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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. is iraq food in world news with the most billion people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with the growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably folks online eighty thousand just on this bit of the thread. and see there's the vegetable of the sea right there. food for thought on al-jazeera.
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odd opposition leader of lexan of a more than a thousand of those are detained across russia in anti putin protests. hello there i'm jonah how this is al-jazeera live from the also coming up ballance flares in indian administered kashmir protesters killed after being run over by an indian security vehicle. the troop deployment that's testing relations between yemen and the united arab emirates. all my god. look at all thought and warnings of more tremors to come in hawaii after a magnitude six point nine earthquake rattles the big island triggering more eruptions from mt killer well.
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police in russia have detained opposition leader election of army as well as more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations he was attending a rally against president vladimir putin in the capital moscow the protests come just two days before putin's inauguration for a fourth term rory chalons reports now from moscow. the right side of the aisle two days before putin's fourth presidential inauguration these russians wanted him to hear their demonstration slogan you are not ours are not we have a fascist state a totalitarian regime we should do something about it there is no relation and russia almost like. i'm here because i disagree with the politics the government and our so-called president are leading i want to tell him that he is not ours are not his place in the hague and imprisoned that again on that through several
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thousands joins the unapproved protest in moscow thousands more demonstrated in other cities across russia there are five or moscow's pushkin square they were met by a small group with very different values. and describing themselves as patriots they want to prevent a ukraine stop arising in russia just mad we have currently being officially ruled by a constitution that was written for us by american specialists well under foreign rule not everyone here is not all the supporters people came here because they see that things are bad in the country but they don't understand why so and they were told by some people that it is putin to be blamed in everything people can't figure out such things for themselves their tempers started to rise at that point the police moved in. so they were arrested began in other parts of russia i do want to say
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now that i want to head in moscow was the brilliance of just grabbed a young guy out of the crowd and looked like she was crying so dragging her off to the police wagon. the numbers of detentions take top words protest after protest i was dragged away so too was a man who calls this demonstration alexei navalny he's an anti corruption opposition leader who was banned from presidential elections because of a fraud conviction he insists was for. abrogated his online videos exposing the corruption of russia's ruling elite have made him a critic of the kremlin and a popular resistance figure among many russians who want something different. to hold on power for another six years he's tightened control of the media and internet and made protesting much harder his assertive foreign policy is popular with many russians moscow's riot police followed detentions with a neck stacked in their rough clearing the square the valley supporters have be
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through this before and i'll probably go through it all again they feel is their only remaining way to be heard. al-jazeera moscow. at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir a civilian died from his injuries in srinagar after being run over by an indian security vehicle and earlier at least three separatist fighters were killed during a raid by security forces what a warning now. that you may find some of the images in our summer binge of aids report disturbing. this is the moment when an indian security vehicle crashes a protester. the vehicle drives on and the wounded man is left behind he later died of his injuries indian forces say they're investigating what happened . it is not under control as a guard that gave a civilian system to be a surrogate may go to the fact that all the second was more than
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a dozen people have been killed in escalating violence in indian administered kashmir last month the un secretary general urged that the loss of civilian lives needs to be investigated. and get it's been another day of violence. this time it began when soldiers raided homes in a densely populated area in the city assuring ever security forces say they had information that fighters were hiding in that area when they were asked to surrender the soldiers say the fight to stop that shooting operation is going on things not under control everything is an under control you want to look. for that there is not much there is more damage off assuming property and and other things so i think that under control the. old street fighters were killed by security forces during the operation police accused protesters of trying to impede their operation and help the rebels. our brothers who have left in the pot that
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they left for us and they've taken up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers in. india continues to blame neighboring pakistan for instigating trouble in the disputed region which pakistan denies. activists say more than seven hundred thousand indian troops and security personnel have been deployed in kashmir and the army is opposing calls to repeal a special powers act which prevents the prosecution of soldiers accused of abuses human rights watch has urged india to carry out prompt investigations into allegations of abuses and to prosecute those responsible but rights groups say thousands have already been killed in kashmir in nearly three decades of violence with no sign of reconciliation any time soon that. someone job there. the u.a.e. could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen now through deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting its exiled government that's according to
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a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press they've been further protests on so-called island against the u.s. military presence there it's not clear when the troops will leave saudi arabia sent a delegation to the island after iran two soldiers took over key locations there this week the yemeni government and the u.s. formally allies against who the rebels but the u.a.e. as promoted other separatists in southern yemen at the expense of the government. the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've managed to help just a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter after weeks of to rental rain and or simmons has been traveling with one of the relief teams. here
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in the neighboring county of khalifi it's the reverse of baccy another major river that's causing all of the hardship right now people are leaving the school here so many schools have been used to shelter but now it is nature that's forcing these people away it's actually the government because they want these schools to reopen there are seven them seven of them here in gary she alone many others are also being used they've got much better facilities obviously water and sanitation but no these people are going through a camp they're having to move again they're not really complaining that fact that their children need education but everyone is really getting to terms trying to get to terms of the fact that this crisis isn't going to be over within days in mind or be over within months because there could be a lasting effect so many crops lost so many livelihoods are lost they had
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a drought now they've had another extreme to long rains to wrench all rain and the forecast is adjusting the rains could go right into june that means crops will be totally destroyed it would have been the planting season and then you're into what could be another drought afterwards well these people are in a situation where there should be an abundance of food here but their whole lives the whole lives are being threatened. by wise beguile and remains on high alert as lava continues to spew from its killer way a volcano the island has been rocked by a series of strong earthquakes and nearly two thousand people have been forced to flee their homes around a honda as the latest. on the side days why is big island has been wrestled by hundreds of its quakes and three major train is over a three hour period the biggest and make new to six point nine. this seismic activity began on monday when the crazy floor of the. volcanic cone on the
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. the way it started to collapse lava flowed into newly created underground chambers that lava along with rocks and toxic gas is now being spewed into the year and coming up through the years. the the stay active for a short period. wane and the start of. killer wears one of the world's most deck to volcanoes vulcanologists say it was never a question of when but where the volcano might erupt what's different this time is that a new fissure is appeared much farther down the mountain the challenge with this activity is the fact that it occurred in a populated area now the question is will it stay in that area will it move to another part of the part of the volcano and how long will it last. officials ordered at least seven thousand five hundred people to leave their homes including everyone in the town of puff for we have only one issue and that is to do the best
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. to gotten good to this residents of familiar with the dangers four years ago killer ways lava flow stopped just short of the town. experts say the gases and esha highly toxic but while the lever is dangerous it's slow moving that means people will have time to escape even for those who did get close to it but buildings can't be moved and homes have already been destroyed as to where has been erupting on and off for thirty five years experts say it's difficult to predict how long this irruption will last but they're insisting they'll do whatever is necessary no measure the disruption to keep people safe made in the hall and out of syria. well reynolds joins us live now from lonnie is states on the ground on the ground i believe close to where the lava flow is or was it rob is there a sense now of any ongoing threat either earthquake or volcano related.
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well it's a very fluid situation jonah certainly the earthquake a six point nine tremor jolted this island in this area it didn't cause any notable damage or injuries and it did not cause any tsunami activity either but we're in a area right now loni a states that is right on the forefront of this volcanic eruption and this is a new. roadblock that's been set up by authorities here just in the trees over in that area not very long ago a couple of hours ago a new vent opened and lava began flowing out of that so that this road was then immediately closed people have already been evacuated we talked to one gentleman with the authorities who went up that road about a thousand meters and said that there is lava emerging from the earth there's smoke
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and fire there the danger really to. life is not so much the lava itself which is very and explained in a report is slow moving but the. toxic gases sulfur dioxide which is very strong in very high concentrations and it can overwhelm a person very quickly so it's a it's a fluid ongoing situation and people are and authorities are taking all precautions they can what one resident i was reading rob described the eruption as a relief i suppose they've been living have they with with the fear of this for some time. well this volcano one of the most active in the world has been erupting for more than thirty years and i talked to a local resident resident tony lutes who was just here a few minutes ago and he said that when you live in the shadow of the volcano it's
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something that you respect and you are aware of but you don't necessarily fear it all the time it's just like any place else he said in the middle of the brassica or. oklahoma you have tornadoes in california or japan you have earthquakes on the east coast of the united states you have hurricanes here they have volcanoes and they deal with it rob runnels live for us on the ground close to the killer way volcanic eruption in hawaii many thanks for all and do stay with us now because still ahead week a reaction to donald trump's pledge to protect the second amendment during an address to the national rifle association in dallas. to. hand the new mission to mobs that will dig deeper into the red planet than ever before.
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hello the remains of the april heatwave is pretty widespread eighty five days ago in europe east here in the east of europe has been eaten into as it has been everywhere else by the latest of the cold fronts as it's brought rain in and change of temperature some cloud from the atlantic so we back down to really normal conditions now those normal conditions will prevail over night was showers around the balkans for greece and turkey and the circulation the western med slowly improving other words the wind is lightning the showers not as widespread as they have been the last couple of days and in fact the warmth is increasing in western europe twenty four to twenty seven against the british isles about the same as the remnants here in romania where the rest of europe is just recovering having dropped ten degrees it's starting to warm slowly get on that massive green is going to be i
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think a big mass of some storms and heavy showers from remaining through greece still into turkey probably macedonia as well remaining showers in southern france just a few wondering thunderstorms but that feels a bit more like spring the weather by this time should have improved on the north coast of algeria tunisia the wind is lighter no showers around because the difference in temperature in carbon as one twenty seven in cairo but the breeze brings forty six to us one. three stories generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different perspectives. it's the only evidence that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why i only got. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election
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with the listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera russian police have detained opposition leader alexina valmy of a protest ahead of president vladimir putin's inauguration one thousand demonstrators were arrested across the country. at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir a civilian died from his injuries after being run over by an indian security vehicle and the u.a.e. could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after it deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting its exiled government that's according to
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a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press. protesters are gathering outside the national rifle association's annual meeting in dallas texas momentum has been building for stricter gun control since a high school shooting in florida left seventeen people dead earlier this year president trump addressed the meeting on friday vowing to protect the rights of gun owners. joins us live from outside the conference good to see you heidi joe i understand that been protests going on both for and against the n.r.a. what more can you tell us. that's right joe no there has been splattering of protest starting yesterday and now into the weekend as the n.r.a. conference continues just a while short while ago the plaza where i'm standing was full of the counter protesters they were civilians who carry rifles and pistols and are legally allowed to do so in the state of texas where we are now and they were here to protest their
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rights under the second amendment to bear arms they are the way outnumbered by the number of protesters who are for gun control who dominated this was earlier in the day and have now moved on to another park they told me that they were very disappointed by the message delivered by president donald trump yesterday before the n.r.a. wenching which he professed his unabridged allegiance to the gun lobby they said that they were not shocked by any means though knowing that trump was given thirty million dollars for his campaign by the n.r.a. and given his his back peddling of some promises he had made after the last mass shooting in parkland florida in which seventeen students and teachers were killed at the time had given some hope to gun control advocates when he had had wondered whether it would be a good idea to raise the minimum age to purchase assault weapons but again after meeting with the n.r.a. he quickly back pedaled on that idea and yesterday delivered to the n.r.a.
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a solid pat on the back for its efforts to keep gun rights strong in the united states jonah you know i do the n.r.a. clearly very pleased with what trump had to say yesterday the french not so much. no donald trump yesterday made some remarks regarding the twenty fifteen paris attacks if you'll recall one hundred thirty people were killed in that attacks and trunk trump basically said that the reason there were so many of the dems is because of france's gun laws which he calls the toughest gun laws in the world he went on to say that quote of one person had a gun that the terrorists would have been deterred and he even went on to pantomime the motion of firing upon those victims by the attackers so those statements and that motion problematic on many fronts but one just factually pointing out that the attackers in paris weren't only mass shooters but also men who had on suicide vests
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you know france today did deliver a remarkably strong rebuke of those statements made by trump this statement coming from the foreign ministry of france and i'll read to you a little bit of it france expresses its disapproval of president trance remarks and calls for respect for the memory of the victims each country freely defines its own laws in the field of carrying firearms and it goes on to say that france is proud to be a safe country where the acquisition and possession of firearms is strictly regulated so jonah indeed remarkable repeat specially coming from the country that it is the closest european ally to donald trump with president emanuel just visiting the white house in the weeks prior for the first state visit of the administration but a rebuke that really highlights the gap between america's. america's stance on guns and that of the rest of the developed world. reporting live for us from dallas
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texas mother. an explosion in gaza has killed six members of hamas military wing because some brigades the blast which injured three others happened in a residential neighborhood of zoraida says those involved were trying to deal with an unexploded israeli weapon dating back to the two thousand and fourteen war and fears of vital cargo crossing into gaza could take weeks to repair after it was set alight by palestinian demonstrators during friday protests pipelines which carry fuel and gas into gaza could cost millions of dollars to fix witnesses to the incident say it was unintentional or a force that has the latest from gaza or one of those potentially damaging events that took place during the course of the six friday protest along the gaza border came in the far south near the only cargo crossing from israeli territory into gaza where five days a week each of those days hundreds of trucks will arrive bringing food medical supplies humanitarian aid and there was
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a group of palestinian protesters who got into the palestinian side of that facility and set about creating extensive damage gas and fuel pipelines were set on fire as were a number of other facilities we saw evidence of that ourselves the aftermath some burnt out huts were being trucked away from the border into gaza the israeli military called it a cynical act of terror but the account that we got from one witness when we visited the protest site near the crossing was very different he said that people had been driven in the direction of the crossing by tear gas once there they opportunistically got inside and then vented their frustrations in what he said was a mistaken way. and let's start them about that what was done in one of the more that will did we get aid from europe and the world through here people know what displaced means it's not the plan of the protesters to burn a place like that it was a mistake though i'm not how low official palestinian sources tell us that the
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damage done could run into the millions of dollars and there were fears when first it was discovered that that could take some weeks to fix up and allow this vital economic artery to flow again however what we're hearing is that despite all the accusations from the israeli military there are also concerns about the impact of that and so there are hopes at least that it will reopen as per usual on sunday we've spoken to the head of the palestinian business association here in gaza he says that the israeli military has been there from very early on saturday bringing in fresh equipment and doing what they can to make sure that things do operate again as soon as possible army officers senior army officers on the israeli side have been saying for some time now that a further worsening of the humanitarian situation here in gaza would carry significant security implications for israel that seems to be a motivating factor here former manchester united manager sir alex ferguson has
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undergone emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage the club says he's in a serious condition in intensive care so alex coached the side from one nine hundred eighty six to two thousand and thirteen under his leadership manchester united won thirty eight trophies including thirteen the premier league titles. the windrush generation and their families have been calling on the british prime minister for an end to what they say has been a hostile environment for the thousands of people who've been affected by the scandal which left thousands of people without documentation to prove their status in the u.k. . reports. from. the call for amnesty for victims of a scandal that goes to the heart of the british government a scandal that's affected thousands of people of caribbean origin and their fight to remain in the country meant to be their home i still have. to find some people i
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know. in the middle of the night we couldn't do anything about it because because batman stories so open the wind rush generation who went to britain between one nine hundred forty eight in one thousand nine hundred seventy one were vital in rebuilding the nation after the second world war but for many the right to remain in the u.k. has been fraught with difficulties by government blunders no records were kept for those who will grant to permission to stay permanently and no paperwork was issued to confirm it and in twenty ten the british home office destroyed landing cards that belonged to wind migrants risking the status of people who have been living here illegally in the u.k. for decades many of those affected lost their jobs and were denied access to health care benefits and pensions they were even threatened with deportation the government has promised the would rise within two weeks there are still so many
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unanswered questions and just last week the ruling party voted against the release of secret documents relating to the with russia crisis saying that it was disproportionate during last week's prime minister's questions reason may promise more transparency into how such wrongful deportations and detentions occurred but so far she has resisted discarding further immigration control. despite increasing pressure we all share the ambition to make sure we do right by members of the wind generation and that's why he will be announcing a package of measures to bring transparency on the issue to inform make sure the house is informed to reassure members of this house but more importantly to reassure those people who have been directly affected under emergency government measures thousands of people will be offered the chance to obtain british citizenship free of charge as well as the right to compensation for those affected it is perhaps too little too late you little light here in the telling you you
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don't mean. oh well you know the anger and hurt of a generation who were betrayed by a country they believed in sunnydale egle jazeera london. nasa is sending a robotic geologist to mars to explore deeper inside the planet than ever before. three to. mars inside the land the launch from california in the first interplanetary mission to ever take off from the west coast of the united states like christmas a losing record. it's a mission to deepen our understanding of the red planet quite literally once nasa is mars in sight lands it will send probes deep under the surface not just to find out more about that world but also our own mars is geologically similar to earth what's different is that it's relatively unchanged since its formation something scientists hope will provide clues as to how the earth formed after the big bang we
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want to understand what happened in those first few ticks of the clock on the earth that evidence has been mostly erased. by instrument point but that's not all the mars insights to your mission will also use seismometers like these to measure quakes on the planet and in a first experiment of its kind the mars insight will be trying out new satellite technology called cube sat two briefcase sized satellites will break off from the insight shortly after take off and follow it to mars but stay in orbit while it does its work below if they can still transmit the data back to earth it's thought they could revolutionize satellite use its nasa is first interplanetary mission to be launched from a base other than florida's cape canaveral but after saying goodbye the scientists will have to wait six months before insight reaches its target and is able to dig deep into the red planet kristen salumi al-jazeera don't forget the website as
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ever it's w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. and just a quick look at the headlines before we go riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexina valmy as well as more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations across the country noel knew it was carried away as he attended a rally against present president vladimir putin in the capital moscow opponents of united under a slogan he's not ours are referring to putin's eighteen years in power the protests come just two days ahead of putin's inauguration it will be his fourth term in office about only was barred from standing in the election rory chalons has the latest from moscow is a person who star rose. on the the end of the last main protest movement it in russia in two thousand and two thousand and twelve that was
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the last time the president was in inaugurated as well so that we were basically gave birth in a valley as an opposition leader he now has to try to work out how he's going to keep this going. but to me putin is looking much more comfortable than he did six years ago at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir a civilian died from his injuries in srinagar after being run over by an indian security vehicle. the u.a.e. could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after it deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting the exiled government that's according to a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press that been further protests on so-called trial and against the u.a.e. military presence there i wise big island remains on high alert as lava continues to spew from its killer whale volcano the island has been rocked by a series of strong earthquakes. the un is warning of disease outbreaks following
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severe flooding in kenya at least a hundred twelve people have been killed in more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've reached only a quarter of the nearly fifty thousand families in need of shelter pro-democracy activists in thailand a valid to march on government house later this month to demand an election be held this year the march was announced during a rally at bangkok university for those are all the headlines europe today listening produced is next. at least twenty five.


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