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or if you join us on the sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and ship steve this is a dialogue. about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount is iraq fresh perspectives new possibilities. thinness jenison just one of the rooms and you have to understand that the whole hospital looks likely to plates in discussions that would you make of that commentary misinformation just since the rumors and false messages award winning playgrounds take you on a journey around the globe. only on mountains in.
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the us releases a prisoner from guantanamo bay the first on the president donald trump. has of sake of this is live from doha also coming up. a day off to calling for a nationwide strike armenia's opposition leader stops the protests. separatist group says it's disbanding signaling the end to one of europe's bloodiest internal conflicts. nolen is because he ended up going to some of the most dangerous countries in the whole universe or. mourning his workmates a call for more protection on the world press freedom.
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but at the united states has announced the first release of a prisoner from the guantanamo bay detention center under the trumpet administration admittedly as been transferred to saudi arabia to serve out the rest of his sentence he habitats he has more. this is the first prisoner to leave guantanamo bay since donald trump took office at its height the facility held seven hundred eighty detainees now forty remain ahmed mohammed ahmed al darby has been in u.s. custody since two thousand and two he says he was tortured at the tories u.s. facility in bob graham afghanistan before arriving at guantanamo he admitted to aiding a suicide attack on a french oil tanker near yemen in two thousand and two but under the terms of a plea deal he reached he was supposed to have been released into saudi custody by february the twentieth of this year that did not happen which raises questions as to whether donald trump would refuse to reduce guantanamo as population having
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vowed repeatedly to repopulate the detention camp. to ensure that in the fight against isis and al qaeda we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists wherever we chase them down wherever we find. and in many cases then it will now be. the pentagon also announced on wednesday certain guidelines to the white house for future president transfers to guantanamo however the defense secretary james mattis and others said not to be keen to use what even george w. bush had eventually to concede was a propaganda tool against the u.s. others say the reason to close the facility down is it simply unlawful to keep prisoners in indefinite detention without a fair trial the nine eleven people for example have been in our custody percent sixteen years and they're still wrangling at the pretrial state. al darby has nine
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more years to serve his thirteen year sentence in saudi arabia in a statement relayed through his lawyer he said quote my words will not do justice to what i have lived through in those years and the men i leave behind in prison and no one should remain in guantanamo without a trial there is no justice in that shape or time see al-jazeera. well the u.s. president's legal team is facing another shake up the main lawyer representing donald trump in the russian russian inquiry is retiring peikoff departure comes a speculation mounts about whether trump will talk to investigators kimberly how to report. the investigators looking into allegations u.s. president donald trump's campaign colluded with russia want to question him but the president's legal team who would accompany him is changing again ty cobb has been one of trump's lawyers since last july the white house says he's decided to retire to take effect at the end of the month kopp is the second member of trump's legal
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team to leave him in the past two months john dowd quit march after he told reporters he thought the investigation should end it will be very difficult with mr cobb going to attract somebody who is going to ask themselves why do i want to go to a ship that sinking the cop departure comes at a critical time during the probe by special counsel robert muller his team is looking into whether the russian government worked with the trump campaign during the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election paul manna for trump's former campaign chair has already been indicted and is awaiting trial former white house national security advisor michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. and it's believed he is now working with investigators. but there are now questions about whether trump will speak with the f.b.i. cobb reportedly encouraged to cooperate cops replacement emmet flood is known for being more adversarial the white house says flood is joining the team to represent
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the president against what it called the russia witch hunt in science and there are new threats by republicans in congress to remove the man overseeing the case deputy attorney general rod rosenstein another repeatable who've been. making threats prior. at least publicly against me for quite some time and i think they should understand by now that the purpose of justice is not going to be extorted and waste a truck seemed to respond to that directly tweeting he may need to use the powers granted to the presidency and get involved ironically the lawyer stepping into ty cobb's place built his reputation defending someone donald trump despises and that fled represented us president bill clinton during his impeachment proceedings can really help get al-jazeera at the white house on the newest member of donald trump's legal team rudy giuliani says the u.s.
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president reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen for a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to a former adult film actress that's this transaction would appear to breach federal campaign finance laws trump has previously denied he's behind the payment the actress of the center of the payment stormy daniels is suing trump for defamation she says she had an affair with him in two thousand and six and the money was part of a nondisclosure agreement she is now seeking to invalidate in response to the giuliani comments daniels lawyer says blatantly line a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in china for trade talks president donald trump wants to slap tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese exports to the u.s. including steel an alum a new treasury secretary steven minutiae is the minutia and commerce secretary wilbur ross are trying to hammer out a deal with chinese officials in the hopes of avoiding a trade war adrian brown has more from beijing. well these are the first high level
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talks between government officials from the united states and china since their trade friction began now both governments of course of threaten to impose massive terrorist on each other's imports that hasn't happened yet but the deadline is the middle of june so not a lot of time left now ahead of these talks both sides have been talking up the prospects of success but also of failure now china of course currently exports far more to the united states than the other way around and wilbur ross the u.s. commerce secretary has said that he believes that deficit has been inspired by evil chinese trade practices where as robert light hisor the u.s. trade representative has said that the united states is not out to change china's system and china for its part is warning that it won't bow to any demands that seek to contain china's economy and that it wants to see sincerity from the u.s.
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side now the two sides will be meeting on thursday afternoon they'll be a dinner in the evening and then those talks will resume on friday but it's not just the trade deficit that's a real area of contention at the moment the u.s. believes the china is out to dominate technologies of the future artificial intelligence robotics and that it's doing this by pouring subsidies into state owned companies and this makes it very difficult for u.s. companies to compete in the global market so that's going to be another area where we can expect to be tough talking and where china has said it's not prepared to back down. the united states says it's concerned about north korea's human rights record despite warming diplomatic relations the comments from the state department come ahead of a planned meeting between donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un u.s. concern about human rights in the north spiked last year after american student auto warm beer was released from north korean custody he was arrested in good
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health while on a tour of pyongyang but let go fourteen months later in a vegetative state he died soon after. armenia's opposition leader has called off nationwide protests after the ruling party agreed to support him becoming interim prime minister. told a rally in the capital yet event that an agreement with his political opponents was near parliament will vote next week on a new prime minister robin forest to walk a report. when armenians heard the news that the government backed down with back their people's candidate his build it revolution took a step closer to reality. carriage how can i say there was no need to believe in any politician or political power believe in yourselves and only then will you always when i told her she had called for another massive
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show of support a message to the ruling republican party that they were out of touch with the media reality. the opposition movement had forced the resignation of the country's long term leader said. last week but his republican party refused to step aside its rejection of passion yearns candidacy for prime minister on tuesday only seemed to make the movement stronger. a general strike on wednesday paralyzed the country students surround the ministries cheered with the government's culture minister resigned i with police absent the roads railways and even the airport cut off the call pascha claimed that the only power the republicans now had with their seats in parliament they will try to all to end pairs. army.
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soldiers away or soldiers will join us the governing parties intention to now back passion you. and in a second round of voting will also fulfill his movements objective to overthrow power but respect the institutions that has inspired armenians of every persuasion may not change ichneumon and this is not only a fight for nicole to become a prime minister but also to fight for people's victory as a businessman usually stay out of the politics and we do our work when you went really you know there is a change you really are. you really feel that it's going to unlock a huge potential but it hurt your passion he called it a velvet revolution the and he called it the revolution of ours and solidarity it's always been peaceful it's always been people driven and now they have reason to celebrate because the people's candidate said today that people's private is broken
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for is a walker al jazeera. cambridge analytic of the u.k. company of the center of a major facebook data breach will shut down the political consultancy hit the headlines in march when a former employee revealed how he used data from millions of facebook users to influence the u.s. presidential campaign the company says it suffered a sharp drop in business and will begin bankruptcy proceedings its parent company as c.e.o. is also closing. still ahead on our visitor when we come back a grim warning about the air we breathe and what it's doing to our health. and lipo set up a showdown with spanish giants railway driven european football's champions league . from the waves of the snow. to the contours of the east.
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hello again we've had some very lively dust storms over parts of egypt recently all thanks to this weather system here that is now working its way across parts of saudi arabia that's a link to really to what else is going on across the middle east and you'll see plenty of cloud from georgia there all the way down through parts of iraq and iran as we head through the next day will say we'll also be watching this stubborn area of cloud here in the eastern part of our mouth of that has been giving us some rain and some snow doesn't really move anywhere in a great hurry as we head through friday but it is beginning to release its hold now the further towards the south and there's more in the way of cloud over the arabian peninsula now it could just be thick enough to squeeze out want to show it here in doha a few spots of rain but i think it's breaking up again as we head into friday say more of a seeing some dry weather i think of friday actually the best chance of seeing some cloud is in the southern parts of yemen here they could just be one or two showers as we head down towards the southern parts of africa
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a lot of wet weather here in the eastern cape it looks like the showers here will be rather active that we pushing a bit further northwards towards durban as well and then further north you got plenty of showers there from mozambique all way across into parts of zambia and into deal i think some of the showers here a lot need to be very heavy before it's across madagascar just like it should be mostly dry. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life from start and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in liberal i was the pope of the lust and the like and the others through that rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially english children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour. the u.s. has released the first prisoner from the guantanamo bay detention center under presidents from u.s. military says at least transferred to saudi arabia as part of a plea deal to serve out his sentence there. a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in china for trade talks president donald trump wants the slap tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese exports to the u.s. including steel an alum. armenia's opposition leader has called off nationwide protests that's after the ruling party agreed to support his bid to become the interim prime minister. told supporters at a rally in yet
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a van they were close to an agreement parliament is scheduled to vote again next week. separatist group has announced its disbanded just days after apologizing to its victims more than eight hundred people were killed during its fifty year campaign for an independent state it declared a cease fire in twenty eleven the reports from san sebastian in the end it came in the rather mundane form of a letter dated the sixteenth of april to various basque organizations a long awaited announcement that the group that waged a violent campaign for independence for five decades was disbanded for good in the what it called its historical cycle. it's fifty years since it's occurring that first victim a secret police chief here in the coastal city of. the announcement that this comes as no surprise to anyone here but many people do hope it marks the beginning
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of a new era the name of that police chief was carlos diaz his daughter says people like her are still waiting for a real apology. no matter in principle it's good news that they're not killing more people of course it's great news that there are no more victims but there's absolutely nothing to thank for. it's a formed in the late one nine hundred fifty s. in response to the crackdown on bus culture by spain's dictator francisco franco in one thousand nine hundred seventy three they killed his heir apparent prime minister luis cairo blanco public attitudes hardened and opinion even inside split when the group killed twenty one people in a barcelona supermarket in one thousand nine hundred seven and a series of arrests of better leaders in both spain and france weaken the group significantly. last month which had observed a ceasefire since twenty eleven did apologize to what it called innocent victims of its bombings and assassinations but that wasn't extended to the families of people
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in the security services or politicians who were among the more than eight hundred killed by it or over the years for some people in spain's basque region the latest announcement is a missed opportunity and even the last one in terms of society i don't think we're going to notice much change and at a personal level i don't believe in it because there are many missing did people there are many assess the nations that have not been clarified there are many victims that have not received compensation. for their part campaigners for the rights of better prisoners currently in jail across spain and france are hoping they'll soon be able to serve their sentences near their families in the basque region so this is not closure but it has reenergized the debate on where the basque independence movement goes from here nadine barber al-jazeera. of britain's upper house of parliament has voted against a deal with the e.u. which could bring back controls along the irish border owsa lords heard that a so-called hard border would violate the peace deal that helped end decades of
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conflict in northern i passed more pressure on prime minister theresa may who's facing a revolt from within her own party that could threaten her government m.p.'s progress in m.p.'s oppose any customs partnership with the e.u. one of the options being considered by may they want the u.k. to have no links to e.u. laws after it leaves the block. we will be losing the customs union we want to ensure that we can have an independent trade policy we also want to ensure that we actually we deliver we are committed to delivering on our commitment of no hard border between north island and ensuring we have as frictionless trade as possible with the european union. well talks in the so-called war cabinet on brics is unlikely to go past wednesday of course but they begin in earnest today on britain's customs relations with the european union after brigid and what position the government decides to take into negotiations may well determine the nature of
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britain's exit from the european union why because well if it goes in with a position that would require some sort of border to be set up between northern ireland in the u.k. and the republic of ireland in the e.u. to monitor trade well that is something the e.u. would not accept and that likely would push britain towards a so-called hard bricks and leaving with no trade deal at that economists many economists say would be very damaging to the economy here the prime minister is pushing for a particular arrangement called a customs. partnership in terms of which britain would mirror e.u. regulations at its borders charging tariffs for the e.u. on goods passing through to the e.u. and then giving refunds to import is delivering goods only to the u.k. potentially based on its own trade arrangements that it makes separate to the e.u. after the break that that is something that would not require a border if might therefore be acceptable to the e.u. the problem is that it is not acceptable to a pretty influential bunch of progress of m.p.'s in her own party who say it will deliver nothing but bray breaks it in name only that it is
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a customs union in order to all intents and purposes they've demanded she drop it and have tacitly if not directly threatened only to leadership over it all the while time is against the government here they've got to reach a settled position before a big meeting of the e.u. in june at which it will be decided whether to advance negotiations or not towards a final deadline of october by which time they hope to reach a final deal for britain's exit from the european union or no deal tool the u.s. is beefing up the number of lawyers and judges at its border with mexico attorney general jeff sessions says thirty five extra lawyers and eighteen judges will help deal with asylum claims it's in response to the so-called caravan of central american migrants who are waiting to be processed people are not going there caravan or otherwise stampede our border we need legality and integrity in the system people should wait their turn asghar to apply our lawfully
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before they enter our country we're sending a massive worldwide dot com illegally make your claim to enter america and the lawful way and wait your turn. pope francis has apologized to victims of chile's clerical sexual abuse scandal and ask for forgiveness comes after days of meetings at the vatican with three of the victims the head of the roman catholic church admitted last month he made mistakes in handling the crisis after discrediting the victims he says he was quote part of the problem victims of urged him to end the epidemic of sex abuse and cover up in the catholic church emergency workers in brazil are still searching through the rubble for dozens of people missing after a tower block caught fire and collapsed on tuesday survivors to set up a makeshift camp outside a nearby church most of them had been sheltering in the twenty five story building
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when it came down firefighters believe forty four people are still missing. and nine out of ten people worldwide are breathing air with high levels of pollutants that's the assessment from new information from the world health organization as intentionally mean reports people living in poor countries are at the highest risk . pollution has become a silent killer stalking people outside and even inside their homes from exposure to smog from industry or traffic fumes to smoke from cooking the world health organization says seven million people die from air pollution every year nine every ten persons around the wall are breathing air that these know all too respecting the recommend that the guidelines of government joe for. the w.h.o. says pollution worldwide increased by eight percent and there's a pollution gap between rich and poor countries. data collected shows people in
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low and middle income countries in southeast asia and the eastern mediterranean are breathing in the most polluted air on the planet while the lowest levels of pollution were measured in cities in europe the americas and the western pacific more encouraging news is cities across the economic spectrum were able to reduce pollution levels by more than five percent in the past five years for the time being because of the mill graphics and because of the speed. and because probably if the lack of political will in some countries we are not moving at the speed that we would like to see the w.h.o. says reducing industrial smokestack emissions increasing the use of renewable energy taking mass transit and walking and cycling can expedite efforts to make the air we all breathe cleaner natasha going to aim al-jazeera sarah calling
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brenda is a research on of an issues at the institute international institute for environment and development she says the problem is serious but it's not too late for action. of course london is famously famous for its historical pay supers and its terrible smaug and london still has a problem with evolution but it's become much better since the one nine hundred fifty s. so there is absolutely hope for beijing new delhi and the other cities that are struggling local and national governments working together because they have a different set of powers local governments are responsible for getting the basics of urban planning right your spatial planning about who lives where where jobs are where industry is but national governments need to empower them and resource them so that they can act effectively and they also need to make sure that the money reaches local governments to do things like build bus systems or build clean power systems egypt's military court has renewed the detention of journalists scum donnie for another thirty days he spent nearly nine hundred days behind bars without being
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convicted and his ears journalist mahmoud his sane has also had his jail time extended he has been kept in prison without charge for almost a year and a half al-jazeera international human rights organizations have repeatedly urged egyptian authorities to release its journalists the u.n. secretary general is calling on governments to strengthen press freedom and protect journalists attorney generals comments highlight world press freedom day it comes as journalists in afghanistan vowed to continue to do their job despite the dangers ten of them were killed on monday in the single deadliest day for afghan media jennifer glass reports from kabul in the newsroom of one t.v. in kabul a reporter's desk is now a memorial on it the photos of cameramen now who's on the road jobby and reporter karzai resolutely they were two of nine journalists killed in monday's bomb attack in the capital a tenth died during the attack in the east i meet hydra he was one of the last to
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see his colleagues alive. it's the dangerous no it is we can see that afghanistan one of the most dangerous countries in the all the viewers are working. we are a lot facing that mantra that we are facing with a huge of troops there's a from law fields from tourists are going to. a truck bomb blast a few hundred meters away destroyed the one t.v. studios last year three staff members were injured the explosion that killed one hundred fifty and wounded hundreds more reporters were back live on the air within hours of the massive attack another station came under attack in november shamshad t.v. was besieged for hours by eisel fighters but monday's attack was the most blatant direct assault on the media so far journalists rushed to the scene of the first suicide bomb explosion then a second bomber blew himself up among a crowd of reporters cameraman and photographers. being a journalist has never been easy here in addition to the bombings and attacks
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journalists have been intimidated for years beaten up even murdered allegedly by powerful people unhappy with the stories written about them and more often than not the killers are never punished. and the killer of a dumont hard guard is still at large the t.v. reporter was shot last week in the center of kandahar in southern afghanistan by saying freedom of speech in a country like afghanistan is much important in the countries in the united states because the countries in the and the west at least there is a check and balance between different parts of the power supply than a former. there is an absolute power without any check and the media is providing that check editors say the government isn't working with them we're doing enough to keep them safe but to believe that we have discussed how to provide security to journalists and our media partners in fact the protection of civilians is our top priority but you know that suicide interests attack are sophisticated and on some
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cases preventing attacks is complicated we accept that despite the recent bloodshed journalists say they continue to have hope for the media in afghanistan and are proud to be broadcasting here jennifer glass al jazeera kabul are two of europe's most successful football clubs will face each other in the champions league final liverpool are up against rayo madrid after beating roma seven six on aggregate in the semi final the italian club won four two on the night to get within a goal of forcing the match into extra time five time champions live for the last side to beat graham madrid in the european cup final in one thousand nine hundred eighty one they'll face the twelve time when i was in kiev maybe twenty six. we came in that competition as a qualifier and are now in the final and really really happy for the boys i'm really happy for the club i'm really happy for of fans it was
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a fantastic road so far and you know now we will go to clear if it's sounds crazy and but it is the truth we will go to you. this is edge there that's going to round up other top stories the u.s. has announced the first release of a prisoner from guantanamo bay detention center under president trump u.s. military says added darby has been transferred to saudi arabia to serve out his sentence as part of a plea bargain forty prisoners remain at the center of a high level u.s. delegation arrived in china for trade talks president donald trump wants to slap tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese exports to the u.s. including steel and alimony and treasury secretary steve menuhin and commerce secretary warble ross are trying to hammer out a deal with chinese officials in the hopes of avoiding
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a trade war adrian brown has more from beijing will have a meeting with the ambassador and then those first talks are due to happen on thursday afternoon beijing time there be a dinner in the evening and then the real talking will resume again on friday so not a lot of time to deal with the many complex issues now before them but these are the first high level talks to happen between the united states and china since the current trade friction began to remember both countries are currently threatening to impose massive tariffs on each other's imports. armenia's opposition leader has called off nationwide protests after the ruling party agreed to support his bid to become the interim prime minister nikolai push union announced the deal to supporters at a rally in get a van hollen an instant vote again next week on the post the u.k. company at the center of a major facebook data breach is shutting down k. branch analytic is accused of improperly getting the personal information of
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millions for political clients including the us presidential campaign it says since the scandal there's been a sharp drop in business pope francis has apologized to victims of clerical sexual abuse scandal and ask for forgiveness that's after days of meetings at the vatican with three of the victims they urged the head of the catholic church to end the epidemic of sex abuse and the cover up those are the headlines the stream is next. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was asked to name him. in one was very nervous about meeting did not match a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary on dizzy respects to those met osama bin laden he never showed you how to teach woods near the west.


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