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it's from al jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may go on al-jazeera. there are seven billion lights in this school. each one story. one to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably. it is time to be a. witness the human being children thing i. see it on. al-jazeera. every.
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u.s. and chinese officials made us some chinese officials meet for a final day of talks to prevent a looming trade war. hello i'm don jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands are told to leave their homes after one of the world's most active volcanoes erupts in hawaii plus some information i am aware of and some i'm not one caught off guard top white house officials struggle to defend president trump differing versions of the scandal involving a former porn star plus. i'm charlie rangel in london inside the world victorian house of a huge restoration project it's home to some of the world's rarest. china's
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official state news agency is reporting that talks with the u.s. delegation have led to both sides committing to resolving trade issues through dialogue u.s. and chinese delegations are meeting in beijing for a final day of talks to try and avoid a trade war as reports both sides of reached a consensus in some areas but big disagreements remain in others china and the u.s. are two of the world's biggest economies and both have proposed high tariffs on each other's goods while there are plenty of other issues the two countries differ on the u.s. as long accuse china flooding the global market with metals at low prices market access is also a problem the u.s. says american companies can't compete with the chinese on a level playing field it's also difficult for u.s. businesses to trade in china then there's the trade deficit the gap hit three hundred thirty seven billion dollars last year which is more than half of the total u.s. shortfall in goods and services donald trump wants china to reduce that by one hundred
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billion dollars but i drown our china correspondent joins us live from beijing agents are both sides been downplaying expectations of a breakthrough and the talks are expected to end in a few hours time what's your assessment then of how things are going. well i think the fact they're still talking could possibly be seen as good news as you rightly say there appears to have been agreement in some areas and disagreement in others there's no surprise there but realistically what can you possibly achieve in less than thirty six hours you know both sides as you say did try to play down hopes of a breakthrough during these talks and i think we now know why i think the area of contention has not really been tariffs or the deficit i think the area where china won't budge is on its so-called made in china twenty twenty five industrial policy this is whereby the chinese government is pouring billions of dollars into new
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technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics making it very difficult for us firms to compete in the global market also i understand they've also been discussing the company's zedd d.-e. and how way these are two chinese mobile phone companies who are increasingly finding themselves locked out of the u.s. market for instance the u.s. defense department is now being told that their employees shouldn't buy chinese mobile phones from either of these companies for security reasons and china was making plain today i believe how it felt about that and even though this is on the periphery of the trade dispute it's still seen as china as being connected and then we have to look daryn at the at the composition of the u.s. negotiating side we have people like peter navarro who is a real china basher he's written a number of books very critical of chinese trade policy but then we also have robert lite hisor the u.s. trade representative who is a an exponent of free trade so we're getting
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a lot of mixed experience on the chinese side on the u.s. side and then on the chinese side we have people like lou her who is a vice premier very close to president xi jinping and like president xi jinping a hard core socialist. that's what the u.s. team are dealing with they are dealing with men who are hard core socialists because you know the commerce ministry is now basically controlled by by the party that's the difference this time around you know in previous talks between the u.s. and china the u.s. has been talking to you know people who weren't necessarily high ranking party officials this time they are. and there are reports that president xi and his vice president will meet the u.s. negotiated is that likely though if there is no deal reached i don't think so because president xi jinping doesn't normally meet foreign v.i.p.'s dignitaries unless there's good news attached and if there isn't
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a breakthrough then i don't think you'll see president xi jinping or his vice president one xi showing meeting the u.s. delegation and in fact president xi jinping has had other things on his mind today namely karl marx the german philosopher it's his two hundredth birthday on saturday may the fifth and on friday president xi jinping was addressing a large gathering of the chinese communist party inside the great hall of the people he was extolling the virtues of marxism and it also seemed that he was almost conflating his own philosophy with that of karl marx and president xi jinping has said repeatedly that he wants members of chinese communist party not to forget their communist roots particularly at this time when president xi jinping is striving to achieve what he calls the rejuvenation of the chinese nation and part of that rejuvenation of course is standing up to foreign powers over trade which is
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exactly what is happening in beijing today adrian thank you. now palestinians are gathering near the israeli border fence in gaza for the six friday of protests each week the israeli military has fired on the groups killing at least forty one people and injuring many more on the protests are planned in the lead up to may fifteenth that's the anniversary of the creation of israel an expulsion of palestinians there calling for the right to return to villages where their families once lived which are now in israel or harry for said his life for us from gaza how he so what are we expecting to happen at the border fence today. we wait to see this this week's protesters being branded as the revolutionary workers march so there is syndicates labor syndicates that have been bringing people here so far the numbers of lower than the last time i was here a couple of weeks ago but last week when we saw that rush on the border fence at this location people turned up
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a little bit later sort of three four o'clock in the afternoon so we wait to see how events pan out the israeli army according to israeli media reports is preparing and has information but eventually that something similar could out in this week and so we wait to see how these events will will pan out today but so far as you say there have been many thousands of people gathering at the border fence every friday many of them young men especially those who are approaching the fence itself and as you say the the build up is to what will happen in a little over a week's time may the fifteenth known as nakba the seventieth anniversary to palestinians of the great catastrophe that the creation of the state of israel everything building up to that point presumably climactic protest and harry having seen dozens of people killed and injured or young gazans feeling that.
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well that's one of the really interesting things for me at least the psychology of all this under other circumstances you might expect there to be a deterrent effect of seeing hundreds and hundreds of of young men and teenagers being injured in the leg many of them with very serious injuries. or serious disability for at least a lengthy period of time forty one people killed but there doesn't seem to be a deterrent effect people keep coming and in fact they seem to be emboldened by this and we spoke to the leading psychiatry's tear in gaza earlier this morning he says you have to factor in what it's like to be someone in your early twenty's living here having gone through education you know high school education diversity education having no prospects no job this feeling of really being abandoned by the leadership on both sides hamas and fatah under israeli blockade with the egyptian border very rarely opening this is a moment when people do feel some sense of empowerment of being heard of
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potentially making a difference the question is and the real risk that he set out was that if all of this leads to nothing no real easing of the blockade no real political change and then the feeling of futility and nihilism that could eventually weight from having risk and indeed sacrifice so much that it could really set in and affect people even more deeply than they've been affected over the last eleven years thank you. now ten thousand people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted steam and love are threatening at least one residential neighborhood the volcano erupted after a series of earthquakes national guard troops have also been deployed well kenneth ruben is a professor vulcanology at the university of hawaii he says kilo way is one of the best monitored volcanoes in the world and the evacuation should go smoothly. still always been erupting continuously since one thousand nine hundred three for the last decade in two other locations and started a couple of days ago a series of the events unfolded after which there was
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a migration of earthquakes into the residential part of the volcano it's what we call down rift it's. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been active in for roughly two and a half days there's been a high frequency of earthquakes and the residents in the area have been reporting things like brown cracks in the road so this part of the island is not high risk zone it's very sparsely populated it's never been to rural i would say many of the homes out there are not fully connected to water systems and the electrical grid for instance and so there's a protocol for people who live in high risk zones in hawaii our risks and our risks from volcanoes also we have tsunami inundation zones along our coast so people who live in those areas become prepared ahead of time bout what the evacuation plans
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until where the shelters will be set up where they should go they oftentimes have boxes of their essential stuff that they want to sit with them ready to go and it's fairly well coordinated the nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year have accusations of sexual harassment board members of left the swedish academy response before the award falling down a geisha is involved in the husband of an academy member the last time the award was postponed was during the second world war. the u.s. president has changed his story about hush money paid to a former porn star stormy daniels says she had an affair with him a decade ago donald trump denies this and trump now admits reimbursing his lawyer for the payment made to done his but says it was not part of campaign funds a white house correspondent can be held at reports. a shifting story from u.s. president donald trump appearing at the white house rose garden ironically on the
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national day of prayer trump spoke about the importance of faith but nothing about a lie he told reporters a month ago aboard air force one you're very. stormy daniels is an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with trump a two thousand and six trump's lawyer michael cohen paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars during the presidential election campaign to keep quiet and for the first time a member of the president's legal team rudy giuliani admitted the president knew about that payment from the through over the president repaid that could put the president in legal jeopardy because the campaign never disclosed the payment add it exceeds the twenty five thousand dollars legal limit for contributions that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money but melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor says that legal argument is flawed if they made the
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payment to stormy daniels with the intent that it influenced the campaign it can be an in kind contribution which also can be a felony given the amount on thursday trump defended the move on twitter saying payments like the one to daniels are very common among celebrities and people of wealth the white house press secretary defended the president's shifting story of the night she'd ever lied to reporters instead suggesting the president had also left her in the dark. no the first awareness i had was during the interview last night and i'm giving the best information i have some information i am aware of and some i'm not one i can answer i will but beyond that i really don't have anything to add the latest scandal follows a shakeup in donald trump's legal team two lawyers have left in the past two months just as there are more questions about another controversy whether or not trump's
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presidential campaign colluded with russia kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house last also to come here not just here including we are in kenya where survivors of recent floods have destroyed their community a facing a new threat and a sign of the times the exhibition that highlights a pivotal moment in france's history the one nine hundred sixty eight uprising more on the status. hello there was a big thunderstorms last couple days in central southern philippines and they were drifting towards the coast of vietnam they are still doing our satellite shows it quite clear this is the area of wet weather now and it should be for the next few weeks at least showers are forecast in vietnam nor especially i think maybe in thailand and there were a phaeton selves in the philippines just catch the north of borneo so if you're in java or
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a body hey we're back into sunshine for the most part that should be the case of singapore but i wouldn't guarantee it there are some storms likely small ones in the same is true of cale's well but back in my own mar and thailand showers are going to be a daily occurrence and pretty big ones as well we know the change of seasons happen proper down australia there's a very obvious early winter frontal system subtle change the temperature increase the breeze as well and will bring some weather through which rain but you're in the sunshine for saturday nineteen degrees in adelaide melbourne but warmer in sydney and brisbane rather almost in perth where the breeze is a gentle one of the interior but the cloud comes in for twenty two degrees sunday we've not changed things very much for the respect that front has gone across the tasman sea and you know where it's gone it's gone to new zealand the next two days news even starting in south island looks very breezy and fairly wet.
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once pristine indonesia's chittering river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply a global fashion chain when you think salmon steak human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call her an al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera china's official news agency is reporting that talks with a u.s.
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delegation have led to both sides committing to resolve trade issues through dialogue u.s. and chinese delegation is on meeting in beijing to try and avoid a trade war there are reports both sides have reached a consensus in some areas. palestinians are gathering near the israeli fence and gaza for the sixth friday of protests each week the israeli military has fired on the groups forty one people have been killed so far calling for palestinians to be allowed to return to villages where their families once lived which are now israel . and ten thousand people hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted. threatening at least one residential neighborhood a series of earthquakes may have triggered the whole thing. the french president is visiting the pacific island of new caledonia where he's been greeted by thousands with pro france rallies across first trip to the french territory comes ahead of an independence vote in the van but the majority of the island's indigenous ethnic group support
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a full breakaway from france the president's office says mark probably not express a position on the vote thomas has more from noumea. or about so you thousand people taking part in this profile it's march these are people who come november will vote for new caledonia through. main part of france holding it now of course because president is in the territory and they want to make their views very clear to him officially the president is neutral in this upcoming referendum he says what he wants is the whole process to be seen as bad as legitimate because thirty years ago when there was another referendum on independence here that was not the takes those who wanted independence did not see it as legitimate and they boycotted the process in fact all process broke down there was violence more than seventy people were killed nobody wants that to happen this time around this referendum has geopolitical consequences as well china is increasing its reach in the pacific having a french territory right in the middle of it with a big french military presence as well as in macros all eyes that and other leaders
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are these important part for the geo political balance now scientists are warning that yemen is at risk of another cholera outbreak as the rainy season approaches millions of people are risk in a country that still struggling to contain a cholera outbreak from last year one point one million people are were affected one of the worst outbreaks modern history experts have called for a public health campaign during the fasting month of ramadan the red cross is appealing for more aid to help victims of flooding in kenya the rising waters have killed at least one hundred people and for some two hundred thousand from their homes under simmons' travel to the worst of terrorism in the village of gusen in time county. they have never had much now they've lost everything not just a home and their possessions but the life of their thirteen year old daughter. taken by a vast surge of water as the river timer burst its banks some people had to swim
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for their lives some were stranded ruchir baba and her daughter were my thought were in a rescue boat that capsized in strong currents ruchir one of her daughter's friends vive but the floodwaters swept away were my along with a baby girl whose body has not been recovered rukia isn't speaking her husband was on dry land watching helplessly. i was that i did that would had capsized some people. i tried to take off my shouting joining them but i was held back some women were holding on to branches when you mean or today even because they're wildly deceive. but carol and his family are among more than sixty four thousand people living in dire conditions like this in rivertown a county alone and there was already a cholera outbreak before the flooding most of the health facility. some marched with want to or margarine store accessibility facility has been
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a big problem for this you can sense the fear here the flood levels are still rising there are reports that water has been released from the dams further upstream and the people here want to know what they're supposed to do next that question doesn't have an immediate answer for now at least they have a safe water supply though it's from this one of only three filtration and treatment systems in the region people also want to know why they're suffering from what they believe is climate change a few months back there was a lengthy drought now what are supposed to be seasonal rains are the heaviest and most prolonging for two decades and drew simmons al-jazeera send in kenya. now a huge sinkhole is opened up on a farm in new zealand the crack at the new me on north island has the length of two football fields and is about four metres deep it appeared after several days of
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heavy rainfall of okinawa just says it's the biggest he's ever seen sinkholes often develop because of degrading limestone rock beneath the surface the former chief executive of the german comic a volkswagen has been charged in the us over the twenty fifteen diesel emissions scandal not inventor cohen is accused of lying to regulators about fake test results up to eleven million v.w. cars were found to be releasing emissions up to forty times more than the legal limit he resigned after the scandal became public v.w. has not made any comment john hendrick has more. martin van der korn is now the highest ranking former v.w. official accused of a crime in the emissions scandal in the us going to corn the former chief executive officer of the w. was accused of four counts of federal crimes in the united states one of conspiring to cheat the u.s. emissions system and three counts of wire fraud that he's using e-mail in order to
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achieve that he faces the big ten years in prison but he could avoid prosecution entirely simply by remaining in germany that is because germany does not extradite for crimes outside of the european union so he could simply remain in germany and that is what five lower ranking officials did when they were indicted they remain in germany and died by the u.s. but alluding prosecution to officials who did plead guilty in the united states from v.w. are facing hefty prison terms one of seven years one of three years the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says this shows that the emissions cheating scandal in the u.s. occurred at the highest levels of the w. and he says it will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law nevertheless vinter corn gets the final vote there he could avoid prosecution simply by remaining in germany at least four people have been killed in gunfire between the police unarmed groups in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro the fighting close to
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major city highways causing huge traffic jams during morning rush hour police launched operation off an officer was killed in the area eight people arrested rios struggling to deal with a wave of violence as drug gangs fight for control of areas of the city. a mexican journalist as one of the breach valdez prize in journalism and human rights down in the rio is known for coverage of turf wars between rival drug cartels the brits found his award is named in on a two mexican journalists who were murdered last year at the united nations prize recognizes reporters who risk their lives to cover human rights abuses in mexico as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a journalist. the fiftieth anniversary of a turning point in modern french history is being commemorated in a series of nationwide exhibitions uprising by many leftwing students and workers in may in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight almost overthrew the conservative government of general charles de gaulle slogans and posters were important to mobilize and support some of the art and imagery from that time can now be
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revisited but the reports from paris. plastered on walls across paris were posters that became the emblems of the main one nine hundred sixty eight uprising images and slogans that inspired students and workers as they protested against the government and turned the city into a battleground. the prints were created in the city's top art school fifty years on one of the artists behind them remembers on of it afforded we had the folly of youth the dream of revolution but at the same time none of the six years has wanted power same with the unions they just wanted better pay and conditions we wanted france to change to modernize to get rid of the old way of thinking just have a was among those who occupied the school day and night they created striking graphic works pretty tough comes up on the top of that one small poster like this had more impact than a major advertising campaign across france the exhibitions popular with visitors
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the curator says it is an indication that many of the issues of then still resonate today you can see that the support for migrant workers started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the women's rights issue. and the sexual rights issues very prevalent or became very relevant during the period for many people may sixteenth was a real cultural revolution young people really wanted to break away from the french conservative establishment there was a real sense of liberation and excitement in the air and that inspired artists not just then but it continues to do so today this new mural by graffiti artist esque if echoes some of the uprisings most famous slogans. for artist bell may sixty eight was a unique moment and he continues to create art that denounces violence and oppression we know that art has to say no to all forms of repression including torture
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including prisoners including the slave trade that's what our art is about continuing the may sixty eight uprising in artistic form universe or is being marked with exhibitions across france the protests didn't succeed in immediately bringing down the government of president shall de goal but they are shit in a new era of hope and creativity at a time when many people with thirsty for change natasha butler al-jazeera paris. the world's largest victorian glass house has reopened for the first time in five years in the u.k. it's home to fifteen hundred species of plants many of which are extremely rare and require specialist care charlie and i went to kew to take a look. an architectural wonder and heaven for horticulturalists kew gardens a vast victorian greenhouse is open again to the public it's taken five years of
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restoration moving in ten thousand plants from the world's temperate climates where it's not too hot and not too cold this is the largest metering glass house in the world it's nearly two hundred metres long it actually consists of five separate buildings each grade one listed it's this is unesco world heritage site and it's open to the public every day of the year as well so dismantling this building restoring it taking all the plants out returning them it has been a hugely complex project inside a plant that can feed the world like the end set a staple quote but ethiopia a cousin of the banana plant which kew scientists hope could be used throughout africa there are plants that supply medicine and plants that appear beautiful thing all these plans on the one we've picked up pretty positive picture of global biodiversity but in the wild fish the species are at risk of extinction the foundation of life the farming logging development and climate change a putting them at risk. the species a part of q gardens living collection used by scientists in charge of them has
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scott taylor we grow plants of really high scientific value notably conservation he was a conservation organization we've got about two hundred fifty species growing in here of fifteen hundred to have got conservation writings from vulnerable to extinct in the wild species here extinct in the wild which means you don't find them anywhere else in nature one of those now extinct species is the end. which survives is the time when dinosaurs rode a favorite here with botanists a specimen has actually been a new engine twenty years which is spectacular and the story behind this is quite unique and. our psychotic time is an offset of the original specimen found in the only male specimen found in the wild these plants are part of our everyday life in the food we eat to the clothes we wear the materials we use in the medicines we take too often we take them for granted. london calling is of
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course on our website there it is the address al jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera china's official news agency is reporting that talks with a u.s. delegation have led to both sides committing to resolving trade issues through dialogue the u.s. and chinese delegations are meeting in beijing to try and avoid a trade war there are reports both sides have reached a consensus in some areas ten thousand people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted steam on lava straightening at least one residential neighborhood the eruption follows a series of earthquakes. palestinians are gathering there the israeli offensive in gaza for the sixth friday of protests each week the israeli military has fired
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on the groups forty one people have been killed so far calling for palestinians to be allowed to return to villages where their families once lived which are now in israel the nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year of accusations of sexual harassment board members of left the swedish academy responsible for the award following the allegations involving the husband of an academy member the last time there was postponed was during the second world war the us president has changed his story about hush money paid to a former porn star stormy daniels says she had an affair with donald trump a decade ago now admits reimbursing his lawyer for a payment made to danielle's but says it was not part of campaign funds earlier he said that he didn't know anything about the money but trump's press secretary was asked by reporters about who knew what and when. as mayor giuliani stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learned that the president has
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denied and continues to deny the underlying claim and again i've given the best information i had at the time and the french president emanuel mccraw is arrived in the pacific island of new caledonia he's been greeted with pro france rummy's mike ross first trip to the french territory comes ahead of an independence vote in the them but the majority of the island's indigenous cama ethnic group support a full breakaway from france the president's office says we're not express a position on the vote well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after wonder what he's done so much about an elf. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and. for a five gene would mean the day to try to ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero.


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