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tv   Migrant Dreams  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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is to break it all down we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. on the counter in the cost of drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure foreign cash even as oil prices head higher the european union launches a new budget blueprint offsetting some plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. countering the cost zero citizens unable to vote on represented in washington and members of congress do nothing about. a part of the constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government for a week there you know what it is and then the mentality responsibility and not let them forget the. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera i'm daryn obligato with a check on your world headlines up to fifty seven thousand honduran immigrants living in the u.s. could face deportation after a change in the law donald trump's administration is ending their temporary protected status humanitarian groups called the decision heartless and to gallagher reports. fleeing violence and poverty in central america migrants gather at the us mexico border seeking asylum. like the last few weeks this so-called caravan of people is a truck to the attention of president donald trump he says the u.s. border is under siege and the immigration laws a week but to protect our families we must secure our borders and the good thing about the caravan people are watching people are watching you watch house horrible they're coming in from honduras they're coming in from other places
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they're taking this long trek up mexico. now the temporary protected status of fifty seven thousand on georgia's living in the u.s. is set to wind. program was set up to offer refuge for those whose countries are ravaged by war and natural disasters many end of the program of legally lived and worked in the u.s. for decades democratic leader nancy pelosi released a statement that in part reads today's decision by the trumpet ministration to end temporary protected status is a cowardly assault on fifty seven thousand hondurans which will tear apart families and communities across america and the only ones affected six out of the ten countries offered protection to lose their status most are from one jurist el salvador and haiti it will wreck their lives. families separate their families because we are talking about people who have been living
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here for an average of thirty years. they have deep. seas critics say the jump of ministration is all but running down a humanitarian program that began in one thousand nine hundred ninety on jordan's of be given an eighteen month extension but over the next two years almost four hundred thousand people have been legally living in the u.s. for you will be told to leave and to gallacher al-jazeera washington donald trump will host south korea's president at the white house on may twenty second to discuss talks with north korea's leader the us president says a date and location has been set for a meeting kim jong un but didn't give any more details and trump has again indorse the gun rights and made the case for arming teachers during a speech at the national rifle association annual conference in dallas the gun lobby has faced intense condemnation following a number of shootings trump criticized europe's strict gun laws saying the outcome
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of the two thousand and fifteen paris attacks would have been different if people had been armed france's president has attended a ceremony to mark thirty years since cannot tribesman kidnap for french military policemen in new caledonia and the one thousand pro independence hostage takers were killed during the incident on movie island caused the first french president to attend the memorial ceremony on the french territory aid workers in kenya say they've reached only a quarter of nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of tarantula rain the red cross says it doesn't have enough money to cover its emergency operations there have been clashes between protesters and security forces in indian administered kashmir the violence started in the city of srinagar security forces launched an attack on a gunman. argentina's peso currency has rebounded after the government's increased interest rates to accounts were plunging its value the central bank raise the rates
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for the third time in a week to forty percent the measures have been taken to try to prevent another economic crisis a court in the u.k. has ruled human rights campaigners can go ahead with a case to stop british arms sales to saudi arabia the campaign against arms trade says u.k. weapons are being used in violation of international law in the war in yemen britain has sold more than six billion dollars worth of arms to saudi arabia since its air campaign began in two thousand and fifteen those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera witness is coming up next they with us.
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there were inconsistencies five hundred albums to get companies out and thirty three stand approximately of their payment of new growth pain not now their growth is kathleen currie inskeep not by two people and their pain than the loans of a turk nobody can be turning up how many are people are i ready to go in terms of
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is this there always a recess that they need to know that they're not in was it jobs fewer be stopping and fired so that is an example if you don't pay any get fired of course his name we lose a job and we still have is going back home in pain and mohegan this they decided to salary first of all me with my kids leave the house and because your control of the housing or not is how intervening who do you talk to how long you've been out. i want you hand and i have to reserve you on the phone texting and there and they said we're there texting we know we do something wrong we ask a question and a supervisor cast lose him. so he's right here is his eyes and ears of the work and i was near the home so many houses really are not under surveillance and they don't feel coerced or the show up on thursday asking for money.
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are the migrant workers in the temporary farm workers being treated now over the years we've. talked about various kinds of abuses migrant workers and dined in farms and fields they have been abused in homes and employers homes and in restaurants etc tell me a bit about the the numbers of workers that you have documented many workers do you i mean there are. other document we have. with migrant workers. situation and no action what bleiberg these scams menorah for a long time is worth at least getting out is there anything more that can be done to sort of educate people in their home countries that when they come here they're not in this awful trap of having to pay back like how much in wages what their charges up to twelve to fifteen thousand dollars in canadian dollars and they're not making more here you know they're making they're making minimum wage our laws
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treat people differently people are indentured which means people are tied to an employer they pay into unemployment insurance we cannot receive access to it they cannot have access to welfare or any form of social assistance the provincial laws and federal laws are what constructs my good workers vulnerability. very well could maybe not but when you haven't had bet on it really that would be a plus because the i'm going to that class at no one but on book on. her damn near anything and i'm in a plane they look at another one that those have all they said it and that i have it. over again
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i don't know why they do something to group of women young indonesia and in addition how much you understand though hand those fifty you. don't actually writes but it. seems that every one of them. and india can save. them yes and not a book but. insufficient. magickal. i am. a step out on your money as you say. i've been adding saudi not because that. would be
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a program to be anathema. we had a god i wonder why didn't ring. guitarist padrone to get one yet but. they want out of the top command. in order to bring you to canada your employer had see you complete an application and prove to the government that they couldn't find a canadian worker to do your job and that application that he completed was ever it was a request for a labor market opinion or an element but for the present president is. this is this is your contract yes it is you get a copy in indonesian go no good if you can but only in english there is no internet they never got a copy in indonesia no this is why you don't understand or surrender oh my goodness
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ok so i'm going to show you here can you translate this when their current employer brought the b. canada that employer agreed to pay for their airfare the employer agrees to assume the transportation cost of the temporary foreign workers round trip travel between country of origin and the location of birth in canada. it's month to the end and then in about a month that we are back we only met them as a mishap who would in a nice. want to buy a transfer the money for what for their take on us your contract says the air ticket is paid aside from the ticket what was all this other money for yesterday at least i see is the number one number two thousand. misunderstood to last a little and as they did last time but these are the i don't want. to fuck my principle of the indo government and never did the principle of them to endure them and i
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never did. auntie and uncle come to let me know that baby and that lange advantage when you take. it back i'm putting united to me i mean it's got what i know while up on my guitar but oftentimes for a while until i get nothing done a long time supply last watch end up but i think that. i'm. unsure then we should and may end. up with i'm not muslim but as a bit though i want to let you know that i'm going to run. back to your ma sometime we don't so.
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i may this is cathy i was given your phone number from claudia oh yes. we have two women so it could be a one bedroom. that they share or a two bedroom depending on price. they both work in the packing packing for greenhouses yet and so there their contract is for a couple of years so they'll be you know they'll be stable and. you know. like indonesia. right. now. or what she has. on you they look like.
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i don't know if. you should get a basic a little english but enough enough for me to communicate so yeah. for twenty four so it's a little bit more of a problem yeah. the only way. yeah. yeah it's not that region so ready. and then closet. and then we get to hear those on the street i guess i'm missing out on was a saturday or six of me. yeah yeah so room talking yeah ok would you like to place my leg but it's
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going to be expensive but if that's too high then we just keep looking and if there's too much we keep keep looking for other places. i've been. one hundred now you painted you. ok recent. yet the one on the dipstick these play one hundred sixty five. ok ok so you two are there and ok if. i don't know anything other than what the workers tell me. but i i do know that there's a large according to the workers and all the papers recently showed me there's a significant amount of money that's being collected and has been collected. and many many many workers are very very afraid. very very quickly in this community and other communities people become very wealthy. by exploiting the farmers by
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taking their money and so there's that a lot of money at stake and money's at stake. for certain parties and and that's friends that can peace. can be problematic song. are you afraid he's going to hurt you physically and in no not at all. i'm not sure what my serious but i am chilling is radiation. to better six hundred sixty six for a month or two bedrooms some of the filipino workers live in this building and they're very happy and. yes. i have to see.
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here. ok we ready yeah let's go. high where we're standing outside but we don't know which unit. so you like this apartment if i like because of very clear and simple less. good because you live in a house of home people in people who live on one hoss. so i have. now he be really. me and him. i think met me and see me ching hoss i think angry. but i've been.
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home sweet home. i'm not going to get all of that woman. who are you going to. rush through enough nor are. the men because i've been to. each of them. but i'm not going by not to know are. they not on some irene saying i was among the longer the up of the member along with one of the men to be done with them not in. oh you know making up ground up what you. have.
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at this new man. on the sun. at that. gap. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was often the name. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed hostility towards me of the west i knew bin ladin continues on on his ear. may on al-jazeera venezuela will hold
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a snap election as president maduro aims to retain control of what lies ahead for a country that has been waiting for light at the end of a long tunnel people in power ross the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we ask of the seabed is a territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from now al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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hello there america in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera immigrant rights groups are protesting against a new law which could see fifty seven thousand under and expelled from the united states the trouble ministrations says it's ending temporary protections status guaranteed granted after hurricane mitch in one thousand nine hundred nine government says it deeply laments the decision. i've been here in this country for twenty seven years i came in one thousand nine hundred two and now i can't remember anything about my home country i've contributed to this country since i got my t.p.s. i do my taxes we're not criminals likely treat us donald trump will host south korea's president at the white house on the twenty second of may to discuss talks
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with north korea's leader as president says a date and location have been set for meeting kim jong un but didn't give any more details trump was again endorsed gun rights and made the case for arming teachers during a speech at the national rifle association's annual conference in dallas the gun lobby has faced intense condemnation following a number of shootings france's president has attended a ceremony to mark thirty years since cannot tribe's been kidnapped for french military policeman in new caledonia gen dharma nineteen pro independence hostage takers were killed during the incident on over island. as the first french president to attend the memorial ceremony on the french territory aid workers in kenya say they've reached only a quarter of daily fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of torrential rain the red cross says it doesn't have enough money to cover its emergency operations argentina's peso currency has rebounded after the government
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increased interest rates to counter a plunge and its value the central bank raise the rates for third time in a week to forty percent is an attempt to prevent another economic crisis. and a court in the u.k. has ruled human rights campaigners can go ahead with the case to stop british arms sales to saudi arabia the campaign against almost twice as u.k. weapons are being used in violation of international law in the war and yemen person has sold more than six billion dollars worth of arms to saudi since akam pain began in twenty fifteen those are your headlines let's get you back now to witness. canada needs temporary foreign workers still a valuable drop in the labor market i think the quality migrant people that are
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being brought over is something that is the big issue are these people. blame it on corporate greed they go on and no one's going to work for this money money but the truth is they'd rather pay foreign workers ten dollars an hour. we care where they're from we care what they look like we care because they're not us if they were coming from england if they were coming from australia if they were coming from the united states nobody would say. maybe out of them in that spot we honestly say i am asking them about me and i'm a that we're now cross a bus what i'm about all young up and i am one hundred on a bus but for now that might be begin more now about i'm not going to happen. i think the government will want that. i'm calm about us more i don't eat grass iraq i'm going to bow out of the. government got me some us want us now and then bow out
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and we don't remember how you. produce and. when i says i am i said people who say i'm. so what do you think is going on and to me i think there's a retaliation. i mean clearly it when you see it is the other woman. they will describe being called in and told that they're not to be like. and saw her job mr normal i was also means and status and in canada so i'm i'm concerned that she's being made an example of us. say. saying.
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that the advantage of antonio. in the netherlands. in a linear. we think of. the temple of ross. about the debate about mitt we're just. in a minute then i think the band is the. last night i called and there's a place that we can see so you still want to see the apartment if i end up in
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there if a. among you come by our door a slim up will do not that i had an idea it is only about how not to do you know now whom i want back. but they fix thousand five hundred that you just finished paying off that amount was prohibited by the contract saying now about your money market you are going obviously a new one got the job done in my op an architect i was thinking about our job our jack of just won't be our combat we have to have to sort of by now been back into indonesia. did the guy ever want to remember all of that part of that we're going to say that and that was did it meant to be a deal on my ass up it at the end of my. after that or why am i mean if i don't have
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a view of it when. i'm honest i'm me i'm up but i don't look at you know that i have oh yeah i'm doing i'm happy. i am when it's about you know that on friday sometime last week somebody contacted the police. so it was a member of the leamington community who had concerns and most money that was being taken from you and threats not deportation if you didn't gain and if you didn't obey so the police have sadly many anybody would like to talk to them they're available backing them up compound at the landfill not on duty at home owned up undercut by my son they won't do anything among. us and it's
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a we're going to the. amount of up or down with us in the middle order. to be innocent by the cops. determined. i think you can begin to be just as. man man down man you not looked into that i'm going to call me now i need be nothing at all in that won't begin moments when if we. could look. at the end in for us.
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to go north. and you came over. the debt you do want to saddle again begins with it because we're looking dead right. now honey i must admit that miss will come down. because he was watching new girl a bunch and. i am not a thousand pound i do watch them up most people so i don't know not only one but. i let me pull a man thing only one thing i need a little thing. and i little was left facing an almost implementing i knew what was being said i'm going out again once and i think i've become that i can. go
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a lot on. that never having tongue there too well i'm sorry i. wanted to meet him last. night or informed of a mum. that homeowner hadn't been locked up. they are not. the other three. let me. tell you haven't. heard. that in part capital as to who humble mom. someone not meant by going to. tell her you got to begin with some digging yes but. the men. who
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merely asked him then to be his own law. or you can return to the mission. come when the brass in the group begin. running leg. or kumar in. families where i'm going to get some more walk up into the but the bar will be to the. saying not so loved. it to be there's no mistake when she come in this was for the ramp up of a mystery that i'm accustomed to feed me in this and that nest country make my hair
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for the move got. one when i'm probably rather than eternal and you got local men wanted to blow up my pocket money see i want to say neither of you well you see then he doesn't need to show you have i doubt working for me if i am where we're very pleased them harm. flap a lot of us prophecy should open happen that one thing the same way that. none of. us in the divide that i think be. that we have made. a big. deal of. the problem and it doesn't cut. it back with a monday i don't remember they got a new legal not known. he will get i think he's due for. our top story this hour a three county man or
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a facing extinction charges will be constable seana coulter says the arrests and the charges that the result of a six month investigation. i can tell you that there my great work pretty good victims from indonesia. the charges relate to the extortion of money from the workers being employed and we need to. entice them up oh you heard the word exploitation the explosion sure sure is absolutely no such a stricken place through the years for sure. what will be the reputation threat that they didn't pay to be taken or people did not make those threats did not make those threats would not strings but our clients were by no means trying to send these people. or to revoke their visas or to do it with a shortfall so if you come over in six thousand tonight it's knowledge that's going to be able nobody it's there contractually bound to pay it and the covers here for
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it covers their application for their work permit in accommodation costs which it's tied to. it's a question about reprieve and things aren't paid legal these workers are alleging that they were charged there is no way no no no no there's no such thing as a recruiting no no one said the word recruitment feat and number two there are costs as mr miller's indicated. here for airplane travel there is an application fee debate that's been paid to get a ration of thinkers in corners and in need not in this instance but and it's important with the employer would not be are you sure you didn't pay the airplane fare in this case. there's going to be an awful. if you go for. choose me.
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i will begin to loosen up again the not must never come on when you're going to dig up another all you have written to block about it do go up but marry up a big under the recent no i'm up early don't miss i'm not i'm not don't want oh you come to buy up that what if i'm fucked god won't be. by god did madness made it right out about to open up the receiver do gotta get the classical behind them and get it they do go they did that by now. oh you don't have the oh yeah the. rock.
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we nearly had wanting. this morning what because next. most milan found out if. i can any. jet is on my get the the me because you get that at the nasdaq who doesn't but. last but. when i wanted to next need to go on effective again in the mean anything because i never meant to. give the afghan war we can begin with a thought of it. there are hundreds of valley women who came last night right after they finished at work and then were notified formally by the
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employer that they were without status and had been so for two weeks. according to the woman the employer said that he had never applied for. the what is called the l m i. so they don't understand that by any apply why would he not tell us back in december when he said he applied. a lot of questions they were also which is very surprising to me is that they're adamant that they wanted to go ahead with the lawsuit and now they can now you call the lawyer and so they had to call the lawyer are they the club the up the rate there are two calls he didn't answer call again and oh yea. or you know i don't right. ok i can't can really hear the tape. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh you vote you know. what now boom boom was
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we apply for an extension for everybody's term and we're also in. work permit came back here didn't accept. what this means is we have to arts. thank you reapply. one more time sixty ninety days to reply. for ninety days you can. order the other our action if you go back to them to be sure. we can reply it's an option if you want to do that the problem is related if you know they were going to. help i know who. i don't know who that struck me for your money. what's your feeling where you live what you know whether their. home was the only. thing they. didn't have is now
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a city of three hundred dollars they can refuse again i don't know. if one of the bad guys get the point if it's just a process. and we can arrange that whenever you want. ok but you have to make a decision sure going. so one should think about to talk to girls and we can discuss this with the hood over so what i would want to know is when did you know about that in iowa and then why didn't you tell us as soon as you knew why did you wait two weeks and then have you work two weeks without status i think not everything is being told i understand that you need to eat you need to pay rent you need to pay medical bills and you have found leaves and children back home so i understand that there is a need for money but i just want you to know that if you decide to work for cash
9:51 am
somewhere and then the immigration picks you want then i can't do anything. they have been tricked into illegality not just force they've been tricked into illegality your employer tells you that it's ok that you're fine don't worry because don't worry and meanwhile the employer knows very well that the papers that are necessary. to ensure your status hasn't even been. absent from files that i think about the steps in the federal government has not provided any support centers any places where my coworkers can go and see what is happening what are my rights so they're really left at the mercy of employers and i think that this is by design i don't think that is just an oversight is a misstep and the government hasn't thought about it i think their vulnerability is
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constructed. this is just one of the groups that we happen to meet they're not special they're not unique and there are multiple hundreds and hundreds of stories similar stories out there. it's not hard to find it's all around this area all through this program. and you're the employer did not apply to reducing the status and met one and that is that the beginning of that yes and. i think that if. you talk about wanting to sue the green house for overtime dictation. and also for the agency. we have heard or who has done a similar lawsuit and there were sixty temporary for endings in british columbia
9:53 am
who were hearing agency fees they were not getting paid for over time. they settled they got back a lot of. their other cases that area of theirs but this will be one of the first ones for people were angry. when i. got a long story but it's one story. you know and the gunmen were glad to go it's the only thing to. do with the little. that you're going to do going to the minimum i'm going to do and that my boat is getting going but it doesn't so when i. look at the.
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if. i'm going to tell miss summerson. going to put two am going to. get another i get a look and said i was a hundred going to the second i'm going to say that and they were saying in don't believe. it when i'm going to give him that. she. was going to have if i want it i want. it i would in there and that that. machine our commission it doesn't want to know who won. but never did i wish i knew they had. their window i feel now bad that i'm good for.
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get that done and visit me better than he said you doing as you've done i gotta. get up we're not sure about it that this you mean you can get one down. in me that i know about us without order now don't i give me at the moment the net i now need to. know. our moment money and that there will be no but. i love my new bus almost hourly. what i'm in a minute. and a man and and small burning yet. gun janet and i think and you cannot move. and connect and i need mind you aspire to meet.
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the who can post and i want to learn. more not so much and i'm not going to. i'm going to management where. i need to have a i'm not gonna going to come. yet but i'll bet a minimum click on any now now and
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. children. becoming us to. the from the stars and said. teenagers from their own. society stop.
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reaching for the stars the witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello there was court and a little bit off the rather exciting to last week across the levant and iran and still plenty of clatter and as you can see the potential for wanted to shout does exist but mostly it's just clattered and he's going to keep invading through egypt sinai and probably to southern israel jerusalem's twenty seven gets increasingly cloudy the showers such as they are further north and turkey as a very wall maybe around tire and south of that it's just really a bit of a breeze every night and dusty but not particularly sandy i don't think thirty six in baghdad same sort of story it's humid around the gulf states because the wind isn't coming in from any was a particularly strong wind not cloud represents probably just cloud no more than
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the same is true down in yemen we see is a big shot in the last week salafi dry picture now as you can see as it ought to be and these last three in southern africa because of persistent line of rain across zombie air in zimbabwe and done what to moore's towards the island of madagascar we've had shot that of the coast by durban and swaziland but these are exceptions the rule is the sun should be out in the big blue sky and the temp is really quite reasonable fatai a twenty eight and been but twenty two in germany. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am. with the listening post on al-jazeera going green bacteria in a boardroom and. escaping from. the british.
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in the for a while to experiment. to get help. of climate change the science of capturing. on the back of my mit tape and why does it happen and. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country. to from the government. soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government however why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing of displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates origins of. al-jazeera.


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