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i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know is that it shouldn't be there but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did a political issue we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. tell them she went on this is the news hour live from london coming up hundreds sorry injured as israeli forces used live ammunition and tear gas on palestinians protesting along gaza's border with israel plus. one of those the border got the river the other way with a really good year and there's the on the rise there with the with the. why is killer way a volcano erupts spewing lava on to the streets and toxic gas to the air. in school for the first time one of cycling's ground schools a started outside of europe against a backdrop of control israel was the location the stage one of the zero to tell you
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. israeli forces have fired live ammunition and tear gas at palestinians protesting for a six week at the israel gaza border demonstrators burned tires near the fence to use a smokescreen from israeli gunfire three hundred fifty people have been injured three of them critically harry false reports from the gaza israel border. six fridays now more than forty killed and over a thousand short and wounded and still protesters face off against the israeli army at gaza's border fence. as last week there appeared to be some coordination ahead of time squads of young men and boys rolled tires to be burned at specific locations providing a smoke screen from israeli snipers. emerging from the smoke until i guess a senior official of islamic jihad promising an escalation of these protests as
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they approach the fourteenth of may seventy years since israel declared statehood in the day the u.s. is moving its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem we will be ok then the next the next for a this is the we have a good message also from the will there be able to continue all of that was that it should. be able was eating or the boys to see what. israel continues to accuse islamic jihad and especially hamas which controls gaza of using the protests as cover for what it calls terrorist activity. of the seven thousand palestinians participated in these riots we had several attempts to cross the technical fence and to throw molotov cocktails and other terrorist devices against israeli troops. here comes more tear gas there's been a lot of tires being burned just behind which people have been gathering some are being using slingshots to throw stones and here comes the tear gas in response from the israeli side as people massed at
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a second location south of the main protest site the tear gas volleys intensified. as did the sound of live ammunition ambulances departing with greater frequency. the protesters have seen this for weeks now dozens dead and hundreds injured even the wounded keep coming back and abed was shot in both legs during the first demonstration on the thirtieth of march. as have come a model of. how. i'm ready to go back to the israeli border to tell the world that this is our right we should get to return to our land as soon as i recover i will join the protest again. head of gaza's mental health committee says the deadly sniper fire is so far having little deterrent effect would that increase the anger among people or would that make them more scared you know i'm more scared of what the most scary thing that people are scared off because their live the life conditions you know what he or she have to do. and live this moment come give them
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the right to speak. this week's protests continued a downward trend in shooting injuries but concerns are deepening about what could happen on the fourteenth of may protest organizers are calling for a million man march on offense which israel has repeatedly shown its willingness to use deadly force because it gaza. u.s. president donald trump has addressed the national rifle association for the first time this is a high school shooting in florida left seventeen people dead earlier this year and she's inspired mass protests across the country calling for stricter gun laws speaking of the lobby groups annual conference trying to protect the second amendment. your second amendment right. are on the scene but they will never ever. be uniters. as long as i know your president. well let's get all the details from heidi jocasta his side the conference in dallas
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texas heidi what else to trump have to say. julie is so president did talk about guns but because he talked about so many other talk to topics it was hard to determine what the main point was he talked about criticizing the iran deal he said that the u.s. now was doing well with north korea he referred to the russia investigation as a hoax any again criticize what he calls the fake media a point he did return to was the need for republican voters to turn out for these upcoming congressional elections in november the u.s. house of representatives has the potential of slipping to the democrat control if that party's able to flip twenty three seats and right now with the low approval of donald trump and public sentiment it appears that the republicans are indeed in danger in that chamber of congress and said again and again that this was the time
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for his supporters many of whom were here at the n.r.a. association that contributed more than thirty that thirty million dollars to election campaign and they indeed greeted the president's words with approval with applause these are among his most ardent supporters truly be anything to give much hope to those who want to loosen the grip as they see it over the n.r.a. . in today's comments from trump truly there was none of that although today is the key word here because prior to taking the stage i spoke to some protesters here who said they had a glimmer of hope that perhaps the president would strike a more. compromising tone as he had done in the days after the parklane florida high school shooting in which seventeen people were killed is a remember of following that shooting president trump had a televised meeting with lawmakers in the white house in which he said that he
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would support raising the age limit for buying assault weapons and he point at least that to some of the republican senators present that perhaps they were scared of the n.r.a. but that he the president was different and he wasn't although the day after that meeting at the white house before that and that with n.r.a. leaders and very soon backpedal them all of those statements the white house is current stance on gun control was it supported a bill that did it. did did improve the background check but only slightly and now the president is pushing for his idea of arming school teachers as his administration's response to these massive shootings truly. joining me there live from dallas. well earlier don't jump contradicted his lawyer rudy giuliani over comments he made about adult film star stormy daniels said giuliani would quote get his facts straight in a t.v. interview giuliani said trump knew about payments daniels after the alleged affair
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in two thousand and six trump previously denied knowledge of the hush money. there will be no regard during the day. will get it back great great guy but what he does will be very deadly drug rehab. aid workers in kenya say they've reached only a quarter of nearly fifty thousand families who need help because of severe flooding the warning comes from kenya's red cross which is struggling to find enough funding for its emergency operations under simmons has traveled with one of the already thousands which sets out by speedboat to try to reach thousands of people were and by the floods in taina river country. looks like a vast lake yet this is the river town and it's consumed villages and lives.
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we changed course away from the river going deep into the bush. and. the mango trees full of fruit. the birds make good out of most situations. but any illusion of normality is lost when you look through the clearing. was a seasonal stream has turned into this. the forces of nature of the water line that still rising. on the shoreline ahead people who have walked for hours from higher land. they've waited days for help to arrive no cheers no shouts no pushing but the need here is deep seated. it's not everywhere in the world why you'd find people so calm in a situation like this when they've been marooned for several days with absolutely nothing coming in until now but there are pockets of anger because i hadn't heard
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of that and you know it. sounds like that hearing that i have been here for the days waiting for the help i haven't received any of the days no way i can wait any longer i need it now and he has all the right saying that but again i can also help way come. across we've done what we can for now and we are asking more people to come and help us so that we can reach more people. and even some of those getting their rations of food and enough aid to give them basic shelter feel it's not enough this mother of eight is setting out on a two hour walk back to where she's living rough her home has been lost along with her life story on and on so much that i was on i did i was on the i'm scared about my children the hungry they're exposed to the rains and because of that we're likely to fall sick for those left behind you can see it from their expressions they need help now along with so many others and even more remote places than this
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andrew simmons al-jazeera in kenya is ten a river county. still to come on this al-jazeera news hour a regional tensions could influence the outcome of this when we can see elections in lebanon. the mexico city police are overworked underpaid and sometimes even forced to buy their own bullets. in school world and limb pick champion caster semenya runs into an all star and conversation. with. his main opposition party has announced more i'm in this as its presidential candidate thousands of people attended the rally in ankara where the republican people's party and i'm still him as their candidate in his first speech he promised to struggle for democracy and to be
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a president for all turkey's eighteen million citizens or two and called the snap elections in june the twenty fourth that's a good year and a half ahead of show. that people in lebanon will cast their ballots on sunday in the parliamentary elections it's likely regional players iran and saudi arabia will be closely monitoring the outcome of the vote as the rift between them deepens lebanon remains calls in the middle of reports from beirut. it's the last day of election campaigning opponents trade accusations and lebanon's main political parties why for a bigger say this is a country that is divided along sectarian lines prime minister saad that had to be the most powerful sunni politician here has told his supporters that this election is about protecting against iran's growing influence. there this election is a confrontation between two visions one that wants to protect beirut's identity
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while the other aims to change its identity well beirut the house really accuses his main rival and hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah of controlling lebanon's decision making process see it in the arm and the lebanese should listen to anyone who wants to drag the country into civil war. a saudi arabia and iran remain locked in a battle for regional influence people here are worried about their future. saudi arabia has its men in lebanon and iran has its men in lebanon want the country will continue to be the battlefield for the struggle for now it's political unless it turns into a military confrontation. how do you he has stepped up his campaign beirut is his stronghold while is eager to make more gains in the big. and the south.
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the regional influence paralyzes the government paralyzes political life lebanon had no president for two years and this was a result of regional disagreements. in two thousand and sixteen saudi arabia and iran set aside their differences behaving the way for the election of a new president and a new government led by how do you but it's not clear if that deal would hold amid the growing tension between the regional rivals. this is a course a moment not only for lebanon but also for the two political heavyweights saudi arabia and iran both will so are their local allies will consolidate their gains in the election. beirut. this in mexico city said they're struggling to fight crime under such poor working conditions as violence surges in the capital officers have told al-jazeera they often have to buy their own supplies including bullets they're also battling against regular accusations of corruption being infiltrated
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by truck gangs john homan explains corrupt inefficient and in some cases even in league with the organizer crime not surprisingly many mexican simply don't trust their police officers but there is another side to the story a survey of almost finally found some policemen and women found that many especially at municipal level a badly paid and lack the basic equipment to do their job this office into quanah one of the most violent towns in the country told us they aren't supplied with enough bullets regularly have to buy their own it. it's not just doms elsewhere francisco escovedo had to retire of the damaging his spine push starting his police truck every morning he says he spent a year asking superiors for a new battery to implement and they were told me the same he says put up with it or buy one yourself ngo counselling commune who surveyed offices across the country
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found some police paying for uniforms car repairs and petrol all out of their own low salaries so if you could have police that badly trained and not paid the right amount what are the implications for society in general in mexico well if you get paid like two hundred bucks a month and irish prime counting to one thousand a month of course has to take for many those few other ways to get ahead more than two thirds of police surveyed had never been promoted officer is my old ramos told us that in many cases the only way to get a step up is to pay superior officers it's called the quota but here we have intermediate positions superior positions and all costs depending on the position of the one and it's legal of course is the legal but that's a system in mexico city the mix cross city police force told out zero they didn't know of any such cases although the quota isn't present in every force other
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municipal policeman told us they have to pay not for promotion but to get a car or decide where they patrol they said the systematic corruption at least to some offices extorting the population to pay their own superiors which in turn leads to the mexican public this trusting the police it's a vicious cycle and it's happening just at the wrong time it's can murder levels of the highest in two decades and the country needs a strong respected force to deal with that and those for the police who are trying to stay honest is my rameau's has twenty years experience to decorations for bravery and a master's in public security but he's been assigned the job he says of a new recruit guarding a metro station john homan how does it or mexico city. now a massive volcanic eruption in hawaii has forced one thousand seven hundred people to be evacuated from their homes lava flows are threatening residential areas close
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to killer where one of the most active volcanoes in the world after set up said on thursday local time m hayward has more. in the heart of a residential area in hawaii molten lava pools down the road burning through woodland and sending smoke ash and rocks into the sky. kill or where to dive to several quakes were felt on hawaii. and hundreds of people living close by and now being told they have no choice they must leave their homes since it's right there behind we could hear this loud. exploding. right from my house and so you know there is a house going to still be there when we go back over there. the emergency services are now involved in a major incident trying to assess the scale of the eruption on the ground and in
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the air and how best to help those who live and work in it's path the roads are being blocked talk to keep people out of the most dangerous areas there's a cracker here the road rage right here. helicopters above let's talk. all right so. there are one street over from a lot of the. kill aware has been erupting continuously for more than thirty years but there's been more to pity in recent days. it's. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been in for roughly two and now. a high frequency of earthquakes it's not known how long list current will last. is urging people to stay safe and. they would. well tanno will one is a vulcanologist from the carnegie institution for science in washington d.c.
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dan a very warm welcome to the program good to have your company diana how much to know about this particular volcano. this is one of the most well studied volcanoes in the world we know quite a bit about its behavior and what to expect in situations like this we have seen about several weeks of warnings that this activity was coming so this is one of the nice things we do get a sense of impending activity from volcanic activity at diana just how difficult is it to predict the finer points of when a volcano might erupt well this is the challenge especially with a volcano like killer way or that's huge and very complex the question is often not if or when but where the volcano will erupt the challenge with this activity is the fact that it occurred in a populated area now the question is will it stay in that area will it move to
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another part of the part of the volcano and how long will it last and down over the years. much progress has been made in this sort of monitoring and wondering you know what goes on behind the scenes in the monitoring of these full cables. we have a wide range of technology but we still learn things just by simply watching the volcano so in fact some of the clues were simply visual changes at the summit of the volcano but at this point we have very sensitive instrumentation that we can install on the volcano and we can also watch for signs of unrest using satellites which lets us look at volcanoes around the world even in remotely populated areas so the technology and the science has really advanced incredibly in the past few decades and we heard from some of the residents who live close to the volcano obviously there was talking about you know the sort of toxic gas that the volcano emits and they were talking about the slow lava flow that they were seeing but but what are the big risks in reality. for this type of an
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eruption the big risk is more to property and infrastructure than to people obviously there are concerns about air quality with gases being released by by the lava and also fires that are being set in the area as this lava moves through but really the concern is about people's houses roads potentially being blocked and cutting off access to supplies or medical care but the concern is largely you cannot walk a lava flow but you can't move a house out of the way so so property is likely to be lost in a situation like this one and will obviously end of this is extremely concerning for those who live close to the volcano how interesting is it for you in these moments to see things to watch and observe and see things develop. most of okinawa just these sorts of episodes are extremely interesting and one of the great things is the data that we collect during this episode will help us in the future
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to be more specific about what is likely to occur it will basically help us our advance advance our science and our ability to let people know what they can expect so it is an opportunity as well as a hardship for the people living in the area that are impacted to handle and they're joining me live from washington d.c. to am a funky i'll just say a journalist mark with his same as i when held in an egyptian jail for five hundred days he was detained without charge by authorities in twenty sixteen during the holiday to chiral egyptian national is just one of many journalists have been harassed or threatened with arrest in recent years some of binge of eight reports. five hundred days locked up and counting mahmoud hussein and al jazeera deny provoking sedition incitement against egypt and spreading false news the un condemned his detention hussein was stopped questioned and detained in december twenty sixth seen after travelling to cairo for
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a holiday since then he's been in solitary confinement and has yet to be charged the office of the un high commissioner for human rights says indefinite pretrial detention is the egyptian government's tactic to restrain anyone who dares to act independently the un human rights what he says the policy is a cornerstone of egypt's suppression of the media civil society and protesters the committee to protect journalists says egypt is a leading jailer of journalists at least twenty are in prison the advocacy that we can do by documenting attacks and repression of journalists and using every opportunity that we have to bring this to public attention around the world. egypt's government has targeted other al jazeera journalists in a trial condemned almost unanimously by rights groups and journalist organizations egypt level similar charges against al-jazeera is by her mohamed mohamed fahmy and peter greste and jail them five years ago the former editor in chief of al-jazeera arabic ibrahim helal was sentenced to death in his absence two years ago and
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a new antiterrorism law passed last year targets are than mediocre nations as well the committee to protect journalists says the law for this is the government's crackdown on the media it enables police to put journalists acquitted of terrorism related charges on a watch list that restricts their finances and other rights. every morning everything one says you hear of of a case of over journalese that you know or in directly being and difficult situation under prosecution and their disappearance and their arrest censorship intensified this year during the reelection campaign of president a bill for the c.c. journalists critical of him or who interviewed opposition candidates what arrested entertainment and satirical t.v. shows have also been shut down if and journalist mohammed there was a known as show khan was jailed five years ago for reporting the rubber square protests in cairo hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured show
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khan's been nominated for unesco's press freedom prize for his resistance and commitment to freedom of expression and reporter for the times newspaper in britain was arrested and deported from egypt without official explanation the international journalist unions accuse the egyptian government of creating a climate of fear and reporters don't know if they will be next to be jailed osama bin job does their well to see who's acting director general moustapha is attending a conference for while press freedom day in guyana he says the channel will continue to raise awareness of what his sales imprisonment gypped. in this it is difficult days. of course is it about the we are conveying the. diction a killer did for denying you your freedom. for abusing this military and police our true silence is the bodies of all
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my. me. anything that is against the government or police of all things according to the government and freedom of expression and freedom of the media is completely to say is that egypt which i mean if anybody believes. it might be able to do the worst ever in the history. because it is a big country and one of them even. that kind of behavior would generally we have serious implications against to say things that are illegal in the country are we to believe that the maoists are good. for. him or us of course in the conflict zone in syria young non-deceptive i say this is a visit to this issue and a visitor has been working tirelessly to keep the issue alive so people wouldn't
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forget to see the jail for five hundred days now we've got to cry and it's a myth that we discuss is one of the journalists who has visited professional and do we do jobs. well still to come on this al-jazeera news hour it turns eighteen prize for literature is can sold as hash tag me to its sweden's prestigious nobel committee class. program in germany as the city celebrates the bicentennial of its most famous and controversial son carl marks. in school forming the football captain steven gerrard signed up for his first job in the manager's chair.
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hello is getting wet in italy and such a big surprise very very circulating low just to the west for a day or so now it's still there it's expanding so it's throwing showers a bit to switzerland eastern spain and then to our geria as well the power from that is not a lot going on in years a cold front in here which incidentally bit terry because whilst overnight that just shows a little bit of cloud in the showers continue further south by the time we're not days now dog and you've captured here the remaining hot hairy in europe thirty in kiev that he in bucharest but of a different side of it is take about ten degrees or so off so warsaw is up to about nineteen degrees however beyond that enjoy the weather the hot air gets squeezed even more about how we get to sunday is bit more like spring should be high teens low twenty's what we have nicely in northern france and the british isles twenty three on london hauspie a holiday in the not so very pleasant weather now i said that low in the western
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mediterranean still circulating so saturday it's rather wet unpleasant windy not very warm time analogy is that that does clear up for sunday and the other side of the mediterranean fact just to be south we've got forty seven is a forecast announce one bit better mind you in cairo. three big stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we. are still local here this that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why i don't got. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. i don't mind if our top stories here on al-jazeera israeli forces a fired live ammunition and tear gas at palestinians protesting for the six week you know role on the it's really gaza border three hundred fifty people have been
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injured three of them to take. his present donald trump has addressed the national rifle association and dallas texas in fact to protect the second amendment. the six people have drowned and eleven more are missing after extinct flooding in kenya a group so warning that the floods could spread cholera and malaria. nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year the organization that decides the prize that's the swedish academy has been engulfed in a scandal over sexual assault allegations kathy lopez had doyenne a small. it's a scandal that's left the swedish academy in turmoil and the nobel prize for literature on hold at least for now the academy decided this year's winner will be selected and announced in two thousand and nineteen. the competence of the academy is so low in the world at the moment and that is the deciding reason why we now were framed from awarding this prize. eighteen women say they were raped assaulted
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or harassed by famous photographer john clarke not he's the husband of academy member and poet catarina frost and sun the women l. legend the abuse happened in properties owned by the swedish academy their complaints they say were ignored he has denied the allegations his wife has since resigned over. the crisis has aggravated differences among its members shedding light on other problems the academy is also dealing with allegations of financial crimes and in the past names of laureates were reportedly leaked before winners were officially announced. i think the swedish academy is worth more than that it shouldn't disappear because of the scandal which it undoubtedly is but never cademy member has done anything as far as i know. protests were held for weeks the global need to move mid likely played a role in the revelations and the academy's decision the voting process is also an
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issue the academy had eighteen lifetime members but several have resigned since the scandal including the organization's first female leader. we only have ten members at the moment and now we really have to start electing new members and show the world that we are serious. leaders of the swedish academy which is separate from the norwegian committee that awards the nobel peace prize hope the delay will give them time to regroup and recover their once pristine asia's reputation curtsey a look this all began al-jazeera. a court in the u.k. has ruled the human rights campaign this camp received a legal case and stopping british on sales to say the arabia campaign against on's trade says british weapons are being used in violation of international law in the war in yemen the u.k. sold six point two billion dollars worth of arms to the country since the cited air campaign began in twenty fifteen un estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed the conflict well anderson it is
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a spokesman for the campaign against arms trade group he says he's confident their argument will be accepted by the course saidee the she has been widely condemned by humanitarian organizations across the world it's been widely condemned by a u.n. expert panel because of the terrible systematic ways as abused international humanitarian law and its brutal bombardment of human phases of people have been killed and of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world has been allowed to take root and yet u.k. arms companies have profited from it every step of the way we don't just want to see the u.k. and the arms sales to say to be on top of the press of regimes around the world we want to see all the major arms exporters doing exactly the same thing the u.k. is meant to have standards that's meant to stand for human rights and democracy are in for a world that's what we're constantly being told and you come to the arming and supporting some of the most brutal and repressive dictatorships in the world the
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heavy air france kayleigh has announced his resignation after french stuff at the airline rejected a pay deal air france killam is one of your biggest airlines it's seen a series of strikes in recent weeks which has cost the airline billions of dollars chief executive shell marsh in iraq had warned of his resignation back in april when he announced the negotiations on a turnout of eighty percent more than half of the workers faulted against that pay deal. i mean ians are expecting to have a new prime minister next week after more than two weeks of protest well the man pushing for the job is opposition leader nicole passion and a sophisticated civil disobedience movement youth and social media are credited with helping to append the political establishment as and sasha going to reports from get a new crop of independent journalists are also play of course and will. young women forming a human chain in front of
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a wall of riot police another group disgusted and they're reading them even as they're arrested and herded into a bus. these are among two of the most popular videos posted on the eevee and report website during protests that have obliterated the armenian political establishment over the last several weeks in real time giving a sense of what was changing a historic moment in the history of the contemporary sort of history of the armenian people because they understood their power. no one saw this seismic shift coming. anger over a lack of economic opportunity corruption and a sense of injustice had been simmering in our media and society for almost three decades but former president third p.c. and parliament underestimated just how bad up people were we need go passion
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began leading government protests in the capital year of on a small but potent group of independent media outlets were ready. utilizing social media they were able to offer an unprecedented counter narrative to the our media and state media we still saw a pattern of violence and intimidation unfairly targeting journalists in the course of their daily work and it was all acceptable but on the broader level the lack of a crackdown was perhaps for the wrong reason it was stemming from weakness and incapacity coverage of the protests has increased the profile of evie and report people have been making donations and sending notes taking the staff of two for the public service they've been providing the role of independent media is so critical today in a country like armenia post soviet transitional nation trying to find its place in
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the world without a diversity of voices we can't move forward as a country. after weeks of nonstop reporting many. lists are resting before parliament votes on a new prime minister next tuesday they know this is only just the beginning of the story. natasha al-jazeera europe on our beat. a u.s. delegation is on its way home from china after two days of talks aimed at heading off a potential trade war chinese media is reporting that there has been progress after threats from the world's two biggest economies to put high tariffs on each other's goods that is aging brown reports from beijing still appears to be a long way to go. as is so often the case in china the media were kept away from the venue for these talks beforehand both delegations that sought to play down expectations of a breakthrough we now know why for
12:41 am
a while there was progress in some areas major disagreements remain. less than two days was never going to be enough time to resolve them all. the u.s. came with a long list of demands immediate action to reduce china's huge trade surplus with the united states and then to force technology transfers whereby u.s. companies have to hand over their intellectual property to local joint venture partners as a condition for doing business here the u.s. has also been complaining about the heavy state subsidies for technology development like robotics and i.t. one area though where china is unlikely to yield analysts say the deepening strain in relations is a recognition by the united states that china once seen as a partner is now regarded as a strategic rival for trump. competing with china is a very important for him and he wants to win and china has to give him something
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a win but whatever china gives it won't be sufficient for trump or for the u.s. because there's no way for china to abandon its industrial policy. it's six months since president trump and china's leaders she jingping last met and they could be getting together again soon after trump tweeted that he looks forward to seeing she in the not too distant future that could mean after his planned summit with kim jong un the cheating ping had someone else on his mind on friday karl marx the german philosopher was born two hundred years ago on saturday the president repeatedly said the communist party mustn't forget its socialist roots as it strives to bring about the rejuvenation of the chinese nation and that rejuvenation includes maintaining a tough line with the united states on trade adrian brown al jazeera beijing
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hundreds of workers from korean air have been protesting in the center of seoul they're calling on the airlines chairman chilled young hole to resign because of the bad behavior of his daughters is youngest daughter is accused of throwing a drink at people cheering a business meeting her older sister was also in the headlines after she ordered a plane to return to the gate because she disagreed with the way she was served knots on a flight two sisters have stepped down from their positions. north and south korea are moving ahead with another display of unity and this time with their times ill the clocks in north korea have been set half an hour forward to realign them with seoul time it's a reversal of the situation that pyongyang made in twenty fifteen kathy novak explains. these flowers in the center of seoul are symbolic of the renewed hope that many people here are feeling about this country's relationship with north korea the display depicts a map of
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a unified korea before this peninsula was divided into two countries korea was a japanese colony the legacy of that period is still a strain on japan's relationship with both koreas there's a reminder of that right here the former city hall was built during the time of japanese occupation so in two thousand and twelve the city government opened the new modern building behind it three years ago north korea made its own symbolic statement it set its clocks back by half an hour saying that pyongyang time would replace tokyo time which was imposed by what it called japanese imperialists as a result pyongyang no longer shared a time zone with seoul either. when north korean leader kim jong un stepped over the border and thirty minutes ahead in time a week ago state media says he felt it was painful to see two clocks on the wall of the summit venue indicating pyongyang and seoul times so he decided to realign the
12:45 am
time zones as the first practical step for national reconciliation and unity. approval bumbling the koreas of unifying the future standard time to unify first. this is just the beginning to show step by step to move maybe not in our generational but in the next year we will have unification south korea welcome to the move saying it represents a decision to remove the obstacles in the path to enter korean and the us north korean exchanges and cooperation that are to come. events are taking place across the world to mark the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the philosopher a revolutionary socialist call marx marx was born in one thousand nine hundred in tree or in western germany and grew up in the shadow of the french revolution joining a movement that criticized the political and cultural establishments of the day the radical nature of his writing saw him expelled by the governments of germany france
12:46 am
and belgium marx is best remembered for the two works the communist manifesto and dust cup at self which he laid out his vision of capitalism marx did not live to see his ideas carried out in his own lifetime although his writings have formed the theoretical base from water and international communism the bison ten reinvents have been officially launched of this ceremony in trees basilica and as poll brennan reports the city sim bracing his legacy. karl marx is everywhere in tree here his face is on posters his name is on street sides his image is even on the traffic lights tourists are flocking to the house where he was born and to coincide with the bicentenary three new exhibitions are opening here to examine marx's life and his pioneering work in political theory and economics marxist this marks is such an important thank you because he connected an analyst society and a developing capitalist production in a way no one else did so intensively it is especially that connection that thirst
12:47 am
significant even though it now seems self-evident and we can learn to do the same thing today for our circumstances because we live in complicated times. translated into dozens of languages marx's communist manifesto change the world it inspired revolutions in china russia cambodia and cuba and profoundly influenced modern day social democrats across europe and beyond his prediction the communism would inevitably overthrow capitalism has since been proved wrong but marx is analysis of the unequal relationship between workers and capitalist bosses remains relevant to this day germany has a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards marx but in three air he has embraced in a way that the man himself may not have appreciated the bicentennial of the godfather of communism is actually turning into something of a capitalist bonanza for the town of thread here in the syrian air shops as a whole variety of car marks products on cell car market books car market hearings
12:48 am
a money box a mug even a car marks rubber duck and here look a cow marked wine naturally it's a red wine. perhaps this image appropriation proves that his analysis was actually correct of editor that he would say he's theories as being confirmed because he wrote that everything becomes. capitalism now he himself has become. image is certainly iconic his profile instantly recognizable of marx's funeral friedrich engels eulogized his name through the ages and so also with his work it certainly has. on al-jazeera. stay with us still to come on the program. bears from war torn will have found a peaceful home north and toward. the sport. final table
12:49 am
tennis to make its way into the finals of the world championships. i am. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways go. places together. and wild animals rescued from the syrian city of aleppo have been found a new home in northern jordan the lions tigers and bears and am living in a nature reserve dedicated to rescuing animals from conflict is the only sanctuary of its kind in the middle east as brandis aleksandr reports. so does a two year old lion and has been through
12:51 am
a great deal he's one of many animals rescued from a war zone and brought to this sanctuary in northern jordan we are currently have twenty three in total we have seventeen lions we have four bears into tigers and they all come from somewhere from the in middle east last summer several animals were rescued from a zoo in the syrian city of aleppo during heavy bombing they were moved across the border to turkey for treatment and eventually brought here. when the animals came from syria other tigers were very very weak malnourished and very very skinny the two asian blackbirds when they arrived they were very very stressed so that can be from you know their living conditions it could be from the travel it was it was a very trying experience for them to bring them out of syria into turkey and then here into jordan. similar operations took place in iraq and gaza. today the animals live in
12:52 am
a peaceful refuge where lions tigers and bears are recovering at the sprawling nature and wildlife reserve jordan's ministry of foreign affairs says the country will continue to carry out its humanitarian duty towards the one point three million syrian refugees in the country as well as provide shelter to all other casualties of war bradley said xander al-jazeera now for all the latest sports news let's head it was there and the. thanks so much julie well for the first time one of cycling's grounds for the started outside of europe against the backdrop of controversy israel was the location for stage one of the it's how we're the rice won't be answering occupied east jerusalem protests were held across europe in the middle east calling for a boycott of the first of three stages in israel began on schedule but in champion's home to milan won the opening song trial he took a two second overall lead full time sort of france when
12:53 am
a chris froome crashed in practice and finished thirty seven seconds behind sights of phil liggett and he says some affirms rivals don't think he should be taking parts. and chris's attitude is look it should be god then sure it was leaked probably from the dope you so i'd rather them from you see and i'm just going to not going to give you are only going to be on what's going on the road is themselves it depends who you speak to some say it should look race until it is all over including one way or the other because it's not a drug taken by the performance enhancing drug on the banned list in such a way it's only having too much of what is allowed to be used he is allowed to race until such time as they say no you took too much then there was a guy action and the suspension could be any good to two years ahead of world athletics about seeing kerry says new rules for women with naturally hightest tossed around levels are appropriate for the sport the decision is likely to have
12:54 am
an impact on south africa's caster semenya the world an olympic champion has just broken her own national record in the fifteen hundred meters the first major event of the season and cats are under the rules it's likely she'll have to either take medication to lower her testosterone levels or change events or out of a half say hightest austrian levels give runners an advantage in the ruling will ensure fair competition it comes into effect in november it only applies to running a balance between four hundred metres and the fifteen hundred metres so many competes in the eight hundred and fifteen hundred affected our fleets who want to carry on competing at the highest level must take medication for at least six months the alternatives include running longer distance of events or against men well earlier i spoke to katrina carcases a bioethicist at yale university in the united states she says science is yet to conclusively prove that to start her own is
12:55 am
a miracle molecule for all athletes and that the ruling is discriminatory. i do think that the i.w.a. are out of step with current thinking around sex and gender and i think that's part of the uproar that we're seeing and so these are views that i think are not shared by large sections of the world population because they understand this to be gender discrimination discrimination against intersex women etc the women with intersex are a minority who should be protected in the face of discrimination not discriminated against because the majority has the impression that they are being harmed and we could think of other ways to construct fairness outside of testosterone outside of biology and from the perspective of the global south they would probably construct a very different policy that would be around socio economic status you know or access to other kinds of resources so fairness is not
12:56 am
a sealed and self-confident narrative around physiology and testosterone it is a construct that needs to be examined for hugh whose views are privileged in any particular construction of fairness brunson of don't say they will be in the premier league next season after securing just a second ever win over months just you know it's a schoolgirl school the only goal of the going to eleventh in the united states and second if last away from home so all three promoted sides this season. former liverpool and england captain steven gerrard has been confirmed as the manager of scottish club ranges is gerrard's first job in management since he retired from plying ranges have been scottish league champions more than fifty times in their history but the glasgow's same haven't won months title since two thousand and eleven. all the political and economic blockade imposed on cuts so has been brought to the forefront again following the draw for next year's asian cup the consonance biggest footballing events being held in the united arab emirates and qatar have
12:57 am
been drawn alongside saudi arabia in group e. along with lebanon and north korea sound of the year e.a. bahrain and egypt seven times with cats are last june brazilian drive appears for for the pole the is in hospital with two broken legs after a high speed crash the accident happening during qualifying for the opening round of the world insurance championship in a belgian twenty one year old grandson of two time f one world champion emerson fittipaldi state conscious at all times as he was the tendency on the truck medical staff. the usa feet and fish rivals canada five four in a shootout at the opening game of the ice hockey world championships this is the second of camera incentives to shoot out goals that gave them the win in denmark after canada's final attempt was saved. and another huge before spoiler bron james in cleveland's n.b.a. eastern conference semifinal the three time n.b.a. champion got forty three points and fourteen assists cleveland beating toronto one
12:58 am
twenty eight to one say in. cleveland second to nothing series lead with both wins coming on the road. and a joint korean women's table tennis team missed out on gold at the world championships the unified same when the same way as the joint olympic women's hockey team losing all three matches in the semi with japan japan will now meet china in the final. ok back to julie in london. andy thank you well that's it for me it's almost of this news hour i will be back though in just a moment with much more of the day's news thanks for your company.
12:59 am
he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew bin ladin continues on on his ear. a new poll ranks mexico city as the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers hear the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about
1:00 am
how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called lal dr it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers canada a country of promise and opportunity from his but with little protection from the state or far to many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and a saddled with having debts tested and also no luck to come to canada seven and the night of langley in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera.


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