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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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al-jazeera. where ever you are. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. alone has this is the news hour live from doha here's what's coming up in the next sixty minutes. mass arrests in protests against russia's president opposition leader alexina valmy is among those taken away. the u.s. revives an old naval fleet to patrol the waters of the atlantic and confront russia . thousands of kenyans hit by floods faced worsening conditions in emergency camps. fears of more tremors after an earthquake hits hawaii and then erupting volcano forces thousands from their homes.
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that are riot police in russia had detained opposition leader alexei navalny and a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations he called for nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin who be inaugurated for a fourth term on monday were a challenge reports from moscow. the insider the the two days before putin's fourth presidential inauguration these russians wanted him to hear their demonstration slogan you are not ours are not we have a fascist state a totalitarian regime we should do something about it there is no relation and russia. i'm here because i disagree with the politics the government and our so-called president are leading i want to tell him that he is not and that his place in the hague and imprisoned that again on the roof several thousands joins the unapproved protest in moscow thousands more demonstrated in other cities across
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russia. was almost always pushkin square they were met by a small group with very different values. and describing themselves as patriots they want to prevent a ukraine stop arising in russia just met we have currently being officially ruled by a constitution that was written for us by american specialists well under foreign rule not everyone here is not all the supporters people came here because they see that things are bad in the country but they don't understand why so and they were told by some people that it is putin to be blamed in everything people can't figure out such things for themselves their tempers started to rise how did that point to the police moved in. so they were arrest that began in other parts of russia i do want to say now that here in moscow it was the police have just robbed a young got out of the crowd and looked like she was crying so dragging her off to
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the police where. the numbers of detentions take top which protest after protest i was dragged away so too was the man who calls this demonstration alexina valmy he's an anti corruption opposition leader who was banned from presidential elections because of a fraud conviction he insists was. abrogated his online videos exposing the corruption of russia's ruling elite have made him a critic of the kremlin and a popular resistance figure among many russians who want something different. putin's hold on power for another six years he's tightened control of the media and internet and made protesting much harder his assertive foreign policy is popular with many russians moscow's riot police follow detentions with a neck stacked in their rough clearing the square the valley supporters have been through this before you know probably go through it all again they feel it's their
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only remaining way to be heard rory talents al-jazeera moscow samuel green is the director of king's russia king's college in london he says the valleys biggest challenge is proving to supporters that the protests will make a difference. it is almost impossible to estimate how much support he does or could possibly have obviously he was not allowed to contest the elections and we don't know how many people would have voted for him even if. he had been allowed or he is not visible on television and so his ability to to reach people through formal means is quite limited he has and his supporters have opened a network of volunteer centers around the country which participate in organizing these sorts of things also trying to get involved in local protest movements but the reality is that. most people in russia will not see politics either formal politics or or street politics as a fruitful way of of problem solving so his or his big challenge is to to
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demonstrate that something can actually be achieved it's very reminiscent of what we saw around about this time in may twenty twelve just after putin the last time was was reelected there was one last protest right before his inauguration it resulted in large numbers of arrests after which a couple dozen people went to prison for fairly lengthy prison terms i have no idea whether we'll see something similar now but in both cases up until the election the government held back void of the sorts of scenes that we've seen today in order i think to provide present the elections as relatively open relatively free and fair but then once the thing was said and done certainly wanted to say that the game's over the u.s. is beefing up its navy presence in the north atlantic just seven years after it was stood down pentagon says it's to deal with the increased threat from russia than estabrook reports. the u.s.
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navy says its second fleet will be back in commission this summer operating out of norfolk virginia the fleet which was eliminated in a cost cutting move seven years ago is being reestablished to counter what the pentagon calls a rising throughout from russia at a ceremony in norfolk on friday admiral john richardson chief of naval operations said our national defense makes it clear that we are back in an era of great power competition as the security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex. russia's navy has stepped up patrols in the atlantic and both russia and nato have been building up forces in eastern europe at levels not seen in decades while russia has fewer ships than it did during the height of the cold war u.s. officials are especially concerned about its expanded submarine fleet and increased presence in the atlantic ocean but one military expert sees this more as saber rattling than an outright threat of war i think what the russians will do is
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probably over time react with more submarines operating in the atlantic more messages to us that be aware but i think that this will be kept at a relatively low level and i really don't see a huge escalation or any escalation proceeding from these actions the u.s. second fleet will be responsible for an area extending halfway across the atlantic and will include a staff of more than two hundred dian us to brooke al-jazeera. protesters have gathered outside the u.s. national rifle association's annual meeting in dallas texas calls for stricter gun control laws have been getting louder since a high school shooting in florida killed seventeen people earlier this year president trump address thousands of gun owners at the convention on friday valiant to protect their rights castro has more from dallas. a father's pain from losing his son in the parkland florida school shooting turned
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protest. the. manual all over has been painting protest murals since his seventeen year old son was killed and now he says he wants to invite president donald trump to the family's home for a father to father visit. you will see an empty room. very powerful images of my son. all around my house we are. we're still with him every single day we wake up by we cannot listen to his law to these. jokes to please you see there's little chance trump would accept such an invitation on friday the president basked in the approval of the national rifle association the powerful gun lobby that gave his campaign more than thirty million
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dollars here's second amendment rights. are under siege but they will never ever. be under see as long as i'm your president trump expressed sympathy for the victims but has done little to reform gun laws since the florida shooting that killed seventeen that's despite student marches and polls showing that a growing number of americans almost seventy percent support more gun control protesters say. they'll show their power in the upcoming midterm elections we see tragedy after tragedy we've waited for a politician to speak up for us at some point you realize or not that it's our time to speak up for a selves and if they don't support us then like i said come november we're going to start voting people who actually care about the american people the students against guns aren't the only ones here protesting this group of civilians armed with rifles and pistols who are legally allowed to carry their weapons in public are also making their voices heard they have
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a very different point of view their constitutional right to bear arms the two sides clashing bringing to stark relief two very different america just exercise or second amendment rights we like to show that just because you have a gun you're not going to go shoot children but children have been the casualties of gun violence leaving grieving parents and a divided country in their wake. castro al-jazeera dallas or trump has sparked anger in france over his comments at that convention on the twenty fifteen paris attacks he suggested they could have been prevented if france had loose a gun laws and used hand gestures to mimic the attackers french politicians roundly condemned trump's remarks on the government called for the memory of the victims to be respected one hundred thirty people died in a series of attacks on restaurants a stadium and
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a concert hall in powers. we are plenty more ahead on this news out why this woman's condition was made worse after an operation in mexico she was not the only one. were in lebanon ahead of the first parliamentary elections there in nine years but will a new electoral system bring about change. and later in sport it's a fight for survival in the english premier league where even a victory might not be enough. told us they have a first thousands of people who took refuge in schools after losing their homes in kenya's floods are being moved into makeshift camps the government plans to reopen the schools on monday but as andrew simmons reports from the town of good ashie in khalifi county people are now facing worse conditions than before. it's
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a school classroom but this isn't about learning it's evil thousands of kenya's flood victims found food and shelter in schools but their stay is over it's time to move again the government wants to reopen the schools think of nothing and there is no way i can refuse to move i have no place of my own anymore. i have no peace of mind. and so the registration begins and these people are then sent on their way with some basic survival kits they're heading for a place known as the chief's camp but there's little in the way of comfort there they're all homeless with no possessions surrounded by floodwaters and there's no sign of what's going to happen next this camp may have the advantage of being on higher ground but it's a small hill top space is limited and it's overcrowded already the people have had
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to go elsewhere it's getting really bad for them while the weather is still wet and their conditions of got worse. they have to get wood to support the top pullens they've been given the to do is sell shelters and there are no facilities here yet for the moment the nearest source of drinking water is a want to strip away by forte and it means wading through these floods no bomb no. longer. the local chief has orders to reopen schools on monday but admits facilities for the displaced place yet what do they have it's not enough about toilets about what it's not good these resilient people are remarkably tolerant some accept the education of their children must come first but at what cost in terms of hardship and health risk.
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we are suffering it would be better to have this elderly device. it's difficult now moved back and forth you never know you might be. uncertain sea like the rain clouds hangs over these people andrew simmons al-jazeera khalifi county in kenya thousands of people have been forced to move on after a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook why the biggest to hit the area in decades that comes after the eruption of killer way a volcano which began spewing lava on thursday it could be seen a bubbling up through cracks on streets in the late lonnie estates and lanny gardens neighborhood where people have been ordered to leave rob reynolds reports from near mt killer way or how why. local resident tony lutes shot this cell
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phone video as new line of the events opened near his neighbor's house the molten rock blasted high above the ground and toxic sulfur dioxide gas streamed through the air sound and a lot of roaring like jet engine and every time it exploded it was like an explosion as i can i'm going on the new eruption from mount killer way a cause the emergency evacuation of nearly two thousand residents from the small rural community of les lani estates and surrounding areas one night it was find there was little cracks in the pavement and the next morning. no one having more of it covered roads with rivers of magma and reportedly destroyed several buildings hawaii's governor called out state national guard troops to provide emergency help and keep people out of harm's way and is a difficult thing to watch the lava flow is unpredictable and not exactly certain what course it will take on friday
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a powerful six point nine magnitude earthquake shook the big island of hawaii causing structural damage to buildings including a school kill away a is one of the world's most active volcanoes continually erupting now for more than thirty years normally the lava flows through subterranean channels to the sea but the new eruptions are following a different pattern this is a newly established road block in the middle of the eruption zone now the police and national guard tell us that just a couple of hours ago a new law the event opened up in the trees over in that direction for the people who live under the volcano the occasional jet of molten lava and bone shaking quake are part of the price of living in a tropical paradise i'm not afraid of it just respect it and be aware of. you know i don't care if the mountain is on predict. no one knows where the next
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love a breakout will be or how long kill away as angry mood will last. well let's go live now to rob who's in hawaii so rob what is the biggest health hazard right now . well the biggest health hazard that doctors and public health officials are warning people about is sulphur dioxide gas that's associated with the eruptions it is a toxic substance it can overwhelm someone and you can die if you breathe through much of it furthermore if you have a pulmonary condition like emphysema or asthma or if you are a young child or an elderly person with a weakened immune system it can cause some very serious health problems so they've monitored some of the levels of sulfur dioxide and find them to be very high so they're very concerned about that you can get out of the way of molten lava fairly
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easily because it's not moving very quickly harder to do that with gas now the latest from the local authorities here in hawaii county why is that they are saying that the lava flows have died down somewhat in the states just behind me behind this or road block but they say that the eruption is not yet done the civil defense administrators said that the eight active lava faults seem to have quieted and that they are sort of joined together but they're not completely done yet they have burned down five homes fortunately no people have been reported to be killed or seriously injured in a officials are now considering whether on sunday to allow people to come back into this area where her evacuation to pick up stranded pats
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important personal documents personal treasures and the like but they want to make sure that no one who doesn't belong here comes in to create any mischief. from around solders this is me i was in love rose my first thin layer states a white thanks for that. our coal mine explosion in southwest pakistan has killed at least sixteen miners emergency crews are trying to free workers who remain trapped underground lost in the marwar coal fields in baluchistan was caused by a buildup of methane gas inside the mine to other workers died in a landslide nearby at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir one man died in srinagar to being run over by indian security forces and earlier at least three separatist fighters were killed during
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a raid by seoul just a warning that you may find some images in a sound bin javits report now disturbing. this is the moment when an indian security vehicle crashes a protester. vehicle drives on and the wounded man is left behind he later died of his injuries indian forces say they're investigating what happened that is not under control as a guard at the other civilian system to be a certain make over the fact is an old piece of gum. more than a dozen people have been killed in escalating violence in indian administered kashmir last month the un secretary general urged that the loss of civilian lives needs to be investigated. and get it's been of the day of violence. this time it began when soldiers raided homes in a densely populated area in the city ocean over security forces say they had information that fighters were hiding in that area when they were asked to
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surrender the soldiers say the fighters started shooting opposition is going on things are under control everything is an under control you want to look. there is not much there is more damage of a civilian property and other things so i think that under control. old street fighters were killed by security forces during the operation police accused protesters of trying to impede their operation and help the rebels. are brothers who've left in the path of the left for us and they've taken up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers. india continues to blame neighboring pakistan for instigating trouble in the disputed region which pakistan denies. activists say more than seven hundred thousand indian troops and security personnel have been deployed in kashmir and the army is opposing calls to repeal
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a special powers act which prevents the prosecution of soldiers accused of abuses human rights watch has urged india to carry out prompt investigations into allegations of abuses and to prosecute those responsible but rights groups say thousands have already been killed in kashmir in nearly three decades of violence with no sign of reconciliation any time soon. an explosion in gaza has killed six members of hamas his military wing the cause sam brigades the blast happened in a residential enabled neighborhood of the way the hamma says those involved were trying to deal with an unexploded israeli weapon from the twenty fourteen war. the fears are growing and oil and gas pipelines supply and garza could take weeks to repair our street was set a light by palestinian demonstrators during friday protests witnesses say the damage was unintentional how the force it has more from gaza. one of those
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potentially damaging events that took place during the course of the six friday protest along the gaza border came in the far south near the only cargo crossing from israeli territory into gaza where five days a week each of those days hundreds of trucks will arrive bringing food medical supplies humanitarian aid and there was a group of palestinian protesters who got into the palestinian side of that facility and set about creating extensive damage gas and fuel pipelines were set on fire as were a number of other facilities we saw evidence of that ourselves the aftermath some burnt out huts were being trucked away from the border into gaza the israeli military called it a cynical act of terror but the account that we got from one witness when we visited the protest site near the crossing was very different he said that people had been driven in the direction of the crossing by tear gas once there they
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opportunistically got inside and then vented their frustrations in what he said was a mistaken way and that's the time of the marble we get aid from europe and the world through here people know what displaced means it's not the plan of the protesters to burn a place like that it was a mistake official palestinian sources tell us that the damage done could run into the millions of dollars and there were fears when first it was discovered that that could take some weeks to fix up and allow this vital economic artery to flow again however what we're hearing is that despite all the accusations from the israeli military there are also concerns about the impact of that and so there are hopes at least that it will reopen as per usual on sunday we've spoken to the head of the palestinian business association here in gaza he says that the israeli military has been there from very early on saturday bringing in fresh equipment and doing what they can to make sure that things do operate again. and as soon as
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possible army officers senior army officers on the israeli side have been saying for some time now that a further worsening of the humanitarian situation here in gaza would carry significant security implications for israel that seems to be a motivating factor here the united arab emirates could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after deploying forces to a yemeni island without consulting its exile government that's according to a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press it's not clear when the amarok the troops will leave victoria gate be reformed. on the yemeni island it's a katra people protest against the u.a.e. military presence a mirror to soldiers arrived on the island earlier this week to see yemeni troops to leave key locations a government minister says the emirates he forces are a threat to yemen sovereignty he's calling for nationwide protests on sunday the
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u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abbot robbie mansell heidi. it's fighting against iranian backed rebels who control large parts of the country but the u.a.e. has permitted other separatists in southern yemen at the expense of the government analysts say the u.a.e. has a wider goal in mind if you consider the strategy that the united arab emirates have driven in yemen over the past three years actually we see that there is a pattern of war going which doesn't necessarily directly concern fighting the who these or reinstating the higher the government as it was said in two thousand and fifteen when the coalition started but it's more about securing a morality interest in the south of yemen access to the indian ocean access to the bubble munda yemen has suffered three years of will in which thousands of people
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have died the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalition's ab power which is why criticism of the u.a.e. by ministers is rare but not unheard of three months ago a minister accused the u.a.e. of trying to fragment the country by creating what he called separate regional and tribal armies a saudi delegation has been sent to mediate this latest crisis in a war that gets more complicated by the day victoria gazin be out zero. still ahead on edge members of the wind rushed. generations say they've been subject to a hostile environment in the u.k. and urged prime minister to raise a mate to put an end to it. and wayne hay in phnom penh where we'll tell you why a new opposition party is threatening to withdraw from july's election. and in sport a nasty incident sours the pinnacle of australian football tatiana will be here
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with all. the nice pink skies by the taj mahal. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. it's about to get very wet again in some parts of china the spring rains are boosting themselves around woo hands a bit of a circulation the right extensors shanghai south of that is like to be cloudy and humid as occasional showers more likely probably on monday than on sunday and the main rain band is drifting south during monday as well were in the thirty's it's got sticky and of course rain seems likely will handle feel far in there come monday and can do with any flooding that was the result of sunday's right to the south of that time we're talking about discrete showers or white top showers the develop of the philippines and just slowly west of hitting the mainland vietnam cambodia and thailand also me and i will see a few this is
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a pretty big ones down soup and it's going to lazier as well and in north and borneo and still a ways back in the wet but this is more often druther wet down here as it looks like it might actually be in indochina rather cloud but the showers are infrequent but they can be big as they can be in bangladesh northeast india the cowboys sharkey's these are vicious things they run sure you might get a day off in fact this is an example of a day off but they're still in the forecast particularly for northeastern india this is raining cloud the fall north of course otherwise it's just pretty monsoon heat. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington the members of congress do nothing about the cause laid out part of the constituency and their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s.
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government more than we can tell you what it is in the event and the responsibility and the result that the forget the. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour. riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexei no more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations he had called for nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin will be inaugurated for a fourth term on monday. thousands of people have been forced to move on after a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook. the biggest to hit the island in decades that follows the eruption of killer whale volcano which began spewing lauer on thursday. the u.s. is beefing up its naval presence presence in the north atlantic to deal with a rising threat from russia its reviving its second fleet which was disbanded seven years ago to save money the move coincides with a steady buildup of russian and nato forces in eastern europe to levels not seen
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for decades. more on this let's talk to robert hunter a senior fellow at the center for transatlantic relations at john hopkins university joins us live now from washington via skype thanks from a very much for being with us so. what do you think is the main motive here for for the united states. i think the administration is trying to send a couple of signals oh one they're saying to the russians we do take what you are doing very seriously more important i think is to try to reassure countries in central europe the baltic states poland and the like that are worried about what mr putin and russia have been doing in central europe particularly in ukraine after all the united states has a certain number of ships you could organize them and different ways and if you put them in a new thing and call it the second flight it doesn't really change anything except
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symbolically and maybe in a bit of training because ships to resign by the united states when and where they are needed and what you call them really is a secondary matter and how do you expect russia to respond to this or i think they'll probably say that this is more indication this russian speaking now the united states doesn't want to include them in the outside world that it is being provocative a. rush with america's difficult i don't expect them to do anything differently except the battle of words that's going on the problem in the battle of words between the united states and russia is that things can get out of hand point as we've been seeing in the middle east for example. and it's been it's been put forward that this this movie is part of a switch to it to a new era of what's known as great power competition in other words kind of rivalry
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between. big powers like like russia the united states and china. rather than what we've seen over the last few years which is. that countering the threat of non-state actors what do you think of that all humans. well the argument is coming out of the defense department it was already seen that. the united states and china would find themselves as competitors as china has written so dramatically it was also inevitable that russia would recover from the ashes of the coach or to become a somewhat serious country again and when efforts to work something out with the russians failed they'd it's a market we did see a moment thanks yes you get more into competition but my concern is that too many people here and in some parts of europe and maybe also russia are
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seeing this in particularly military terms rather than saying all right there need to be diplomatic steps taken there need to be serious people on both sides say here in washington and also in moscow talking about things that we do have in common we do have in common about his spread of nuclear weapons we have in common making sure the climate change just continues it's not out of control and and the arctic is you as well we do have in common not having a new cold war there's an awful lot we have in common unfortunately it has been useful to some people in washington and clearly useful also mr putin to see this in confrontational terms and i fear more money is going to go in the military on both sides and now we're on our side to no good purpose good to speak with you robin
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hudson there in washington thank you. now an al-jazeera investigation has found hundreds of mexicans of undergone experimental and unregulated medical procedures by the country's flagship neurological institute over a fourteen year period patients were fitted with a device to drain fluid from the brain but in some cases it made their conditions worse john heilemann as part one of this engineer investigation. it's painful feel and look back at the time before she was hit by hydrocephalus a debilitating condition in which excess fluid builds up in the brain it's left her with massive headaches and speech problems. everything changed because i was a sports woman before i spent twenty years doing sports and i sold clothing everything and that she hoped that an operational cruise flagship institute for
5:38 am
neurology and neurosurgery would help her but what she didn't know was that doctors would hope with an experimental and the north arise device. and not just her four hundred seventy three other patients who went to the facility so implanted they were essentially guinea pigs in an unofficial trial carried out over a period of fourteen years they never asked me anything before operating they said something to my husband but never that they were going to do an experiment. three doctors working at the institute at the time spoke to al-jazeera it all said that light you learned the nearly five hundred patients weren't told the device was unauthorized nor nobody's case file included an informed consent about the experimental nature of the device not one. the national institute has refused to
5:39 am
clarify if patients were informed or not but we got access to six patient falls this is what's key to all of this the medical consent form in one of the cases and it's very general it doesn't mention that this is an experimental device that hasn't been authorized by the health ministry. but that's not all the three doctors out zero talk to say the device was simply a tube that relied on gravity to drain away fluid from the brain down to the stomach area and that relying on gravity meant that if a patient lay down it would flow back other devices used valves to stop that. it's just a tube it's technology from the fifty's it doesn't represent any sort of progress by a published studies the inventor of the cheap claimed it's precisely calculated diameter did regulate flow and stop fluid going back to the brain even when patients were climbed he said it worked better than valve eula devices. doctors told us several
5:40 am
patients had to have the device replaced but it's unclear how many suffered from any ill effects the names of those implanted have been released a many came from poor remote communities. it's a problem especially with patients without much money they feel ok and they go there last. year learned that was able to have another device fitted several years ago but the health continues to worsen at this point hopes of getting better or for justice a fading john home and al-jazeera mexico city and john heilemann has more from mexico in the second part of this special educator investigation explores how the unregulated practices were allowed to be carried out and discovers the consequences for all involved that's on al-jazeera on sunday. a peace talks
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between the colombian government and the e l n rebel group will move to cuba the original host ecuador pulled its support for the talks the negotiations started fifteen months ago in quito after more than fifty years of fighting ecuador stopped hosting the talks after two ecuadorian journalists and their driver were killed by former fark rebels. a major opposition party in cambodia is threatening to withdraw from july's election and only emerged as a challenger after the previous largest opposition party dissolved when he reports . one of cambodia's newest political parties believes it's the only one that truly lives up to its name representatives of the grassroots democratic party are related from the ground up with supporters and members voting for who they want to stand in july general election but party leaders say there are undemocratic forces at work in cambodia we are ready for there is from but in the next two months until monday
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if the so there's and it's getting worse so you don't think that this and this and this is what's right for the price of pain the previous largest opposition party the cambodian national rescue party was dissolved in november accused of plotting to overthrow the government its leader kim is in jail charged with treason critics say it's part of a campaign orchestrated by the ruling cambodian people's party which is afraid of losing power the opposition performed well in the last general and local elections including q who won his seat in phnom penh only to lose it when his party was banned and. most people used to support my party in this area told me that if there is no camborne international rescue party in the election they want to go to. the party headquarters which is owned by another former leader sam rainsy has been seized by the court which may sell it unless he pays
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a million dollar fine for defaming the prime minister when sam rainsy has called on cambodians to boycott the election there has been international condemnation of the deteriorating situation here with forty five countries signing a letter calling for the opposition to be reinstated and for kim to be freed while the united states and the european union have withdrawn funding for july's votes the government says it isn't concerned about the criticism and words intervene in the judicial process they can voice but it's best not to flicks. the spirits of all people of this country so it still they why negative on earth can vote here today but the future. they will come back to earth it's normal. the grassroots party has already faced intimidation with signs and banners taken down in some places apparently by government supporters but in
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a way and new political force may be exactly what the government needs a strong opposition to give the election some credibility but becoming too strong may also come with risk wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh. the people in lebanon will head to the polls on sunday the first parliamentary elections there in nine years more than five hundred candidates of campaign promising stability and economic growth the country's divided along sectarian lines though and that raises questions over what political changes may result to reports from beirut. it will be the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade pulsar were repeatedly postponed until a new electoral law was agreed proportional representation has replaced lebanon's winner takes all system but some are criticizing the new law for benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power the main object is to increase the number of seats. the
5:45 am
number of seats in parliament the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on power is not easy the problem is that the civil society represent. not one group now they say that they are in one list just to say that we are one but in reality they are the by the. hezbollah and amal are the only parties that formed joint electoral lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they are facing opposition from within limited but a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning extra hard .
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out is expected to be the. community. of their community. their popularity a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved. for
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. if the hope was to bring about a new generation of leaders will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general. changes to the political landscape. thousands of people. they were critical of his economic policies which they say favor the rich demonstrators marking his first year in office carried anti mccrone placards and effigies of the former investment banker. now the unveiling of a statue of car marks has sparked both celebration and protest in the german city of clear the sculpture marks two hundred years since the philosopher's birth it was
5:48 am
a gift from the chinese government some groups rallied against human rights abuses in china while others wanted to highlight exploitation in capitalism walks remains a controversial figure especially among germans who lived under soviet control after the second world war. people from the caribbean who emigrated to britain after world war two been marching in london they were protesting a government policy which threatened their right to live in the u.k. so when you're going to go it was there. was a call for amnesty for the victims of a scandal that goes to the heart of the british government a scandal that's affected thousands of people of caribbean origin and their fight to remain in the country meant to be their home i still have family friends who were affected finals some people i know i was sent back and cleaned in the middle of the night we couldn't do anything about it because by because batman stories so
5:49 am
open the wind rush generation who went to britain between one nine hundred forty eight one thousand nine hundred seventy one were vital in rebuilding the nation after the second world war but for many the right to remain in the u.k. has been fraught with difficulties by government blunders no records were kept with those who will grant to permission to stay permanently and no paperwork was issued to confirm it and in twenty ten the british home office destroyed landing cards that belonged to when migrants risking the status of people who have been living here illegally in the u.k. for decades many of those affected lost their jobs and where denied access to health care benefits and pensions they were even threatened with deportation while the government has promised to resolve the we're right within two weeks there are still so many unanswered questions and just last week the ruling party voted against the release of secret documents relating to the wentworth crisis saying that it was disproportionate during last week's prime minister's questions reason
5:50 am
may promise more transparency into how such wrongful deportations and detentions occurred but so far she has resisted discarding further immigration controls despite increasing pressure. bishan to make sure. do right by members of the wind dressed generation and that's why he will be announcing a package of measures to bring transparency on the issue to inform make sure the house is informed to reassure members of his house but more importantly to reassure those people who have been directly affected under emergency government measures thousands of people will be offered the chance to obtain british citizenship free of charge as well as the right to compensation for those affected it is perhaps too little too late your little life here and the telling you you're coming down oh well so the anger and hurt of a generation who were betrayed by a country they believed in sunny diagonal al-jazeera london. two people have died
5:51 am
in storms and thousands of homes are without electricity in the canadian provinces of ontario and quebec winds about two hundred kilometers an hour brought down power lines and knocked over trees so aired on al-jazeera. as for legendary football manager alex ferguson hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage tachyon our have the latest on his condition. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life from start and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the top of the class and no and the other student rewind continues with children of conflict. we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera
5:52 am
is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging given any particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people believed to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. that's going to spoil his touch on thank you very much legendary football manager
5:53 am
alex ferguson has undergone imagine c'sorddry off to being rushed to hospital his former club manchester united issued a statement saying sir alex ferguson has undergone surgery today for a brain haemorrhage the procedure has gone very well but he needs the parried of intensive care to aid his recovery his family requests privacy in this matter. ferguson is the most successful manager in british football history who with in charge of money united for almost twenty seven years leading them to thirty eight trophies the seventy six year old retired from management in twenty thirteen. only just got there whisper that early on i was hoping i wasn't sure but you know i wish him all of us. but i'm tragic i'm going to try and find out as soon as i possibly can. obviously under the extremely serious when i think you sean don didn't even send these his own game doncaster today and that officially from the mansion archie
5:54 am
to. website rich obviously had a brain hemorrhage or a black brain bleach are opening good arms and out the operation is a major success because. of the fact as a person found it. you know he has a full recovery it's the penultimate weekend in the english premier league but with the title already guaranteed to be heading manchester city's way the focus is on the battle for survival up the bottom west brom and short they could still avoid relegation with a dramatic win over taught them anything short of a victory would have seen the baggies go down but jake livermore struck in the ninety first minute as they downs but as one nil the result means the fourth place tottenham on get guaranteed a place in next season's champions league west picked up a crucial victory at leicester southampton live to fight another day off the jury with everton stoke city all going down to the second to the last two one to crystal
5:55 am
palace it means that out of the premier league for the first time in ten years. this is an emotional game system. is still there so it's difficult to answer. probably when you answer but i'm good for everybody the book club support was a little bit because of there's a blowing club. in a rebuilding we really still need to is a rebuilding of a really strong. so here's what about all means the three will go down we know one of those will be stoke that leaves five teams who still on face west huddersfield and so on the west brom huddersfield faith man city on sunday eventers are a step closer to a seventh successive italian title they came from behind scoring three second half goals to be three one including on saturday eventis could be crowned champions on sunday that fifth torino beads that can place not bully who is seven points behind
5:56 am
. the melbourne victory is celebrating a record fourth australian a league title they be newcastle jets in a controversial grand final at his home on reports the old the city of new console north of sydney hosted the pinnacle of a strongly in football for the first time. there tame the jets and finished bottom of the tie believe only zero and were looking to complete the ultimate turnaround but a murder celebration lasted just minutes. cost a bobbery says with the strike for the melbourne victory but it wasn't without controversy there were immediate claims of offside but the goal stuart the jets had sixty four percent of possession in the first tiles but were frustrated by victory goalkeeper lawrence thomas who was the game's biggest star. he was also involved in a nasty incident in the dying stages copping
5:57 am
a boot to the face from roy donovan the irish trying to lashing out in the ninety second minute he received a red card for his efforts. the open to victory wouldn't allow it to sour their celebration. the old one no women sure and a fourth title in thirteen seasons for the team college by kevin muscat could then other more successful team in elite history was the old elease home an al-jazeera. as the opening weekend of the champions league across africa defending champions we doubt katha blanka played out a one one draw with the my melodious sundowns who clinched the felt african premier league title last weekend and the other games on saturday togolese de putin's porte were beaten two one by her royal of guinea and algeria z.f.
5:58 am
the taif with russia for one by t.p. mazembe a from the democratic republic of congo cycling now and italian rider viviana has taken the second stage at the judo the talia the fast three stages of the race taking place in israel viviane and finish the one hundred sixty seven kilometer leg from haifa to tel aviv and who was very dennis hall the leader the pink jersey the australian taking it from dutch wild champion thomas to milan who won the opening stage in jerusalem and that is though this ball for now more later and that's the news hour another bulletin in two minutes. travel often. by trying cool. forest products like the.
5:59 am
ox of the. bandits and scott. venture. the sky. is falling. but it's. going to get these cats are always. he was the world's most wanted. to know. bin laden was very nervous about. western border patrol in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed hostility towards me or the west. continues. and monday. on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
6:00 am
a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the earth. going green bacteria in a bar a tree and. gas escaping from. this is really the. basin and the threat. to experiments. and. it's how council of climate change the science of capturing. and why does happen tend to.


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