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ect made on al-jazeera. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was often never. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed hostility towards me or the west i knew bin ladin continues on on jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera.
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polls open in lebanon on the in the country's first parliamentary election spent almost a decade. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead. more than a thousand of arrested in russia and protests against president putin the opposition leader alexina volley is among. thousands of kenyans hit by floods face worsening conditions in emergency camps and fears of more trauma as after an earthquake hits hawaii as an erupting volcano forces thousands from their homes.
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hello polls have just opened in lebanon's parliamentary elections take a look at the live pictures coming out of the capital beirut more than five hundred candidates have campaigned promising stability and economic growth but the country is divided along sectarian lines raising questions over what political changes may result in a holdout of reports from beirut's. it will be the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade polls were repeatedly postponed until electoral. law was agreed proportional representation has replaced winner takes all system but some are criticizing the new law benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power. to increase the number of. the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on
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power is not easy the problem is that the civil society. has been the only parties that formed joint torah lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they are facing opposition from within limited but a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning hard. with change the political scene one thing will change prime minister will lose seats because of the way electoral districts are carved out but he is expected to be the sunni leader with the biggest bloc in parliament he does however face
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opposition from within his community with some blaming him for not taking a hardline stance against the iranian backed hezbollah. a. chance to prove that he's a strong leader and can be the next prime minister. christian candidates are also battling for leadership of their community the polls will determine their popularity a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved maronite christian. last election the long established visions of the past are now gone. and the prose fourteen coalition. and. military power which is stronger than the lebanese army has been shelved at least for the time being. politicians have been focusing instead on securing their power if the
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hope was to bring about a new generation of leaders that likely will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general consensus that these elections will not the major changes to the political landscape. an explosion killed six. brigades which injured three others happened in a residential neighborhood. those involved were trying to deal with an unexploded is really weapon dating back from the two thousand and four war. the u.a.e. could be removed from the saudi led coalition any i'm an after a deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting its exiled governments or that's according to a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press it's not clear when the iraqi troops will leave victoria gate and the reports. on the yemeni island it's a katra people protest against the u.a.e.
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military presence and morality soldiers arrived on the island earlier this week to see yemeni troops to leave the locations a government minister says the emerald city forces are a threat to yemen sovereignty he's calling for nationwide protests on sunday the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abbot robbie mansell heidi. it's fighting against iranian backed rebels who control large parts of the country but the u.a.e. has permitted other separatists in southern yemen at the expense of the government analysts say the u.a.e. has a wider goal in mind if you consider the strategy that the united arab emirates have driven in yemen over the past three years actually we see that there is a pattern of war being which doesn't necessarily directly concern fighting the who these or reinstating the higher the government as it was said in two thousand and
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fifteen when the coalition started but it's more about securing a morality interest in the south of yemen access to the indian ocean access to the bubble munda yemen has suffered three years of will in which thousands of people have died the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalition's app power which is why criticism of the u.a.e. by ministers is rare but not unheard of three months ago a minister accused the u.a.e. of trying to fragment the country by creating what he called separate regional and tribal armies. a saudi delegation has been sent to mediate this latest crisis in a rule that gets more complicated by the day victoria gazin be out there. right police in russia have detained opposition leader alexina vali and more than a thousand different supporters an anti-government demonstrations he called for
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a nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin inaugurated for a fourth term on monday. reports from moscow. inside. that two days before friday may putin's fourth presidential inauguration these russians wanted him to hear their demonstration slogan you are not ours are not we have a fascist state a totalitarian regime we should do something about it there is no election and russia. i'm here because i disagree with the politics the government and our so-called presidents are leading i want to tell them that he is not ours are not his places in the hague and imprisoned there again on the. several thousands joins the unapproved protest in moscow thousands more demonstrated in other cities across russia. right now almost always pushkin square they were met by a small group with very different values goals. and is
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describing themselves as patriots they want to prevent a ukraine stop arising in russia just currently being officially ruled by a constitution that was written for us by american specialists well under foreign rule not everyone here is not only supporters people came here because they see that things are bad in the country but they don't understand why so and they were told by some people that it is putin to be blamed in everything people can't figure out such things for themselves their temper started to rise at that point the police moved in. so they will rest the big gun in other parts of russia i don't. now there. in moscow was the police have just grabbed a young god out of the crowd it looked like she was crying so dragging her off to the police wagon. the numbers of detentions take top words protest after protest i was dragged away so too was a man who calls this demonstration alexina valmy he's an anti corruption opposition
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leader who was banned from presidential elections because of a fraud conviction he insists was fabricated his online videos exposing the corruption of russia's ruling elite have made him a critic of the kremlin and a popular resistance figure among many russians who want something different. but not even a putin's hold on power looks for another six year term he's tightened control of the media and internet and made protesting much harder is assertive foreign policy is popular with many russians moskos riot police follow detentions with the next act in their raffaele clearing the square the valley supporters have been through this before and they'll probably go through it all again they feel it's their only remaining way to be heard rory chalons al-jazeera moscow there have been protests outside a meeting of the u.s. national rifle association in dallas texas the crowds included parents of children
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shot dead at a florida high school in february calls for a stricter gun control laws have been getting louder since that shooting which killed seventeen president donald trump addressed thousands of gun owners at the convention on friday vowing to protect their rights. thousands of people have been forced to move off to a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook why these big island the biggest hit the area in decades this follows the eruption of killer way a volcano which began spewing lava on thursday residents are dealing with a number of issues. has been seen bubbling up through cracks on streets and there have been several earthquakes and poisonous fumes in the air. reports from near mt killer whale in hawaii. local resident tony lutes shot this cell phone video as new line of the events opened near his neighbor's house the molten rock blasted high above the ground and toxic sulfur dioxide gas streamed through the air
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sound and a lot of roaring like jet engine and every time it exploded it was like an explosion as i can i'm going on the new eruption from mount killer way a cause the emergency evacuation of nearly two thousand residents from the small rural community of lay lani estates and surrounding areas one night it was find there was little cracks in the pavement and the next morning. no one having worn it covered roads with rivers of magma and reportedly destroyed several buildings hawaii's governor called out state national guard troops to provide emergency help and keep people out of harm's way it is a difficult thing to watch a lava flow is unpredictable and not exactly certain what course it will take on friday a powerful six point nine magnitude earthquake shook the big island of hawaii causing structural damage to buildings including a school kill away a is one of the world's most active volcanoes continually erupting now for more
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than thirty years normally the lava flows through subterranean channels to the sea but the new eruptions are following a different pattern this is a newly established road block in the middle of the eruption zone now the police and national guard tell us that just a couple of hours ago a new law the event opened up in the trees over in that direction for the people who live under the volcano the occasional jet of molten lava and bone shaking quake are part of the price of living in a tropical paradise i'm not afraid of it just respect it and be aware of. you know i don't care if the mountain is unpredictable no one knows where the next lava breakout will be or how long kill away as angry mood will last rob reynolds al-jazeera near mount killer whale. still ahead on al-jazeera violence flares in
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indian administered kashmir a protester is killed after being run over by an indian security vehicle and why this woman's condition was made worse after an operation in mexico and she's not the only one details in just a moments. from cool brisk nose and few weeks. to the one trying cool tis of southeast asia. hello spring rain is coming back to the levant you might get an idea of the building of atolls or platter ranch is good stuff and it's in the right shape for circulation so it proves the point it's starting off in turkey in this rain like we call heavy winds on sunday in turkey which stretches across the coaxes dancer azerbaijan he might even catch terror on south of the us looking fine reason we
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warm as well thirty four in baghdad and the showers are quite big in afghanistan but that cloud in circulation would develop more balls are we get to monday and it's like a wet day for lebanon jordan israel right up through syria again to turkey the cals for the head not the temperature back in baghdad to twenty nine degrees we might find that one to showers just come across the border and show south of thunderstorms in the north in saudi arabia not social sunday but on monday otherwise temperatures in low forty's in many places humid around the gulf coast but not too much so and white issue or maybe if you're lucky blue skies there is still a lot of rain running through zambia in catching zimbabwe going cross to madagascar but the science of that to the west that generally speaking this is now fine and warm but intervening returning to cape town. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. rewind returns with
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a new series i can bring your people back to life from start and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in liberal i was the thought of the plus and the like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict gaza would love some peace in this world especially ingerson children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera polls have opened in lebanon on first parliamentary elections in almost ten years more than five hundred candidates have
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been campaigning promising stability and economic growth. riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexa never only and more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations he had called for nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin will be inaugurated for a fourth term on monday and thousands of people have been forced to move after a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook the why is big island the biggest to hit the area in decades this follows the eruption of killer way of all kaino which began spewing lava on thursday. at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir and man died in srinagar after being run over by indian security forces and earlier at least three separatist fighters were killed during a raid by soldiers just a warning you may find some images and osama bin jabez report disturbing.
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this is the moment when an indian security vehicle crashes a protester. in the vehicle drives on and the wounded man is left behind he later died of his injuries indian forces say they are investigating what happened. it is not under control as a guard that gave a civilian system to be a city to make you want to practice whole peace a gun was more than a dozen people have been killed in escalating violence in indian administered kashmir last month the un secretary general urged that the loss of civilian lives needs to be investigated. and yet it's been another day of violence. this time it began when soldiers raided homes in a densely populated area in the city assuring ever security forces say they had information that fighters were hiding in that area when they were asked to surrender the soldiers say the fight has started shooting opposition is going on things are under control everything is an under control you want to look. for that
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there is not much there is more damage off assuming property and and other things so i think that under control. old street fighters were killed by security forces during the operation police accused protesters of trying to impede their operation and help the rebels sort of. our brothers who've left in the path of allah they left for us and they've taken up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers. india continues to blame neighboring pakistan for instigating trouble in the disputed region which pakistan denies. activists say more than seven hundred thousand indian troops and security personnel have been deployed in kashmir and the army is opposing calls to repeal a special powers act which prevents the prosecution of soldiers accused of abuses human rights watch has urged india to carry out prompt investigations into allegations of abuses and to prosecute those responsible. but rights groups say
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thousands have already been killed in kashmir in nearly three decades of violence with no sign of reconciliation any time soon. because in. a coal mine explosion in southwest pakistan has killed at least sixteen minor and emergency crews are trying to free dozens of workers who remain trapped the blast in the coal fields and delicious than was caused by a build up of methane gas inside the mine the on veiling cafe statue of karl marx a spark both celebration and protests in the german city of tree are these sculpture marks two hundred years since the philosopher's birth it was a gift from the chinese government some groups rallied against human rights abuses in china while others wanted to highlight exploitation in capitalism marks remains a controversial figure especially among germans who lived under a soviet control of the second world war. people living below the poverty
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line in armenia are hoping that the current political upheaval will bring improvements to their lives decades of financial crises and corruption since post soviet independence mean around a third of people are unemployed with many facing severe difficulties making ends meet and it's also the name reports from more. it's dark there are electrical wires haphazardly strong and it smells like sewage this is the hallway of a one nine hundred sixty s. dormitory built for construction workers where impoverished families with no other options now live on this morning social workers are paying a visit to rita nizer young it's each family members are packed into this apartment with a makeshift kitchen on the balcony the grandmother has lived behind these four crumbling walls for twenty seven years but she says this is hardly
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a home. my psychological state isn't just the only shoe but also my have i have diabetes i don't sleep at nights there's no space to walk and i pace back and forth my legs hit to bed chairs tables. this community lives in the shadow of the mets a more nuclear power plant a lack of jobs is keeping several generations rooted in this place they desperately want to leave poverty and a stagnant economy drove protesters into the streets over the last several weeks the world bank says almost thirty percent of armenians live below the poverty line the official unemployment rate is twenty percent but experts say it's much higher social worker. fillion says the government provides meager assistance to armenia's poor and corruption has pushed them to the margins of society.
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everything the child is living in poverty and is vulnerable and every child is a family we don't have enough social workers for them and every hundred thousand people is not one full time social worker. some of his grandchildren join the government protests that led to the resignation of the prime minister she says she wants to have hope but wonders how much change a new government will bring must bear that on the we told the regional authorities to have problems and they say if you look at our problems you would cry and they say we have to cry for them instead of them crank for us they are not even helping . nothing. for another young the present can only be improved and her family's future secured by one thing the opportunity to live in what she
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calls a real hole. al-jazeera met some more our media tens of thousands of people have protested in paris against presidents in money when much demonstrators marking his first year in office kerry to cards and effigies of the former investment banker the protesters who are critical of his economic policies which they say favor the rich. meanwhile mccall has wrapped up his visit to new caledonia where he attended a memorial marking thirty years since the hostage crisis on islands in november the french territory will vote in a referendum on whether to split from france as my colleague told al-jazeera that reconciliation and his visit needed to come first and to thomas reports from new caledonia. there are a few places more remote than the island where emmanuel mackerel came here to make a point that he's prepared to travel anywhere literally and politically in the name
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of reconciliation we are at six months from the river and i'm and i just wanted to first of all revert to the sometimes very difficult past we had in this vision here in of a on an island were thirty years ago we had a very a very definite there was a lot of victims so it's very important to reconcile everybody which is a precondition of a fair return i'm. going to be sure that this of on i'm going to be organizing the perfect way which would be the case and does a concert of the united nation best serve i want to convey as well as ambition of france in the region macro is the first french president ever to visit where where in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight political violence killed more than twenty people after losing what they saw as a rigged referendum on independence a group of pro independent indigenous cannot command stormed a police station killing for placement and taking more than twenty others hostage for two weeks the policemen were held in
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a cave before france's government sent in soldiers they freed the hostages killing nineteen of those the french government called terrorists in the process. patricia dno his brother was one of those killed on may the fifth nine hundred eighty eight she's marked the day every year since his grave which has become a memorial to the cannick victims it's a top lucilla's just thirty years on they are still scars we want justice to be down i hope that michael makes a big just to feel that they did not die in vain people on saturday president joined commemorations meeting family members of those on both sides who died this is the most significant part of president micron's trip thirty years after the events of the late ninety's he's told people here that he wants to open a new chapter three french government and the. don't you california the violence of the one nine hundred eighty s. led to a peace process which both sides agreed would lead ultimately to another referendum
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that's what's happening finally in november magro wants to ensure that this time independent supporters see the vote as credible after britain leaves the european union france will be the only e.u. country with territory in the pacific macro thinks that will give his country a strategic edge in the region but keeping this specific target treat peacefully with in france comes first andrew thomas al jazeera their new caledonia and al-jazeera investigation has found that hundreds of mexicans have undergone experimental and unregulated medical procedures by the country's flagship neurological institute over a fourteen year period the patients were fitted with a device meant to drain fluid from the brain but in some cases it made their conditions worse john homan has part one of this al-jazeera investigation. it's painful for you learned to look back at the time before she was hit by
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hydrocephalus a debilitating condition in which excess fluid builds up in the brain it's left her with massive headaches and speech problems. everything changed because i was a sports woman before i spent twenty years doing sports and i sold clothing everything and that she hoped that an operation at mexico's flagship institute for new role a-g. noori surgery would help her but what she didn't know was that doctors would hope with an experimental and the north arise device. and not just her four hundred seventy three other patients who went to the facility we're also implanted they were essentially guinea pigs in an unofficial trial carried out over a period of fourteen years they never asked me anything before operating they said something to my husband but never that they were going to do an experiment.
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three doctors working at the institute at the time spoke to al-jazeera it all said that like you learned the nearly five hundred patients weren't told the device was unauthorized nor nobody's case file included an informed consent about the experimental nature of the device not one the national institute has refused to clarify if patients were informed or not but we got access to six patient falls this is what's key to all of this the medical consent form in one of the cases and it's very general it doesn't mention that this is an experimental device that hasn't been authorized by the health ministry. but that's not all the three doctors out to syria talked to say the device was simply a tube that relied on gravity to drain away fluid from the brain down to the stomach area and that relying on gravity meant that if a patient lay down it would flow back other devices used valves to stop that.
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it's just a tube it's technology from the fifty's it doesn't represent any sort of progress. by a published studies the inventor of the tube claimed it's precisely calculated diameter did regulate flow and stop fluid going back to the brain even when patients were climbed he said it worked better than valve eula devices. doctors told us several patients had to have the device replaced but it's unclear how many suffered from any ill effects the names of those implanted have been released a many came from poor remote communities. because it's a problem especially with patients without much money they feel ok and they go there last. year learned that was able to have another device fitted several years ago but the health continues to worsen at this point hopes of getting better or for justice a fading. all
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over again the headlines on al-jazeera polls opened in lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nineteen years live pictures out of beirut more than five hundred candidates have been campaigning promising stability and economic growth thousands of ballot boxes have been distributed across fifteen electoral districts right across the country right police and russia detained opposition leader alexa in a volley as well as more than a thousand of his supporters and anti government demonstrations called for a nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin the protests come just two days before putin's inauguration for a fourth term. the u.a.e. could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after it deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting its government that's according to a senior yemeni official who was speaking to the associated press and there been
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further protests on that territory in the arabian sea against the u.a.e. military presence there thousands of people have been forced to evacuate hawaii's big island after the killer whale volcano began spewing lava on thursday the area has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes that officials say are getting more powerful including a magnitude six point nine tremor on friday rob reynolds has more from the lani estates. the civil defense administrators said that the eight active lava faults seem to have quieted and that they are sort of joined together but they are not completely done yet they have burned down five homes fortunately no people have been reported to be killed or
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seriously injured in officials are now considering weather on sunday to allow people to come back into this area the un is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya i think the hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've reached only a quarter of the families in need of shelter the red cross says it doesn't have enough money to cover its emergency operations those are the latest headlines rewind is up next on al-jazeera. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i'm going. with the listening post on al-jazeera.


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