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homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera the big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i'm done. with the listening post on al jazeera.
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u.s. and chinese officials meet for a final day of talks aimed at trying to avert. from doha also coming up thousands are told to leave their homes after one of the world's most active volcanoes erupt. some information a. top white house official struggle to defend president trump differing versions of the scandal involving an adult film star plus. huge restoration project it's home to some of the world's rarest.
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crucial talks between the u.s. and china are into the final day trying to resolve differences that's pushed them close to a trade war the two sides have been meeting in beijing but analysts say a significant breakthrough remains unlikely china in the u.s. of the world's two biggest economies and both are proposed high tariffs on one another's goods over talking to law china correspondent adrian brown a little bit later now ten thousand people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer way a volcano erupted steam and love is threatening at least one residential neighborhood the eruption follows a series of earthquakes the national guard has also been activated when i bring in kenneth rubin in honolulu via skype is a professor of geochemistry and vulcanology at the university of hawaii professor killer way is one of the most active volcanoes in the world was this latest eruption anticipated. yes so killer has been erupting continuously since one thousand nine hundred eighty for the last decade in two locations and starting
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in a couple of days ago a series of in advance unfolded after which there was a migration of earthquakes into this residential part of the volcano it's what we call down river it's. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been in for roughly two and a half days or has been a high frequency of earthquakes and the residents in the area have been reporting things like ground cracks in the roads the u.s. geological survey has a volcano observatory there they partner with the civil defense and they had been monitoring and studying it before the eruption actually started about four hours ago it was no way to say if it would actually be interruption or when it would start we have her corded the best in the past what we call an intrusion where magma moves down this rift on and doesn't erupt but all the residents in the area are
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aware of the risks this is in the highest hazard zone for killer way a volcano and they were alerted ahead of time that as soon as a rapid activity occurs if they haven't already evacuated it would be a mandatory evacuation and as you say the eruption follows on from a series of earthquakes where those earthquakes them warning sign that the eruption was about to happen. yes in a way so kill the keenly in addition to being one of the world's most active is also one of the world's best monitored and so they're instruments all over the ball keno their measurements make it from space and we we know for a fact that in previous times when we've seen these sorts of migrating earthquakes where they move along the response from one place to another that this often top winds not always but often times the so soon with a new eruption and so we also have times work when it doesn't happen and so this is
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why even though the volcano observatory was fairly confident that something could happen. we weren't certain ok and we know that a mandatory evacuation order has now been given just talk us through how this is supposed to work well so this part of the island is not high risk zone it's very sparsely populated it's. urban to rural i would say many of the homes out there are not fully connected to water systems and the electrical grid for instance and so there's a protocol for people who live in high risk zones in hawaii our risks on to include risks from volcanoes also we have tsunami inundation zones along our coast so people who live in those areas become prepared ahead of time bout what the evacuation plans until where the shelters will be set up where they should go they
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oftentimes have boxes of their essential stuff that they want to stick with them ready to go and it's fairly well coordinated defense here has a very good system to alert people through multiple means including text messages alarms speakers etc just a final thought from you professor in terms of monitoring killer whale how long is this volcanic activity likely or expected to last. well i will tell you that the best examples we have the last two times were eruptions in this area or in one nine hundred fifty five and the one nine hundred sixty in those two times eruptions lasted one month in three months respect rate and there was a significant amount of outpouring there were homes damaged our infrastructure was damaged we don't know if this eruption will be the same but that gives us an idea of what the potential is in this area it may also in the being something very small but this was out there you know in
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a day or so we did we just aren't able to predict that yet but we have an idea that it could be potentially quite devastating if it does continue for a significant america our professor kenneth rubin thank you for talking to al jazeera thank you very much let's get on top story the the trade talks between the u.s. and china there are plenty of other issues the two countries differ on the u.s. as long accused china of flooding the global market with metals at low prices market access is also a problem the u.s. says american companies can't compete with the chinese on a level playing field it's also difficult for u.s. businesses to trade in china and then there's the trade deficit the gap hit three hundred thirty seven billion dollars last year which is more than half of the total u.s. shortfall in goods and services will donald trump wants china to reduce that by one hundred billion dollars that's prost watch on a correspondent adrian brown is in beijing for us now agent both sides have been downplaying expectations of a breakthrough the talks are expected to end in
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a few hours time what's your assessment then of how things have gone. well i think we've probably moved back from the brink of being on the dawn of a trade war i think the fact that they are talking means that a trade war is not now imminent but that said we've had no real statements that have emerged during the past twenty four hours with these talks began on thursday afternoon the resume resumed on friday morning but so far not a word all we've had is plenty of reports in the chinese media stressing that china wants to see sincerity from the u.s. side during these talks and that china will not be bullied and let's remind ourselves what the real issues are here daryn i mean it's terrorists china and the united states are threatening to impose huge tariffs on each other's imports that hasn't happened yet but the deadline for those tariffs to be enforced is approaching but then there's the more contentious issue which is chinese trade practices and the fact that the chinese state it's pouring billions of dollars into
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industries here involved in what you might say are technologies of the future and the united states says that is creating an unfair playing field it's very difficult for their companies to compete in the global market and then there's the other area of intellectual property rights i suspect that a deal will probably be done on tariffs and that they will put the other more substantive issues to one side for discussions and at a further date but there's also a possibility that if these talks don't achieve anything tonight then they could possibly extend until saturday that's also been a suggestion an age when there are reports that president xi and his vice president will meet the u.s. side is that likely if there is no agreement. i think if there's no agreement then almost certainly president xi jinping will not be meeting the the us side he doesn't want to be associated with you know talks
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that have failed in fact president xi jinping has had other things on his mind today namely karl marx the german philosopher who still hundredth birthday is on saturday she jingping addressed a gathering of the communist party in the great hall of the people and this was a chance for president xi jinping to i guess demonstrate that car marks as one of his heroes and it was almost as if she jingping thought was being conflated with the thoughts of karl marx and of course she jingping wants the communist party to remember its socialist roots as part of his efforts to achieve the the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation and part of that rejuvenation at the moment is being tough with the united states not just in the area of diplomacy taiwan north korea the south china sea but also trade with the united states thank you. now the u.s. president has changed his story about hush money paid to an adult film actress stormy daniels says she had an affair with him
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a decade ago donald trump denies this and says he didn't know about the one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment but not about it later a white house correspondent can really help get reports. a shifting story from u.s. president donald trump appearing at the white house rose garden ironically on the national day of prayer trump spoke about the importance of face but nothing about a lie he told reporters a month ago aboard air force one you're very. stormy daniels is an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with trump a two thousand and six trump's lawyer michael cohen paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars during the presidential election campaign to keep quiet and for the first time a member of the president's legal team rudy giuliani admitted the president knew about that payment from overall from the president repaid back to put the president in legal jeopardy because the campaign never disclosed the payment added exceeds
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the twenty five thousand dollars legal limit for contributions that that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money but melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor says that legal argument is flawed if they made the payment to stormy daniels with the intent that it influenced the campaign it can be an in kind contribution which also can be a felony given the amount on thursday trump defended the move on twitter saying payments like the one to daniels are very common among celebrities and people of wealth the white house press secretary defended the president's shifting story of the night she'd ever lied to reporters instead suggesting the president had also left her in the dark those first. awareness i had was during the interview last night and i'm giving the best information i have some information i am aware of and some i'm not one i can answer i will but beyond that i really don't have anything
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to add the latest scandal follows a shakeup in dollar terms legal team two lawyers have left in the past two months just as there are more questions about another controversy whether or not trump's presidential campaign colluded with russia kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house well matthew mccovey i because i republican consultant he says trump is convinced the media a biased against him in terms of press conferences in terms of of interviews with media organizations trump is is far behind his predecessors he's done very few interviews anywhere outside of fox news i he's done very very few press conferences that said they are briefing every day that you answer questions there as you answer questions at events he answers questions with foreign. well but time for a short break here now jazeera when we come back the campaign to free an al jazeera
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journalist from jail because egypt's crackdown on the media. and a sign of the times the exhibition of the highlights a pivotal moment in france's history the one nine hundred sixty eight uprising more of that stay with us. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we look at weather conditions across europe main features the circulation of low pressure giving some really heavy showers and thunderstorms even the risk of tornadoes and waterspouts across parts of the mediterranean including corsica sound in the sardinia and through into mainland parts of italy still really well macross twenty nine in kiev in ukraine for northwestern areas it's ok nothing special about eighteen or nineteen that would expect at this time of the year so we head into the start of
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the weekend this low pressure system is still spawning around maybe weakening a little bit so the share eight hundred not quite as intense elsewhere we're looking at fine weather for much of eastern europe though this frontal system may just give a little bit of rain for moscow in the form of showers but still quite warm on the other side of the mediterranean for this line of clouds across parts of egypt and through into libya car itself looking pretty woman thirty eight degrees and then as we head on into saturday the circulation of low pressure could well result in some lifted dust across libya in particular the conditions along the coast of both out cheerier and sheena's here into central parts of africa some showers for uganda through tuesday of congo and gabon respecting time personally prevail with highs of thirty.
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of course. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on the al-jazeera a high level delegation from the u.s. is in china trying to resolve a dispute this person the two close to a full blown trade war both sides met in beijing but ominously
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a breakthrough in the tensions is unlikely both of those heavy tires on each other's goods. ten thousand people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted stealing money launderers threatening on this one residential neighborhood eruption follows a series of earthquakes on the u.s. president has changed his story about hush money paid to an adult film actress stormy daniels says she had an affair with donald trump a decade ago from now admits reimbursing his lawyer for a payment made to daniels earlier he'd said he didn't know anything about the money . now the red cross is appealing for more aid to help victims of flooding in kenya the rising waters that left at least one hundred people dead and for some two hundred thousand from their homes algis there was andrew symonds traveled to the worst hit area in the village of gus in town county. they've never had much now they've lost everything not just a home and their possessions but the life of their thirteen year old daughter taken
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by a vast surge of water as the river town a burst its banks some people had to swim for their lives some were stranded ruchir baba and her daughter were my thoughts were in a rescue boat that capsized in strong currents ruchir and one of her daughter's friends survived but the floodwaters swept away were my father along with a baby girl whose body has not been recovered. isn't speaking her husband was on dry land watching helplessly. i was that i did that would had capsized some people. i tried to take off my shouting join them but i was held back some women were holding on to branches when you mean or today even because they wildly deceive. but carroll and his family are among more than sixty four thousand people living in dire conditions like this in rivertown a county alone and there was already
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a cholera outbreak before the flooding most of the health facilities. munched with want to. store accessibility being a big problem for this you can sense the fear here the flood levels are still rising there are reports that water has been released from the dams further upstream and the people here want to know what they're supposed to do next that question doesn't have an immediate answer for now at least they have a safe water supply that it's from this one of only three filtration and treatment systems in the region people also want to know why they're suffering from what they believe is climate change a few months back there was a lengthy drought now what is supposed to be seasonal rains are the heaviest and most prolonging for two decades and drew simmons al-jazeera send in kenya
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now scientists are warning that yemen's at risk of another cholera outbreak as the rainy season approaches millions of lives are in jeopardy in the water own country which is still reeling from an epidemic last year one point one million people are affected in one of the worst outbreaks in modern history experts of course for a public health campaign during the holy month of ramadan. french president emmanuel matador has arrived in the pacific island of new caledonia he's been greeted with pro france rallies across first trip to the french territory comes ahead of an independence vote in november the majority of the island's indigenous kind of ethnic group support a food break away from france under tell us more from the mail. there are about two thousand people taking part in this pro france march these are people who come november will vote for new caledonia through a main part of france they're holding it now of course because president is in the territory and they want to make their views very clear to him officially the president is neutral in this upcoming referendum he says what he wants is the whole
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process to be seen as bad as legitimate because thirty years ago when there was another referendum on independence here that was not the takes those who wanted independence did not see it as legitimate and they boycotted the process in fact all process broke down there was violence more than seventy people were killed nobody wants that to happen this time around this referendum has geopolitical consequences as well china is increasing its reach in the pacific having a french territory right in the middle of it with a big french military presence as well is in macros are is that you know the leaders are he's an important part for the geo political balance. the former chief executive of german comic of volkswagen has been charged in the u.s. over the twenty fifteen diesel emissions scandal martin vinta cones accused of lying to regulators about fake test results up to eleven million v.w. cars were found to be releasing emissions up to forty times more than the legal limit he resigned after the scandal became public volkswagen has not made any
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comment. the art is there a journalist mark of a sane has now been in the gyptian jail for five hundred days he was detained without charge by authorities and twenty sixteen during the holiday in cairo the egyptian national is one of many journalist harris still threatened with arrest in a government crackdown to stifle dissent a solid binge of aid reports. five hundred days locked up and counting map and hussein and al jazeera deny provoking sedition incitement against egypt and spreading false news the un condemned his arbitrary detention hussein was stopped question and detained in december twenty sixth seen after travelling to cairo for a holiday since then he's been in solitary confinement and has yet to be charged the office of the un high commissioner for human rights says indefinite pretrial detention is the egyptian government's tactic to restrain anyone who dares to act independently the un human rights what he says the policy is a cornerstone of egypt's suppression of the media civil society and protesters the
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committee to protect journalists says egypt is a leading jailer of journalists at least twenty are in prison the advocacy that we can do by documenting attacks and repression of journalists and using every opportunity that we have to bring this to public attention around the world egypt's government has targeted other al jazeera journalists in a trial condemned almost unanimously by rights groups and journalist organizations egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera is by her mohamed mohamed fahmy and peter greste and jail them five years ago the former editor in chief of al jazeera arabic ibrahim helal was sentenced to death in his absence two years ago in a new antiterrorism law passed last year targets are than mediocre nations as well the committee to protect journalists says the law furthers the government's crackdown on the media it enables police to put journalists acquitted of terrorism related charges on a watch list that restricts their finances and other rights every morning
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everything long says you hear of of a case of over journalese that you know or in directly being and difficult situation and the prosecution and their disappearance and their arrest censorship intensified this year during the reelection campaign of president a bill for the hand c.c. journalists critical of him. or who interviewed opposition candidates were arrested entertainment and satirical t.v. shows have also been shut down egyptian journalist mohammad there was a known as chopin was jailed five years ago for reporting the rubber square protests in cairo hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured show khan's been nominated for the unesco's press freedom prize for his resistance and commitment to freedom of expression a reporter for the times newspaper in britain was arrested and deported from egypt without official explanation the international journalist unions accuse the egyptian government of creating a climate of fear and reporters don't know if they will be next to be jailed osama
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bin job it is there at least four people have been killed in gunfire between police and armed gangs in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro's the fighting close to major city highways causing huge traffic delays during morning rush hour police launched the operation after an officer was killed in the area eight people were rescued. now the fiftieth anniversary of a turning point in modern french history is being commemorated in a series of nationwide exhibitions the uprising by many leftwing students and workers in maine one hundred sixty eight almost overthrew the conservative government of general charles de gaulle slogans and posters were keen to mobilizing support for the revolt and some of the art and imagery from way back then can be revisited now reports from paris. plastered on walls across paris were posters that became the emblems of the main one nine hundred sixty eight uprising images and slogans that inspired students and workers as they protested against the government
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and turned the city into a battleground. the prints were created in the city's top art school fifty years on one of the artists behind them remembers on of it afforded we had the folly of youth the dream of revolution but at the same time none of the six years has wanted power same with the unions they just wanted better pay and conditions we wanted france to change to modernize to get rid of the old way of thinking just have a was among those who occupied the school day and night they created striking graphic works pretty tough comes up on the top of that one small poster like this had more impact than a major advertising campaign across france the exhibitions popular with visitors to curators says it is an indication that many of the issues of then still resonate today you can see that the support for migrant workers started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the women's rights issue. and the sexual rights issues where
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very prevalent or became very relevant during the period for many people may sixteenth was a real cultural revolution young people really wanted to break away from the french conservative establishment there was a real sense of liberation and excitement in the air and that inspired artists not just then but it continues to do so today this new mural by graffiti artist esque if echoes some of the uprisings most famous slogans. for artist bell may sixty eight was a unique moment and he continues to create art the denounces violence and depression we know that art has to say no to all forms of repression including torture including prisoners including the slave trade that's what our art is about continuing there may sixty eight uprising in artistic form the anniversary is being marked with exhibitions across france the protests didn't succeed in immediately
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bringing down the government of president shall de goal but they ushered in a new era of hope and creativity at a time when many people with thirsty for change natasha butler al-jazeera paris now the prestigious nobel prize for literature has been postponed this year as a result of sexual harassment accusations board members have left the swedish academy responsible for the award following allegations involving the husband of an academy member the last time it was postponed was in one nine hundred forty three during world war two. the world's largest victorian glass house has reopened for the first time in five years in the u.k. it's home to fifteen hundred speeches of plants many of which are extremely rare and require specialist care charlie angelo went to tech to cute to take a look. an architectural wonder and heaven for horticulturalists kew gardens a vast victorian greenhouse is open again to the public it's taken five years of
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restoration moving in ten thousand plants from the world's temperate climates where it's not too hot and not too cold this is the largest victorian glass house in the world it's nearly two hundred metres long it actually consists of five separate buildings which grade one listed this is unesco world heritage site and it's open to the public every day of the year as well so dismantling this building restoring it taking all the plants out returning them it has been a hugely complex project. inside a plant that can feed the world like the end said a staple crops but ethiopia a cousin of the been on the plant which cue scientists hope could be used throughout africa there are plants that supply medicine and plants that a purely beautiful seeing all these plans on the one we take pretty positive picture of global biodiversity that in the wild the fish the species are at risk of stinks of the foundation of life that farming logging development and climate change a putting them at risk the species a part of q gardens living collection used by scientists in charge of them has
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scott taylor we grow plants of really high scientific value notably conservation he was a conservation organization we've got about two hundred fifty species growing in a hail of fifteen hundred conservation writings from vulnerable to extinct in the wild spaces things in the wild which means you don't find them anywhere else in night shirt one of those now extinct species is the end. which survives is the time when dinosaurs rode a favorite here with botanists. which is spectacular and the story behind this is quite. an offset of the original specimen found in. the wild these are part of. the food we eat to the clothes we wear the materials we use and the medicines we take too often we take them for granted. london.
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time for a quick check of the headlines here a high level delegation from the us is in china trying to resolve serious differences this puts the too close to a full blown trade war both sides met in beijing but unless a breakthrough in the tension is unlikely both have proposed heavy tariffs on each other's goods ten thousand people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted steam on lava threatening at least one residential neighborhood the eruption follows a series of earthquakes the u.s. president just changed his story about hush money paid to an adult film actress stormy daniels says she had an affair with donald trump a decade ago now admits reimbursing his lawyer for a payment made to daniels but says it was not part of the campaign fund earlier he said that he didn't know anything about the money for trump's press secretary was
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asked by reporters about who knew what and when. as giuliani stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learned the president has denied and continues to deny the underlying claim and again i've given the best information i had at the time scientists are warning that yemen is at risk of another cholera outbreak as the rainy season approaches millions of lives are in jeopardy in the war torn country which is still reeling from an epidemic last year one point one million people are affected in one of the worst outbreaks in modern history experts have called for a public health campaign during the holy month of ramadan french president emmanuel mccraw has arrived in the pacific island of new caledonia he's been greeted with pro france rallies across first trip to the french territory comes ahead of an independence vote in november the majority of the island's indigenous ethnic group support a full breakaway from france on the former chief executive of german car maker
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volkswagen has been charged in the us over the twenty fifteen diesel emission of the scandal martin venter cones accused of lying to regulators about fake test results up to eleven million v.w. cars were found to be releasing emissions of up to forty times more than the legal limit he resigned after the scandal became public well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story statement that so much by. one specific. river has become a toxic waste dump for textile factories that supply a global fashion chain. salman's the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. thursday much press freedom day just days ago two suicide bomber killed at least twenty nine.


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