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the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration the change the middle east. seeds of discord on al-jazeera. is was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp see. the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail.
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the white house goes into damage limitation mode as president trump admits he did know about hush money paid to a porn star but says it didn't come amiss campaign funds. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. plotting displaces hundreds of thousands in kenya while powerful dust and rain storms kill almost a hundred people in northern states of india. and the former head of folks fogging is charged over a diesel emissions scandal. or the white house is scrambling to fend off what could be one of the most damaging
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scandals to engulf the trump presidency donald trump has admitted that one hundred thirty thousand dollars was paid to an adult film star to stop a going public about an alleged affair u.s. president still denies that encounter with stormy daniels ever happened and insists the hush money was meant to keep her quiet about quote false and extortionist accusations committee how could report. a shifting story for us president donald trump appearing at the white house rose garden ironically on the national day of prayer trump spoke about the importance of face but nothing about a lie he told reporters a month ago aboard air force one you know very. stormy daniels is an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with trump a two thousand and six trump's lawyer michael cohen paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars during the presidential election campaign to keep quiet and for
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the first time a member of the president's legal team rudy giuliani admitted the president knew about that paid. that formal through over the president repeated that could put the president in legal jeopardy because the campaign never disclosed the pavement added exceeds the twenty five thousand dollars legal limit for contributions that that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money but melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor says that legal argument is flawed if they made the payment to stormy daniels with the intent that it influenced the campaign it can be an in kind contribution which also can be a felony given the amount on thursday trump defended the move on twitter saying payments like the one to daniels are very common among celebrities and people of wealth the latest scandal follows a shakeup in donald trump's legal team two lawyers have left in the past two months
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just as there are more questions about another controversy whether or not trump's presidential campaign colluded with russia kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house the red cross is appealing for more than forty three quarter million dollars to help victims of flooding in kenya at least one hundred people have been killed and around two hundred thousand displaced under simmons's travel to the worst hit area near the village of gholson in kenya's town county. they have never had much now they've lost everything not just a home in their possessions but the life of their thirteen year old daughter taken by a vast surge of water as the river time a burst its banks some people had to swim for their lives some was stranded. at her daughter were my thoughts were in a rescue boat that capsized in strong currents and one of her daughter's friends
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survived but the floodwaters swept away were my third along with a baby girl whose body has not been recovered. isn't speaking her husband was on dry land watching helplessly. i was that i did that would had capsized some people. i tried to take off my shirt enjoying them but i was held back some women were holding on to branches when you mean or today even because they wildly deceive. but carol and his family are among more than sixty four thousand people living in dire conditions like this in rivertown a county alone and there was already a cholera outbreak before the flooding most of the health facilities. some marched with want to. store accessibility facility has been a big problem to this you can sense the fear here the flood levels are still rising there are reports that water has been released from the dams further upstream and
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the people here want to know what they're supposed to do next that question doesn't have an immediate answer for now at least they have a safe water supply that it's from this one of only three filtration and treatment systems in the region people also want to know why they're suffering from what they believe is climate change a few months back there was a lengthy drought now what are supposed to be seasonal rains are the heaviest and most prolonging for two decades and do simmons al-jazeera send in kenya. only one hundred people have been killed in india after a powerful dust and rain storm hit the northern states of register on to pradesh the storm destroyed homes disrupted electricity and up rooted trees when you got there were reports i the storm struck in the dead of night as the slept in their
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homes leaving a trail of destruction in its weight i for much of stand with a project even the capital new delhi there were intense bursts of lightning accompanied by hail and rain the worst affected were rural areas pulling trees hit fragile buildings destroying homes killing dozens of people inside and disrupting power supplies across the regions. all the private and government hospitals have been alerted government to minister pool resources have been mobilized and we are taking the help of the private sector as well people are helping to and we are trying to get all the into hospital and clear the roads dust storms are always expected ahead of the incoming monsoon season but not of this strength and killing so many people. are strong in our district we have information of five deaths due to a high intensity to understand at least twenty two people are critically injured and
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i've been given treatment at a trauma center of the district hospital while relief work has already started in the affected areas it will take days to restore power and with livestock having been affected by the storms people's livelihoods have also been impacted a worrying sign ahead of the impending monsoon season sun able al-jazeera. angry protests are broken out on a remote but strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there is a culture archipelago is a unesco world heritage site it lies in the gulf of aden along important oil trade routes and also provides access to nearby regions yemen's prime minister made a rare visit to troops on supporters may not end on wednesday shortly after residents say the u.a.e. unloaded soldiers tanks and armored transport there in attempt to intimidate the internationally recognized government there are reports some yemeni troops had been expelled they were out is have been expanding their influence in southern yemen
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that part of the saudi led coalition fighting who he rebels sometimes referred to as the galapagos of the indian ocean it's a culture is home to seven hundred demick species including the unique dragons blood tree its sixty thousand residents of lived almost completely isolated from the outside world and have found themselves at the center of power struggle between the yemeni government and the u.a.e. . child it is director of golf as in government relations at the middle east institute and a former u.s. ambassador to yemen he says psychiatrist to rain will make it difficult to establish any sort of military presence people have often remarked on the strategic value of sokoto over the years going all the way back to the time when it was the people's democratic republic of yemen there have been speculations that that one power or another might try to actually establish
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a presence on the island it's possible that the emer audi's are thinking something along those lines as well but but the reality is that. the nature of the island the nature of the weather pattern six months heavy wins that really make the island almost inaccessible have made it over the years really not a practical outpost for military or any other kind of use gold mining companies in south africa have agreed a four hundred million dollar class action settlement with law firms representing thousands of miners who contract a fatal lung diseases and the researchers suggest as many as one in two have contracted diseases after hailing a kind of dust released in the mining process welcome webb has more from johannesburg. a group of lawyers representing thirty thousand gold miners who have silicosis which is a lung disease developed through breathing silica dust in gold mines those lawyers
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have announced an agreement with six groups of gold mining companies first to compensate the thousand clients secondly also to compensate any more cases that are found in the years ahead which estimates range through the hundred thousand three hundred thousand factories mine is in south africa now many of these cases originate from during the apartheid era we've spoken to mine is just a short while ago he told us that conditions then were very bad they treat the loss of dust was little safety equipment little protection and they had no means of recourse almost no means of getting compensation sickness and also usually even complaining to the mine management result in them losing their jobs that things changed from one thousand nine hundred for south africa had a new constitution it's basically taken from then until now for the lawyers firstly get a new precedent set in the constitutional court and secondly pursue this litigation so it's the first of its kind in south africa about four hundred million dollars to
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the total payout that's been agreed on so miners depending on how they were distracted be receiving payouts of maybe between ten thousand and thirty thousand dollars each also the relatives of those already died of which there are many died of silicosis weather related diseases. or the descendents will also be compensated under this agreement the next challenge is for the well those affected people to be found many of them are scattered over neighboring countries in remote rural areas under the agreement they've got twelve years to find all these people find out if they're eligible for compensation and then compensate them. what challenges they're still ahead. syrian rebels surrender their last two besieged areas in south to mask their homes plus. i'm sorry and live in london inside the world now it is the victorian glass house of a huge restoration project it's home to some of the world's rarest.
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welcome back well parts of south australia had a good soaking in recent days but that's all changing now brighter conditions through friday this frontal system those still give us rain across parts of victoria so melbourne that cool some showers clearing through brighter conditions later on sydney not too bad with highs of twenty three on friday but as we head through into the weekend temperatures just easing off a little bit otherwise looking fine across many northern areas darwin sunshine highs of thirty four fine conditions for perth and then as we head across into new zealand because they're going to start off with a nifty dry by conditions across both islands during the course of friday but this front will then make its way across the tasman sea so as we time as we head into
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saturday to be some heavy rain on the western side of the south on stage and with on the still dry and for oakland looking bright with temperatures of eighteen degrees up into northeastern parts of asia now and here we've got a frontal system graci clearing away so northern parts have a kind of still seen some snowfall otherwise fine the conditions tokyo's looking bright the month friday with highs of twenty three into the start of the weekend and should be warming up with highs of twenty six fine across the korean peninsula and for beijing pleasant enough with highs of twenty two. once pristine indonesia's river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply a global fashion chain one used examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera i mean this is different not just whether someone's going for someone's favorite that doesn't matter with me i think it's how you
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approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story in the out. your mind of the top stories when i was there a u.s. president has changed his story about hush money paid to a porn star who claims that she had an affair with him but donald trump now says he knew about it but the money did not come from his campaign funds. nearly one hundred people have been killed in india after a powerful dust and rain storm hit right just on the pradesh states. and a bit angry protests on a strategic yemeni on and after united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and
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troops that follows the yemeni prime minister's visit to the on and on wednesday to meet service personnel who reportedly now been expelled. the former c.e.o. the german comic of folks found him has been charged over the diesel emissions scandal and been to court was charged in the u.s. federal court on thursday john hendren is on the story for us said john at times but more about the background to this and what kind of charges can put him. vinter court is the highest ranking v.w. official to be indicted so far as one of seven officials who were indicted in detroit by u.s. federal officials and those counts are one count of conspiring to defraud the u.s. by cheating its emission standards and three counts of wire fraud in order to do that using e-mail or other communications in order to do that kind of a catch all but what this means is that victor korn faces some very serious charges
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and also means it. continues with this scandal that it hoped to put behind it after two thousand and seventeen when it pleaded guilty to u.s. charges of cheating on emissions on six hundred thousand vehicles and after paying a four point three billion dollar fine it was an interesting scheme in which the company did this they managed to put software into the cars that could detect whether they were really driving on the road or whether they were just driving on a dynamometer which is the machine used to test the equipment in place if they were on the roads they emitted thirty five times the pollution they did if they were being tested so venter corn faces some various very serious charges here in the u.s. and one of seven people indicted today and there are a number of people who have been indicted previously lauren and what kind of penalties might they face. well that's interesting because we have two people who have a pleaded guilty in this case one of them got seven years in prison the other one
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got a little over three years in prison but here's the key to winterkorn space he might not have to do this at all he is in germany germany does not extra. outside of the european union and that means that bitter corn could simply invade these charges by not leaving germany never coming to the u.s. again that's what german officials have done for full trog and they've been indicted by the united states but they simply chosen to remain in germany nevertheless the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says this shows that this happened at the highest levels of folks and he says the u.s. will prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law for the next move is really intercourse he can simply decide not to show up and then nothing happens john hendren thank you very much. syrian rebels have surrendered and neighbor of the northern homes countryside they've been given the option of pledging their allegiance to the government or relocating to rebel held territory in northern
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syria so it has this report. russian military commanders led the negotiations on behalf of the syrian government rebel factions controlling the northern countryside of homs were given an ultimatum reconcile with the state or surrender and move to rebel held territory in northern syria to avoid an all out military offensive. military pressure has piled on the armed groups a few days ago the pro-government alliance heavily bombarded the region which is at a strategic crossroads linking the main population centers under government control the opposition had little choice around three hundred thousand syrians live there many of them forced from their homes elsewhere in syria the northern homs countryside is the latest rebel held area to surrender the opposition has been losing ground since its biggest defeat in years the fall of eastern huta in early april followed a fierce and intense bombing campaign the pro-government alliance then use the
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threat of military action to force rebels in the enclave northeast of damascus to bring about their surrender the same tactic was used on opposition armed groups in southern damascus rebels in the districts have. agreed to leave some seventeen thousand people fighters their family members and others who are involved in opposition activities are leaving in the nearby iso controlled districts and how the fighting continues between the armed groups and government forces but in those districts there were a few hundred fighters belonging to him. the group formerly known as they surrendered and were moved to northern syria the opposition continues to control the province of idlib in the northwest border with turkey they also hold parts of the southern provinces of. close to the borders of jordan and israel in recent weeks the process government alliance has been focusing on recapturing besieged areas close to its strongholds northern homs is the last significant piece of
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territory the rebels control that is not along an international border what comes next is more complicated. every offensive to recapture the whole of the problems would cause tensions with turkey which deployed troops as part of an agreement with russia. high value on disagreement of thirty they know they need turkey to solve the situation in the north of the i want to fall for an offensive in the southern corner of syria is also just as complicated there is the possibility of escalating tensions with israel really is a worry if the syrian regime of the army advances toward the border. with rain or raining affiliated militia it's president bashar al assad has repeatedly pledged to recapture every inch of syrian territory but future ballot terry operations may have different calculations. beirut.
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turkey's ruling party has formally nominated incumbent president richard one as its candidate to run in next month's elections a step election was called by more than a year and a half earlier than planned it's left the opposition scrambling to get organized they're planning to announce a broad electoral allowance to try to keep that one out of power and challenge the dominance of his ruling ak party ask a separatist group that has issued a final communique saying its journey has ended and it will cease all political activity for decades it used violence to push for an independent basque state in northern spain and southwest france and the barber reports from san sebastian. in fact. as. a final announcement by the end of a process that seen it run out violence give up its weapons and most recently issue a partial apology for the hundreds of people it killed over a fifty year period. he's a former at
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a member who spent twenty one years in prison for acts including the attempted murder of police officers at this nationalist bar in bilbao he told us he doesn't regret his part in what he calls the fight for basque independence but it was him it was in this room this is not a defeat this is a change in our strategy a different means of struggle personally i think the objectives remain the same and we haven't given up. it's that kind of talk that concerns people like jose maria muvico twenty two years ago his father fair amount of the socialist party councillor was shot dead by him at a member near this office where he worked as a lawyer and. we have to keep up the fight against impunity for the terrorists resolve the three hundred fifty eight murders committed by the terrorist group and also we must continue to fight over memory which means defeating not just better but the political project of its as. one of those is god. he spent twelve years in exile as a member of his political wing and now works for
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a basque separatist party he says there's consensus among pro independence basques and those who want to remain a semi autonomous part of spain for the idea of a referendum. is upon their right to decide how is it looking at twenty five percent that we're still going to cut a normal political discussion on the future of this country and how to push the world up to this people cannot get they say its future but recent surveys suggest that unlike in catalonia fewer than twenty percent of people in spain's basque country support breaking away. that's part of the issue why it dies dissolving right now. it's been reduced and the people supporting it's a party is that it's it's it's frankly it's a minority inside a nationalistic group of people right at the sympathizers still have demands of the road including the transfer of prisoners to jails here in the basque country that's
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something the governments in madrid may be willing to consider but it's also promised to go after members implicated in past crimes the decades of violence may have ended years ago but the ripples will continue to be felt across brusque society with al-jazeera sons of. tear gas has been fired at a crowd of protesters on the greek island of lesbos demonstrators tried to topple a police bus during a rally against the european union's migration policy they were among the two thousand people who gathered in the main port of the island the arrival of prime minister alex used to press many businesses went on strike to protest against the e.u. deal with turkey that left thousands of refugees stranded in those boss calm has descended on armenia's capital just a day after protests brought yerevan to a standstill locals clean the streets as opposition leader in the cold declared a pause in nationwide protests i mean yes really party now says it will support bid
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for prime minister if he keeps his supporters from holding more rallies a parliamentary vote will be held next week. as the world marks press freedom day the united nations is on and the work of a mexican journalist who risked her life to cover human rights abuses daniella rare is the first winner of the breech valdez award for her work chronicling the violence currently gripping mexico it would itself is named after two mexican journalists who murdered last year john heilemann has more from mexico city. how about those amid a slava breach with two of the most recognized journalists in mexico and reporters throughout the country were shocked and horrified when they were killed there was a sense that no one was safe anymore which has been building up the years worldwide metzger's journalist murder rate is below only war zones like syria now the united nations is giving out an award in the name of those two reporters to recognize the many others killed and to highlight the risks here mexico is one of the most
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dangerous counters in the war for dramatists l.s.d. alone in two thousand and seven pm at least a well dramas have been killed because they are in for first four or four months of the year for gross or were killed and being punitive is absent i mean usually the killers and the bills of the people the war good the martyrs they're just i'm pretty sure. the first winner is gone the other area a journalist who specialized in uncovering the abuses of authorities in the country i asked her what the risks to reporters here are the reason i say the risk is that you don't make it home at night because they'll kill you or you disappear the risk is that you're working in very precarious lightly conditions in which you don't have money to leave your family if something happens to your. the biggest number of attacks on reporters are in states carried out by local authorities the second threat is from organized crime and it's often hard to noir who's who of course this
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is about more than just journalists in a country where authorities are known for a passive and corruption the lack of a free press means that the mets can publish doesn't know exactly what's going on. the world's largest victorian glass house has reopened in london after a five year restoration kew gardens temperate house is home to fifteen hundred species of plants and is used by scientists from around the world challenging reports. an architectural wonder and heaven for horticulturalists kew gardens a vast victorian greenhouse is open again to the public it's taken five years of restoration moving in ten thousand plants from the world's temperate climates where it's not too hot and not too cold this is the largest victorian glass house in the world is nearly two hundred metres long it actually consists of five separate buildings each grade one listed it's this is unesco world heritage site and it's
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open to the public every day of the year as well so dismantling this building restoring it taking all the plants out returning them it has been a hugely complex project. inside a plant that can feed the world like the end said to staple. a cousin of the plant which q. scientists hope could be used throughout africa their opponents supply medicine and plants that appeared beautiful seeing all these plans on the one we take pretty positive picture of global biodiversity that in the wilds of the species are at risk of stitching the foundation of life that farming development and climate change a putting them at risk the species a part of q gardens living collection used by scientists in charge of them has scott taylor we grow plants of really high scientific value conservation he was a conservation organization we got about two hundred fifty species growing in a hail of fifteen hundred conservation writings from vulnerable to extinct in the
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wild species here extinct in the wild which means you don't find them anywhere else and night shirt one of those now extinct species is the end. which survives is the time when dinosaurs rode a favorite hit with botanists all specimen hair has actually been to a new engine twenty is which is spectacular and the story behind this is quite unique and. our psychotic time is an offset of the original specimen found in the only male specimen found in the wild these plants a part of everyday life the food we eat to the clothes we wear the materials we use in the medicines we take too often we take them for granted. six critically endangered plaque rhinos are on their way to chad from south africa in an attempt to reintroduce the animal to the country black rhinos were wiped out from chad nearly fifty years ago because of wide scale poaching the relocation has
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taken two years of planning runners will be released into smaller enclosures before they're allowed to roam freely through chances of cooma national park security has been stepped up at the park to guard the. top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has admitted he knew about hush money that was paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with the u.s. president will than a decade ago but he says the one hundred thirty thousand dollars given to stormy daniels did not come from his presidential campaign funds trump says the payment was made through his attorney michael cohen after previously denying any knowledge the president insists he did not have an affair and that the payoff was part of a deal to keep daniel's quiet about quote false and extortionist accusations committee how could has more what this appears is that there's an attempt by the
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white house legal team to get ahead of the story in essence knowing that that recent raid on the president's attorney michael collins office is that likely there is something in there that would contradict what the president had said and instead of having that revelation come out in an unexpected time send out a member of the president's legal team to say yes that's the case and it doesn't matter but certainly there are many that will say this does matter because essentially what this does is this does confirm what many have been trying to prove for some time is that the president knew more about this than he was letting on. flooding in kenya has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced major roads across the country have been blocked due to heavy rains and landslides since early april nearly one hundred people have been killed after a powerful rain and dust storm hit parts of north and northern and western india at least sixty four people died in auto pradesh state and twenty seven others in
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register on twenty seven others in register on angry protests broken out on a strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there is a culture archipelago is a unesco world heritage site it lies in the gulf of aden and on important oil trade routes yemen's prime minister made a rare visit to troops on the culture on wednesday shortly after residents say the u.a.e. unloaded soldiers tanks and armored transport to try to intimidate the government those that lines to stay with us next stop it's one i want to east u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel in alum in europe for us by g.m. will mean faster data transfer times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on
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