trap of having to pay back like how much in wages what their charges up to twelve fifteen thousand dollars and they're not making more here you know they're making they're making minimum wage are laws treat people differently
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people are indentured which means people are tied to an employer they pay into unemployment insurance we cannot receive access to it they cannot have access to welfare or any form of social assistance the provincial laws and federal laws are what constructs my good workers vulnerability. very well could have been done but when you haven't had that are not really that would be a plus cause the i'm going to that class at no one but on book on . damn near anything when i'm in a plane they look at another one at those levels they said it and then that i get.
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over that i don't know why they do something to group of women young indonesia in relation to how much you understand though hand those fifty you. don't actually writes but it. seems that every one of them. and in the car safe. and. yes and not a book but. insufficient. magickal. land. far and homeowners who say. i've been to the not because that. would be
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a program good but. we had a god i wanted me and my. guitarist padrone to get it wrong yet but. they want out of the top command. in order to bring you to canada your employer had see you complete an application and prove to the government that they couldn't find a canadian worker to do your job and that application that he completed was ever it was a request for a labor market opinion or an element but for the present president is. this is this is your contract yes it is you get a copy in indonesian god no but he said if you can the only in english then we have no internees they never got a copy in indonesia no this is why i don't understand him or her surrender oh my
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goodness ok so i'm going to show you here can you translate this when's their current employer brought the the canada that employer agreed to pay for their airfare the employer agrees to assume the transportation cost of the temporary foreign workers round trip travel between country of origin and the location of birth in canada. in the smug to the end and then in about a month that we are back we only met them as a mishap who could in a nice. when to buy a transfer the money for what for their take on us your contract says the air ticket is paid aside from the ticket what was all this other money for yes because at least he is the number one in the blue tooth. doesn't do that he loves a little dance as he did last time but these are the i don't want to be to five hundred full of them for in do them tonight and never get home.
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auntie and uncle come to let me know not the kind of lange advantage when you took . it out i'm putting an item to me on this come up what i know while up on the line i get that but also sometimes for a while and i get nothing done a long time supply last watch end up but i think that. took about an hour and should i mean sure i may end. up with i'm not muslim but as a pro i mean i don't feel that i'm going to run. mecca for your mom and we don't so .
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i'm a this is cathy i was given your phone number from claudia oh yes. we have two women so it could be a one bedroom. that they share or a two bedroom depending on price. they both work in the packing packing for greenhouses yet and so there their contract is for a couple of years so they'll be you know they'll be stable and. you know. right and. yeah. right. now. what you. are you basically. i don't know
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if. you should get a basic a little english but enough enough for me to communicate so yeah. for twenty four so it's a little bit more of a problem yeah. ok. yeah . yeah but it's not that region so many people and i class it. and then we get to hear those on the street i guess i'm missing out on was a saturday or six of me. yeah yeah so room talking yeah ok would you like to place my leg but it's going to be expensive but if that's too high then we just keep looking
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and if there's too much we keep keep looking for other places. i've been. one hundred now you painted your. ok receipt. yet the one hundred sixty five one hundred sixty five. ok so you two are them ok if. they don't know anything other than what the workers tell me. but i i do know that there's a large according to the workers there and all the papers recently showed me there's a significant amount of money that's being collected and has been collected. and many many many workers are very very afraid. very very quickly in this community and other communities people become very wealthy. by exploiting the farmers by taking their money and so there's that
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a lot of money at stake and money's at stake. for certain parties and and that's trends that can be seen. can be problematic song. are you afraid he's going to hurt you physically and in no not at all. i'm not sure what my serious but hey i'm chilling is radiation. to better six hundred sixty six per month two bedrooms some of the filipino workers live in this building and they're very happy and. yes.
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we're. ok so you're ready yeah let's go. high where we're standing outside but we don't know which unit. so you like this apartment if i like because of very clear and. good because you live in a house of her own in people in the people who live on one hoss. so i have. now he beat. me and. i think met me in a steamy ching hoss i think angry. but i've been. home
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sweet home. good. i'm not going to get all of that woman. who are you going to. rush through enough nor are. the men because i've been to. each of them. but i'm not going by not to know are. they not on some irene saying i was among the people on that the arm of the member along with the one of the men to be done with them not the end. oh you know making up ground up what you.
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ali. that are. actually. are not almighty bottom. up only give up it's. just the just the do not the more average that i'm going on now i'm looking back at
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me for but i'm at. you do you know that if i. just did last if i had to buy that up at the be sure to buy a new get. one hundred five. friends. and get me now here in and then and if. and this is something back and i'm back i hung up oh really my thought was the out whether it be by who are they but they must somebody coming to see me it took me by him going to iraq instead of la.
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ninas have i have. yet to get out of my argument. when every loan she ain't gonna get well i guess. you know the good in the gun it will come out on the gun when you're. going in there might demand so we can look at that deeper i'm down. it's just an yes it's. what.
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i have in a way now why i would react what i'm up the cup. to chop. about or dump suborn or turin gums have all of them think. i'm going to. put them on i'm. going to. go i feel not bad that i'm good. i'm not going to die in my body. and it go back with that mission. at this new man. on the sun. and that
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gap. the native news as it breaks this is one of the areas that protestant had blocked the road for the final higher than anything they could find with detailed coverage because now there's an extremely hot muggy facade theme that everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of posset tory over we gin for history and it's perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to new zealand. in london was very
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nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part two of an exclusive two part documentary all jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew bin ladin continues on on jazeera. al-jazeera. read every new york.
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hello norm taylor in london the top stories are zero armenia's opposition leader has suspended protests for thursday after the ruling party appeared to back down on its refusal to pick him as prime minister. opposition leader nicola passion and told his supporters at a rally in the capital here of on that the issue has practically been solved for those reports that the government will support any candidate for the role of prime minister if they secure a third of parliamentary vote. earlier on wednesday demonstrators in the capital brought roads to a standstill and blocked buildings showing their anger after republican party members refused to elect to the job to the top job on tuesday actually on himself led to tens of thousands of armenians through the city in an act of civil
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disobedience. that he and i do not recall pushing in will be chosen to become prime minister it's what the people want at the novel about this it's a people's protest there's no choice we can't stand the situation we're waiting for the party to hand over power is the love that. if needed we will go to war because we are already at war there is no other way if they don't want it they should go away. at least fourteen people have been killed when gunmen including a suicide bomber stormed the headquarters of libya's electoral commission in the capital tripoli the office which was set on fire had been registering voters ahead of elections expected before the end of the year the armed group our source says it was behind the attack a basket separatist group eta has announced it's disbanded in an open letter declared all of its structures have been completely dissolved it would i say sion campaign violently for sixty years for an independent basque state between northern
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spain and southern france at or killed more than eight hundred people between nine hundred sixty eight and twenty ten before declaring a ceasefire a year later. the u.k.'s prime minister is facing a revolt from within her own party on brics it which could potentially bring down her government a group of around sixty years skeptic m.p.'s from trees amaze reading conservative party has spoken out against her favorite plan for a customs partnership with the e.u. postscripts it. is that. soft to the second half of witness. foreign workers. in the labor market i think the quality. people that have been brought over. to the people.
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we care where they're from we care what they look like we care because they're not us if they were coming from england if they were coming from australia if they were coming from the united states nobody would say. maybe out of them in the past but up me i sneeze i am asking them about me and i'm a that would never cross a bus what i'm about all young up and i am one hundred on a bus but for now that might be begin looking out on my doorstep and. i think the government will want that. i'm calm about last month i need grass iraq's i'm going to bow out of the. government got me some us want us now and then brown and we
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don't win by. producer and. when i says i am i said people who say i'm. so what do you think is going on and to me i think there's a retaliation. i mean clearly it when you see it is the other woman. they will describe being called in it and told that they're not to be liked. and saw her do her job mr normal i was also means and status and in adam's i'm i'm doing and she's been made an example of us. say. saying.
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that the advantage of a cone. in the netherlands. in a linear. we think of. a temporal. human body but a bit make we're just. in a minute then i think the band is the. last night i called and there's a place that we can see so you still want to save the apartment if i end up in
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there if i have a bit of. a mag about my ira. but i had an idea it is only about how not to do you know now whom i want back. but they fix thousand five hundred that you just finished paying off that amount was prohibited by the contract saying. about m.m.x. if you are going obviously a new one got the job done in my op an architect i was thinking of our job our jack of joe won't be our combat we have had to use out of by now been back into indonesia. the chaos on the never never meant all of that you will not part of that we're going to say that and that was did it meant to be a deal on my ass up it at the end of my. after that or why am i my work and if i don't have a view of it when. i'm honest i'm me i'm up but i don't look
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at you know that. i'm doing. i am when it's about you know that on friday sometime last week somebody contacted the police. so it was a member of the leamington community who had concerns and most money that was being taken from you and threats not deportation if you didn't gain and if you didn't obey so the police have sadly many anybody would like to talk to them they're available backing among compound at the london not on duty at home and up undercut by muslim law and they won't. get their cut of us and it's a we're going to the. amount of up or down with us in the middle order. so our
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dakota by the minister by the cops. determined. i think you can begin to consider. man man down man you not looked into that i'm going to call easy now i need be nothing at all in that won't begin moments when if we. could look. at the end in for a. moment again wrong.
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good death. or good begins with it if i were her dead right. now honey i'm not into that missile coming down. because he was watching new guy i want to punch and. i am not a thousand five hundred. ninety one but i was young. i looked like he blew. thing only thing i need a little big. action on it was the last thing on the must implement thing i knew being that i'm going out in a monotone i think i've become and taken with. a lot of.
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i don't have an hour in town through to my love song i want this up but i want me to meet him last. the tourist informed the mom. that a homeowner hadn't been locked up. they are not. the other three. let me. tell you haven't completed. that in part campus the last two who are home and mom. want someone knocking them back they're going to get was. tell her you got to begin with some digging yes but in the back my mother there would be a marriage as the name in the debate is all right. or you can return to your
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dimension. come when the massive grouping of. relatives. or kumar in families where i'm going to get. some will move up into the body but when they do that the. saying not so long time but i'm a get it to be this our mistake when she found in this washer the ramp up in mystery that i'm accustomed to feed me in this and that nest country make my
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hair the move got. one when i'm probably rather than. if and then you got document what it took. only see and what to do say that a few well you see then he doesn't need to say you have i don't working permits i am well who didn't miss him. flapping our butts far happened that one thing recently that. we haven't a clue. this image nobody had to have been so disappointed in the. us of a. document it doesn't. look at bucca unless they have already got the money gone up now and. he will get it through being his defeat. our top story this hour three county manner of basically an extraordinary just opening constable saga coulter says the
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arrests at the charges that the result of a six month investigation. i can tell you that there my great workers the victims from indonesia. the charges relate to the extortion of money from the workers being employed and we need to. be close but not oh you heard the word exploitation in the church in the english word over there is absolutely no such restriction place through the exclusion she. will be able to do that usually the threat that a bit in a would be distant from other people did not make those threats did not make those threats would not be strange but our clients were by no means trying to send these people. or to revoke their visas or to do it with an actual shortfall if you come over in six thousand two hundred dollars for it to be able number it's their contractually bound to pay it and if we cover here for the covers or up to cushion for their work permit in accommodation costs which it starts to get. into
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a question about reprieve and things aren't paid legal these workers are alleging that they were charged now before and no no no no there's no such thing as a recruiting role always or the word recruitment feet and number two there are four causes mr miller is looking for here for airplane travel there is an application fee to beat that would be to get a ration of thinkers in foreigners and in need not in this instance but and it's important with it. the employer did not appear to have your plan for you in this. the world. is going to. meet with the awful. choose me.
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i will begin policing of the day in the not must never come on when you're going to dig up another all you have written to block about it do go up but never up a big hundred obvious a new one up and made a mess on the. oh you can buy up that wagon talked about. by garbage madness made it right out about the governor and the rest of the gotta get the classical behind them and get it but they do go they did that by now. a little nasty in the well yeah she. rock.
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we nearly had warming. up this morning what because now that unlike. most milan found out if. i can any. jet is on my get the the me get that at a. dozen but. i asked but. when i want to again next week the only effect you have again and you mean anything excellent as a monkey. yeah you can well you can thank you again for that thought while the. there was a whole group of bollywood when he came last night right after they finished at work and then were notified formally by the employer that they were without status
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and had been so for two weeks according to the woman the employer said that he had never applied for. the what is called the l m i. so they don't understand that by any apply why would he not tell us back in december when he said he applied. a lot of questions they were also which is very surprising to me is that they're adamant that they wanted to go ahead with the lawsuit and now they can now you call the lawyer and so they had to call the lawyer are they the clock the up the rate there are two calls he didn't answer call again and. how are you running right. ok you can't give me here the tape. oh i'm. going to talk to you both you know the preacher.
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who was we applied for an extension for everybody's permit. process. work permit came back here didn't accept. sure what this means is we have to have to. reapply. for time sixty ninety days to require. for ninety days you can. order the other option. if you go back to the beach or. we can reapply it's an option if you want to do that the problem is related if you know they were going. to. i don't know who that struck me for your money. what's your feeling where you live what you know whether there. was. a day or. a shitty or three hundred dollars they can refuse you don't i don't know. but one
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of the back i get the point if that's the problem. then we can arrange that whenever you want. ok but you have to make a decision sure going. so one should think about how to grow and we can discuss it this way they do ok so what i would want to know is when did you know about that in iowa and then why didn't you tell us as soon as you knew why did you wait two weeks and then have you work two weeks without status i think not everything is being told i understand that you need to eat you need to pay rent you need to pay medical bills and you have families and children back home so i understand that there is a need for money but i just want you to know that if you decide to work for cash somewhere and then the immigration picks you up then i can't do anything
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they have been tricked into illegality not just force they've been tricked into illegality new employer tells you that it's ok that you're fine don't worry because you don't worry and meanwhile the employer knows very well that the papers that are necessary. to ensure status hasn't even been. absent from files that i think that's a subset of the federal government has not provided any support centers any places where my coworkers can go and say what is happening what are my rights so they're really left at the mercy of employers and i think that this is by design i don't think that is just an oversight is a misstep on the government hasn't thought about it i think their vulnerability is constructed this is just one of the groups that we happen to meet they're not
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special they're not unique and there are multiple hundreds and hundreds of stories similar stories out there. it's not hard to find it's all around this area and all of us through this program. for our employer did not apply to redo the status and move on and that is not that the acting in the new company and the rest of them i'm down but i think that if. you talk about wanting to sue the green house for overtime dictation. and also for the agency. we have heard or has done a similar lawsuit and there were sixty temporary foreign workers that is in british columbia who were agency thieves they were not getting paid for over time. they
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said they got a lot. there are other cases in the area where there are some who are but this will be one of the hardest ones for people working. on that i wanna do my about now when i don't need that money though he got a long story but it's out once already. and the gunmen were glad. it's a clinic thing. you're going to get the democrats you're going to going to be remembered i'm going to do it and that my vote is if you can but it doesn't. look at that it will not be.
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such. a don't miss summerson. going to put to i'm done it means you knew they had been in the internet not going to and seven hundred going to the senate. and they'd be singing in don't need to man. even i'm going to give. you. one out of the tunnel. and i would neck and neck that. missing the on. the medal one. well never thought i was on your way. though joe i feel now that i definitely get to. get that done then dizzy need that and then said you doing as
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you've done it gotta. get up when the last it done this you mean you got bitten down. in it that i know about wasn't the hope or the now the longer you need to get the more net i need to. know. our moment monument didn't the number. that ellen undermining wasn't a scholarly. one of them in a minute. and a man and and small burning yet. gun to the neck and neck and he can not move. and i can't and i need mind use but the me.
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alone can post and i wanted one. more night so i'm not going to. i'm going to management money at any minute and i'm not gonna going to come. yet but i'll bet a minimum click on any now now and
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. i guess.
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hello there there's definitely going to be a wintery feel to the weather for some of us in australia thanks to this weather system here as it's making its way across the us is turning things a fall wetter and turning things a lot cooler as well say for adelaide instead of around twenty seven degrees we're looking at a maximum temperature just of nineteen there on thursday and it will be quite wet as well the rain will be welcome many of us have had a pretty dry year so far so this rain should give a somewhere between ten and forty millimeters of welcome rain that area of rain continues its way eastwards as we head through friday with staying cool behind it just seventeen in adelaide and around sixty four with melbourne may want to head a bit though it's largely fine and dry for us in new zealand got a little bit of cloud there just flirting with the southwestern coast but it's not really giving us too much in the way of significant rain instead most of us should have a fine unsettled one sixteen degrees there in christchurch dropping to around fifteen
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as we head into friday up towards japan though and things are far more active weather wise hey we've got this very intense system that's giving us some heavy rain not only in japan but also in eastern parts of china and the eastern parts of russia in fact on the northern edge there also a fair amount of snow to be had and that's all moving east. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington or members of congress do nothing about. the part of the constituents in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government. that isn't in the current mentality responsibility and you know nothing of her good. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera. was
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just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp will be up at the gallup the government raised our hopes and then abandoned. politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. once pristine indonesia's river has become a toxic waste dump for textile factories that supply a global fashion chain one of when you see examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera.


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