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made on al-jazeera once pristine indonesia's chittering river has become a toxic waste dump for textile factories that supply a global fashion chain it's one of when you see examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. i know. that you know. some of the like. sixty seven words the promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration the change the middle east bound for seeds of discord on i'll just era.
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aid workers in kenya say they've been able to reach only a quarter of nearly fifty thousand families. after weeks of torrential rains. from doha also coming up. welcome to no more at least fifty thousand in the u.s. . the government protected status. of forces from their homes after a volcanic eruption and a series of earthquakes. and the latest mission to mars what nasa officials hope to find deep beneath the surface of the red planet.
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the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks. and kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months red cross says it doesn't have enough money to fund its emergency operations under some and has been traveling with one of the relief. the situation isn't getting any easier in fact it's getting worse the kenya red cross warning now that they can only reach a quarter of the fifty thousand people who are marooned cut off completely and in a bad situation we set out with one of their teams to find one area where people needed help pretty desperately. it looks like a vast lake yet this is the river town or it's consumed villages and lives.
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we changed course away from the river going deep into the bush. the mango trees full of fruit hardy. the birds make good out of most situations but any illusion of normality is lost when you look through the clearing . was a seasonal stream has turned into this. the forces of nature are the water line that still rising on the shore line ahead people who have walked for hours from higher land they've waited days for help to arrive no cheers no shouts no pushing but the need here is deep seated. it's not everywhere in the world where you'd find people so calm in
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a situation like this when they've been marooned for several days with absolutely nothing coming in until now but there are pockets of anger because i hadn't heard of that and i didn't know that that was the satellite here that i have been here for the days waiting for the help i haven't received any of the days no a can wait in it all now i need it now. he has all the right to say that but again i can also help way come. across we've done what we can for now and asking more people to come and help us so that we can reach more people. and even some of those getting their rations of food anough aid to give them basic shelter feel it's not enough this mother of eight is setting out on a two hour walk back to where she's living rough her home has been lost along with her life still i don't i'm so much that i was on i did i was even though i'm scared about my children the hungry they're exposed to the rains and because of that we're
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likely to fall sick for those left behind you can see it from their expressions they need help now along with so many others and even more remote places than this . here in the neighboring county of khalifi it's the reverse of baccy another major river that's causing all of the hardship right now people are leaving the school here so many schools have been used to shelter but now it isn't nature that's forcing these people away it's actually the government because they want these schools to reopen there are seven them seven of them here in gary she alone many others are also being used they've got much better facilities obviously water and sanitation but no these people are going through a camp they're having to move again they're not really complaining that fact that their children need education but everyone is really getting to terms trying to get to terms of the fact that this crisis isn't going to be over within days in mind
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will be over within months because there could be a lasting effect so many crops lost so many livelihoods are lost they had a drought now they've had another extreme to long rains to wrench will rain and the forecast is adjusting the rains could go right into june that means crops will be totally destroyed it would have been the planting season and then you're into what could be another drought afterwards well these people are in a situation where there should be an abundance of food here but their whole life loads the whole lives are being threatened. is a live pictures now from the air base in southern california where. bound for mars on board a rocket has just taken off up in the air before dawn in southern california to circle the earth before heading out and mars will be taking around about seven months to get to the red planet causes many reports. to help.
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as well as the planet's composition. it's a mission to deepen our understanding of the red planet quite literally once nasa's mars insight lands it will send probes deep under the surface not just to find out more about that world but also our own mars is geologically similar to earth what's different is that it's relatively unchanged since its formation something scientists hope will provide clues as to how the earth formed after the big bang we want to understand what happened in those first few ticks of the clock on the earth that evidence has been mostly erased. by instrument point but that's not all the mars insights to your mission will also use seismometers like these to measure quakes on the planet and in a first experiment of its kind the mars insight will be trying out new satellite
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technology called cube sat two briefcase sized satellites will break off from the insite shortly after take off and follow it to mars but stay in orbit while it does its work below if they can still transmit the data back to earth it's thought they could revolutionize satellite use its nasa is first interplanetary mission to be launched from a base other than florida's cape canaveral something that should provide some entertainment for southern californians people in was angeles you know santa barbara and they tell me even down to san diego you should be able to have you know a good show for several minutes as long as the fall there's no clouds in the sky but after saying goodbye the scientists will have to wait six months before insight reaches its target and is able to dig deep into the red planet kristen salumi al-jazeera there and right as a space commentator he joins us via skype from dublin there good to have you with
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us which is looking at some pictures there we can see the rockets continuing to launch up in space the conditions are only good for liftoff but how perilous is this journey. well this is in some ways the easiest part of it because the most dangerous part will be landing on mars this spacecraft is a particular type that the americans have sent to mars twice before the first crashed the second was a spectacular success so they'll be hoping that this is a success too meanwhile anyone watching this broadcast in southern california or in mexico near the western coast should have a magnificent view just now as the spacecraft stages the first stage falling away should be a beautiful view that's incredible i wish i was able to be watching it from that what it i've seen lands on mars if it lands on mars once that's what i mean discovery once it's medicine well this is a very unusual mission for one reason the americans have built the spacecraft
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they've also built the rocket that is currently powering its way into space but the main instruments on the inside lander are european the french have provided the seismometer we heard just a few minutes ago about how that's going to probe beneath the surface of mars to understand its interior and the other instrument was built in germany that's a heat probe that's designed to understand the way in which he transmits itself through the martian crust so a very much an international mission and one that scientists are looking forward to because while we it's interesting that we know more about the surface of mars than we do about the earth because so much of the earth is covered in water we do not know anything virtually about the interior of mars and that's what this is going to change so one of the image is a we're likely to see how much is going to be sent back to us here on earth sadly
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this mission is going to be something of a disappointment for us in television because they have picked the most boring place on the. surface of mars to land the spacecraft it's simply not likely that we will see anything except sand and a few rocks simple reason for that they don't want any big rocks that they can crash on right they don't want to take any chances that's all about was under the surface that they're interested in this time exactly this is to understand the interior of mars ok that does briefly tell us what we know about mas already we know a huge amount about the surface we have mapped the surface of mars as i said in more detail than we have mapped the surface of the earth but the most intriguing aspect of mars is what lies beneath not just deep in mars which we know nothing about but also closer to the surface the first half kilometer of mars is where
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there could potentially be life still harbored against safe against the radiation that would otherwise kill it so this mission will provide us with new information about the conditions in the subsurface of mars and combined with the european nation that is about to report to us from orbit around mars we hope by the end of this year to have a much better fix on whether there is life still underneath the surface of mars has that of course remains the big question there and right many thanks for joining us there from dublin. now russian police have detained supporters of opposition leader head of planned protests across the country some of the rallies in the biggest cities have not been authorized but organizers say they will go ahead anyway the demonstrations come just two days ahead of putin's inauguration the theme of these protests is he is
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not our are referring to putin's eighteen years in power. hawaii's big island which is dealing with a major volcanic eruption has been hit by a series of strong earthquakes nearly two thousand people have been forced to leave their homes as lava flows and toxic gas threaten residential areas more and a hand has the latest. for five days why is bigger island has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes and then three major trimmers over a three hour period the biggest a magnitude six point nine. the seismic activity began on monday when the crater floor of the. volcanic cone on the cool the way it started to collapse now the flowed into newly created underground chambers. along with rocks and toxic gas is now being spewed into the year and coming up through the years. the. short period.
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wayne and another start up. killer wears one of the world's most active volcanoes vulcanologists say it was never a question of when but where the volcano might erupt what's different this time is that a new fissure is a period much further down the mountain the challenge with this activity is the fact that it occurred in a populated area now the question is will it stay in that area will it move to another part of the part of the volcano and how long will it last. officials ordered at least seven thousand five hundred people to leave their homes including everyone in the town of. residence a familiar with the dangers four years ago killer ways lava flow stopped just short of the town. experts say the guess is and highly toxic but while the lever is dangerous it's slow moving that means people will have time to escape even for those who did get close to it but buildings can't
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be moved and homes have already been destroyed or an evacuee you know afterward. to get over to get food in cook and all those things. provide with great cost for it is a vacuum. killer where has been erupting on and off for thirty five years experts say it's difficult to predict how long this irruption will last but they're insisting they'll do whatever is necessary no measure the disruption to keep people safe to hand out a series. still ahead here on al-jazeera americans are growing increasingly nany and you may be surprised to find out if the lane you have to haul. in the hometown of jam across the car marks on a two hundred birth anniversary of the statue of china.
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hello enjoy the weekend sunshine a warmth if you can in japan and the korean peninsula but increasingly you'll see clouds coming in from the west clouds comes out of china worse the result of a developing system of rain so to bring rain with it sunday's a wet day for south korea probably reach as far north as pyongyang the clouds increasing at home sure twenty seven in turkey ahead of it briefly a little cooler in sapporo with passing showers that improves come sunday the sun's out your car the complete opposite in hong shu twenty one what degrees in tokyo about the same in osaka much of the size of south korea should be under the cyclone but probably dry by this time and still twenty nine in beijing right on the edge of the cloud now that kind of course is associated with this rain which exists all the way from shanghai westward and it's quite heavy rain but it's on the move it's just being sized at the same time we still got
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a continuous seed of moisture from the south china sea it's likely you'll get showers in hong kong but the main heavy potentially flooding rain is further inland in china still waving about but you'll notice south of this and we're picking up thirty daily big showers emanating more to the middle the philippines drifting towards vietnam and concentrating in thailand on me in my. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we. just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of. al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching out is there as remind of our top stories aid agencies in kenya say they have still not reached three quarters of the people in need of assistance to some major flooding place one hundred twelve people have been killed and two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past month. a wise big island which is dealing with a major volcanic eruption has been hit by a series of earthquakes really two thousand people have been forced to leave their homes because of threats from lava flows and self-correcting gases. and nasa has launched
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a robotic geologist to malls inside the blasted off from california and will reach its destination in six months as has the findings could help us understand more about the origins of the after the big bang. the u.s. has announced a change in policy that could lead to the deportation of tens of thousands of immigrants donald trump's administration is ending a program that allowed them to stay in the united states humanitarian groups are calling the decision heartless and agalloch are reports from washington. fleeing violence and poverty in central america migrants gather at the us mexico border seeking asylum. in the last few weeks this so-called caravan of people has attracted the attention of president donald trump he says the u.s. border is under siege and immigration rules weak but to protect our families we must secure our borders and the good thing about the caravan people are watching. people are watching you watch house horrible they're coming in from
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honduras they're coming in from other places they're taking this long trek up more mexico. now the temporary protected status of fifty seven thousand on jurors living in the u.s. is set to wind. the program was set up to offer refuge for those whose countries are ravaged by war and natural disasters many end of the program of legally lived and worked in the u.s. for decades democratic leader nancy pelosi released a statement that in part reads today's decision by the trumpet ministration to when temporary protected status is a cowardly assault on the fifty seven thousand on durance which will tear apart families and communities across america and the only ones affected six out of the ten countries offered protection and to lose their status most of from one jurist el salvador and haiti it will wreck their lives it will it will destabilize their families it will separate their families because we are talking about people who
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have been living here for an average of eight to thirty years. they have deep roots in our communities critics say the trumpet ministration is all but running down a humanitarian program that began in one thousand nine hundred ninety on jordan's have been given an eighteen month extension but over the next two years almost four hundred thousand people who've been legally living in the u.s. for years will be told to leave and gallacher al-jazeera washington iran's president has criticized the ban on a popular messaging app i thought oh how nice and blocking the app telegram which is similar to what's up is the opposite of democracy was banned earlier this week by the conservative run judiciary state television says it was to protect national security iran has been considering the move since january when protests over the economy spread across the country officials said some rallies were organized using telegram. a second group of syrian rebel fighters and their families evacuated from
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an enclave in southern damascus have arrived in the north they were allowed to leave under a deal which also saw fifty forty two hostages released into government hands the fighters are from the. group enclave nayyar move has been the focus of intense government attacks for more than a month. the united arab emirates says that more soldiers to the yemeni island despite condemnation from the government on thursday and the soldiers forced yemeni forces to leave key locations on the strategic lea important territory in the arabian sea as saudi delegation has been sent to mediate the crisis while yemeni government officials also currently on the island israel's defense minister has rejected an apology from palestinian leader mahmoud abbas calling him a holocaust denier said he's sorry for suggesting the persecution of european jews was related to their professions not their religion since backtracked saying it was not his intention to offend and he fully respects the jewish faith u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. says the comments undermine prospects for peace. at least three gunmen and one civilian have been killed in fighting and indeed in midst of kashmir it happened in the capital sugar demonstrations tried to prevent security forces arresting separatist fighters. and there is there are still believed to be trapped inside the operation is going on things are under the control of the thing is an under control do you want to look. at it is not much it is more damage of a student property and and other things so i think that under control our brothers who left in the path of a law they left for us they took up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers who are trapped in the gun battle and. some bar boys winning party has launched its campaign for july's presidential vote present remains a new p.f. candidate the party primaries earlier this week revealed shop divisions seven
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government ministers and several allies have mine back where with defeated it will be the first election without formally to robert mugabe. there's already. two with yes that's in their minds. but you cannot force people to vote for you. rephrase sure it's real good for us that it. was. his first president and laser vision for the future. rival protests are expected in the german hometown of calm ox as it unveils a statue to mark two hundred years since his birth traces news that she was a gift from china where the ruling party claims its carrying on the german philosophers communist legacy marxist groups are planning demonstrations against capitalism the groups are protesting rights abuses in china
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a new study in the us suggests americans are growing increasingly lonely nearly half of the participants said they feel alone i say still left out at least some of the time. on their reports. a person off in the distance alone in their thoughts sitting in a park in darkness a portrait of a man walking in the snow all by himself a young man playing basketball with nobody else around all pictures of people in new york in situations of solitude perhaps loneliness. to cordy's sick polish photographers snapped the pictures he says he can relate to the subjects he moved to new york city four years ago knew almost no one and discovered many people suffered from loneliness just by chance many of his photographs were of people alone you know you come here and you are busy with your
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work life and then you realize that all your family all your friends and social life and then in many ways is behind and i was used to it but i talked to a lot of people a lot of new york is here my friends are strangers. and the theme of loneliness just kept coming back according to a study sponsored by cigna the global health insurance company americans are alarmingly lonely and being alone can bring about serious health risks research has been done that has shown loneliness a linked to heart disease diabetes depression substance use and other chronic illness as well the study was focused on the u.s. researchers say the numbers are similar in other parts of the world but perhaps what stood out most in the study young people between each gene and twenty two years old scored higher than any other age group in the loneliness survey horrible or lonely than people seventy two and older researchers aren't exactly sure why but
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they say high social media consumption does not help. we've all seen it a million times young people in parks like this and instead of sitting next to family and friends and talking hunched over their phones like this checking social media in social media is very anti social as for chorused he is not trying to start a social commentary about loneliness with his pictures he simply discovered taking pictures of people usually showed more often than not the people were alone. new york. california has surpassed the u.k. to become the world's fifth largest economy in a state gross domestic product raised by a hundred twenty seven billion dollars between two thousand and sixteen seventeen to reach two point seven trillion immense growth senator with thriving technology
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sector in silicon valley as well as california's agriculture and entertainment industries. place in mexico say poor working conditions mean they're struggling to fight crime and violence surges in the capital offices of told al jazeera they often have to buy their own supplies including bullets townhome and reports from mexico city corrupt inefficient and in some cases even in league with crime not surprisingly many mexican simply don't trust their police officers but there is another side to the story a survey of finally found some policemen and women found that many especially at municipal level a badly paid the basic equipment to do the job this office in one of the most violent towns in the country told us they aren't supplied with enough bullets regularly have to buy their own. it's not just alms elsewhere francisco escovedo
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had to retire of the damaging his spine push starting his police truck every morning he says he spent a year asking superiors for a new battery to me and they were told me the same he says put up with it or buy one yourself n.-g. o. counselling commune who surveyed offices across the country found some police paying for uniforms car repairs and petrol all out of their own low salaries so if you could have police that badly trained and not paid the right amount what are the implications for society in general in mexico well if you get paid like two hundred bucks a month and are nice time constant year one thousand a month of course you have to take for many those few other ways to get ahead more than two thirds of police surveyed had never been promoted officer is my old ramos told us that in many cases the only way to get a step up is to pay superior officers it's called the quota. here we have
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intermediate positions superior positions and all costs are pending on the position of the one and it's legal of course is the legal but that's a system in mexico city the mexico city police force todo dizzier they didn't know of any such cases although the quota isn't present in every force other municipal policeman told us they have to pay not for promotion but to get a car will decide where they patrol they said the systematic corruption least to some offices extorting the population to pay their own superiors which in turn leads to the mets can publicly distrusting the police it's a vicious cycle and it's happening just at the wrong time mates can murder levels of the highest in two decades and the country needs a strong respective force to deal with that and those for the police who are trying to stay honest is my rameau's has twenty years experience to decorations for brave . very. public security but he's been assigned the job he says all the new recruits
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. this is al jazeera these are the top stories aid agencies in kenya say they have still not reached three quarters of the people in need of assistance due to major flooding at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months russian police have arrested more than one hundred people taking boston anti-government protests across the country and moscow's scuffles broke out between police and supporters of opposition politician alexina valmy demonstrations come just two days ahead of president vladimir putin's inauguration the theme of the volleys planned protest is he's not ass are referring to putin's eighteen years in power. just to mauls the laws inside the blasted off from california will reach its destination in
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six months it's hoped the findings could help us understand more about the origins of earth after the big bang hawaii's big island which is dealing with a major volcanic eruption has been hit by a series of earthquakes nearly two thousand people have been forced to leave their homes because of threats from lava flows and gas the u.s. has announced a change in policy that could lead to the deportation of tens of thousands of on german immigrant president donald trump is ending a program that gave them temporary refuge after a hurricane hit honduras nearly twenty years ago. at least three gunmen and one civilian have been killed in fighting in india in the midst of kashmir it happened in the. demonstrators tried to prevent security forces arresting separatist fighters. under their saw believed to be trapped inside the operation is going on tease out in the control of the thing is an under control the want to go up. there
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is not much. of a suit in property and other things so things out of the control. brothers who left in the path of a law they left for us they took up arms up to seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers who are trapped in the gun battle and the rival protests are expected in the german home town of col mugs and. two hundred years since. she was a gift from china by the ruling party claims it's carrying on the philosopher's communist legacy those are your headlines inside story as next. the u.a.e. has deployed more soldiers in yemen's remote island of subconscious and go.


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