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tv   Bosnia The Camp  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i own guns. the misinformation from the journalists and the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk last time. i lost my cooking wayland years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards.
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at the top stories here at. least thirteen people have been killed thirty three others have been injured in an explosion at a mosque in the. province. police say the mosque may have been targeted because it's also being used as a voter registration center for parliament three elections which are due to be held in october live now to our correspondent who's in the afghan capital kabul jennifer glass jennifer bring us right up to date with what you know about this latest attack. martin as you said it happened in host product probably province in the east in eastern afghanistan just after afternoon prayers for people had been gathering it was a no a voter registration center and it is not the first attack we have seen on voter registration centers registration for those elections started in mid april and
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there has been a series of attacks on not just registration centers sixty people were killed here two weeks ago in kabul as they stood waiting in line to register one hundred twenty injured in that attack but not just the registration centers election workers to have been targeted around the country opponents of the government determined to not let these elections go ahead only one million people have registered so far far short of the fifteen million people the government hopes to be registered by mid june ok jennifer glass thank you very much indeed. people in lebanon are voting in the country's first parliamentary election in the nine years president michel aoun cast his ballot in beirut and earlier we saw the prime minister saad hariri a voting excuse me voting in another beirut booth the country is using a new system that's based on proportional representation. god willing
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all every lebanese citizen has to perform their national unity the lebanese can vote for whoever they wish this will make the country stronger and tunis is voting in the country's first ever democratic leaf free local elections is being seen as another milestone on the road to democracy after the arab spring but since then the author of hints of struggle to improve living standards and tackle corruption observers expect a low turnout citing an electorate that's demoralized by high unemployment and years of all thirty. iran's president says the u.s. will regret quitting the nuclear deal like never before has a rouhani says iran is prepared to respond if such a decision is taken president has less than a week to decide. i gather the heart as bad a job harder. if the u.s. opts to pull out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them no change will occur in our lives next week we have
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devised plans for any possible decision that trump might make and will resist it. the british foreign secretary boris johnson is on his way to the u.s. to try to convince president trump not to quit the iran nuclear deal mr johnson's visit comes shortly after the leaders of france and germany made similar efforts in washington last month with emmanuel macro and angela merkel say the current deal is the best way to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons the russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been released after he was arrested at an anti-government rally in moscow he due to go on trial on friday more than a thousand people were detained across the country after demonstrations against president vladimir putin. at least twenty four miners have been killed after a gas explosion trick of the collapse of two separate coal mines in southwestern pakistan emergency crews are trying to free around
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a dozen others who are trapped they say the blast was caused by a buildup of methane gas in hawaii people have been forced to leave their homes by a volcanic eruption lover steen toxic gas and powerful earthquakes are threatening residential areas. the u.s. is beefing up its naval presence in the north atlantic to deal with what it calls a rising threat from russia reviving its second fleet which was disbanded seven years ago to save money. al jazeera while it is that exist. such least sold was.
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launch an aboriginal vision your denial of the dynasty idea to die. i covered the war in croatia so both me i was always there and i think it was what from what we learned from from over from clean from clean or second places it seemed inconceivable that what happened in croatia could happen in a country where the whole carpet the whole tapestry was so finely woven i was by house street by street classroom by classroom. i really got involved with. its again as a story it was when we heard rumors here in london. of what were being called concentration camps in the newspapers where the media they called to civil war there was always this undercurrent of sort of the ancient ethnic hatreds to come the balkan barbarians again they were at it only last year and look over there was
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an element of that refugees who were arriving in croatia were talking in very dramatic and worrying to. about what was happening in the prideaux area people didn't want to talk about genocide for sure and didn't want to talk about aggression or ethnic cleansing certainly this is talk of that is that they were there said that a good god in a sort of scare blast the. democrats. with the leg. the cli's of the ports that with the current. scheme is a bit on the organic lathi. c.n. you emotionally i think about this a c. i was in the last needs will be an all round for beauty spot empty or why you have not met in a proposed new york with vasanth the portuguese who still has the sauce of those. days you know who found them porn i'm a. nice move through tom
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better than carrot is the leader of the bosnian serbs denied the reports in an i.t. and news bulletin you know right any foreign correspondent to come to. the west and pester and to point out what city or town they would like to search for professional competence for civilians that was challenge by the newscaster at the time if it isn't true show us and he had the bravado to say well sure i'll show you i went to belgrade to pollinator when you look at the prieto expressly to get into a mosque we were promised by kalish a church when he was in london that we would get into almost we finally landed in poly. where we were stayed with carriage and me that it's in their headquarters and. i hope that they would make their good their promise to take us
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north to the cradle area. still a poly would ask your posts of transport the pretty little. sister. over the m.r. it's really want to relive delicate substance lost yet then with the notion he would be clean menopause medically done as he was dialed told the parliament that they were told was eos him clean and as an equal meaning to me could lead him into good that's music and that's as to pretty other when you look at yasser. but bust any animal or deal that are risk.
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and they don't take what back to fear of what. they told us we could go to manufacture which was a camp that had already been expected and was the least awful they tried to stop us at the meeting by offering us other opportunities which we turned down your keep your manufacture for later. and they try to stop us physically with this prank a mock ambush firing over our vehicle and pretending it was mujahideen in the woods leaping around like idiots pretending thinking we were idiots who would believe them the bosnian serbs don't call a massacre a concentration camp and come in they challenged i.t.n. and see it feel selves under serbian armed guard for our own protection a three day journey ended here at the gates of a disused mine in northern bosnia but we insisted that we wanted to see the ones
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that had the. rumors from where the rumors were emanating them that the killing was happening which was a secret hidden the red cross had never been that they'd been denied access why. terrible things happening there were there was a group of women lined up at the side of the police station in pretoria while we were kicked out side one point two while they made phone calls in the crisis stuff . we asked these women what are they all doing they were all waiting for news of their menfolk and was only one word on their lips all must. go on. release of the morning. from a major.
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media lesson. i am equipped to make it which airship leo di is cortez actually nice . but. he's got a. side of the boy to me nurse a still an issue. also probably to start. studying all of your books in your. circle chipper it's viral so we're more of employment we are home lima course of the so called socrates of. it began in a hotel in banja luka. proceeded to to to with
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a drive past a town which had been completely burned out and ravaged cold goes on us. and we had no idea that the violence that we were driving through that was being enacted around us houses smoldering. shoes on the doorsteps because the families had had run for their lives and left their shoes. whitefly. hanging from some buildings in tara we now understand all the roads to ban you look at most of them villages lie empty and deserted homes destroyed.
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are tortured beaten on the one who. only hunger your know all of your number out the policy of youth who nodded by their. style we didn't notice any new deep. and clean with yeah i recommend them. he will live with. the plan was going to do it with me to some produce polydor me. talk or my pretty program for government that. the corruption probe for. illicit. drugs. is a cliff i mean a nice was not let me guess lee mr gleason added any. money that will make you and me many disease could prove to be
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a religion or more of the patent for the cost in a civil smear some precocious that was somewhat. you'll call sort of the main flaw go see a number that will cut say born out of story a story that you knew would you not go of not being will. you understand me all the senate i played eight to listen to our study thought out and it took us eight reteach. than you would please at the to know. name of give me story. going to be able to open a study. that
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would be surprised if for billing to looked out it was that. medically interlinked while it is clear that mia plus three of them would be at the skill look yes under the cover. soon are all true or so we'll see him rather also because reporters you know below out in middle east the trial of its heliport of the table they all thought that mike had yet. the more senior bush. i have only once in my life and i doubt i'll ever see it again seeing men who are scared to death. there are some pretty well dark cold or there were doctors to watch for the. bluebeard only for the betterment
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more soon and the bill did. sustenance but. not on that his last reported door opened in this great actor. madan came out. in various conditions must be said but the worst with terrible. they ran towards us out of the hell out of this doorway. and into a canteen cost us it was lunch time. but they were drilled across this yacht beefy guy with this machine gun at the top of
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a sort of stack case trained on the. whole crew no it was almost a third of the world's gone black and white i mean i'm in another time in small groups on the heavy serbian god they are shit into the cantina for the single meal of the day. some with shaven heads. and we call it lantern joel. want ice. inflated. the ranji faced smolny hands conditions which have been hidden from the world as the serbs have denied access here to the united nations. they sat down for what was called lunch buffet lined up for this watery bean steve
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you took that bone. but it was a slop as we called it going to use water with a couple of beans floating around in it most of being here for two months they say they don't know why but they were rounded up from their home and. each took a bunch of bread. in his hand an interesting later kept them for later i saw i saw them holding their breath they didn't need it then they needed it for later or tomorrow or the next day or for somebody else maybe. and then the men left back to wherever they'd come from away from our cameras and questions hidden from the united nations and the red cross have been denied access to a mosque hidden until now from the world david this is it if she is donna really david this is dan i listen this bay donna there is more probably almost nice will put the universal poorly vichy or. could do.
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nothing or. we saw oh. less than an hour in the canteen as these shifts change they came in had this motorists who were left again to the. right. in a state of fear. clutching the support of bread as they went back they got about a minute maybe three minutes maybe to eat this to eat thing before another thirty came in and another they left and then another thirty. people. there and then the. colors of the bombing went on a thing of the poor this liberal would support the knobs and the liquor to about the who will be a more or suckered the budget group or something that just neighbor their testes
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the city you would on yet an old version of the obvious nasty yes. if danny my dear sweet. i'm surrounded by guys whose eyes are burning to talk now to tell you there's nothing like the eyes of someone who wants to tell you about what's going on in a place like omarska and cannot you know they speak for themselves my abiding memory is sitting down with a man who was eating clearly hadn't eaten for a long time he was terribly thin and of course in a mask we had clothes on so perhaps that the state of undernourishment wasn't clear as it was a second camp to nothing yet they were dressed but one man i sat down next to said i cannot tell you the truth but i cannot. how you treated one of the conditions i. i don't want to tell lies i can't speak the truth thank you for coming.
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i didn't know then that we would look at you but the best of the best we were looking at hand-picked men in the best condition. but the best condition you know moscow's terrible we were told that the army does not control the mosque these prisoners are the responsibility of the civil authorities and local militia we saw as an explanation from the camp commandant this is now the camp of this is the center the targets and go. on the top and not you both this centers not to camp little did i know what i know now what was going on upstairs from the county that they were being systematically held and violated by these beasts and little it. they basically beat the mom into public then. the us they would be a. mix of them all of the body and.
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pulls. is not for you put in a promoter are to make or some trouble could be sooner. grilles row. the dots. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster or another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this
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story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the stories we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. jail should never be a country club and anyone who spent time in our facilities will tell you we are the furthest thing from a country club and we know our approach is working in concert righted and at the mercy of a sheriff's controversial approach to punishment of reform sheriff holding the problem of power and are allowed to run the jails in the way that they see that and we see a lot of abuses american sheriffs on al-jazeera right out of the shop that took me to go to jail having a chef. hello
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again i'm martin dennis in doha in these are the top stories here at al-jazeera at least thirteen people have been killed and thirty three others have been injured in an explosion at a mosque in the eastern afghan province of cost police say the mosque may have been targeted because it's also being used as a voter registration center for parliamentary elections which are due to take place in october several voter registration centers have been targeted in the past month people in level innovating in the country's first parliamentary election in nine years president michel cast his ballot in beirut and prime minister saad hariri voted at another booth in the capital the country is using a new system based on proportional representation. god willing all every lebanese citizen has to vote and perform their national unity the
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lebanese can vote for whoever they wish this will make the country stronger this june is eons of voting in the country's first ever democratic local elections is being seen as another milestone on the road to democracy after the arab spring but since then the authorities have struggled to improve living standards and tackle corruption observers expect a low turnout citing an electorate that demoralized by hun high unemployment and years of all sarah t. . iran's president has warned the u.s. will face historic regret if donald trump scraps the nuclear deal has some rouhani says iran is prepared to respond to such a decision is taken president trump has less than a week in which to decide. oh as. if the u.s. opts to pull out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them no change will occur in our lives next week we have devised plans for any possible decision that might make and will resist it. israeli
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media reports suggest that president trump could ask israel to withdraw from phone neighborhoods in occupied east jerusalem the speculation that this could be part of the u.s. peace plan for the region the russian opposition leader alexina vali has been released hours after he was arrested at an anti-government rally in moscow is due to go to court on friday that's it you're up to date so let's go back now to al-jazeera and.
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would be a leisurely asia he always start protocol i could have a whole lot to look three uneconomic met mr beale try to go the better. without italy because someone ogle malaysia on or by the climb in bed last. name me a beetle off the glass at some old nest any old probably. all to. thomas stay astonished there's no human has passed on the mud outside for story of my chest me a bit the court. or the. chase me. more you know sort. of what i will. face thought you know you would go on as. i. am little have others and that's why they all are more than just
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a name a day and i don't like what you're seeing should there be any musician that you feel you know my mom you know monetary economy. we would be shepherded around. by two men a man called the latter who was the chief of police i'm michael may change that you want to say so if one of these what if it is you know where all the other day it is going investigation and we want to get into the hangar where all the sleeping quarters where all the work places or whatever we didn't want to do we did he was easier if you don't hear anything new you resolution only gets me going is going to push you to push push for more just for what if i use your full horror of you've got to figure a keeper ikea in. to the funny
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seems to me nice movie log of me smoking monument yes a star will simply last the spear that i see mother. this obscure last this rudiment peter the days and it's watches that are to be exploited or to load a myth that everything we did was was being. done under a very frightening and menacing presence. it was a horrid place and one that i will never forget and one that does have does not have a right for place in a humane world even that which they put on show obama ask for the cameras were so dreadful and it was so obviously not the whole picture so the question is what is the whole picture.
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a man said i had bought us the shit so he astronomy much at that event scotia associate the sun him over the story will show. us love any. you soon take as most reporters of the last who he does say in this toronto yet us a living platoon full song if you're home on the sleeve or need jesus on the porch a limit to what have you now through his innocent throne.
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supposed to him follows through on north korea leave his ego said so i cause us all in books but in his own mind. like us are more apt to talk up help us would that i would that i would let on i know bro you know cloak well the dog without supple a mantra or the looks new want you to sabina's thrive it's about that i could toy toy because i'm here a lot of song i'm mot also my car the horse meanwhile it. only sold out some other people that i was a go phone the doj it which i also sits on it's what talk to do chiqui moan to tina she will get i'm out of the way ya choice. cory mayer would opal is the one i composed summer and learn to move corner complex look which is part of many only women termed coup there was zero course through of course the whole obviously you're going to be o.t. . two fields who are not part of that and. also to some course of
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a new doctor i mean my make up for grad school would any preacher need thousand c's bobby and. manically in the end of two thought because they got to they all to witness i mean he's going be in a we mustn't they must loot the pit boss that's not a mccarthy a go to take these two slogan a we want to check out the couch t.v. though it's not it up will not be doing as a clue to it in the present is that the niggle on a summer. market by pit boss of the nationally adopter he doesn't have to lose an additional pitch. for an o.e.m. in. some program there tom booms ok here but i'm not on zoe man. you know some of the. talked or tools thought original work with the truth cartoon i could pull a metro darkie or structure book form of a new good about ost america basically let us on some of them and be
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a man to man him been a mystery to you that made out good many of the last that i asked stastny you'd said ask but they would read it on the subsea than grainy you did molly above that they would be you because of it and then use me sober to tell you that that you can see it on but about you would in which the is not even be the best used by these demented of useless it would mean that on his own a series but to be a liquid should be william up or walk down on the public use. enough to draw us to the new moon to look beyond. the surge because if you're misspoken assume you only thought tom on purpose there were three men or what could it not. you know there are cool cause i'm said it's a good. deal so you really are good the person most women who get simple periodic. knowledge incremental show you. molly money. she has.
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zero dollars six almost a man it also sort of does my colleague of course of. the sometimes your browsing is some will say something. i stuck to we must be still be us the best originals the two national english at the bottom mean money the book at the president that. is speech at the best and i definitely mechanical graphic that eally money to bug out. there is to be a mint and i mean he should be a lot of money naming. that existed. i'll be. release the maybe. the.
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maybe a memo. to the. almost google purposely cubby lube equally who's who we don't drop could our goalie but our house system similar. trick of hope ports would be a president who goes to politically cooked local computer political posts for the loco pre-boot commit a commission. no good prose below and you would be quick now leads to mysteries brought up. is it not rob you are some nasty heat of the rogue or are some or some year the last two. they have each in their dies bourse not.
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because of all the i can do something to to support school to a means. to pursue. your own this is that it. may. be true. that it is also put me through this book. just the sort that mean for the long soldiering all go to church or you're not allowed in a polytheistic on a master or not he. this is launching a monologue that i'm no scholar but you know it down i watched all sorts nay said it be very naive area i was asking muslim on iraq a little were done for the church and employees lose any pain easier said not awkward tonight in a one night we come by and you there are a national sleep near the end you know whether r.p. or the cry of the ox it's got after what we now know is that it was quite an
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organized. system of ethnic cleansing and by rounding up the most influential and educated first they were making absolutely certain that there would be no resistance. power left in in the muslim community and it was an organized and systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing of of an evil nature on those you know i'm sure most put to me the phonies to get most of the petard. spoiler than. i do think that the war crimes child you know has a value because those responsible for those crimes who have not been arrested have not felt the finger of justice on their shoulder live in fear that they'll be found out and the war crimes tribunal is documented that a crime took place and the deniers can't hide from that.
3:49 pm
camera give you even if it were. not. you know why do these human rights people keep pretending that there's this great bright tomorrow all the time why do they keep going on and on about are we have our justice we have our tribunals then you have these people at the hague you say are because of us here in our tribe you know the dictators and kill and tyrants of the world will fail our justice wrote this to a sad doesn't seem to be very afraid and carrying on much in the footsteps of dr ken addition the others will some of them you know in your house will. be named the producer of the lockerbie and that's a problem would be to the board and. saw that our losses our twenty.
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people went up to holland bad their chests spoke their all in great detail about things that suffered and especially the women the far later when you met the negative absolute that actually but at the same up there by is that it turned out it's more a game of seed money a place with that money obviously not causing it was that there isn't like a dual gate there's a casino image or not in the comment that will put out a good idea that without it my neck as a. whole. he has. he. said true true or it's all a priori upon a casus worth only groups of who some result one for me and we all are scored this is a boil surface sharpen them trickle community is not has more needs in the area of
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samantha there are so many. on arrested war criminals in that area it's the most densely populated. bit of europe it will come so i find it quite threatening to be that for that reason it's very very hard for people like a friend of mine who went to buy flowers one day and put it on she finds that she's standing in line behind the man who violated her in the cab buying flowers for his wife. and it's very hard for another friend of mine to go back to titan openly and have coffee with a friend across the road from the man who killed his friend's brother has. put anything in a year or augustus of this that he could name a dog get me a dog which mean nobody really wants that dora asked him. also door locks to say this ill.
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and. and the mass graves for example two weeks ago i asked the people living nearby did you see anything and they just said we're one of those hang out in washington i don't live here you know and that she went back into that house another. down the road so this has nothing to do with me i live two kilometers away as if that two kilometers. absolved him of any any involvement as a witness i don't know many people actually who will say you know we haven't even over a drink or a meal or he did a grand job i'm so glad i feel i've really. been given what i needed by the tribunal by the fact that they're in jail and some people just get out only don't
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they try to recoup. petunia your nose what do you not know warm pulled the trigger who are good for causing this among the society organizations for your family to just to steal a new oh i hear the word. godliness. but the trick name or so there was richard nixon what i mean there was a case of a man in blue who was serving something like forty years jail for one murder calculated very carefully that he could give himself up to convicted for crimes of humanity get seven years and. there's a nice big packet of cash paid to his defense lawyers with which i think come to believe his wife opened a restaurant or a hotel be that in mali get out that that they would equate with the walkway malia the new owners to say the shallow plea that oh yes i'm a liberal confected a political reasons your daughter will get sued and even get easter shoddy.
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that you stay up honest and in global economy watch. on. one of the board. the. i can't imagine twenty years on. when the evidence is so overwhelming. how you could remain in denial unless you had some sort of psychological
3:55 pm
ability to switch off your eyes your ears and your brain is that are there are carriages leaving your way there you mom another one a carriage older or comment on a rock and i'm a contact that's the new one o'clock just because donny are probably the new who is launching them really. you know why has to be better than wednesday twice next week so much better than this week because because we have transitional just because we have the human rights movement because we have tried to do things. it's old. that just pull sleep probably long i can view the shin as a. push to squelch zorzi get you to go in that she was pushed on but slower than true. the sudden across to mathematical public awesome to a not closer than this to some those go do not know his looks not so autonomous.
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thank. thank. al-jazeera well to meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. funnelling their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as an al-jazeera.
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may on al jazeera venezuela will hold a snap election as president maduro aims to retain control what lies ahead for a country that has been waiting for light at the end of a long tunnel people in power ross the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is a territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from mecca al jazeera examines what has changed in the process and decades on both sides of this conflict may on al-jazeera. from the neon lights of asia.
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to the city that never sleeps. and we've got a lot of wet weather over parts of south america at the moment we can see on the satellite picture plenty of showers in the northeastern parts of brazil that stretches all the way across to the west and then down through peru bolivia and into paraguayan as well so plenty of showers across this whole region and it looks like that's the way it's going to stay during the course of the day for the south at the moment we're not seeing a great deal of sherry weather but that's going to build during the day more outbreaks of rain here and we're also see things gradually change as we head through into monday this time the wet weather will increase and it will spread further north with as well so the northern parts of argentina will also see that area of rain the parable i though it does look a lot drier as we had three monday so it does look like the rain should eventually begin to ease further north and things have been pretty active weather wise here over the last few days to this area of cloud that's working its way through venezuela and then plenty more for many of us across the great
3:59 pm
a antilles plenty of weather here and that's going to stick around not only on sunday but also as we had three monday some of these outbreaks are going to be very very heavy and could cause us a few problems with flooding now further towards the north we've still got wet weather clinging on to the east impulse of the u.s. and this could be rather lively giving us some hail and some rather gusty winds. there with sponsored by the time race. al-jazeera is investigative units reveals time ticks used by and she must remember now is ations to instigate a fear of business all over the greater universe here are the sources over which is the word for this stuff is toxic he's a poison salesman we saw the number of attacks against women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts or he was good next thing i know there's blood flowing all over my leg al-jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated.
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