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zero zero what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous. or if you join us on the set of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry steet base is a dialogue. about some of the successes perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots them so are making the decision to join the global. zero.
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zero. and. al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the new raining on. opposition supporters take to the streets ahead of the fourth inauguration of. russia's president a demonstration. opposition leader. is not backing down over a thousand people including me have been aggressive a live report from moscow also on the great hawaii on high and. strong earthquakes that hit the big island two thousand people to leave their homes when explore what's happening inside the world's most active volcano and how long this might last and he was one of the greatest thinkers of all time the international. ominous movement karl marx today
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marks the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the german philosopher we'll take a look at his influence and how relevant years in today's changing world and i'm cite a height of health authorities in the us a cracking down on a cigarette companies receiving warnings a child friendly packaging and me on why it's not cool to drool you can sweet mean it i'm sure in the show me your comments as well on our facebook page. i am with the news grid live on air and streaming online for you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us he is not odd zob that's the slogan opposition supporters in russia have been chanting two days before the inauguration of lattimer putin as president he won seventy seven percent of the vote in elections held in march this is putin second consecutive term in office and his fourth overall extending his eighteen year old
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this by the government's attempts to block demonstrations supporters of opposition leader alexina vonnie have taken to the streets in dozens of cities and towns across russia this was a scene in moscow they were scuffles between police and protesters now vonnie himself was detained by police after arriving at a rally in central moscow according to the independent monitoring group over more than a thousand people have been arrested across russia vladimir putin is expected to be sworn in on monday which means they'll stay in power until at least twenty twenty four making him the longest serving leader since joseph stalin let's bring in there is really a challenge in moscow rory quite a lot of people arrested today bring us up to speed with the latest what's been happening in moscow and elsewhere in russia. well the latest figures that i've seen come from the independent monitoring group. which basically keeps a tally of detentions at these sorts of protests and rallies and they say as of i
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think thirteen g.m.t. they have been thousands detentions across the country i think the highest number were in moscow but also plenty of detentions in cities across the whole of russia like here catherine. know a severe scripts etc this is is a feature of no valleys rallies that he does manage to get people out onto the streets all over this this huge country in moscow where i went down earlier on a look at the protests as it unfolded it was it was a slightly strange atmosphere the beginning because you had two different groups meeting each other you had a pro piece in group a small group of. people who describe themselves as patriots who said they'd heard about and about these really wanted to come down and show them some sense meeting than a valley protesters who came down in much much bigger numbers tempers did get a little bit heated but that was i think when the police decided to move in and
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start making their arrests and i saw dozens and dozens of people being snatched out of the crowd and carted off into police wagons it's attack technique a tactic that i've seen plenty of times at demonstrations here right very that i'm a protein is going to be rated in two days what is it exactly that an x. in a volley and his supporters are hoping to achieve with these demonstrations. well i think he's trying to keep the momentum going because it's a potentially difficult time for the valley this is a moments in which vladimir putin looks absolutely set on seeing house at least another six years in power this should be technically probably his final in office as president but there are many people here who think they'll find a way of keeping hold of power further forward than that so no rally i think it is in is in a position where he just needs to keep on getting people out onto the streets if he
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is to stay relevant let me put it in just one of the presidential election with i think you maritally the highest share of the vote that he's ever had. so you know if you compare this to six years ago when there were similar protests on the streets that shaken the kremlin to the core putin's popularity had dipped significantly there were numerous trainers made off of that process movement in two thousand and seven two thousand and twelve crackdown on protests a crackdown a protest as a tightening up of control over the media and the internet except for a changing election laws where i think now going into the next presidential front of who's in is in a much more comfortable position than he was six years ago thank you for that rory chalons live for us in moscow and more now on alexina vonnie he is a lawyer activist and politician who rose to prominence in two thousand and eight by blogging about an edge corruption at major state controlled firms he was the driving force behind massive anti-poaching protests in two thousand and eleven in
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two thousand and twelve and came in second place in the moscow mayoral election in two thousand and thirteen the rising star of the opposition movement was blocked from running for president in the twenty eight hundred polls over a conviction on financial crimes charges he says were made up this is the fifth time he's been detained in the last year alone in twenty seven hundred seventy served to prison sentences. for violating russian law he was also attacked twice last year by a sale in some dollars same with talks a green die damaging one of his eyes now dimitri babich is a political analyst based in moscow he says alexina bound they won't be able to bring real change in russia by himself i think they're basically his fight is hopeless because now its main problem is that he is a lonely wolf he is not a team player are unfortunately he quarrelled with the just a mild or the liberal opposition leaders during the last three months he managed to
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spoil his relations with seniors some junk his board his relations with the yarmulke and its leader everybody only in ski a few years ago alone i don't think he will be able to achieve mimes because he's message is very simplistic i would say he's talking about eruption which is a real problem by it he doesn't suggest therefore that your programme and he doesn't have elyse in this situation i think he is just trying to kind of send a message about himself that he is still there that there are young people who are ready to go to the streets and spend a few days so if you are us in a police precinct with him that is a message which i think is just not very serious. and i want to point you to this very interesting debate on putin's russia on our program upfront many a son and his guests discuss whether putin will be russian president for life the
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show was recorded before the reelection of latvia put in but the topic still very relevant today watch it on al-jazeera dot com and as always would love to hear your thoughts on this story and others we're covering on the news great today connect with us on social media using the hashtag a.j. news great a comment here from joel seth on facebook who says putin won because he controls the media another one from a mom who says putin is popular in russian avani cannot change environment against the putin regime thank you very much for your comments we look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this and other stories of course the hash tag use crates now on to other world news and earthquakes on hawaii's big island a growing more powerful as mount killer way it continues to erupt skewing lava and toxic gas into the air nearly two thousand people have been forced to leave their homes the most recent earthquake was a magnitude six point nine get away a volcano began spewing lava into residential areas on thursday scientists expect
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the eruption to continue as mariana honda has elitists. for five days who wise big island has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes and then three major trim is over a three hour period the biggest a magnitude six point nine. the seismic activity began on monday when the crater floor of the a volcanic cone on the cool the way it started to collapse nava flowed into newly created underground chambers that lava along with rocks and toxic gas is now being spewed into the year and coming up through the. b b stay active for a short period. wayne and the start of the killer wears one of the world's most deck to volcanoes vulcanologists say it was never a question of when but where the volcano might erupt what's different this time is
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that a new fissure is a period much further down the mountain the challenge with this activity is the fact that it occurred in a populated area now the question is will it stay in that area will it move to another part of the part of the volcano and how long will it last officials ordered at least seven thousand five hundred people to leave their homes including everyone in the town of papua. and that is the. development that is residents of familiar with the dangers for years ago kill away as lava flow stopped just short of the town. experts say the gases and highly toxic but while the lever is dangerous it's slow moving that means people will have time to escape even for those who did get close to it but buildings can't be moved and homes have already been destroyed. killer where has been erupting on and off
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for thirty five years experts say it's difficult to predict how long this irruption will last but they're insisting they'll do whatever is necessary no measure the disruption to keep people safe made in honde al-jazeera. or joining us on the news great is charles mandeville he's the program coordinator at the volcano has its program at the u.s. geological survey he's on the line from white plains new york thank you so much for your time can you tell us about the situation right now with callaway a volcano. in other words yes we have a very vigorous eruption. of the way a volcano on the big island of hawaii we still have elevated numbers of earthquakes in the lower scripts. and right now we have several fissures opened up in the lake . state subdivision area and the spewing toxic gases like soap for dioxide and c o two. to dangerous concentration levels and
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there's also lava spatter happening where these fissures are opening up and several of these fissures are essentially opening to release pressure that is building up from gases pumped up in the plumbing system of the volcano so what was a fire department can you explain to us warning people sorry can you explain to us what's causing the high earthquake activity in the area yes when we move magma in the subsurface you have to break rocks to do that so if you have that have seismometers a network of them located in the lower east. you know record the breakage of rock as magma is moving in the subsurface and a lot of this is happening by centrally about two miles four miles beneath the
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subsurface is there a way to charge to tell how long this latest eruption will not just. currently we can't discuss how long this particular eruption will last but what we do know is a similar rupture and that have involved playing a role or portion of the killer whale volcano have lasted anywhere from thirty six to eighty eight. those were in nineteen sixty and nineteen fifty five respectively ok it'll be there we're monitoring the situation every day and we. geologists on the ground in the late. subdivision area a lot of people in the gardens. checking out given the every day we're also looking at. which remote sensing from satellites as well as continuous g.p.s. and other instruments that we're deploying in campaign mode certainly
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a lot of concern for the people who live in that area thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us charles mandeville of the u.s. geological survey. discuss this further now with jessica johnson who is via skype from kent in the united kingdom she's a lecturer in geo physics at the university of east anglia was also done a research fellow she by the hawaiian volcano observatory thank you very much jessica for joining us so tell us about what's happening if you can inside this volcano right now and what scientists on the ground are doing right now working on right now ok. mike mccue relate to the crust comes up with a man who really. sometimes. comes to the surface and blows up actually was the last. pretty quickly you've already. apologies we seem to
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lost our connection there with jessica johnson we will hopefully get her back on to talk more about the situation in hawaii in the meantime now let's go to our london news center here's barbara starr with a look at the day's other news barbara farley thank you very much let's start in kenya because the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in the country at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months alone aid workers a say that they've reached only a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of torrential rains. there are fear is vital cargo crossing into gaza could take weeks to prepare after it was set alight by palestinian demonstrators during friday protests pipelines which carry fuel and gas in the gaza could cost millions of
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dollars to repair carry force that has the latest from gaza. one of those potentially damaging events that took place during the course of the six friday protest along the gaza border came in the far south near the only cargo crossing from israeli territory into gaza where five days a week each of those days hundreds of trucks will arrive bringing food medical supplies humanitarian aid and there was a group of palestinian protesters who got into the palestinian side of that facility and set about creating extensive damage gas and fuel pipelines were set on fire as were a number of other facilities we saw evidence of that ourselves the aftermath some burnt out huts were being trucked away from the border into gaza the israeli military called it a cynical act of terror but the account that we got from one witness when we visited the protest site near the crossing was very different he said that people had been driven in the direction of the crossing by tear gas once there they
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opportunistically got inside and then vented their frustrations in what he said was a mistaken way. and that's the time of the my bottom was telling when to unload them all good and we get aid from europe and the world through here people know what displaced means it's not the plan of the protesters to burn a place like that it was a mistake though i'm not hollow official palestinian sources tell us that the damage done could run into the millions of dollars and there were fears when first it was discovered that that could take some weeks to fix up and allow this vital economic artery to flow again however what we're hearing is that despite all the accusations from the israeli military there are also concerns about the impact of that and so there are hopes at least that it will reopen as per usual on sunday we've spoken to the head of the palestinian business association here in gaza he says that the israeli military has been there from very early on saturday bringing
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in fresh equipment and doing what they can to make sure that things do operate again as soon as possible on the offices senior army officers on the israeli side have been saying for some time now that a further worsening of the humanitarian situation here in gaza would carry significant security implications for israel that seems to be a motivating factor here. french president a man with a call has wrapped up his three day visit to new caledonia he was there to attend the ceremony that marks thirty years since the hostage crisis on live island twenty three people were killed in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight after separatists kidnapped french security officers new caledonia has been a french territory since eight hundred fifty three visit is seen as a symbolic gesture towards reconciliation ahead of an independence referendum in november well that is it from london for the moment i'll have more news for you at sixteen hundred g.m.t. now though it's back to folly in doha barbara thank you very much for that the
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international community's taking a closer look at venezuela to see what it can do to help resolve the political and economic crisis there as bringing our social media producer now with more on this story sounds well for the heads of the organization of american states has met a canadian delegation on friday so talk about the deep in crisis in venezuela and people there have also been talking about online in fact he had tweeted and hundreds of others in venezuela have been retreating neues and my grows tweet that have been responding he's the secretary general of the oas they've been thanking him for taking this up this situation with to discuss the crisis his name was actually trending on social media worldwide and also including in that with the replies were pleas from venezuelans if you take a closer look there are people saying that it's fallen into depression and there were also pleased with the words s o s news there as well figes zoom in you'll see that a little bit more venezuelan s.o.s. so quite a few of those type of messages now this comes just days after venezuela announce
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its takeover of the country's leading private bank by an escrow for ninety days in fact recent also it rested eleven of its top executives including the c.e.o. and as you can imagine people panicked they rushed to withdraw their money from bonus scare off of the government's an announcement that president nicolas maduro has accused the bank of undermining the national currency. ok yes we had to intervene in but esko. any intervention of open door so we had to name a board of directors for ninety days to investigate and save the next go because it was the bank that was taking venezuela's money and it was justifying it with fake in criminal prices to raise the prices of products for you. when you heard that hundreds of madeira supporters agree with him but i suppose chairman responded with a letter on twitter saying there are no financial reasons to justify and minister of intervention not for one day much less the ninety also says the key is to
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understand the current problem is not caused by an escrow or any other financial institution now critics like matson who's been tweeting of been accusing the government of corruption and miss managing those funds and you may remember the large street protests that happened last year they began in april twenty seventh even continued every day for three months there was violence with the police much take us was fired more than one hundred people were also killed during the weeks of on rest and the protesters they are angry because they're angry over food and medical food shortages in fact that is when a pharmaceutical federation estimates that eighty five percent of basic medicines are unavailable or hard to find and crime and violence are also widespread in friend twenty sixteen always twenty eight thousand people were killed that's an all time high according to a local independent group and the international monetary fund estimates that inflation will reach two thousand percent by the end of this year food is already
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so expensive that nearly nine out of ten people that don't have enough money to buy it. that last one is the main issue that mentor is trying to solve with this bank seizure and we want to know where your fourth saucer connects us to the hash tag the news group throughout the say sorry thank you very much for that now many leaders in latin america including nicolas maduro were inspired by the revolutionary ideas of one man in particular car marks it's been two hundred years since he was born any events are being held around the world to commemorate his legacy fulbright and went to his hometown of tria in germany and has this report in the car marks is everywhere in tree or his face is on posters his name is on street signs his image is even on the traffic lights tourists are flocking to the house where he was born and to coincide with the bicentenary three new exhibitions are opening here to examine marx's life and his pioneering work in political theory and
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economics marxist this weekend and marx is such an important thinker because he connected an analyst society and a developing capitalist production in a way no one else did so intensely it is especially that connection that so significant even though it now seems self-evident and we can learn to do the same thing today our circumstances because we live in complicated times translated into dozens of languages marx's communist manifesto change the world it inspired revolutions in china russia cambodia and cuba and profoundly influenced modern day social democrats across europe and beyond his prediction the communism would inevitably overthrow capitalism has since been proved wrong but marx is analysis of the unequal relationship between workers and capitalist bosses remains relevant to this day. germany has a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards marx but in three or he has embraced in a way that the man himself may not have appreciated the bicentennial of the
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godfather of communism is actually turning into something of a capitalist bonanza for the town of thread here in the souvenir shops as a whole variety of car marks products on sale comic books comics clearings a money box a mug even a karl marx rubber duck and here look a column marked wine naturally it's a red wine perhaps this image appropriation proves that his analysis was actually correct evidence that material he would see his theories is being confirmed because he wrote that everything becomes good so much in dyson capitalism now he south has become a niche and dice marx's image is certainly iconic his profile instantly recognizable of marx's funeral friedrich engels eulogized his name will enjoy through the ages and so also will his work it certainly has pulled brennan al-jazeera. now beyond karl marx's birthday this year also marks the one hundred seventieth
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anniversary of the communist manifesto written by monks and frederick angles it has served as a guideline for the communist movement which lives on in five countries today china north korea vietnam laos and cuba took control of china in one thousand nine hundred nine and proclaimed it to be the people's republic of china a communist nation it hasn't wavered politically since that time although economic reforms have been rolled out in recently is north korea became communist in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight due to russian influence during independence from south korea is widely considered to be common is despite the government removing all references to mock sistan leninist ideals from the constitution in one thousand nine hundred fifty four vietnam was partitioned then the north of the country was supported by the u.s.s.r. communism too cold and when the country was unified in one thousand nine hundred five it became the national political ideology the same neighboring laos also became a communist country the country had been a monarchy but switch after
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a revolution supported by the and the u.s.s.r. in the caribbean fidel castro led a communist revolution in cuba in the one nine hundred fifty s. while the casseroles are no longer in power communism is the dominant ideology to this day let's bring in marcelo musto in toronto is a professor of political theory at york university and author of the book another marx early manuscripts to the international thank you so much for being with us today on the news grid what do you think has made. into such a mythical personality. well his ideas is critique of capitalism and the fact that he has been the best political philosopher or the best political economist who was able to explain why capitalist why the capitalistic more the production is an exploitative system and i understand that there is
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a lot of importance that you give to states i heard about north korea or china come badia but the difference between the new interpretation of marx and the position of much of the twentieth century is that today marks came back to they must belong once again to social movements today marks can be connected much more than in the past to the states like soviet union so i would say that another marx and the new reading of malice of trying to present an order that is much more critical that the one the most pain that was represented in the twentieth century mark say and take a virus has played an important role in liberation movements around the world from south africa cuba but the idea of common is in as equality for all has been repeatedly abused in order to maintain power would mark said condone such oppression this through well mustn't talk about obviously are two different figures
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but it's true that marx was also a political activist a minute on to was the first and main organizer of the international the working men association so the first war the organization that put together workers for many different countries and i will say that something that is common to mark sensitive adda is the idea that individual freedom is important in communist society and this is very different from what i've been in the so called actually existing socialism in the twentieth century can marx's ideas continue to stay relevant in u. . i believe yes and the fact that to be marks is on the front page of the newspaper of the entire ward is a demonstration of this i will say that marx would be more relevant than two hundred years ago than one hundred fifty years ago when you wrote when you wrote capito because capitalism to be is entering in every sphere of human life is not only something that is affecting human beings when they work and because capitalism
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is not only exploiting human beings but kim also destroy human nature of thought marx for example is wrote today once again and you knew a form also forty years ago logical concerns and also now we know that marx was not all the worry of concern about europe about england but in the past years all these life you have ordered a lot of attention to non european societies to the celts and you believe that the revolution can start in the throat marcelo thank you so much much animal still for your insight thank you for joining us on the news great from toronto and find out more about the legacy of khan mox in this piece how relevant this comic books today jockey go she explains how the seminal work of the nineteenth century economy is still provides a framework for understanding contemporary capsule ism read the story on our website at al-jazeera dot com there's much more coming up on the news great if
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you're watching us on facebook life see how a beauty salon is providing refuge for widows in south sudan and levanon heads to the poll ballot to the ballot boxes on sunday the first parliamentary elections in the area decades wayne beirut has a new electoral law may need a shake up for the dominant political party to stay with us i am. the and. will. hello in northern iran expect showers maybe one or two in iraq as well but this cloud isn't particularly dangerous is not producing big thunderstorms not just yet so think of the caucasus think of turkey but there is a circulation in the eastern med that will increase the amount of cloud across the levant so showers seem quite likely during monday spreading down across the border into northern sadie rabia and spreading cloud across iraq by this time much of iran
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is dry afghanistan still is not shall seem quite likely here including in kabul so we got showers coming into the north of saudi arabia but science of that is just a quiet picture she would see is a little bit high for some around the gulf states because there's no prevailing breeze but he could is not much going on dusty is quite weather as it is now for the most part in all southern africa you can see the line of clarity the circulation that by bringing a shower to into the eastern cape catching durban seems less likely than of late and inquiry is a bit of a breeze in cape town which model of the cloud to come in here and if you're lucky get a share or two but otherwise it's sunshine and it's reasonably warm twenty nine to twenty six and wouldn't talk listen because probably drive a bit further north still showery. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington members of congress do nothing
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about but of us played a part of the constituency and their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visits the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government more than weaken the u.s. citizens in the film because the response ability as you noted does live for good. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera going green bacteria in a boardroom and super heated gas escaping from book points that this is really the halls of innovation in the for what happened to experiments both exploring infinity by fear because how come to the impacts of climate change the science of capturing call the new thing nights out on the scientific on the back of my metairie and the more i just have to contend. on or to zero.
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headlines on al jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one yemen say the u.a.e. deployment to the island of soap. the truck is an act of aggression a story that was covered on the news great i guess today also trying to be angry
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and scared kenya victims speak of their despair more than a hundred people dead inside kenya and number three iran's president hassan rouhani rejecting a ban on the telegram all those stories and much better now excited to see. you all with a news grade on al-jazeera we've got people watching today from pakistan thailand and liberia thank you so much for your company as always we look forward to hearing your comments and questions on the stories we're covering on the news grades on facebook live at facebook dot com slash on twitter our handle is that english is a hotshot agent newsgroup also and we're also on whatsapp and telegram across science seven four five zero one triple one for mine to connect with us if you can now lebanon is about to hold its first bomb entry lections in nearly a decade on sunday they are three point six million registered voters illegible to choose from nearly six hundred candidates vying for one hundred twenty eight seats
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it's the first time that lebanese ex-pats have participated by voting in thirty three countries last month the current political system and the division of seats was decided after the end of the fifteen year civil war in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine equally dividing seats among muslims and christians the president must be in maronite christian the prime minister a sunni muslim and the speaker of parliament a shia muslim a new electoral law has made this vote more complicated each voter will basically cast two votes on their ballots on one for one candidate lists and one for their favorite candidate on that list that may disrupt the domination of the two main party blocks and all of this by the way is on our website at al jazeera dot com check out our spotlight page on lebanon for more background information and all the latest news his in a holder now with this report from beirut on what's at stake in these elections. it will be the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade polls were repeatedly postponed until
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a new electoral law was agreed proportional representation has replaced winner takes all system but some are criticizing the new law benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power. to increase the number of. the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on power is not easy the problem is that the civil society. has been the only parties that formed joint torah lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they are facing opposition from within limited but
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a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning hard. with change the political scene one thing will change prime minister will lose seats because of the way electoral districts are carved out but he is expected to be the sunni leader with the biggest bloc in parliament he does however face opposition from within his community with some blaming him for not taking a hardline stance against the iranian backed hezbollah. a. chance to prove that he's a strong leader and can be the next prime minister. christian candidates are also battling for leadership of their community the polls will determine their pop. a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved maronite christian a lot has changed since the last election the
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long established political divisions of the past are now gone the battle is no longer between the program march eighth alliance and the pro saudi march fourteenth coalition march fourteenth has largely fragmented and the issue that divided the hezbollah's military power which is stronger than the lebanese army has been shelved at least for the time being. lebanon's rival politicians have been focusing instead on securing their power if the hope was to bring about a new generation of leaders that likely will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general consensus that these elections will not usher in major changes to the political landscape. a group. and a very interesting article on our website about women in lebanese politics online journalists foreign explores the challenges they face and explains that the problems faced by lebanese women reflect the issues in lebanon as a whole for instance lebanese women married to foreign men are not able to pass
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their nationality to their children or their spouses and explains how they face similar discrimination in the world of politics it's an interesting insight read it on our website at al-jazeera dot com now to the u.s. and protesters are gathering outside the national wife will associate an annual meeting in dallas texas remained high on both sides of the gun rights abate following several mass shootings and the upcoming midterm elections when the pair and other senior leaders of the n.r.a. are expected to speak in the coming hours that opposed proposals to raise the age limit for buying rifles an idea floated by present trump after the parkland thought a shooting in february the president addressed the convention on friday but made no mention of his own gun control proposals instead he warned attendees that democrats were trying to take away their guts. ninety eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned just so you understand.
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tragically as we have seen there is no sign more inviting to a mass killer then a sign that declares this school is a gun free zone come in and take us. alive to algiers hidey hole castro in dallas texas set the scene for us heidi what's the atmosphere like ahead of this n.r.a. gathering. probably so i'm day two now of the n.r.a. have them and we're seeing a gathering of protesters the first of several rallies planned for today and for tomorrow with student organizers hoping to which push forward the momentum that picked up after the parkland high school shootings in florida in which seventeen students and teachers were killed and be wary yesterday with trump's appearance before the n.r.a. was a blow another disappointment for these organizers who had hoped that maybe this is
6:42 pm
the moment in history where some gun legislation what have then and yet they still press forward and that brings me to my guest checked monday you're one of the student organizers here what makes this different i know you guys have been trying for years and students before you why will this time i was at some sort of change much movement in come around the country people in every state we have representation everywhere for this and i think if we keep this conversation is not we get we get anywhere with you know how people around the world see these mass shootings occur in the united states time and time again in these rants their heads and wondering what is it about the gun culture here that is so dominant that people can not do something to prevent more of this happening how do you explain well i mean from an individual standpoint it's rugged individualism that's what america is based off of but the legislation perspective these are things that we haven't confronted until many years of that movement we're making in our job to confront that politically so what i'm hearing is two very different sides of america being
6:43 pm
described and i know this is a battle that's going to be a showdown come the elections in november how do you guys start to change this culture. from our side and from students marched out to work we haven't had to use the program but let's you know what your elected officials stand with and what they stand against and what we're trying to do is get away for your can your constituents to contact their elected officials or candidates to see where they stand on one side and that's all about getting to the point you jumped over and file and it blew. we ask you know you are a high school senior so are you fearful when you walk in the doors of your seat the thing with my school is that we write the middle of no doubt list and we don't want done at least once a month because we haven't had time to be shooter in my area because it's an urban downtown area and there shootings and in the area we have to go on down and we don't know anything about it so we're in constant fear unfortunate reality of life as a school as a student in the u.s. now thank you so much for your time and indeed those lockdowns have been in high
6:44 pm
schools probably they have been in middle schools even in elementary schools and today at this protest on stage i later will be hearing from parents who lost their elementary school students the shootings in connecticut also a father who is painting a mural behind me dedicated to the son he just so recently lost and more about already thank you so much for that heidi show castro in dallas texas after castro if you want to connect with her on twitter thank you now an al-jazeera investigation and for fourteen years hundreds of mexicans were used as guinea pigs at the country's flagship neurological institute they were implanted with a device to drain fluid from the brain but the procedure had never been approved by health authorities doctors say many patients still don't know they were part of the experiment john heilemann has part one of this al-jazeera investigation humans and it's painful for you lunda to look back at the time before she was hit by
6:45 pm
hydrocephalus a debilitating condition in which excess fluid builds up in the brain it's left with muskie of headaches and speech problems. everything changed because i was a sports woman before i spent twenty years doing sports and i sold clothing everything and that she hoped that an operation at mexico's flagship institute for neurology and neurosurgery would help her but what she didn't know was that doctors would hope with an experimental and an alter ised device. and not just her four hundred seventy three other patients who went to the facility we're also implanted they were essentially guinea pigs in an unofficial trial carried out over a period of fourteen years they never asked me anything before operating they said something to my husband but never that they were going to do an experiment.
6:46 pm
three doctors working at the institute at the time spoke to al-jazeera it all said that like you learned the nearly five hundred patients weren't told the device was unauthorized nor nobody's case file included an informed consent about the experimental nature of the device not one the national institute has refused to clarify if patients were informed or not but we got access to six patient falls this is what's key to all of this the medical consent form in one of the cases and it's very general it doesn't mention that this is an experimental device that hasn't been authorized by the health ministry. but that's not all the three doctors out to syria talk through say the device was simply a tube that relied on gravity to drain away fluid from the brain down to the stomach area and that relying on gravity meant that if a patient lay down it would flow back other devices used valves to stop that.
6:47 pm
it's just a tube it's technology from the fifty's it doesn't represent any sort of progress. by a published studies the inventor of the tube claimed it's precisely calculated diameter did regulate flow and stop fluid going back to the brain even when patients were climbed he said it worked better than valve eula devices. doctors told us several patients had to have the device replaced but it's unclear how many suffered from any ill effects the names of those implanted haven't been released a many came from poor remote communities. because it's a problem especially with patients without much money they feel ok and they go there last. year learned that was able to have another device fitted several years ago but the health continues to worsen at this point hopes of getting better or for justice a fading john home and. mexico city. and in part two of our
6:48 pm
investigation john asks how this could have happened and what has been the consequences for all involved it's on sunday right here on the news grid and we all know at least one person trying to cut back or even quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes is here to tell us why the companies making them are under scrutiny sour now especially in yes first i want you to have a look at some of these products because can you tell which is sweet and which are not that she looked very similarly have sour patch candy king but here's the thing the ones on the left side those are illiquid that are sold for cigarettes they contain nicotine and the ones there on the right side of your screen are actual sweets for children now this is another i wanted to show you just hear this one of course looks it's called jukebox and it looks like apple juice but you don't drink it it's again a flavored nicotine liquid this added to the cigarettes of course with the apple
6:49 pm
flavor now it's because of this the u.s. food and drug administration or the f.d.a. has issued warnings to thirteen companies sending in cigarette liquids for using child friendly images in their packaging as we saw and it says the vapor products are being marketed in a way that could in danger children's lives now this comes just a week after the f.d.a. launched a nationwide crackdown on under age sales of a popular at least cigarette among teenagers called june now many youngsters think it's cruel to jurors what they say was some even smoking in cross now it's a product that doesn't like it since it does come in the shape of a u.s.b. stick which is of course easy to disguise unlike others on the market there are a variety of favors as well now juices have grown dramatically in the u.s. and now reportedly make up more than hall of the east cigarette market. now its make is advertise it as a way to give up smoking regular cigarettes and take a listen to this. trying it all the time or i might constantly encouraging
6:50 pm
people to use this and not smoke your cigarettes these are only like three and so you want to say read. you know i was i want to cigarettes i was like three heads and three head she was right i don't want to cigarette i don't think that i would ever pick up a cigarette ever doubt it now despite its popularity among teens and yes joe says it supports raising the minimum age of buying rights from eighteen to twenty one and it pledges millions of dollars tools research and education in fact its website also states that it has a youth prevention team that works towards research and education on smoking and six district marketing guidelines an estimated three million young people in us use cigarettes but a fifteen year old quote john watson has created a group called jewelers against jewel to raise awareness against those e cigarettes. people go to the bathroom people go between classes. in the car while they're driving all manny pretty much any moment where they can be. away from.
6:51 pm
the eyes of parents they're just enjoying and then they call their certain people or go to a four pod a day which is like about the same nicotine content as back to say yes. when i'm doing my homework every night i'll be writing in and all of a sudden i want to draw rep and i'll have my pencil my right hand and my jaw on my left so my friends have tried using cigarettes and it's because they have been trolling because they're so used to enjoying that they just think it's ok to use a grand's. the cigarettes smoked all around the wall but want to hear what your story is i'm
6:52 pm
on twitter. thank you very much sorry if you're watching us on facebook the story of a nineteen year old running a successful business from a home in afghanistan and in sport the champions of australian football a pound but each grand final isn't without controversy tatiana will be here with that just sticks. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of their menfolk and was only one word a limits bill much smaller the oldest or boy killed in his father's office i saw a man filming. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared. a bitch a civil rules darkest secret bosnia to come on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. in the middle of that city and the story builds to be forced to
6:53 pm
leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on and on line. that's trending in spokes his touch thank you very much fully the top trend in australia over the past several hours was the final game of the domestic league
6:54 pm
football season the melbourne victory beat the new costal death in a controversial grand final and his home reports. the old the city of new console north of sydney hosted the pinnacle of a strongly in football for the first time. their take on the jets and finished bottom of the tie believe olio and were looking to complete the ultimate turnaround but a murder celebration lasted just minutes. cost a bobbery says with the strength of the melbourne victory but it wasn't without controversy they were made it claims of offside with the goal stuart the jets had sixty four percent of possession in the first tiles but were frustrated by victory goalkeeper lawrence thomas who was the game's biggest star. he was also involved in a nasty incident in the dying stages copping a boot to the face from roy donovan the irish strike a lashing out in the ninety second minute he received
6:55 pm
a red card for his efforts. the open to victory wouldn't allow it to sour than celebration. thanks a one year when ensuring a fourth title in thirteen seasons for the team conj by kevin muscat us then now the more successful team in a league history cool elease home an al-jazeera. another of the top trending sports stories on line today came from major league baseball as los angeles angels play out but put holes joins a very exclusive club in the angels game at the seattle mariners on friday two holes made his three thousand career hit the thirty second play in n.l.p. history to reach that mark in just the second from the dominican republic the thirty eight year old is also i only the fourth man in his spray can thank three
6:56 pm
thousand hits one combined no no sixteen k. shots how how can you not love baseball it's had close to four thousand like the nearly a thousand retirees are going up on the ramirez a player for the boston red sox who also comes from the dominican republic added congrats on your three thousand hits me in a manner that means my brother one of the best to ever play this game and this humorous message from former san francisco pitcher david aardsma congrats on two thousand nine hundred ninety nine hit the bomb hit of me and i was six the still finds it technically issued kaun and let me just show you this hate mob see can get an idea of just how many people have been talking about pool halls achievement online as you would expect a huge burst of interest during the game across north and central america as well as the caribbean and finally former n.f.l. quarterback calling captain ik it's been paying tribute to one of his biggest supporters his mum ahead of mother's day in the united states cup an expert
6:57 pm
a nation wide movement with his recent national the kneeling protests and his adoptive mother teresa became popular off to hitting out president donald trump on social media when he was when he criticized her son's actions when kids were asked me who is your real mother i knew exactly what they meant. there were times there would be there were times i would be a loss for words. when adults were unaware of who my mother was that little league baseball games it was her they gave a tongue lashing to the parents in this their big a l about the black child striking out all their sons when you see injustice in this world you are not the kind of man who sits back and hopes that someone else will deal with it even though it may mean sacrifice. wonderful things there from company and his mother as always
6:58 pm
share your thoughts using the hashtag as always it's a.j. news as a to use good or you can tweet me as well directly i'm at i'm tatiana i'll be back with more sports in the eight hundred g.m.t. news hour but for now foley it is back to touch and i thank you very much and that would do it for today's news grades remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times. a.j. use great for me for the back to bornholm news great team thank you for watching we'll see you back here is to be a fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. on sunday thanks for watching my friend.
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three big stories generate thousands of headlines clabber each with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the local here this that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why i don't got the states or the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and while the election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. every. psychology. from the very beginning until the very end to trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can it go from. you know who wait till i'm saddam know how trenton though the must be an organized crime behind it sex slaves episode two of slavery a twenty first century medieval on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to. because it is such an international city they're very interested that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.


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