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starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called learn droit it's for women passages only drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers canada a country of promise and opportunity for migrant workers but with little protection from the state authorities many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and a saddled with heavy debts tested also no luck to come to canada you. lot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hundreds
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are injured as israeli forces used live ammunition and tear gas on palestinians protesting along gaza's border with israel. and them chilling with some of this is al jazeera live from london also coming. going to underestimate the border going never really got a lot of the other way in the world but the other is the on the right there with the with the. killer whale volcano erupts spin lava on to the streets and toxic gas into the air plus. on paul brennan and cheer germany as the city celebrates the bicentennial of its most famous uncontroversial son karl marx.
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hundreds of people have been injured on the israel gaza border after israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear gas a palestinian protesters it's the six week in a will that palestinians have held demonstrations on order to demand access to villages that their families once lived in and in the occupied by israel hairy force that is there and he sent us this report six fridays no more than forty killed a number of thousand shot and wounded and still protesters face off against the israeli army at gaza's border fence. as last week there appeared to be some coordination ahead of time squads of young men and boys rolled tires to be burned at specific locations providing a smoke screen from israeli snipers. emerging from the smoke until i guess a senior official of islamic jihad promising an escalation of these protests as they approach the fourteenth of may seventy years since israel declared statehood and the day the u.s.
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is moving its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem will be ok then the next the next for a this is the we have a good message also from the will. continue all of them as they should. be able was eating or the boys to see what. israel continues to accuse islamic jihad and especially hamas which controls gaza of using the protests as cover for what it calls terrorist activity. the seven thousand palestinians participated in these riots we had several attempts to cross the technical fence and to throw molotov cocktails and other terrorist devices against israeli troops but here comes more tear gas there's been a lot of tires being burned just behind which people have been gathering some of been using slingshots to throw stones and here comes the tear gas in response from the israeli side as people massed at a second location south of the main protest site the tear gas police intensified.
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as did the sound of live ammunition ambulances departing with greater frequency. the protesters have seen this for weeks now dozens dead and hundreds injured even the wounded keep coming back and abed was shot in both legs during the first demonstration on the thirtieth of march. as have. i'm ready to go back to the israeli border to tell the world that this is our right we should get to return to our land as soon as i recover i would join the protest again. head of gaza's mental health committee says the deadly sniper fire is so far having little deterrent effect would that increase the anger among people or would that make them more scared you know i'm more scared of what the most scary thing that people are scared off because their live the life conditions you know what he or she have to do. and live this moment come give them the right to speak. this week's protest continued
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a downward trend in shooting injuries the concerns are deepening about what could happen on the fourteenth of may protest organizers are calling for a million man march on offense which israel has repeatedly shown its willingness to use deadly force because it gaza. u.s. president on chump has addressed the national rifle association for the first time since the florida school shooting earlier this year this is he which killed seventeen people sparked mass protests across the country calling for stricter gun laws speaking at the lobby groups annual conference trying to protect the second amendment. you're stressing the very right are on their scene but they will not have ever heard. we're going to see as long as i'm your president. let's get all the details live from jaime joe castro who's outside the conference in dallas texas hi there heidi so what else did trump have to say.
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hi julie so in the president's long and oftentimes rambling speech it was difficult to discern the main point although of course he mentioned guns but then he also went on to talk about the criticize saying the iran nuclear deal he said that we were doing well with north korea he touched on the russian vessel gate and calling it a hoax and he also criticized what he terms the fake media but a topic he did return to was trying to urge his base of supporters to turn out for the midterm elections in november control the u.s. house of representatives is at stake here and if democrats are able to flip twenty three seats they would take over control from republicans and trump told his supporters at the n.r.a. convention time and time again that now was the time to show their support as they have always done for this president it is notable that the n.r.a. donated more than thirty million dollars to camps to tribes campaign fund last year's elections and trump has professed his allegiance to this group time and time
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again and today his speech was greeted by much applause and fervor among some of his most ardent supporters the anything in that address to give much hope to those who want to see the grip of the n.r.a. loosen as they see it. the answer to your question really in a word is no i have spoken with some reporters some for some protesters here prior to trump taking the stage they said maybe there was a glimmer of hope that trump would be would show some some compromise that he had as he had in the days after the parklane florida school shooting which seventeen people were killed if you'll remember back in february he met with members of congress on televised meeting and it criticized some of them saying that they were afraid of the n.r.a. and that he as president was not at that time he floated the idea of increasing the minimum age to buy assault weapons but quickly after that he met with leaders of
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the n.r.a. and he backpedaled those statements and the current stance of the white house has been to arm school teachers in response which is an action that three quarters of school teachers polled has said they are against it is also notable among the wider american public the latest a.p. poll shows that close to seventy percent of americans believe there should be more gun control in the country and in fact protesters are expected now outside of the n.r.a. convention now that the rain has gone away that dominated this morning we're expecting some some of the survivors from the park on shooting to be on hand as well and they pointedly have criticized this convention and pointed out a juxtapose the fact that when trump and the vice president were on stage in fact guns were banned in the audience because they said those firearms would be a danger to the president. all the time heidi thanks very much for joining us there
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live from dallas. contradicted his lawyer rudy giuliani over comments he made about the film star storming done to him said giuliani would quote get his facts straight in a t.v. interview giuliani said trump knew about payments to daniels after an alleged affair in two thousand and six trump previously denied knowledge of the hush money . already know with john. kerry yesterday. you'll get his facts straight he's a great guy but what he does feel very bad. aid workers in kenya say they've reached only a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families who need help because of severe flooding warning comes from kenya's red cross which is struggling to find enough funding for its emergency operations anderson says travel with the relief team to try and reach thousands of stranded people in town a river country. and it looks like
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a vast lake yet this is the river town it's consumed villages and lives one of them in my mind though yes we have all the money in this community but again as you can see the bombs are being warned the margins we change course so away from the river going deep into the bush. the mango trees full of fruit are hardy. the birds make good out of most situations. but any illusion of normality is lost when you look through the clearing. was a seasonal stream has turned into this. the forces of nature are the water line that still rising. on the shoreline ahead people who have walked for hours from high island they've waited days for help to arrive no cheers no shouts no pushing but the need here is deep seated. it's not everywhere in the world where
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you'd find people so calm in a situation like this when they've been marooned for several days with absolutely nothing coming in until now but the pockets of anger. sadness i hear that i have been here for three days waiting for the help i haven't received any of the days no way i can wait any longer i needed to now. he has all the right saying but again i can also help way come so i stay because we've done what we can for now and we are asking more people to come and help us so that we can reach more people. and even some of those getting their rations of food anough aid to give them basic shelter feel it's not enough this mother of eight is setting out on a two hour walk back to where she's living rough her home has been lost along with her life story oh no i'm from what i love the last time i did i was i'm scared
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about my children the hungry they're exposed to the rains and because of that we're likely to fall sick for those left behind you can see it from their expressions they need help now along with so many others and even more remote places than this andrew simmons al-jazeera in kenya is ten a river county still to come on the program the mexico city place are overworked underpaid and sometimes even forced to buy their own that's. where the french exhibitions marking the main one hundred sixty eight uprising when almost all this through the back. hello another nice early winter trough is on its way through the eastern side of
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australia that's just trailing cloud really there's not much on it now so it's a couple of reason be fine days to come temperatures to be about eighteen or nineteen cold at night of course not too breezy it's warmer temporarily in person twenty six on saturday dropping to about twenty two come sunday otherwise gentle quiet ish weather but quite the same in new zealand south on the newseum will see that front coming in a direction from the west so you look at the west you've got this cloud building rain will fall that's fairly wet at least by the end of saturday this is south all and less so north out in bold i think the cloud will close in then run through not specially wet but not really sunday's an improving day on the same is fine for fiji's for photography new caledonia he can find for japan we stay in same line of longitude more or less a few showers maybe a northern home sure talkback of cold into the finals of a car and then this cloud here over shanghai spreads out to the u.s.c. gives a rather wet and to the weekend in the korean peninsula solid eighty degrees is
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going to be rather wet so that rain does spread to the north as well pyongyang whereas beijing's in the sunshine what we have again twenty nine. on the counter in the coffee drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure of foreign cash even as oil prices head high and the european union launches a new budget blueprint. plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. charging the cost on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion. dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government real peace.
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of mind of our top stories on hundreds of people have been injured on the israel gaza border after israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear gas a palestinian protesters. yes president donald trump has vowed to protect the second amendment during an address to the national rifle association in dallas. at least six people have drowned an eleven more are missing in extreme flooding in kenya. a massive volcanic eruption in hawaii has forced one thousand seven hundred people to be evacuated from their homes lava flows us threatening residential areas close to killer whale one of the most active volcanoes in the world and what has the story. in the whole residential area in hawaii molten lava
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pools down the road burning through woodland and sending smoke. into the sky. kill away. on hawaii. and hundreds of people living close by. and now being told they have no choice they must leave the home since it's right there behind our home we could hear this loud. exploding right now i'm right from the house and so you know there is a house going to still be there when we go back over there. the emergency services are now involved in a major incident trying to assess the scale of the eruption on the ground and in the air and how best to help those who live in its path the roads are being built talk to keep people out of the most dangerous areas is a cracker in the road rage right here. helicopters smoke let's talk.
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all right so. they pull one street over from a lot of that. kill aware has been erupting continuously for more than thirty years but there's been more tippity in recent days. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been in for roughly two or three days or a high frequency of earthquakes it's not known how long this current eruption will last hawaii's governor is urging people to stay safe and. am haywood. tarkas main opposition party has named. its presidential candidate thousands of people attended the rally and where the republican people's party made the end i'm spent his promise to struggle for democracy and to be president for all turkey's eighteen million citizens and called the snap election for june the twenty fourth
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a year and a half ahead of show. a course in the u.k. has ruled that human rights campaign is can proceed with a legal case aimed at stopping british arms sales to saudi arabia the campaign against on strayed says british weapons are being used in violation of international law in the war in yemen u.k. sold six point two billion dollars worth of arms to the country as a society led air campaign began in twenty fifteen the un estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed in that conflict. under smith is a spokesman for the campaign against arms trade good pieces he's confident their argument will be accepted by the court so did he she has been widely condemned by humanitarian organizations across the world it's been widely condemned by a u.n. expert panel because of the terrible systematic ways as abused international humanitarian law and its brutal bombardment of human phases of people have been
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killed and of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world has been allowed to take root and yet you can armed countries have profited from it every step of the way we don't just want to see the u.k. and the arms sales to say to be on top of the press of regimes around the world we want to see all the major arms exporters doing exactly the same thing the u.k. is meant to have standards that's meant to stand for human rights and democracy are in for a world that's what we're constantly being told and you come to the arming and supporting some of the most brutal and repressive dictatorships in the world. yemeni government sources have told al-jazeera the united arab emirates committed a hostile act by increasing its military presence on the strategically important island in the arabian sea the flag of the u.a.e. has now been raised over public buildings on the so-called trust in the gulf of aden and they see the move as an expansion of amorality influence in the region alex could topple a strong force. the showing support for yemen's prime minister i can pin
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duggar hundreds of yemenis took to the streets of the quarter as the u.a.e. boost its presence in this remote island of the gulf of aden. the united arab emirates flew in soldiers along with tanks and armored vehicles the shown here sitting up a security cordon having expelled local troops from the airport yemeni government sources of since confirmed to al jazeera that u.a.e. troops have also taken control of the main port and denied the yemeni prime minister and most of his cabinet permission to leave the cabinet then insisted on staying to meet with the visiting saudi delegation sent to the island to mediate the crisis situated off the coast of somalia and the unesco heritage site known to many as the gap because of the indian ocean is famous for its unusual want life and scenery but with a three thousand meter long runway ideal for fighter jets and large military aircraft the island is also situated between the horn of africa and yemen just be on the red sea and some of the busiest sea lanes in the world what they have done
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here is they have found an island which is very remote from both yemen and somalia very far off the coast but it's very strategically located and it kind of acts as a quasi aircraft carrier in the men over the u.a.e. in the middle of the new notion where they can control traffic and obviously to control the traffic you can also give favorable access to the sea lanes to companies that are related to the u.a.e. so it's a military and geopolitical strategy which is very much linked to the economic strategy of you know united arab emirates having already invested heavily in somaliland and expanded the commercial port of bear the u.a.e. has control of the culture is seen by many is the latest move by the emirates to spread its influence well beyond its borders people have often remarked on the strategic value of psychodrama their speculations that. one power or another might ride actually establish
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a presence on the island but. with the war in yemen entering its fourth year the u.a.e. now controls much of the south of the country with a strong presence on both sides of the entrance to the red sea and so katra place right. the middle alex could topless al-jazeera. they say mexico city say they're struggling to fight crime under such poor working conditions as violence surges in the capital offices of tall lounges iraq they often have to buy their own supplies including bullets and also battling against regular accusations of corruption and being infiltrated by drug gangs john holmes reports corrupt inefficient and in some cases even in league with the we're going to his crime not surprisingly many mexican simply don't trust their police officers but there is another side to the story a survey of almost funny files of policemen and women found that many especially at municipal level a badly paid and lack the basic equipment to do their jobs this office into quanah
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one of the most violent towns in the country told us they aren't supplied with enough bullets regularly have to buy their own. it's not just alms elsewhere francisco escovedo had to retire of the damaging his spine push starting his police truck every morning he says he spent a year asking superiors for a new battery to me they were told me the same he says put up with it or buy one yourself ngo counselling commune who surveyed offices across the country found some police paying for uniforms car repairs and petrol all out of their own low salaries so if you could have police that badly trained and not paid the right amount what are the implications for society in general in mexico well if you get paid like two hundred bucks a month and irish prime counting to one thousand a month of course you have to take for many those few other ways to get ahead more
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than two thirds of police surveyed had never been promoted officer is my old ramos told us that in many cases the only way to get a step up is to pay superior officers it's called the quota a get the name was here we have intermediate positions superior positions and all costs pending on the position they want and it's this legal of course is the legal but that's a system in mexico city the mexico city police force todo dizzier they didn't know of any such cases although the quota isn't present in every force other municipal policeman told us they have to pay not for promotion but to get a car or decide where they patrol they said the systematic corruption least to some offices extorting the population to pay their own superiors which in turn leads to the mets can publicly distrusting the police it's a vicious cycle and it's happening just at the wrong time it's can murder levels of the highest in two decades and the country needs
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a strong respected force to deal with that and those for the police who are trying to stay honest is my rameau's has twenty years experience to decorations for bravery and a master's in public security but he's been assigned the job he says of a new recruit guarding a metro station john homan how does it make scary city. events are taking place across the world to mark the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the philosopher a revolutionary socialist. the bicentenary events have been officially launched at the ceremony in tree as the celica as paul brennan reports the city is embracing marx's legacy karl marx is everywhere in tree here his face is on posters his name is on street signs his image is even on the traffic lights tourists are flocking to the house where he was born and to coincide with the bicentenary three new exhibitions are opening here to examine marx's life and his pioneering work in political theory and economics marxist this week and i'm marx is
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such an important thank you because he connected nationalist society and the developing capitalist production in a way no one else did so intensively it is especially that connection so significant even though it now seems self-evident and we can learn to do the same thing today for our circumstances because we live in complicated times. translated into dozens of languages marx's communist manifesto change the world it inspired revolutions in china russia cambodia and cuba and profoundly influenced modern day social democrats across europe and beyond his prediction the communism would inevitably overthrow capitalism has since been proved wrong but marx is analysis of the unequal relationship between workers and capitalist bosses remains relevant to this day. germany has a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards marx but in three year he is embraced in a way that the man himself may not have appreciated the bicentennial of the
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godfather of communism is actually turning into something of a capitalist bonanza for the town of trivia here in the souvenir shops as a whole variety of comics products on sell comics books promise clearings a money box a mug even a column marx rubber duck here look a column marked wine naturally it's a red wine perhaps this image of procreation proves that his analysis was actually correct of evidence and he would see his theories as being confirms because he wrote that everything becomes goods all merchandise in capitalism now he himself has become merchandise marx's image is certain the iconic his profile instantly recognizable of marx's funeral friedrich engels eulogized his name will enjoy through the ages and so also will his work it certainly has paul brennan al-jazeera . but. the fiftieth anniversary of
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a turning point in modern french history is think memory to a series of nationwide exhibitions of the uprising by mainly left wing students and workers in maine one nine hundred sixty eight almost overthrew the conservative government general showers the call slogans impulse is a key to mobilizing support for the revolt and some of the imagery from them is on display the taj about the reports. plastered on walls across paris were posters that became the emblems of the main one nine hundred sixty eight uprising images and slogans that inspired students and workers as they protested against the government and turned the city into a battleground. the prints were created in the city's top art school fifty years on one of the artists behind them remembers on of it afforded we had the folly of youth the dream of revolution but at the same time none of the six years has wanted power same with the unions they just wanted better pay and conditions we wanted france to change to modernize to get rid of the old way of thinking just have
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a was among those who occupied the school day and night they created striking graphic works pretty tough his arms are on the top of that one small poster like this had more impact than a major advertising campaign across france the exhibitions popular with visitors the curator says it is an indication that many of the issues of then still resonate today you can see that the support for migrant workers started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the women's rights issue. and the sexual rights issues were very prevalent or became very relevant during the period for many people may sixteenth was a real cultural revolution young people really wanted to break away from the french conservative establishment there was a real sense of liberation and excitement in the air and that inspired artists not just then but it continues to do so today this new mural by graffiti artist esque
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if echoes some of the uprisings most famous slogans. for all to the bell may sixty eight was a unique moment and he continues to create all the denounces violence and depression we know that art has to say no to all forms of repression including torture including prisoners including the slave trade that's what our art is about continuing there may sixty eight uprising in artistic form the anniversary is being marked with exhibitions across france the protests didn't succeed in immediately bringing down the government of president shall de goal but they all should in a new era of hope and creativity at a time when many people with thirsty for change natasha butler al-jazeera paris we have that much more about the stories we're following at the. al-jazeera dot com
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. i current top stories here on out is iraq hundreds of people have been injured on the israel gaza border after israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at palestinian protesters if the six week it will the palestinians have held demonstrations along the border cement access to villages that their families once lived in that are now occupied by israel our reporter harry fossett was there. will be the numbers have dwindled over the last hour plus but you can hear that the two gas is still being fired at those who remain. this being a big concentration of tear gas in the last ten minutes or so also during the last hour or so you can see them there running from a lot of guys it looks like the israelis are trying to try and wind this up now
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a protest which has been running throughout the day also over the last hour and a half there has been a real uptick in the use of live fire to. u.s. president donald trump was valued to protect the second amendment during an address to the national rifle association in dallas texas the first time he's addressed the n.r.a. since the high school shooting in florida that seventeen people dead earlier this year shooting sparked mass protests calling for stricter gun laws. you're sure to give them the right. our own wish she would they will never ever. be uniters she as long as i'm your president. but these six people have branded eleven more are missing after extreme flooding in kenya a group so warning the floods could spread color and malaria severe rains which triggered the floods follow several seasons of dread in the country a volcanic eruption in hawaii has forced seventeen hundred people to be evacuated
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from their homes lava flows are threatening residential areas close to the killer whale one of the most active volcanoes in the world after erupted on thursday afternoon both. turkey's main opposition party has they move and as its presidential candidate and says promised to struggle for democracy and to be a president for all of turkey's eighteen million citizens those eight current top stories come to the cost us next thanks for your company but by and seven billion light in this. story didn't mind to be. with documenting your. sincere.


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