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al-jazeera. where every. the to choose. from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human lives is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can it go from you know who way to know how trends and we know the must be an organized crime gang the six least episode two of slavery a twenty first century evil on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides.
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opposition leader oleksandr valley and more than a thousand others are detained across russia and t.v. latham you know putin protests. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program fifty thousand people in desperate need of aid but only a quarter have been reached we report from floods hit kenya. almost gone a little flood warnings of more tremors to come in hawaii after a magnitude six point nine earthquake rattles the big island triggering more eruptions from key way up. to. and the new mission to mars that will dig deeper into the red planet that ever
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before. thank you for joining us. riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexina valmy as well as more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations across the country the valley was carried away as he attended a rally against president vladimir putin in the capital moscow the protests come just two days ahead of putin's immigration for a force term opponents of united under a slogan he's not ours song with her into putin's eight years in power well i'll just say resurrect chalons is live for us in moscow as so first of all ray tell us a little bit about the situation there and what the scale of the demonstrations was exactly and how widespread they were. while it's always difficult to tell exactly how many people have showed up at these protests because you get
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different tommies from different organizations the police always undervalue and so often the protestors themselves tend to overvalue but certainly this is like many of these previous demonstrations countrywide events that has brought certainly thousands and thousands of russians out into the streets not just in moscow st petersburg but in cities stretching across this whole country now in terms of detentions well there's an independent monitoring organization called the info and has all of six pm moscow time that's fifteen g.m.t. they were saying that one thousand two hundred thirty minimum people have been detained across the country so that gives you a current of idea of the scale of the police tactics and how they view this particular protest on you know the really of going to be at least in the inauguration. and dorrie as you mentioned putin is going to be inaugurated he has
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been reelected eighteen months in power what do you think the aim of these protests . well i think it's basically just to keep the momentum going you know it's if in the valley was was wanting to stand in those elections he was wanting to be a candidate and take his is contest against putin actually into the you know the spear of a proper ballot but he was denied that opportunity he has this fraud conviction which he's always said was politically motivated and basically you designed to stop him from competing in presidential elections but you know he's a person who's star rose. on the the end of the last main protest movement in russia in two thousand and two thousand and twelve that was the last time the person was an inaugurated as well so that process moving basically gave birth in
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a valley as an opposition leader he now has to try to work out how he's going to keep this going where to me putin is looking much more comfortable than he did six years ago he's consolidated power he has more control over the media and the internet and he's changed the electoral system he's done many things to make it much harder to stand against him he has six more pit years in power and the valley just has to keep the protests taking over to make sure that people know he's still here for a challenge with the latest for us from moscow laurie thank you. the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've managed to help just a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of
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torrential rain andrew symonds has been traveling with one of the relief teams. here in the neighboring county of khalifi it's the reverse of baccy another major river that's causing all of the hardship right now people are leaving the school here so many schools have been used to shelter but now it isn't nature that's forcing these people away it's actually the government because they want these schools to reopen there are seven them seven of them here in gary she alone many others are also being used they've got much better facilities obviously water and sanitation but no these people are going through a camp they're having to move again they're not really complaining that fact that their children need education but everyone is really getting to terms trying to get to terms of the fact that this crisis isn't going to be over within days in mind will be over within months because there could be a lasting effect so many crops lost so many livelihoods are lost they had
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a drought now they've had another extreme to long rains to renshaw rain and the forecast is adjusting the rains could go right into june that means crops will be totally destroyed it would have been the planting season and then you're into what could be another drought afterwards well these people are in a situation where there should be an abundance of food here but their whole life loads the whole lives are being threatened. now with a big challenge remains on high alert has continues to spew from. the island has been rocked by a series of strong earthquakes and nearly two thousand people have been forced to flee their homes there and a home has the latest. for five days hawaii's big island has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes and then three major trim is over a three hour period the biggest a magnitude six point nine. the
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seismic activity began on monday when the crater floor of the pool or a volcanic cone on the cool the way it started to collapse lava flowed into newly created underground chambers that lava along with rocks and toxic gas is now being spewed into the year and coming up through the years if the the stay active for a short period. weighing in on the start of. kilo wears one of the world's most active volcanoes vulcanologists say it was never a question of when but where the volcano might erupt what's different this time is that a new fissure is a period much further down the mountain the challenge with this activity is the fact that it occurred in a populated area now the question is will it stay in that area will it move to another part of the part of the volcano and how long will it last. officials
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ordered at least seven thousand five hundred people to leave their homes including everyone in the town of pa for. the. residents of familiar with the dangers four years ago kill away as lava flow stopped just short of the town. experts say the gases and highly toxic but while the lever is dangerous it's slow moving that means people will have time to escape even for those who did get close to it but buildings can't be moved and homes have already been destroyed the killer where has been erupting on and off for thirty five years experts say it's difficult to predict how long this irruption will last but they're insisting they will do whatever is necessary no measure the disruption to keep people safe and out of syria. at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir a civilian died from his injuries and gar after being run over by an indian
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security vehicle and earlier at least three separatist fighters were killed during a raid by security forces a warning you may find some images in a summer binge of ide's report the starving. this is the moment when an indian security vehicle crushes a crush me protester. the vehicle drives on and the wounded man is left behind he later died of his injuries indian forces say they are investigating what happened it is not under control as you get that video of a civilian just him to be a certain make you want to practice all he said gun. was more than a dozen people have been killed in escalating violence in indian administered kashmir last month the un secretary general urged that the loss of civilian lives needs to be investigated. and get it's been another day of violence. this time it began when soldiers raided homes in
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a densely populated area in the city a shrine over security forces say they had information that fighters were hiding in that area when they were asked to surrender the soldiers say the fighters started shooting opposition is going on things are under control everything is an under control you want to look. for that there is not much there is more damage of a civilian property and another thing so i think that under control. all three fighters were killed by security forces during the operation police accused protesters of trying to impede their operation and help the rebels sort of . our brothers who've left in the path of allah they left for us and they've taken up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers in. india continues to blame neighboring pakistan for instigating trouble in the disputed region which pakistan denies. activists say more than seven hundred
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thousand indian troops and security personnel have been deployed in kashmir and the army is opposing calls to repeal a special powers act which prevents the prosecution of soldiers accused of abuses human rights watch has urged india to carry out prompt investigations into allegations of abuses and to prosecute those responsible. but rights groups say thousands of already been killed in three decades of violence with no sign of reconciliation anytime. someone jobby the disease. iran's president has criticised the ban on the popular messaging application some rouhani says blocking the app telegram is the opposite of democracy now it was banned earlier this week by the conservative run judiciary state television says it was to protect national security iran has been considering the move since january one protests over the colony spread across the country officials say some of those rallies were organized using telegram
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a fight has broken out on the korean border after a prominent defector from the north was stopped from sending anti pyongyang leaflets proxying hacker was trying to send thirty thousand leaflets across the border using balloons he says north korean leader kim jong un does not support efforts for reunification despite his historic meeting with south south korean counterpart in last week thousands of locals joined police in stopping him releasing the balloons well still to come here on the program we are in lebanon ahead of the first parliamentary elections in nine years but will a new electoral system bring about change and the french president wraps up his trip to new caledonia with what's being seen as a symbolic gesture towards reconciliation.
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hello the rain is getting heavy now in china you might expect it to spring rains looks like on sunday it's going to be from eastwards where it's at its heaviest is clearly constant feeder shall see more likely in the ground including in hong kong and thirty humid degrees here showers even more likely come monday bubble which time the main rain belts drift studies i think will do this nor size movement until it gets consolidated one place for a few days then they'll be pretty big flooding we have still got some big thunderstorms in bangladesh and northeast india which is seasonally correct i want to show as exists for the south in india and in sri lanka but otherwise the picture is fairly obviously one of increasing temperatures we've pictures not poor in new delhi as temperatures in the low forty's but frequently were in the forty six forty seven mark in russia stan and in central pakistan cooler than it was but it's still pretty hot obvious is right in the finals of india the finals of pakistan snow in
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the hindu kush and that is going to carry all the damaging showers where people live still like to be northeastern india possibly bangladesh quite was around the arabian plates for the moment there is cloud drifting about the potential for the fog the storms in northern soddy but otherwise it's quiet. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington or members of congress do nothing about the slate part of the constituency and their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government or do we get there you know what it is and in this campaign ted the responsibility everybody got up there for get a. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera russian police detained opposition leader likes of only as a protest at a protest ahead of president vladimir putin several duration more than a thousand demonstrators were arrested across the country the u.n. is warning severe flooding in kenya could cause an outbreak of disease at least one hundred twelve people have been killed in more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months strong earthquakes have rational hawaii's big island where a volcanic eruption is threatening thousands of homes molten lava is bubbling up around the q where will cain over causing nearly two thousand people to flee.
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protesters are gathering outside the national rifle association's annual meeting in dallas texas momentum has been building for stricter gun controls since a high school shooting in florida left seventeen people dead earlier this year president trump addressed the meeting on friday vowing to protect the rights of gun owners well how did you cast her joins us live now from outside that conference well as we were mentioning momentum had kind of been building or has been building but in light of what president tom said yesterday i guess a lot of people who were hoping for stricter gun control will be disappointed. that's right barbara you know you mentioned that momentum it's been building since february fourteenth massacre of the seven children and educators in the high school or in the student organizers were disappointed when you heard president donald trump addressing the entering members yesterday professing his full support and
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defending the gun rights movement now what they have a glimmer of hope to have been more. who had. had shown himself in the days after the park a shooting when he met with some of the student survivors and even said that he would think about raising the age limit of buying assault weapons and he said to some of his fellow republican lawmakers that they may be afraid of the n.r.a. but that he wasn't come the very next day though from that white house meeting trump had already watched he met with the n.r.a. in private and quickly has backpedaled those professed efforts for some sort of gun reform and so yesterday what we heard was the president again feeling that allegiance of the n.r.a. the gun lobby which notably gave more than thirty million dollars to his election and barbara and how do you mean these protests a lot of the momentum building or nor does it have any impact at all on the n.r.a.
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members at the conference itself is ready questioning that they have among themselves. you know i was over at the convention and that there was some head shaking there was something to the swag but as far as a. conversation with one selves no not at all the protesters here that gun control advocates are intentionally staying about a block away from the convention hall they say they do not want a confrontation we'll see that tested a little later today when a group of gun rights advocates in texas plan to be here to come front and counter protests and they plan to be armed with rifles which is legal in this state texas where the n.r.a. is having its convention this year has the most guns out of any state in the united states and so the students here were organizing are not focusing on those texans
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are on the n.r.a. members themselves to deliver this message what they are hoping for is that come november when this time for americans to vote that the wider public which show a growing no. for almost seventy percent favor control country student advocates are hoping that they will make that no one in the pool and potentially that control of the house of representatives may switch to democrats the party that is notably pushing for more of these. castor outside the national rifle association. for us heidi thank you. lebanon is holding its first parliamentary elections and nine years on sunday thousands of ballot boxes are being distributed across fifteen electoral districts but with the country still divided along sectarian lines there is little hope that a new electoral system will bring major political changes holder reports now from beirut. it will be the first parliamentary election in nearly
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a decade were repeatedly postponed until a new electoral law was agreed proportional representation has replaced winner takes all system but some are criticizing the new law for benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power their main objective is to increase the number of. number of seats. the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on power is not easy the problem is that the civil society represent. not one group they say that they are. just to say that. in reality they are divided. as are the only parties that formed a joint and the torah lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they
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are facing opposition from within limited but a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning extra hard if you are rich. with change. one thing change prime minister will lose seats because of the way districts are carved out but he is expected to be the leader with the biggest bloc in parliament he does however face opposition from within his community blaming him for not taking a hardline stance against the iranian backed has. to prove that he. can be the next prime minister. christian candidates are also battling for leadership of their community the polls their popularity
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a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved. long established. of the past. and the pros. and the. military power which is stronger than the lebanese army has been at least for the time being. have been focusing instead on securing their power if the hope was to bring about a new generation of leaders likely will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general consensus that these elections will not major changes to the political landscape. pro-democracy activists have to march and house. to demand that election to be held this year the march was
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announced during a rally at bangkok university take place on may twenty second which is the fourth anniversary of the coup when the army over. the army has repeatedly promised to hold elections only to push the bat. the unveiling of a statue of karl marx has sparked celebrations and protests in the german city of tria the bronzes statue marks two hundred years since the philosopher's birth it was a gift from china who is really in part he says it's carrying on marxist communist legacy and veiling so protests against human rights abuses in china marks remains a controversial figure especially among germans who lived under the soviet union home minister government after the second world war. french president manuel mccall has wrapped up his three day visit to new caledonia he attended a ceremony marking thirty years since the whole stitch crisis on via island in the ember the french territory will vote in
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a referendum on whether to split from france mark earnest they were that reconciliation and his visit needed to come first that thomas reports now from new caledonia. there are a few places more remote than the island to move there emmanuel macro came here to make a point that he's prepared to travel anywhere literally and politically in the name of reconciliation we are at six months from the refresh and i just wanted to first of all revert to the sometimes very difficult past we had and this vision here in of a our and i don't know were thirty years ago we had a very a very definite there was a lot of victims so it's very important to reconcile everybody which is a precondition of a fair return and i'm. going to be sure that this of on i'm going to be organizing the perfect way which would be the case and does a concert of the united nation with cert i want to convey as well as ambition of france and the region macro is the first french president ever to visit there where
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in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight political violence killed more than twenty people after losing what they saw as a rigged referendum on independence a group of pro independent indigenous cannot command stormed a police station killing four placement and taking more than twenty others hostage for two weeks the policemen were held in a cave before france's government sent in soldiers they freed the hostages killing nineteen of those the french government called terrorists in the process. patricia dno his brother was one of those killed on may the fifth nine hundred eighty eight she's marked the day every year since his grave which has become a memorial to the comic victims. thirty years on they are still scars we want justice to be down i hope that michael makes a big just to feel that they did not die in vain people on saturday president joint commemorations meeting family members of those on both sides who died this is the
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most significant part of president micron's trip thirty years after the events of the late ninety's he's told people here that he wants to open a new chapter between the french government and the people don't you caledonia the violence of the one nine hundred eighty s. led to a peace process which both sides agreed would lead ultimately to another referendum that's what's happening finally in november magro wants to ensure that this time independent supporters see the vote as credible after britain leaves the european union france will be the only e.u. country with territory in the pacific micro thinks that will give his country a strategic edge in the region but keeping this specific target treat peacefully with in france comes first andrew thomas al-jazeera their new caledonia or president hollande may be making waves around the globe but back at home he is not as popular tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets of paris to protest against their leader one year into his presidency they carried placards and
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effigies of the former investment banker the protesters are critical of his economic program which they say favors the rich. that is sending a robotic geologist to mars to explore deeper inside the planet than ever before. to. the mars insight lander launched from california and the first interplanetary mission to ever take off from the west coast of the u.s. it will take six months for the spacecraft to reach its destination and as chris and some of the reports the aim is to help learn more about our own planet too it's a mission to deepen our understanding of the red planet quite literally once nasa is mars in sight lands it will send probes deep under the surface not just to find out more about that world but also our own mars is geologically similar to earth
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what's different is that it's relatively unchanged since its formation something scientists hope will provide clues as to how the earth formed after the big bang we want to understand what happened in those first few ticks of the clock on the earth that the evidence has been mostly erased. have instruments point but that's not all the mars insights to your mission will also use seismometers like these to measure quakes on the planet and in a first experiment of its kind the mars insight will be trying out new satellite technology called cube sat two briefcase size satellites will break off from the insight shortly after take off and follow it to mars but stay in orbit while it does its work below if they can still transmit the data back to earth it's thought they could revolutionize satellite use its nasa is first interplanetary mission to be launched from a base other than florida's cape canaveral but after saying goodbye the scientists
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will have to wait six months before insight reaches its target and is able to dig deep into the red planet kristen salumi al-jazeera. a massive landslide has sent people fleeing for their lives in southwestern china. terrifying an estimated fifty thousand cubic meters of rock and soil crashed down a hillside in sichuan province no one was killed or injured but the landslide blocked the road and even partially blocked a river. more on that story and everything else that we have been covering here on al jazeera on our website there it is on your screens right now the address al jazeera dot com.
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and now the headlines on al-jazeera riot police in russia have detained opposition leader likes in the valley as well as more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations across the country the valley was carried away as he attended a rally against president vladimir putin in the capital moscow opponents have united under a slogan he's not ours czar referring to putin's eighteen years in power the protests come just two days ahead of putin's inauguration it will be his fourth term in office he was barred from standing in the election for a challenge has the latest now from moscow. he's a person whose star rode. on the the end of the last main protest movements it in russia in two thousand and seven two thousand and twelve that was the last time the president was in inaugurated as well so that. base of the gave birth in a valley as an opposition leader he now has to try to work out how he's going to
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keep this going when writing a piece in is looking much more comfortable than he did six years ago the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed in more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers to say that they've reached only a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of torrential rain the red cross says it doesn't have enough money to cover its emergency operations at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir a civilian died from his injuries in srinagar after being run over by an indian security vehicle and earlier at least three separate his fighters were killed during a raid by security forces how wise big island remains on high alert as lava continues to spew from its volcano the island has been a rock the by a series of strong earthquakes and nearly two thousand people have been forced to
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flee their homes a fight has broken out on the korean border after a prominent effect of from the north was stopped from sending and keep yelling and leaflets packs on have was trying to send thirty thousand leaflets across the border using balloons he says north korea's kim jong un doesn't support efforts for reunification those are the headlines and i have more news for you here nobbs there in half an hour coming up next though it's faultlines thanks for watching. the thing. to it a it on the your d.v.d.'s.


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