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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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did not match a western reporter patrol in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed the hostility towards me as the west i knew bin ladin continues. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend to your very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women cus it just only a drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers.
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laces a prisoner from guantanamo bay detention center of the first under the trump administration . shall carry this is al jazeera live from also coming out. a day after calling for a nationwide strike armenia's opposition leader stops the protests tell you why. bombers attacked libya's election commission killing fourteen people. and signaling the end to one of europe's bloodiest internal conflicts as the basque separatist group announces it is disbanding.
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the us has announced their release of a prisoner from the kuantan of a detention center in cuba it's the first under the trump of ministration and u.s. military says ahmed mohammad al darby will be transferred to saudi arabia that brings the number of prisoners at the facility to forty eight during its campaign president try to keep that the syllabi open. baton say has more. l.w. has been u.s. custody since two thousand and two he says he was tortured initially a base in afghanistan before being sent to the facility in cuba he was meant to have been released by february the twentieth of this year under the terms of a plea agreement but that didn't happen so that raised questions as to whether the trumpet ministration would remain on the plea agreement given donald trump's enthusiasm for going tom obey and his pledge to not only keep it open but to repopulate the facility with prisoners this plea deal there has now been put into practice he is in saudi custody i guess the thinking is well if they did renay go
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on this plea deal then others would not cooperate who are currently going through very lengthy military commissions and picking up the system frankly which is seen as deeply deeply inefficient on the same day that this announcement was has been made the pentagon has given its guidelines to repopulate guantanamo bay it sent the white house now has those guidelines from the pentagon one source told the new york times that they're pretty vague because there isn't much enthusiasm in the pentagon for using guantanamo bay but trump has made it clear he wants more prisoners more bad dude to be something. yes president legal team is facing another shake up the main lawyer representing donald trump in the russia inquiry he is retiring. departure comes as speculation mounts about whether trump will talk to investigators how could reports. the investigators looking into allegations u.s. president donald trump campaign colluded with russia want to question him but the president's legal team who would accompany him is changing again ty cobb has been
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one of trump's lawyers since last july the white house says he's decided to retire to take effect at the end of the month kopp is the second member of trump's legal team to leave him in the past two months john dowd quit march after he told reporters he thought the investigation should end it will be very difficult with mr cobb going to attract somebody who is going to ask themselves why do i want to go to a ship that sinking the cop departure comes at a critical time during the probe by special counsel robert muller his team is looking into whether the russian government worked with the trump campaign during the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election paul mann a four trumps former campaign chair has already been indicted and is awaiting trial former white house national security advisor michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. and it's believed he is now working with investigators. but there are now questions
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about whether trump will speak with the f.b.i. reportedly encouraged to cooperate cops replacement emmett flood is known for being more adversarial the white house says flood is joining the team to represent the president against what it called the russia witch hunt in science and there are new threats by republicans in congress to remove the man overseeing the case deputy attorney general rod rosenstein now there are people who have been. making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time and i think they should understand why now the department of justice is not going to be extorted on wednesday trump seemed to respond to that directly tweeting he may need to use the powers granted to the presidency and get involved ironically the lawyer stepping into ty cobb's place built his reputation defending someone donald trump despises and the flood represented u.s.
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president bill clinton during his impeachment proceedings can really help get al-jazeera at the white house. has been sworn in as the new us secretary of state has value to restore what it all swagger to the department after succeeding rex tillerson pale and says fourth korea must commit to dismantling its weapons program right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history on the korean peninsula i underscore the word opportunity we're in the beginning stages of the work and the outcome is certainly yet unknown but one thing is certain this is ministration will not repeat the mistakes of the past our eyes are wide open it's time to solve this once and for all a bad deal is not an option the american people are counting on us to get this right we are committed to the permanent verifiable irreversible dismantling of north korea's weapons of mass destruction program and to do so without delay.
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cambridge analytic of the u.k. company at the center of a major facebook data breach is to shut down operations local consultancy had the headlines in march when a former employee revealed how it used data from millions of facebook users to influence donald trump's presidential campaign the company says it has suffered a sharp drop in business and will begin bankruptcy proceedings its parent company s c l is also closing. i mean yes opposition leader has called off nationwide protests after the ruling party agree to support him becoming the interim prime minister it told his supporters at a rally in the capital year that the issue had practically been solved parliament will vote again next week on a new prime minister robert forrest a walk of reports. when the armenians heard the news that the government had backed down with back their people's candidate his build it revolution took a step closer to reality yes has courage how can i say there was no need to
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believe in any politician or political power believe in yourselves and only then will you always win was i told her she had called for another massive show of support a message to the ruling republican party that they were out of touch with the media reality. the opposition movement had forced the resignation of the country's long term leader said. last week but his republican party refused to step aside its rejection of passion younes candidacy for the prime minister on tuesday only seemed to make the movement stronger. a general strike on wednesday paralyzed the country students surround the ministries cheered with the government's culture minister resigned was. with police absent the roads railways and even the airport. they call pascha clayton's but the only power
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the republicans now had with this seats in parliament they will try to encourage. me. i got. away our soldiers will join us the governing parties intension to now back in a second round of voting. will also fulfill his movements objective to overthrow power but respect the institutions that has inspired the armenians of every persuasion may not change it shame on them this is not only a fight for nicole to become a prime minister but also to fight for people's victory as a businessman usually stay out of the politics and we do our work when you when clearly you are there is a change you really are. you really feel that it's going to look at huge potential but it hurts your recall passion he calls it a velvet revolution and he called it the revolution of solidarity it's always been
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peaceful it's always been people driven. they have reason to celebrate because the people's candidate. people's privacy robin forestay walker al jazeera. i still claim responsibility for an attack on the headquarters of libya's electoral commission at least fourteen people were killed when several gunmen including a suicide bomber storm the offices in the capital tripoli the commission has been registering voters out of elections expected later the share had hawk's to reports . attackers targeted the electoral commission headquarters on wednesday morning with the twin suicide bombing of the storm the building and set it on fire i saw his claim responsibility for the attack but the assault comes days after the un pressured libya's leaders to hold elections by the end of the year. the international quartet the e.u. arab league african union and the u.n.
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met on monday to promise assistance in organizing the voting we have seen progress despite the quarter optimistic talk of improving security libya remains divided. the u.n. backed an internationally recognized national called government in tripoli was formed three years ago. as the prime minister but he struggled to establish the authority of his government beyond the capital. pitted against the government of the national accord in the west is the total of ministration in the east under the control of the self declared libyan national army its commander the renegade general highly for have to controls the oil rich east and its vital export terminals he recently shrugs off talk of elections and libyans to follow his army instead of the german i want you to trust the army it will lead you to what you aim for i know you want a real life not a semblance of a life that results from elections have to has expressed disdain for the government
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of national accord and tripoli government leaders in the capital say that before elections are held libyans should agree on a new electoral law and a constitution and. they want to turn their back on past agreements and take us all the way to new elections. have to me which is supported by usa in egypt is more powerful than troops based in tripoli in the general he recently returned home after medical treatment is widely seen by his supporters as the only libyan leader qualified to end years of infighting. as there. were in state media say at least seventy six people have been injured in an earthquake in the south west a magnitude five point three quake struck the remote mountainous city. some seven hundred kilometers south of tehran it's reported they're spending extensive damage to roads and buildings hospitals in the nearby town of for evacuated after the quake. their opinion has backed israeli condemnation of holocaust
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comments by palestine's president mahmoud abbas suggests that historic persecution of jews in europe had been caused by their quote professions rather than their religion the comments were unacceptable and the un call them disturbing they said they said that. hatred against jews was not because of their religion it was because of their profession a different issue so the jewish issue that has brought against the jews across europe was not because of their religion but because of their social professional relates to usury and the banks still had on al-jazeera and artifacts or were turning to iraq after being smuggled into the us they were paul set up a showdown with spanish giants real madrid in european football's champions league . from
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a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there we've still got a lot of rain over many southern parts of china look at the chance over the next few days we can see that the winds are feeding down from the north so they're chasing that rain southwards this still a fair amount of what weather from the diversion province all the way across into the northern parts of viet nam things change of a force there was we head into friday the winds change and so the rain just pushes a little bit further northwards we'll also see another patch of severe weather developing and that will become quite a significant weather feature as we head through friday and into saturday i mean further towards the south and we've seen plenty of showers over parts of the philippines recently and the latest batch of them just to the west is edging its way steadily further west would still and so forth in vietnam looks like we're going to see some showers on thursday and on friday spreading their way towards the west meanwhile for the south also a scattering of showers force in borneo but for java it does look largely dry and
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find out towards the west and force across india it's largely drawing here but it's also incredibly hot for many of us and the hope weather is sparking off a few thunderstorms most of them in the north and the eastern parts of india they're also affecting us in nepal and through bangladesh expect plenty more of them over the next few days for not poor there it'll just be unbearably hot. the wave of sponsored by qatar at least. of all my friends and who want troops or detained i am the one who survived they were waiting for news of the men for them was only one word on when mitchell marched you saw a boy killed in his father's. film industry. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bitch a civil war was doc a secret. account on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now the us has announced the first release of a prisoner from the want of a babe attention center or the shopping ministration military says that mohammad hostle darby will be transferred to saudi arabia. i mean his opposition leader has called off nationwide protests after the ruling party agreed to support his bid to become the interim prime minister a cuppa shinya told supporters at a rally in your home the issue has practically been solved the parliament is scheduled to vote again next week. u.k. company at the center of a major facebook data breach is shutting down a merchant what it is accused of improperly accessing the personal information of
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millions of people for political clients and says sends the scandal there's been a sharp drop in business. the basque separatist group has announced it is disbanding just days after apologizing to its victims more than eight hundred people were killed during its fifty year campaign for an independent state that eclair to cease fire in two thousand and eleven that a court some sense of fashion. in the end it came in the rather mundane form of a letter dated the sixteenth of april to various basque organizations a long awaited announcement that the group that waged a violent campaign for independence for five decades was disbanded for good and the what it called its historical cycle. it's fifty years since it's occurring that first victim a secret police chief here in the coastal city of. the announcement that it has this funding comes as no surprise to anyone here but many people do hope it marks
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the beginning of a new era the name of that police chief was carlos diaz his daughter says people like her are still waiting for a real apology. is the way that no matter in principle it's good news that they're not killing more people of course it's great news that there are no more victims but there's absolutely nothing to thank for it's a formed in the late one nine hundred fifty s. in response to the crackdown on bus culture by spain's dictator francisco franco in one thousand nine hundred seventy three they killed his heir apparent prime minister luis cairo blanco public attitudes hardened and opinion even inside split when the group killed twenty one people in a barcelona supermarket in one thousand nine hundred seven and a series of arrests of better leaders in both spain and france weaken the group significantly. last month which had observed a ceasefire since twenty eleven did apologize to what it called innocent victims of its bombings and assassinations but that wasn't extended to the families of people
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in the security services or politicians who were among the more than eight hundred killed by it or over the years for some people in spain's basque region the latest announcement is a missed opportunity and even the lesson here in terms of society i don't think we're going to notice much change and at a personal level i don't believe in is is because there are many missing did people there are many assess the nations that have not been clarified there are many victims that have not received compensation. for their part campaigners for the rights of its of prisoners currently in jail across spain and france. be able to service sentences near their families in the basque region so this is not closure but it has reenergized the debate on where the basque independence movement goes from here. al-jazeera. britain's upper house of parliament has voted to oppose any deal with the e.u. which would bring back controls on the irish border the house of lords heard that a so-called hard border would violate the peace agreement that helped and decades
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of conflict in northern ireland so this puts more pressure on prime minister threesome a who's facing a revolt from within her own party which could threaten her fragile government m.p.'s in favor of bracks that oppose a customs partnership with the e.u. and the options being considered by many and want the u.k. to have no links to the new laws or regulations after it leaves the us and say we will be leaving the customs union we want to ensure that we can have an independent trade policy we also want to ensure that we actually we deliver we are committed to delivering on our commitment of no hard border between north. and ensuring we have as frictionless trade as possible with the european union. the hall has won the debate and lessons star. talks in the so-called war cabinet on breaks of the likely to go past wednesday of course but they begin in earnest today on britain's customs relations with the european union after breakfast and what position the government decides to take into negotiations may well determine the nature of britain's exit
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from the european union why because well if it goes in with a position that would require some sort of border to be set up between northern ireland in the u.k. and the republic of ireland in the e.u. to monitor trade well that is something the e.u. would not accept and that likely would push britain towards a so-called hard breaks of leaving with no trade deal at that economists many economists say would be very damaging to the economy here the prime minister is pushing for a particular arrangement called a customs partnership in terms of which britain would mirror e.u. regulations at its borders charging tariffs for the e.u. on goods passing through to the e.u. and then giving refunds to importers delivering goods only to the u.k. potentially based on its own trade arrangements that it makes separate to the e.u. after breakfast that is something that would not require a border if might therefore be acceptable to the e.u. the problem is that it is not acceptable to a pretty influential bunch of progress of m.p.'s in her own party who say it will
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deliver nothing but a break sit in name only that it is a customs union in order to all intents and purposes that demanded she drop it and have tacitly if not directly threatened her lead to leadership over it all the while time is against the government here they've got to reach a settled position before a big meeting of the e.u. in june at which it will be decided whether to advance negotiations or not towards a final deadline of october by which time they hope to reach a final deal for britain's exit from the european union or no deal at all. hundreds of women in england may have died prematurely from breast cancer following a computer error in the national screening programme around four hundred fifty thousand. and women aged between sixty eight and seventy one were not invited to their final routine breast examination the lives up to two hundred seventy women may have been shortened because of that mistake u.k.'s health secretary has apologized calling it a serious failure that francis has apologized to victims of chile's clerical sexual
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abuse scandal and asked for forgiveness it comes after days of meetings at the vatican with three of the victims that of the roman catholic church admitted last month he made mistakes in handling the crisis after discrediting the victims he says he is was quote part of the problem the victims have urged him to end the epidemic of sex abuse and cover up in the catholic church. we were able to speak frankly and respect for you to the pope we talked about difficult issues such as sexual abuse abuse of power and especially the cover up of the family and vicious realities that we do not refer to as sins but as crimes and corruption that do not end. but are an epidemic an epidemic that has destroyed thousands of lives the united states says it remains gravely concerned about north korea's human
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rights record despite warming diplomatic relations in recent weeks the comments from the state department come ahead of a planned meeting between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and u.s. concern about human rights in the north spiked last year after american student auto warm beer was released from north korean custody it was arrested in good health while on a tour of pyongyang but let go fourteen months later and a vegetative state and he died soon after the highest ranking chinese official to visit north korea in years has arrived in pyongyang for mr wang years on a two day visit to try to ensure beijing plays a role in the next round of nuclear diplomacy with its longtime ally adrian brown reports. it's eleven years since the chinese foreign minister last stepped foot in north korea a measure of the strain in relations between these allies and now of china's desire to repair them one year is in pyongyang five days after the historic into korean summit when kim jong un and president mungy in agreed to pursue denuclearization of
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the peninsula and the peace treaty one will be hoping for a detailed briefing on the results of that meeting thanks unusually last friday chinese leaders found themselves on the sidelines of a major international event happening on their doorstep and they won't be part of the planned meeting between president donald trump and kim jong il either. analysts say china's president who met kim jong un in late march wants to ensure that the chinese aren't left out of future talks that could possibly include the united states and i want to make sure that in any war on these questions china will have this here seat and that negotiating table it is hard to believe that china won't play a role in any future discussions it is in theory at least the only ally that north
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korea has and china was also a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty three armistice that ended hostilities on the korean peninsula but not the state of war that still exists between the two koreas adrian brown al jazeera in beijing. military spending is on the rise across the world according to a new report from sweden the russia is backing the trend with its expenditure falling for the first time in almost ten years the u.s. remains the world's top spender is expected to fork out even more the share are on a hot reports. two hundred and thirty dollars that's the amount of military spending last year for each person on the planet it adds up to almost two trillion dollars or two point two percent of the world's economy military spending in china rose the most last year based on the latest figures from the stockholm international peace research institute all sipri the twelve billion dollar boost leads a twenty nine year upward trend in asia china's two hundred twenty eight billion
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dollar budget is being spent on some big ticket purchases aircraft carriers don't come cheap china has bought one and his two more under construction contrast that with russia which cut its military spending last year by twenty percent the first drop in almost ten years sipri says that's because of economic constraints at harm but russia remains a major player in conflicts including three years of a strikes in syria to beg the assad regime saudi arabia is driving a rise in military spending in the middle east a nine point two percent increase makes it the world's third largest spenda but the world number one remains the united states at six hundred ten billion dollars the u.s. forked out more in its military in two thousand and seventeen than the next to six countries on the list combined there was a downward trend in spending from two thousand and ten but that plateaued last year
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under a u.s. president donald trump the report's authors predicts the pentagon budget will rise this year. and artifacts have been handed back to iraq after they were smuggled into the united states almost four thousand pieces were bought by the u.s. arts and crafts store hobby lobby it's believed there were destined for christian use iyam linked to the retail chain alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . a piece of history to be returned home at a special ceremony at the residence of iraq's ambassador in washington u.s. officials returned the ancient objects to the rightful owners mr ambassador how important is it to have these items you turn to consider you as part of our psalm you know. this is you know really important to us you have to understand that in iraq memories are long and so we really have a sense of kinship to today to these artifacts so you know imagine these things coming back home some of the valuable artifacts are more than five thousand years
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old and they include examples of the first writing system internet religious text and koans with texts from the rulers of what was then mesopotamia they were among the five thousand objects bought by the chain store hobby lobby from dealers in the united arab emirates and israel in two thousand and ten experts warned the company the items might be stolen but it went ahead with the park has it's been fined more than three million dollars for breaking the law and had almost four thousand artifacts that were stolen removed when the criminal organizations still is merchandise and sell on the black market if funds other criminal activity and we have numerous cases fund terrorism activity so first of all we're taking the money out the hands of criminal organization terrorists second of all returning artifacts the people who own it's not the final destination for the artifacts would be the recently opened museum of the bible in washington or below because owners have a big stake in the project it admitted previously it should have taken more care
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and asked more questions about the purchase hobby lobby went ahead and bought the artifacts for approximately one point six million dollars additionally they allowed the dealers who were supplying them to decide how they should be shipped to the united states. unable to prove prove their legitimate ownership of the pieces those dealers smuggled the artifacts into the united states will be will be new to control or see my god it's conservative christian owner successfully sued the obama administration over the right to deny employees insurance coverage for contraceptives but this is a victory for the iraqis who plan to put many of their time relics in the national museum in baghdad alan fischer al-jazeera washington to of europe's most successful football clubs will face each other in the champions league final liverpool are up against real madrid after beating roma seven six on aggregate and the semifinal
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italian club won four two on the night to get within a goal of forcing the match into extra time five have tempted champions liverpool were the last side to beat real madrid in a european cup final in one thousand nine hundred one they'll face a twelve time winners in kiev on may twenty sixth. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. has announced the first release of a prisoner from the kuantan a bay detention center under the trump administration the military says mohamed al darby will be transferred to saudi arabia forty prisoners remain at that facility by pompei it has been sworn in as the new u.s. secretary of state has vowed to restore what he calls swagger to the department after succeeding rex tillerson pale and says north korea must commit to dismantling its weapons program right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the
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course of history on the korean peninsula i underscore the word opportunity we're in the beginning stages of the work and the outcome is certainly yet unknown but one thing is certain. this is ministration will not repeat the mistakes of the past our eyes are wide open it's time to solve this once and for all a bad deal is not an option the american people are counting on us to get this right we are committed to the permanent verifiable irreversible dismantling of north korea's weapons of mass destruction program and to do so without delay i mean his opposition leader has called off nationwide protest after the ruling party agreed to support his bid to become the interim prime minister the shiny and whole supporters at a rally in year of on that the issue has been practically solved the parliament is scheduled to vote again next week. of the u.k. company at the center of a major facebook data breach is shutting down cambridge analytic is accused of
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improperly accessing the personal information of millions of people for political clients hundreds of women in england may have died prematurely from breast cancer following a computer error and the national screening program lives up to two hundred seventy women may have been shortened because of that mistake that francis has apologized to victims of clerical sexual abuse scandal and asked for forgiveness accounts after days of meeting at the vatican with three of the victims those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera for the rest of the day's news and sad story is next.
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running out of water many parts of the world on drying up at another.


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