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the end of a long tunnel of people in power the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is the territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from now al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may go on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and alum in europe for us five g. it will mean the days of time times us of the fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera.
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president trump admits he did know about harsh money paid to a porn star but says it didn't come from his campaign funds. i learned this is al jazeera live from london coming up yemen's trial and finds itself in the middle of a power struggle between the united arab emirates and the yemeni government. powerful dust and rain storms killed almost a hundred people in northern states of india. and gold companies settle south africa's biggest class action lawsuit yet with my nose who contract a deadly lung diseases.
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that are u.s. president donald trump has changed his story about how money paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with him more than a decade ago trump tweeted that he knew about a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels after one of his lawyers revealed it in a t.v. interview but he said it was a retainer fee for his lawyer and the money did not come from his election campaign funds catching a president who has the latest. donald trump has admitted he's aware of the hush money paid to former porn star stormy daniels the president hansen not knowing anything about the payment but now he appears to be changing his story on twitter he wrote the agreement was to stop false and extortionists accusations about the affair and he says money from his presidential campaign was not used his tweets follow an interview with rudy giuliani that may have backfired against trump giuliani recently joined trump's legal team he says the president knew about the hush money and even reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen from making the payment so
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they followed through law for. the present repaid. the comments contradict tom's previous and i also about the scandal. trump lawyer reportedly paid daniels before the presidential election in exchange the core star was to keep quiet about the alleged affair with trump and the lawyer asked for money but apparently were giuliani's arguing is trump had no idea what the money was being used for. the transaction funds were used it would be a violation of u.s. federal law the president can contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign he has to report it and he did not report this to the federal elections commission that would be a criminal violation. team says no laws were broken the fact is just trust me they're going to come up with no violations there the adult film star has filed
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a defamation lawsuit against the president despite the scandal though trump still appears to enjoy the support of his base see a locus of a yawn al-jazeera. white house course one can really help it joins us live from on this and we saw a moment ago can be the white house briefing dominated by this how do you think a spokesperson got on there. well certainly sarah sanders sarah huckabee sanders is downplaying the significance of the revelation that the president essentially lied the contradiction between his account of the payment and that of his legal advisor rudolph giuliani the other thing that sarah sanders appears to be doing is essentially sort of downplaying any suggestion that she herself knew about all of this and lied intentionally to the media repeatedly she said you know this was info that the white house didn't know at the time we give the best information we have at the time and this was sort of the recurring theme is well she really
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downplayed any sort of suggestion that rudolph giuliani in any way harmed the president by coming out in essentially calling the president a liar and his account of these payments so this certainly is significant also significant is the fact that the white house said it was not aware of the wiretapping that took place of president trump's personal or his office is michael cohen certainly this is problematic for the white house but it also may be one of the reasons why we saw rudolph giuliani going on television in essence perhaps trying to get ahead of the story and negative headlines that may be coming out. this isn't going to put a stop to questions about whether the money was paid as part of trump's presidential campaign is it. if anything it's going to intensify this lauren because not only as you heard in that report preceding our chat there the concern about whether or not the president actually reported this the other big concern in all of this is the amount of those contributions federal law capping it at twenty
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five thousand but these payments are what the president says was a retainer amounted to one hundred and thirty thousand dollars so there are not going to be fewer questions as a result of this revelation in fact just the opposite or probably be more and certainly when we know that the concurrent russia investigation is taking place into the special counsel robert muller he has very broad authority so well his initial investigation is about potential collusion the connections to russia whether there was obstruction of justice that could be brought in even further if there's the concern that further laws have been broken can be healthy thank you very much. angry protests have broken out on a remote but strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there he said quote archipelago is a unesco world heritage site it lies in the gulf of aden and on important oil trade
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routes and also provides access to nearby regions yemen's prime minister made a rare visit to troops and supporters made on and on wednesday shortly after residents say the u.a.e. unloaded soldiers tanks and armored transport that attempt to intimidate the internationally recognized government and there were reports of some yemeni troops have been expelled iraqis have been expanding their influence in southern yemen that part of the saudi led coalition fighting who he rebels sometimes referred to as the collapse because of the indian ocean so culture is home to seven hundred demick species including the unique dragons blood tree. it's sixty thousand residents have lived almost completely isolated from the outside world the now find themselves at the center of a past shuttle between again many government and the u.a.e. . dress creek from the defense studies department at kings college in on them says the move is part of a much wider strategy by the u.a.e.
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and what they've done here is basically occupy a country part of the country so they've done that in aden and they're now do that and so cultura which is very far out in the indian ocean to effectively control the backbone man that region of the indian ocean which is part of the grand strategy of the united arab emirates the u.a.e. see themselves or want to see themselves in the future to be the link between the east and the west so it's very important to control here the trade links between east asia and europe which mostly go through suez canal and the bottom and straight between yemen and generally the horn of africa so if you want to control the straits you have to control the indian ocean so it's not and it's not just enough to have you know military facilities on shore which they have done because they invest into it in the u.a.e. have built similar outposts in somalia and along the red sea coast going up to the suez canal so what they have done here is they have found an island which is very
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remote from both yemen and somalia it's very far off the coast but it's very strategically located and it kind of acts as a quasi aircraft carrier in the main over the u.a.e. in the middle of the indian ocean where they can control traffic and obviously control the traffic you can also give favorable access to the sea lanes to companies that are related to the u.a.e. so it's a military and political strategy which is very much linked to the economic strategy of you know united arab emirates. nearly one hundred people have been killed in india after a powerful dust and rainstorm hit the northern states of registered to pradesh the storm destroyed homes destructed electricity and operated trees so nobody ever reports i the storm struck in the dead of night as well slept in their homes leaving a trail of destruction and its weight i from largest stand with
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a private even the capital new delhi there were intense bursts of like accompanied by hail and rain the worst affected were rural areas pulling trees hit fragile buildings destroying homes killing dozens of people inside and disrupting power supplies across the regions. all the private and government hospitals have been alerted government to minister pool resources have been mobilized and we are taking the help of the private sector as well people are helping to we are trying to get all the into hospital and clear the roads dust storms are always expected ahead of the incoming monsoon season but not of this strength and killing so many people. are strong in our district we have information of five deaths due to a high intensity tender storm at least twenty two people are critically injured and i've been given treatment at a trauma center of the district hospital while relief work has already started in the affected areas it will take days to restore power and with livestock having
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been affected by the storms people's livelihoods have also been impacted a worrying sign ahead of the impending monsoon season so need i able al-jazeera. flooding in kenya has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced and major roads across the country have been blocked due to heavy rains and landslides since early april last week a route between the capital nairobi and the main port city of mumbai was completely submerged the red cross has described it as a humanitarian disaster and says kenya needs emergency funding under simmons' so this update from garson in southeast kenya. there may be sunshine but the water keeps coming it's unrelenting people here in a really desperate state sixty four thousand in this county santa river county alone overall in kenya something like a quarter of a million people displaced now and look over here this is the sort of conditions
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they face there just making do with what they've got the kenya red cross and other aid agencies to helping out so many children more than one hundred people have died in these floods and you'll see them here trying to get by with the livestock they've managed to save with very little apart from what they have managed to put together and that you may ask why say to many people all here by a river side when the so much flooding will the reason for that is a special filtration system being used by kenya red cross it's a bring water this purified so that people are able to at least have safe drinking water is so important such a danger of color on the kenya red cross says the situation nevertheless is critical most of the health facilities now some munched with water or my room so accessibility the hope for city has been a big problem to this already is about six sixty four thousand people affected in
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tonga riva alone and over one hundred eight. comps along these i mean discountable that's a huge number it's not hard to work out the risks to health here also amongst these waters that have been crocodiles and reports of people being injured in attacks now people were living in this area in tents now they've moved this way they say the waters are rising in the reports that dams further up river are releasing large amounts of water making the situation even more difficult here in the rivets hannah region a region that's not sure what the future holds was people are going to do in this critical situation. still to come on the program left with nothing ranger refugees prepare for monsoon season plus. i'm charlie ends live in london inside the love
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knowledge of the victorian glass house of a huge restoration project it's home to some of the world's rarest. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we look at weather conditions across europe main features the circulation of low pressure giving some really heavy showers and thunderstorms even the risk of tornadoes and waterspouts across parts of the mediterranean including corsica sound in the sardinia and through into mainland parts of italy still really will macross those easterners twenty nine in kiev in ukraine for northwestern areas it's ok nothing special about eighteen or nineteen that would expect at this time of the year so we head into the start of the weekend this low pressure system is still spawning around maybe weakening a little bit so the sheraton not quite as intense elsewhere we're looking at fine weather for much of eastern europe though this frontal system may just give
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a little bit of rain for moscow in the form of showers but still quite warm on the other side of the mediterranean for this line of clouds across parts of egypt and through into libya car itself looking pretty woman thirty eight degrees and then as we head on into south play the circulation of low pressure could well result in some lifted dust across libya in particular conditions along the coast of both out syria and tunisia into central parts of africa some showers for uganda through tuesday of congo and gabon respected importantly brazil with highs of thirty. he was the world's most wanted. the last meeting i had with him was after. bin laden was very nervous about nature did not match a western border patrol in part two of an exclusive two part documentary
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al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew bin ladin continues. the man of the top stories. the u.s. president has changed his story about how money paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with donald trump now says he knew about it but the money did not come from his campaign funds. have been angry protests on a strategic yemeni island of sumatra after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there follows the yemeni prime minister's visit to the
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island on wednesday to meet service personnel who reportedly now be expelled. nearly one hundred people have been killed in india after a powerful dust and rain storm hit and pradesh states. gold mining companies in south africa have agreed a four hundred million dollars class action settlement with law firms representing thousands of mind as you contract it fatal lung disease is around half a million men were employed in south african gold mines in the one nine hundred eighty s. medical research has suggest as many as one in two have contracted diseases after inhaling a kind of dust released in the mining process welcome webb has more from johannesburg . a group of lawyers representing thirty thousand gold miners who have silicosis which is a lung disease developed through breathing silica dust in gold mines those lawyers have announced an agreement with six groups of gold mining companies first to
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compensate thirty thousand clients secondly also to compensate any more cases that are found in the years ahead which estimates range from one hundred thousand three hundred thousand affected miners in south africa now many of these cases originate from during the apartheid era we've spoken to minus just a short while ago told us that conditions then were very bad they treat the loss of gas that was little safety equipment little protection and they had no means of recourse almost no means of getting compensation sickness and also usually even complaining to the mine management result in them losing their jobs that things changed from one thousand nine hundred for south africa have a new constitution it's basically taken from then until now for the lawyers firstly get a new precedent set in the constitutional court and secondly pursue this litigation so it's the first of its kind in south africa about four hundred million dollars the total payout that's been agreed on so miners depending on how they were
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distracted be receiving payouts of maybe between ten thousand and thirty thousand dollars each also the relatives of those have already died of which there are many died of silicosis of other related diseases. or descendants will also be compensated under this agreement the next challenge is for the all those affected people to be found many of them are scattered over neighboring countries in remote rural areas under the agreement they've got twelve years to find all these people find out if they're eligible for compensation and then compensate them. the basque separatist group eta has issued a final communique saying its journey has ended and it will cease all political activity for decades it used violence to push for an independent basque state in northern spain and southwest france and in baba reports from san sebastian what it is disbanding means for those in the region. as. a final announcement by the end of
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a process that seen it renounce violence give up its weapons and most recently issue a partial apology for the hundreds of people it killed over a fifty year period. is a former eta member who spent twenty one years in prison for acts including the attempted murder of police officers of this nationalist bar in bilbao he told us he doesn't regret his part in what he calls the fight for basque independence but it was america's information this is not a defeat this is a change in our strategy a different means of struggle personally i think the objectives remain the same and we haven't given up. it's that kind of talk that concerns people like jose maria muvico twenty two years ago his father fair amount of the socialist party councillor was shot dead by an at a member near this office where he worked as a lawyer with the group that was going to see if we have to keep up the fight against impunity for the terrorists and resolve the three hundred fifty eight murders committed by the terrorist group and also we must continue to fight over
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memory which means defeating not just at are but the political project of its as. one of those is gorka. he spent twelve years in exile as a member of his political wing and now works for a basque separatist party he says there's consensus among pro independence basques and those who want to remain a semi autonomous part of spain for the idea of a referendum that confidential source is up on their right to the site how is it possible looking at twenty five percent that we're still going to cover a normal political discussion on the future of this country and how to push the world up to this people cannot do it they say it's future but recent surveys suggest that unlike in catalonia fewer than twenty percent of people in spades basque country support breaking away that's part of the issue why the solving right now gets impaired is m. it's been three d. used and people's party is a party is that it's it's frankly it's
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a minority inside the nationalistic group of people right at the sympathizers still have demands of their own including the transfer of prisoners to jails here in the basque country that's something the government in madrid may be willing to consider but it's also promised to go after eta members implicated in past crimes the decades of violence may have ended years ago but the ripples will continue to be felt across busk society nadine barber al jazeera sun sebastiaan. camas descended on armenia's capital just a day after protests brought yerevan to a standstill locals took to cleaning the streets as opposition leader nicole fashion un declared a one day pause in the nationwide protests a truce was reached after armenia's ruling party agreed to back whoever was nominated for prime minister as long as they secured a third of all votes so it would be over yeah you do not know about what i'm going to work today it's eight in the morning and i have
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a feeling that i'm in another new media i'm certain that the new government in the new leader will try to do their best for the people to have a decent living for the people to have a better life than before yeah. i can only be certain about nicole after i see what reforms he will follow what he must do is finding create a strong group of lawyers and economists to find a new model to govern this country if it's only enthusiasm it will eventually pass iran says it will exercise its right to respond if the u.s. withdraws from the twenty fifty nuclear deal for mr jevons or if delivered a strong statement online just days before president trump deadline or whether he'll pull out of the deal let me make it absolutely clear once and for all we will need to outsource our security nor will we. or are gong to a deal we have already implemented in good faith to put it in real estate
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terms when you buy a house and move your family in or demolish it to build a skyscraper you cannot come back two years later and try to renegotiate the price the u.s. is valid words to finally start honoring its commitments or it and only it will have to accept responsibility for the consequences of not doing so. north korea's leader kim jong un has told china's foreign minister that he is committed to denuclearize ation y. news been a two day visit to pyongyang during which he congratulated north korea chris historic summit with south korea last week while his visit comes as the north korean need to progress to meet u.s. president donald trump in the coming weeks the u.n. says two hundred thousand refugees need to be moved to safety a cycler season gets underway in bangladesh many are living in flimsy shelters
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which are no match for the expected heavy rains floods landslides and strong winds struck the reports from cox's bazaar on what's become one of the world's largest refugee camps life for salim a cartoon that her family has been precarious enough since escaping the military crackdown against the regime jamie hamill eight months ago their makeshift shelter is perched on a hilltop in the call to pile on refugee camp in bangladesh but the daily struggle to survive is expected to become even harder in the weeks and months ahead for salema and hundreds of thousands of refugees like her because cycling season is starting that along religion. we are afraid of the wind sometimes it takes the top poland and there might be landslides but we don't have anywhere else to go. there's a sense of urgency around the camp. the weather could change dramatically at any time thousands of tons of bamboo is being distributed to refugees so they can make
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their shelters stronger. aid agencies are training them how to best secure what are often nothing more than tarpaulin and corrugated iron shacks not a million dollar like a developed only at what we were afraid of the wind and thunder during cyclons or teaching us about landslides and what we need to do. heavy machinery has been brought into the camps to build roads it's vital emergency services have access to anywhere in the camp in order to rescue victims of potential landslides or floods as quickly as possible men gather bricks to harden the road surface otherwise they will quickly turned to mud with heavy rain arrives you can see how vulnerable and exposed these flimsy shelters are on these hillsides now over the next four months we're expecting a psych loan and a monsoon season where winds can often reach up to one hundred kilometers an hour and they're going to be lashing rain which means places like these are potentially
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highly vulnerable to landslides aid agencies here say around two hundred thousand people need to be moved to safer ground the bangladesh government has allocated a large area specifically to house refugees who need to be moved shelters schools and health centers a jew to be built here aid agencies say there are twenty five thousand people living in areas most vulnerable to landslides who need to be relocated immediately they want to. that's what we're doing we're moving. with heavy machines so that families can live some. public health services and the safe are not that comfortable and that they're not at risk and. in the late afternoon the weather suddenly changes for the worse the wind kicks up dust clouds across the camp refugees run for cover all rushed to try and secure the tarp all ins there's
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a ripped from roofs. hundreds of thousands of men women and children face the greatest challenge yet since fleeing for their lives from the myanmar military crackdown. stratford al-jazeera coup problem refugee camp bangladesh the world's largest victorian glass house has reopened in london after a five year refurbishment kew gardens temperate house is home to fifteen hundred species of plants and is used by scientists from around the world challenging reports an architectural wonder and heaven for horticulturalists kew gardens a vast victorian greenhouse is open again to the public it's taken five years of restoration moving in ten thousand plants from the world's temperate climates where it's not too hot and not too cold this is the largest victorian glass house in the world it's nearly two hundred metres long it actually consists of five separate buildings each grade one listed this is unesco world heritage site and it's open to the public every day of the year as well so dismantling this building restoring it
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taking all the plants out returning them it has been a hugely complex project inside a plant that can feed the world like the end set a staple crop in ethiopia a cousin of the banana plant which kew scientists hope could be used throughout africa there are plants that supply medicine and plants that a purely beautiful thing all these plans on the one we've picked pretty positive picture of global biodiversity in the wild fish of species at risk of extinction the foundation of life the farming logging development and climate change a painting that with. the species a part of q gardens living collection used by scientists in charge of them is scott taylor we grow plants of really high scientific value conservation he was a conservation organization we got about two hundred fifty species growing in a hail of fifteen hundred conservation writings from vulnerable to extinct in the wild species here extinct in the wild which means you don't find them anywhere else
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in nature one of those now extinct species is the end. which survives is the time when dinosaurs rode a favorite here with botanists. she'd been an engine twenty years which is spectacular and the story behind this is quite unique and. an offset of the original specimen found in the only male specimen found in the wild these plants a part of everyday life the food we eat to the clothes we wear the materials we use and the medicines we take too often we take them for granted. london six critically endangered black rhinos are on their way back to chad from south africa in the attempt to reintroduce the animals to the country black rhinos were wiped out nearly fifty years ago because of wide scale poaching the relocation has taken two years of planning into small enclosures before being allowed to roam
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freely through chance as a national park. website. top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has admitted he knew about hush money that was paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with him more than a decade ago but he says that the one hundred thirty thousand dollars given to stormy daniels did not come from his presidential campaign funds trump says the payment was made through his attorney michael cohen after previously denying any knowledge the president insists he did not have an affair and the payoff was part of a deal to keep daniel's quiet about quote false and extortionists accusations committee how could one what this appears is that there's an attempt by the white house legal team to get ahead of the story in essence knowing that that recent raid on the
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president's attorney michael collins office is that likely there is something in there that would contradict what the president had said and instead of having that revelation come out in an unexpected time send out a member of the president's legal team to say yes that's the case that it doesn't matter but certainly there are many that will say this does matter because essentially what this does is this does confirm what many have been trying to prove for some time is that the president knew more about this than he was letting on angry purchase of broken out on a remote but strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates to produce minute track craft and troops there use a coach archipelagos a unesco world heritage site it's in the gulf of aden along important trade routes yemen's prime minister made a rare visit to troops or supporters made on and on wednesday shortly after president say the u.a.e. unloaded soldiers tanks and armored transport to try to intimidate the
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internationally recognized government. early hundred people have been killed after a powerful rain and dust storm hit parts of northern and western india at least sixty four people died in pradesh state and twenty seven others in ra just on the storm at a trail of destruction with collapsed houses foreign trees and dead livestock flooding in kenya has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced major roads across the country have been blocked due to heavy rains and landslides there's the headlines up next as the stream that by for now.


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