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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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i think. it's still a slight. but it does something like failed to meet. the kids. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we didn't get them to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government how do you know why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of iraq on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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dozens are injured as israeli forces used live ammunition and tear gas on palestinians protesting along gaza's border with israel. hello i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up another six people drowned in floods in kenya bringing the death toll to more than one hundred a groups warn about the spread of disease. a wise kellaway a volcano erupts spewing lava onto the streets and toxic gas into the ad. and we'll tell you how lions tigers and baz from war torn aleppo a found a peaceful in northern jordan. a come to the program our top story we begin on the israeli gaza border where
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israeli forces have fired tear gas i mean ition and palestinians protesting now for the sixth week in a row three hundred fifty people have been injured three of them critically demonstrators burned ta is near the border fence to use as a smokescreen from the gunfire forty one people have been killed by the israeli military since the demonstrations began in late march allison is want to be allowed to return to villages where their families once lived land which is now occupied by israel are a force it has the latest from the gaza israel order. well a sixth week of friday protests is now winding down here on the gaza border with israel and it's been another day of dramatic events as again the protesters after congregating at the main protest site where most of the processing has been concentrated throughout these weeks for a second week they peeled off many hundreds of them south along the gaza border to
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the area you can see behind me a tire smoke still burns and when that became the main center of process that was when at this location one of five up and down the gaza border where people have been protesting this friday that was the israeli response started to really be geared up there were very concentrated bursts of tear gas and indeed an increase in the use of live fire and we've seen a lot more ambulances taking the injured out many of you know overcome by tear gas but live fire has been used here as it has been in other locations something that the israelis say is necessary to defend the borders from what. hamas led terrorist activities attempts to infiltrate and damage the border the protesters the organizers deny that entirely say that these are and they remain peaceful protests designed to emphasize what say is their right in shrine under u.n. resolutions to return to their own villages in modern day israel all of this
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building up to the center of anniversary the declaration of the state of israel on midnight may the fourteenth two days may the fourteenth and fifteenth of a creased protest activity where inspector expecting as the conference servers dates comes in a little over a week. well in all the developments israel's defense minister has rejected an apology from palestinian leader mahmoud abbas calling him a wretched holocaust denier abbas said he's sorry for suggesting the persecution of european jews was related to their professions and not their religion he's since backtracked saying it was not his intention to offend and he fully respects the jewish faith bass's just been reelected as chairman of the palestinian liberation organization is highest decision making body. now moving to other top stories at least six people have drowned and eleven more a missing off to extreme flooding in kenya weeks of heavy rain of triggered flooding throughout the country the red cross and red crescent of both estimates
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estimated that at least one hundred people have died in twenty nine counties a glutes warned that floods could spread malaria and cholera after simmons has more from the one even edge along the ton a river in kenya. we have just arrived in the village of who won it which is completely cut off from the outside world by the floodwaters we go here try speaking it's an extraordinary journey lasting more than an hour going through the swamps and going through very deep water not the river tonics but in actual fact it was just like a lake covering. the past areas of agricultural land villages that disappeared and people are standing on high ground now getting help let me just show you the red cross distribution on the boat we came in and other parts of the bridge to the spot the first time people have received aid and this is team some food aid some food it's already arrived but this is primarily equipment to shelter the top holdings
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and other goods from blanket and the people here what's remarkable about them is that that's so subjective and so polite and so very caring for each other in the way they're queuing in an orderly fashion and taking this aid away they've got long walks to shelters not their own homes some of them as many of them not their own homes or their displaced so many of them are on the high ground because it's the only place where they know they're safe but there is the problem of rising floodwaters and the other problem of actually going into the water particularly for children we saw crocodiles amongst the. groundwater we saw the side a total of two point zero on the journey so this is an extraordinary situation for these people a pretty miserable one. a massive volcano eruption in hawaii as for seventeen
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hundred people to be evacuated from their homes lava flows are threatening residential areas close to callaway are on of the most active volcanoes in the world after erupted on thursday afternoon local time and the hayward has mall. in the heart of a residential area in hawaii molten lava pools down the road burning through woodland and sending smoke ash and rocks into the sky. killer way up to death to several quakes were felt on hawaii. and hundreds of people living close by and now being told they have no choice they must leave their homes since it's right there behind our all we could hear this loud. exploding. right from a house and so you know there is a hole is going to still be there when we go back over there. the emergency services are now involved in
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a major incident trying to assess the scale of the eruption on the ground and in the air and how best to help those who live and work in it's path roads are being blocked top to keep people out of the most dangerous areas is a crack right there the road rage right here. helicopters smugglers talk. all right so. they will want to go over from a lot of that. kill aware has been erupting continuously for more than thirty years but there's been more activity in recent days. it's. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been in for roughly two and a half days or a high frequency of earthquakes it's not known how long this current eruption will last hawaii's governor is urging people to stay safe and i am haywood.
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a court in the u.k. is ruled the human rights campaign is can proceed with a legal case aimed at stopping british sales to saudi arabia the campaign against arms trade says british weapons of being used in violation of international or in the war in yemen the u.k. is sold six point two billion dollars worth of arms to the country since the saudi led campaign started in two thousand and fifteen the un estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed in the conflict. yemeni government sources have told al jazeera that the united arab emirates committed a hostile act by increasing its military presence on a strategically important island in the arabian sea the flag of the u.a.e. has now been raised over public buildings on psychiatrists in the gulf of aden many see them move as an expansion of amorality influence in the region and its go topless explains. showing support for yemen's prime minister duggar hundreds of yemenis took to the streets of the quarter as the u.a.e.
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boost its presence in this remote island of the gulf of aden. the united arab emirates flew in soldiers along with tanks and armored vehicles the shown here sitting up a security cordon having expelled local troops from the airport yemeni government sources of since confirmed to al jazeera that u.a.e. troops have also taken control of the main port and denied the yemeni prime minister and most of his cabinet permission to leave situated off the coast of somalia learned the unesco heritage site known to many as the goal of because of the indian ocean is famous for its unusual want life and scenery but with a three thousand meter long runway ideal for fighter jets and large military aircraft the island is also situated between the horn of africa and yemen just be on the red sea and some of the busiest ceilings in the world what they have done here is they have found an island which is very remote from both yemen and somalia very far off the coast but it's very strategically located and it kind of acts as a quasi aircraft carrier in the main over the u.a.e.
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in the middle of the indian ocean where they can control traffic and obviously if you control the traffic you can also give favorable access to the sea lanes to companies that are related to the u.a.e. so it's a military and geopolitical strategy which is very much linked to the economic strategy of you know united arab emirates having already invested heavily in somaliland and expanded the commercial port of barrier the u.a.e. has control of the culture is seen by many as the. this move by the emirates to spread its influence well beyond its borders people have often remarked on the strategic value of sokoto there have been speculations that. one power or another might try to actually establish a presence on the island. with the war in yemen entering its fourth year the u.a.e. now controls much of the south of the country with a strong presence of both sides of the entrance to the red sea and so cultural place right in the middle alex could topless al-jazeera. let's call it as in south
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sudan hoping to kickstart a tale to re-unite factions that split from the main party in the civil war holding a three day convention to enforce the two thousand and fifteen agreement signed in tanzania it will no longer reports from south sudan's capital juba. in a meeting that is the fourth of its kind in south sudan gained independence in twenty eleven the ruling party is coming together. to reunite the party which fractured after civil war began in twenty thirteen resulting in leading figures leaving the party and creating their own. we must or when i say that there is fear them is the glue that holds this country together if we are allowed. to forge a. story you will never forgive us our unity. family remains my priority the ruling sudan people's liberation movement. was founded as
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the political wing of the sudan people's liberation army which fought in the rebellion against the sudanese government in one thousand nine hundred three. it represented the south in an agreement signed in two thousand and five which paved the way for the country's independence six years later but a power struggle within the party as leading figures expressed a desire to lead it and the nation led to a civil war which has cost tens of thousands of lives and displaced a third of the country's twelve million strong population the war also left more than have the population in need of aid to survive other political parties say because the ruling party started a war they should come together to end it the era of two thousand and thirteen that led to the conflict that has cost lives of people. is their responsibility to fix it and it should be today make sure that the people observe their responsibility to respect the rules and regulations of the party and how to go for the people don't
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struggle of a power but really find the party won't be so easy intend to fifteen it signed an agreement with the s.p.l. i'm in opposition on the former vice president riek machar and a group of former s.p.l. and detainees they were accused of being involved in plotting a government overthrow but there is now a division within both of the opposition and the former detainees and not all sides are aboard with the idea of really fixation anymore the leaders of the ruling sudan people's liberation movement hope that by reuniting the fates of five year old party it would resolve a lot of issues the country is facing but with some of the main defectors failing to attend the reification conference it raises questions as to what of this meeting can achieve. some analysts say one of the biggest challenges to unification is the concept itself. the fundamental problem is what better unification means and because it was supposed to be linked to reforms second was supposed to be part of
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it the major iow. we have much i was not part of it. the s.p.l. and began as a movement involved in armed struggle against a sudanese government thirty five years own now the struggle is amongst its leaders while both the rule continue to suffer the consequences people morgan al-jazeera. and al-jazeera still ahead. i'll tell you what really is a great guy but he just started i say go. donald trump close friend and lawyer rudy giuliani just a day after he dropped a bombshell about the president and hush money. on the two thousand and eighteen prize for literature is cancelled as hash tag needs to hit sweden's prestigious nobel committee.
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as a string of potential rain more or less from the eastern med or from turkey and through northern iran towards afghanistan it doesn't look quite like that but that's what we that's what we try to show you the moment but the forecast rains are if anything moving slightly north through terror on to azerbaijan armenia to typically southern caucasus that we have got cloud creeping out of egypt towards jordan for example that's likely to be nothing more than to see any significant rain out of that is an increase in the coverage in the sky but temperature may much the same as hot a further inland anyway bad guys up to thirty five occasional showers just across the border in iran but i told you that some of the main lot of potential rain is significant snow up in the hindu kush south of all this well it's been interesting recently we had some big thunderstorms they faded away this looks most likely just to be clouded east and saudi and bahrain the champs about right where they should be at this time the
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a quite human when there's no direct wind flow around the gulf states which is the case at the moment they have been some significant showers and so has a lot of the eastern cape but not much more to come you just seen circulating here forecast wise most of southern africa now is relatively dry. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington or members of congress do nothing about. the part of the constituents in their responsibility and that is what's underneath these crisis phone lines visits the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government can tell you what it is and the good because the responsibility everybody thought that there were good. shelter after the storm on al jazeera.
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welcome back a look at the headlines now israeli forces have fired live ammunition and take acid palestinians protesting for the sixth week in a row on the israeli gaza border three hundred fifty people have been injured three of them critically at least six people have drowned and eleven more a missing off the extreme flooding in kenya a group so warning that the floods could spread cholera and malaria and hawaii's kellaway a volcano has erupted forcing seventeen hundred people to be evacuated from their homes the governor has declared a state of emergency. all u.s. president donald trump says his lawyer rudy giuliani will get his facts straight over comments made about adult film star stormy daniels in a t.v.
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interview giuliani revealed trump knew about payments made to danielle's often alleged affair in two thousand and six trump of previously denied any knowledge of the hush money. already know when your. garden yesterday. will get it back great music great for what it does it feel good the birdbath. well u.s. president is due to address the national rifle association's annual conference in dallas texas within the hour he is expected to brace the powerful lobbying group off to briefly challenging it earlier this year off to a high school shooting in florida hi joe castro joins us live from outside the conference and i think it is their first annual meeting since the school shooting in florida what can we expect trying to say to the n.r.a. . i merriam so last year trump became the first sitting u.s. president to address the n.r.a.
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in more than thirty years and he told the crowd at that time quote i will never ever let you down we expect more of the same today as he's making his way here to dallas convention center the n.r.a. donated more than thirty million dollars to his campaign fund and there is a sense among its five million members that the president is now be fulled into them and trump is certainly not protesting he has long said that he is the defender of the second amendment and what we expect today will be the president likely in a long rambling campaign rally style speech addressing his supporters and most likely touting his efforts to arm teachers as his response to the to the shooting in parkland for seventeen people were killed by a high school shooter what we are likely not expect to hear although some protesters are say they're still hopeful dim chance that the president might show more of his compromising side which you alluded to in the days after the partisan
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shooting the president met with lawmakers in a televised meeting and said that he supported raising the age limit of buying assault style weapons and he even pointedly said to some of the senators that he was not scared of the n.r.a. like they were well since those days the president has backpedaled much of what he has said and now that again that the white house's major policy initiative in response to these school shootings is nothing more than to arm teachers which is a controversial idea that three quarters of a whole teachers of said they are against marion. got himself into a bit of a muddle with his legal team most of the payments the adult movie stars still need daniels how's he been handling that. that's right now that is the big controversy that's overshadowing even this moment that is supposed to be the moment of glory for the president to address his gun lobby supporters what we heard earlier as he was in route to this convention in dallas with him essentially
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now throwing his the new leader of his legal team under the bus retooling on the former mayor of new york who was brought in to really straighten out what seemed to be a legal team in chaos he went on fox news yesterday and revealed to everyone's surprise that trump in fact reimbursed his attorney robert cohen for the payments made to that porn star one hundred thirty thousand dollars that was new bombshell information that really slows a wrench into the president's legal defense and today what we heard the president say was that rudy giuliani his new attorney got ahead of himself and that he would be more clear on the fast later we're expecting a statement from him in the future so what really comes down to is this overshadowing drama with this with trump's legal team with the russian vest occasion with the payments to the porn star that are all the backdrop to the speech of the president expected to get to the gun lobby which he hopes to be his moment
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to shine and ignore those other issues are thanks very much heidi jocasta in dallas texas where u.s. president trump is expected to address the powerful lobbying group the n.r.a. right. a u.s. delegation is on its way home from china after two days of talks aimed at heading off a potential trade war chinese media is reporting that has been progress off the threats from the world's two biggest economies to put high tariffs on each other's goods but as adrian brown reports from beijing as still appears to be a long way to go. as is so often the case in china the media were kept away from the venue for these tools beforehand both delegations but still to play down expectations of a breakthrough we now know why for a while there was progress in some areas major disagreements remain. less than two days was never going to be enough time to resolve them all the u.s. came with a long list of demands immediate action to reduce china's huge trade surplus with
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the united states and then to force technology transfers whereby u.s. companies have to hand over their intellectual property to local joint venture partners as a condition for doing business here the u.s. has also been complaining about the heavy state subsidies for technology development like robotics and i.t. one area though where china is unlikely to yield analysts say the deepening strain in relations is a recognition by the united states that china once seen as a partner is now regarded as a strategic rival for trond. competing with china is a very important for him and he wants to win and china has to give him something a win but whatever china gives it won't be sufficient for trump or for the u.s. because there's no way for china to abandon its industrial policy.
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it's six months since president trump and china's leaders she jingping last mode and they could be getting together again soon after trump tweeted that he looks forward to seeing she in the not too distant future that could mean after his planned summit with kim jong un but cheating ping had someone else on his mind on friday karl marx the german philosopher was born two hundred years ago on saturday the president repeatedly said the communist party mustn't forget its socialist roots as it strives to bring about the rejuvenation of the chinese nation and that rejuvenation includes maintaining a tough line with the united states on trade adrian brown al-jazeera beijing the nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year. in that decides the prize the swedish academy has been engulfed in a scandal over sexual assault allegations. diane has more.
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it's a scandal that's left the swedish academy in turmoil and the nobel prize for literature on hold at least for now the academy decided this year's winner will be selected and announced in two thousand one thousand in. the confidence in the academy is so low in the world at the moment and that is the deciding reason why we now refrain from awarding this prize. eighteen women say they were raped assaulted or harassed by famous photographer john clarke not he's the husband of academy member and poet catarina frost and sun the women l. legend the abuse happened in properties owned by the swedish academy their complaints they say were ignored he has denied the allegations his wife has since resigned. over the crisis has aggravated differences among its members shedding light on other problems the academy is also dealing with allegations of financial crimes and in the past names of laureates were reportedly leaked before winners
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were officially announced. i think the swedish academy is worth more than that it shouldn't disappear because of the scandal which it undoubtedly is but never cademy member has done anything as far as i know. protests were held for weeks the global need to move mid likely played a role in the revelations and the academy's decision the voting process was also an issue the academy had eighteen lifetime members but several have resigned since the scandal including the organization's first female leader. we only have ten members at the moment and now we really have to start electing new members and show the world that we are serious. leaders of the swedish academy which is separate from the norwegian committee that awards the nobel peace prize hope the delay will give them time to regroup and recover their once pristine beaches reputation curtsey a little bit so they yearn al-jazeera. spain will continue to investigate and
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punish crimes committed by the basque separatist group despite his decision to dissolve the formal announcement of the end of eta has been made in france's basque country where talks have been taking place with an international mediation group was and eight hundred people were killed in a fifty year campaign for an independent basque state in northern spain and southwest france and the spanish prime minister believes at as former members should still be brought to justice or you. today has finally recognized after fifty years that all of its history has been a failure if she'd known of the political goals that it set itself during all of its criminal history none the terrorists didn't get anything from killing people nor for stopping it a few years ago and they were getting nothing for announcing their dissolution i said yesterday and i repeated today the crimes of will continue to be investigated their crimes will continue to be judged and published and the punishments will
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continue being carried out there hasn't been and there will be no impunity. wild animals rescued from the syrian city of aleppo been found a new home in northern jordan the lions tigers and bears and now living in nature is dedicated to rescuing animals from conflict is the only sanctuary of its kind in the middle east as alexander reports. syeed is a two year old lion and has been through a great deal he's one of many animals rescued from a war zone and brought to this century in northern jordan. we are currently have twenty three in total we have seventeen lions we have four bears into tigers and they all come from somewhere from the in middle east last summer several animals were rescued from a zoo in the syrian city of aleppo during heavy bombing they were moved across the border to turkey for treatment and eventually brought here. when the animals came
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from syria other tigers were very very weak malnourished and very very skinny the two asian black birds when they arrived they were very very stressed so that can be from you know their living conditions it could be from the travel it was it was a very trying experience for them to bring them out of syria into turkey and then here into jordan. similar operations took place in iraq and gaza. today the animals live in a peaceful refuge where lions tigers and bears are recovering at the sprawling nature and wildlife reserve jordan's ministry of foreign affairs says the country will continue to carry out its humanitarian judy towards the one point three million syrian refugees in the country as well as provide shelter to all of the casualties of war broddi said xander al-jazeera.
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a look at the top stories this hour israeli forces have fired live ammunition and tear gas at palestinians protesting on the israel gaza border forty one people have been killed by the israeli military since demonstrations began in late march palestinians want to be able to return to villages where their families once lived land which is now occupied by israel sorry force it is only gaza israel order. well the numbers have dwindled over the last hour plus you can hear that the two gas is still being fired but those who remain. concentration of to dos in the last ten minutes or so also during the last hour or so you can see them there running from a lot of cigars it looks like the israelis are trying to try and wind this up no protests which has been running throughout the day also over the last hour and
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a half there's been a real uptick in the use of live for. at least six people have drowned and eleven more i'm missing off to extreme flooding in kenya a goops are now warning that these floods could spread cholera and malaria severe rains which triggered the floods follow several seasons of drought in the country. a volcanic eruption in hawaii has forced seventeen hundred people to be evacuated from their homes lava flows are threatening residential areas close to kellaway on of the most active volcanoes in the world after erupted on thursday afternoon local time the governor has declared a state of emergency and u.k. court has ruled that human rights campaigners can proceed with a legal case and stopping british on sales to saudi arabia the campaign against arms trade says british weapons are being used in violation of international law in
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the war in yemen the u.k. is sold six point two billion dollars in arms to the country since the saudi led air campaign began. and u.s. president trump says his lawyer will get his facts straight over comments made about adult film star stormy daniels in a t.v. interview giuliani said trump knew about payments to daniels after an alleged affair in two thousand and six trump previously denied knowledge of the hush money as the top stories inside story is next. the u.a.e. has deployed more soldiers in yemen's remote.


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