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discover good jobs because faraway places are close to anything going on says together with cats are always. of all my friends and coworkers and were detained i am the one who survived they were waiting for news of the men for it was only one word and when. you saw a boy killed in his father's. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was darkest secret. to come on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i was that's what the.
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polls are open and love and as people vote in the first parliamentary elections and nine yeah it's. kind of them are. live from doha also coming up the u.s. says it's resurrecting at second to increase naval presence in the north atlantic. more about two ations and hawaii is toxic gas and volcanic lava thrust on the residential areas. but in famous treetops is under threat from developments. they've been leavened of voting in the first parliamentary election and almost ten
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years president michel aoun cost his ballots in beirut during the past hour otherwhile earlier we saw prime minister saad hariri caustic his vote let's hope the new system based on social representation will help overcome lebanon's sectarian divisions. six hundred candidates vying for one hundred twenty eight seats in parliament eighty six of them are women. parliament is evenly divided between muslims and christians the president must be a maronite christian the prime minister sunni muslim and the speaker must be shia prime minister saad hariri belongs to the future movement which is popular among sunni muslims he says the election is a contest between his posse and hezbollah which is the most powerful political movement in lebanon is the only political group with an active armed wing the conflict in neighboring syria is one of the main issues for voters one point five million syrian refugees in lebanon that's around
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a quarter of its population the economy has featured heavily in the election debate lebanese youth in particular we're looking for strong economic leadership in the face of unemployment low wages and corruption. has more from beirut. it would be the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade were repeatedly postponed until a new electoral law was agreed proportional representation has replaced lebanon's winner takes all system but some are criticizing for benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power their main objective is to increase the number of seats. the number of seats in parliament the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on power is not easy the problem is that the civil society represents.
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just. as are the only parties that formed a joint and the torah lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they are facing opposition from within limited but a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning hard. with change the political scene one thing will change prime minister will lose seats because of the way districts are carved out but he is expected to be the sunni leader with the biggest bloc in parliament he does however face opposition from within his community with some blaming him for not taking a hardline stance against the iranian backed hezbollah.
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and can be the next prime minister. christian candidates are also battling for leadership of their community the polls will determine their popularity a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved for. the long. march. and the pros. and the. military power which is stronger than the lebanese army has been shelved at least for the time being. lebanon's rival politicians have been focusing instead on securing their power if the hope was to bring about a new generation of leaders that likely will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general concern. says that these elections will not in major changes to the
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political landscape. be grouped. even rights watch a strongly criticized saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond for what it calls a dramatic increase in arbitrary tensions the group says at least two thousand three hundred people have been detained for more than six months without trial some have been in custody for more than a decade the group says the saudi justice system only seems to be getting worse iran's president has warned it would be a historic regret if donald trump decides to pull out of the nuclear deal on rouhani says the country is prepared to respond if such suspicion is made as president has repeatedly said he wants to leave the two thousand and fifteen agreement he has less than a week to decide whether to renew the one hundred twenty day waiver of sanctions on iran from his imports johnson is traveling to washington to try to convince trump not to do so after some of visits from the french and german leaders i got
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a call as draw hardage if the u.s. to pull out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them no change will occur in our lives next week we have devised plans for any possible decision to make and will resist it the u.s. has announced it will increase its naval presence in the north atlantic to counter what it calls a renewed threat from russia as part of the military build up on both sides which hasn't been seen in decades and estabrook reports. the u.s. navy says its second fleet will be back in commission this summer operating out of norfolk virginia the fleet which was eliminated in a cost cutting move seven years ago is being reestablished to counter what the pentagon calls a rising throughout from russia at a ceremony in norfolk on friday admiral john richardson chief of naval operations said our national defense makes it clear that we are back in an era of great power competition as the security environment continues to grow more challenging and
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complex. russia's navy has stepped up patrols in the atlantic and both russia and nato have been building up forces in eastern europe at levels not seen in decades while russia has fewer ships than it did during the height of the cold war u.s. officials are especially concerned about its expanded submarine fleet and increased presence in the atlantic ocean but one military expert sees this more as saber rattling than an outright threat of war i think what the russians will do is probably over time react with more submarines operating in the atlantic more messages to us that be aware but i think that this will be kept at a relatively low level and i really don't see a huge escalation or any escalation proceeding from these actions the u.s. second fleet will be responsible for an area extending halfway across the atlantic and will include a staff of more than two hundred dian us to brooke al-jazeera is very media
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reporting president donald trump could ask israel to withdraw from four neighborhoods in occupied east jerusalem there is speculation it could be part of the u.s. peace plan for the region that comes a week before the american embassy officially moves from tel aviv to jerusalem. as in west jerusalem. reports in the israeli media that the trumpet ministration will israel to hand over cede control of four palestinian neighborhoods in occupied east jerusalem drugger free of course is incredibly important it is everything when it comes to resolving this conflict three of those neighborhoods one of them is the ready outside the separation wall two of them very close to it the other one being talked about or fought is one that is right next to west jerusalem many people will tell you that it will be incredibly difficult to see how israel will allow to hand over control of that the bigger picture here is what's important and also no one has yet spoken about the future of the old city the old city of course home to the
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al aqsa mosque compound it is holy to muslims it is holy to jews many people will tell you the palestinians won't accept anything when it comes to the core of the issue i think it's all about concessions we have heard from the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman in these radio media as well saturday night saying there is no such thing as a free lunch of course referring to the transfer of the american embassy here to druce and we expect that on the fourteenth of may concessions will have to be made by both sides the trumpet ministration of course donald trump will be incredibly keen to be seen as the man who's been able to resolve the impossible he's calling what we are expecting to hear a new plan that their administrations been working on the deal of the century i think however no one is holding their breath the palestinians increasingly skeptical of the americans as honest brokers following that move however other was will tell you that perhaps the trump administration will be using the move to twist israel to twist this administration into giving concessions that otherwise it will
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not make again we're going to have to wait and see what exactly the specifics of this deal will be we're expecting that to be announced a little after that move of the embassy to jerusalem the fourteenth. in hawaii more people have been forced to leave homes by a volcanic eruption navas steam toxic gas and powerful of quakes of threatening residential areas rob rolls reports from the amount on hawaii's big island. local resident tony lutes shot this cell phone video as new line of the events opened near his neighbor's house the molten rock blasted high above the ground and toxic sulfur dioxide gas streamed through the air sound and a lot of roaring like jet engine and every time it exploded it was like an explosion or as i can i'm going on the new eruption from mount killer way a cause the emergency evacuation of nearly two thousand residents from the small rural community of les lani estates and surrounding areas one night it was find
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there was little cracks in the pavement and the next morning. no one having worn it covered roads with rivers of magma and reportedly destroyed several buildings hawaii's governor called out state national guard troops to provide emergency help and keep people out of harm's way it is a difficult thing to watch a lava flow is unpredictable and not exactly certain what course it will take on friday a powerful six point nine magnitude earthquake shook the big island of hawaii causing structural damage to buildings including a school kill away a is one of the world's most active volcanoes continually erupting now for more than thirty years normally the lava flows through subterranean channels to the sea but the new eruptions are following a different pattern this is a newly established road block in the middle of the eruption zone now the police
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and national guard tell us that just a couple of hours ago a new law the event opened up in the trees over in that direction for the people who live under the volcano the occasional jet of molten lava and bone shaking quake are part of the price of living in a tropical paradise i'm not afraid of it just respect it and be aware of. you know i don't care if the mountain is unpredictable no one knows where the next lava breakout will be or how long kill away as angry mood will last rob reynolds al-jazeera near mount killer whale. so i had her on al-jazeera. russian opposition leader legs and of all me is released on to being arrested at a protest against president vladimir putin. and why this woman's condition was made worse after an operation in mexico and some of the early one.
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hello there is turned a lot wetter now for some of us in the southeast and parts of asia we're seeing more cloud around parts of it now and into cambodia and that's what we'll expect over the next few days as well but more clouds and more in the way of sherry whether it's well we're also seeing a few rather lively showers still i have a pulse of thailand but generally if you had further south there's a better chance of seeing some dry air outbreaks of weather so we'll see kuala lumpur there up to thirty three degrees more in the way of sunshine and for singapore just the outside chance we shall hit for borneo more clout it more wet weather that's it fairly unsettled as we head through monday and tuesday as you head for the south a through job and into bali largely looks fine and dry for australia also largely
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fine and dry for most of us here the satellite picture is just picking up a little bit of cloud in the south west that's been working its way across perth and here off to the system has worked its way across us it's not quite as warm as it has been so twenty degrees will be the maximum the all monday system will then edge its way towards the southeastern parts of australia ahead of it the temperatures aren't too bad we're looking at around twenty one in adelaide nineteen in melbourne but as that system works its way across us it will turn freshest so we're back with the sunshine then as we head through choose day by the temperatures a struggling just seventy as a maximum. i mean green bacteria in the board and. escaping from. this is really the fault. in the for what happened to experiments. and. how counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing. on the
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science on the back of. the line just. top stories. in the country's first parliamentary election almost ten years. representation will help overcome lebanon's sectarian division. u.s. is increasing its naval presence in the north atlantic to deal with the rising
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threat from russia. seven years ago to save money. from their homes. toxic gas and. russian opposition leader has been released after he was arrested in government. he set to go on trial on friday more than a thousand people were detained across the country has called to join demonstrations against president putin. reports from moscow. two days before. vladimir putin's fourth presidential inauguration these russians wanted him to hear their demonstration slogan you are not ours are not we have a fascist state a totalitarian regime we should do something about it there is no election and russia. i'm here because i disagree with the politics the government and our
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so-called president are leading i want to tell him that he is not and that his place in the hague and imprisoned yet again on that through several thousands joins the unapproved protest in moscow thousands more demonstrated in other cities across russia. five on moscow's pushkin square they were met by a small group with very different values goals. and describing themselves as patriots they want to prevent a ukraine stop arising in russia just met we have currently being officially ruled by a constitution that was written for us by american specialists well under foreign rule not everyone here is not all the supporters people came here because they see that things are bad in the country but they don't understand why so and they were told by some people that it is putin to be blamed in everything people can't figure out such things for themselves their tempers started to rise and at that point the
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police moved in. so there were arrest that began in other parts of russia i do want to say now that to here in moscow was the business of just grabbed the young got out of the crowd and looked like she was crying so dragging her off to the police where. the numbers of detentions take top which protest after protest i was dragged away so too was a man who calls this demonstration alexina valmy he's an anti corruption opposition leader who was banned from presidential elections because of a fraud conviction he insists was fabricated his online videos exposing the corruption of russia's. ruling elites have made him a critic of the kremlin and a popular resistance figure among many russians who want something different. but not even a putin's hold on power looks for another six year term he's tightened control of the media and internet and made protesting much harder his assertive foreign policy
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is popular with many russians moscow's riot police followed detentions with the next act in their rough ballet clearing the square around the supporters have been through this before and i'll probably go through it all again they feel it's their only remaining way to be heard really talents al-jazeera moscow an explosion in a coal mine in southwestern pakistan has killed at least sixteen workers emergency crews are trying to free around a dozen all those who are trapped in the mine they say the blast was caused by a buildup of methane gas an explosion in gaza has killed six members of hamas military wing because some brigades it happened in a residential neighborhood ns a waiter explosion injured three other members hamas says those involved were trying to deal with an unexploded israeli weapon in the two thousand and fourteen war francaise condemned the us president's remarks about the two thousand and fifteen attacks in paris told trump suggested the killings
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could have been prevented if the country had liberal gun laws he made the comments while it's addressing thousands of gun owners at the national rifle association's annual meeting. reports. a father's pain from losing his son in the parkland florida school shooting turned protest. the. manual all over has been painting protest murals since his seventeen year old son was killed and now he says he wants to invite president donald trump to the family's home for a father to father visit. you will see them in the room. very powerful images of my son. all around my house we are. we're still with him every single day we wake up we can not listen to he's he's.
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jokes to his new see there's little chance trump would accept such an invitation on friday the president basked in the approval of the national rifle association the powerful gun lobby that gave his campaign more than thirty million dollars your second amendment rights. are under siege but they will never ever. be under see as long as i'm your president trump expressed sympathy for the victims but has done little to reform gun laws since the florida shooting that killed seventeen that's despite student marches and polls showing that a growing number of americans almost seventy percent support more gun control protesters say they'll show their power in the upcoming midterm elections we see tragedy after tragedy we've waited from politicians to speak up for us at some point you realize or not that it's our time to speak up for itself and if they
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don't support us that like i said come november we're going to start voting people who actually care about the american people the students against guns aren't the only ones here protesting this group of civilians armed with rifles and. still some are legally allowed to carry their weapons in public are also making their voices heard they have a very different point of view the constitutional right to bear arms the two sides clashing bringing to stark relief two very different america just exercise or second amendment rights we like to show that just because you have again you're not going to shoot children but children have been the casualties of gun violence leaving grieving parents and a divided country in their wake. castro al-jazeera dallas. talk spring columbia and the l.n. rebel group moving to cuba off the original host ecuador pulled it support negotiations aimed at ending a five decade campaign of violence started fifteen months ago in quito mediations
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stopped off to ecuador and journalists and their driver were killed by former members of another colombian rebel group. and al jazeera investigation has found that hundreds of mexico's have undergone experimental an unregulated medical procedures by the country's flagship neurological institute over a fourteen year period the patients are visit with a device meant to drain fluid from the brain but in some cases it made their conditions worse on home and has part one of this investigation. it's painful if you learn to look back at the time before she was hit by hydrocephalus a debilitating condition in which excess fluid builds up in the brain it's left with massive headaches and speech problems. everything changed because i was a sports woman before i spent twenty years doing sports and i sold clothing
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everything and that she hoped that an operation at mexico's flagship institute for neurology and neurosurgery would help her but what she didn't know was that doctors would hope with an experimental and the north arise device. and not just her four hundred seventy three other patients who went to the facility room so implanted they were essentially guinea pigs in an unofficial trial carried out over a period of fourteen years they never asked me anything before operating they said something to my husband but never that they were going to do an experiment. three doctors working at the institute at the time spoke to al-jazeera it all said that like you learned the nearly five hundred patients weren't told the device was unauthorized nor nobody's case file included an informed consent about the experimental nature of the device not one of the national institute has refused to
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clarify if patients were informed or not but we got access to six patient falls this is what's key to all of this the medical consent form in one of the cases and it's very general it doesn't mention that this is an experimental device that hasn't been authorized by the health ministry. but that's not all the three doctors out to syria talk to say the device was simply a tube that relied on gravity to drain away fluid from the brain down to the stomach area and that relying on gravity meant that if a patient lay down it would flow back other devices used valves to stop that. it's just a tube it's technology from the fifty's it doesn't represent any sort of progress. by a published studies the inventor of the cheap claimed it's precisely calculated diameter did regulate flow and stop fluid going back to the brain even when patients were climbed he said it worked better than valve eula devices. doctors told us several
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patients had to have the device replaced but it's unclear how many suffered from any ill effects the names of those implanted have been released a many came from poor remote communities. it's a problem especially with patients without much money they feel ok and they go there last. year learned that was able to have another device fitted several years ago but the health continues to worsen at this point hopes of getting better or for justice a fading john home and. mexico city and on one home and we'll have more from mexico in the second part of this special al jazeera investigation when he explores how the un regulated prices were allowed to be carried out and discovers the consequences for all involved that's on al-jazeera place or on sunday . the former manager united alex ferguson is in intensive care after emergency
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surgery for a brain hemorrhage the same to six year old scott is the most successful coach in precious footballing history and that united to thirty eight trophies including two european champions league crowns joined twenty seven years in charge for decades streets art has been a prominent feature of palin showing the story of political and social change but demand for new housing means some of the city's famous artworks might soon disappear dominic a reports. it's a city of culture and counter culture where the walls of buildings are the canvas on which politics and society sometimes collide in an art form that is much to the anarchic where what matters is the work the artists themselves want to remain anonymous and not to have limits placed on their creativity if there's new buildings being gouged that's all right it's kind of like that's i mean more important than it's like street art is like something that is worn on its own and
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doesn't have like when it gets to well regulated or sanctioned then it won't really be alive anymore so and you get a feel for just how alive the scene really is in districts like lights back when improvised astronauts stared down at you from buildings how the fruits of the artist's labor is there for all to see and reputable feel walls are just murals waiting to be painted all the. more and more street artists are coming here from across the world really what's more and more and as far as i know this year alone more than fifty new murals are going to be painted in a very short time. but in a city with a constant need for new housing and more office space often world renowned examples of street art can end up obscured by new buildings recent figures suggest the vacancy rate in existing apartment buildings is just one and a half percent at a time when fifty eight percent of all households are occupied by single people
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leaving the city planning or thor at ease with the dilemma of how to protect cultural treasures while accommodating the ever growing number of people who want to live among them you have to deal with investors that want to build blocks and things like that and so everyone has to find solutions what could stay and what current has to go not. friend of having a sort of staying with this square cities and things like that forever there are some examples of three thought in this city which do have protection germans called partial structures here what's left of the berlin wall at what's called the east side gallery but even here it's clear where modern buildings have really taken over and yet some believe those modern buildings that obscure the arch
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of yesteryear also provide a platform to paint the pictures of the president dominic kang. berlin. wall without is there these are our top stories people in lebanon are voting in the first parliamentary election almost ten years president michel aoun has cast his ballot in their weight and earlier prime minister saad hariri was also in the polling. a new system based on forceful representation will help overcome the sectarian divisions. human rights watch has strongly criticized saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond for what it calls a dramatic increase in detentions without trial the group says at least two thousand three hundred people have been detained for more than six months without trial some of been in custody for more than a decade the group says the saudi justice system only seems to be getting worse iran's president says the u.s.
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will regret quitting the nuclear deal like never before. iran is prepared to respond if such a decision is taken british foreign minister boris johnson is traveling to the u.s. to try and convince president donald trump to stay in the agreement i got oh as hard shell that if the u.s. to pull out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them no change will occur in our lives next week we have devised plans for any possible decision to make and will resist it u.s. is beefing up its naval presence in the north atlantic to deal with what it calls a rising threat from russia its reviving its second fleet which was disbanded seven years ago to save money israeli media reports suggest president donald trump could ask israel to withdraw from four neighborhoods in the occupied east jerusalem as speculation it could be part of the u.s. peace plan for the region becomes a week before the american embassy officially booth from tel aviv to jerusalem in
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hawaii more people have been forced to leave their homes by a volcanic eruption of a steam toxic gas and powerful earthquakes are threatening residential areas. russian opposition leader has been released after he was arrested as an anti-government rally in moscow he said to go on trial on friday more than a thousand people were detained across the country to demonstrations against president vladimir putin says i had lines more news on al-jazeera after techno. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera going green by.


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